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Osimhen Needs To Leave Napoli —Oliseh

Osimhen Needs To Leave Napoli  —Oliseh

Former Nigeria international Sunday Oliseh has urged Victor Osimhen to leave Serie A champions Napoli.

Oliseh said this after reacting to a video where Osimhen arrived Napoli’s team hotel ahead of their home game against Udinese on Wednesday.

In the video Osimhen shared a handshake with Napoli Team Manager but ignored some of his teammates following his fallout with the club.

His fallout with Napoli was as a result of the controversial video posted on the club’s TikTok account, where Osimhen was mocked while appealing for a penalty against Bologna at the weekend.

Osimhen’s lawyer, Roberto Calenda put a statement on his X handle that the Super Eagles striker could consider suing Napoli.

The striker was also reported to have deleted every Napoli-related posts on his social media.

Commenting on the whole issue, Oliseh wrote on his X handle:”Forever proud to be Nigerian; One must show personality, work hard & refuse to be intimidated. let Racists and ingrates talk! That’s why they are eternal losers who secretly wish they were created like you! Osimhen needs to leave Napoli as soon as yesterday!!.“

Osimhen was in action for Napoli in midweek and got one of the goals in a 4-1 home win against Udinese.

It was his fourth goal in six games in the league for the champions this season.

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  • Ako Amadi 9 months ago

    Totally agree with Oliseh, who has played football in Italy, and knows the terrain very well. There’s an internal plot within Napoli, for reasons not well-known against Osimhen.

  • Hmm! Oga o! 

  • You guys will mess this guy up. What is racist about the tik-tok videos ? Is he the only napoli player that has been mocked on the tik-tok handle. I beg make we rest. What we Nigerians and Africans do to each other is worse. Besides Napoli has shown this guy so much love , even when he exibited irresponsible behaviour during COVID. Stop inflaming this discussion.

    • Apparently yes, when he was even refrained to acknowledge some invitations to the SE before… if He was a white guy they wouldn’t have done such.. I particular know they would do everything to demoralized him this seasons, especially from hs frenemies in the team…

      • @Yk Apparently No! Do you realize the tik-tok account has been used to mock other players and not Osimhen alone. What is racist about someone missing a penalty. Also Osimhen has referred to himself as cocoanut head Those videos are created based on the Algorithms of tik-tok.

        And since you decided to bring up the Nations Cup, Osimhen was injured before the start of the last Nations cup and his recovery happened just as the Nations cup was about to commence . Besides did Napoli not release him for the nations cup and world cup qualifiers . Remember the effect of the injury he picked up at the world cup qualifier between Nigeria and Ghana before the last world cup , and how this affected Napoli’s next matches during their scudetto chase.

        This club helped to build the brand of Osimhen, they have been patient with him and the city of Naples loves him and it is known for its liberalism . You should check out the comments of Coulibally on Naples and Napoli , they are not racist. If you take some time to read into the history of Naples , you will understand why.

        Which frenemies in the team? can you elaborate on this, then i can respond.

        • Footballfanatic 9 months ago

          You have obviously not travelled or you lack exposure….Why wasn’t Kvara mocked after his penalty miss against Liverpool…..Or is it not these same racist that handed Kvara the most valuable player in Series A ahead of Osimhen but guess who is in the top 10 of the ball d or…..Let’s face fact the mockings of past players. On that tik Tok is very different to that of Osimhen and this come at the same time he had a spat with the coach. They really wanted to frustrated this boy…

        • Ignatius Abo 9 months ago

          Thumbs up brotherman @Footie Fanatic. You nailed it. Racism is bad, Osihmen was treated in a very terrible way. He should have sued them.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 9 months ago

      @mr Ayo
      You need to go and educate yourself – open your eyes and stop thinking like a caveman, maybe you have had no exposure to the world apart from in Nigeria, which makes the NONSENSE you’ve just said a little bit excusable, but know this!- Your kind of attitude does more harm to black people the world over than any of the evils that blacks do to one another (which is real) and the evil of racism(which is also real) – Stop talking nonsense and if you have no real understanding of underlying issues, don’t just jump in offering your own naive opinion.

      Remember what Alexander Pope said? (and if you don’t then let me enlighten you) –

      “Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

      Don’t be a silly fool like many old retarded morons on here and think before you speak, and if you are not entirely sure of something being said then don’t rush in offering a dumb opinion – do some research before wading in -don’t be like the old cargo slaves on here – We all know who they are – This is not an attack on you but some helpful life advice, take it anyway you will but I know how I would take it if I were you (with humility, learning and understanding) – You say people speaking facts will mess him up but the treatment he is receiving from Napoli is building him up abi? Come on man!

  • Ako Amadi 9 months ago

    Osimhen has to be careful Napoli don’t implicate him in a sex or drugs scandal. Remember, Italy is the land of the Mafia and fascism

  • @Field Marshal. You have offered NO opinion on the issue at hand. Now let me offer you some life advice always stick to the line of dicussion.

    I doubt if you even understand or know what is going on at Napoli nor did you reflect on your response and that is why you respond with such naive arrogance.

    But if you have any level of decorum in discussion, I repeat once again “What is racist about the tik-tok videos ? Is he the only napoli player that has been mocked on their tik-tok handle ?

    If you cannot answer these questions , then i cannot respond to the crude myopic nonsense you consider a response.

    • Abdul 9 months ago

      Ayo please stop this naivety. That video was ridiculous, and the fact that you keep appraising the “he’s not the only one that has been mocked in tiktok video” is outrageous. How many Osihmen do they have? Yea, I guess. Osihmen has barely put a foot wrong since he joined that team. That video was nothing but a mockery….nobody does that to their own player. It’s stupid on their part. The guy will walk into any team in the world right now and command a shirt…and yes, he’s that good. Field Marshall’s response was a bit too much and out of context, but you are also not getting a grip on the whole situation.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 9 months ago

        Too much and out of context ke?
        Na wah o!
        So who made you context police? Please address the originator of the comment that I responded to just like you are also doing and leave my name out of your mouth please o.
        Thank you!

    • The video has a racist undertone if you look closely at it especially the cocoa nut part……Racism is bad and unacceptable in any form and you don’t justify racism by comparing what black men do to each other.,….Blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites too and that should not be used to justify discrimination.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 9 months ago

      Again, another typical knucklehead Nigerian…I feel sorry for you – Continue barking like a dog, because you feel offended by what I said – know that it was your stupid stance and response to matters on ground that made me respond to you in the way I did – Now you want to blow English and come back abi? lol Okay o, if you like continue to pass up the opportunity to elevate yourself – it is your problem, I have said my own.
      Because you’ve heard the term “myopic” you want to prove that you too can use big big English – I who is trying to help your dumbass have no “decorum” another one you just discovered abi? lool –
      I don’t know what is happening in Napoli? bruhahahah! Okay o Mr Napoli himself, let me just leave you alone – Every time you try to educate a blockhead Nigerian like you, it always descends into disrespect and disagreement – oya, jog on my “enlightened” friend SMH!

  • Footballfanatic 9 months ago

    Isn’t it even stupid to mock your own players??? What kind of bullshit do they run in Naples….They keep using the same excuse that other players have been subjected to such….If I had a penny for every time Insigne missed a penalty, I would be rich but yet no tik Tok videos….And realistically I’ve checked online and not more than 2 players have been mocked on that tik Tok and it was a loooong time ago but they deem it fit to do this to their most important player at a difficult time for him…..Only a moron would support such …No other club have I seen mock their own. It can take a psychological toll on the player’s performance..

    • Ignatius Abo 9 months ago

      Right again @Footie Fanatic. Insigne was terrible yet there was no tiktok video on him. You continue writing good things my brother, keep it up.

  • Ako Amadi 9 months ago

    The Italian media give the impression Napoli arrived Lagos to drag Osimhen out of poverty
    Victor had played for Wolfsburg in Germany. Charleroi (Belgium), and Lille in France before Napoli

    • Chinedu 9 months ago

      And no one cares, last last they still paying his sorry ass

    • Osimhen is on the bench o for today’s match, Italian mafia don relegate our guy… If this guy get sense, make him japa as fast as em legs fit move am! I hate see finish… Shioor

  • Jackson 9 months ago

    Thumbs up Ayo. You have said it all

  • Folarin 9 months ago

    Nonsense advice from an ex-player. Kindly tell us what’s racist in the video. Am happy they cleared the air that he wouldn’t be the only player to be joked upon. Let him grow up and stop acting entitled. Thanks Ayo for your response. We just have some cavemen on this platform. Let one person point out what was racist about the video.

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