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Peseiro Favourite To Become New Super Eagles Head Coach

Peseiro Favourite To Become New Super Eagles Head Coach

Jose Peseiro is the overwhelming favourite to land the Super Eagles coaching job, according to several media reports.

The Portuguese is in extensive talks with the Nigeria Football Federation and an announcement will be made once everything is finalised.

Peseiro will be on a monthly salary of $50,000.

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The 62-year-old was originally expected to take over the Super Eagles after the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon before the NFF settled for Augustine Eguavoen on interim capacity.

Frenchman Laurent Blanc, Ernesto Valverde and Philip Cocu were rumoured to be among the contenders for the position.

Peseiro has also managed the Saudi Arabia and Venezuela national teams in the past.

The NFF named Salisu Yusuf, Finidi George and Usman Abdallah as assistant coaches for the Super Eagles last week.

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  • He had managed Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, and so? My grouse is even that he will be earning a whopping sum of 2m Naira monthly.

    • Okay, here’s another ‘Kel’. Not mine.

      • Omoba Greg 2 years ago

        Kel, I encountered same thing sometimes ago but I can assure that your line of thoughts will differentiate between you guys. Feel free. I’m just concerned about Jose Peseiro and Eguavoen.

    • Rasaq 2 years ago

      @Kel, that is 24million Naira per annum just to send invitation letters to foreign based players, too bad. And Nigerian students are still at home due to ASUU strike. NFF go soon here am.

    • When will NFF learn from their past mistakes. The Amaju led administration should’ve done better and go for an upgrade and top notch coach and not an average coach who have done absolutely nothing in all the countries he has coached. This NFF board are only interested in there pockets, hence their preference for a coach who has absolutely nothing to offer the super eagle. It is high time the Amaju led administration vacate the glass house and allow patriotic Nigerians who prioritize the progress and development of the round leather game in the country to run our football. As a matter of fact i do not expect any positive things from the Amaju led administration. They are no longer pertinent and the Nigeria football need fresh breath. God bless Nigeria, Nigerian football will rise again….

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      I say… By the time Amaju finishes with NFF… ten-teh will be our national sports.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        You want a foreign coach… Now you have one. I don’t see see the reason for complains now…

        • Dennis 2 years ago

          Shut up jimmyball. We all stuck with rohr because we saw visible improvements from where we were. You all clamoured for change. We said if rohr should be changed, it should be a coach better than him. Clowns like you and that omo9ja wanted anyone but rohr. Now that the one you all said would do better than rohr has failed at the AFCON, failed at the world cup qualifiers, you are trying to act smart

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahahaha…you would stop at nothing to malign me.

          Impersonating me to drop your usual “By the time Amaju finishes with NFF” trash wasn’t enough for you, seeing that it drew no reactions, you still came back to drop another senseless dig just to try to hoodwink everyone into believing that indeed I am as senseless as you want to portray me…..LMAOoo

          Kudos to you and keep it up. Keep fooling yourself thinking you are fooling the rest of the world.

          Thank God sensible people on this forum already know what I stand for.

          And latter you’ld come squealing your “this is a faceless forum where nobody gets paid…” what nots…LMAOOo

          So much desperation for faceless forum where nobody gets paid…!!!

          I can see that dumping your impotent local apprentice cobblers whom you sheepishly and shamefacedly chose to fail with for a foreign coach is really shoving you in deep psychological and mental distress…..LMAOooo

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Don’t expect too much from this current NFF as long as Amaju Pinnick remain the NFF President.

    What is the achievement of this coach?

    I will prefer Egbo, Finidi and Amunike to this Paseiro.

    Are you still expecting from NFF that brought Salisu Yusuf back into the Super Eagles?

    Our system is very corrupt and I don’t expect anything excellent from NFF. If a leader doesn’t know shame and fail to resign, and the citizens failed to react then, this is what you get. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Peters 2 years ago

      The people you mentioned though one of them is a recorded serial failure, are assistant coaches. I think we should be concerned on how Oleseh should be appointed to get the boys ready in time for the afcon23 qualifiers.

      • Olakunle 2 years ago

        Eguavoen jooo. Which Oliseh?

      • The major problem of Nigerians is that we forget things easily.

        We shouldn’t forget what happened to Super Eagle team when Oliseh was the coach.

        • Edoman 2 years ago

          Oliseh is completely of out it. How can a people forget so soon. You mean that Nigerians are so mumu to even mention Oliseh where decency and professions is considered vital for National sucess.

    • Dennis 2 years ago

      Omo9ja please keep quiet. How come you totally abandoned your Mr no nonsense? How come you aren’t in support of total football anymore? We saw how Nwakali, sadiq umar, awoniyi, olayinka, Dennis, Amoo,bassey and all the players you slaughtered rohr for not inviting, gave us the AFCON cup as well as qualified us for the world cup. You said any coach except rohr can excel with our current squad. So let us wait and see how this coach, who won only 1 match out of 10 matches for Venezuela would excel. Shebi rohr was your problem

      • Friday 2 years ago

        You are spot on. And going by the facts on ground, Austin Eguavoen credentials tower above other domestic coaches.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Dennis… Do you have shame at all? So it’s Olayinka, Awoniyi,Amoo, Bassey, Nwakali and perhaps Ndah, whom you forgot to mention, the reason we failed at AFCON and also, why we did not qualify for World Cup? That those guys were not a part of our WCQ playoffs and we still failed showed that those who always get the invited are also nothing but a bunch of average and overhyped players… I don’t respond to some of you because your submissions are often empty and shallow.

        • Dennis 2 years ago

          @jimmyball you need to be checked. Rohr was achieving ALL targets given to him with the players he invited but you all said why was Nwakali and others not invited? You clamoured for his sack and you were super elated when your god, eguaveon called Ndah and others. You said we were gonna witness something different. Well, we did. We got ousted in the round of 16 by a covid ravaged squad without their head coach. We also saw another difference in rohr’s team to that of eguaveon’s for the world cup qualifiers. Bury your head in shame and admit you, omo9ja and that old clown, odegbami were wrong.

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      In my own opinion, coach Eguavoen has failed and he can’t be and he shouldn’t be the next coach of the Super Eagles.

      No1, he is not technically sound. Just like Oga Rohr.

      No2. He’s very corrupt and so biased in his selections.

      No3 He’s to soft to be the head coach. He can’t stand his ground.

      However, I still believe in Egbo. I have said this long time ago and if NFF can give him a chance against Mexico and Ecuador to see if he’s the man to be in charge of the Super Eagles.

      More so, I have nothing against Salisu Yusuf but NFF should stop recycling coaches of the Super Eagles.

      Age is on his Salisu Yusuf side and plus atrocities he has committed, it doesn’t sound well to put somebody like him in the Super Eagles.

      For Paseiro, his story will be like Oga Rohr in the end. Instead to waste time with Paseiro, I will advise NFF to sumourn carriage and put the best local coaches in the Super Eagles.

      Now, we have Ike Shorunmu, Enyeama also should be involved.

      Finidi George is now among the coaches which is good but he can’t do anything with the team. It doesn’t make sense to put Finidi George in the team as 3rd assistant coach.

      I will prepare Marnu Garba to Salisu Yusuf. Yusuf has been with Eagles for years and it does not sound well to ask him to continue.

      Besides, we need young local experienced gaffers in the Super Eagles.

      Again, Amaju and his company have to resign if we want the best for Nigeria. We need fresh ideas.

      I love coach Eguavoen but he has disappointed himself and he shouldn’t near the national anymore.

      How could Mr. Eguavoen did not invited Dessers, Adeleye, Nwobodo and Osagwe? And when Elegbete TV interviewed the gaffer about these players, he said they would get their chance while he preferred Ighalo, Akpeyi, Shehu and Uzoho which they eventually disappointed him in the end. Shall we continue with coach Eguavoen? CAPITAL NO NO.

      I don’t celebrate failure and I care for my country, this is why NFF have to think twice before they hire another coach. No time to check time.

      Cisse has proven his worth, I think we have our own that are better than Paseiro and Oga Rohr or any foreign coach that NFF are trying to hire at the moment.

      The current NFF have failed and they will continue failing until we have the right people to run our sports. No to Paseiro, Eguavoen and Salisu Yusuf period.

      Yes to Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Finidi George, Ike Shorunmu, Enyeama and Ikeme. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja Useless guy so no be Mr no nonsense eguavoen again you don change mouth god punish you. Go and beg rohr for giveness other wise you won’t know peace in ur life. Ok

      • Dennis 2 years ago

        Omo9ja has no shame. He hyped eguaveon and called him Mr no nonsense. He said we will see total football. Now story don change. As soon as his Mr no nonsense failed, omo9ja was saying we should go for olofinjana. He just says whatever rubbish comes to his head. The S3 rohr who you said was clueless did way better than Mr no nonsense

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          @Dennis, omo9ja has no shame because he was supporting coach Eguavoen during the Afcon but omo9ja doesn’t support Super Eagles coach blindly. That is the difference between you and I omo9ja.

          Coach Eguavoen have letting himself down and he got sacked period.

          Mind you, am a man of integrity value what is honest, true, noble, trustworthy, kind, and right, ahead of personal gain. A man of his word. So, if you don’t have anything tangible to say, go and sleep. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        @Frank, I can only wish you the same in uncountable ways and back to sender.

        A person like you who fails to know right from wrong is someone who lacks vision, no clue about what he’s taking about or having
        no knowledge of football or doesn’t know how NFF works to manipulate things in their favor.

        Firstly, was Oga Rohr the right coach to coach Super Eagles? No. The right thing is to fire the gaffer which NFF did.

        Now, Paseiro is not the right coach for Eagles. Even, the sports minister Mr. Dare is not satisfied with Paseiro. That means, Amaju and his people are at again.

        So, direct your anger to Amaju and his servants ok.

        Instead of you to keep praying for me, you are abusing yourself in a public place. Have a rethink young man. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I’m yet to hear any good thing about this Paseiro.

    I hope it’s not going to be another wasteful venture.

    I have confidence in Amunike than this man call Paseiro.

    NFF, think deep.

    God bless Nigeria.

  • Codex 2 years ago

    I thought the process of bringing in a coach involves letting him come with his personal assistant while the federation provides the other assistant as per the NFF constitution or are they ignoring the same constitution that led to erstwhile falcons coach dennerby exit. Shambolic and hypocritical process of appointment by the NFF

  • Peters 2 years ago

    How can you be having confidence in a serial failure? Or do you the Nff will just appoint anyhow person as the coach? U17 Eaglets, yes. The nff should be now know the most qualified indigenous coach incase Peseiro refused to honour the appointment. From my personal findings, Eguavoen is the man for the job but we must sincerely wait on the NFF announcement.

  • A domestic coach is more preferable but whoever the football house deem qualified should be appointment without delay after all it is not expected to be a 100% acceptance. Nff, pls give us a foreigner or a local coach.

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    All of them are “MALLAM” only those the day breaks on them call “BARAO”. Omo9ja why can’t you leave Salisu Yusuf alone, after all he had been punished for his offense ,what about those you known as angels? 

  • Vincent Matthews 2 years ago

    Having lost only 1 game in 7 matches and taking the Super Eagles from 36th to 30 position, FIFA, put Austin Eguavoen in good stead. We know facts don’t lie.

    • Corruption won’t allow some Nigerians to work with facts otherwise one should expect only the corrupt minded to go against the appointment of Eguavoen. In any ramification, he is eminently qualified. Just a chip in, people don’t even know it’s not easy to move a step upwards in fifa ranking.

      • Moses 2 years ago

        How you take know? Even when it is obvious that Eguavoen is the popular demand they will because of corrupted minds be tacitly pushing cases for confirmed failure. Sometimes, I wonder how some people think in this internet era.

        • Popular where ? Eguavoen disappointed many of us that stood by him please let’s move on. He has not done any coaching of note before being given that job

          • Moses 2 years ago

            @Phil: For losing just 1 match in 7 games? Or for moving 6places in FIFA ranking within just 3 months? Besides Uzoro mistake, explain yourself

          • @Moses,the last 3 games were largely uninspiring and were winnable games. He has a pattern of dropping the ball when you least expect, bottom line when there are crunch games and once the opponent circumvents Eguavoen’s default strategy he doesn’t recover. As regards FIFA ranking this is based on cumulative points over a period and holding brief for 3 months within the rating period should not give credit or be the major criteria for decision making. More so, this has hardly being a referral in retaining coaches across the globe. You may or may not agree with me but surely you will agree we need to move on.

    • Instead of hiring another foreign journeyman as SE coach with huge drain or our limited foreign exchange, I feel we should give Eguavoen time to correct his mistakes and the little lapses in the SE squad.

      A new coach will have to go from beggining getting to know the players and experimenting, a learning curve that Eguavoen has passed already. There is need for continuity and I believe Eguavoen need some more time with the squad. A fireigner may not understand the mentality and hard playing physicality of the African game and how to adapt. Experience,they say, is the best teacher.

  • From every indication and that is if sentiments are being eschewed, Eguavoen tops the chart of indigenous personnel. However, this NFF seems to be interested in a foreign coach which is clearly against the local content policy of the government that appointed the Minister of Youth and Sports.

  • Monday 2 years ago

    It is good that we have all come together to support the appointment of a local coach, the next line now is to choose from among the coaches the most qualified to enable us advise the nff properly. Guys, the floor is opened. For one, I choose Augustine Eguavoen.

  • Ukpabi D. L 2 years ago

    If we are going to have a decent appointment based on records, the NFF has no difficulty appointing Eguavoen forthwith. I am one of the numerous Nigerians who believe in our own formation as against slave mentality.

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    Eguavon is not sharp and is easy to control

    • Rolec Tmond 2 years ago

      Lef am hand, he’s we choice based on facts. Or tell us who has better record among them all.

    • If you visit Peseiro online library, he has a poor record. In 8 matches, he lost 5, drew 2 and won only 1 compare that to Eguavoen record and do that maths.

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    NFF went for the Cheapest among the lot. Its that simple. They knew who they wanted. They only added Laurent Blanc and the rest to calm our nerves. They knew they aren’t buoyant enough to hire any of Vervede, Cocu or Blanc. Peserio has always being on their mind since they decided to sack Eguaveon. Not sure I’m really optimistic. But then, he could turnout to be a gem. Let’s wait and see.

  • Samuel 2 years ago

    Truth be told, everyone is conversance with the fact that Cerezo is more qualified but are quick to point out Uzoho error the reason why the Eagles didn’t qualify for Qatar but they have forgotten that Roberto Mancini coached Italian national team didn’t qualify as well but the Italian FA and coach Mancini had long moved on with their other prospects.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    I would have preferred the WHITEST coach out of Blanc, Valverde Cocu and Peseiro.
    For me, Peseiro is not white enough. We need a coach with PAPER WHITE skin.
    Local coaches are not ready yet. Their time will come, but it is definitely not at this moment.
    OUR OWN came, saw and failed woefully. Now we can’t afford to joke around. We need the best, whitest coach.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Eguavoen is the worst coach Nigeria ever had. He’s an empty head when it comes to coaching. He should go and coach club sides and prove himself first as well as upgrade his coaching credentials etc. All these Monday, Moses, Leke and the rest who are one and the same person (most like Eguavoen himself) should go and Bury their heads in shame. Bribery and corruption won’t allow u guys to be objective. Even a dog is better than Eguavoen at least we know that a dog won’t be waiting for special invitation to travel to Holland in 1st class and watch Dessers closely b4 inviting him, and a dog won’t stick to archaic wing tactics and refuse to change it in the middle of a tournament, and a dog won’t lazily come to CSN to pick lineups from fans. Eguavoen was tutored by an assistant coach who used a covid depleted team to whoop his express yourself team. You guys should give us a break. Someone who NFF press like remote control, who invited Onazi to please everyone but when the time came to use him he went for someone not on standby instead. Eguavoen is the most corrupt coach in Nigeria. He is a curse to Nigeria. He should go and do something else abeg!!!

    • Mr. Nice 2 years ago

      Anyone still mentioning the names of Eguavoen, Amunike, Yobo does not mean well for our football, like you rightly pointed out let them go and prove themselves in the league or other smaller nations or junior teams before handling the national team. If I were the NFF president, I will make it a policy that only those who have track record of coaching should be eminently qualified to handle any of the national teams not some jobbers or these so called entitlement reeking Ex-internations.

  • Antonio 2 years ago

    May God help us all. It is quite obvious Amaju and his cohorts are hellbent in destroying our football.

  • Kenule 2 years ago

    That is indeed laughable. Someone who won an Afcon medal to go and first coach a club side first. Hahahaha! That is clearly the height of desperation. Let’s wait for the nff

    • Don’t him he is a sadeast. He knows the NFF will never touch what he has as coach, that’s why he is jealous. The fact still remains no indigenous coach is as qualified as Eguavoen. I only pray insecurity won’t scare Preseiro away.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Doubtful if Nigeria will honour the financial agreement on his contract. Ask Gernot Rohr! Surely Peseiro cannot be a fool.

  • Marculey Dafe 2 years ago

    I’m totally against a foreign coach though nobody is expecting everyone to support the appointment of Eguavoen anyway, but going by facts and putting sentiments apart, he is the most qualified amongst the local coaches. We all saw what he did within 3 months as an interim technical adviser. It goes to show if he has more time, say 4 years, he is certain to churn out good performance. The white coaches normally get rated at 4 years but Eguavoen is expected to be rated at 3months. I don’t get it.

    • pompei 2 years ago

      As a coach, you buy yourself time with your results. If you fail, your time runs out.
      Rohr came in 2016, and under 1 year, assembled a team that won a tough group containing Cameroon, Algeria and Zambia, qualifying for the world cup with a game to spare.
      If Rohr had messed up in the 2018 qualifiers, he would have been sacked. So Rohr bought himself the time he had with his own good performances.
      If OUR OWN had not failed woefully, he would still be the SE coach now.

      • Marculey Dafe 2 years ago

        Rohr spent more than 1year. Anyways, Eguavoen didn’t spend up to a year when he defeated the mighty Pharaohs of Egypt in an Afcon meet. In fact, he did that within only 2 weeks. I really believe he needs more time on the job though it is for the NFF.

        • pompei 2 years ago

          OUR OWN defeated mighty Egypt at the Afcon. But he lost in the round of 16 to a second string Tunisia team led by their assistant coach, because the head coach and most of the regulars tested positive for covid.
          That’s Nigeria’s worst Afcon result in the last 40 years.
          To cap it all, OUR OWN lost to one of the weakest Ghana teams in the history of Ghana football. OUR OWN had a superior squad, but could not take advantage.
          In his short tenure, OUR OWN failed woefully.
          If you hire a chef, and he burns down the kitchen, will you give him more time because in his first 2 weeks, he cooked a tasty dish? THE KITCHEN HAS BEEN BURNT TO THE GROUND. IT’S TIME TO LOOK FOR A NEW CHEF.

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      Ghana’s coach didn’t spend four months to secure a world cup ticket. If you’re good as a coach, you’re good. You don’t need an eternity to build your team. Eguaveon’s CV is apauing. Check it.

      1. 2003, U-17 WC, 1st round exit
      2. 2006 AFCON, 3rd place finish
      3. 2011 – we failed woefully to qualify for Beijing Olympic under Eguaveon
      4. 2012, failed Sharks FC
      5. 2013- failed dith COD
      6. 2014 – failed with Bendel Insurance
      7. 2014 – 2016: failed with Sundhine Stars and Gonbe United
      8. 2021 – 2nd round exit at AFCON
      9. 2022 – failed to qualify Nigerua for WC

      The only “success” Eguaveon achieved was the Brinze at 2006 AFCON. So, what’s the real motivation for NFF in appointing him? Some should answer that question

      • Marculey Dafe 2 years ago

        Score draw away goal rule. Coaches are not judged by that, otutu ode.

        • onwajunior 2 years ago

          It’s bcos of ppl like you, who sacrifice honesty, integrity and goals for cash, that Nigeria is still where we are today. If Eguavoen were a doctor and with his track record would you allow him to operate on you if you? You and I know the truth! Well, I don’t expect anything less from ppl who elected criminals to rule them and cry years later.

        • Yen yen yen…is the score draw away go rule formulated after SE played the qualifier? Or your almighty Egu did not know about the rules.

          He failed at Afcon and he also failed to get the world cup ticket. What else do you expect from your own?

          Are you not done failing with your own?

          If indeed we should allow a mentally inefficient man to conduct his mother’s burial as he dim fit, he might as well roast it. Lol

          Is it away goal rule that makes him lose against a Covid-19 ravaged Tunisian team coached by an assistant coach? Yeye people

          If NFF like they should appoint Peseiro as he is the only coach that knows SE players more than NFF president lol or he is the only coach that NFF can afford?

          We are not ready to move forward as a country and the problem is that when we are, the world will have left us far behind.

          Look at how Ghana FA changed the entire coaching team of Ghana after they failed woefully at Afcon, check out the forward thinking individuals appointed and see how they secured the world cup ticket at the detriment of Nigeria.

          Your own NFF said they have sacked the entire coaching team of SE and after few days, Salisu was retained as assistant coach without a substantial head coach. Lol

          Is it that Coach Salisu was that special to SE or their are no other qualified candidates that can take his position. Abi NFF has spoken with the coach to be and he said he is cool with anyone they choose for him as an assistant? Bunch of backward thinkers.

          Mr Amaju I take God beg you, please resign biko.

          You don try.

      • KENNETH 2 years ago

        Another rubbish has usual. Wonder what you use in judging a coach. Why don’t the NFF give eguavoen 6 years like rorh and lets see if he would perform. You all just like to rant with nothing to back your comments. The man didn’t lose the match leading to the world cup but yet he is to blame when the players o the field were not taking the match serious

        • Do you even read your comment before posting it?

          Is the players taking the matches serious under the former coach?

          The former coach didn’t win some matches as well and yet qualified for all tournaments. Where were you when SE smashed Algeria for the 2018 world cup play off and the coach is even on the verge of repeating the same feat before you all clamored for “your own” Egudiola that will give you tiki taka and good results and at the end tiki we no see, taka we no see. Worse of all, results we no see lol.

          The reason why NFF should not give Eguavoen 6 more years is because Rohr did not failed in his first three months. Egu failed at Afcon and we all hoping that if he get the world cup ticket we have no other choice than to support him but the man failed again and you expect me to be following him like a blind follower like you abi.

          The earlier you realize football is about results and not gimmicks the better it will be for you.

          • KENNETH 2 years ago

            Look at another peanut seeker speaking garbage. with all the tournaments we have gone to with your so called coach. The so called players were already dwindling under your so called coach, so don’t come here and be ranting crap. It’s people like you that enjoy kissing white’s men’s ass. Your almighty coach is still in the market looking for work. Thought with all this games to spare top teams would have being clamouring for his signature.

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 years ago

    Augustine Eguavoen an ex-player in the class of ’94, whose time the Eagles rose to 5th position in Fifa ranking, the highest any African country has risen.

    Himself a two-time Afcon medalist(2004 as an assistant coach and 2006 as coach). Just as Nigerians have alluded to, he, within 3 months revamped the fortunes of the Super Eagles though we didn’t qualify for the WC 8n Qatar, ensured the Super Eagles won 4 matches out of 7 drawing 2 in the process. I’m wondering what could be a better credentials amongst the available options. He also ensured that the Eagles rose in the fifa ranking, the record is once again there for all to see. This is a classic case of a square peg in a square hole.

    Being the most qualified among his peers, it is yet to be seen if the Federation will be appointing a foreign coach but Egyavoen is destined for greater things and Nigeria will benefit immensely from his technical tenacity.

    At the end of it all, whoever is appointed enjoys my cooperation.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Let Eguavoen take his destiny of great things to clubs or other countries. He must not limit his destiny to Super Eagles. He should present his CV to other countries to consider.

      Just as he did with the Super Eagles in 94, when his tackle knocked us out of the World Cup, his empty coaching skills knocked us out of the World Cup and Afcon. He is not competent to be in the Super Eagles’ setting. All the 94 set should go and build up with other countries, Eritrea, Gambia, Niger etc. before coming to coach Super Eagles, just as Keshi did.

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago

    ### WHAT A SHAME !!! ###

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Thanks @Pompei and @Papafem for pointing out the obvious. Eguavoen shouldn’t even be mentioned when discussing Super Eagles coaching jobs. He has failed multiple times and has refused to grow/learn from his failures.

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    If they like emplore gadiola and klopp. If this current Set of FA chairman man still there. Nigeria football will not move forward. We need to start fixing people that knows the game in our all round sports activities not politicians.

  • Codex 2 years ago

    Personally I prefer Philipp Cocu because our football philosophy is Dutch(slick passing and possession of the ball,flair, compressed lines in defence) which was first introduced by Clemence Westerhoff in 94,and the likes of Siasia,amuneke,amokachi,finidi,late Keshi etc were exponents of that style of play,and as coaches they used something similar to it to certain degrees of success unfortunately our inept football governing body failed to build on it over the years by going against the grain and it killed our football from top to bottom and even after the failures,they can’t seem to figure it out,when they talked about setting a committee to help reform our football from grassroots to international Level,the Style of play which represents our own football philosophy and makes us different from the likes of Ghana,Cameroon etc should be at the forefront of it but instead they are going after coaches when the real work is within,until we reform our football first we Will keep going in circles as football nation.

    • That style of football no longer wins games. Soccer is a very physical game, this is why European sides have dominated world football over the past decade 

      • Codex 2 years ago

        It still does look at City, Spain,even Italy besides European teams are the least physical of all football continents but you’re referring to athletism (lots of sprinting,running which encourages the Gegenpresse) which is the trend now in Europe but they make sure that their technique is also on point to balance it even the slick 94 SE had big,physical and imposing players so one can’t be one dimensional in football nowadays, flexibility is a must.

  • For me..I’ll love to take positive from any situation. One of the best coaches to ever managed Nigeria was Otto Gloria, A Portuguese/Brazilian so may be Paseiro too can work for us, westerhorf didn’t have good record before he became our manager.
    Venezuela had never qualified for world cup before and have we ever asked ourselves this question,..
    “Which Team did they play with in all those 10 games that Jose Paseiro managed”? And which team did Eguavoen won against, Drew and lost against and what was their situation before we met?
    Jose Paseiro 10 games, Won 1, Drew 3 and lost 6 (Remember,a coach can be the best when he manages good players). Guadiola can never succeed with derby county..lol
    1 Colombia (3-0) Loss – Away
    2 Paraguay (0-1) Loss -Hone
    3 Brazil (1-0) Loss – Away
    4 Chile (2-1) Win – Home
    5 Bolivia (3-1) Loss – Away
    6 Uruguay (0-0) Draw – Home
    7 Brazil (3-0) Loss – Away
    8 Colombia (0-0) Red Card, Away
    9 Equador (2-2) Draw – Home
    10 Peru (0-1) Loss – Home..
    To be continued…..

  • For our own Eguavoen…
    6 games, Won 3, Drew 2 and lost 1.. Sounds good right?
    Egypt (didn’t eventually quality for world cup) (1-0) Win
    Susan (3-1) Win
    Guinea-Bissau (0-2) Win.
    Tunisia (no match won in the tournament untill…) (0-1) Loss
    even sacked their coach after the tournament..
    Ghana (0-0) Draw
    Ditto (1-1) Draw
    Note: Ghana was on rebuilding process with new coaches and players with bad records before we met,
    So for me, Eguavoen has tried, we need to move on.

    • @sean, your frantick effort at digging out these records will not allow egu disciples to dispute you.

      That we even have them still preaching Him baffles me.

      Those two draw against Ghana technically amount to loss for egu and Nigeria.

      Anytime anyday egu will always struggles tactically against a sound coach.

      With a team made up of eleven defenders and just one tactically sound coach am sure egu will probably loss against such team.

  • In response to @Monday as above, someone mentioned Amuneke and I laughed. See his record as below:

    CECAFA Cup-
    19 Dec 19

    Kenya: 2
    Tanzania: 1

    CECAFA Cup ·
    17 Dec 19

    Uganda:. 1
    Tanzania: 0

    CECAFA Cup · Group stage ·
    14 Dec 19

    Sudan: 0
    Tanzania: 0
    CECAFA Cup · Group stage ·
    10 Dec 19

    Tanzania: 1
    Zanzibar: 0
    CECAFA Cup · Group stage ·
    8 Dec 19

    Kenya: 1
    Tanzania: 0

    Africa Cup of Nations qualification · Group stage ·
    19 Nov 19

    Libya: 2
    Tanzania: 1

    Africa Cup of Nations qualification · Group stage ·
    15 Nov 19

    Tanzania: 2
    Equatorial Guinea: 1

    14 Oct 19

    Rwanda: 0
    Tanzania: 0

    Africa Cup of Nations · Group stage · Matchday
    1 Jul 19

    Tanzania: 0
    Algeria: 3

    Kenya: 3
    Tanzania: 2

    Senegal: 2
    Tanzania: 0

    Egypt:. 1
    Tanzania: 0

    From the foregoing it is clear Amuneke has no business being an assistant coach in the first place and not to talk of seeing around SE top job.

    • Samson 2 years ago

      Eguavoen wanted to resuscitate Amuneke’s failing career but he bungled it. Sincerely, he failed even when he later went to Egypt.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      Ogbeni abeg if you have nothing sensible to share, go sleep. Does Tanzania have the calbre of players Nigeria parades. Please tell me one Tanzanian start that you know off. Maybe you forgot that the same amuneke you mocking took them to there first nations cup. So don’t understand the rubbish you placing here

      • Dr Bank 2 years ago

        @Kenneth, Olodo ni e o. Amuneke didn’t single-handedly take Tanzania to AFCON, he was in charge of 3 out of 6 Qualifying matches, won 1, drew 1 and lost 1 but lost all 3 matches at AFCON proper. Is that a feat to be proud of bro?

        • KENNETH 2 years ago

          And what exactly is your point? another fake doctor in the house seeking spicy peanuts. Oga, is it the past coach that will take the glory or the current coach. Have asked name one Tanzanian player that you know that plays in a big top club. So losing all 3 matches in there first appearance is now a crime, with bunch of local players at his disposal

        • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

          Kenneth, these Doctors cannot seem to get enough of your spicy peanuts. Throw some into the cage of this barking one.

          • KENNETH 2 years ago

            This one especially needs his brain frozen a bit. Don’t worry am bringing out something special from the Lab. Very soon they will all drop there stuid dr title.

  • Coache 2 years ago

    An army of goats led by a lion will definitely defeat an army of LIONS led by a goat.

  • ralph 2 years ago

    Its hilarious seeing all the name circulating here, Finidi, Oliseh, Amuneke etc. None of these guys has what it takes, so just keep the list. If you guys want them in job at all cost then give them the junior teams.

    And people are calling for top notch coach ? where ?
    Imagine Lauren Blanc or Ernesto Valverde agreed to come in, and then you are handing them bunch of assistants you already appointed to work with him, they will be on the next flight back to their country.

    We need a foreign manager to manage the NFF not just foreign coach

  • Abdulrazak 2 years ago

    Augustine Eguavon, is incompetent, tactically inept and technically impotent. Some retards have mentioned that he won seven matches, including, the win against Coton Sports! Really? It is cheap propaganda like this that has landed our football where it currently is. I am waiting for the usual trash write up, from Mr Arithmetical Segun Odegbami. His watery epistles are like my baby’s diapers! Usually full of S**T.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Eguaveon is been a reference to pain only in Nigeria football. Is he the only indegenius coach? He can’t even tie Samson Siasia’s shoe laces!

    • Dennis 2 years ago

      But he invited your Ndah. You praised him. Why the change of heart? Clown

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Please leave all this local coaches alone, if the NFF are not ready to give them time like there oyinbo counterpart then let them be. The moment they lose a game, it is there heads you coming for. When Rorh drew with sierra leone, rorh was no fired, when they lost to car, he wasn’t fired. Even at the world cup that they went out in the group stages he wasn’t fired, So why when the local coaches take over the team and lose or fail to qualify for a tournament, thats when they not competent, they bribe takers. Etc

    • Tristan 2 years ago

      Why should indigenous coaches get more time? They live in Nigeria, they know all the Nigerian players. Tell me any Nigerian football person that is not aware of Nigerian players individually and tactically. Would an Oyinbo coach know Nwakali or Etebo or Ndidi? Would they be as familiar as a Nigerian with the team tactics and culture?
      No, a Nigerian coach should not need as much time as a foreign coach to familiarise with the Super Eagles.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Nigerian football was a WORK IN PROGRESS under Rohr.
    OUR OWN came in, and everything came crashing down. Complete and total destruction.
    OUR OWN is not just inept and naive tactically, HE’S MORIBUND.
    Unable to respond to opponents that have some tactical nous. They don’t have to be tactically super like Pep or Klopp. They don’t even need to be average tactically. As long as our opponents have a decent idea of how Nigeria play and how they want to set themselves up to nullify our threats, OUR OWN is in trouble. He becomes a SITTING DUCK on the touchline.
    And OUR OWN is one of the most distinguished of our indigenous coaches!
    Our indigenous coaches are not ready for the job of SE coach yet. Appointing one now will likely prolong our misery, and will finally show that this current NFF has declared TOTAL WAR on our football.
    If the NFF really want to help our indigenous coaches, they should sponsor them to refresher courses. Help them update their knowledge. Invest in them this way.
    If we allow the NFF to appoint an indigenous coach at this time, by the time they are done with our football, we will have to join India and select CRICKET as our national sport.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      Work in progress for 6 years, lobatan. How long more did we have to wait then sir. Maybe you can share more light on that

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      @Pompei, Aba. If you called six years of Oga Rohr work in progress, what would you eight years of president Buhari?

      Why are we like this in this country kę. Can’t you see that we wasted six years for nothing ni?

      Another Oga Rohr in Paseiro, ahhh, Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria. Kai, Amaju, history will remember you that is for sure. Truth is bitter. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • @omo9ja, don’t ever compare Buhari 8years to Rohr 6years achievment again!!! Never again.

        With Rohr six years we 1.Qualify for 2afcon effortlessly.
        2.1 world cup effortlessly
        3. Afcon bronze after two years of absent.
        4.Assisted sisia during 2016 olympics where we won bronze again.
        5.Geometry improvement on Fifa ranking.
        6. Improvement on caf ranking.
        7. Upward trajectory of players worth and Value.
        8. Destruction of mafias in se and promotion of discipline.
        9.90% fairness in players invitation.
        10.Always meet the set target as a coach.

        1. Increase of insecurity
        2.Ruins of economy
        3.corruption on the increase
        4. Dead power sector
        5. Division of Nigeria along thin lines of religion and tribalism.
        6.loopside appointment
        7.Increase in debt both local and foreign.
        8. Abuser of court order.
        9.increase rate of unemployed youth.
        10. Increase rate of human abuse.
        11. Never meet amy target anf never fufill any promis.etc

        Please @omo9ja,let this be the last time you will compare the two. If rohr had continue as coach, I repeat if Rohr had continue we will never have crashed outside afcon in the round of 16 and fails to qualify for world cup.

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        Sometimes I wonder if this Omo9ja has any brain cells in his skull!!!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Ok oooo, Kenneth and Omo9ja,
    If I can’t call Rohr’s time WORK IN PROGRESS, what should I call OUR OWN’S time?
    In the 6 years Rohr was with us, we qualified for EVERY MAJOR TOURNAMENT, with games to spare. We went to one Afcon, and came back with the bronze medal. We lost the semifinal narrowly to a very strong Algeria.
    Our ranking went from the mid 70s to the mid 30s. A 40-step jump in the FIFA ranking.
    Enter OUR OWN.
    All the good work done in the 6 years has been brought to nothing in 3 months.
    In just 3 months, our football has gone from having very high short-term prospects to STRAIGHT INTO THE WASTE BIN OF TOTAL FAILURE.
    Eliminated from the Afcon in the round of 16 by a covid-depleted Tunisia. Our worst Afcon result in the last 40 years.
    And eliminated from the 2022 world cup by a poor Ghana side.
    So even the “unacceptable” work in progress we had under Rohr was still far better than the total destruction OUR OWN brought us.
    Unless you want to deceive yourselves. The glaring fact is that we fared much better under Rohr.
    Mr. Rohr will always be remembered fondly in Nigerian football history as the man who came in when others ran away, steadied our ship, and brought stability to our football.
    Going forward, we need a new coach with paper white skin if possible, who has the clout to take our football to a level even higher than Mr. Rohr left it.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Guys, I’m sure this rings a bell

      Remember when Paul Le Guen rejected Naija bcos of the targets set for him by NFF, and Rohr came and achieved those targets effortlessly? Rohr was building something. I don’t have an issue with replacing him, but there was no reason to replace someone who met all his targets. You gave him a target for Afcon, why not fire him after the tournament when he doesn’t meet that target? No…greedy NFF and ministry were already seeing fifa world cup dollar bills within their reach and wanted to milk every bit of it.

    • To make it worse are the people preaching to us a failure that couldn’t meet s target set for even after been the head of technical with the same team rohr left behind. You will wonder what has been doing all these while, after His bubles got busted by a assistant coach and depeleted team, boooom that was all.

      Selfmade make jest of him here that is one way coach and truly he never disappoint on that.

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