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Odegbami: Gernot Rohr – All Is Forgiven… But Nigeria Needs a New Coach For 2022!

Odegbami: Gernot Rohr – All Is Forgiven… But Nigeria Needs a New Coach For 2022!

Last Wednesday night, the Super Eagles put up their best performance so far in AFCON 2019. As difficult as the match was, there were almost no threats to the Nigerian goal throughout the encounter. Even the goal the South Africans scored was a gift by the elements. On hindsight, it was so that Nigeria’s victory would be much sweeter. A match without high tension is like tea without sugar.

A lot of the credit for the team that was assembled, how the team played, and how they won, must naturally go to the man whose responsibility it was to put it all together – Gernot Rohr.

A British journalist friend, Satish Sekar, called me up from Cairo after Nigeria won their match against South Africa last Wednesday night wondering if I had changed my mind about Gernot Rohr and forgiven him his ‘sins’.

Satish must have read media reports during the week where I said that were I to be in charge of the Super Eagles, I would have sidelined Gernot after the loss against Madagascar. Hence his valid question now.

My simple answer is that my statement was hypothetical. I am not in charge of Nigerian football. Gernot is still in charge of his team, a responsibility handed to him by his employers who also read my reaction and, I believe, must have let the German know that he made a big mistake and goofed by toying with the emotions of Nigerians.

Nigerians love to win every single match even if it is against the World XI, and it is not that they do not know they are not the best team in the world and must lose matches.

The issue is that, beyond football, the country represents more than meets the ordinary eye with which Gernot must have been viewing Nigeria and Nigerians. Otherwise, why would he take the entire country for granted by taking an avoidable and unnecessary decision of assembling a ‘weak’ team to represent the largest congregation of Black persons in the world, a country with pride, a country with rich historic antecedents in football, with resources and human capacity to become a global football power, to play a match, any match for that matter, where the whole world will be watching and the joy and livelihood of over 50 million Nigerians will be at risk?


For general information purposes, for those that do not know, unofficial estimates put the number of people driving an undocumented football economy in the country at over 50 million. Most of them are youths.

Do the math. There are over 5 million small television viewing centres in all the nooks and crannies of the country, with a minimum of about 10 people in each centre fueling business and sustaining a silent but very crucial economy.

So, with over 50 million youths watching their national team every time the Super Eagles play, a youth population of very loud people, barely surviving with great difficulty in a harsh political, economic and social environment, to lose an important match carelessly against a small, country from ‘nowhere’ and without any antecedents in football, is totally unacceptable.

That ‘small’ defeat that Gernot glossed over with a remorseless smile when he granted an interview after the match, has dented Nigeria’s records in the history books of African football, could have cost Nigeria further progress in the current African championship and created untold and immeasurable temporary pain and agony in every home in the country.

It was a careless decision, and must be condemned so that such is never repeated.


The football economy impacts the media, the leisure industry, the betting industry, the entertainment industry, and so on. This humongous field is one that feeds on the success of the Super Eagles. To lose an important match means hunger and ‘death’ for some businesses. I know because I am involved.

That was my point. That was why I would have rested Gernot till the end of the championship if I were in charge. To teach him a lesson on how not to coach Nigeria’s national team, and how not to take Nigerians and their national sport for granted.

He got my message, that’s the important thing.

Something tells me that the meeting he held with Amaju PInnick before the last match was to register that point and others to him.

Since then everyone can see what has happened. Going forward now, no matter what happens till the end of the AFCON 2019 championship, from what I saw last Wednesday night, Gernot Rohr has become a changed man. He is now reborn.

He selected the best set of players that coincided with what majority of Nigerians watching all the matches and making their own assessments would largely agree with.

He got the team to play with confidence and calmness and everyone could see a pattern, discipline and organization in how the team played. No, it was not perfect, but football is never perfect, but this time it worked.


Cameroon assistant coach Patrick Kluivert in handshake with Gernot Rohr

Playing like that, even if Nigeria had lost, we would still have been pained but would have gone back home knowing that it was not because we disrespected our opponents and did not field the best of us.

Gernot was on his feet raising his voice, gesticulating from time to time, feebly giving out instructions, trying to act as if marshalling the team and guiding them, throughout that match. He showed some concern for whatever was going to happen, even if he was obviously not in the class of a Mourinho, or a Klopp, in the act of being the 12th player.

He did not play ‘sentiments’. When he felt that the captain of the team needed to give way, he did not even hesitate in substituting Ahmed Musa. That’s how a serious coach should behave to demonstrate loyalty and commitment to a foreign country that hires him.

Gernot has changed. So, he deserves to be given the opportunity to serve out his term.

Going forward, however, looking towards a bigger goal, going to the 2022 World Cup and going far in accordance to Nigeria’s potentials seen long ago by global experts, but still hovering in the periphery of greatness only, the country needs a new coach, one that will imbibe and use the inherent strengths in the Nigerian DNA to drive the country’s football and footballers to become the best in the world and show the rest of the domestic polity, that Nigeria can be the greatest Black country in the world with the right kind of leadership…and followership.

Football can be the light of at new nation.

So, in response to Satish’s question, for Gernot Rohr, all is forgiven!

Good luck to him for the rest of AFCON 2019.

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  • I would have loved to read this after the tournament.

    • bishop 2 years ago

      i agree with you absolutely. Uncle Sege is sounding a bit insensitive. We have a crucial game and this will not help.

  • Olawale 2 years ago

    This man speaks garbage and so annoying when reading his article.. I guess Gernot must have reject a player he introduced to him.. He is a pathetic loser..

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Mathematical or what do they call you… Sorry to sound harsh but you are very wrong on this,but I leave you with your choice.
    My opinion,leave rohn alone.. We have forgotten so soon that the last time we played at afcon was in 2013 then you didn’t complain that as Nigeria we should be playing tiki taka..
    Why have we forgotten so soon. From failures to participate in two consecutive afcon to playing in semi final in a massive acviement.
    Rohn was remain

  • this guy is fucking idiot he wants to lose his respect now foolish man why re you saying this now out this crucial time fucking man.Odegbami

  • Ara Nkita 2 years ago

    Mathematical 7,I won’t abuse nor disrespect you because you’re old enough to be my father but I must say that this is the wrongest time to put up an article like this. Its actually uncalled for.

    What the team needs now is loads of encouragement and not talking about 2022.

    If you have a personal grouse with Rhor,please suspend it until after the tournament.

    Let’s rally round behind this coach and the team for now.

    You are making it look and sound like you are pushing a personal agenda.

    Please don’t make we that respect you and love your article to develop some bad blood.

    You may have a valid point but sir,this is the most inappropriate timing for it.

    God bless you.

  • Danurch 2 years ago

    ODEGBAMI is a stupid man. His write-up is rubbish and trash. He is only in search of cheap popularity. He and his garbage write up are the most stupid elements I have ever come across in recent times. Yeye de smell. So annoying. See this man, just respect yourself and let our dear Rohr be. Hater.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Yeah Rohr would serve out his term and will be given another to manage this great team he has built for the 2022 world cup.
    I’m sorry mr Odegbami.

  • PeePee 2 years ago

    This is just trash!
    How can someone that prides himself as a football technocrat cook up this less than 48hrs to a crucial AFCON semifinal game against Algeria! Even though you don’t like d coach, why not wait until after the AFCON?
    Meanwhile, Gernot Rohr has done very well. He is not d first coach to have rested his players after qualifying for d next stage in a tournament. Moreover, the coach was trying to foster competition in d squad but it backfired. In fairness, Gernot Rohr is growing with this team. He is totally a different coach from what we saw of him @ the world cup. He is no more the conservative coach we saw at d last world cup, always late in making substitution and afraid of taking risks. Am sure people like Odegbami would have blamed d coach if he fielded his first eleven and one goes on to sustain an injury after beating Madagascar.
    Finally, for the first time, Nigeria should plan towards attending two Soccer world cup with one coach and Gernot Rohr provides us with that opportunity. Mark this space, it will be a successful venture.

  • It seems this man is pained somewhere maybe cos the NFF does not give him the kind of attention he wanted. For a foreign journalist to asked him such a question means they were embarrassed with the way he talked. He doesn’t even av a point to back up his earlier criticism self. Imagine him comparing Rohr with Klop or Mourinho. Was it today he knew he wasn’t a mourinho or klop? why did he said that when NFF hired him then. Honestly Odegbami is a national disgrace and am happy nobody take him serious even the NFF or his ex footballers that why was nobody react to his comment on gernot rohr

  • What is in approprate about his article? He as an ex player knows absolutely more than you guys. Fine gernot rohr is not a bad coach. But he can also be challanged when he is toiling with a big team like naija. Are u guys telling me that uptill now he doesnt know how to make good changes. Why always moses simon? can anybody explain to me how moses simon is better than onyekuru or kalu? moses simon is worse than musa that he changed him with. Even when he is not tired he could not bit tired defenders. Exept for corner kicks he is too poor for my eyes to see in eagles jearsy wether we win or not. Winning is our right! Gernot rohr i love ur work so far but please upgrade ur thought on players we are not surpose to see better than you. U should have known chukwueze before now and onyekuru and osihme or kalu should please be ur option of changes please moses don try. Infact all the moses that we have in our team(musa, m simon, v moses ) cant easily cross the ball i still dont know why maybe they should just strech the rod.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Everything is wrong with it my friend. Shebi Na the wrong substitution that delivered the assist that gave us the winning goal against south Africa, one of the reasons why we are where we are today in this competition? Abeg,park well if u no get anything sensible to say. Nonsense.

  • Must we always insult people to get our views across? Every 1 has the right to express himself/herself but this harsh condemnation is atrocious.

    • Steve 2 years ago

      Bros is not atrocious, rather Odegbami condemnation of Rohr on the eve of a crucial match to Algeria that is very atrocious !!…he is so stupid to write this trash and thank God that Nigerians have seen the stupid facade called Odegbemi!!!..He wants Rohr because of selfish reason and he will not get it !!Rohrs will be with us till 2025!!!

      • Yemi Ojo 2 years ago

        These youths lack proper home training.What an unafrican way of responding to a decent write up from a football icon.National pride must be the basis of engagement for the coach in managing our soccer expeditions in international arena.Odegbami has paid his dues and must be accorded respect by all responding to his opinion.

  • Ronald 2 years ago

    Mr. Segun! You have to be very careful. Just keep quiet for now please

  • Olusoji Onile 2 years ago

    Very painful for the kind of youth we produce nowadays. What is wrong in airing your view about an issue? Must you abuse someone when you have a divergent view? I have always concluded that Rohr is at is peak with the Eagles and the earlier we understand this the better. He has reached his managerial peak.

    • Steve 2 years ago

      Go and take his place na?…I don’t know why some Nigerians are kill joy!!..Odeganmi is evil , his intent is evil and his shameless character is nothing to write home about !!

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Garbage. Crap, nonsense!!! Pls, I challenge u to take up the u17 job let’s see how you’ll perform. Useless idiot. Ur mates are busy coaching one team or the other, u Dy for complete sports Dy write garbage. U are one of the most useless ex internationals I’ve ever seen. For ur information, mr rohr does not need ur forgiveness, it is u that needs his forgiveness. Ewu!

  • Odegbami has a point, Rohr is never intimidated by any african country to be frank but he view European and South American has superior opponent to us. if we must move forward in d world stage we need a coach that can truelly believe that we are not inferior to white, believe that we have d potential

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Hahaha….chai…see human beings and their way of reasoning. So its now all about inferiority complex abi, the same inferiority complex that gave us victory against Iceland at the world cup??? Lol…chai..I tire for some people o..

    • Steve 2 years ago

      Odegbami was once an FA chairman of Ogun state if am not mistaking , how many FA or league cup did any team in Ogun state won during his time in office ?..what a shameless under performer dictating how a successful coach should act ?..all other ex eagles have done well in their life except this useless man, if he thinks he knows how to coach , why can’t he pick a league team and let see the wonders he will perform?

      • George Adeolu 2 years ago

        In fact I dnt even know wãt to say.nigerians can ñow see.clearly.ROHR till 2025.ex footballer my foot.they all want
        To be in power.so they want to brinģ him down.

  • XXXXXXXXXXPLAY 2 years ago


    • Steve 2 years ago

      What makes segun great?..He won a nations cup that other have not won or did he took us to the world cup?..Our great footballers are Okocha , KANU , Rashidi, Finidi, Mikel Obi etc ..Segun refused to respect himself so he deserved the disrespect !!..When an elder decides to talk like a kid , people will surely clap for him like a kid !..Segun wants to derail our quest for a fourth AFCON with this trash and he won’t succeed!!..Eagles must be victorious come Sunday and shame Odegbami!!..and Rohr stays!!

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Bros, if elders don’t respect themselves, we shall insult them, period!!! Gone are the days when they we Dy do this nonsense elder thing. Shebi Na wetin keep us for where we Dy in this country. We Dy show too much respect for elders and they are dragging us into the mud. Enough of this nonsense elder thing. When a foolish person grows old,he becomes an elder and that foolishness never departs from him even if he’s 100 years old. Hence, when they fuck up, we rub it on their face. Nonsense!!!

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Are u sure omo9ja is not odegbami????

  • You can insult odegbami all you want, but in reality he has a very valid point. As Nigerians we are quick to praise someone when all is going well but ready to crucify them the minute they don’t produce good results. Rohr has assembled a great team for now and the future no doubt and what he has achieved so far is great but in the long run Nigeria needs a coach that can pass on confidence to all the players, make them believe that they can beat a anyone that steps in front of them on the pitch whether it’s messi or ronaldo his players won’t be afraid and as far as i know Rohr is not that guy ATAL.. My only beef with rohr for now is he’s quick to give excuses and he has a knack for completely phasing out some players, no giving them a change atal and yet he would keep inviting them for matches but then others he would let them walk into the starting 11 just like that!!!! He may be performing well at the moment and in my opinion he’s only doing well because of the talented players he assembled and not because of his coaching abilities, he still needs alot of work in that area but in the long run he is only going to hurt nigerian football. A coach who refuses to give local based players a chance to fight for a shirt is not one for the future.

    • PeePee 2 years ago

      What is this one talking about? What you understand as giving players confidence is being boastful before a match and shouting @ d touchline like South African Stuart Baxter and finally losing to a humble coach(like Gernot Rohr) that prefers to respect his opponent,allowing his players do d talking?
      People like you watch football,does not understand it and yet can’t stop talking about it. It is ignorance of d highest order to say that Gernot Rohr has no input in this team. Just to teach you alittle, hope you watched Egypt Vs South Africa and then Nigeria Vs South Africa, did you see how South Africa used pace and one touch style of football to destroy Egypt? Have you ever wondered why they couldn’t even trouble our goalkeeper in d quarter finals? My brother, that is tactical masterpiece by Gernot Rohr. If you don’t understand football, you can at least watch and keep quiet.

    • Kryss 2 years ago

      Odegbami is one of highly regarded and respected ex- Nigerian footballer. He paid his due back in the day in his profession.
      In view of the foregoing he remains the best coach Nigeria will never have and the best NFF president Nigeria will never have. He should stop distracting GR.

  • All these attack dogs for Rhor, you remind me when Gen. Obasanjo called Aluko the great economist senile because he disagreed with Obasanjo’s economic policy.
    Gentle men, some people are natural high flyers and are discontent with mediocrity.

    Even a lucky shoe maker can win Afcon with the caliber of players we have.

    We need a coach who will harness the inherent potentials in our footballers to make a challange for the 2022 world cup. For goodness sake the materials are abound .

    All we need is another Westerhorf and Bonfere combo like to challange for the world cup.

    If any nigerian is eligible to talk honestly about coaching the SE, Segun Odegbami is among that class.

    • Exactly!!

    • Jones 2 years ago

      You guys are funny. When Super Eagles loose you blame Rohr but when we win you say its because of the calibre of players we have. That’s hypocrisy

    • Steve 2 years ago

      You don’t know football , that is why you defend this trash written by Segun on the EVE of our match with Algeria !!..It is only a evil man with no love of our country and football that will do that !!..You are talking of westerhof!..but he won AFCON on his second trail!!..we were trashed 5 nill by Algeria in his first AFCON mind you ,yet Westerhof was allowed to tinker the great 1994 class of Eagles !!… so why crucify Rohr when he is only in his first AFCON ?..na bad belle go kill una, enemies of progress!!

    • greenturf 2 years ago

      @CJ,You are looking forward to a great world cup in 2022 because you believe we have a capable squad to make an impact right?have you thought about who built this squad of immensely talented players good enough for you to have a dream of a great world cup even though the world cup is three years away

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      Good word CJ.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    We have too many untrained kids in this forum, I’m sure the great Sege is old enough to be some of you guys grandpa, you don’t have to abuse the man because you disagrees with him.This article is based solely on uncle Seges opinion and you the right to yours. Same youths who would never have the balls to criticize Buhari and killer herdsmen killing and raping their love ones, but would be so quick to come here and insult any contrary opinions  Rohr stays or not would be decided by the Nff not  by Odegbami. I’m sure constructive criticism might bring the best  out of Rohr, just the way it brought the best out of Klopp after losing the first game away to Barcelona.lets continue to this enjoy this moment, folks as stated before the tournament this Afcon is very tough all pretenders are biting the dust one by one. Against Algeria on Sunday our players must deny them spaces in the middle, Iwobi must continue to track back to help Ndidi and etebo, a game of high quality is expected on Sunday, as usual Simon and sammu will continue to be our jokers as predicted.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    I watched you play n my view of you being one of the world’s best No. 7 is not down to what I heard but what saw. Truly, I will always respect that. But concerning your opinion about Rohr, I can only say, I m totally disappointed even though I understand it’s your opinion. Do you or anyone else having that same opinion, ever for once put into consideration where we were with our football before Rohr is come in? Do you n others think anyone else could have done better than Rohr under such difficult situations our football found itself; no assurance of fund, no willing sponsors, different factions in the NFF, Football agents n media men doing their bit to derail Rohr’s plans for failing to select their own players. Ok, is it Rohr that will go into d pitch to play n who tells you, the team Rohr used in that Madagasca match was a weak team? They lost, cannot translate into them being a weak team. The fact that it was more like a dead rubber game n also Madagascar could have gotten into d selected players head. And also,all the clamour from same fans who critisize Rohr to use fringe players in that game could hv influence his selection,if only to prove he is a listening manager. I just can’t believe this is coming from you. This leaves much to answer regarding your true quality of character.

  • Akinlalu O Francis 2 years ago

    I wonder why some people are not sensible when criticizing, what Odegbami said is not enough to raise eye brows rather to let the coach sit up

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    This is a powerful message which comes in wrong time. Mr. Odęgbami could have waited until after the tournament but too early. He has some points which I have mentioned on this platform before now.

    Coach Rohr have done well. I said this yesterday they called me names as usual. I congratulated Oga Rohr on his achievements so far. They also called me hater, shame on me and so on.

    To face the truth, Oga Rohr can try and wins this year Afcon but at world stage, Mr. Rohr will find it difficult to win games.

    This is a bitter truth to say but if you understand football and you can read game, for the sake of our Country,
    Mr. Rohr have to leave after the tournament or NFF should hire someone who can help him read games.

    It’s not about coach Rohr but his assistant coaches and goalkeeper trainer are not good enough to coach Super Eagles.

    If you don’t agreed with me, I will give you guys an example. Goalkeeping department is nothing to right home about.

    Coach Aloy Agu must be questioned after this tournament. Why he didn’t search for more keepers?

    However, mr. Rohr can not do it all that is why he is having his assistants around him in every match but it shows that they are not doing their job. They are not competent enough.

    Against Argentina and Madagascar, coach Rohr lost in those two matches due to the fact that he had no ideas and his assistants offered him nothing. They couldn’t helped him.

    I’m pretty sure in 2022 world cup with what I’m seeing, the coach still going to make the same mistakes. It shows in this tournament. God really loves us.

    We have been so lucky so far in this tournament as I said. Please, do not think that omo9ja is speaking rubbish. Yes we are winning because our players were determined and God answered their prayers.

    We all have to pray for Oga Rohr to win this tournament. He deserve it.
    I don’t hate coach Rohr. I saw this coming a long time ago but you guys believed that I hate the coach but why? How would I?

    Furthermore, against South Africa when Super Eagles was leading 1-0, around 75 minutes or so. Instead of Oga Rohr team to be playing the ball around the pitch and killed the time but they were defending and South Africa equalized and they almost won the match.

    When the South equalized, coach Rohr started his subs. These are the things that have to be changed but the coach have no answer to it.

    In my own opinion, NFF should get someone to help the coach or a new coach should be hired before it is too late.

    I will advise mr. Sęgun Odęgbami to stop talking this time around. This is a big distraction. We still have two more matches to go. By God’s grace we are winning this tournament in Egypt.

    After that, he can say whatever he can but for now, he doesn’t need that. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • David Nduh 2 years ago

      Misplaced priority , he thinks by talking he will get an appointment. That’s old fashioned way of getting quick appointment cutting down someone to rise. Segun speak for your self leave us out of this.

  • Seguin

    I know you very much while playing for IICC Shooting Stars of Ibadan and Green Eagle. From my point of view May be Rohr have rejected one of your players.
    You have created hatred for yourself.
    Have you forgotten so soon when you were appointed as Nigerian Sports Commission Chairman? Was any good record you achieve.
    Mr Seguin please respect yourself.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Nonsense Man called Odegbami. His hatred towards this man GERNOT ROHR made me loose the little respects I once had for him. He makes all this silly write ups just cuz of Selfish interest. He wants to be part of the NFF but he’s not. H even wants to be NFF PRESIDENT. All these write ups his making thinking he’s a wise man is just trying to tell the NFF indirectly that they don’t know there job.
    #Stand With ROHR

  • Destiny 2 years ago

    To me odegbami you’re right we really need a new coach for 2022 this coach is a average coach.

    While for those of you who are insulting odegbami the country second leading all time goalscorer the man is on point gernot rohr really fucked up in loosing to Madagascar cause he broke Nigeria undefeated record against Madagascar in a football competition,check history madagascar has never defeated nigeria in history in any football competition be it a u17,u20,u23 or the main national team but gernot rohr now has broken that record just as he broke nigeria undefeated record against south africa in any competitive match in 2017, the victory of south Africa against Nigeria in uyo was their first in 25 years,so believe it or not rohr is a average coach a coach annoying most of the time

    And those of you here who are backing
    rohr as if he is god or a emperor if you check history Nigeria has qualified in eight out of ten quarter final appearances so assuming rohr failed to go past the opponent it would be a shame to him to spoil a country good record which he came to meet,

    and for your information guys rohr hasn’t win the cup yet if rohr has won the cup before you guys are commenting all this it won’t pain me,enter Google and go and check history with your android phone Nigeria has gone to most semifinals in the afcon,so the way you guys are just supporting him as if he is a emperor or he is doing a miracle baffles me trust me am not saying you guys should not support him because as he is the coach of our country we have no choice but to cheer him to the trophy whether we like it or not because his glory in the afcon is ours but the credits you are giving him in particular is extremely superb,

    and another one is that as of recent whenever I come into this completesport my favorite room I always see people insulting oluwa and other people who were insulting rohr as of late,well one thing I want to tell you is that if you are matured and sensible enough you should know that in the football world be it a club or country region whenever a coach is bringing poor results and not bringing up results up to expectations he is always criticized by the fans and supporters it is nature and it happens everywhere you can’t change it,and rohr in particular was wrong,annoying and was doing rubbish the time we were insulting him that’s why you see most people were criticising him not and not only us because he was obviously doing rubbish,but as of now the team has improved on my opinion the match against south Africa in the semifinal is the best match I have ever seen the super eagle’s playing under rohr,

    One thing you should know is that no one is just insulting the coach for no reason they are insulting him for doing wrong things in the team that’s one thing you should know,OK now look at chukwueze the Nigerian messi against south Africa whom his extremely superb performance was obvious even to a blind man this is a player who has start only one match for Nigeria and despite the country through to the round of 16 rohr couldn’t give the youngster a chance and we you guys keep insulting us or oluwa and others for always criticizing rohr when i remembered when we insulted rohr for benching chukwueze and Henry onyekuru against Madagascar most of you came and ward us of for talking to rohr but when he played against south Africa everyone was extremely excited and shocked but you and I know rohr was benching chukwueze since,you will see if Henry onyekuru is given his chance he will still wow everyone just like chukwueze he may even do more, i know some of you may say there is no space but ahmed musa his flopping most of his time on the pitch and musa lacks a final third and end product,rohr can start musa, I am not saying he should bench him for henry but at least he should remove him when he is not playing at his best for Henry onyekuru to showcase his talents but rohr would not do that and whenever he makes his last sub he only brings on balogun,while the superb Henry onyekuru is having a long stint warming the bench without a taste of action in afcon 2018

    Now lets talk about our present 1st coice goalkeeper Daniel akpeyi with his extreme poor performance so far in the competition whenever a ball is passed back to him we are always afraid and we are always having heart beat, i.ezenwa is better than akpeyi and I would like to see who would come out from this room and argue that with me, if you remember ezenwa,s heroics in the 2018 world cup qualifiers especially in the match against Cameroon at uyo he was extremely superb ezenwa then again showed his qualities as a goalkeeper for nigeria in chan 2018 especially in the match against angola when nigeria picked a red card in that match and he was voted man of the match because of his super performance by saving 2 one on one chances and saving many other dangerous attempts on goal in that match against Angola in chan 2018, ezenwa is better than akpeyi but this coach keeps using akpeyi,so why bench the quality ezenwa for the useless akpeyi who continue to prove his extreme poorness in the post,that’s another wrong doing by rohr,after this afcon I don’t know about you but to me rohr should leave Nigeria can’t have a coach who needs someone to tell him or complain first before he does the right thing or a coach who always keep faith in a single player who is poor in the field and the country has abundance of super talent some are even sitting on in the bench why some are yet to be called up

    Regardless of rohr my wish is that Nigeria wins the afcon2019 and trust me I would be a very very happy man if Nigeria accomplishes that and after the afcon i dont know about you but to me rohr should leave and another new foreign top class should come and coach Nigeria so Nigeria can win quatar 2022

    Nigeria and rohr win afcon 2019 amen

    • Steve 2 years ago

      Foolish submission, writing trash like your Segun!!

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        You just wasted ur prescious time typing garbage. For your information, all your first class coaches have all exited the tournament….

    • PeePee 2 years ago

      My brother, for your mind now, you be football analyst abi?
      You just wasted your time writing trash.

    • So another man should come then we will now have to start assembling new players again abi? We will now start another era of bribing to get played abi? All of a sudden we will now win the world cup that we have never won b4 abi?

    • Danurch 2 years ago

      Another useless write-up. You wasted time just to write this crap, like the cricket footballer. Shift abeg.

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        @danurchEx cricket international lol!! #istandwithrohr!!!

  • Abdulrazak 2 years ago

    So Mr Odegbami, it because of you and your grammatical that we are now playing so well? No need to find a new coach for 2022 when we are so fortunate to have you. Everyone please, hail our all knowing all conquering new coach of the Super Eagles of Abeokuta, Mr grammatical Odegbami!

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    At this point it doesn’t even matter if Rohr wins the AFCON this year or not he has done enough to lead this set of players to another AFCON and another WorldCup. Uncle Ṣẹgẹ has a right to his opinion but very flawed in his decision making. I can guarantee anyone who cares to know that if you ask Odegbami who should replace Rohr when he leaves he will prefer an Amuneke or Siasia or Mr Runaway Oliseh to be the coach of the SuperEagles. He’s an advocate for local coaches mainly because he also benefits a lot from them when they’re in charge. 

    He doesn’t have the willpower to manipulate a foreign coach decision because they select their players mainly on merit and form than name. Uncle Sẹgẹ has his own personal hidden agenda or interests that only local coaches will listen to him based on his reputation as a former player which exactly is the reason we failed to qualify for two consecutive AFCON. Since Rohr took over the SuperEagles he has invited over 20 local players to the SuperEagles before you know it the players are already in Europe.

    The likes of Stephen Eze, Ozonwanfor, Utin, Odey, Lokosa, have all been invited when they were playing in the NPFL. Now they’re all playing abroad. The impression that the Nigerian players prefer to play abroad once they feature for the national team will never allow any reasonable foreign coach to depend on a home based player when he has better options in Europe.

    Of course we know he’s not a Mourinho or Klopp, some even said Seedorf is better than him we agree just please leave him alone for us. I can tell anyone who cares to listen that Nigeria deliberately lost to Madagascar. The team prefers to play their Round 16 game in Alexandria rather than Suez where Madagascar plays against DRC. It was a logical decision to allow Madagascar top the group so that the SuperEagles can remain in Alexandria waiting for Cameroon instead of traveling to Suez to face DRC

    We stayed in Alexandria and defeated Cameroon. Then we moved to Cairo where we face South Africa and also beat them. Our Remaining games now will be in Cairo instead of traveling to Suez then back to Ismaili and Cairo. As much as the inconsequential loss to Madagascar hurts it was a massive blessing for the SuperEagles. Nigeria have always had talented players scattered all over Europe since the early 90s.

    After Westerhof and Bonfrere our local coaches and ex internationals turned the SuperEagles into a money making venture collaborating with dubious agents and scouts forcing their players on the coaches and thereby destroy the SuperEagles with mediocre players. The result we failed to qualify for three out of four AFCON. This is the first time since 94 and 96 that I see a coach utilizing the talents at his disposal to the fullest and achieving great results. He can be a carpenter coach but he’s a carpenter coach who knows what he’s doing.

    Whatever happens afterwards the decision to replace or retain him lies with the NFF and I believe Pinnick is satisfied with his work over the last three years. He has the second highest number of wins after only Westerhof in Nigeria’s football history. If I were him I will resign after the AFCON and slowly watch how our football will deteriorate again because we don’t know what we have until we lose it. Let them bring in Amuneke Siasia Oliseh combos to go and win the WorldCup. Win the WorldCup KỌ win the WorldCup NI. They’re not even thinking of reaching the Quarter Final. 

    Well for me I’m enjoying the moment and the steady progress of my darling SuperEagles. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE. 

  • gowetok 2 years ago

    The timing of this article is wrong because its distrative, demoralising and hence can cause Nigeria to lose to Algeria. Its a shame that Odebgami at his age and experience can put up such a controversial article in the middle of an important match whr serenity is needed to figure out a winning formula. If Nigeria losses He should be held responsible. That’s all I can say for now 

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Easy guys whatever the great one has said is valid because believe you me Rohr is good to win Afcon but not international world cup because of racial reasons but because of many reasons i can’t stop lovibg Rohr. Remember nobody hates Rohr and Ighalo more than me on this forum but i have a change of heart because i know he is the pilot of our plane and should we crucify him when we are almost there we will all persih.

    That aside the Nff should not sack Rohr but they just have to review his contract up his pay because so far he has done well and then advice him that Nigeria as a country can do better at the world stage and doesn’t condole playing second fiddle to any country.

    And please every words of insults against the great Segun must be taken back because I’m now beginning to see why anyone can be insulted here if Segun himself who has gone through the process of the game and happens to be a hero can be this abused by inexperienced fans here. Its a shame and lack of respect from you guys because if you read well he never insulted Rohr he only made his opinion.

    • The fact is African football is more physical than technical and far as am concerned, the world cup is for the countries that are more technical than physical. So u can continue changing coaches but that still wont mean we go win world cup.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Capital letter.


  • Ayodele 2 years ago

    With all due respect to everyone commenting here, please lets be calm on this. I honestly want to believe Chief Segun Odegbami is trying to challenge the coach and the team so they stay on their toes and keep proving all the doubting Thomases wrong but I think he’s taking this too far and has no doubt incur the wrath of soccer loving Nigerians. What the team needs at this critical time is as much encouragement as possible they can get from all and sundry. Certainly not this!

    • I agree 100%

      Articles laden in tantrums are not what we need at this time.

      Chief Odegbami is truly very (very) young at heart.

  • Mr.Odegbami should please stop pressurising Rohr and his team. Your earlier piece was unpopular, illogical and in bad faith. And this latest one (that sounds like a feeble face-saving attempt for the first blunder) is even worse. A disaster, to say the least.

    Like Chairmanfemi said, I believe Odegbami’s write-ups are political gimmicks with a long term or short term motive. And as AyPhilly mentioned, the loss to Madagascar may just have been tactical; a smart loss for a bigger gain by a wise and tactically superior coach (Rohr is an old man and an old fox in this game).

    To think that Odegbami has contested for NFF chairmanship (he may still be planning to) and even the governorship of his state! So this is the kind of knee-jack, emotionally-clouded decisions you’ll be taking? And you think you’ll not be impeached or removed in a twinkle? Within 2 months? Lol.

    I know SE will play Afcon final on 19th. But even if the unexpected happens and Algeria goes through instead, I still #STANDWITHROHR.

    • I won’t even dignify his write up with a detailed response.

      Mr Odegbami – through his views – has shown himself to be a divisive figure at a time when we need unity and harmony.

      Articles like the ones above erect walls at a time we should be breaking down barriers.

      Mr Odegbami remains a national icon albeit a controversial one.

  • There’s this way a sane elder looks at matter before speaking, elders don’t just talk, they are quite observant before any utterance.

    So if anyone abuses Segun Odegbami, I think Mr Segun deserves it, despite he’s entitled to his opinion. As an elder, he should have done better. If he’s destined to attain any of the positions he’s aspiring, that will surely happen ,trying to pull people down this way shouldn’t be from a sane elder. I rest my case

    • Odegbami is a certified fool and name dropper. Away with your poisoned pen. 

  • Lolz i have told u guys that the Juju’s that this odegbami did during his playing days is now working against him,plz my people dnt mind him because very soon he wil start remouving his clooths,that is why u cnt see somebody like @drdrey comment on this his rubish,God bless SE

  • Some Nigerians are talking abt Rohr underutilizing talents. Who gathered those talents in the first place? When last did we have a competitive squad like this? Was it not Rohr that uncovered them? Now after discovering and convincing them to play for Nigeria the only thing we can do is to tell the man to go? Then if he goes and somebody else comes in the new coach will now start another era of biasedness and corruption abi? No Rohr stays!

    • @Tee dnt mind evil people in this country,dey dnt like when things goes right,but their days are numbered,

  • PapaFem 2 years ago

    I read the first write up by Uncle Shege, very emotional from his perspective. I’m very sure he wrote that piece immediately after the match against Madagascar, when the wound was still very fresh. The mood in this one is better, obviously because we won our last two matches. And I know it would even better if we bring the cup home.

    In situations like this, the best response you can give your critics is a performance that will keep them quiet or make them change their opinion. If Chief Odegbami thinks the NFF will sack the coach after winning 2019 AFCON because we lost against Madagascar, then he’d better had a rethink because it won’t happen.

    If actually Pinnick talked to GR after the match against Madagascar and he adjusted in the next, it simply shows how humble he is and his willingness to learn from his mistakes.

    A meeting of that nature with an ex international in charge could have probably ended in chaos , with claim that ‘I’ve played this game to the highest level and no one can teach me my job.”

    If there’s anything I like about this man, it is his humility. Making a mistake and correcting it immediately is the best thing that can to anybody because it shows he is learning on the job and can only get better.

    I’m for GR any day, anytime , and for those dragging him in the mud for the mistake he made against Madagascar, they should tell us that in their entire life, there hasn’t been a time they misjudged a situation and fumbled big time as a result.

    Algeria is next to fall because the Eagles are picking at the right time and the right pace. And of course, after the match, Chief Odegbami’s wound would have closed up a bit more. Expect a more lenient write up on Monday and perhaps , a complete change of mind at the end of the competition.

    • Papafem, how I thoroughly enjoyed reading your view on the ‘fluid frame of mind’ that (you believe) informs the timing and tone of Odegbami’s articles.

      It made for interesting reading.

      Thank you so much.

  • What did Mr Odegbami said concerning the Nigeria U17 and U20 that flop on the local and international stage. these team was handle by local coaches who may have taken the wrong players to the competition due to Bribes from agents and the players under perform so poorly,He never criticized them. while Criticizing Rohr.
    For more than two years that he became the super eagles coach we had only lost to three Africa team, which is an impressive record. even mouriho had loss match as a coach and been sack at the process.
    Nigeria against Cameroon and south Africa, the coach demonstrated his tactical ability especially in the south Africa match, the south Africans was lock out of the game in the process.that is while most times i do not complain about the line up because only the coach know the strength of his team and the weakness of his opponent
    My view is Rohr should remain as Nigeria coach for continuity, but he should work more and improve himself as a coach. Get a better and younger goal keepers, and give more room for competition in the team than shutting our some players like Osimehen and Onyekuru. these will make more sense than starting over again as said by the Ex international.

  • Bessemer Converter 2 years ago

    I’m disappointed at some of the insulting comments coming from some youths on this platform and equally disappointed that complete sports actually published all these name calling.

    Can we please stop insulting and calling ourselves names. Everyone should be able to share their views without fear of being attacked and abused.

    If truly we are the leaders of tomorrow then I wonder what tomorrow has in stock for us with intolerant youth.

  • Aauxtyne 2 years ago

    Respect to the Mathematical Segun Odegbami. He has the right to his opinions just as everyone has. An opinion expressed does not neccessarily mean it is entirely correct. It just an opinion. The angle he viewed things may be quite different from yours but there should be reasoning. There is no need for brouhaha and insult. That wouldn’t be the solution and that cannot shut him up because he is expressing his opinion. One or few issues he mentioned may be correct but should the coach be crucified?

    First, it was not the right time to have come up with such article because it is a distraction to the team at this moment. Better after the AFCON. The team needs to be focused and prepare for the tasks ahead. Please, Oga Segun, mellow a little.

    Second, I am against sacking of Rohr because before he was hired, our football was in shamble, having not qualified for two AFCON editions – 2015 and 2017 as defending champs of 2013. He came in and changed that. How are you sure bringing another coach will be for the best. Will more damage not be done instead of trying to salvage what we have? What if the new coach is not interested in some of our lads doing well now. We better be careful with this.

    Third, I read some say here that Rohr cannot win games at world stage. Has the Nigerian senior national team ever found it easy in the world cup. In 1994, our first world cup, we won two group matches against Bulgaria & Greece and lost to the Argentine team. Eventually, we lost out in the 2nd round to Italy.

    In 1998, won our first two games against Spain and Bulgaria and lost to Paraguay. Eventually, we lost to Denmark in the 2nd round.

    In 2002, we lost our first two games to Argentina and Sweden and drew against England.

    In 2010, 2014 and 2018, we did not do well. It is either we didn’t get past group stage or got knocked out in the 2nd round. We’ve never really done well. So, why are you expecting Rohr ora new coach to perform magic overnight. In doing well on the world stage, it is not just the coach but a whole lot of parametwrs which includes the players, NFF, the Sports ministry and other stakeholders. We must have long term plan even for 2026 world cup. There should be programmes for the national team and interest should be shown in the contracts entered by our players. See, a lot is involved. Our players need to play in big teams rubbing shoulders with Ronaldo, Missi and the rest of them.

    Fourth, we still have problems with the goalkeeping department. It is no more news. After the AFCON, a holistic approach has to be taken to resolve them. A team without a good goalkeeping department cannot win matches when it matters.

    Fifth, Rohr may have made mistakes, if he adjust, he needs to be forgiven and forge ahead. I do not want to believe the team delibrately decided to loose to Madagascar (as speculated by someone here) in other to remain in Alexandria to play their 2nd round match. That is barbaric and unpathrotic of them if that were the case. They lost and lost our pride! Period. If the successes Rohr has achieved with this team is allowed to fizzle away, only to be inherited by another coach, I am afraid. Moreover, I will not be surprised if after the AFCON, Rohr throws in the towel.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      I agree with you that it might be unpatriotic to deliberately lost to Madagascar so as to remain in Alexandria. However, deliberate or not deliberately that loss turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Sources close to the team knows everything going on in Egypt and the closeness between Amaju and Ahmad. Either way we’re moving on with fantastic results after the loss. Madagascar eventually went all the way to the Quarter final. If they’re not a good team they shouldn’t be playing in the Quarter final of the AFCON. At this point Rohr has earned the right to continue as the gaffer. 

  • Total distraction by Odegbami. He should emulate Kanu. Getting things totally wrong.

  • I will renege my initial position and now comment further on Mr Odegbami’s opinion.

    I have to admit, after all said and done, the respect, admiration and love I have for Honorable Segun are not tarnished by his ill-timed, ill-advised and Ill-prepared articles.

    He remains a national treasure and role model for footballers as he was one of those who led the way in showing that there is life after retiring from the game.

    When I watch the likes of Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker, they often remind me our own Segun Odegbami who has maintained raw hunger and passion for the game long after retiring from active service.

    Now, the hunger and passion that Odegbami has retained for football are like that of an innocent and immature 10 year old.

    I guess that immaturity manifests itself in the content, timing and tone of some of his write ups, so, at least there is consistency!

    • Abah-fada 2 years ago

      @ Deo,

      What a coincidence, you were typing and I was typing at the same time, only to see your post after aftermath.

      I love reading piece from you bro.

      • Abah-fada, you are so kind. Thank you very much.

        As you know, I am also a huge fan of the structure, style, angle and overall presentation of your write ups.

        The presentation of your ideas (like in your anti-insult piece below) are always so eloquent and make for riveting reading.

        Thanks again bro.

    • Godmat 2 years ago

      You are one of the very few that trigger me when it comes to comments analysis.
      Bro you are always spot on..!

  • Abah-fada 2 years ago

    Odegnami has air his opinion, please those of us criticising him should do it constructively, after all he is entitle to his opinion here.

    I won’t buy into the idea of insulting an elderly person publicly and otherwise.

    It amazed me that even some people I hold in high esteem here could stoop so low and join others to rain insult on Odegbami publicly, it saddens the heart seriously.

    Even though, I do not like the way and manner he criticised Rohr when we lose to Madagascar, especially where he said if he was in charge of the NFF he would have sideline him till the tournament is over.

    His utterance and some of the words used are cruel enough to make any team coach abandon competition half way.

    That shows that he Odegbami do not have respect for the coach and he doesn’t believe in his credentials as well, so sad this is coming from a man that has paid his dues and the nation respect him alot.

    But in the other, critically examine some other things he said, one will want to applaud him for stating facts with regards the consequences that would emanate from such defeats, given the sensitivity, passion and business side
    of the game of soccer to Nigerians, like Brazil and other great football nations of the world.

    We can counter Odegbami without insulting him, we can criticise him constructively without insulting him. He is also reading our comments here, and this is a good platform to correct him and proved to him that Nigeria have great mind, and also understand the game too.

    I feel bad, We should please refrain from insulting others here, if you don’t agree with someone opinion don’t insult him, constructive argument is allowed here.

    Don’t insult someone simply because you think you know too well, for no one is an island of knowledge, we are here to learn and to be informed.

    And those parading themselves here as E-warriors should also refrain from bullying others here too.

    I love this place, because it is an interesting fatform to educate, and intimate.

    Am missing someone contribution here, please where are you Mr. Deo.

    Rohr and the Super Eagles don’t need distraction at this point, after this competition, comes appraisal. There and then Odegbami and every Nigerians can say what the feel about the coach and his team. Thanks

    I wish you guys a great weekend, we should all join our hands and win the match with Super Eagles on Sunday.

    • It is the insults, both to players, coaches and football personalities as well as to forum contributors that makes me sometimes decide not to comment on various articles.

      A person that cannot express themselves without requiring to insulting those they communicate with or about is typically an indicator of a failure in ability to express themselves.

      It’s not just here, but it’s very difficult to get into a debate about almost anything if the other person sees it as an argument or a slight on their pain just because someone else has a different view point or opinion. It’s almost as if it’s a challenge that needs to be stamped out rather than be discussed or explored.

      It’s so off putting that sometimes I start to type and them think “no need” and go elsewhere. It stifles discussion

  • Bodmas 2 years ago

    It is now clear to me why the green eagle captain could not win any football administrative post over the years. Things would have spoiled. Hey! We have to be careful in choosing our leaders. Emotion! Emotions!! Emotions!!!. Thank God.

  • Harry Pedro 2 years ago

    Odegbami u are such a useless man. U don’t even know anything about modern football. Sackingh a coach is not the answer. Rohr has done so well enough to deserve respect. The 23 super eagles players that went to AFCON are all strong men and a strong team in general. The problem was a tactical error just as Adepoju pointed out ” using three defensive midfielders at a time”.
    But for me, the 5 changes Rohr made were the wrong changes. He only needed just 3 changes to play Chukwueze, Osimhen and Onyekuru for that match. That match was the real deal concerning the promising young boys. But he missed the opportunity to unveil the future team in that match.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      I was also expecting all three to play that match. Osimhen, Chukwueze, Onyekuru against Madagascar. That would’ve been the best opportunity to unveil the future of the SuperEagles. However, the coach later made us realize that Osimhen and Onyekuru attitude in training is still in question. All three are eligible for the U23 after the AFCON and potentially the Olympics if we qualify. Meanwhile that match against Madagascar exposed some players that will be out of the team after the AFCON. At least now I know Ogu has no more business in the SuperEagles afterwards and I know Mikel don’t need to start any match in a SuperEagles Jersey from now on. He’s still valuable, but from the bench. It’s better he makes those changes to see who is who. Already we know Osimhen Chukwueze and Onyekuru are very young players with great future their times will come just Chuzee is taking his chances. They should be ready to take their chances when it comes. 

  • After all said and done This Current Super Eagle Team can win this AFCON 2019 Cup I don’t even see any team currently in the Continent stopping them so for me GR has done very well so far and deserved our support but not this I’ll timed write up from Chief Odegbami since the competition is still ongoing and we have a match tomorrow against Algeria one of the Tournament favorite also So High Chief with do respect your article is depressing to read and am sure our Boy’s and the technical Crew will read it and it’s not helpful to our course really but I know our Boy’s are also motivated to bring the cup home so no shaking.Then the issue of 2022 world cup somebody here said that our local coach’s are the one’s who damaged super Eagle with connivance of Ex Super Eagle players and their Agents forcing players on them, are you for real? This are the same propaganda all the hired journalist churning out damaging news then to serve the interest of those who are occupying the seat of NFF today who their only interest is hiring of foreign coaches for senior teams for selfish interest of sharing commission from their monthly salary’s can some tell me the rational behind hiring a foreign for Super Falcon? Or can someone in this forum tell me any Nation that has ever won the world cup with a foreign coach till date? and I here someone here say oh African Football is full of physical not technical so foreign coach will win us the world cup so naive as this comments sound because this same too physical African players are the same ones churning out good result week in week out in Europe so begs the question what is wrong with us ? The issue is when has our local coach’s ever enjoyed the kind of supports their foreign counterparts enjoyed and are still enjoying till date ? The answer is No , Finally no foreign Coaches will ever win you the world cup so give the same Financial support you give to them to our Local Coach’s they will always out perform them and win the world cup for us period anything less we will always go and and answer present and come back home either in quarter final or semi final because a lot goes into winning the world cup that a foreign coach can’t impact on the player’s but a local coach can. Belgium for example with all their star’s are prime to win the world cup but what happened at the end ? Or did France out played them in their semi final match? The answer is No but France went on to win the cup. GR is a good coach and can win us AFCON but for World Cup he’s not up to it but a well structured and Financially Motivated Local Coaching Crew can Deliver the The world cup for us in no Time and we have them in abundance to succeed.Soar to Glory Super Eagles.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      And let’s stop deceiving ourselves that we will win the WorldCup. Belgium has never won the WorldCup so you can’t expect them to beat that France team with players in top European clubs while Belgium has players playing in China at the WorldCup are you kidding me the difference is day and night!!!!! That Belgium team is only good for the third place they achieved.

      As for Nigeria we can only dream of winning the WorldCup, but there are many factors that allows a team to win the WorldCup. France had to go through a brand new rebuilding of their youth system for two decades before winning the Mundial again. Spain did the same, Germany has well. It took them years of planning to achieve that feat.

      Nigeria can never win the WorldCup with our local coaches I can guarantee you that. Because they will never allow him to succeed. First the local coach himself can be easily manipulated so don’t even go there. We can reach the Quarter or Semifinals at the WorldCup which will be great achievement for an African team. And with VAR that favors European and South American countries against African oppositions???? Forget it we can only continue to produce exciting teams that will always capture the worlds imagination. 

      This current SuperEagles haven’t even played to their full potential yet and it’s better to allow Rohr continue his work with this promising team. 

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      @Kd10, God bless you bro. We are on the same page. If NFF can treat our local coaches like foriegn coaches, our local coaches will achieve more than them.

      I just finished watching coach Obuh interviewed on Channel Tv, the man knew so much about football. He analyzed everything about in Egypt.
      I have mentioned his name before he’s one of the best. I also watched hotspots and they explained every detail of the Super Eagles team

      NFF have to come back home. I will prefer NFF to spend 3 years on our local coaches than foreign coaches for 2022 world cup.

      Amunike headcoach
      Obur assistant coach
      Kanu team adviser
      Peter Rufai goalkeeper trainer

      If NFF can provide these candidates for us with a free hand then, we are ready to go but for now, we are not ready.

      I don’t want to go into details because the competition is still on and I don’t want any distraction for our team. That is why I won’t say much about 2022 world cup for now. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Your amunike that ran away from his job in Tanzania after receiving the first baptism of his coaching career is now suitable for the super eagles job? Did u just listen to yourself….Chai…smh….very funny..u have a big problem

    • Lord AMO 2 years ago

      Just wandering if you can identify any of the local coaches who in your opinion have shown that they have what it takes to deliver a world cup to Nigeria

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    All the fans of Mr. Rohr are mere noise makers. I am glad that the intelligent minds who can influence things at the top think differently.

    Mr. Rohr will not be here in 2020. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that. In fact, he may even be looking for a job right now. After all, we have helped to upgrade his CV. For the first time, he is at the semi finals of the nation’s cup after trying out with Niger and co.

    I hear Lesotho needs a new coach and they have a ‘young team’.

    Ha ha ha ha!

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Folks, can we please move on from this article. Lets collectively channel our energy on how to defeat Algeria tomorrow.guys let’ discuss tactics and formation for tomorrow’s match.Rohr should work with Ighalo and Musa.This two players needs better  understanding to deliver for us.

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      Yes, a very good advice SUNNYB. Our real opponents are waiting for us in Egypt.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Nigeria never qualified for 2 afcons consecutively. First time , lost as defending champions during qualifiers, what a disgrace. On came mr rohr that first qualified us for world cup from a very tough group (that included super powers like cameroun and Algeria) with a game to spare. We didn’t need to use our calculators to check if we were gonna qualify,we were the first to qualify with a game to spare! On came the nation’s cup qualifiers and this man assembled a team of talented players and qualified us with a game to spare yet again (which shows consistency). On came the nation’s cup proper and this same man that qualified us for the world cup with a game to spare and the nation’s cup with a game to spare qualified us for the next round again with a game to spare (consistency at its peak). As if it wasn’t enough, we went straight from the group and landed in the semi finals, though it wasn’t an easy feat but he made it look very easy. We missed out on 2afcons and this man qualified us for it and took us straight to the semi finals (and possibly win it by the Grace of God). After all these record of achievements, I wonder why a human been who claimed to have once played the round leather should suggest that rohr should be replaced. Is this not stupidity at its peak? Chai. It took westerhorf more than 3yrs to build a team that won the nation’s cup and did very well at the world cup in 1994. It’s very clear the kind of person odegbami is. Not all old people are wise bcs foolish and stupid people grow old. What is the rational behind this piece of shit that this ex cricket player has written. Thank God u aren’t in charge of our football bcs if you were, u would have taken us 20 steps backwards just like mr buhari did to this country. When everybody is trying so hard to move forward, there are some people who hate good things and try to pull someone else down out of hatred and wickedness. To Mr odegbami, i know u are reading each and every comments posted here, I want to put it to you that u are wicked , evil, and satanic. You are one of those foolish people that have grown old. I wonder how u run ur own family with this kinda wicked heart. Good gracious mr pinick is more enlightened than u are, mr rohr shall bring the cup home and his contract shall be renewed for the next foreseeable future. I guess that’s enough bad news for you and your hating miserable godforsaken clan. To hell with you, ex cricket international. #Istandwithrohr

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    I have always respected Uncle Segun ‘Mathematical’ Odegbami for all he has achieved for himself in the round leather game….is it his conquests with IICC or his pioneering feat as the first set of eagles to lift the AFCON. Should we talk about his mesmeric moves in those days on the right wing (I once posted a video of those moves here once) and even C.Ronald would be jelous of his skills if he were to watch wat mathematical could do with the ball back then….Or should we talk about what a fine writer become all these years. Segun odegbami is really a legend of the game in Africa, whether as a player, a journalist or an administrator. He has really done well for himself
    But haba Mr Segun…… Really…? You forgive Rohr…? You should be the one begging Rohr for forgiveness.

    In your last article, you claimed you will sack Rohr after the Madagascar match if you were the NFF president. For that instance alone, i did thank God you never became a NFF president, and if that is the kind of thought process you have, then I don’t think i will pray you become one. What…sack a coach for loosing a game right in the middle of a competition….I mean a game which in anyway did not affect the progress or ambitions of the team in that competition.

    Did you remember what happened after we sacked Thijs Libregts in the middle of Nig 1999…? What about what happened after we sacked the trio of Amodu, Kesi and Joe ‘jogo bonito’ erico a few months to the 2002 WC and amodu again just before the 2010 WC…? did we make any progress afterwards…?

    No wonder you British friend had to give you a call….that is how much you ridiculed yourself in the eyes of the world, with that article and by extension that statement.

    Now rather than apologize and remain humble you come out trying to lay claim to being the catalyst to the “revival” of the team because of your article…? Ah…No sir. You really goofed again this time.

    And to start talking about 2022 when we are still trying to win this AFCON…I think you are actually getting ahead of yourself sir. With due respect.

    I read your article and you never gave any tangible reason or reasons why Coach Rohr shouldnt retain his seat…? None. From a man of your calibre in the game, i thought i would see some undeniably verifiable facts, figures, and highlights of poor or performance of the Super eagles, technically, tactically or otherwise or any of these other reasons why coaches get the boot from their employers. Those where the kinds of facts i hoped to see.

    Its really shocking that all you can talk about is the economy that supports or surrounds the SE…how many million viewing centres we have in Nigeria and all that beating about the bush. Has there been a time the eagles were ever invisible, so much so that a man’s 2nd loss 25 matches in 3 years to an african opposition would now collapse the economy and deserve a sack…?

    I though people only get sacked for poor performance, not meeting targets, insubordination, unprofessionalism and all that..? Never did i know someone can still get sacked for not doing any of these.

    In one statement you claimed…”Gernot has changed. So, he deserves to be given the opportunity to serve out his term.” So on what basis does he deserve to serve out his term if I may ask you sir…??? On the basis of underperformance…??

    Then i one fell swoop you now claimed

    “Going forward, however, looking towards a bigger goal, going to the 2022 World Cup and going far in accordance to Nigeria’s potentials seen long ago by global experts, but still hovering in the periphery of greatness only, the country needs a new coach, one that will imbibe and use the inherent strengths in the Nigerian DNA to drive the country’s football and footballers to become the best in the world and show the rest of the domestic polity, that Nigeria can be the greatest Black country in the world with the right kind of leadership…and followership”.

    Please if I may ask again, when Mr. Rohr left out the likes of Austin Ejide, Efe Ambrose, Taiye Taiwo, Elderson Echiejile and their likes out of the SE set up and started giving the likes of Uzoho, Kalu, Osimhem and the rest of his ‘young’ team opportunities, was he looking backwards…? Where were all your so-called potentials when we couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 nations cups in 7 years…? Which strenghts is rohr using now to build this hard to beat SE of his…is it the strengths of Senegalese DNA or that of Ghanians? Since rohr became coach, have we not seen how Nigerian players get very busy during transfer windows..?

    I’m sorry sir, but just like the last time, you hit this very penalty worse than the one you hit in the 1979 or is it 81 FA cup…yes i mean that one that nearly hit the corner flag from the penalty spot.

    I’m not disappointed that you are against G. Rohr……but i’m just disappointed that you (like many other haters of him) have no tangible, congent or sensible reason for doing so.

    Just for the records he’s is something I’ld like you to read….””The first thing we identified was that we needed a new coach so we reached out to Arsene Wenger, to Gerard Houllier, and one name kept coming to the fore: Rohr,” the football chief continued.”


    Pls one request from you sir….kindly recommend ‘a new coach’ whom you think will win the world cup with a nation that has poor football structures, administration, management and resources…..!

    But till then….IN ROHR I TRUST…!!!

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      You have finished him my brother

      • @Dr. Drey,
        You’ve gotten the job done. We now know those self-seeking pretenders, real enemies of the astronomical rise of Nigerian football under Oga Rohr’s tutelage. (By the way the SuperEagle fans all over the world have conveyed on Rohr the title of ‘Oga’ because of his efforts).  We remain unshakable behind Oga Rohr. 

  • Razak 2 years ago

    Nigeria I hope that you end up with a good Coach, who will not mess you up like Climon Westerhoff did, he may have built a strong team but he also sold you out to Italy in 1994, when he took out Emanuel Amunike in a game you should have won, what Nigeria Football needs is Germany’s winning mentality and good organization to support it, Good Luck Nigeria.