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Pinnick: Mexico Adventure Good For Home Eagles

Pinnick: Mexico Adventure Good For Home Eagles

The plan of the Nigeria Football Federation to get the Super Eagles B exposed to high grade international games to improve their level of confidence and aptitude remains in place, despite the defeat by Mexico’s ‘A’ Team in Los Angeles on Saturday, President of the NFF, Amaju Melvin Pinnick has stated.

Pinnick, also a Member of the FIFA Council, has also counselled the players to discountenance the high-score defeat and rather take to heart the great lessons of the encounter, while embracing the fact that they need such games to come to great stead and be able to compete creditably at international level.

“There is nothing that has happened here that will discourage us from pushing ahead with the plan we have for the team,” Pinnick said after the match watched by an impressive 53,258 spectators inside the LA Coliseum in the State of California.

“Our programme to get the team to a higher level through regular exposure to the toughest games possible will continue.

“I believe the players gave their best in the encounter, and the result could have been different if we didn’t concede those early goals and we took our chances that came immediately after.

“The difference was in greater experience and much more exposure, and nothing stops our boys from standing up to the Mexicans with a number of games under their belts in the next few months.”

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Star –studded El Tri mined immense psychological advantage from scoring two goals in the opening four minutes as Nigeria’s defenders were still settling into the encounter.

Livewire Anayo Iwuala muffed an opportunity and tripped on another, and El Tri went ahead to score two second half goals to wrap up the tie.

“I am strongly of the belief that the players should be commended for their efforts in the game. They did not just lie down to slaughtered. They put up a fight and were only unlucky.

“We will go ahead and deliver on the programme we have for them to be a much stronger team, as we look forward to the next African Nations Championship.”

The squad could make a return to the USA in a few months as the cooperation agreement between the NFF and the Government of State of Maryland starts to take shape.

Pinnick (on behalf of the NFF) and the Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford (on behalf of the Government of State of Maryland) last week signed a cooperation agreement based on shared vision and shared values and with the pillar of mutual understanding for rapid development.

The delegation of Super Eagles B is expected back in Nigeria on Wednesday morning.

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  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Hmm. Show of shame. See what is coming from Pinnick’s mouth. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I have removed Mr. From your name from now on because you don’t have respect for Nigeria and we Nigerians.

    Even our A team can’t beat that Mexico team.

    Your statement showed that you don’t know what you were talking about.

    You are a big disgrace to our football.

    You see the reason why Amaju Pinnick is not worthy to be celebrated CSN?

    It is very unfortunate that many of us don’t know their rights in this country.

    You keep celebrating our oppressors.

    When we are talking now, that Ayphillydegreat, Oakfield, Dr. Drey and the rest will keep supporting this looters.

    Most of you have bn living abroad for a while, just ask yourselves this question.

    Bn a first time overseas, how did you feel when you were going to school or working over there for the first time?

    That exactly what happened to our local team. Is Amaju has a right to do this?

    Were you not overwhelmed to the new environment? Their culture?

    If I hear you talking just any how about our home based team. Instead hold Amaju Pinnick for his actions.

    At first, that wasn’t our best home based team. NFF selected their players and they didn’t do that on merit.

    To be frank with you, I’m not in support of using our home based team against Mexico instead, NFF could have used half of the local players and irregular players against Mexico.

    Secondly, how could he Amaju sent our local team to play that match?

    He still have a mouth to talk wella that the local team still have another friendly match later in the year to be played? What a shame.

    He brought Oga Rohr to Nigeria without winning a tea cup and he signed a 419 contract with the gaffer and milking from Nigeria resources just like that.

    Nigeria is finished indeed. This is very frustrating and sad to see my country in this situation.

    Wicked people are ruling Nigeria while the great people of this great nation are not allowed to upgrade Nigeria.

    I have said this long time ago that only the one 1% is the hope of Nigeria.

    Is Amaju, Buhari, Obasanjo, Ayphillydegreat, Oakfield, Dr.Drey and Oga Rohr fans are among the one percent? I don’t think so.

    You will seeing them bearing street names and animal names and acting just as their names are.

    Just a quick question ni o.

    Are you among the one percent? Check yourself if truly you are.

    If Nigeria fails to qualify for next year world cup, I will put the blame on you Amaju, Oga Rohr and his followers. Keep celebrating Oga Rohr and his boss Amaju Pinnick and when the time comes, I know you all. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      Lmao!! I laugh in isoko. The die hard regressives at it again. Well if you want to know I’m one of very few Nigerians in diaspora who created/creates job opportunities for some people in Nigeria as we speak.

      I came to America at a very tender age so it wasn’t hard for me to be one of the top students in my class. From high school all the way to college I was always in the top 5 of my class if you must know. And I’m absolutely certain that other deserving Nigerians in diaspora like me have done the same. We are some of the smartest people you can ever come across anywhere in the world. Especially if you’re from Ekiti and Delta states. I represent both states with integrity because that’s where both of my parents came from.

      You and your die hard regressives are the ones clamoring for home based players to be called to the SuperEagles. The Pinnick I know is a fan of foreign born Nigerian players. You guys are the ones that made him dance to your tunes of plentifoools talents in the NPFL and there you all have it. So deal with it. The home based will play the WorldCup qualifiers in September. All our foreign players and foreign born players will not honor anymore call up and the home based players will qualify una for the WorldCup. Una never see anything Pinnick ṣẹṣẹ nmẹyẹ bọ lapo ni. Lmao!!

      • Philadelphia 3 years ago

        Look at this mechanic from Philly talking about you creating jobs for Nigerians in Nigeria. Look at this liar coming here to deceive Nigerians. Hope its mechanic shop you opened, because we know you very well, so don’t come here and open your yansh. Nonsense

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

          Look at this riff raff. Illiterate of the highest order do you know how much Mechanics make in the US?? Olodo Oponu changing his name to make himself feel good. Lmao!! Who are you deceiving? With my mechanical knowledge and expertise I still create jobs for people like you who have been sleeping under the bridge in Nigeria for so long. Everyone who know me will tell you that I’m working in the US Gulf of Mexico drilling oil for America. Go and check me out again. Bloody nonentity is here trying to seek attention. Even if I’m a mechanic I still use it to put food on the table of agbero like you. While all you do is disguise on the internet trying to defraud people. Are you not one of the useless worthless nonentity trying to steal from my account without knowing that I’m way past that level idiot. ọmọ oleeee.

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

            Lmao!! Imbecile of the highest order. Changing his name all the time from Ade to Kenneth now to Philadelphia. Sugọmu you think we’re has dumb as you are?? Go and continue to look for proof that I work in the oil industry. Idiot who are you trying to defraud?? Of course my mechanic work has been providing food for you ever since. Are you not one of my workers idiot. I’m the one feeding your family na. Your entire generation has been worthless until the came to your rescue. Make sure you clean up the shop today ok. Next week I will sent your salary Lmao!! You’ve been following me from africaplays that’s I’m the one feeding you and your generation. Bloody son of a animal. I picked you up from the gutters and I’m feeding you.

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

            Oloshi I should give you proof so that you can be able to use it to defraud me abi?? Is it not somewhere you see me working as a mechanic?? Why not go back there to see for yourself?? ọmọ ẹranko jatijati. You can never get that chance here the job I’ve already provided for you is ok after all you’re getting paid. The idiot who is now claiming to be preferring home based players and coaches is the same asshole on africaplays who was against the appointment of the African UnGuardiola at the time. Bastard upon nonentity. Come back tomorrow after you’ have borrowed money for data. Oloriburuku radarada. If you can ever get close to where I’m at your entire miserable generation will be happy for it

          • Philadelphia 3 years ago

            Why is your body boiling, because Iam letting the forumites know you are a scammer. Pretending to be what you are not. Mr liar next time I will suggest you keep quiet and not come here and brag. What’s there to steal from you, a wrench or screw driver. Let those under you be the one to be stealing your nuts and bolts. Maybe your tainted brain needs to be refreshed. Many old memebers of Africa plays are on this platform. So don’t understand the correlation between your lying self and who coaches the Super Eagles. You this lazy ass beggar. You are just a worthless pig. Obviously you just a coward, since you can prove what you claim you are.

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

            Mr scammer fraudster. You’re one of my numerous employees I picked up from Yahoo trap house when hunger has become your daily bread. You couldn’t find anyone to defraud again that’s why I helped your sorry ass to get a job at one of my numerous shops in Philly. You’re the liar here. Everyone on the forum know what I do.. At least as a mechanic I can command $5000 easily every month calculate that to Naira oponu. That’s what I’m using to feed your family shebi na Ade you changed to Kenneth that’s because you’ve been intimidated already. You will soon change your name to assholedelphia or weredelphia if you like change it to fraudstetdelphia we already know who you are useless nuisance.

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

            If you’re lucky enough to steal one of my screw drivers it will feed your entire miserable generation. Worthless baboon. That’s why I’ve told my shop manager to keep an eye on you when you come to work tomorrow. Lmao! Ọmọ agbero who I picked up from the gutters of idi Araba deceiving himself.

          • Philadelphia 3 years ago

            Look at this pathetic liar from the gutters of maroko, it is obvious you have no balls, thats why you find it difficult to prove your earlier statements. $5000 from your mechanic job, am just laughing my guts out from this lies again, with your lousy records as a mechanic. How many customers patronize your scamming self. Only you know the names ade, Kenneth you keep spewing back and forth, are they some customers you defrauded also. Am not like you and that as numerous alias on this forum. Mr man am not a beggar like those you deceiving back home with pack of lies of what you not. Am wondering why am wasting my precious time on a frustrated SOB like you. Like i asked, grow some balls and present the philanthropic work you claim to do. Hope its the right parts you using for your customers now, not the ones you go to the scrap yard to sort for. You this moronic bastard.

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          @Ayphillydegreat and Philadelphia, I am begging both of you to put an end to this matter for God sake.

          The issue we have on ground now is beyond this.

          We have to make sure our football is moving forward.

          May God forgive us all. I love you both. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Mind you dr drey have never supported pinnick pls don’t lie on his head ok

  • Gerrat here u idiot!always talk with both side of your mouth. Talking about not selecting the right player. If oga Rohr select his own u will say it’s not the best.pls who will ever select the best or right players?

  • Beryl 3 years ago

    I can see there are still people who are ready to always say the truth. just read https://www.goal.com/en-ng/news/olatunji-okuku-rohr-nigeria-npfl-super-eagles-players-not/17n9z0ongz4e91j83wdr120cue

  • Gbogboyin (NFF) including dare sima tee ni last,last night.

    You people want use super eagle to achieve hopeless goal abi.

    Eyin loju mati.

  • Beryl 3 years ago

    wind blow fowl yanch don open. they have seen that yobo cannot coach home eagle they lied to cover it up.
    salisu is back yobo relegated.
    abeg @aphyli cum take me go usa, i don tire 4 9ja make i join u drill oil 4 dem na my profression but 9ja no give me work.
    i b your isoko brother.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      Miguọ jare my brother. You see what we’ve been talking about all this while. It is now clear to them that Yobo is not capable to handle the Home based players that’s why they’re now turning back to Salisu. All we have here are mostly fraudsters changing there name from Ade to Kenneth now to Philadelphia all in the name of trying to seek attention. Irrelevant nonentity think we’re as dump as he his.

    • Philadelphia 3 years ago

      Unfortunately he is a scammer, who is living a fake life. Please focus on someone else that can get you here. Don’t bother wasting your resources on that liar from the pit of hell, who hasn’t taken care of his own generation but wants to care for other families

  • Beryl 3 years ago

    vree doo my bro, don’t mind all those town criers. we are watching them.

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