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Nigeria Vs Guinea-Bissau: Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Qualifier; Group A

Nigeria Vs Guinea-Bissau: Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Qualifier; Group A

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the AFCON 2023 qualifying match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Djurtus [Wild Dogs] of Guinea-Bissau at Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja.

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  • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

    Hello Beauties. Any of you sexy men has a link to the match?

  • Prince charming 1 year ago

    Please link to the match

  • Mikomuke 1 year ago

    Has osimhen scored yet?

  • Marvelous Sunday 1 year ago

    Is this one still part of politics or regional politics.

    When will Nigeria stop playing football in this disgraceful stadium or disgraceful pitch? This pitch is far far below average. Even national league clubs in England don’t in pitch like this. Division 2 clubs in Egypt, south Africa, etc have better pitch than Nigerian national stadium and is shameful. See the way the ball is bouncing and lack proper flow because of bad pitch. A national stadium up till now cannot switch to digital display board for adverts.

    THE BIG QUESTION: Why not play in Uyo stadium which far far better than this cassava farm pitch.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    Oshimen is playing nonsense. It doesn’t look like they do training at all

    • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

      You are right darling. Xxx. The team is playing rubbish.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

        SHUT UP! DON’T

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

        BUSH MEAT!

  • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

    See the SUPER CHICKENS …

    Hope they comes back and beat these guys hahaha

  • Celestine 1 year ago

    The worst super eagles have seen. Nothing to write home about.

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    Sanusi will never deliver good crosses for striker to score.. this formation of 4-4-2 exposes our midfield .. look at how guinea b is having a fun day in our middle.. iwobi has been impressive but guinea are defending well..

    Let’s see what the 2nd half comes with.. our boys seems overconfident

    • Celestine 1 year ago

      Wish iwobi is doing well. They all playing rubbish. It’s like am watching under 23 team. Miss the good old days

  • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

    Nigeria ll come back but what’s wrong with Nigeria always employing wing play? What a hell!

    Nigeria has no midfielders or what? 

    Guinea is playing deep relying on quick counters and they still dominating Nigeria midfield! That’s shocking tho!

    Nigeria should look for A BONE CRUSHING midfielder very soo 

  • Unique 1 year ago

    Iheanancho or Chukwueze need to make way for moffi, there combination is not working. Goodluck to Super eagles

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    Nigeria! the gift that keeps giving!!

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    9ja down 1 but it could easily have been Guinea up by 2. Sanusi’s wing is being utilized by the Guineans. He needs to be told to stay back and defend not gallopong like a mumu. He isn’t a forward but ppaying ahead of Lookman as if he can score. Ademola lookman and d forwards have been nonexistent. Osimhen can’t cross the ball, it seems his crosses are like shots on goal. With d pace of osimhen’s crosses no one would be able to connect to it. I personally would have loved to see dat Bruno kid rather than Sanusi who was late to camp. Peseuro is a clown in my opinion, his callups were very suspect as most hete have pointed out in previous threads. However, i do think this is our best line up tho. Lets see what the 2nd half brings. We should be shooting rather than trying to walk d ball into the net. Iheanacho is annonymous, he needs to do more. The only forward with a so-so performance is chukwueze, he is trying to create solmething but he should learn to release the ball quicker instead of some useless legovers

  • On what criteria exactly did Pinnick hire Paseiro? Battered by Portugal in November and now getting outplayed at home by GB? And why has EFCC not bundled that man to explain all the financial atrocities?

    Perhaps until Uzoho starts throwing ball into the net, that’s when we’ll stop inviting him. Guy has zero reflexes. Just tries to block using his height.

    Chukwueze very skilled player but always let down by hunt for personal glory. Plays for himself, rather than the team. Always wants the headline to be about him scoring a goal.

  • Lookman should be out and Simon should come in. I think lookman is still not ready for us.

    • Super Eagles play better outside. Could we just humble ourselves and go for the best grounds men to help us. We can never get the best of the Eagles on this Abuja pitch. Coach Piseiro nearing ‘clueless’. Poor defensive formation his bane.Failure all over. 200 mil people. No full stadium to motivate players. See Beni , Ghana etc. Eagles will soar again in the return leg. Can’t win any major tournament playing this way. Hope those who sacked Rohr are watching.

  • josh 1 year ago

    Sometimes you wonder what these coaches who coach Nigeria ever learn anything about football. Why in the world would you play 4 attackers in a match like this. You play Oshimen, Lookmon, Iheanacho, and Chukwueze. You now put two midfielders in the team. This is African Football for crying out loud!

    The coach has no business playing Iheanacho, Lookmon and Chukwueze at the same time. In fact, Chukwueze and Iheanacho should not even be in the team at this point in time becasue they have played nothing. They have contributed nothing to the attack and have not helped the defense in anyway.

    What these players are displaying now is the real reason why more than 80% of them are bench warmers in their various clubsides. I don’t know why the coach decided to play name in this team instead of fielding players based on match fitness. Ndidi is a prime example because he is not fit. Ndidi, Iwobi, Iheanacho, Chukwueze, Lookmon, can fall back to help the defense. Bassey shouldn’t even be pairing Akpoguma in this match. Guinea Bissau have exploited Sanni and Bassey’s side of the pitch and that left side has been a suspect all through the 1st half.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 year ago

    Now u have done well in the 1st half with 6 3 1. Now for the second half change to 5 4 1 u can see eagles don’t have middle field. So choke Dem there ..
    For the next 15 mins
    Then speak Portuguese to the eagles coach to annoy him .. the ref can give him red card.

    • Bigma 1 year ago

      I will send ur money.i m still in stadium.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

      Sportradio88.0 fm oya gii dem more faya! nkem! lol!

  • BALA 1 year ago

    All this invited super kids need r o be refurbished

  • Prince charming 1 year ago

    Iheanancho need to be taken out of the game if we are to win

  • Sean T 1 year ago

    Last last SE fans go finally set this stadium ablaze if the Eagles lost the match. Don’t know of na by force to play 4-4-2 formation. I’ve said it several times we will continue to suffer against a well compact team even against average team using this formation bcos we lack the personnel to play such pattern.

    Our midfield is wack. No spark, nothing. None of the midfielders can deliver a deadly cross into the box Nor a defence splitting passes. No chances created to square play.

    NFF also doing the most, selling slot to wack players to deny better players a chance

  • The pitch is terrible 

    • Sean T 1 year ago

      @Yaw but is not enough excuse to be 1 goal down till this moment. They’re not playing together at all

      • KING TUOYO 1 year ago

        This Coach na scam. The earlier he is sacked, the better it is for Nigeria and the Super Eagles. This is what Amaju Pinnick gave to us as a Coach whose record is full of 70% loss.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Ndidi is finished

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    delusional human beings, from NFF to coach…hiss! Coach said they want to win afcon, clowns! Some were even talking about winning the world cup…lol. Jesters!

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    Some of us have been complaining about the midfield for some time now and about their inactivity. What I wonder at times is that if i can see it, why can’t these so called coaches (Who are paid a fortune) see it coming.

    You can not build anything worthwhile on a shaky foundation. Nigeria is slowly slipping into a comatose state. All Institutions are under attack.

  • Which yeye coach go put Osimhen and Onuachu with same pattern for front? Onuachu just dey interrupt play from Osi.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    So the only win this guy has got is against Sao Tome and Principe lmaoo….What a joke.

  • UBFE 1 year ago

    The God of innocent poor Gernort Rohr at work.

    Miracle can never tire Jesus.

    Pls where’s my calcio calculator?

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

      ubfe – Nna you are a funny guy lol!

  • Onuachu dey interrupt Osi big-time. Which yeye selection be this? Coach na total scam

  • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    Honestly the team tried al they could but as usual the coach exposed his team because of lack of good midfielder. why can’t him use both Ndidi and Onyeka . the coach is a scam.  even the best striker in the world can not do anything because there is no organisation . let Nigerians stop deceiving themselves this coach can’t do anything. A coach that opens his mouth that he loves some players more than others

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Peseiro’s win rate with Nigeria is 33%

  • The only players in that Nigerian team are Osi, Bright, Samuel (but too selfish), Iwobi, and maybe Zaidu. Players to forget totally going forward
    *Ndidi (guy don finish)

    The rest not mentioned are maybe, with a better coach that knows how to use them

  • How did we arrive at onuachu and Osimhen playing as double 9, who supercede who, who is the main top striker and where are the creative midfielders?????

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    No wonder IK Shorunmu walked out on them , no contract, no salaries, no allowances…hiss. Even Peseiro is owed salary.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    This Amaju ruined our football sha and left us with a gift too in Peseiro..

  • Eeeiii nija!

  • Osaretin 1 year ago

    We should look for a defense specialist and a competent goalkeeper trainer. We lost because the defence is disjointed especially the pairing of Bassey and Akpoguma

  • Fetch 1 year ago

    The pitch, wow!!

  • I saw some of the Nigerian players pulling out of tackles after the 90th minute. Saving their legs for Europe! Don’t know how many of you saw it. No passion at all. Very flat performance.

  • This team has nothing to give. I am done watching them. They can’t even score simple goals. Very average players in my opinion. Well when a Coach uses sentiment to select players. That’s what you get. You brought in Musa to do what? Is there still magic with Musa. When an akpom or orban would have been relevant here. What is average aribo doing on the bench? Pessero is a goner. He allowed the Nigerian system to get at him.

    • @Christian, you score 10 in the last game! You have the players. There’s something not adding up. You have to look at your technical department. You can’t tell me all these players play bad only when they are in Nigeria 

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        But ZOO team today was dominated by your people; UZOHO, NDIDI, IHEANACHO, IWOBI, CHUKWUEZE

        I don’t know what exactly that you PEOPLE really want

        • The people want Sanity….They want merit….they want competition…..they want honesty….they want reward for hardwork….they want success….they want silverware…..they want to see a winning team…..is it too much to demand for?

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

          Look at this Ewu – is it not your animal people (nama disguised as human beings) walking talking nama like you who are the culprits? Is it today? Thunder fire you you malu mumu
          Oh and for you information I am a YORUBA man!
          But you are too foolish to be able to work that out by yourself so I must tell you otherwise you will never work it out – barawo banza!
          one day, we (Nigeria) will see the end of you bastards, we will kill all of you and anyone wherever they are from who is supporting or has ever supported you malos – whether they re east, west or south!
          We know everyone past present and we will know any in the near future while your cancer still remains – we will leave no stone unturned and wipe every last one of you and all your generations off the surface of the earth and from history to posterity!
          olosi oloriburuku dede! sawdust, ewu!

  • This coach has no business coaching the super eagles. Coming in with the kind of record he came with, I’m wondering the ground by which he was hired.

    He’s tactically inadequate and should be sacked with immediate effect.

    Eguaveon wasn’t even this bad.

    Sack Rorh, Sack Rohr, this is the result. This is a case of going from frying pan to fire.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

    That Osimhen – If I were the Nigerian coach, I’m benching him from now on until he starts respecting his Nigerian teammates and making himself useful for the team not coming to take the glory all by himself and letting everyone down!

    The guy mata tire pesin abeg – If this was Napoli now he will play according to what the manager wnts but here he starts to from – Also Pesiero abi wetin call has himself to blame – keep on taking space with Iheanacho etc abeg leave story joor!

    Finally who is this one that keeps loving and kissing everyone here? Abi you think this is south africa or any of those places where you can try that shit? Mean if na play leave o!!!

    • Sean 1 year ago

      Lol! @Field Marshall, you no know say mad people don dey use phone nowadays and them dey comment for chat room.
      Na to Ignore people like that. Na only him waka come.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

        @Sean -I hear you o jare my broda – sometimes person just vex pass be careful!
        Bless up man!

  • No coach
    No midfield
    No goalkeeper
    No mix of experience

    Just a collection of talented youths who shine in their clubs because of the mix of experience in the midfield and backline plus seasoned coaches who know the job inside out and plan for each game individually.

    How’s Paseiro a coach cos the problem isn’t the talent. Guy does not know how best to combine and deploy the tools at his disposal. And that’s actually the jib of a coach.

    South Africa
    and now Guinea Bisau

    EFCC should please raise a file for Pinnck and prepare to get him arrested for this fraud.

  • Chibuike 1 year ago

    First of all,Nigeria need to stop playing match in bad luck Abuja Stadium but politics will not allow them. Secondly, sack this coach. Nigeria deserve world class coach than this pizza.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Bright na player….Osimhen na player, Iwobi players but the rest I don’t know Even Moses Simon tried today. Bassey is actually a calamity I see why Ajax criticize him…He is actually a lazy defender.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    Hmmm… Now we can see clearly.
    This coach 2 days ago analyzed what GB will come to play I.e to come and defend and target a goal which they did but no tactic to counter that .
    Let’s all imagine Chuba Akpom instead of Onuachu in this match,
    1) he has been playing with Iwobi at Arsenal since the age of 8, 
    2) he can score goals 
    3) he can assist I.e play as an attacking midfielder.
    But our coach didn’t trust him but trusted Onuachu-Osimhen combo.
    He used Moffi-Osimhen combo and we scored 10 good goals but the coach sees nothing good in that .
    We started with 4-2-4 against Sierra Leone and struggled until we became 3 in the midfield yet, our coach didn’t see any positive in that. 
    I’m sorry to say this.. with this coach, we are in soup.

  • UBFE 1 year ago

    This is where attacking football has landed us.

    We attacked and attacked ourselves out of afcon….

    We attacked and attacked ourselves out of world cup….

    Now the worst is about to happen. I pray it doesn’t work that way.

    BY this time during Gernort Rohr’s era, we’ll be looking for just a point to qualify with 2 games to spare.
    But nowadays…. the far forgotten story of if BARCA looses to Al ahly and Namibia forces Bayern Munich to a goaless draw, then Nigeria will automatically qualify is about to happen.

    Attacking football.

  • Chudynak 1 year ago

    Sack the coach, sack the technical director now otherwise Nigeria football going going going, gone!

  • Obazee 1 year ago

    What a show of shame. This is nothing but an eyesore. While selecting a team manager we opted for the cheapest as the only criteria for selection This is just the only result for cheap acticle. For God sake what is Ndidi and Uzoho still doing in the super eagles ? Ndidi is dead no longer he is now a bench warmer in his team Uzoho lacks composure and not decisive 

    • Nigeria outplayed them but first half line up killed the game, imagine Moses Simon played first half Nigeria should have defeated them but wrong line up killed the match,see the right line up for today’s match _Uzoho, Osayi, zaidu,Ndidi, Akpoguma, Calvin,Moses Simon, Chukwueze, Moffi and osimhen but our coaches changed it for rubbish line up

  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    Its time to remove mind from this team before one develop HBP. How can you introduce onuachu and left Moffi on the bench? That substitution killed this game. We simply don’t have a coach. Again Bassey is not good enough to play in central defend. That guy is a time bomb waiting to explode. The team is not bad the major problem is the Journey man coach NFF employed. When we will ever get it right in this country?

  • Osimhen laid a perfect pass to Ndidi in the 18 yard to go one on one with goalkeeper, but suddenly village people hold baba leg for ground. No be juju be that?

    Simon shot at goal just outside the 18 Osimhen and Musa, whereas Osimhen and Musa where waiting unmarked. I just hope them no go fight for dressing room today.

    Completely disjointed team. Who coached them? No coach! Talented team, no coach. Pinnick, hope you’re happy with calamity of a parting gift. We for just dey manage Eguavoen jeje and take our time to find a coach with top experience and with a Nigerian root.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

      Kel – what about when Onuachu left the defender on the left for dead and was very claerly and obviously ahead of that defender and Osimhen there was acres of space inside the box and all that mad man Osimhen ha to do was run into the space (he was a few yards behind at the time) even I could see what Onuachu was going to do next – why did your Osimhen stand there and not run into that space for the simplest tap-in?? Can he try that with his coach at Napoli watching on???
      We need to be clear – yes he is a good player but there is a disconnect in his brain when he is playing for Nigeria, he seems to be seeking glory for himself alone and that is completely moronic! Just another typical selfish and narrow minded Nigerian!
      I cannot stand that guy- and until he starts to apply his best self for Nigeria, he will always be the weakest link in my opinion no matter even if he scores 1000 goals for Napoli! If he comes to England, he’ll be exposed and may never recover because of his weak mentality!
      I can’t stand Iheanacho either but I almost think Osimhen is worse in terms of mentality! He really needs to wake up and smell the friggin coffee!

  • SuperGoals 1 year ago

    The Super Eagles lost to Guinea B because the coach Peseiro does not have a game plan, he thinks putting players on the field alone wins matches. I f you look at the Guinea B, they had a game plan and never lost their formation, their formation is to play 8 player in defence when they lose the ball and counter when they have the ball with long passes.
    what the coach could have done is to inform the players that when the Guinea has the ball and super Eagles take the ball from them they should not use a long pass and send the ball to Osimhen for counter attack before they regroup in their 8 man defence formation.
    You will remember that this is the same team that Eguavoen defeated 2 0 in the Nations cup, Eguavoen may has his fault, but if he was given half or even quarter of the time given to all this foreign coaches he would has given Nigeria the best Super Eagles squared.

  • SuperGoals 1 year ago


    they should use long pass and send the ball to Osimhen

  • Obazee 1 year ago

    SACk THIS COACH NOW. Let one of our ex players take over. Let’s us use the Sénégalaise method by giving our national teams to our ex international. Okocha, Kanu etc please come to our rescue .

    • Dennis 1 year ago

      @obazee what coaching experience do those players have? None. We shot ourselves in the foot when we sacked rohr. I knew it would come to this. The coach can’t be sacked because nff would have to pay him off and they are yet to pay off rohr completely.

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    What killed us was tactics.. very poor from the coach.. how can you have moffi, oshimen, akpom, orban etc and you are struggling to score one goal in yuur home ground.. disaster!

    Our midfield was poor.. what is the problem with ndidi.. this is why inviting only players on form is the standard used by most serious playing countries.. ndidi have to business starting this game and wearing the captain arm band..

    Why must pesiro continue playing two in the middle.. it didn’t work in all the friendlies he played yet he doesn’t learn from mistakes , he continues with it..

    We have an abundance of talent but lack the coach to use them… Nff should please sack this man and get us someone like olofinjano to coach this team.. This embarrassment is too much

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

    SuperGoals – they tried that- You could even see Peseiro telling them that when the cameras panned to him a couple of times – The biggest problem with Nigeria and Nigerian players is their mentality – they do not know how to put their great abilities to good use even when you have a collection of them in one place like in this team for instance – each player has his own accolade (well most do anyway) but they have no sense to combine their efforts and produce synergy – each and every tool on the pitch wants to be the hero apart from a few who have learnt like Iwobi, Bassy, and Moses Simon – I was very disappointed with Chukwueze because he showed a shameful selfishness and don’t even get me started on Osimhen

    • You’re right about Iwobi @Field Marshall. He’s so calm, dedicated and selfless on the pitch. But you see that Chukwueze, I used to like him a lot. Very talented but always wants to be the goal scorer. Osimhen is more aggressive, bright, and more a team player, but he can be hot tempered and controlling. He’s a lot be wire though and I like him better. Only if he was playing alongside am experienced partner like in Napoli.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

        That is sort of what my overall point is though @ Kel
        The real problem is the SYSTEM- Notice how I put the word in capitals, it’s like a few blind men trying to figure out what an elephant is, each man can only feel a part and so inevitably comes to the wrong conclusion due to no fault of his, it’s the effect of his handicap on him, that does not make each individual a bad person but they can only work with what they have, now imagine if each of those blind men were also selfish or thieves or crooked in one way or another, you can already see all the manner of things that not only can but WILL go on there – That is the case with Nigeria as a whole – Each and every person is working with a disability – so many, lack of employment, lack of opportunities, no electricity, no infrastructure to speak of, zero security etc etc -the list goes on, and additionally (and again due to all the pressures- understandably or not) each man is crooked now in their own way and are now very selfish and self centred and have absolutely zero incentive to do what is right and what will benefit society/the country at large which will inevitably be to each man’s own benefit as well – So in a case like this, who are you going to blame? You get me?
        In such a situation GOOD LEADERSHIP IS CRUCIAL! And when the leadershipo is just a bunch of thieving bastards who are themselves product of that corrupt system who in their own minds think they’ve “made it out of the rat race” and are patting themselves on the back and all they are now determined to do is take take take and take as much as the can for their own selves then the unfortunate bastards trapped in that system are well and truly done for!
        I mean there’s a lot to be said and I am sure that you already know all this but I’m just saying these things to try and explain why I think the SYSTEM is to blame and why that friggin “COUNTRY” is completely done for unless something very very drastic is done on the scale of mass gutting of the system and a big purge of all the leaders ASAP so that the country can start again from zero and have a ghost of a chance to start breathing again something in the distant future – maybe at least 20 years for the first shoots of recovery to start getting felt –
        Sorry for the rant pal, it’s just very frustrating indeed!

  • This what you get after sacking a good coach in the person of Rohr just bring in this calamity.

    I thought NFF said they sack Rohr just to avoid calamity. What are we having now?

    If it was Rohr we would have been needing just a point to qualify by now. We back to the days of using calculator.

    Rohr never lost 3 matches straight as a coach.

    Rohr never lost to an African team back to back.

    Rohr never went down with 3+ plus to any team, whether African or non African.

    Can we comapare the win rate of this coach and Rohr judging from the numbers of games played already.

    When will we stop playing football in that Abuja stadium that the field is far below average. Why can’t we play at Uyo stadium?

  • Uselesskontri 1 year ago

    A big congratulations to NFF, Technical unit, Peisoro, the Pitch & INEC!!!
    Pls who rigged this match???

    My only plea is “Osimhen should avoid injury oooooooo! You have Seria A title, Golden boot Seria A, Champions leagues glory to pursue with Napoli this season o”
    Osimhen! Osimhen! Osimhen! Pls avoid injury o! No go overdo carry injury and jeopardize this season o. This may just be one of your best seasons in your football career o!

    Pls someone close to Osimhen should help us advise him. Thanks.

    NFF…. Continue!

  • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

    Please you can go and join your COMPATRIOTS Beneath EZZU RIVER for all we care

    You stinking TRIBAL BIGOT
    PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS are done and dusted..the earlier you goats get over it and face REALITY, the better for your Mental well being

    This is FOOTBALL….stick to it or go raost in your IPOB enclave

    • UselessKontri' 1 year ago

      A big congratulations to NFF, Technical unit, Peisero, the Pitch & INEC!!!
      Pls who rigged this match???

      My only plea is “Osimhen should avoid injury oooooooo! You have Seria A title, Golden boot Seria A, Champions leagues glory to pursue with Napoli this season o”
      Osimhen! Osimhen! Osimhen! Pls avoid injury o! No go overdo carry injury and jeopardize this season o. This may just be one of your best seasons in your football career o!

      Pls someone close to Osimhen should help us advise him. Thanks.

      NFF…. Continue!

  • Larry 1 year ago

    They delay the team list till days to hide their dirty corrupt games, they selected some sluggish and most selfish players on earth to remain on the payroll of these lazy players.
    Picnic is still written all over this team. If Eguavoen could beat the same team by 2 nil, it’s obvious that this Pesseiro is another Picnic scam..
    If we can get a top foreign technical advisers, then we should give the job to a team of Europe trained top notch Nigerians Emenalo, Oliseh, Olofin and Egbo. At least we know that these ones are not corrupt. Their actions at several moments of their lives proved that they don’t take shit.
    The Super Eagles need a complete overhaul where no player is accorded preferential treatments.

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