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NFF To Appoint Technical Adviser For Super Eagles

NFF To Appoint Technical Adviser For Super Eagles

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has announced it will appoint a technical adviser for the Super Eagles.

The NFF took the decision during its executive committee meeting on Wednesday.

The soccer house resolved to bring in an expatriate following the Super Eagles dismal showing in their recent 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic.

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The Super Eagles held Bafana Bafana to a 1-1 draw at home and lost 2-1 to the Cheetahs.

“The executive committee wholeheartedly apologized to Nigerians for the dismal output and subsequent very poor returns of the Senior Men National Team, Super Eagles, in four out of 10 matches in the ongoing qualification series for the 2026 FIFA World Cup finals, and pledged to work assiduously and put necessary measures in place to ensure a better-prepared squad ahead of the AFCON 2025 qualifiers in September this year and the resumption of the World Cup qualifiers in March 2025,” reads part of the communique release by the NFF.

“Further to the above, the executive committee resolved to employ an expatriate Technical Adviser for the Super Eagles in the coming weeks, ahead of the AFCON qualifiers and the remaining FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.”

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  • Awon were….Too late…..Meaning will have to win all remaining six games and for other teams to drop points…..Our qualification now in the hands of other group members…. O ma se o….

    • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago

      ** NOTE: We should not be deceiving ourselves in this country because of the way things work for other countries (e.g. Democracy work well in America, S/Africa, Ghana but it doesn’t work well in Nigeria).
      EVEN when Keshi won AFCON in 2013, he failed woefully to qualified for next AFCON due to bad management(Pinnick VS Giwa), sentiment, jealous, hatred towards some players (e.g. Yobo, I.K. uche, V.moses).
      What matters most is to move our football forward & not celebrating FLUKE WINNING again. We struggle/manage to beat CIV by penalty in AFCON group stage. But E/guinea beat CIV 4-0 convincingly.
      *** KESHI WON AFCON IN 2013, BUT WE CANNOT BOAST OF PLAYERS, THE TEAM FOR THE FUTURE (for instance: Sunday MBA, Uzoenyi, Oshaniwa, Agbim are nowhere to be found in future football). AND NIGERIA FAILED TO QUALIFIED FOR NEXT TWO CONSECUTIVE AFCON.
      WHAT A SHAME!!!!
      **** WESTERHOF WIN AFCON IN 1994, BUT NIGERIA CAN BOAST OF FUTURE FOOTBALL (for instance: Oliseh, Okocha, Amokachi, Amuneke shine for future football).

  • Is this really what the team need at the moment?

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Coaches that they will not interview but look to prey on and share salary. Shameless FA

  • Edoman 1 month ago

    l am assuming that they mean to say that Finito is finished, fired. In my view, qualification for the World Cup is gone beyond repair. The fight for AFCON is coming up sooner than later. They should ensure that Nigeria don’t miss out on that. Finito and all those who called for the Home-Grown manager, omo9ja with his cohorts, have done their worse.

    • omo9ja God will punish you and ur generations you and ur cohort that was campaigning for home base coaches you will not know peace and it shall never be well with you.

    • dave Law 1 month ago

      Omo i dey feel you bro!

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      Silly people did Omo9ja demand for Finidi when he was demanding for local coach? When we were rooting for Amuneke you think we didn’t see Finidi. A lot of you should stop watching football including your gang leaders on this forum. Shallow minds deluded bunch of intestines today we will all agree to support the nonsense coach and when he fails they will look for scape goats. I was on tug of war with a forumites that if Amuneke doesn’t get the Job NFF will destroy eagles but they prefer that Finidi b the coach just because Chima is dying to have Amuneke as coach of Nigeria. Now these same pricks don’t know there’s a big gap btw Finidi and Amuneke in terms of quality. They will go and dig the downs of Amuneke and not talk about his Achievements. Hypocrisy that makes them look worthless every single day. I think Kel was also advocating for Amuneke but the rest wanted Cameroon coach or Finidi.

      • Nobody wanted finidi but people preferred him to Amunike simply bcos he has been with the same set of players for two years while acting as assistant to Peseiro which to me those make sense and logical, non of us know he is this dumb and useless, and I beg to differ that amunike would have done any better.

      • Blendluv 1 month ago

        To be honest with you, Amuneke will also failed woefully. What has he achieve? Just because he qualified Tanzania for Afcon? From which group did he qualify Tanzania?

  • Day don finally break for NFF. They must have felt the raw rage on CSN and other forums. I commend them for apologizing. That was the first step to soothe people’s anger.

    Now, they have to retrace their steps as soon as possible. Findi goes back to a subordinate role. If you ever have to, let him mature before handling him an oversized task. They won’t entirely dismiss him, as that would be a wholesale admission of their error of judgment in the messed up SE coach recruitment.

    Please and please, it should not be ceremonial TA. The new boss should be firmly in charge, not acting in an advisory role. If possible, get other credible local hands to assist him along with Finidi. WCQ 2026 is still salvageable. We need to win the rest of our matches and see what happens with others. Difficult but not impossible.

    Gusau should also inject discipline into the team and release funds for long camps. Osimhen and Nidid cannot be cherry-picking the matches they play in, and Iwobi and Lookman cannot be strolling to camp at the 11the hour,

    • @Kel
      Lookman played a full match on Sunday June 2th for Atlanta, so he is excused for arriving on Wednesday 5th June, given the issues with the strike
      So please, don’t start on that bandwagon of questioning Lookman’s commitment

    • Golden Child 1 month ago

      @deo, whilst I agree that some credit should be given to him for having the boldness to field onyedika and bashiru, I personally feel he could have done better. He could have invited samson tijani who has the legs and youthful exuberance.Ndidi is not the same player since his injury some years back. Leicester do not play him in the 6 role again.

      Most people forget that Coach Keshi( Of blessed memory) showed so much courage when he fielded little known onazi then and paired him with Mikel. The combination worked like a charm. Onazi was the youthful workhorse and Mikel sprinkled grace and glamour to the middle of the park. This team if handled by a coach that knows what he is doing can be truly great. I must say I was really impressed with Onyedika in Central midfield.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        Exactly what I was bringing on board the other day that Ndidi should not be started talkless of the captain armband handed over to him. Although I heard some rumours from leading clubs taking him on free agent but I feel he will chop bench at any serious club due to his inconsistent display and zero output on many occasions. Ndidi never runs all he does is jug or stretch.

        Lol Finidi failed because he started a tired Lookman, played Osayi at the wrong place when he had Bassey to play at left wing for Tanimu to pair Ajayi at CB. Finidi also can not caution Iwobi to be consistent with his passes kudos to his assist though but he lost a lot of easy passes. He should also have start Boniface in the second match against Moffi who doesn’t play anything on Eagles shirt. Finidi would have succeeded but he just didn’t add up.

  • Alex07 1 month ago

    This is good news. Get rid of Finidi b4 he finishes us.

  • Let’s thank Finidi and move on. He gave it his best shot. To be honest, 2 competitive games are not enough to judge a coach but Finidi needed to hit the ground running ; he failed.

    The former Eyimba Head Coach did make us believe in the Super Eagles attacking midfield department, an area Peseiro severely neglected.

    It was fabulous to see Onyedika and Dele-Bashiru boss proceedings. It was nice seeing Nwabili function as a makeshift centre back. But it wasn’t nice seeing Nigeria play second fiddle to Benin and it is not nice seeing Nigeria in a precarious position in the world cup qualifiers.

    Uncle Segun Odegbami, I am afraid you will have to dig out your pen to pillory the next foreign coach of the Super Eagles.

    Your own (indigenous coaches) continue to let themselves down. They fail to seize the opportunity. Until they update their coaching skills, we will continue looking outwards.

  • Hello house , it’s like we are still missing something here. Technical Adviser which means Eguavoen too is leaving his post which is very good for Nigerian football. The guy has over stayed with nothing good to show.
    And to some fans…when we mention any striker name, all we here is we have the in abundance. How far na?
    Do we need another striker now or not?
    Osimhen the poster boy used to select match, Onuachu is not a National team player, even Awoniyi hardly impresses in national colors, Terem moffi too, before Dessers can score one goal, he had lost 20, Boniface is becoming an injury prone.
    Now Do we need Dominic Solanke and Elijah Adebayo now or not? What about Madueke?
    By the time we try like another 3 to 4 strikers , one will be active like Osimhen in national color. 

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    Awon were…..They seem to have been deaf when Finidi said he doesn’t believe in formations while talking to the press in a global press conference….Lmaooo. Shey dem swear for Nigerian coaches? He already had issues with the players cuz of his ego in short a short period, fighting for a jersey (When he was an assistant) with an on-field player that just completed a game lmaoo…. Then what is he capable of as a coach? Nigerian football fans have suffered in the hands of NFF….must it come to this rage for them to be serious? I iam disspaointed in Felix Ayansi who pioneered Enyimba’s champions league back then as the club president of Enyimba and now he is 1st vice president at NFF and just running the place like a trap house with Gusau. Shame on these corrupt fools!

  • Ololo 1 month ago

    Finidi has closed the door for local coaches.. a coach who losed against mali in a game which was supposed to test his readiness and maturity for the job ended up being rewarded with the almighty super eagles job.. a coach who wasn’t able to tame the ego of his players was rewarded for his failure and failing to qualify for the world cup is the reward for such stupid actions by the nff..

    I think it is time Nigerians start protesting and not allowing those men in the glass house take us for a ride..

    They waited for the damage to be done before doing the right thing.. finidi who only recently became a coach was employed in place of more qualified personal.. Nigerians are begging to lose interest in the super eagles and if those foolish men in the glass house fail to watch their actions they might pay dearly for their decisions

  • Taofeek Olalekan 1 month ago

    In addition to appointing a technical adviser, the super team needs a major overhaul. Let us scout for good Nigerian players who are willing and ready to play for Nigeria.

  • osaretin 1 month ago

    Well better late than never. i can live with this decision but they should add never should a Nigerian born coach handle the national team except they have won the CHAN tournament ( can the national assembly pass a bill with this statement). Afterall the nigerian coaches marketing blackmail has always being they believed in the home based players. ok prove it by winning the CHAN. no need for quota slot here. From beginning to end is homebase. so win it. What were they expecting, Finito had no significant input in Enyimba and you expect him to have an impact with the Super eagles

    • moses inyang 1 month ago

      Corrupt people and men who are not going anywhere.see a country that was second only a few months ago at the AFCON now the boot of jokes on the entire continent.shame,shame,shame.As for odegbami,onigbinde,Amaju pinick,Sunday Dare et al posterity will never forgive you

  • Lucky Ukhun 1 month ago

    As usual, this won’t happen until a few days to the next qualifiers.

  • moses inyang 1 month ago

    The entire so called former players know close to nothing about coaching or even the art of modern football management,the NFF is seriously corrupt,incompetent,lackadaisical and has lost relevance.All those technical committee,executive committee and all other committee lack commitment,transparency,vision,integrity,purpose and discipline.Religion,tribe,outdated knowledge and favouritism now take preeminence over sound reasoning,competence and forthrightness.we are not going anywhere until things change

  • What a disgrace. It’s too late. The NFF with their inferior selves can bring whatever expatriate that they like, but Nigeria will still not qualify for the WC. Quick fixes seldom work in sports. 

    Not only was Finidi the wrong hire as clearly shown in the friendly matches he coached, NFF took its sweet time to make an incompetent hire after Peseiro was not retained. Now they think a white man can save them from their foolishness. This will be money wasted because we will not qualify. We need to start preparing very well now for WC 2030. 

    • I can’t Understand what we Nigerians really did wrong to the Majority of 94 Squad. We celebrated them. We still regards them as the best ever till date but how they grew up to become this lazy and Toxicity to Nigerian football is beyond me.
      Alloy Agu has done his worse, Keshi too started well and ended badly, Eguavoen is still fresh, Siasia has done his own, Oliseh is only good on TV screen, Amokachi and Amunike too, now finidi? I wonder who among them will be next.
      Some funny people here will be saying NFF should give any home based coach the same treatment they give foreign coaches and see wether they won’t perform better. Upon all those packages with how many foreign assistants, this rogue still manages to force one Tanimu on us looking for extra dough . 
      Imagine Aina in those games, from that right back alone, Aina has given us many assists and who says one or two can’t happen in those games? That Tanimu is so lucky that he walked straight to first team and started playing 90 minutes. Chance that Torunarigha never had before they forgot him.
      That Tanimu just became Nigerian Rio Ferdinand like that in the presence of Finidi alone.

      Now we have goal keepers 
      Okoye, Nwabili and I heard Owen Goodman visited glass house recently. 
      We need solid defenders. This time we will beg if we need to. It’s better we beg than to continue getting all these insults from Lesotho, Rwanda, Benin. Go and see the table again and  see countries that above us after 4 games.
      By now, Ekong , Omeruo and Ajayi are not supposed to be the best we have. When Igor Ogbu , Adarabioyo, Torunarigha, Okoli etc are somewhere in Europe performing well week in week out. Imagine Balogun will still be coming out from many fans because Balogun at 50 is better than Bassey at 23. Bassey needs to up his game o.
      We need to remove majority of these players to confuse Rohr in the second leg or else?
      Nna ehn! A lot is not right in Naija nowadays. Even our president fell from Podium.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    My ideology is quite different, this is why many people do not understand me.

    If the NFF like, they should bring the best coach in the world to manage Super Eagles, the coach will fail.

    The first thing to do is to sack the entire NFF board. But without doing that, NFF will make sure the new coach fail.

    More so, the sports minister should consider Renard the former coach of Ivory Coast and Zambia but wait a minute my people, do NFF have money to fund the bill of Renard? According to NFF, no.

    Are people getting my point so far ba?

    Option two is Pitso. An African coach from South Africa is the most suitable for the position of the Super Eagles. This South African man can turn things around.

    Option three. Amunike or Siasia. We can’t just ignore these two Nigerian wise, dedicated, knowledgeable, workaholic, energetic, reliable and dependable men.

    At least if the NFF claimed there’s no money to fund Renard, Pitso, Amunike or Siasia then we should hold NFF accountable for their actions if Nigeria failed to qualify for the world cup.

    As I said before now, I did not campaign for Finidi to be Eagles coach but to my surprise, some people are painting me bad on this platform. Twisting my words to suit their agendas. It won’t work.

    I stand for the truth and the betterment of our beloved country, Nigeria.

    I omo9ja is not double-sided person.
    Please fellow Nigerians, don’t listen to those pretenders that claims to love Super Eagles but deep down inside them, they wants Super Eagles to fail so that NFF can hire a white coach.

    Football is not about colour but brain.
    I don’t have any problem with the foreign coaches but what did they do differently is what I am asking NFF ajewomasan and those pretenders.

    Paseiro and Oga Rohr, what did they do differently? Did they improve the Super Eagles? Oga Rohr did little but not quite while Paseiro did nothing at all but fortunately he won silver medal by luck.

    This is the reason why I am not in support of the foreign coach.

    These are my best candidates for the Super Eagles job and I hope the sports minister will consider one of these coaches.

    I know this quite well that Oga Rohr followers won’t like this my comment but do they have choice? Absolutely no because they had their chances with Oga Rohr but they wasted six years for nothing. So, CSN, over to you. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Lol! Wait Omo9ja, what do you think you are self? Rohr spent 6 years , no improvement? What does the word improvement means to you self? Within that 6 years, how many Tournaments did Rohr managed? It’s 4 years now that Rohr left so what’s the improvement now?
      I just pray you don’t really look like what you type if so… that means you be Imbecile or chakanchawa (e no get meaning abi? Yes! That’s what you sound like most times) iberibe.

    • Tristan 1 month ago

      Sack the entire board? Before it was sack Pinnick, now he has gone nothing has changed. Who will you replace the NFF board with? Your relative? Nigerians? or people from Mars? As I always tell people singing the “sack NFF” mantra, which organisation or public body in Nigeria is efficient and well-managed? Where in Nigeria have Nigerians shown excellence in management without the input of foreigners? In NNPC, CBN, NPA, NAA? The best Nigerian public corporation is NLNG and that is only because foreigners (Shell, Exxon Total) control 51% of the shares i.e. foreigners have management control.

      Pitso is South African, South Africa is in our WC group. How would we reconcile that conflict of interest? If Pitso fails to qualify us and South Africa qualifies people would complain that NFF was incompetent to hire a coach who sabotage our team in favour of his countrymen.

      Amunike or SiaSia, there is no appetite anymore for experimentation with coaches with limited experience. If these coaches want a shout they should get involved as assistant coaches so at least it will give people confidence that they know the team.

      My suggestion for developing home-based coaches is that once every couple of years we hold invitational Super Eagles coach friendlies. We invite a Nigerian coach to call up a squad of his own choosing to play a series of friendlies (2 or 3 games). That way we can see what they bring to the game rather than appoint them in the dark!
      For example, Amunike could be called to choose a squad, and then friendlies arranged with national teams in which the invitational coach Amunike, would manage some games and the substantive coach others.

      No one on this forum who has seen your comments can dispute your loyalty or commitment. We all just think you’re misguided. There is some truth in what you say about foreign coaches vis a vis home-grown coaches, but those facts do not carry enough weight to overthrow the positive experience that a foreign coach contributes. Think of this like a scale, the negative facts you provide about foreign coaches do not match the weight of the positive facts that a foreign coach brings to tip the scale in the favour of local coaches.

    • fool omo9ja so na amunike you come still put for head mugu this boy very useless guy omo9ja

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

    The job was overwhelmingly, massively too big for Finidi. It was visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that it was an humongous shoe for him to fill. It’s just unfortunate that it might be too late, but the decision is well received by well meaning SuperEagles fans. 

    How can you not invite a natural left back in an important WorldCup qualifiers window? The gap between our defense and attack was open like Atlantic Ocean. At some point it feels like we don’t have a midfield. 

    The attack is lethargic. No bite, no intensity. Just vibes and insha allah. Let’s look for a young vibrant foreign coach who may be able to convince the likes Olise Madueke and Okoli to play for Nigeria and also young Kayode of Fiorentina. Igoh Ogbu must be called up as we need more reinforcement in defense. 

    Alhassan and Onyedika must be first choice in our midfield along with Bashiru. Let the rest fight for their relevance. We can still salvage this qualification. At least there’s an opportunity through a playoff series. Who knows we might be able to  step up during that playoff series. 

    Anything is possible but first of all let’s do the needful. Nothing against Finidi but he should sit this one out. The job is too big for him. 

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago


    Finishit’s ass-licker can now go an die….!

  • Mr Hush 1 month ago

    Thank goodness!
    Daft Finidi can now go back to the shadows. Player legend . Bad coach. Good riddance.

  • We can still salvage the WC qualifiers. We can knock Rwanda off their perch by wiping out their 4 points lead through winning both matches against them.

    As for RSA and Benin republic, winning the return legs will wipe out 3 points off their haul of 4 points ahead.

    Definitely, since both are dreaming of World cup appearances, they should cancel each other out and drop points.

    Lesotho are pretenders. Others should knock them out for us. Not forgetting the return leg we have with them.

    Our job should be: WIN ALL REMAINING 6 MATCHES and see what pans out.

    • Ah Sylvester, Lesotho are not pretending o. Remember, pride goes before a fall. All teams are to be taken seriously.

    • I agree with you Sly, it can be done but very, very difficult. The target should be to win all 6 matches remaining, and if we still don’t top the group, come out as one of the four best runners up and play through the playoffs. 
      Our boys should be educated on this and be aware of what it will take them to qualifier. I still remember how we miss out from AFCON 2017, because Siasia did not know that a draw would qualify us, and he told his team to attack in the dying minute. A winning goal was scored against us, which eventually stopped us.

    • Great perspective.

      South Africa and Benin should be able to cancel each other out 1-1 in the second leg. That will bring all teams to the same point as long as we win all our remaining matches.

      Broos and Rohr will not want to let this special opportunity slip through their hands. Even if they maintain a winning streak and draw in Cote D’Ivoire, then it opens up the group to Nigeria.

      Hopefully we’re too are on a madly fantastic run and edge it with goal difference. NFF should please find a way to camo the team for st least 2 weeks. That’s when SE performs at their peak, like at the Afcon.

      We don’t want players strolling to camp 24 hours to match after being released a week prior. Paseiro dumped Iheanacho for same reason, but Finidi was playing all the late comers.

      Baby coach.

  • Felix Farinola 1 month ago

    Finidi is shameless; he should have honorably resigned from that position. He is not a coach at all. You could imagine a coach of the 21st century saying there is no winning formula. Is that not a mumu coach be that? Were let him get out from that position or else many Nigeians will lose the opportunity of getting VISA to travel in 2026.

  • Many Nigerians who talk football don’t know nothing especially from the comments I see here. He played how many matches next thing, sack him. They want Technical Adviser so that foreign exchange can be stolen. The fools who are here commenting, how many times has Nigeria hired a Technical Adviser for your National or even state assemblies, not to talk of Presidency. You are all fools who think football is only good for betting. What goes into it is more than that, you will never know.

    • Don’t you think we need foreign advisers for the National Assembly and Presidency to make them work, because I don’t understand why you are using them as bench mark when they are not working.

      Let’s stop lying to ourselves in this country. Somebody gave an example of NLNG, why it’s still working. Our institutions are just, too, corrupt. Nothing works in a corrupt system.

      Bros, lastly, tone down your causing. You can pass your opinion across without causing.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        At this point in out national life, will Nigeria not fare better if we ask Britain to come back and run all arms of government….?

        Or are the countries where Nigerians are escaping to as economic refuges not goverened by whites….?!

        Anyway, I dont blame him…..in the eyes of a mad man, he is the only sane person around. Every other person around him are the mad ones

  • Papafem 1 month ago

    Ah, the NFF, masters of policy somersaults and comic mismanagement! This latest debacle is a shining example of just how wobbly our national institutions are. Sacking Finidi was as predictable as the sunrise—completely unnecessary if the NFF had just done their homework from the start.

    After the first two matches under Peseiro in the qualifying series, it was obvious the team was on life support. AFCON was supposed to be our redemption arc, and it sort of was, but the hero of that saga, Peseiro, bailed out. Thanks to the NFF’s stellar contract mismanagement. Maybe he was fed up with being unpaid for months and treated like an afterthought by his employers.

    Back to the qualifying series we went, expecting a new coach to resurrect our World Cup dreams for Canada, Mexico, and the United States. But no one expected that coach to be Finidi. The NFF knew he wasn’t the right choice.

    Finidi’s international coaching experience was about as robust as a house of cards in a hurricane. His club-level record was hardly inspiring either. So, what exactly made him the chosen one?

    The NFF probably needed a yes-man, someone they could push around, someone who’d let them pick the team while he twiddled his thumbs. They wanted a coach whose salary they could siphon off, someone who’d act more like the FA president’s personal assistant. And voilà, they got Finidi.

    There was talk that the NFF wanted to hire a foreign coach, but they ditched the idea when the minister through his ministry flat-out refused to fund it. Brilliant! No serious football association with Nigeria’s talent pool should be begging the government to pay their coach.

    In the past, Aiteo paid for Rohr, and Globacom supported the FA for years. So why is Gusau, who loves to brag about his accounting and corporate prowess, struggling to attract reputable firms to support the Super Eagles?

    I’ve always said that the NFF president shouldn’t just be a football enthusiast or seasoned administrator; they should have the charisma and connections to bring corporate sponsors on board to bankroll the FA’s activities, including paying our national team coaches. We have plenty of corporate heavyweights who are football-crazy and would love to help build strong national teams and develop the game. But who wants to dive into the murky politics of Nigerian football and risk their reputation?

    This latest move by the NFF feels like treating a corpse with malaria drugs. Two teams are ahead of us in the group by four points. Knowing that Nigeria won’t give up easily and will fight tooth and nail for that World Cup ticket, these folks will br very careful not make mistakes. They aren’t unserious like us.

    South Africa have been there before; they want to taste it again. Rwanda have been very ambitious of late in many fronts, and they know, quite well, that good going to the WC will do their fledgling tourism industry a whole lot of good. And to our little brothers here, Benin Republic. Going to the mundial will be a huge experience and a great milestone in their football history. So, every team in the group contending with us is highly motivated to snatch the ticket for good.

    But why did we put ourselves in this mess to begin with? Remember 2006 when Angola snatched the ticket from us. Thanks to that wicked gead-to-gead rule. This group could also end in a photo finish, just like it was then. And the NFF’s decision to bring in a new technical adviser mid-series is worrisome, though still better than keeping Finidi at the helm of affairs. I just hope the new guy settles in fast and puts Nigeria back on the path to qualification.

    And the NFF’s next “brilliant” plan? Is Gusau going to replace the team bus again with a tricycle to save fuel costs, just like he’s been “saving cost” to limit the number of quality foreign based players invited to the team? Or this time, hire his usual friend, the Primate from Ekiti State – who prophesied that the his Gombe-born ally would be the best FA president Nigeria has ever had – to conjure up wins? Tune in the coming weeks for another episode of “NFF: The Comedy of Errors”!

  • Another own goal by the NFF.
    The damage was done during the first two games. We should start planning for the future and the reference to have a forgien coach coming will only create more drama.
    We Nigerians never believe in ourselves and only carry bad wishes towards ourselves.
    What A SHAME

  • @Rodi Actually quite the contrary if you people can just put some reasoning into it you will find that, Not employing a coach now is tantamount to repeating the same mistake we made before the friendlies against Ghana and Mali and expecting a different outcome. The fact Finidi oversaw those games made it only more necessary to employ him, those games should have been played out by a better coach than Finidi who the NFF should have put time, effort, resources and planing to employ, in the 2 months after AFCON leading up to the firendlies GHA and MLI, not a make shift coach like Finidi. So he could have executed the qualifiers on the out come of those Friendlies, for Instance Finidi started with Lookman and Moses Simon up front against Mali and refused to make changes in that match to see other players when Moses Simon got a seaosn ending Injury and he Finidi did not give himself the opportunity to see other players i.e Tella meaning he actually handicapped himself for those friendlies if you look back. Not just that Upsetting Tella in the process who subsequently Pulled out of the Qualifiers

    Now not employing the new coach now in order to plan for the execution of AFCON and Friendlies in between is repeating the same mistake. We however should so by the time WC qualifiers comes along next year (2025) March the Coach will have enough sound knowledge of his team and how to approach games with them. That is the route to take

    I dont understand what you people are talking about rebuilding you sound so destructive we haven’t even started AFCON qualifiers so we must stick with Finidi to take us deeper in the Mud before Qualifiers resume?..

    Nigerians and Reasoning is like water and oil! MtcheeeeeW!!!!

  • Hundredfold. Onesimus 1 month ago

    Well said my passionate fellow patriots it’s pleasing to know we all desire the best for our dear country-my direct str8 submission;no calibre or. Status of a coach is too big or small to coach any team if Burnley vincent can be appointed as bayern avam grant of Chelsea as ghana coach we can commission credible scouts to go for edin terzic zidane kadri ilkana(back to back champions league winner of eyimba) Joachim laew is also available, players adaraboyo Caleb okoli solanke curtis jones destiny ufogie Mike olise and so forth but that of course would largely depend on the level of interest they display on their part. July’s AFCON draw looms

  • Omaskels 1 month ago

    From d beginning I said it that Finidi George won’t deliver anything.. We all know that since NFF resolve to local coach, Amunike was d clear favorite based on his CV n experience and he would av done much more better than wat we are seeing now but surprisingly some members of d board gang up against him because they know he can’t be pushed around like Finidi..Pinnick n his cohort gave us Finidi without interview, no experience.. Nothing.. Now we are back to fire brigade approach.. Emmanuel Amunike should be called to deliver for us..He is d best man for d job and not a foreigner.. I don talk my own oo

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Finidi is/was dang incompetent…simple and short.

    And these excuses of “he was appointed 1 month to the qualifiers” hold no water.

    My vote of no confidence in him is not just because he won 1, drew 1 and lost 2 of the 4 games he oversaw when he was in charge. His incompetence is just too glaring for a man who has been with the team for 2 years now.

    1. His statements

    How can a person who calls himself a football coach make statements like “Tactics and Formations do not matter in football”, and “There is no formula for winning games”…..WHAATTTTT…..REALLY….???? In virtually all of Finidi’s interviews, his emphasis is always on the players……” the players will have to do this”, “The players must do that”, I am struggling to find any of Finidi’s interviews where he enumerated what he was bringing to the table as a coach. “The players must just know when to defend and when to attack” What a daft statement from a man who calls himself a coach.
    Even if that is all that is needed, who is the person that should teach and tell them “when to attack and when to defend”?
    And does it just stop at the “when”……?? What about the “HOW to attack and HOW to defend” aspects of football…? What about the “WHERE to attack and WHERE to defend”….? what about the “WHO to attack and WHO to defend against” aspects of football…? What about the “WHAT to attack and WHAT to defend”
    Who is supposed to tell/teach the players all that…??
    I bet Finidi NEVER fulfilled his side of the responsibility, cos I didn’t see any evidence over the 2 qualifiers of the players knowing What, When, Where, Who and How to attack and defend.
    2. His Audition
    Finidi may have been handed an official contract 1 month ago, he had been the team’s assistant coach through the 2023 AFCON qualifiers and AFCON proper and handled the team in the March doubleheader. That was when he auditioned for this job and that was where it was evident Finidi is every letter of the word incompetent.

    In games where Finidi clearly wasn’t experimenting, in the games where he supposedly was putting on his best show as a coach in order to convince the NFF he was the man for the job, a 10 man Ghanian team dominated and bossed the midfield in the 1st game and a tactically disciplined Mali defeated Finidi without leaving the 2nd gear.

    In friendly matches were as much as 6 substitutions are allowed, as much as 6 players never got to see 1 minute of game time.

    The manner of the win against Ghana and the manner of the loss against Mali was everything any sensible human being needed to dissect to know that Finidi in 5 years at the saddle will never take the SE anywhere. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it.

    3. His Call-ups/Line-ups.

    Even video game players will call players up and line them up better than Finidi. Or how do you explain the absence of the likes of Igho Ogbu, Chidera Ejuke, Chuba Akpom and a host of others from Finidi’s list since March when he took over…?

    How can a man who calls himself a coach ignore the invitation of an out-and-out left-back for 2 crucial WCQ…? It took an injury to Victor Osimhen for this daft imbecile to realize his team had no out-and-out left back, informing the invitation of the Enugu Rangers guy

    And on matchday, (when you are not Jimmyball who proposes playing Chuwkueze at RWB, Peter Olayinka at LWB and Zaidu and Ebuehi as CBs because according to him, there is nothing like ‘natural position’ in the game of football….LMAOOoo), Finidi goes on to play a natural CB at RB….a natural RB/RWB at LB and a natural LB at CB. It took Rohr’s Benin Republic going 2-1 up before Finidi’s brains reset back to factory settings. And then in one fell swoop, he panics, loses his head and empties his entire midfield to play the same 5-0-5 Eguavoen desperately wanted to use to bully Ghana in our ill-fated 2022 WCQ home leg. Our strikers started falling over themselves in the opponent’s already choked penalty area because we at one time had 3 strikers playing centrally, with zero direction and zero instructions on how they should get their needed goals.

    4. His General Management of the team.

    I have seen some of the most unorganized management approaches in the SE in a long while since March. This has led to players being openly displeased with the coach, players openly arguing with the coach on the field of play and so on. If all these are happening in public, I don’t want to imagine what has been happening in the team’s camp.
    At the national team level, less coaching is required of whoever is in charge, more of team and man management is what is needed. A good man manager is one who can tell a player to go to hell and the player will go to hell with smiles and come back to thank the manager afterwards. Assisat Oshoala for no fault of hers reported late to the SF camp for the final leg of the Paris Olympics qualifiers and Waldrum sat her damn ass on the bench for the 2 qualifying matches. So those nincompoops who are trying to shift the blame of Finidi’s incompetence to the players are just as daft as the man they are trying to protect. Nobody put a gun on the manager’s head to choose or field the same “yeye players” whom another coach almost won AFCON with just 4 months ago. If as manager you cannot talk sense and discipline into your players, then you have no businesses in coaching.

    As far as I am concerned, Finidi is not a coach, he doesn’t even qualify to be a mechanic or a PE teacher, talk more being the coach of our most senior national team. And I yelled it out severally on this forum when he was being touted to be coach. Y’all just need to go and watch how his Enyimba team (which he has been coaching for 3 seasons now) play on the continent. I don’t care if has won 20 NPFL titles, for anyone to rate his competence to be SE coach, we need to just dissect his performance on the continent. We know how they do their thing in that ruse they call a league…as a matter of fact, Finidi has never topped the league table in a regular season, despite coaching the biggest club in Nigeria

    I think by now, we have had enough of these Frauds called the 1994 squad. The earlier we cut them loose from our football the better

    • Ndubest 1 month ago

      Totally agreed with you @Dr Drey he got it all wrong from the list of players invited. Why did he leave igho ogbu, chidera and chuba agbom. I watched Chidera ejuke severally in his club side that guy is the most skillful player in the current team and atimes can play like JJ i personally got frustrated not seeing him in the list of invited players. When it was obvious Ekong may not be fully fit why not invite igho ogbu who has been very impressive and play similar to taribo west. Corruption in Nigeria has affected every facet of our life. He invited the guy based in Tanzania just to market him. The noise for home based Should stop they have the chan to prove themselves they should stop waisting spot for better players. Finidi is not a coach and this was obvious when he played players out of position. Let us go for a sound foreign coach we can still savage our world cup qualification even if through play-off. Honestly we have the players to deliver if properly used.

    • Hahahahaha. Laugh wan wound me at the no-golds-barred analysis. You put in writing the confusion of some of us watching as the South Africans were slicing through us in midfield like a hot knife in butter on our home ground. Then Benin made a mincemeat of us on neutral ground.

      The players were everywhere. It was obvious the team was a bunch of skilled players who were woken from slumber to go straight into a match. No tactical input.

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