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Okoye Keen To Remain Super Eagles First Choice Goalkeeper

Okoye Keen To Remain Super Eagles First Choice Goalkeeper

Maduka Okoye is determined to maintain his position as Super Eagles number one goalkeeper, reports Completesports.com.

The Sparta Rotterdam goalie was in goal in Nigeria’s last four games.

The 21-year-old however face stiff competition from the likes of Francis Uzoho and Daniel Akpeyi now available for selection.

Okoye is determined to keep the spot in the face of competition in the team.

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“I have been with the Eagles for almost one and a half years now and the first year, I was just on the bench,”Okoye told Sparta Rotterdam’s YouTube page.

” Then I came in against Brazil and that was the first step in this direction. Of course it was not easy to get the No.1 spot and it would be hard enough to keep it because the boys are coming and I have to keep up the good work here at the clubside and also in Nigeria.

“I have to give big thanks to Gernot Rohr because he gave me the trust in the beginning and now I have to pay him back with good works and good performance.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Abdul handsy 7 months ago

    Congratulations to you OKOYE.if you can hold on to the aforementioned teams first choice I shall be happy for you….but in my honest heart I am not 100% convinced about you yet but I believe your level of confidence in between the sticks will always cause your improvement rapidly.

    That you seemed to have displaced the first choice in your club who is a Dutch speaks a lot of volume on what to expect from you in years to come.

    I reasoned that in few years ahead the super eagles will be constantly parading called-up names in: OKOYE, UZOHO and YAKUBU.

    Give peace to receive peace always!

  • Edoguy 7 months ago

    I prefer Uzoho as first choice
    Then Osigwe and akpeyi/okoye

  • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

    Football is all about application and hard work. A goalkeeper is the kidney of the side. Okoye is a refreshing addition to the Super Eagles. A bid lad with a big heart

  • I fully support your ambition. Just work hard and pray.

  • JimmyBall 7 months ago

    The guy cannot displace a fit Uzoho yet… Let’s be honest. He has problems dealing with crosses. But can improve…

  • The fact is that, one can really careless who the first choice is for the Super Eagles.

    The only problem we have is Rohr. He is a kindergarten in the technical aspects of football. This is why Amaju is scrambling Nigerian assistance from left right and centre to cover the ineptitude of Rohr. Even with all his Oyibo assistance, you begin to wonder:

    Why then was Rohr contracted if we choose to blame everyone around him for his blunders and not him?

    What makes him so special that we cannot grow without him?

    Is he truly indispensable, and why?

    What yardstick are we using to measure progress or success under the harpless Amaju/Rohr reign?.

    What yardstick are you using to measure Rohr’s performance?

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      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Hahahahaha….Glory be to God, my prayers are being answered. Somebody is really jobless here….LMAO. After impersonating me and talking his usual trash, he then goes to copy my disclaimer on another thread of 5-6 days ago to disclaim himself….LMAO….like seriously, if that is not madness, then I wonder what is…? I have batterd him so much that he is losing his mind in bits…LMAO. Pls mr impostor, pls continue ehn….its so much fun watching you make a fool of yourself. You can copy my name till thy kingdom come, but you will NEVER be able to copy my signature and the wisdom that comes with it….LMAO

        He who the gods want to punish they first strike with confusion. Confusion will continue to remain the lot of the enemies….!

        • LMAO this is how confusion will continue to follow you. Mr. Impostor. You posted another disclaimer after my original disclaimer. Just keep it up ok. No matter how hard you try you can never be me. It is you that God will punish, keep copying you hear, we know where to get you. The real confusion never start. LMAO.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Hahahaha….ayua…! Impostor is already placing curses upon himself. Una see how baba God dey work…?!

  • Marvelous 7 months ago

    Fake Dr.Drey. You are only making. Dr.Drey more popular by using his name to comment trash. Go get your personal identity and stop using somebody’s name. The same way you go all round to bring Rohr down, the same way you want to rubbish @Dr.Drey by using his name.

  • JimmyBall 7 months ago

    Hahaha… This is really a case. So the guy no really want to quite the name for the real @Dr.Drey? This is not really funny very funny. Brother choose another name and leave someone’s original forum name abeg. Guyman the drag truly fa… Kai.

  • Can you leave Dr. Drey alone, and may be accept another name like Nurse Drey?

  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    Hahahahaha….Glory be to God, my prayers are being answered. The same person who has been changing names all over the place on this forum has decided to move his stupidity up by one notch to impersonating me. Hahahahaha….that’s the height of it all….LMAO. Wetin Aminu nor go see for suya spot…..LMAO. Wetin we nor go see for CSN. I don batter them sotey dem don dey lose their minds as dem nor fit do me anything….LMAO. The ones that said thunder will strike me 2 years ago are still angry that their thunder is yet to find me. The ones that said I will choke to death last year is not happy that i’m still alive and kicking…LMAO, now one battered ram
    is using my name to display what he is renowned for – stupidity. Please keep it up o. Oga impostor. I am loving it. Impersonate me till tomorrow, the whole world will still identify you as an impostor. You can only dream to be me, you can NEVER be me.

  • People could be desperate at time to the level of impersonation in order to bring down dignity of someone into mud because of football comments. This is a bad attitude .

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Its not my dignity he is bringing down…its his own dignity and his already dented reputation on this forum….Lolz. He is well known for using fake identities on this forum and has been found out on multiple occasions. But like the senseless human being he is…he still continues thinking everyone is a daft as he is. Even without being told, everyone can distinguish between the real and the fake. He should pls keep it up…more grease to his elbows….LMAO. They can clone my name, but they can NEVER clone my wisdom and what I stand for.

  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    Bro, please u can use another name, this’s a reputable forum where serious men and women comes everyday to debate and to learn  about Nigeria soccer. If u truly disagrees with the guy, choose another name then debate then him, we ve had great battles here in the past, u can use Prof Drey 

    • pompei 7 months ago

      Even sef, he can use Mazi Drey, Alhaji Drey, Senator Drey, Sir Drey, Alaafin Drey, Igwe Drey, Obong Drey, Amanyanabo Drey, Sultan Drey, Emir Drey, etc.
      There are so many options to chose from.
      Please leave the name Dr Drey for the original owner!

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Its not his fault. It is CSN that has made it easy for people to suddenly change from Ade to Kenneth, Kingsley, Chinedu and all sorts of names, but still vomit the usual falsities they are known for. But no matter how much he tries, he will NEVER be able to clone my writing signature…LMAO

        • Chinedu 7 months ago

          Please why mention my name. Who is changing names like you. At least we got to find out there was an original dr drey before you stole the name. Abeg go face your wahal and stop coming up with excuses. Am not like you using multiple names to appreciate your comment. Fake guy wey no get shame

  • De Star 7 months ago

    One Dr Drey is Rohr’s strong supporter while the “new” Dr Drey is not Rohr fan . Invariably some of us that are SE fans are really getting  confused, we would have read almost entire messages of each before identifying the real or regular Dr Drey or new Dr Drey , should I say “ fake”Dr Drey ( I seriously don’t want to take position in case the second Dr Drey is his real a.k.a, please pardon me for using fake for any .

    The way forward ,  I will suggest since we already know one Dr Drey as a prominent in this loop, I will appeal to the new Dr Drey in the house to please add new to his name , to read New Dr.Drey so that we can enjoy the 2 Dr Drey or in alternative, use his real name and not a.k.a instead of Dr Drey . since we can as well use our real names ( like myself,  I use my aka that I am well known with in real life outside the platform) 

    In the event that that the “new” Dr Drey in the house refuses to do the aforementioned suggestion, Dr Drey that has been with us should endeavour complain direct to CSN and in event that CSN can’t stop “new” Dr Drey, I will implore our known Dr Drey to add original to his name to read Original Dr Drey , doing so would afford us the opportunity to differentiate between the names otherwise people would be overlooking their comments as breeds confusion in the loop. 

  • @De Star, don’t mind the coward lolz, let him keep denting his dignity. He is well known for using fake identity. Very soon CSN will do the needful to fish this fake guy out.

    Nothing can stop me from defending Mr. Rohr, the NFF and Amaju. He thinks forumites don’t know the difference.

    I still remain the one and only original Dr. Drey, all fakers can go hug Ogun. Hahahaha.

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Hahahahaha…look at this jobless fool….LMAO. Keep it up….keep deceiving yourself…..LMAO. You gave yourself out already with this “…Nothing can stop me from defending Mr. Rohr, the NFF and Amaju…” Everybody here knows that I have never been a fan of the NFF or Amaju….I am probably one of the biggest critic of everone administering our football on this forum….LMAO. So continue to give yourself out. As you can see already readers know the difference…..they only need to spot the foolishness in your comment….LMAO. The same foolishness they used in tracing you the last time you faked an identity LMAO. So use my name for your nefarious activities till tomorrow, you can only wish to be Dr.Drey, you can NEVER be Dr.Drey.

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        Produce your birth certificate let us see if Dr. Drey is what was written on it.. until then, stop attacking my person. 🙂

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Hahahahaha….look at this worthless human being talking. Did the animal that gave birth to you also name you Dr.Drey….LMAO. Continue fooling yourself….LMAO The whole world can spot you foolishness from afar….it is not even taking them long to do that…LMAO. Rohr has turned you to such a hungry dog tht you have started losing your mind and cant help it anymore….LMAO. I’ll rather be a disgrace for supporting Rohr than be a hero for supporting people who made us the laughing stock of the African continent and not even qualifying for 3 out of 4 AFCONs EVEN AS 2ND BEST PLACED TEAMS IN THE QUALIFYING SERIES. May your own life be worse than what our FIFA ranking and performances were before Rohr came. May you NEVER be able to qualify for anything in your life. May you continue to face sack and ridicle everywhere you go and may your enemies make jest of you and use you as a symbol of failure and hopelessness. The Misery that has befallen you that made you take up the name of someone else to be relevant, may it continue to follow you till your 4th generation. May you continue to live under other people’s shadow and even within your family, may you never be recognizable until to pay obeisance to the name of someone else. LMAO.
          May that curse which you cursed yourself up there follow you and anything you lay your hands on. May your glory be assigned to the name of someone else and may your sweat and the works of your hands be bequeathed to someone else.
          You can only wish to be Dr.Drey…..LMAO, YOU CAN NEVER BE Dr.Drey.

          • If you’re not paid to defend such obvious mediocrity, I wonder what’s in it for you?

            All the nigerian coaches before Rohr were head and shoulders superior to him tactically. Amodu qualified us for the world cup, Keshi qualified Togo and Nigeria for the world cup even got us to the round of 16 while winning the Nations cup – a meager feat your boyfriend Rohr can’t even manage to attain with full support of your boss Amaju. Play good football na, for where.

            These Men achieved their results while being underpaid, unappreciated, and lacking in support. Yet you come here hiding under Dr. Drey like it is your personal property to talk all these gibberish?

            Oliseh and Samson Siasia are heads and shoulders better, your NFF couldn’t pay them their peanut salaries, but want them to die on the job because they are Nigerians.

            Your are either a rented e-diot or a simpleton.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            You must be stupid. Maybe you too are being paid to bring Rohr down, if Rohr has not been the reason for your current state of poverty and wretchedness, I wonder what is in it for you too to now turn yourself to a public dog.
            Since Amodu and Keshi are better than Rohr, go and wake them from the dead to coach the SE now na….LMAO. You will tell us if Amodu and Keshi ever inherited a team that couldnt even qualify for ordinary afcon back to back and even made us the laughin stock of the whole africa. Your Oliseh and Siasia who are better than Rohr started on the same salary scale as Rohr (about $30,000), but combined to miss 3 out of 4 AFCONS nd dragged us to no 70th in the world from no 34 where we were after 2010 WC. It has taken 10 yrs under a certain Rohr for us to get back to where we were wen your failures who couldn’t even qualify for ordinary afcon as best looser (usually 10 or 12 qualifying groups) left us. Rohr took over with similar pay and exact same players and working conditions and we qualified for WC in a group consisting of 3 of the best and highest ranked teams in africa at the time. He’s been doing a damn good job slowly and steadily and we have been rising from the shit holes your tin-god guadiolas who cannot even get jobs AS GOOD AS THEY are….LMAO. NFF didnt owe Siasia and Oliseh’s players match bonuses of matches played since 1 and a half years. NFF didnt go and disrupt Siasia and Oliseh’s trainings before important qualifiers….NFF didnt owe them 3-6 months salaries every blessed year….NFF didnt move their matches all over the country like a cow like you. Yet they still failed even twice sef….LMAO. Under Rohr we have so become used to winning that draws seem like a loss……draws we would ahve gladly prayed for under your tin-gods who are only good at analysing matches for Supersport when their mates are actively coaching in other countries. Even when we loose under Rohr, we lose gallantly, we make our opponents cry before they can go home with a win. We are playing the most fluid football we have played since 2000 AFCON, we got to the semifinals of a 24 team Afcon which is the Final of a 16 team Afcon of 2013 and a guaranteed win of the 12 team afcon of 1994.
            Your stupidity and hatred sees that as moving backwards while not even being able to qualify even till the 96 min of the last day of qualifying as progress. May such kind of progress (where you struggle till the last second and still not make it) continue to follow you and you unborn children and grand children. Since Siasia and Oliseh are your gods, may the height they got to in their senior coaching careers (failure and mediocrity) be the height you get to in all your endeavors in life. Bloody bastard of a racist.

    • Chinedu 7 months ago

      Can’t wait for CSN to fish out the multiple names he is using to deceive people. Only if forumites are paying attention, the very moment he makes a comment and gets a lot of dislike, by the time you come back, you will have over 20 likes in the span of 3o mins. Criminal like you, dem don catch your wayo

  • hello my ppl pls dont get confuse here, the old dery is for roha the fake dery is against roha. The fake dery is disgrace to his family for impersonating a guy like him men you dont worth just go and kill yourself you re dead already

  • AbdulA 7 months ago

    lol…and its so easy to differentiate between the real and fake Dr. Drey.

  • I think the dice is now cast at CSN.

    Help us & create something such that one can be identified with, not this one that some one can decide to clone somebody’s name & vice versa.

    Each time we log in to this portal, some little change is droping in csn account, why not make this forum conducive for all to enjoy….

    We can’t delete comment once posted even if u make error while typing, editing is another one season programme.

    We keep typing our name and email in every comment, haba; so stressful to me sometimes….

    Sometimes u post a comment without seeing it until u repost it b4 its appears on the comment section.

    CSN pls create a platform where we can use our image or any image of our choice on our profile so we can know who is who incase 2 pple bears the same name….

    We are tired of typing our name and email in every comment, help us have a registered name/email so we can only type our comment and send biko….

    This site should not be runned like this na….
    Upgrade this forum biko.

    • On a norm this should not even be possible to register same name twice on a forum, it shd have pop up as been used when the new drey intend registering with same name on forum already, this speak volume of CSN not doing a good job in this regard, there shd be at least something to differentiate both names to avoid conflicts of this nature. I will advice our main and original Drey to stop replying the fake Drey. And CSN shd take note and act accordingly .

  • DrinkWater 7 months ago

    LMAO you guys are funny mehn.. Gosh lol the guy said is it your fathers property and peeps are actually begging him to add new or Alhaji.. Lol OMG!!! Am definitely bookmarking this webpage..

  • @Dr. Drey (the original one)….

    A wise man uses stones that are thrown at him to build a house…..

    Try and look beyond the name so u can persive who the person is….

    I suspect the cultprit may be the last person u had a row with on either friday/saturday…..
    U pple had a row and it lasted a while that day…. Some abusive words were thrown at each other…

    Read through the lines of his comment and pick the similarities….

    Lastly; i think the difference is clear…. He’s in the camp of regressive progressive while u are in the group of the “real” progressive fan of SE… Just let him be…. We know him and can spot the difference except for the newbies and the gullible ones….

    • If being 5th place in FIFA ranking, fastest attack in the world, 3rd best goalie in the world best right winger in the world, all achieved within 4rys in 94 is what you term “regressive progressive” yet sliding into soccer oblivion in same 4yr time frame with harpless plays is what you term “real progressives” success is indeed far from your DNA. You epitomize all that is not right with Nigeria, and indeed all of Africa.

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Fat lair….When were you ever rated fastest attack in the world…? When did you ever have the 3rd best goalie in the world….? When did you ever have the best Right winger in the world. Pls show us the FIFA or FIFPRO Awards or the IFFHS records and ranking that EVER put any of your players as the best in the world. Bloody lair.

        This is the 1994 FIFA all-star team named by FIFA
        Belgium – Michel Preud’homme

        Brazil – Jorginho
        Brazil – Márcio Santos
        Italy – Paolo Maldini

        Brazil – Dunga
        Bulgaria – Krasimir Balakov
        Romania- Gheorghe Hagi
        Sweden – Tomas Brolin

        Brazil – Romário
        Bulgaria – Hristo Stoichkov
        Italy – Rob

        These are the awards after USA 94 world cup.

        Golden Shoe – Hristo Stoichkov & Oleg Salenko
        Golden Ball- Romário
        Yashin Award – Michel Preud’homme
        Best Young Player – Marc Overmars
        FIFA Fair Play Trophy – Brazil
        Most Entertaining Team – Brazil

        Who deceived you that you ever had 3rd best goalkeeper in the world or best winger. Bloody ignoramus….!!!

        Our 5th place ranking was because FIFA only started ranking teams for the 1st time a few months earlier and so we had won more competitive matches which included in the AFCON early in the year 1994. We didnt have to climb from the no 70 were your noisemaking guadiolas dumped us. We rise on average of 10 places annually since Rohr came. We remain one of the steadiest risers in the FIFA rankings in the last 4 years. LMAO
        Go and update your self…..Fool..!

        • Lolz Fake Dr. Drey, stop foaming at the mouth. Google is your friend. Use it and have some sense.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Idiot….I never knew google now give awards on behalf or instead of FIFA….LMAO. I just showed you FIFA all-star 11 for the year 1994 (the one they now call FIFRO XI), I’ve also showed you the best 11 team of the tournament from USA 94…..pls show us where your best winger and fastest attack and best goalkeeper is….LMAO. You think everyone is a fool like you….LMAO. 3rd best goalkeeper in the world my foot….LMAO. 3rd best goalkeeper in the world that was clubless and almost missed out of our 94 AFCON and WC squads until he got a club with a relegation battling team in Holland or best winger in the world that isnt even half as good as Segun Odegbami both in dribbles, scoring and assisting….LMAO. Continue with your stupidity. Everybody when using my name, you shame is still spread out in public for all to see. Cant you see how everyone is beginning to identify you…LMAO

        • Lolz e dey pain the guy Sha. No worry, to this na small, your head go soon explode. LMAO!

    • KangA 7 months ago

      Thanks. I would go ahead and add that this development is highly repulsive in a Nigerian forum, which recognises unity in diversity. A  wiseman in a typical Naija village will smile and tell his disciples that all fingers are not equal. That means a lot. If they were, the hand would be useless organ. The dexterity of the hand is directly attributable to the unequal size of the individual members.

      The original Dr. Drey has placed a curse on the person impersonating him. This person may take it lightly, but that curse is a powerful warning. It is a plea for redemption. Pardon me for philosophising but we are individuals because we have special identity. People have fought wars for nothing more than being recognised as persons with peculiar identities.

      There maybe billions of people in the world but one person would put forward his opinions, and if they build rather than destroy, transform people’s lives. To assume the identity of another person and say things that person would never say or do things that person would never do is at the same time admitting that you are a nobody, occupying the space meant for someone else—stealing oxygen. A case of openly admitting that you don’t have your own identity.

      I still believe that Nigerians are people with high intellectual abilities who can come together to discuss problems and find amicable solutions. We shouldn’t resort to this kind of shameless identity theft to silence an individual in he opposite camp.

      The ancient Athenians would challenge their opponents to a public debate in the Capitol. That is why they have left indelible marks in history.

      Another issue of note. People abuse free things. Instead of thanking CSN for giving us the opportunity to have our say about Nigerian soccer, we are rather using the forum to haul abuses and insults on one another. Perhaps you think CSN is amused about this unhealthy development. They are not, and I suspect they’ll wield the big hammer to scare off lowlifes from this site: maybe making it a subscription-only site. A word, they say, is enough for the wise. 

  • if e nor be drey e no fit be drey, you can differentiate both of then, the ORIGINAL drey is wasier in writting in thinking is far head of the other FAKE drey, if e nor be panadol e no fit be sorry FAKE drey. pls the real drey continue am enjoying your analysis thank you.

    • Lolz @frank my brother don’t mind him. I have already placed a curse on him, that is why he is acting confused. LMAO.

  • drey you never know the person? me don know the person, e no day use e account for comment again since den na the fake drey him they use now hahahahaha

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Hehhehehehe No mind am. I don beat am black and blue before….LMAO….use am clean public toilet naim make nor fit regain in sanity any longer. He has seen he cant stand side by side with Dr.Drey in anyway, that’s why he also wants to take up such a golden name by force. The name everyone comes to CSN to read…Lolz. He doesnt know how he can get his revenge and he thinks taking up my name to spew his senselessness will help him….LMAO. Unfortunately, his usual stupidity that has been following him since his mother hatched him still gives him out. He don change name sotey in name don become history…he first came as paul, then shifted to Pompei..then to Dr Drey (without the dot) when he was found out he shifted to Dr.Drey….Lolz…..and that is the way he will continue to roam the earth aimlessly like a distressed spirit till the earth consumes him. He never see anything yet….Lolz.

      • hahahahahahah yea,he will continue aimlessly

      • “…he first came as paul, then shifted to Pompei..then to Dr Drey (without the dot) when he was found out he shifted to Dr.Drey…”

        Lolz… Like joke like play you done dey mad.

        • Chinedu 7 months ago

          Wonders shall never end, we know say he dey use multiple name, na the mumu followers no dey read along the lines. Abeg carry go Dr drey, dem goon bring out his identity

  • @dr. drey (the copied one).

    U said success isn’t in your DNA???

    No wonder u have to hide under somebody’s name to gain a little recorgnition.(inferiority complex at its peak).

    All forumite get recorgnised without cloning somebody’s name.
    The make intelligent comments & stand by it & they’re known 4 that.
    They aren’t naive or feel intimidated by any body.

    U are the only person that feels intimidated bcos of the interlectuals on this forum hence u must hide behind one of the most intelligent personality (THE REAL @DR. DREY) to gain a minute recorgnition & u call that success.

    Successfull man, keep it up.

    Had it been nigeria were ranked 30th or 40th when Rohr took over, by now SE would be among the first top 10th or 20th in the world.

    Check the steady rise…. From 70th where our quardiols dump us to 35th in 4yrs
    Moreover we’re not in the 90s.
    This is 21ist century.

    Mr 1994, is it the same football rules that was used in ur ancient days soccer we’re still using today?

    A man success in his DNA… clap for urself.

  • CSN should go study South Africa’s kickoff.com and see how they try to keep things clean and decent there (although there are always a few jabs and banter here and there, which can be healthy sometimes).

    All these jibber-jabber and mudslinging can be distracting and a big put-off. Heck, they may even negatively affect your Google/SEO ranking, CSN.

    Go study the kickoff.com plugin they use (DISQUS, I think) and upload or buy it. Comments are verified and identities are sacred (You can never clone, steal or duplicate them). Guys, raise your game.

    It’s also very flexible and allows you to use emojis and upload memes. It’s a lot better than whatever comment plugin you guys are currently using. They also don’t allow Google AdWords, which really keeps the interface interesting and uncluttered.

    Remember, CSN web team, Google keeps updating its algorithms and their ranking factor, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one. They just might be penalising site filled with slurs and gbas gbos like yours soon, which means your current DA and TF might take a plunge anytime soon and your first page ranking for search for sports in Nigeria might go off 1st page SERPs.

    Just that so many people are either not interested, serious or knowledgeable enough. It’s not so hard to knock off CSN from number 1 spot in terms of online sport news in Nigeria. Owngoal and the rest are not even real competitions. News once in a week or when SE have a match in a week or so. CSN is laid back cos they’re more or less a monopoly in digital sports broadcast in Nigeria. No real competition.

    • Lovely suggestion. This way we will know who is what. And I can assure you that all these comments will reduce by at least half. I can confidently say that about half a dozen of most of these comments are from that fake Dr. Drey using multiple a counts to peddle nonsense.

      Better still, CSN can apply the same technic as goal.com that ties your comments to your Facebook or twitter account. This way we can put faces to people who make idiotic comments and shame them properly.

    • pompei 7 months ago

      Kel, I totally agree with this submission.

  • Gideon-S 7 months ago

    Lol, Is very simply to understand, the fake is on red and original is on black name “Dr Drey”

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    What is going on here now? Why everything is almost fake or totally fake in this country? So, we have fake Dr. Drey on this forum now abi? Wonderful lolz.

    That means we have black Dr.Drey while the other one is red Dr. Drey, ahahahaha. This is very funny ooo. What can we call this now?

    I don’t know o.

    @Kel, well spoken bro.

    Well, akoba gafara.

    Unbelievable. CSN, over to you o. Hmmm. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!