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NFF Discredits Report Of Unpaid Bonuses, Allowances

NFF Discredits Report Of Unpaid Bonuses, Allowances

The Nigeria Football Federation and players of the Super Eagles have lambasted a report in an online publication, which claimed that players of the team have not been paid from monies given by the Presidency to the NFF to offset their bonuses and allowances.

The presidency had, late last year, and following a process supported and personally followed-through by the Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, released monies to the NFF for payment of outstanding bonuses and allowances of players and officials of the various National Teams.

However, the said online publication on Monday put together what a senior administrative official of the Super Eagles described as “tissues of lies” and challenged the writer to come forward with evidence of his claims.

“The report is absolutely false, in every ramification, and we challenge the owner of the website and writer to come forward with proof of the claims. We want him to name the players who spoke to him, because these are all tissues of lies.

“Players and officials of the Super Eagles have been paid for all matches played at the AFCON, yet he claimed the team was paid for only three matches. His outlandish claim of the team being owed for 25 matches is the biggest lie ever concocted by any writer.”

The writer also falsely claimed that only members of the NFF Board and staff of the Secretariat have been paid their outstanding allowances from the government money.

“This story is a shame. No player of the Super Eagles spoke to the writer. It is all pure fabrication,” a senior player told thenff.com.

Another senior official of the Super Eagles added: “The story is absolute bunkum. People should make an effort to verify whatever they hear from anywhere before going to the press. It is clear that this writer did not even hear anything; he simply brought forth something from his own imagination.”

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  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    How can anyone accuse NFF of owing players bonuses?
    Are they mad?
    This story is absolute BUNKUM. People should take time to analyze and get familiar with the CRINKUM CRANKUM, so they can get to the DINKUM OIL of the matter.
    Please reporters, do your due diligence and stop all these unnecessary HIGI HAGA. The confusion has become GARGANTUA GAGA.
    Please be guided!

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    There cannot be smoke without fire….!!!

    • Larry 3 weeks ago

      I just read the response from the reporter on scorenigeria.com countering the nff cover-up and requesting full disclosure and accountability of the #12 billion.
      It appears that the nff big men are in for the shock of their lives cuz this is not FIFA’s money.

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    The reporter has thrown the gantlet to NFF.

    They too sdhould prove him wrong by publishing when and how much the various national teams were paid from the 12bn released by the presidency, for the purpose of public accountability and transparency…afterall, it is public funds, so publishing a public account shouldnt be out of place.

    As I always say on this forum, if you call me a liar, produce all the evidence in harem to the world to really show them that I am one indeed.

    12bn from FG – unaccounted for
    $4m AFCON prize money – unaccounted for.
    Fifa subventions – unaccounted for.
    Monies from various sponsors – unaccounted for.

    But they key saying the NFF is broke.

    Folks should just sit down, relax and watch the unfolding drama.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

    NFF ole is asking the writer to name players so that they’ll axe him like Balogun and co who in the past got axed for speaking out. NFF are guilty of everything in the world @Pompei I know say na Whining you throw!!!

    • Pompei 3 weeks ago

      Na so dem go dey take big English hide corruption and incompetence. Dem think say na only dem sabi speak English. Oya, make we dey speak English dey go!

  • Pompei 3 weeks ago

    A public accounting of all monies received from all sources going back at least the last 5 years is required. TO THE LAST KOBO!
    The government should obtain FIFA’s permission to start with, then proceed with a thorough investigation. They should start getting the prisons ready to welcome their new occupants!

  • There is no need to ask for fifa or caf for permission, the government can easily probe the nff and as long as nff is not dissolved and work is going on as normal within nff and no interference in the day to day activities from the government then its okay.
    Only individuals that are corrupt will be arrested and tried (case example is Ghana former FA president that was jailed and nothing happened from fifa/caf). Spain FA is currently facing a probe from its government with over six already arrested and we are not hearing of fifa/uefa ban.
    Our investigators simply need to do a professional job and the ministry of sports stay clear.
    Its high time those nff crooks and there paid journalists/sports bloggers are taken to the cleaners and get the individuals/group arrested and jailed.
    More so the government needs to stop financing football and sports in general. Football is a big business and nff should go and source for funds. Government should concentrate on development and maintenance.

  • NFF should read the reply of ScoreNigeria on this site “https://scorenigeria.com.ng/president-tinubus-12-billion-naira-bailout-for-super-eagles-others-beyond-the-facts-and-the-mischief/” The owner of the story said he stand by the story. NFF, if you believe the report is false, dispute it by producing in detail your payment procedure to the players and everybody will believe you. Otherwise, all members of the NFF should be held accountable for the money given to the organization Period.

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    FIFA’s permission is needed, not CAF. We must carry FIFA along in this process.
    The last thing we need is a FIFA ban, because a government probe of the NFF without carrying FIFA along may be construed as interference.
    Better to be safe than sorry. Let’s obtain FIFA’s go ahead first, before any investigation is carried out. FIFA will cooperate, as they did in the case of the Super Falcons’ unpaid bonuses at the last world cup.
    After a thorough investigation, all guilty parties should begin an immediate and lengthy residence in any of our lovely prisons, and their personal assets should be seized to recoup the stolen funds as much as possible.

    • He who alleges must prove. I believe the site and other fact finding websites will get more involved in this matter. It is very likely this is coming out now because many players are getting infuriated with NFF but they don’t want to jeopardize missing another world cup for their career sake and prestige. Matter go soon escalate and FG most likely go act this time because when matter escalate, e dey bloody for all involved. Is NFF not tired of incompetence and misappropriation? Are they not seeing they are having no peace because the loot is cursed? How can you owe wages of your laborers for years and God mercifully allows government to cover your shame yet you still embezzled the payout 6 months after and hope to enjoy peace? Inside fire? When match appearances are constantly increasing?

      Because of Nigeria, FIFA paid her female world cup actors directly. Make them con add male join? Make CAF do that one again?

      I feel like writing a rogue bank application to empty all glasshouse eggheads bank accounts right now. I bet you they will not make a whimper because they are eating gravel, sweat of patriotic players.

      The 12 billion was even for all national teams oh, yet they still can’t… I dey vex

      • pompei 3 weeks ago

        My brother, their own is too much. It’s too much oooo. No be today.
        Na wetin? EFCC or whichever agency the government will use need to get to work immediately. But make we no risk FIFA ban. Let’s contact FIFA first, before we unleash mayhem on the miscreants in the Glass House.

        • Fifa doesn’t interfere in corruption investigation matters so the EFCC & ICPC should do the needful…

          And even if we were to be banned then we’ll gain more because we’ll use that period to get our acts together

  • NFF should stop deceiving and insulting Nigerians with false defence statement and admit their guilt on this particular issue. EFCC should be allowed to do their work of investigating this financial atrocity and anyone that is found guilty should be pusucuted and imprison as appropriate. President Tinubu should wade into this issue, the Senate committee on Sports should also intervene. We Nigerians want justice. This issue should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet as done on many occasions like this case. Please we justice on this issue. God bless Nigeria.

  • Correction: We demand justice on this issue

  • Fifa doesn’t interfere in corruption investigation matters so the EFCC & ICPC should do the needful…

    And even if we were to be banned then we’ll gain more because we’ll use that period to get our acts together

  • pompei 3 weeks ago

    Na FIFA ban you dey look ayanya like dis? Dey play.
    FIFA may not customarily interfere in corruption matters, but what happens if dem change am for us? Why should we give them a weapon to use against us? A weapon that we could have dodged so easily?
    FIFA ban is no child’s play. I personally would hate for that to happen. Imagine Osimhen, Lookman, and co. missing out on going to a world cup because of FIFA ban. No naaaa. We don’t want that at all.
    Is it so difficult to contact FIFA and get their permission? Even if it is not easy, it is worth the effort. Better to take the long, difficult route and have peace of mind, than to risk FIFA’s wrath. Let’s get FIFA involved in the whole process, so we can do the needful and also sleep with both eyes closed at night.
    Instead of waiting for FIFA ban so we can use that period to get our acts together, I prefer for us to get our acts together without FIFA ban. That’s much better in my opinion.

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