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NPFL: ‘Enyimba Will Bounce Back Stronger Next Season’ –Finidi

NPFL: ‘Enyimba Will Bounce Back Stronger Next Season’ –Finidi

The 2021/22 NPFL season was very disappointing one for Enyimba International of Aba, but I can assure that next season Nigerians will see the former CAF champions league winner bounce back in a big way, Head Coach Finidi George has assured the faithful of People’s Elephant, Completesports.com reports.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Completesports.com recently, Finidi who is also the Assistant Coach of Nigeria’s men national football team, the Super Eagles, said an inconsistent form cost Enyimba dearly in the just concluded league season


“We played some good football this season but inconsistency in games was our bane. We at times went on a winning run of matches that gives you the impression that the title was ours to grab, but all of a sudden, we slumped with some bad results both at home and away games,” Finidi told Completesports.com.

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“Our form was on and off throughout the season and for a team like Enyimba, that is not acceptable. We pushed to at least get one of the tickets to play in the continent but at the end, it didn’t come to fruition. Our only hope of playing in the continent rests on the FA Cup. We shall give it our best and see how it goes, but we the officials, the player, management and fans are disappointed and we shall try to mend things next season.”


Enyimba International

Finidi described his first season as a coach in the Nigeria as that of a bittersweet experience,pointing out that he learnt about players’ mentality and assimilation, officiating, traveling hazards and other aspects of the job

“My first season is an experience for me, I thank the management for the opportunity. I must say it was a bad season for me because we did not achieve our objective. It was not a complete failed project because we played good football but could not put the ball in the net. My second season will hopefully be better,” the former Super Eagles winger stated

“For next season, Enyimba International will bounce back after a disappointing 2021/2022 season. This club is one of the biggest clubs in Africa and the biggest and best in Nigeria and cannot afford not to play in the continent for too long. Enyimba will bounce back next season and stronger too,” the UEFA champions league winner with Ajax concluded

Enyimba International finished the 2021/2022 NPFL season in seventh position on 52 points from 38 matches.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja



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  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    Scorecard of our local SE coaches this season.

    1st assistant coach – 7th position with Enyimba (that should probably could be their worst return in over 2 decades if I’m not mistaken)

    2nd assistant – Relegation with Kano Pillars

    3rd assistant – Relegation with Katsina United or so.

    Whereas, consistently consistent ones like Gbenga Ogunbote, Stanley Eguma and/or Fidelis Ikechukwu hardly get a mention when coaches are being engaged

    We really need to reassess the criteria we use in engaging coaches for our national teams.

    • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

      I think it’s high time they bring you out of your cage and throw you in a melting magma. Becaue your points are rubbish. How would coaches who have been away for months on national assignment, be judged for not winning the league. What were the roles of there assistance. This is just a ridiculous statement.

      • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago

        @Kenneth……Away for months doing what my brother? He was only with SE in 1 month for AFCONand another 4 weeks for friendlies and WC qualifier, and that period even coincide to an upward trajectory on the log then.

        Eyimba has been languishing around 6th to 9th position on the league table even before his appointment to the SE, check you facts well my bro

        • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

          Dr Banks Are you minding that dumb idiot….Lmaoooo.
          Okponu aye ati orun.

          Coaches who were appointed after March 2022 when Eguavoen and his 9 failures were booted out and have only executed 2 friendlies and 2 qualifiers as if the league started in April and ended in June.

    • Coache 3 weeks ago

      You are spot on Dr Drey, since these Northern Urchins brought Federal character to the Super Eagles, things are on a downward trend. God no dey sleep.

  • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

    Okponu omo ale. They will throw your father into molten magma first before they touch me.

    Those coaches were appointed last year when the league started Abi….?

    Coaches were on national duty for months….. lmaooo. Bastard of a liar. It took months to execute the 2 friendly matches in the US Abi….? Or it took months to execute 2 qualifies. Or the league started in April/May when they were appointed…?

    Okponu that his points are not rubbish…LMAOoo

    Ode alailopolo ara galatia

    • KENNETH 3 weeks ago

      Like I said you enjoy coming here to seek attention. Eyimba was no where languishing in 6 or 9th when he left. Except you brought in another DR liar to feed us lie. Go check the table when he went away with the national team. If you don’t want magma. I will have them roast you alive like chicken.

      • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

        Useless fool. Bloody liar. Okponu omoale.

        I thought you claimed you always carry out research and verification before coming here to vomit your lies……LMAOOoo…???

        Enyimba was hardly ever in the top 3 in the entire league season since Finidi took over last year.

        It is you that should go check the table you bastard.

        Finidi was only appointed in April this year. He was only away on national duty for 1 week in May for friendlies and 2 weeks in June for the AFCON qualifiers.

        But you lying idiot claims he was away FOR MONTHS as if he left Nigeria to go and live with Peserio in portugal immediately he was appointed a SE assistant coach in April and never returned……LMAOOOo. Ode.

        I guess it was the 3 weeks he spent on national team the whole 38 week season that left his team in their worst league finish in more that 20 years……LMAOOooo

        Who is the liar between you and I now…? LMAOooo

        Mr I do my research olopolo kiku….Mr I do my verification Olodo rabata

        Didinrin alailopolo oshi.

        Go and roast your father alive like a bush rat first before dreaming of laying your filthy wretched hands on me.

        • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

          Look at this omo ofo ranting likea slaughtered meat, yes i would admit i wanted to state he was away for a month if not more and Eyimba was in 4th place before he left. So whats all this noise you making like a roasting parrot begging to survive. Mr do research before coming here.
          1. Abeg tell us the team Rorh was a cup with in switzerland.
          2. Show us where franz Becanbauer was Player coach of NY-cosmos
          3. Samuel Eto received honorary diploma from Harvard
          4. Nwakali rejected $23,000 salary

          se make i continue. Opuro oshi. seeking brownie points left and right

          • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

            Hahahahaha…..okponu has been stripped naked. From being away for MONTHS, it has become he was away for a month…..LMAOOo. Opuro buruku. Bloody lying bastard.

            Ode ara galatia

            Before Finidi was appointed SE assistant coach his team never smelt continental place on the league table throughout the whole season….LMAOoo. So it is the 1 week in May and 2 weeks in June that made him not to smell 3rd position on the league table since the beginning of the season…??? LMAOoo

            I guess it was also during that period the other 2 also ended in relegation zone….LMAOOo

            Okponu s’owe nu….LMAOoo. Didirin ayirada

            Go and ask your father that didnt teach you how to browse the internet for information for all those questions you are asking

            1. Go and first find out the difference between a cup finalist and a cup winner. okponu o gbo oyinbo. Olodo oshi….LMAOOO.
            2. GO and read the link to the biography I posted for you last 2 years ago. Ode no sabi read book…LMAOOO
            3. Go and ask your father to teach you how to use google search…Odoyo no sabi check info for google….LMAOOo
            4. Go and browse scorenigeria. Abirun no get data…..LMAOOoo

            Oloriburuku omo ti o ni s’anfani.

            You can continue with your lies and stupidity if you like. That is all you are good at.

            Dont go and beg your step-mother to release your sense from inside the black pot where she hid it.

            Useless animal.

            I do research….I verify yen yen yen yen.

            Idiot is here asking stupid questions…..dont worry ehn, wait for your father to come and answer you.


          • I thought by now. Enyimba management should has fired this Finidi of a coach… Enyimba didn’t need It coach, by d end of next season, Enyimba will be dragging relegation like other lower clubs with is joker at d affairs

        • Kenneth 3 weeks ago

          When you caught lying, you look for excuses to cover them up, instead of you to cover your face in shame. This bastard of a child. It is you that need to find your fathers bitches to make human again, since they have turned your life to a miserable animal. It is baseless arguing with a liar from the pit of hell. To bring out answers now is not difficult. omo ale jatiti

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 3 weeks ago

    Guguru and Epa loading