Odegbami: I Cannot, And Shall Not, Celebrate This Bronze!

Odegbami: I Cannot, And Shall Not, Celebrate This Bronze!

I am an Olympian to the core.

I went to two Olympics. The first was boycotted at the last minute by African countries.

At the second, I was Nigeria’s flag bearer, overall captain of the contingent as well as captain of the national football team, the Green Eagles.

I served as Vice-President of the apex body for Nigerian Olympians for several years, and as an athlete-representative for two athletes that won Silver and Gold at the Olympics games.

So, I write this with some authority in the field of measuring success in sport.

That’s why the motto of the international sports academy that I set up some 12 years ago is ‘to be the best that I can be’.

I was never told throughout my career, and I have not heard it said by successful athletes or countries or teams, that success can come from aiming lower than the top of the pyramid.


In the process of aiming for Gold, you could end up with a Silver or a Bronze medal, and celebrate it knowing that you have given your very best. That makes sporting sense. It is a reflection of the Olympic spirit captured in these everlasting words: ‘at the Olympics, you do not have to come first to be a winner’.

Yes, you can be a ‘winner’ even when you come last in a race, it depends on how well you run the race.

The story of the 4 Nigerian girls that ran the 4 X 100 metres race in Barcelona in 1992 easily comes to mind. They ran in the finals. They came third. They ran the race of their lives but in a manner that captured the imagination of the world – with grit, guts, supreme determination and endurance till the very end. Their effort, captured on film, is still being shown everywhere in the world as representing the true essence of sport. The celebration in sports lies more in the effort than in the result, such that even when they came third they were celebrated more than the country that came first, for their sheer effort, watched by billions of people around the world.

In coming Third-place they achieved what Nigeria had never achieved before – Bronze in the sprints relay in athletics.

That’s why an individual, or team, or country that has never achieved a feat before can celebrate that feat even when they come last in the competition.

How that applies to the Super Eagles that went to Egypt is what I find impossible to justify.

At the African Cup of Nations, getting to the semi-finals has become second nature for Nigeria – 15 or so times in our history. We have won the competition 3 times, played and won the Silver medal several times. Local and foreign coaches have taken us to these different levels, competition after competition, so often that to set a target of anything less than winning the African Cup of Nations for any coach, at any time, is ‘criminal’.


How can we pay a foreign coach the stupendous sums we pay Gernot Rohr, and set for him a target in a competition in Africa that we have won and can win with commitment and genuine effort and some added luck? It is preposterous.

If the Eagles had played very well, put up great performances and fail to win, or secure only a Third-Place as they did in Egypt, celebrating them would come naturally.

But surely not this. Egypt was not reflective of our best performances. The Eagles played well, but not enough to throw parties and keep a coach that has obviously failed the country more times than once, and that hides behind a ridiculous so-called target to colonise us again. It was a hollow success story.

Last Wednesday night, inside the magnificent Cairo International Stadium, I watched on television how the great Super Eagles of Nigeria celebrated their victory against the Carthage Eagles

The Super Eagles left their best match till the last. They strolled through the match, their superiority obvious. Hardly tested throughout the 95 minutes that the match lasted, Nigeria scored a goal and then put up an impregnable wall of defense that the Tunisians could not break down. It was not a brilliant match, by any standard, but the Super Eagles did well enough to earn their Bronze medals.

They hugged, danced and kissed to the music of the members of the Nigerian Football Supporters Club led by their President-General, Worldwide, Dr. Rafiu Ladipo, belted out to the small crowd of supporters and friendly Egyptians that were there to cheer them. All of that is good.

The Eagles had demonstrated their true capability against Cameroon and South Africa, two of the strongest teams in Africa. Even when they played poorly against Algeria and were not at anywhere near their dangerous best, Algeria needed the ‘help’ of the Nigerian goalkeeper to win in the 95th minute.

Everyone knew they could have done better than they did. There was room to have done much more and better. They underplayed and did not represent the best version of the traditions of Nigerian football and of a nation blessed with exceptionally gifted footballers.

Their first two matches against weak oppositions were won narrowly, but without much difficulty. Their third match was a self-inflicted disaster. Their fourth and fifth matches were nail-biters, very difficult and the hardest of the championship. Those are evidences of how strong every Nigerian national football team can be, particularly in Africa.

Nigerian teams must never prepare to underachieve. That is exactly what the Nigerian football authorities did going to AFCON 2019. Any coach, Nigerian or foreign, worth a kobo, will take the Eagles to a semi-finals berth in any competition in Africa in any sport.

That’s my grouse with the NFF after AFCON 2019. That’s why my own celebration of the Third-place of the Super Eagles will be for reasons other than what the NFF and Gernot Rohr adduced.

So, as the team arrives Nigeria, I am groping seriously to justify why I should join the celebrations:

1. the retirement of Mikel Obi and Odion Ighalo from the national team. Both of them have served the country long and well, and deserve every honour, reward and appreciation they can get.

2. the narrow escape of Nigeria following the misadventure against Madagascar. We could very easily have lost against Cameroon and that would have been the end in AFCON 2019.

3. the discovery of one or two new young players in the squad to kick-start the onset of new era in the national team.

4. the compulsory search for new goalkeepers for the national team as a consequence of the abysmal showing of two of those we took to Egypt


We can have a few other things to celebrate, surely, out of Egypt, but please, I beg, and I repeat, I beg, not for the reason adduced by the NFF and Gernot Rohr that the German coach and the team achieved the goals of Third-place set for them. No, please!

As a sportsman and an Olympian, one that believes only in celebrating the best that one can be, I shall not celebrate this Bronze Medal. I am sorry folks.

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  • I really love this forum because many people here give comments with insight. The arguments on both sides of the “factions” are valid a lot of times. The major prize lem had always been the kind of negative approach some of is employ in presenting our arguments. Perspectives will ALWAYS be different from from one person to another.

    That being said, we need to be careful about our choice of words. Not just when we are talking about players, but also, while responding to others’ posts.

    There will ALWAYS be reasons to differ in opinions about a player or about one another but we do not need to descend low and engage in use of very negative or abusive words. For emphasis again. I’m not just talking about how some of us rain abuses on players but how they even rain abuses on others. And people doing this are included in both camps (Rohr camp and anti Rohr camp), The factions we have created subtly in the forum. Creation of factions is inevitable when opinions differ but let’s just not make the factions permanent. Let’s move forward together as a house. I am begging you guys. Let is choose our words responsibly.

    Sometimes too many vulgar and very abusive languages make the forum repelling. I hope those who are perpetually displaying this negative gestures will have a change of heart. Please guys, I am begging you guys, don’t let us destroy this beautiful forum with this kind of extremely negative attitude.

    • Call to order…..what kindly of Military mentality is that?. If Odegbami cannot offer his opinion on Super Eagles, i wonder who would be more qualified to do so.

      Call to order….Sometimes people just use words they don’t really know the meaning.

  • I think Odegbami should be called to order.24 teams participated in this year Afcon and we came 3rd ..people like Odegbami has been writting negative about our hard working boys and the entire coaching crew..it’s really pity.As for me the boys tried their best and the coach should be retain.God bless Nigeria.

    • Odegbami is right. He is one of those few Nigerians that don’t celebrate mediocrity. The team had what it take to play in the final if they have put more effort with Uzoho on the post. I was so surprised to see the coach celebrating as if he won the cup.

    • You need to be called to order because u seem disordered not to understand a simple position

    • Call to order…..what kindly of Military mentality is that?. If Odegbami cannot offer his opinion on Super Eagles, i wonder who would be more qualified to do so.

      Call to order….Sometimes people just use words they don’t really know the meaning.

    • Samson uguru 2 years ago

      Odegbami, is 100% right, we shouldn’t accept mediocrity, PERIOD!

  • Tancosports 2 years ago

    Well said sir, and I hope our brothers will have a change of attitude especially during arguments.

  • Empire 2 years ago

    Where was Odegbami when Nigeria failed to qualify in the last two editions of AFCON? 

  • Abeg who want him to celebrate before? even if they win gold he will still complain, it seems something is paining him.

    • David Ephraim 2 years ago

      Someone somewhere, has promised my segun odegbami the NFF top job,if his criticism can shirt the goal post at the top.The past minister for sports, chief Giwa,and others up in the north, want to complete their touting of the South, by bringing one of their own to take over the Glass house, that is the only position remaining for these autocrats to take. I am not amazed that once again,they are using a South Western man for this,unfortunately, a man I love,admire,and respect so much,sorry for Nigeria. This is a super Eagles that could not attract any sponsor before the Advent of coach Rohr,their was no FIFA ranking for this team,we were somewhere in sixth position in Africa football, Nigeria fan’s hardly come out to watch them play,never qualified for the two past edition of afcon,I can go on and on,that has changed under pinnick and coach Rohr,why does Nigerians not want Nigeria to move forward, who has the name Nigeria offended, thank God,pinnick has replied them,their must be continuity, I think, Nigeria’s are happy with these group of people

    • Funebi 2 years ago

      If Benin or Tunisia win third place is great but Nigeria should be celebrating second with the vast experience in afcon and the weight of talent we have. Bronze is what we should cry not celebrate

  • Neither will i join them to celebrate this mediocracy third place should be scrab.

  • “If the Eagles had played very well, put up great performances and fail to win, or secure only a Third-Place as they did in Egypt, celebrating them would come naturally.”

    So what exactly is Mr.Odegbami’s grouse with Rohr? Baxter (SA), Herve Renard (Morocco), Appiah (Ghana), among others haven’t been sacked despite their teams falling by the wayside.

    How about you suggest the better play pattern, formation or tactics that would have probably made the team “play very well” and “put up a great performance.”

    Perhaps that would have been a more convincing piece.

    • Funebi 2 years ago

      Three years with a team and we don’t have a pattern. Can you compare it with those mentioned. Because those coaches don’t have the wealth the finance and talent we have and still saying we are young team that is not growing

  • Edoguy 2 years ago

    While I am of the opinion that Rohr would have tinkered with the shape of the team in that loss to Algeria, I still believe the team did well. Yes, Odegbami doesn’t celebrate mediocrity, I am not in support of the pressure he put on the team especially during the championship.

    Rohr’s contract should either be allowed to run out or someone else should be hired for the job. Most coaches nowadays want modest expectation, if you set it too high, they won’t take it. Lets go for seedorf/kluivert if they will take same salary Rohr was on. These are very good masters of the game.


    Mediocrity gone over board!

    Thank u Odegbami! I was thinking I was the only one with eyes and mind.

    Only a mentally immobile person will attempt to gainsay or resist this position.

    Can u imagine?

    Celebrating bronze medal?
    Are we now so mentally dehydrated that a 3rd place finish has become a great achievement worth celebrating? When we are suppose to win the cup.

    A team who lacked the requisite spirit of a typical Nigeria side.
    Play well and lose and we will be glad you did your best.

    Odegbami happens to be the only mentally stable Nigerian taking on this issue.

    If u ask me, it is so clear!

    Too clear to deny except for those languishing under a self Imposed foolishness.

    But know this that not every Nigerian is as foolish and technically stagnant as u and your rohr crusaders.

    The Nigerian team deserves more than ROHR.

    A team full of raw talent clearly under utilised by the old neophyte called Rohr.

    A coach that lacks the basic knowledge of team selection.

    Its so sad! Has every one suddenly turned totally blind and dumb?

    Why can’t nobody see the reality of Rohr’s ineptitude?

    It’s so glaring that a young articulate football fanatic can tell there is something wrong with the technical crew of the team.

    It is sad!

    NFF intend to waste tax payers money for an old, anachronistic patterned coach who does not model the present day footballing realities.

    Who does that?

    Omg! Can some one speak out?

    When u talk they say u either sound disrespectful Or make destructive criticism.

    Oh we should sit back and watch a civil servant on appointment for a specific term, so to speak, to ruin the country’s peace and joy? And say nothing!?

    If u can’t handle criticism please sit in your house and do not handle any public responsibility that will demand u to make accountability of stewardship.

    This is so sad!

    My advice is this, watch Guodiola, Klopp, Zidane, and Pochettino in their coaching approach on team selection, formation, technical abilities, dishing out information and instruction etc and compare with your ROHR.

    If you then further see nothing wrong with Rohr, then I will be relaxed and know your case is different; and that you are not only lost in self delusion or deceit but that u may likely and urgently need a psychiatrist.

    A coach who has a backward mentality and celebrate mediocrity.

    A coach who to him winning bronze medal is a great feat?

    A coach who keeps giving excuses of a young team and so on when he fails?

    A coach who thought the Algerians were tired until they scored a goal to knock out the supposed champions?

    A coach who lacks d little details of substituting an attacker for a defensive minded player at the world cup?

    A coach who sabotaged the joy of the nation against Argentina?

    A coach who believes Akpeyi is the best keeper in Nigeria?

    A coach who preferred to play chukwueze in the bench, but for the plenty shouts from fans alike?

    A coach who lacks motivation and cannot give instructions when it was needed the most?

    A white skin with a dark mindset?

    Can westerhof, Bonfree Jo, morihno, and other coaches around the word who also belived, and very truly, Rohr is finished, be all Wrong, since we advocating for his dismissal are wrong and perhaps disrespectful?

    NFF kotinue! But know that deris God.
    U hear, deris God!.

    • Emax02 2 years ago

      Neither you nor odegbami is less qualified to judge rohr,odegbami and all his exploits for Nigeria,what did he win for the country and why has he failed to develop himself in the game of football. I am no coach either but wisdom entails that in a tournament of 24 teams and parading one of the youngest squad in the tournament,third position is fair enough. Egypt and Ghana have won the afcon more than us but did not qualify for the semis. The loss to Madagascar is a one off and it could happen to anyone,it happened to Morocco. You guys should learn to appreciate that there are other people in this world and you can never always come first no matter how good you are. We lost to Algeria and they have gone ahead to win the tournament showing that it was no fluke and conceding just two goals in the whole tournament. You and odegbami should shut up cos you Yoruba’s are loud mouthed morons who are selfish in thought. For your info I m not IBO,I m Edo.

      • FatherJP 2 years ago

        I don’t understand what ‘yoruba’ got to do with all these and how you not being an Igbo but an Edo supports or opposes Odegbami’s position sir

        Playing Igbos against Yorubas or Hausas against Edo etc will get us nowhere as a people.

        We all have friends or families in other tribes. Does it mean my Edo or Igbo or Hausa friends are bad just because one of their own holds a position I don’t agree with??

        I believe we can make our points without fanning the embers of ethnicity.


  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    As predicted before the tournament I said all pretenders would be exposed, let’s talk about the Algeria match, i will advise you guys to go and watch the last ten minutes of that game, and come back here and give ur honest opinions. Tactical blunders and fatigue cost ur that game. how can Rohr substituted onyekuru for Chukwueze when it was clear to all that we need midfielders to check the rampaging Algiers from the midfield. Iwobi, Musa both tired Ndidi committing silly fouls as usual, either Rohr was sleeping ur he had no game plans. But the game is over now let’s move on.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Another garbage from the ex cricket international. Where were u when we couldn’t qualify for 2consecutive afcons? Why did u lose ur voice when oliseh was in charge (u knew he was a lion, wasn’t ready to take nonsense from stupid people like u). I knew u wouldn’t celebrate but hey, whether u celebrate it or not, it won’t make any difference,Na for ur pocket, the boys are happy (as it’s their first international medal for some of them. You won afcon at a very old age,are u jealous they won a national medal at a very young age??? Jealousy go kill u!) and so are majority of us. So, get a life mr ex cricket international.

    • Anti-Rohr 2 years ago

      Thats why you are Oak!

      Foolish and blind talk.

      Keep being a mediocre!

      Odegbami and some of us will not join your stupid thinking

    • Danurch 2 years ago

      ODEGBAMI is clearly a sadist and a kill joy. I have never seen such wicked and satanic jealousy. God forgive bad. ODEGBAMI, you played football at your old age when African football was still primitive,underdeveloped and scratchy. If it were now, you can’t even find a shirt in the 20th eleven of the national team. You are wicked. Your submissions and disposition clearly shows another dimension of witchcraft. This is pure jealousy and you can. Trash!!!

  • ...... 2 years ago

    If he have all does degree,how many world best did he win.he should stop saying rubbish. Enough is enough. No body told him to celebrate the bronze. My advise to him is to pick a Nigeria club,win CAF champions League and also win Club world cup. Rubbish

  • ...... 2 years ago

    In order to prove he know football. I think he is having some bitterness because the coach does not agree to pick his the players he imposed on him

  • Mr odegbami pls dnt even eat again talkless of celebrating,ur boot size is still in the market.

  • How market? The world cup you brought to Nigeria now we no go hear word.
    Now we have super eagles not green eagles.

  • 4 of our boys made it to the best afcon XI. That speaks volume. A better coach would have won the tournament.

  • Gowetok 2 years ago

    I want to be very objective. I was an ardent supporter of mr Rohr. But errors he committed against Argentina and Algeria show that he lacks the savvy to handle big games. On whether he should be sack or retained? I will say it depends on what we intend to achieve. The margins between teams from the semifinal in AfCON is small. So it takes a sound coach to work out the right tactics to go through.A Coach who has watched Akpeyi and still installed him has a goal keeper in a national team lacks something. 

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Sęgun Odęgbami. You see, we like to celebrate average achievements why? Because we are Africans or what?

    Our level in football already beyond that third place and winning the Bronze medal is like nothing to Nigerians.

    I saw our coaches on that day celebrating like they won Afcon trophy but I wasn’t surprised because that was their first major achievement in football.

    I give glory to God in every situation and in this kind of situation where by our coaches have been supported by money, prayers, luck but in the end, they failed us. It’s had to swallow.

    I have said this long time ago that NFF, coach Rohr and coach Rohr fans are the problems of our football.

    This people knew the truth but they won’t say it. Thank you Mr. Odęgbami for your love and in sights.

    This issue is like a pikin way say him mama and papa no go sleep, him gangan no go sleep węla. I’m watching ooo. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      In addition, this is the best player to replace “Mikel”. His name is “Joe Aribo”

      This “Joe Aribo” can play multiple roles. Defensive midfielder or attacking midfielder.

      He can score goals and a good dribbler as well.

      We are missing nothing because Nigeria is a football nation. Whether coach Rohr is staying or not, the coach in charge of the team should please invite this guy. He is playing for Rangers FC.

      In the front: Fanendo Adi and Fatai Alashe are the best strikers we have currently but our coach will not calling these 4 players.

      Goalkeeping department: Sebastian Ogenna Osigwe. This young goalkeeper is waiting for Nigeria and he is doing awesome.

      Our coaches have been scouting all these years, no midfielders, no good strikers and fantastic goalies. My question is, what are they bn scouting for the past good 3 years? AKPEYI BA?

      It’s time for a change. These 4 players are the best for Super Eagles team but money changed hands won’t let them doing the right thing.

      No1. Joe Aribo: Midfielder
      No2. Fernando Adi: striker
      No3. Fatal Alashe: striker
      No4. Sebastian Ogenna Osigwe: goalkeeper

      We need a great coach with these great players. These 4 players plus the rest of the squad chai, Super Eagles are ready to fly again.

      I have done my part because I love my Country. CSN over to you. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Joshua 2 years ago

        You are absolutely right about Joe Aribo. With this guy we can have a creative midfield again in super eagles. I just watch some the guy’s highlights in YouTube

      • Peter Afam 2 years ago

        Gentlemen, everyone who made a contribution did out of their patriotism and love for Nigeria. I salute you all. I took time to check out Sebastian Osigwe, Joe Aribo, Fenando Ado and Fatai Alashe, and my humble opinion is that they should be given an opportunity in our evolving Super Eagles. Please check out Fenando Adi and see for yourselves https://youtu.be/sbO47YzPVwU

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          That is the guy right there. They won’t give him a call. They are out there waiting for the national call. It is a pity. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Odegbami please apply to be Nigeria coach when it becomes available until then mind your business

  • VIctor 2 years ago

    Agreed with big seg. Rohr has a way of lowering our expectations. It beats me how an Algerian team we dominated during WC qualifiers has suddenly become best team with players from Saudi league and esperance. Mahrez is the only  stand out player. They have a new coach and we have always had Rohr. 

  • From day one this man has been saying negative things about the Super Eagles. Is it Super Eagles that made him to woefully fail in all the positions he has been trying to vie for? Maybe he needed some support from NFF and they disappointed him. I also see that his writings are better than his speaking. I watched his TV programme once and that was the first and last time I watched it. Maybe others had the same view and taken the same action I took-stopped watching. Pls is the program still on? Maybe he wanted NFF to sponsor and he was disappointed. A man who sees himself as the best, is a hated person by God and man. England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy are all small countries but they rule the football world. They too loss and win. So Algeria has no right to beat us? From the statistic we have been beating each other. It is only men with small minds that cannot take defeat. We have moved on. Pls Odegbami write about another thing. Maybe you will start to support Super Eagles when Odegbami is appointed NFF chairman(when CAF would have order all associated members heads to go by the title chairman) in 2154 AD.

  • Again this is to all those who think Nigeria should win the tournament. This same people also want us to win Argentina and the World Cup. Listen!!!!!!! Envy. Jealousy. Pride. Arrogancy. Those 4 qualities are wicked. It is only men with small minds and see things like small children that see football like a do-or-die thing. Football is a game of entertainment. You win some you loss some. We enjoyed being entertained and then face our business. These types of people will kill in the office to get promoted or to silence those promoted ahead of them. These types of people can hate their wives or children if they loss to them in a game of ludo, whot, draught, chess, scrabble, table tennis played on a make-shift board, 5-a-side with monkey-post football. They can poison their neighbors or their neighbors’ children if their neighbors are achieving more than them. These types of people will never commend others if they are not the ones being commended. Of course these are wicked people. If course the almighty God hates such people. The fate of these types of people will be destruction. God should rid this earth of such people or else wickedness will not end. And if wickedness is still there, good people will not have peace. Good people and people who rejoice with those who have achieved something. They appreciate others. They look for the good in others. They don’t envy. Jealousy is not in their vein. They are humble and modest. They see everyone as equal. No Arrogancy in their doings. You ate judged by what you voice out in the public. One can form a profile of you from what you write. There is room for change and be likeable and be forgiven. My advice: change your character.

  • Odegbami, Lalako, Owolabi, peterside, Oparaku etc all ex internationals whobhave condemned Rhor and his tactical ineptitude.
    We must nit be reduced to celebrating mediocrity.
    This Afcon was ours for the taking.

    Rhor must go after his contract in 2020, meanwhile he should be drafted to the under 17 to serve out his contract.

  • Tenyson 2 years ago

    Uncle Segun, l feel your pains. It’s as if l have been talking alone until l read this piece. Again l reiterate, nothing could be more unfortunate than Nigerians not only settling but celebrating mediocrities in every facet of our national lives. Great nations measure their standards by setting goals that surpass their previous achievements. Only in Nigeria with 200 Million people that can readily produce 15 different world class teams, will settle for a coach with no aspiration for victory, and celebrate a bronze achievement on African soil. Check the folks in the National Assembly as well, and in the Executive. Only in Nigeria and maybe Africa would those be in charge of your national destiny. Only getting worse by the day, l fear for the ignorant generation.

    • Thank u Tennyson for choosing to be objective.

      There is no better definition for delusion when some one clearly sees black and calls it white!

      Odegbami and a few of us will not join the mixed multitudes lost in mediocrity to celebrate a sham and shame.

  • Praise 2 years ago

    I have read all the comments here and now understand why the country Nigeria may struggle to develop. Too many citizens with a mediocre mentality. How much does Rohr get paid compared to the two coaches playing the finals? To celebrate mediocrity like this shows who we have become? Since we can accommodate mediocre leaders why won’t we accommodate mediocre coaches?
    Segun Odegbami is one of the most excellent and intelligent sports administrators in this country.

    He doesn’t want to celebrate mediocrity like many of us. It’s a shame that we promoted a bad goalie to first position and never saw the need to change him till he cost us a place in the finals.
    What coach keeps off form players on the pitch while in form players are on the bench.
    If we can keep Rohr why not keep Dalung? Why not life presidency to our president?
    God bless Big Segz

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    @praise God will bless you my brother, If people can accept Tinubu, Buhari, Orji Kalu and other smelly nuisance as their lords and savior, then don’t be surprise. Folks should go back and watch the tape how Nigeria defeated Algeria in Olympic qualifying see how Siaone team took control of the midfield.The same Algiers team was ripped apart by victor moses, then go back and tagain and watch the last ten minutes of our last  game. See folks,Rohr and the players lost that match tactical blunders,the substitution was whack, midfielders were needed nit onyekuru.same as Argentina game similar situations same results.

  • Bishop Joshua 2 years ago

    We have a dangerously wrong sense of entitlement as a nation and it is making us to live in delusion while the world is evolving. We pride ourselves to be giant of Africa in everything when in truth we don’t put the structure, systems and template that guarantees greatness and success at the top regularly. We think greatness and success is a birthright. No sir! It is earned. You work for it. Ever wondered how pride ourselves as giant of Africa while other African countries are ahead of us in terms of growth and development indices in every aspects. Ghana,Benin republic and Togo enjoy constant power supply while the so called giant cannot have uninterrupted power for 12 hrs. The airport in Johannesburg in South Africa alone uses 40,000 mega watts of electricity while our country as a whole has dropped to less than 3,000 mega watts. In terms of economy, growth, development, education,and medical and technological advancement other African countries are ahead of us including Rwanda. We cannot even refine our own oil.
    Who made us the giant of Africa in football? The achievements,birthright or sense of entitlement? How long it took Nigeria to win their first AFCON in 1980? Egypt, Ghana,Libya,etc have won it long before Nigeria did. On record, Egypt a 7 time champion, Ghana,4, Cameroon 5 with Nigeria are distant 4th with 3 AFCON. if judging by number of silver and bronze we have,it could be assumed our birthright is 3rd or at most 2nd. But these are no yardsticks. Are we the most successful leagues in Africa? answer is no. The Egyptian,Tunisian, Moroccan , South African, Kenyan, Ugandan and even DR Congo leagues are way stronger and better organised than ours. The Al Ahly’s, Esperance, TP Mazembes, Orlanda Pirates, Sunsdowns, of this world are much successful than ours. We don’t have quality league and we think talent alone can guarantee us automatic spot? It doesn’t work like that. Many African countries today have better developmental programs for their grassroot soccer than we the giants of Africa do. So where does the future lie? Nigeria ruled the roost in age grade competition globally with the aid of age falsification and when other African countries were asleep. Today the advent of MRI scan and grassroot soccer development has shown that other African countries could beat us to it too. Talent? No doubt we are abundant with talent like Brazil. So do other countries too. Who says talent alone wins tournaments? Brazil should be winning every competition before it kicks off just by being a soccer playing nation. Football like other is a competitive sports. This AFCON has other 24 countries prepared and eyeing the trophy. Nigeria is one of them. Preparation,planning hard work, exposure, and growth in development of players has made some.other countries to.be.favorites ahead of Nigeria. Only Nigerians don’t know that global football sees countries like Egypt,Senegal,Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as favorites ahead of Nigeria before this tournament started. Nigeria had outside chance because we are always traditional favorites.
    This Super Eagles team may not have won the AFCON now, but like Mahrez said,they are a team to watch out for in the 2 years. Celebrating bronze medal finish should not be termed celebration of mediocrity especially when we as a nation are clawing our way back to reckoning after losing grip of being super power house
    We should put systems in place to build on the gains and experiences.of the AFCON . This is a team of young players who their confidence and experience is on the ascendancy
    We can truly become the giant of Africa when we earn it. Not by thinking we own it

    • Thanks a lot for making sense. I don’t know where the idea that we have everything to win the cup sentiment came from. You really believe with a goalkeeper like Akpeyi, you are AFCON winning material? Unless if AFCON has lost its standard can than happen. Nigerians should put away their sense of entitlement and build on their near-success. Sacking the coach is not the solution. Segun missed it this time.

  • Tnk youyou mr mathematical for your objective analysis. Truth be said we under performed in Egypt.

  • The last time I checked Mr Odegbami’s last job in football administration was when Chairman of Gate Way FC that he related from first division football.So he should bury his big head in shame and shut up. Football administration and everything around it is not played in the pages of complete sports. Lately he has failed in everything he engaged himself in i.e Politics as Governor,wanting Nigeria to sponsor him as Fifa president etc, etc.Please he should go reexamine himself.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Thank you all. You patriotic Nigerians have done really well. We have to keep telling them. Hopefully, they will listen to the words of wisdom.

    We haven’t learned our lessons in Russia but majority of us have been brainwashed by coach Rohr and NFF.

    Good Goalkeepers, he no get.
    Good midfielders, he no get.
    Good strikers, he no get.

    Now, they still want Nigeria to keep celebrating failure? Kilodeeeeeeee?
    Enough of this. We have no time to waste.

    I appreciate coach Rohr and it will be good for him to leave us alone.

    We are Nigeria not Lesotho, Madagascar or Benin.

    All I want to see is good football. Total football. This coach can’t give it to us and the people in charge of our football refuse to change their thinking.

    No electricity, security and infrastructure. Hmmmm, this is the only thing we have football and these selfish people are trying to spoil it. They should fear God ooooo. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Rohr gave us the worst set of goal keepers SE have ever presented at AFCON. Not forgetting the Softest SE defence in a decade. He should enjoy the remaining year of his contract.
    Good riddance.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    The coach should not have bring in Onyekuru, but they’re always crying here everyday why Onyekuru is not playing. As much as I believe Onyekuru is a decent talent. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to control a through pass or went missing for 15 minutes. To cap it off ballooned an absolute sitter out of the stadium. I’m sure the coach is supposed to be the one to tell him how to control a through pass LEEEMAOO!!!! At least we saw Kalu in only 5 minutes against Tunisia. 

    Onuachu Onuachu the coach selected the Iroko tree at the expense of  Iheanacho because fans put pressure on him to drop Kelechi. The Iroko tree was the biggest flop I’ve seen in a SuperEagles shirt in a long time. He couldn’t hold up play to save his life. No intelligent movement as a top striker only relying on tame headers. I really hope he proves me wrong and I hope he never come anywhere near any SuperEagles team list henceforth. At least Osimhen showed some grits and purpose in 45 minutes. You can tell he’s the future of the SuperEagles attack. His telepathic understanding with Chukwueze was evident of an ascending future. Chukwueze though was mostly hit and miss, but that will continue to get better as he matures. 

    The midfield of Ndidi Etebo and Iwobi will continue to mature and develop to a fearsome trio and can hold their own against any top opposition. I hope Ogu never come anywhere near the team list henceforth. The likes of Azubuike Okechukwu, Joe Arribo, Ovie Ejaria, Dennis Bonaventure and Semi Ajayi should be integrated as part of the ascending future. Uzoho demonstrated that he should’ve been the first choice goalkeeper at the AFCON. I hope Alampasu and other upcoming goalkeeper can find some valuable playing time to be considered for a chance to fight for a spot. 

    Hopefully Tyrone Ebuehi will return to full fitness to help shore up the defense and the likes of Isaac Success and Kelechi Iheanacho can stand up to be counted among the future. It’s either now or never for the duo if they both can be consistent particularly Iheanacho because there are also the likes of Odey, Okereke and Awoniyi on the horizon. I’m particularly looking forward to the U23 team, hopefully they qualify for the Olympics. That’s where majority of the next AFCON team will come from in collaboration with the already established players we have at the moment. Just like Rohr said I’m absolutely positive about the future. Unfortunately not many can see the light at the end of the tunnel including the great Ṣẹgun Ọdẹgbami. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE# 

    • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

      Nice write up bro, but am scared the u23 coach might make the same mistake as Eguavon by over relying on guys playing dia trade overseas. I hope am wrong but if I were him, I will start scouting for young players now and camping them for an extended period of time to get as a team (d NFF has a role to pay here). I will also suggest the coaches go to academies and look for genuine ballers and forget the guys playing in d Nigerian premier league as most from there will most likely be overage if we are truly honest. however that been said if there are some ballers that are genuinely U23 based not only dia faces but actual verifiable evidence then yes they can be brought in. Blif me dere are ballers out there in d streets of Nigeria that if kept together and are picked on merit can defeat Sudan. It might be too late to have an open camp to scout players but if the coaches are smart and with support from NFF, then it’s very doable. They just need at least 2 weeks open screening in 4 main Nigerian cities, the amount of talents that will be discovered will be crazy. A player like the captain of the u17 team (ajani or something) or d former captain dat was disqualified due to MRI those are players that can add something to d team and no one should say they are too young to play. Nigeria is blessed with talent it’s just a matter of d coaches and NFF to try a little bit. My tots

  • hanif 2 years ago

    I am more than frustrated with some pathetic comments ,,
    we celebrating mediocre , if that’s what u call it then so be it,,if you see a team who last feature in afcon sinx 2013 coming back to claim d 3rd a failure den tnk u..

    @omo9ja I av always tot u av sense but afta tonit I realized I av bn wrong,

    u ar purely a sadist, u probably ad somtin against d coach,, u ve hurt me by undermining dis young players well fought achievement,,

    bfor d tournament were we rated favorite ?
    btw d 7x winners Wu cudnt mak d quarter finals and us who’s a more loser ?
    wot apen to a team dats got d almighty sallah ?
    u wnt to replace d coach bcos u see him not putting tins d way u want dats d truth,, or u wnt to check his stats and say he deserves sacking???
    goin to d afcon we don’t av a perfect team no creative midfield and a dependable keeper but who’s beta dat d coach didn’t invite??

    Algeria beat us u are hapi bcos u tot u ve made it, u wnt to criticize us b4 wen naija lose a ordinary frnly match I ll be angry and sad for a whole week but here we lost at d semis and I didn’t feel back bcos I saw my team put up a gud fight against d best team in Africa (u can say dey are not s best and bring up ur useless baseless points) .. d Algerian team did deir assignment well and deir coach instructed Dem not to allow us rest on d ball and so dey Mark us bfor first touch on d ball ,, dats football we lose but not woefully but frm a spot kick and wit a keepers error , we dragged d game to d very end …

    I wonder wot is wrong we some of us here .. y are we so selfish minded ,, our many African team ax a perfect coach? only a bastard wil deny not seeing any changes in our games ,,, we played Cameroon s/Africa and dominated play wot else do u wnt????

    Algeria scored Senegal 3mins play ND for d rest of 87mins,, d almighty mane wit niang sef cudnt equalize Dem ,,,, mention one Nigeria player in d world dat nears d standard of mane??

    pls ppl dnt push nff to make d mistake of sacking d coach,,,

  • Dammy 2 years ago

    If Segun Odegbami is not happy and celebrate what God has done for Nigeria Super Eagles.Please i humbly requested him to go and drink milk,sugar, and tea. We Love Super Eagles, we appreciates their efforts, and Thank God for given us 3rd Position. Look at Egypt, the hosting Country in 10th Position? are they not human? See below rank:
    1st: Algeria (Gold medal)
    2nd: Senegal (Silver medal)
    3rd: Nigeria (Bronze medal)
    4th: Tunisia
    5th: Ivory Coast
    6th: Madagascar
    7th: Africa South
    8th: Benin
    9th: Morocco
    10th: Egypt
    11th: Mali
    12th: Ghana
    13th: Cameroon
    14th: Democratic Republic of Congo
    15th: Uganda
    16th: Guinea
    17th: Kenya
    18th: Angola
    19th: Mauritania
    20th: Guinea-Bissau
    21st: Zimbabwe
    22nd : Burundi
    23rd: Namibia
    24th: Tanzania

  • luomo 2 years ago

    Since the last 30 years, Nigeria has been to 12 AFCON tournaments and have only lost out in the quarter-finals just once..3rd place, therefore, seems to be the minimum you can get in terms of result. It shouldn’t in any way be seen as a major achievement. And the excuse that we failed to qualify for 2 tournaments for me doesn’t hold water..We are Nigeria and a top football-playing nation on the continent. We have qualified for the world cup almost every time except 2006 since we started qualifying in 1994, so basically, we know our way round in Africa with or without a sound coach..Before scooping silver in 2000 we missed 2 tournaments..We missed a tournament in 2012 before going on to win gold the following year

    • Danurch 2 years ago

      You wrote trash. It’s as simple as that. How many world cup tournies have Brazil attended? And of all, how many have they won? Abeg commot here.

      • Danurch 2 years ago

        I don’t know why some people here are so daft in reasoning. Why do you think Nigeria will have to win all the time? Are they the best ranked in Africa? Where they the best ranked in AFCON? Where they the first to lift the cup in Africa? Do they have better afcon record than CAMEROUN, Egypt, Ghana? Do the play in they best clubs and leagues in the world? Are they individually among the very best in Africa within and outside the continent? None of the best afcon best record holders made it to the semis:ghana,egypt,CAMEROUN.They all fell like pack of cards. we even eliminated CAMEROUN the then defending champions. Why didn’t fans of these best record holders go around burning the houses of all the players on these fallen teams? Why didn’t you burn keshi alive when he couldn’t qualify Eagles for afcon? Why didn’t you better still roast the head of the coach who couldn’t qualify them for yet a consecutive 2nd time? The truth is that, the team was in ashes and shambles and in the same class with Tanzania before Rohr came and started from the scratch and in his 1st shot attempt with a brand new team full of new comers to afcon, won 3rd position. Yet, you condemn the team and their coach. Bad Belle people. You people are just wicked and ungrateful. For ones, be real for God’s sake.

        • luomo 2 years ago

          You can call any name you wish to call..it remains my opinion which unfortunately for you..u cant take away from me..its either u agree to it or bring urs to table which you can’t force down my throat

      • luomo 2 years ago

        I will comot sir..but as regards afcon we have set a standard..that is all I was trying to say and the 3rd place medal is the minimum we have always gone..so by now, it is not extra special..Brazil have exited from the world cup in the 2nd round and quarter a lot of times.. I hope that sticks now

  • I have my reservations about Odegbami’s opinion on the Eagles’ achievement or lack thereof in the AFCON. I agreed that the team didn’t play to their utmost potential. We always expected our performances in next matches to be better than the previous and the team to make progressively improvement as the tournament wore on. But that didn’t happen until the ultimate reality check came against Algeria. However, what I don’t agree with is Odegbami’s disposition on our coach Gernot Rohr which I think is too harsh.

    Everything in life is relative. Nigeria may have won AFCON 3 times in the past but we need to put our team’s performance in context. All but 3 of our players to this tournament had their first AFCON experience. Unlike the famed 94 squad who only found success on their 3rd try having narrowly missed the prize in 90 and 92. 94 was Yekini’s 4th AFCON for instance. He had participated in the 88, 90 & 92 tournaments. Odegbami’s over-ambitious expectation is borne out of the atypical hubristic disposition of most Nigerians to believe certain baseline of AFCON success is their birthright. This assumption is baseless especially when Nigeria couldn’t even qualify for 2 of the last 3 tournaments. Those periods were the lowest in our football history as Nigerians had to debase to “permutations” of having some country defeat some other country to pave way for us to qualify through the back door as “best losers”. Now, up stepped a coach who has restored Nigeria’s pride and respect. He qualified Nigeria for the 2018 World Cup with a game in hand, qualified Nigeria for the 2019 AFCON with a game in hand, got us out of the group stage of the AFCON with a game in hand. Apparently, the import of these accomplishments are lost on Uncle Sege as he would rather we threw away the baby with the birth water.

    Of what value will it be to get a new coach who will have to press a reset button to build a new team? What is the guarantee that we will get a better team than this with the quality of players at our disposal? Continuity is crucial to building a great team. The highly reversed, almost deified 1994 squad wasn’t built overnight. The core of the team was born in 1989 by Westerhof and the team grew through learning from their failures until they became the great team that we are still proud of and relish their memory with fond nostalgia.

    Uncle Sege, give Gernot Rohr a chance. I agree that he needs to get new goalkeepers. The retirements of Ighalo and Mikel will create opportunities for new players to blossom and for the coach to have variety of attacking options.His team is about to blossom. Let’s be patient and we will soon smile. 3rd place is not bad for a country that couldn’t qualify for 2 prior editions. Nobody disbanded your IICC Shooting Stars after you failed to win the final of the African Cup of Champions Clubs in 1984 after the “balubalu n’ t’afin” episode. Or you think it didn’t pain some of us too? Direct your frustration to the NFF who are not doing enough to facilitate the discovery of talents for our National teams. Let Gernot Rohr be. Please!!!

  • Aauxtyne 2 years ago

    Quite a lot of comments here going opposite ways. Everyone has a point in as much as it is one’s right to express oneself, but express opinion with reasoning. Let’s reason together.

    Sir Odegbami has spoken his mind. He is passionate about Naija’s football just as everyone here is and wants the best for our nation. He is not entirely wrong. He has some vital points.

    The truth must be said:

    1. Goalkeeping: Our goalkeeping department is a disaster. From the first day I saw Akpeyi between the sticks, my heart pounded. I thought he was only going to keep the first match as a tactical deployment and especially after the blunder he committed. With Uzoho’s brilliance in the 3rd place match, I think our coaches committed a blunder that cost us the trophy. Like I said some time ago, they knew best. I will not crucify them but hope they have learnt from that mistake. A vigorous search for safe hands should be done with utmost urgency.

    2. 3rd Place Celebration: Personally, I was happy we won the 3rd place not because that was what I hoped for (I wished we played and won the final) but because we didn’t settle for 4th place (that would have been demoralising for Nigerians, the players and coaching crew). As we all know, most of the players were in their first AFCON. So, it was normal and natural for them (and some of the coaches too) to celebrate a medal picked up at that level of football. Don’t blame them for celebrating as it is a taste of future successes they hope to meet with.

    3. A New Dawn in Naija’s Football: It is a new era of our nation’s football we just lunched into in AFCON 2019. Some of the old lads just retired and some others will definitely be dropped from the present squad to accommodate quality, confidence and enthusiasm in the field of play. We expect more purposeful, patterned and total football. To achieve that, there must be new invites who deserved and earned their call up to the national team. The wings play must be really vibrant and we must look for players in like-fashioned as Finidi George and Emmanuel Amunike who could outrun their opponents and take on/break defense at any moment.

    4. Firing the Coaching Crew: Must the coaching crew be retained? Well, that’s a hard call to make. Sir Odegbami will not take below standard performance because he has seen it all as a player and administrator (my respect to you sir), and as a Nigerian, he expects grade A performance and the cup. I ultimately desire that too. I believe if the Super Eagles played convincingly well and lost, nobody will cry foul. If we played badly and win, some people will still raise their eyebrows to an extent but if we played badly and lost, it is ‘hell’ on the players and the coaching crew. We all want to see good football.

    Let’s look at it holistically. After FIFA World Cup 2014, our football went into coma. As defending champs of 2013, we failed to qualify for two editions – 2015 and 2017. Well, Rohr stepped in and did the ‘magic’ with a game to spare despite loosing his first AFCON qualifying game. He did not do well at the world cup even though he qualified us with a game to spare. At AFCON 2019, he picked the 3rd place medal. He may have made some mistakes at some point but does that warrant his sack going by the successes he has achieved too? Has any coach anywhere in the world with such antecedence to succeed been sacked?

    Westerhof did not win AFCON 1990 and 1992 until 1994. I am not making an excuse for Rohr because the title was not out of reach after defeating the defending champs (the Indomitable Lions) and the Bafana guys. The match against Algeria was our undoing. I still cannot fathom what happened to our lads that day. They did not raise their game and allowed the Carthage Eagles (the eventual AFCON winners) to outplay them. Well, that’s football; you win some and lose some.

    At this point, what we need to be doing is to give the coaching crew some pieces of advice on the best way forward instead of asking for Rohr’s head. Tell us what the NFF should do to help him succeed and what the coaching crew needs to do to succeed. We all look forward to a resuscitated squad that can take on any team in Africa and beyond. Rohr alone cannot do it; the NFF and all stakeholders need to set the ball rolling to see the national team of our dream and pride. God bless Naija!

  • In the USA, some college basketball coaches make as much as those in the MBA.
    NFF should pay the under 23 coach enough and with a clause that you win the Olympics you move to SE.

    A coaching crew of Siasia, Amuneke, Garba, Ugbade and Karl Ikeme will take us to our first Semi final in the world cup.

    Pay them like the white man, Give them the freehand like the oyibo.
    Set targets with bonuses attached.
    Employ a data analyst to analyze opponents’ video’s
    Givethem a 5 year contract with performance review clause every 2 years.
    Amuneke willbe head of under 20/23 team and first assistant SE coach.
    Garba will be the under 17 coach as well as the 2nd assistant SE coach.
    Ugbade will be the 3rd assistant and defense coach.

    Let us watch them succeed where We have failed in the past.

    • I assume you mean Siasia will head this consortium of Nigerian coaches? But don’t you find it curious that while Amunike (just like the late Keshi) has proved he can be hired as a national team coach outside Nigeria, Siasia strangely hasn’t been able to do same. Don’t you think it’s relatively easy to look like a super coach with an age grade team, especially when the squad can easily be packed with overaged players? So, success at U20, U23 shouldn’t really be a parameter to guage the mettle of a gaffer.

      My point? Siasia cannot head a group Amunike belongs to. If anything, it should be the other way round. In fact, my ideal SE team will have Amunike assisting Gernot Rohr with Carl Ikeme/Peter Rufai as goalkeeper coach. And if Nigerians finally succeed to frustrate Rohr out to Morroco, then we should swap him with Herve Renard. I believe that will be a perfect marriage, with Amunike and Carl Ikeme/Rufai, of course, assisting.

  • Yashman correct 2 years ago

    i don’t like this our present coach because he lack confidence and zeal