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NFF May Fire Peseiro If Super Eagles Lose To Guinea-Bissau In Bissau

NFF May Fire Peseiro If Super Eagles Lose To Guinea-Bissau In Bissau

There is an indication that the Nigeria Football Federation may be forced to terminate the contract of Super Eagles Head Coach, Jose Peseiro [pictured above with Guinea-Bissau coach, Baciro Cande]™, if the team loses again to Guinea-Bissau in the second leg of their AFCON 2023 qualifying Group A match in Bissau, Completesports.com reports.

Feelers from Nigeria’s Football House in Abuja revealed that the NFF’s big wigs were so pissed off by the Super Eagles’ defeat to Guinea-Bissau in Abuja on Friday that they hurriedly met and later directed Peseiro to beat the Djurtus [Wild Dogs] in the return leg or face the repercussions which may see him being fired.

“We have given Peseiro time to mould a winning team but we have watched in awe as our treasured Super Eagles go on a losing streak in competitive and friendly international matches, and it is either he turns things around or we may have to part ways with him, ” an executive member of the NFF told Completesports.com.

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“Super Eagles have lost four consecutive games for the first time in history, and if we don’t check the slide now it might lead to the complete disintegration of our biggest football brand. We won’t allow that to happen. That is why we have given Peseiro and the players the serious order to redeem themselves to avoid the hammer, ” our source divulged.

The Eagles, under Peseiro, have lost their last four matches against Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guinea-Bissau. They are scheduled to clash with Guinea-Bissau in the reverse fixture today – Monday, March 27 at the Estadio 24 de Setembro in Bissau.

Meanwhile, the NFF is reportedly owing the Portuguese coach Paseiro about 10 months salary. Asked at a recent press conference to confirm if he was owed that much, the Super Eagles coach declined to discuss his salary in the public.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja



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  • Sportradio88.0 fm 11 months ago

    10 months salary? . Na watin. Even God wil be angry with Dem if dey sack him … Except the writer is telling us a lie .
    So he is doing free service for nigeria. See o.
    I pray he wins this game and some others.so he can get good job with good club or oil rich country even sao tome will hire him after. Let the boys win for him. Dey where the one that let us sack rohr because of their weak play Then.

    • Only a worthless coach will settle for such nonsense…… Only a clueless coach will allow himself to be owed 10 months and still be on the job…… He might have even paid to get the job…….He might even be sharing his salary with some of the so called executive members anytime he gets paid the salary…….He knows no other person will hire him hence he is staying and tolerating the NFF……. Inturn he survives on what the players dash him hence the funny names you see when the team selections for the national team come out…….It’s a circle that goes round and eventually ends on the pitch with disgraceful defeats to football minors……How can a coach not been paid do the coaching job well?……how can a coach not been paid select genuine inform players?……how can a coach not been paid bark instructions to his players and bring out the best in them?…… Nigerian football is at its lowest lows in decades and we need a total overhaul……Our football Should be run by people who know about football not politicians……Our football should be run by people who where involved in the game at international level not business men….. Enough of politicians lawyers Alhajis businessman and whatever running out football.

      • This nation is under a spell. Peter side didn’t win the last NFF elections because demons select themselves

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago


    • Legendary 11 months ago

      It’s too late bro. I just hope we get a good coach like him after this one – home or abroad, one that really understands the team like Rohr. What do you know about Amuneke?

      I just have reservations against local coaches because of NFF’s interference.

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        Is not too late bro…

        If only the NFF can SWALLOW their PRIDE and beg him for a second coming…

  • Collins Id 11 months ago

    Holiseh and siasia can do better than pesero

  • pompei 11 months ago

    Oh, only 10 months? That one is not too bad na.
    They are even trying sef. The former NFF pipo were owing Rohr a lot more than that.
    Salary, dem no go pay. Provide better pitch, for where?
    After they will demand for Peseiro to go and win Afcon and world cup.
    If Nigeria lose today, and Peseiro is sacked, those that hired him need to also go with him.

    • The painful thing there is that they can not be touched…..FIFA’s law backs them to do whatever they wish….If you touch them then FIFA will ban us from Football and it will affect many lifes…….They blackmail the whole country with impunity…..They use the brand name Nigeria still has to enrich themselves and nobody can do anything to them……They work like cartels and Mafias……Am afraid there is nothing anyone can do……Am afraid Pesiero might just be their latest victim.

      • pompei 11 months ago

        It’s a terrible situation indeed. Why is our own like this? Senegal and Morocco officials, are they not human beings? When it comes to showing commitment, the officials take the lead in these countries, and the players follow their lead. For here, monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.
        Let them kuku dabaru the whole thing. When we fail to qualify for all competitions, there will be no money left for them to share.

      • Government is not serious with football. FIFA will do zilch if those gangsters are forced to tender resignation letters

  • Footballfanatic 11 months ago

    10 months salary????? Yeah govt needs to intervene…..Make them even ban us for 2 years lol

  • Facts says 11 months ago

    Na wa for the country.. how can u be owing this Brainless coach 10 months salary.. Ibrahim should sit up…I can just imagine why all this is happening around our football… Amaju pinnick was the doom Ass who brought this whole mess to Nigeria.. he know quite well the coach have a bad credentials den he went on to forcefully hire the coach so as to continue the egbese.. that Amaju pinnick need to be brought to book for probe..

  • When a coach is owed salaries his performance level will drop. He is likely to become obstinate. Worse still, He could be difficult to dismiss. That’s what happened to Gernot Rohr and others before him.

  • Moses Inyang 11 months ago

    The Reward of all- round corruption.It will continue until there’s a wholesale change from the nff,nff executive members,the corrupt and compromised coaches,the lazy and unpatriotic players,the tribalistic and non -truthtelling fans and sports journalists etc

  • Whether he wins or loses in GB, NFF should show this Peseiro man the door. He shouldn’t have hired in the first place.

    • Peseiro is the product of a corrupt system. Do you expect him to be pure and worthwhile?  This guy is a failed coach and jobber. What has he got in his CV?

      Salary sharing — that’s why corrupt NFF bypassed creditable coaches to go pick this failure. Absurd.

  • Moses InyangY 11 months ago

    The Reward of all- round corruption.It will continue until there’s a wholesale change from the nff,nff executive members,the corrupt and compromised coaches,the lazy and unpatriotic players,the tribalistic and non -truthtelling fans and sports journalists etc

  • Ndubest 11 months ago

    Why is the coach so desperate to continue with the team whiled owned 10months salary. This simply shows that he has no value. I see him been sacked even if he draws this match. Let him go and the useless NFF. I wonder this immunity imposed by Fifa and that has unburdened them to continue their corruption. Let Fg intervene and sacked all let them suspend us afterall no joy again. Its time to desolve this team. To your tenth oh israel. I don’t see them winning that match away so they should prepare his sack letter. Nonsense

  • Selfmade KING 11 months ago


    What Nigerians don’t know is that, iwobi and ndidi ain’t DMS but rather CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS 

    Central midfielders are PASSERS of the ball as they positioned themselves to receive the ball and released it 

    NIGERIAN isn’t clicking because they are too EXPOSE because of lack of DM!!

    The site planner needs to fix this problem!

    Again, Nigerians should take it easy because one loss doesn’t make them less of a giant 

  • To the writer of the article above, Mr Richard Jideaka in Abuja – please be minded that ‘Pissed off’ is a curse word. It has no place in any article of a respectable media outlet like Complete Sports Nigeria.

    Thank you sir.

  • Sack Peseiro and the NFF will have to pay 3 coaches at the same time: Rohr still has not finished being paid off, Peseiro as well as any new coach.

    Can the NFF really afford this? Surely it would be better to allow the man to complete his contract in June before incurring more debt? He has two more games in June.

    Far better to use the three months between now and then to consult, negotiate and have someone waiting in the wings, than to be negotiating a pay off deal with him, be looking for someone else, negotiate with them all whilst looking for money to pay off Rohr.

    Lets do things one at a time, this is the way to get ahead of the mess instead of compounding it

    • Don’t worry sack him first. We will worry about the rest later or we retain him and not to the nations cup?

  • Abundance 11 months ago

    To win simply play Musa , Iheanacho, Onuachu to start

    Musa, Iheanacho to deliver crosses

    Aribo to break defence

  • Papafem 11 months ago

    So Dare that promised to pay this guy didn’t really mean it? Politicians and their fake promises. They will promise you a bridge when there is no river. God is watching

  • Complete Sports reported he lost 4 matches both competitive matches in a row: Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guinea-Bissau but you forgot to add Portugal??

    I will also advice to take matches out of Moshood Abiola stadium henceforth. We have never won a match in that stadium, From Rohr to Uguavoen to Under 20 or CHAN eagles or under 23. You all remember Central African Republic? It might sound superstitious but we are yet to win a match in that stadium.What is wrong with the Akpabio Stadium in Uyo? Can’t we go back there?

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