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Nigeria’s Sports Minister Enoh Demands Swift Action Towards Fixing World Cup Qualification Challenges

Nigeria’s Sports Minister Enoh Demands Swift Action Towards Fixing World Cup Qualification Challenges

Nigeria’s Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, has demanded that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) urgently put in place the necessary framework to ensure Nigeria qualifies for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, in addition to addressing issues that have hindered high performances and growth of Nigerian football.

The meeting held on Thursday at the Minister’s office in Abuja, touched on various areas including the current coach of the national team, the competence of both the NFF Technical Committee and Technical Department, as well as discipline of players in the national team camp.

The Minister and the NFF also deliberated on the introduction of new crop of Nigerian players wherever they can be found, to ensure the best legs represent the country at every given time.

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Furthermore, the meeting delved into other more substantive matters said to be holding down the development of Nigerian football, including the expansion of the present membership of the NFF Congress, so as to make for more inclusive and greater representation.

The team of NFF officials and its technical team were given not more than one week to present its comprehensive position indicating the positive progressive steps that have been taken to get the team ready for the next round of competitive matches.

Expressing the disappointment of Nigerians and the Government over the poor results in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Senator Enoh highlighted Nogeria is in a critical situation being in second from bottom, with just three points from four games out of a possible twelve;a situation he considered outrightly unacceptable.

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  • Lucky Ukhun 1 month ago

    Talk, talk, talk. No action.

  • pompei 1 month ago

    No need for too much talk.
    Since we have once again decided to tolerate mediocrity and abject failure, let the jobs of the incompetent dullards be tied to results.
    The results of the new coach they hire will determine if they remain in their jobs or not. If they like, let them select a coach based on salary sharing.
    If the coach meets his targets, they should feel free to steal and share money anyhow. They can even sell the Glass House and share the proceeds. No wahala.
    But if the coach fails to meet set targets, OUT THEY GO.
    Give them the rope they will use to eventually hang themselves. Let them pick a new coach, and then tie their employment to results!

  • KangA 1 month ago

    This man is talking rubbish, and he knows it. A foremost problem plaguing the national team is lack of a skilled coach. The question I have asked several times, but has been ignored by the government/NFF (and even the majority of SE fans) is: With all the resources in Nigeria, why can’t NFF engage a world class coach to guide the boys?

    Lack of funds? Seriously?

    For a start, each of the 36 states can be mandated to pay the $100,000 salary for a month. That takes 3 years before they are called upon to contribute something. 

    Apart from that, 12 select businessmen(women) who get heavy contracts from government can be called upon. 

    In the extreme, a national fund can be launched.

    Why can’t we do something concrete? We like empty talks. Someone is saying we will still qualify, winning all the six games. Really? When you’ve not won one of four games.

    Why can’t VAR be installed in Uyo? Perhaps we would have gotten a goal confirmed against SA. 

    A national of empty speeches.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

    The Nigerian case has gotten to the point where blala shud be used on some people.. the truth is that a well camped team over a period of time wil beat the best team anywhere.
    A well camped under 17 boys team wil beat super eagles. Pele won world cup at 17 . Maybe it is fake story dey told us .
    The. Best of performances of players in eagles team was in those early days
    Dey first joined the team
    So in 2014 up to 2018 . Anyone stil there now is just praying for referee to quickly end the match so that he can go take pictures,make calls and dance to the lastest music with preserved legs .
    And official are not willing to spend extra money to get best of anything.because no dollar in CBN .
    So the one left is for use to enjoy the moment.and payment of social influencers .
    As long as eagles are not training together for a long time dey wil not be able to beat the weakest team in Africa 4 nail. Instead even if they score 4 goals the weaker team wil come back to reply by scoring four goals back .
    By the time dey are passing the ball around on the field they are exposing their defense. That was wat happen with Benin. Zimbabwe and Lesotho.no action point.go watch Senegal/Nigeria 2000. Every minute ball is on each side of the field .
    Someone is falling. Someone is doing something.even okocha got red .
    Someone is samasaulting. Who can samasault now .abeg .na phone dey sabi phone

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    The two oxen talked nothing , they are two losers or failure ; they destroyed our farms with stupid minds and bad feet, they will destroyed and will destroy Nigeria football in future…

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    By now I don’t need to tell you all to start giving GENERAL ROAR his FLOWERS.

    DAM!! That man is so FU.KING GOOD MEN!!

    He was just being UNDERATED by all the LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN CREW. even before the MATCH they UNDERATED him but am glad that you all can now REALIZE how GOOD he is…

    Omo the man (GENERAL ROAR) use just one MATCH cause GOBE(PROBLEM) for NIGERIA FOOTBALL SECTOR…HIM shake everywhere. Caused CHAOS.. LMAO! PANDEMONIUM… hahahaha everywhere is now in DISARRAY…. hahahahahahaha

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

      Anytime Benin beat Nigeria, Nigeria always go ahead to win the main competition . I remember the Olympics team Benin republic beat Dem in Lagos in a friendly 5 : 2 .,
      Nigerian went into camping in Europe for two weeks. And Atlanta football gold is in Nigeria til today.
      Now that Benin don beat Nigeria again if possible de eagles shud be camp in Europe near their clubs for two weeks before going to Rwanda .
      And the qualification for 2026 wil start from there and going ahead to win the world cup in Canada, America and mexico wil be guaranteed.

  • Our problem are so simple, we think like England, we have crops of players playing in Europe, doesn’t mean we are the best, all other African countries also have these players, for crying out loud, what is Onuachu doing in camp, he score goals for his easy league club, he gets to EPL, he can’t bag a goal, but they will impose him on Coach, mate the list is endless.

    And so on. They don’t have any business in SE. They keep calling too much strikers, we need adaptive midfielders in our team, and calling the right players.
    Football is all about organisation, we keep talking of our players like they play in top team, we have average players in Nigeria, non off them can win UEFA player of the year, not to talk of golden ball.
    They play for rubbish clubs and they are still bench, Iheanacho play in ECL and score few goals, but always get call for Nigeria.

    What type of football do we want as a country, if we have super strikers, we need players that can get them in positions to score, not players that keeps cutting in to shoot, like Lookman, Chikwueze, Simon, we need players that crosses more ball for strikers.
    If we play Boniface, play Lookman as supporting striker, he likes to drop down to midfield to collect the ball, which free SS. Enough of calling 12 striker in selection, now they add strikers/Supporting strikers in midfield, just to get them call, instead of going for adapting midfielders,that can do the both job. It’s time they sack Egoaven, Technical director of ass licking, yeye people, them no go invest for their future, come they sit down for position wey dem no give good impact. Naa the same rubbish em do wey we no qualify for World Cup. But he was retake a technical director, naa money dey em face no be success of our country.

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