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Osun Gov. Adeleke Hosts Super Falcons Stars Ajibade, Imuran

Osun Gov. Adeleke Hosts Super Falcons Stars Ajibade, Imuran

Super Falcons duo of Rasheedat Ajibade and Rofiat Imuran were hosted by Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke on Sunday, August 13.

Both players hail from Osun State and presented their jerseys to the Governor as well as a customized jersey bearing the Governor’s name.

Adeleke commended the girls for their efforts at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Ajibade and Imuran represented Nigeria at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The Super Falcons bowed out of the tournament after losing 4-2 to the Three Lionesses of England on penalties.

Adeleke took to his Twitter handle to reveal the details of the visit.

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“This morning I received Osun State-born Nigeria Super Falcons players, Rasheedat Ajibade and Rofiat Imuran. I commended their efforts during their time in the tournament and restated our admin commitment to the growth of the girl-child and sport development in Osun State,” the Tweet reads.

Ajibade made three appearances at the World Cup while Imuran was an unused substitute.

This was the Super Falcons’ ninth appearance at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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  • pompei 10 months ago

    Hosting the players for “ordinary” round of 16?
    Some forumites frown at this. For me, I think it’s very ok!

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahaha…..are you minding that moumental delusionist….LMAOoo

      Apparently there are no out of school children and extremely poor people in Osun state. That state must be a 1st world state….LMAOoo. Having a reward system is only synonymous to 1st world countries.

      Some breed of human beings are bettered ignored.

      • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

        @Dr. Drag, it sounds as if you’re one of those out-of-school children since you keep failing to grasp an elementary concept such as the Strawman Argument you’ve keep regurgitating…SMH

        Meanwhile, don’t you have a job or even a life as you stay camped on CS seeking validation from faceless strangers. The fact that you measure your worth in life by desperately seeking to “win” Internet arguments is a pathetic self-commentary. Some breeds of humans need not to have bred at all. LMAO

        • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

          Hahahahaha….Why am I not surprised? To a mad man, every other person except himself is the mad one……LMAOoo.

          Of course, I am an out-of-school child, but my common, basic intellect is intact and sharper than that of a lunatic masquerading as a realist…LMAoooo.

          I can see that your inability to “win” this one, as hard as you think you have tried, is paining you to your blood cells……LMAOoo. Sorry ehn…! I feel your chest pains…! LMAOOoo

          At least, I am not a useless drunk delusionist who goes on ranting about Nigeria’s 3rd world status as an alibi for administrative incompetence, lack of public accountability and gross negligence of its athletes, and inability to provide even the most basic of needs to its ambassadors by officials who smile to the bank with millions of dollars’ worth of loot from the sweat of this same ambassadors.

          Go and read how Ola Aina too is complaining about lack of good playing surfaces in the country and how it is affecting their performaces…..LMAOoo. I guess he too has no right to complain about that because he knew Nigeria was a 3rd world country where fools like you masqurade as letterd people, before he decided to commit his international career to us. A country where everything, inlcuding the basic ones, is impossible and people should just learn to live with it that way……LMAOoo. I guess countries like South Africa, Angola, Cameroon, Morrocco etc that have good international standard surfaces where we play away from home and churn out impressive results are 1st world countries with sky-high GDPs and zero poverty indices….LMAOoo

          Of course, I dont have a job, and I dont have a life, that is why you are here seeking validation for your stupidity which unfortunately seems not to be coming from anywhere…..LMAooo. Thank God No one put a gun to your head to be painstakingly (albeit unsuccessfully) justifying stupidity with verbosity and wildly diverging innuendos….LMAOoo….and still coming back with more stupidly insensible and amazingly uncorrelating positions.

          What desperation…..LMAOoo..!!!

          It seems Imuran and Ajibade do not have pre-season to attend, nor do they need any “much needed rest”, which is why they could make out time to honor a “1st world State” like Osun’s invitation to a state reception in appreciation of their efforts.

          Go and drink pesticide now that Osun state government has shredded your smelly argument into tatters…..LMAOooo.

      • pompei 10 months ago

        The self styled realist is as delusional as ever.
        The delusionist continues to wallow in his delusion.
        Indeed, Osun state must be an oil-rich, first world state to take the unheard of initiative of hosting athletes that have done the state proud. The governor must be off his rockers!
        According to the esteemed delusionist, Nigeria’s status as a 3rd world country is a valid excuse for not providing adequately for her athletes. Even the funds that came directly from FIFA that grew wings and flew out of the windows of the Glass House, our esteemed delusionist is convinced that our 3rd world status justifies that.
        Morocco, Senegal, South Africa and other countries in Africa that make an honest effort to adequately provide for their athletes, are they not 3rd world countries? Our esteemed delusionist has dodged that question to the point that we need to seriously consider changing his name to THE ARTFUL DODGER.
        Elegantly, expertly dodging questions that do not further his delusionist agenda.

  • Ako Amadi 10 months ago

    Governors from the Northern States of Nigeria don’t appear to be hosting any Super Falcons from their states.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 10 months ago

    Good job my dancing senator to now my dancing governor, that’s good encouragement. I wish to meet in person one day, Odogwu with good and happy heart.


    Well done Governor. That’s a classy way of honouring heroes and heroines.

  • Papafem 10 months ago

    While their journey may not have taken them to great distances af WC, there is an undeniable allure surrounding this team that has captured everyone’s attention.

    I’ve been following the Super Falcons since 1995, and throughout the years, I’ve witnessed numerous SF teams. However, none have displayed the level of organization, cohesion, and resilience that this current squad embodies. Even though the 1999 team had its merits, their attacking prowess was overshadowed by lack of defensive frailties which saw them losing disgracrfully to the US in a group stage match and honourably to Brazil in the quarter finals. The number of goals they concerned was in double digit just in 4 mstches played despite scoring in all of them.

    It’s safe to say that facing this present team, the Americans and the Brazilians wouldn’t have had the luxury of such an advantage. If the current Falcons possessed the scoring process that the 1999 team exhibited, they might have very well clinched the coveted cup.

    Governor Adeleke stands as a prime example of an individual who, like many of us, has been genuinely elated by the Super Falcons’ remarkable performance. Given his capacity as a state executive to host the state’s natives at the venue, celebrating their achievements becomes an obvious choice. Were I to be in a similar position, I would undoubtedly follow suit. The celebration isn’t merely about their advancement to the WWC’s second round; it centers on their approach to the game — the unwavering hunger, patriotic spirit, and indomitable attitude. This is precisely what the governor is honoring, and the significance of this noble gesture should not be underestimated.

    Imagine being a parent and witnessing your child receiving recognition from the state’s governor — someone you might never have had the privilege of meeting, let alone dancing with. The emotions must run deep, filled with an overwhelming sense of pride. That’s exactly what happened and we need to respect that.

    • Papafem 10 months ago

      “Defensive organization” I meant. I’m sorry for the mix up

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Intelligently said Papafem.

      Anyone who has followed female football in Nigeria since its early years will not but concede to the fact that this 2023 class is the cream of the top. The rest may have dominated Africa (of course it was Nigeria and the rest back then) but on the global stage (be it the world cup or the Olympics), this team has been the one that really earned respect for Africa. I have never seen non-African opposition coaches (Pauw, Weigman) praising an African team like this team since our Atlanta 96 Olympics feat.

      We were unmoved by the current Olympics defending champions (More or less like the current World Champions via the Olympics route), unshaken by the hosts, and unperturbed by the current European Champions (more or less like the world champions without US and Japan). The latter two are meeting in the Semifinals and at least 1 will play in the finals or possibly win the title. Only time will tell if we may have just been whiskers away from being said to have defeated both the Winner and the bronze medalist of the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

      Do these girls deserve to be applauded……Absolutely!

      Would it have been out of place fort them to be treated to a state reception…..Hell No!!!

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