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Onuachu replaces Osimhen In Nigeria’s Squad For Algeria, Tunisia Friendlies

Onuachu replaces Osimhen In Nigeria’s Squad For Algeria, Tunisia Friendlies

Genk of Belgium Paul Onuachu has been handed a late call-up for Nigeria’s friendlies against Algeria and Tunisia, reports Completesports.com.

Onuachu will take the place of Napoli striker Victor Osimhen who has been excused from the games by the Nigeria Football Federation.

”🔊 ❗️❗️@victorosimhen9 has been excused from @NGSuperEagles’ games against Algeria and Tunisia. His replacement is Paul Onuachu. #Team9jaStrong #SoarSuperEagles ,” reads a tweet on the official Twitter handle of the Nigeria Football Federation.

Napoli stars Piotr Zielinski and Eljif Elmas tested positive for Covid-19 following the side’s 6-0 win against Genoa last Sunday.

The entire Napoli squad, including Osimhen will self-isolate for 14 days to guide against the spread of the virus.

Onuachu last featured for the Super Eagles in a friendly against former world champions Brazil in October, 2019.

The 26-year-old has scored seven goals for Genk in the Belgian Pro League this season.

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The Super Eagles will face Algeria on October 9 before coming up against Tunisia four days later.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Empire 4 years ago

    Well deserved !!!

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Onuachu your juju dey follow Desser oooo lol. u wan kon bench am for SE too, shoo u wicked ooo lol. Desser is a fine player and should definitely be given enough time by GR to really really see him not just a few games and discard him. Most players need time to adapt to their new environment, dropping players after a few games wont help their confidence and dont get me wrong the national team is not a rehabilitation centre but we all as people require 2nd chances. My thoughts only

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    This guy was never on standby list, why him instead of josh Maja?

    Onuachu is good in his own way but  didn’t fit the current style of the Super Eagles .
    The current team plays with speed, counter attacking which didn’t suit this man as he is too tall to run ‍♀️.

    Must we change the team style to suit him?
    Even if we do , do we have good crossers of the ball?

    How good is our midfield, can we dominate our opponents?

    I just hope oga Rohr knows what he is doing.

    Congrats to you Paul!!

    • All politics. so what happened to the other players on the standby list. Are they not good enough

  • Ololo 4 years ago

    rohn is sending a message to all the players,,, do crazy stuffs for your club and you would be invited whether on stand by or not..

    Expevt the boys to sit up in their respective clubs.

    He is undoubtedly the most in form striker.. Congrats to Paul

  • One man food is another man poison.

    The exclussion of OSIMHEN bcos of COVID19 case pave way for ONUACHU just for the main time.

    You better use this opportunity wellaaa else, i repeat; else…

    If i were you i’ll try as much as possible to convince all the people that does not celebrate average display from strikers; Bcos Strikers are known for hiting the back of the net or creat scoring chances as the case of one “BOBBY FIRMINHO” that rarely score but does false work up front.
    Not a type that never show any sign of doing either of it.

    Onuachu do something now and make us to have a rethink; u were not even in the standby list but ROHR still want u to prove a point.

    Had it been it was JOSH MAJA that was not in the standby list and ROHR picks him ahead of you, his haters would have started wailing, crying and gnashing their teeth.

    Now the whole world is in peace.

    Me i don’t have any problem o!; but do what you did against egypt and make us to have a rethink.

    We can still forgive u.

    i don finish my own.

  • NDIDI out…..

    OSIMHEN out…..


    …. And boom; ALGERIA & TUNISIA carries the day….

    Haters pops up with their normal CRITICISM….


    But let me not say something shar….

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Before it was why onuachu wasn’t invited. Now he has been invited, they have shifted to Josh maja. Lol. People can be people o. E go make sense make rohr invite their ancestors and grand papa so that they’d be happy. Comedians everywhere. Dem go just deliberately talk trash to draw unnecessary undeserved attention.

  • Empire 4 years ago

    But Victor Osimhen is in the lineup to start today’s evening game against Juventus….

  • chuks haifa 4 years ago

    Ademola Lookman is something else today. He is coming to bench guys in super eagles

  • I guess a lot of people are happy now!

  • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

    No sir. They are not happy.

    I’ve said it before, some people will make good town criers, because they cry about everything. They cry all the time. If Rohr invites the usual 23 players they cry that rohr is too rigid…to conservative, he does not create competition bla bla bla…..he calls up 6 new players at a go, they still cry for the old regulars. When he calls up players from the top 5 leagues alone…they cry…now he calls up players from denmark, austria etc….they still cry. They cry that his team lacks creativity, he names 10 creative players in his call up, they still cry looking for where creativity will come from. He does not invite Onuachu…they cry….its politics, its federal character, rohr knows his starting XI (I dont know which coach in the world does not know his starting XI), bla bla bla…..Rohr calls Onuachu (the most prolific Nigerian striker in Europe since the last list came out), yet they still cry…..it is politics (againnnn), why onuachu, why not maja, why not others.

    I only thought it is on the last day there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, but the weeping we see here on CSN makes one feel the dreaded last day is here already.

    Ndi town criers…una ndo o…! LMAO

  • This is the real reason Osimhen Pulled out of the International Friendlies against Algeria and Tunisia I would really like to hope so for Rohrs Sake.
    If not Rohr should be disgusted for making such a Disgusting decision against our Star Stricker who needs all the confidence he can get from Nigerians and Nigeria considering he is our Most Expensive footballer of all time FOR A REASON I MIGHT ADD that’s why we should be praying he does well for a positive Image of Nigerian footballing talent from an International perspective. I think the below is the real reason otherwise with this one move Rohr has proved all his critiques (including me) right in a big way. Why not exclude Iheanacho???? have you guys asked urself that question??? Why the STAR of the moment.

    Who God has blessed no man can touch

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    Make your own point and stop looking for a fight.

    Everyone is entitled to his opinion, you can’t force me to start thinking like you, you hear?

    As a progressive I’m only interested with the progress of the team, that’s why I will keep contributing in making the Eagles great again.

    Oga Rohr knows I want him to succeed.

  • Edoman 4 years ago

    In rohr l trust until he prove me wrong. Why wasting your time when you can not effect any situation. Your negative talks can not change anything. The coach has everything to loss if he mess up and not you. Why don’t you depend on his judgements regarding his professional approach to his callings. Why are you pretending as if you know more than the coach ?. I can’t understand some of you the way you are assuming the Rohr’s role in here. It is like you are talking to yourself most of the time.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha….they are waiting for friday to come, fasting and praying that Nigeria should lose so that they came come here to jubilate. That has been their forte for over 4 years now. The one that is fed up of the continuous sadness and disappointment of not seeing Rohr lose many games has been changing mouth of late claiming to be a huge supporter of Rohr and “wanting him to succeed”.
      Friday shall come and they will return to their covens in shame as always….LMAO.

  • Rohr is German, and he is there to bring mixed biracial Nigerians to play for the super eagles. Onuachu is trash, he doesnt suit the style, many times I watched him and he doesn’t show up. Dude is tall like a titan but not really compact, doesnt know how to use his height as an advantage. They’re many one capped Nigerians who haven’t been called up again because of Nigerians on social media looking for mixed Nigerians to play for them (dessers), for players like Peter Olayinka and Josh Maja to be dropped. Next world cup around the corner, I don’t know how much is gonna take for fans to know this team is going in no direction. This team should have consistency, not swapping in players who is hot, especially on social media.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Lmao!! They’re gnashingly waiting and hoping for a loss on Friday so that they can jubilate and pop champagne of abuse on Rohr’s head. That’s all they’ve been fasting and praying for since last year November. They’re the progressive regressive indeed Lmao!! It doesn’t matter what the results will be it’s just a friendly to try different tactics and formations. By Gods grace Rohr will continue to shame them as he has been doing over the last 4 years. 

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    When we are talking that Oga Rohr is an average coach of all time, his followers will keep fighting everybody as if Super Eagles belongs to them forgetting that Super Eagles is the property of every Nigerian.

    You invited Onuachu without good crossers of the ball on both wings and you are expecting him to score goals for you in both friendly matches? Are you kidding me coach Rohr?

    You should go and watch Onuachu video clips on YouTube so that you can understand how you can use the lanky striker in a way that suits his style in your team.

    Instead of you to invites a striker that suits the pattern of your style but you opted for a striker that can’t functioning well with your wingers? This is very embarrassing Nigerians.

    As long as you do well on Friday no problem. But if you fail to impress us in both matches chai, No comment for now. You can call back Ighalo if you want no wahala. It is too early to talk. NFF should get an expert to help Oga Rohr after the two encounters. That is my own advice. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      The same omo9ja who only days ago was bleating lamentations here and there on why Rohr refused to invite Onuachu….now Rohr as invited Onuachu, it has become a problem. LMAO. Let Onuachu score on friday or tuesday now, he will come here and tell us he discoverd Onuachu since 10 years ago
      Confused people.

      • Oakfield 4 years ago

        Lol….omoConfusion. Shebi na u just few days ago dy lament upandan like a hungry ajegunle dog why rohr no invite onuachu, that he was better bla bla bla. Now he has been invited, you have shifted your mouth to not having better crossers. Na so your mouth go dy shift from side to side until u go find your am at the back of your head. Confused fellow

    • @Omo9ja…

      Thrash as usual….

      Always upside down in reasoning….

      When will u reasonwell and post without hatred?

      So bcos of one average player a coach should change his tactics to fit him….
      How about the other 10 players?

      We all know this thing, u want to give excuse b4 time incase ur PAUL LEWANDOSKI ONUACHU fail to deliver…..

      But it is useless mentality….

  • KangA 4 years ago

    So embarrassing how people who had arduously opposed the retention of Rohr have turned back, after their evil intentions had been busted by superior reasoning, pretending to be Rohr’s supporters, but questioning his team selections. If I may ask — I don’t care about your insinuations — who are you to question a sound professional  who has already written his name in gold in the history of Nigerian football? Is it a joke to take us from numero 70 to 29 in FIFA ranking? Do these fellows think they have a greater stake in the SE than Rohr? 

    And if “Rohr’s supporters” had not argued their case forcefully backed with statistics, would NFF had listened? 

    Please take a stand. We don’t want chameleons on this site. 

  • pompei 4 years ago

    On the basis of Ademola Lookman’s performance today, I would love to see him get a chance in the SE. His game has really matured. The over-dribbling is gone. Now he uses his dribbling intelligently, and is more of a team player. He dominated proceedings when he was subbed on today against Wolves. Gave the Wolves defense a torrid time, especially their new signing at right back, former Barcelona boy Semedo. A sure banker to start future Fulham games.

  • Edoguy 4 years ago

    Onuachu uses juju to bench Dessers

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Guys, we don beat this issue of Onuachu issue to death so let’s move on. He was chosen based on form for the past few weeks. People are saying he is not fast and doesnt suit the SE style of play cos our style of play is fast counter attacking football and our wingers are not capable of weeping good crosses, my brodas does that then mean our wi gets are no good? Aren’t wingers by trade suppose to be able to cross balls, I have seen kalu, Simon, chukwueze etc weep balls into the box for their respective teams after beating their markers for dia respective clubs. Are the wingers in Genk not fast? How come Onuachu still scores, but we are to blif he is slow, if he is that slow how does he get to crosses weeped by these genk wingers. People will say he probably only connects to set pieces which may be true. If our wingers aren’t good at weeping the balls for strikers to attack, then I suggest they go learn as that also adds a different dimension to their game ( na asset). Am not a big fan of Onuachu as I would have preferred sadiq umar but I can’t disregard Onuachu’s present form. People are complaining why Maja wasnt invited ahead of Onuachu since he was on the standby list, how many people will honest pick Maja (1 goal in like 5 games) over someone with 6 goals in as many games. Am not a coach and it seems the coach has his plans so we should respect his decisions, good or bad. Also we neva play match so people don dey say we go lose, we as Nigerians aren’t blessed with dat defeatist mentality, no be our portion. SE go out there and strut your stuff and let the chips fall where they might. We have some good players, let’s trust them and the coach. Like someone said it a friendly game, but a friendly game with implications (fifa ranking and positioning for the world cup draw if we qualify for that stage). Are we not 9ja again. Guys mek we calm down and enjoy better sugar on Friday and Tuesday. My thought might be contrary to yours and that’s ok too.

    • @proudly 9ja….

      U are just spewing thrash….

      Some times i wonder whether most of u guys in this forum understands the art of this game….

      Onuachu playing in belgian league is being compared with a french league1 striker…. Chai!!!

      Let onuachu come to league1 and score 6goals in 4 games let’s see….

      Common afcon he can’t even creat an impact, it is the french league1 where world class players like MARQUINHOS, KIMPEMBE, T.SILVA(now in chelsea), VERATTI et all are playing that he will come and override french defenders…


  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Broda, no vex we aren’t quarrelling, I wasnt gonna reply u bcos we are flogging a dead horse but I decided otherwise. Bro, u can only play against the team in front of you. The osimen that we are celebrating today when to your world class ligue 1 from Belgian league and painted it red. Simon moses also played in belgian league and is performing well in the same ligue 1. There is no certainty that if Onuachu goes to the premier league sef that he wont perform and bang goals there. It’s only if you are God that knows our future can you boldly predict that Onuachu wont do well in ligue 1. Again we are not quarrelling, I know u want the best for the SE hence your opinion, I bet if Onuachu comes and starts banging goals for 9ja and SE and we win the nations cup and accidentally worldcup lol, u and I will be celebrating. Ur opinion and mine don’t need to align on all things. I respect your view as I think a healthy conversation devoid of insult is healthy for all of us.


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