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Pinnick: Rohr Must Accept New Terms To Retain Super Eagles Job

Pinnick: Rohr Must Accept New Terms To Retain Super Eagles Job

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick has assured that a fresh contract for Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr will be ready in one week.

Pinnick however put a caveat that the contract will only be renewed if Rohr accepts the new terms of engagement.

The NFF boss disclosed that the new terms inserted in his contract include that: he must live in Nigeria, be ready to be paid in naira and watch league matches with a view to picking players that could be nurtured to become international stars.

“In one week, Rohr will get his contract, he should study his contract and come back to us. So, give and take, within seven days, he should have his contract,” Pinnick stated in an interview on Arise TV ‘Morning Show’ on Monday.

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“The only thing that can impede the contract is if he refuses some of our new clauses in the contract.

“He should live in Nigeria and go around to watch the league matches and see how to nurture the players.

“He has to be paid in naira, we will pay him naira equivalent of the dollars, we have to strengthen our currency. If he’s able to accept, we have a deal.”

The NFF President also assured Nigerians that getting a new coach won’t be a challenge should Rohr decline the terms.

“I get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here,”he added.

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  • I did nt pinnick is so usless like this; paying a foreigner with a local currency, god will punish this pinnick

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      …there is nothing wrong about the contract… When he receives his money he can convert it to foreign currency and use anywhere he wants. There is nothing wrong in asking him to live in Nigeria also…

  • Lol….. Monkeys and baboons. Suddenly, u realize that our dead currency needs to be strengthened, suddenly u realize and accept that you’ve been receiving calls from other coaches everyday. What the fu….. K!! Tell me a coach that is better than rohr that would accept to work in this funny and absurd atmosphere which you’ve created, not forgetting the habitual owing of salaries and witch hunting from good for nothing baboons. No good quality coach would accept it. It’s only a coach that doesn’t know his worth that would accept this nonsense of a contract. Yobo, u are welcome. Be prepared to take over, your evil schemes are already bearing fruit. Ndi ara!!!!!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago


    • Abdul 1 year ago

      Yes, as a Nigerian, i understand the fact that normal but rare things are seen as absurds because of what we’ve been through as a nation. For instance, we all tend to question a rich man that doesn’t have a “side-chick”. You can hear all sort of stuffs, all of which might not be true. Back to this….that oga Rohr has done his job well enough doesn’t mean things should be done out of order. It is only normal to pay someone with a currency of which country he or she works. Of course, why should he paid in dollars or pounds if he works as a super-eagles gaffer. I think this is even undebated for the elites.
      It is only right to say our local league isn’t in the best shape in the last few years, but if someone has agrred to take up a job of the national team, one of the priorities should be bringing-in and nurturing our local players in the national team, irrespective of the quotas. At least, we should have some of them in the team. It will not only encourages the rest of the boys, but will also give him (Rohr) the chance to see our football culture and where our strenght lies as a footballing nation.

      I dont think there are so many coaches (if there are any at all) that live outside their job-country like Rohr. I am of the opinion that if he lives in the country, he could have won more matches with better results. This is because, living here would mean, he would have friends and probably relate more with ex-professionals, who could help bring something different to the team. To the best of my knowledge, i think these terms are not in any way put up to sabotage oga Rohr, but to help improve his results and establish our respect as a country.

      However, the statement reported about oga Pinnick receiving many calls from coaches everyday sounds too “petty” from a man of such calibre. The man deserves his full respect as a coach of the national team and for the tremendous job he has done since he took over. The statement may mean he has some unscrupulous affair with the easy-going man. In my opinion, the german tactician deserves a new contract without reservation, and i believe he will achieve greater heights if allowed to stay a lil longer. God bless Nigeria.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    But come to think of it, do you have the right to devulge Mr rohrs terms of contract to the general public? Is it not supposed to be BTW you and your employee? What would u have done if it were rohr that devulged some sensitive terms of his contract to the general public before being signed? Last time I checked, you wanted to hang Mr rohr for letting us know that u were owing him claiming that he breached the terms of contract offered him. Do as I say but don’t do as I do. God will punish all of you that good things dey turn belle.

  • Lobatan

  • Paul Kelvin 1 year ago

    Honestly,our coach deserves to be respected.This man has done well,he should get improved contract not all these baseless conditions.Which local leaque do u want him to watch,what happen to our local coaches in the crew.Tell any local player that can display already invited to the national team.Who did this to Nigeria?

    • Goal 1 year ago

      Some of the conditions are really not that bad, like him living in Nigeria (as the head coach of Nigeria it’s sensible that he live there because that’s where he works)that’s agreeable with me.

      The second condition is that he will be paid in Naira (I’m also in agreement with it, he lives in Nigeria, works there, he should also be paid with Nigerian currency in order to strengthen our currency)

      The third is that he must go round and watch our league (again I see nothing wrong here only that no one should force players on him, he must be allow to do his job).

      The fourth that many coaches are calling and are interested in Nigeria should Rohr refused these conditions (yes they should because Super Eagles is big brand but we don’t want to enter from frying pan to fire or accept Buhari’s kind of fake change,that’s the area we need to be careful).

  • Naija 1 year ago

    They have made up their minds already. This is just a smoke screen believe me.

  • Presh 1 year ago

    That is how they killed Keshi, they owed him, now they are indirectly trying to chase this man away. He built a team, trust me, when he goes, some players as well we go because your stupid plan coaches you may want to bring in again will run down his plan. What league do you have in Nigeria that he will sit down there? What security do you have in Nigeria, where home based players are kidnapped brutally beaten. Nigeria you guys never learn. Rohr I beg you reject this contract. It’s an insult. NFF man I used to respect before, you fooled us going to snap picture with Ebere, foiled is going to beg Tammy Abraham, let the gaffer do his job. Nigeria will never ever learn and change. 

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Now everything is in the open. Go on and hire a stooge. I am pleading with Rohr not to accept any slave contract. Live in Nigeria and watch a dysfunctional league? 

    No remorse that a young man was wasted recently for lack of basic first aid or ambulance. Is that the kind of setting that would attract a coach?  There is even no need to negotiate with those coaches calling you everyday. .

    Let your Yobo take over as the chief coach of the SuperEagles. 

  • Phil 1 year ago

    Why is Nigeria allergic to good things ?
    Putting aside the words of Pinnick, the sense behind his talk is fu*ked, no atom of respect for a man that has done all these. They want this man off this Job, very obvious. Rohr should leave, but if Rohr stays , that will be a miracle.

    But if we start using calculators again, start declining on all phases, starts having management issues, it won’t be well 100% with anyone or group of people behind such atrocity

  • tayo 1 year ago

    Even the idiots and his guns are not leaving in Nigeria as such. I am hundred percent sure his family are living out side Nigeria. “He said he has so many coaches calling to coach Nigeria ” I hope those people are willing to accept all the conditions? We shall see.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    There we go again. I have bn saying that Nigerians have chosen the wrong person as their NFF president but majority of our people here were quoting me wrong.

    Now, you are complaining. Sorry, it is too late.

    I have two things to point out today.

    No1. NFF president.
    No2. Coach Rohr.

    However, according to the NFF’s president statement,

    “The only thing that can impede the contract is if he refuses some of our new clauses in the contract.

    He has to be paid in naira, we will pay him naira equivalent of the dollars, we have to strengthen our currency. If he’s able to accept, we have a deal.”

    Hmm, don’t start the battle you can’t finish NNF. You knew that paying the manager with the US dollars would be changed in the future and decided to be paying the gentleman Naira currency now, what happened?

    Your statement shows that you have made your mind on this man. Is it now you realized he has failed?

    Is it not make to get someone to support the man with a right candidate, rather than chasing him around? Call a spade a spade NFF and stop running around the bush.

    Last but not least, is coach Rohr the best for the position capital NO.

    Can he manage the team? Capital yes.

    Can he win something meaningful in any tournament? I doubt.

    Shall we keep him? Yes but on one condition.
    He have to be working with our ex players and NFF must change Agu as Eagles goalkeeper trainer and Oga Rohr should stop recycling players example are, Akpayi and Ighalo.

    NFF should stop disrespecting their employees. I’m in support of Oga Rohr only if NFF can get the right candidates to support the man.

    Our ex players are the best candidates to be coaching the Eagles if we have the right people in the NFF.

    Is either coach Rohr be supported with someone or our ex players such as

    Ike Shorumu
    Ikeme should be call on board and NFF have to give them a chance and free hand to work like they have bn doing to the foreign coach.

    The only problem we are having in Nigeria is our leader. They should be the one serving Nigeria but Nigeria is the only country that serving its ruler.

    Mr. Amaju is not the solution to Nigerian sports. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Meka 1 year ago

      1.Our stadiums are sub standard, football administrators  are not exposed, no var,  referees zero knowledge and no modern technologies. lLets start from there and leave Rohr alone please for now. 
      2.Paying foreign coach with local currency is laughable 
      3. Living in Nigeria for what? He uses foreign based  players for 99%. Our local players can’t even win  games within Africa. Rohr is not the one responsible for the standard of your league. Build mordern stadiums first and sports technologies. The world is moving on . Nigeria do they right thing. Lol

  • tayo 1 year ago

    You want a national coach to watch and develop your local league. U could have even said he should be the one coaching all the team in your God forsaking league. This man and his teams are not funny at all. It is not by force Rohr must stay as eagles coach, rather than coming with all these useless conditions, no world class coach in these world will accept this shit you called conditions. Even the reverned Westerhoff and Bonfire Jo didn’t live in Nigeria during their time

  • NFF needs Rhor and the coach needs the Nigerian brand… I see all this as just a way of clarification on both sides…they will surely come to compromise… Thor has really invested a lot of time and money on this team…visiting players in their club sides,convincing foreign born players to switch,monitoring players fitness abroad and so many more,he won’t allow lazy people like yobo reap the fruit of his labour… Moreover we have very young and talented team now that will mature into something very tantalizing by the next world cup and Thor surely wants to write his name in African history…. So chil guys its a win win situation for both sides and they will surely continue the marriage.

  • Olupotan 1 year ago

    We should be very objective at this time. I don’t see any fault with what the NFF president is saying here. I am a keen follower of Gernot Rhor but we all should know that we also need development in our local league.

    I don’t think it is wrong for Rhor to be living in Nigeria. Why would he be working in Nigeria and not leave here?
    The fact that we love him for what he has done and is doing for our national team should not make us oblivious of the rot being faced in other cadres of our National team.
    Just imagine how spirited our local footballers would be to know that the National coach is at the stadium watching them! Their games would be lifted certainly.

    And for the pay it is not wrong to pay in our local currency. We are struggling for stability presently as a dollar is almost N420 now. We need more dollars to strengthen our foreign reserve and I am convinced that paying his salary equivalent to his dollar pay is not witchunting.

    Nigerian players currently in the local league are such a global eye-sore and measures should be put in place to atleast have an appreciable number to play for the National team, the main Super Eagles.No one currently can dislodge any of our foreign players. This is disturbing!

    The onus is on the Helmsmen of our football, the NFF, to see that there is a massive overhaul of the status quo and a complete restructuring and this can only happen when the Senior National team coach has his input also on all sides.
    As much as I love Gernot Rhor for what he has done within the few years of tinkering our football and taking it to the next level it is also important we let the NFF do their job. He is wholly responsive to them and not vice Versa.

  • Sorry #Rhor not #Thor

  • “I get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here,”he added.

    Is that the source of your arrogance? Wouldn’t it be nice, oga Pinnick, if you told us the names or past/current posts of these coaches, so we can have perspectives?

    Does the list of your “new brides” include Guardiola? Or Renard? Wenger? Amunike? Who knows, you might even be referring to Aigbogun.

    By the way, has your questionable (political?) appointee, Yobo finally had time to call his head coach? All these your grand set up may crumble heavily. Everyone will hold you accountable.

  • Pinnick and his cohorts are head bent on this auto distruct mission because we the fans didn’t deem it fit to inquire of them the abysmal showing of all our National team except the super Eagles of course in the last 2years…
    They shouldn’t forget that it was 5he fans might that brought about the downfall of the reign of galadima,Lulu,and maigari before them.

  • stan 1 year ago

    Majourity of you in thir forum have goat brain. name a coach coaching an african country that stays in abroad. allways call a sped a sped. I souport nff in this one. Is nigeria that bad that it can not accomodate coaches. What is wrong in paying him with our naiar?were nigeria teachers and lecturers paid in dorlkars? is our sports minister been paid in dollars? Coaching nigeria is not helping nigeria rather it is helping him to update his cv. What has he achive as a coach in nigeria. Since he is too big to coach nigeria in nigeria, nigeria is allso too big to accept his condition. Is there any nation in the world that will be accept to be coached away from their country. he can go we have we have better coaches in nigeria.

  • Stan thank God you were part of that forum..that means you have a sheep brain which is even worse in stupidity…your stupidity is more glaring when you refer to accomplished individuals like @Ken ghadaffi and others as such…
    Nobody is interested in him staying in Nigeria but which league will hemail monitor if not for their the marketing of their players…and being paid in dollars is why he’s an ‘expatriate’ (skilled foreign worker)coach abi you never hear that word before???
    Mugu…insulting elders as if your views are binding on everyone…

  • @olupotan…Bros Rhor isn’t the technical adviser of the NFF but the super eagles and so managing other national teams weren’t part of his contract but @his discretion in sync with the various substantive head coaches… Bros o you go add other jobs not part of your job description as stipulated in your contract to your own?

  • stan 1 year ago

    Some idiots in this forum are condeming the apointment of yobo as se second assistant coach. Before condeming the apointment yobo should atleast be giving a chance. in every thing you do you must start from some where, now yobo has started as super eagles second assistant coach. Mike Ateta was a player few years ago but he is arsenal maneger today. Stop wishing yobo bad wish him well he belongs to us.

    • Stop talking at random focus on the topic under review…this even goes to show you’re taking your life frustrations out on your keypad…Bros nor be me causè your quarantine ooo…lol
      Your aggressive outburst is very unlike you, are you okay?

    • Goal 1 year ago

      Mr Cuteprince please don’t force your opinion on others, every one is free to express him/her self.

      We see nothing wrong with Rohr staying in Nigeria (being a Super Eagles coach automatically kind of make him a Nigerian) and work from there.

      Also there’s nothing wrong with him being paid in Naira equivalent to the money he is paid in dollars.

      If it’s even possible to make Rohr a Nigerian, that’s what we want.

  • stan 1 year ago

    Cuteprince you are a nickompoop i dont have time for you.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Stan, You have a brilliant points only to spoil your messages with derogatory foul words to your fellow Nigerians. That ,other unwise ones do it doesn’t meant you should join the bad ones.

    Back to the issues at hand , I will not give kudos to NFF on this because it was unfortunate that a great football Nation as Nigeria would sign a very shameful and ridiculous contract with a world class coach that will be working from his home in his country let  alone an average coach that his greatest achievement in his coaching career @ world and Africa stage is 3rd place -bronze ( wait a minute, not in World Cup but in African Nations Cup with a country that his local coaches have not only won gold – Nations Cup, Sliver but do ashamed of playing in 3rd play matches let alone celebrating bronze medal !! ) What a joke country , and to think that some Nigerians can also be destroying , insulting their country men because of a failed coach like Rohr who despite the huge salary and ridiculous plus over-pampered condition of service , who could not achieve what our local coaches Keshi of this world ( Nations Cup ) Onigbinde ( Silver) and failed to surpass  the achievement of our local coaches at the World Cup ( a solitary win) . And it is unfortunate that Rohr too would also be reading all these derogatory languages on ourself is very shameful, it is like we give credence to Trump who believe Africans are from S…… e . Yet we have our local coaches like being subjected to ridiculous hard working conditions outside our country, Amunike did unthinkable, broke records with tiny African nation Tanzania by qualifying for African nations cup after several decades of unsuccessful with backlog of unpaid salary !! Took a team to Nation cup with a team that has never kick ball in African nations cup in their lives but was sacked without being paid his backlog salary just because he couldn’t perform wonder in the tournament which they have never participated in let alone reaching semifinals, yet a failed coach in Rohr with huge salary and imaginary working condition from his sitting room with his family in his country home failed woefully and beaten hands down by a local coach of another country that took his team to the final and was beaten by another local coached team that was assembled less than two years . Late Keshi would have been coursing his destined for being unfortunately born in this country in Nigeria that he assembled a team that failed to qualify for previous nations cup  just like Rohr , dropped many of the foreign players but audaciously picked local players ( in a local league that have been written off by NFF and Some negative mentality Nigerians who were of the opinion that no good players can ever come out of our “so called useless league “ ) , surprised all with 40/60 local boys who shown brilliantly like super stars and won him gold Nations cup with shameful salary and his reward was SACK ! ! yet a clueless average Rohr took a team to World Cup , failed in all department despite huge salary and allowance , came up with a ridiculous excuse that his team were young age as if those called young boys were forced on him , repeat elementary errors in the African nations tournament, outplayed by local coaches , and rather than given him the deserved boot , the mischievous NFF even recommended him for further training in foreign land with tax payers money (help that cannot be given to a citizen of Nigeria!! I am in deed ashamed of my country. NFF destroyed the best coach In this country Siasia who was always being forced on them by good soccer loving Nigerians but will always plot his downfall by supporting over pompous Enyemas of this world against his coach by creating unnecessary distractions in the camp , that would destroy the team, would owed him backlog salary , would not make money available to fly his team to a tournament not to talk of salary , it was as bad to such extent,Siasia team to an Olympic was stranded in another country that it was another country that had to pay for flight tickets for the players to enable them enter the football pitch few minutes to kick off !! Siasia would eventually shamed the entire NFF by wining the only bronze medal in that year Olympic where all other teams failed to win any medal ; today the same Siasia career is almost dead except God intervention  with phantom allegations against a coach that was not having a team coaching at the time they claimed the match fixing occurred ( who would blame FIFA for this fallacy in their conclusion , psychologically they would definitely want to jump into conclusion that a coach who is always being owed salaries, always solicit externally money to take his team to any tournament ( even it happens in Mikel team of under 20 tournament where he won Sliver to the Messi lead Argentina team ) .
    Anyway, I cannot blame Rohr , it is only an insane person that wouldn’t catch on the gullibility of others , we should even appreciate world class coach Rohr that he did not request private jet to always take him to and fro Nigeria – Germany in his then contract ! What a lazy coach , I  thought his blinds followers were fooling themselves towards the end of last Nations Cup tournament that other Africans countries wanted to snatch Rohr from Nigeria if NFF didn’t extend his contract on time , I shook my head and look forward to a country in Africa that would want to hire a failed coach like Rohr who was well beaten by Infancy local coach , let alone been employed by European country .
    Rohr himself knows he is a failed coach , otherwise when your employer pass a vote of no confidence on you by proposing to sponsor you for coaching training in another country at their expenses because you failed in a tournament and you are happy with that recommendation yet you call yourself Techincal adviser , what a shameless coach , a good principled coach would have resigned honourably rather than shamelessly hanging on a job , he is not fit to handle, is it not a shame that a supposed great coach who would have been snatched by another country did not have his contract extended 4 months into the expiration of his contract still continue working without looking for another country for employment nor any country asking him for his availability with improved offer . A lazy coach that cannot discover a reliable 1 single goalkeeper in 4 years , who could not discover a single local player , what a coach !  Can you imagine late Keshi , Amunike, Siasia would get half of this great condition of service with steady salary would not have won Nations Cup if not World Cup 

    When the great patriotic Uncle Sege who was not only legend in the world of football but a qualified graduate engineer recommended for his sack after his woeful performance in the two tournament he participated in , some lazy youths who are uncultured as in their region DNA were insulting a great Achiver like Uncle Sege who uses his money to promote Nigerians career irrespective of his or her region as he did for Chioma Ajuwan who was neglected by government, her region and her people, Segun Odegbami brought her up , sharpens her with his money to later become the first ever individual Olympic gold medallist, he is currently doing same to Siasia from another region , just as the same role he played in the life of Chairman Christian Chwuku who was left to rotten by his region and government of the day but Sege brought in fellow Yoruba man Otedola to help his former Capt .

    In my submission, If I were coach Rohr , I would not only reject the new offer but I would also add a clause to include private jet be standby in my country airport to take me to and from my country for convenience with my family around me in the aircraft, I would also request for the training venue be moved to my country in Germany as Nigeria is too local for me to sleep even for a night .

  • Stan 1 year ago

    I did not mention your name for the first time. Why are you insulting me.

    • tayo 1 year ago

      @destar this your long epistle is not needed. We already know you and your cohorts, the hatred for Rohr is simply cos he is not dancing to your tune but hear this and write it down the man will eventually leave one day and your eyes will soon clear when Nigeria football return to the old day. When all our age grade teams failed to qualify for world cups, Olympics etc last year none of you could say anything? I belief you are all happy with that? The only arm of our football that is OK now is the super eagles but you guys want to destroy it cos of your personal gain

      • DeStar 1 year ago

        @Tayo, point of correction , nobody hates Rohr but we detest his incompetence and tax payers money being wasted on an average coach like Rohr who could not achieve more than what our local coaches have achieved in the past and for signing a very embarrassing and ridiculous conditions of services working from his home !! Even Jose Mourinos , Pep of this world wouldn’t have given such stupid condition before accepting coaching offer not to talk of an average coach like Rohr who is building his CV with Nigeria national team , how can a clueless coach who was bundled out of World Cup with a solitary win just like our under-remunerated local coaches , took a team to ordinary African Nations Cup and was completely beaten by ordinary local African coach whose tournament was won by a local coach , yet we were bragging of having a supposed World class white Techincal adviser whose greatest achievement in his coaching career is Bronze medal 3rd place match ) not in a World Cup but in African nations cup  in a tournament that qualifying for final had almost become our birthright .

        What is the big deal that Nigeria teams did not qualify for those tournaments you mentioned ? Eguafon under 17 team with the likes of Mikel failed woefully at group stage but another local coach Siasia who knows his onions took the same team  to a higher tournament under 20 World Cup , he did not only beat many white teams lead coaches to win silver medal but also polished the same flopped Mikel to become the 2nd most valuable player of the tournament behind Messi . Due to mischievous of NFF who would rather gives foreign coaches fantastic salary with great support and unimaginable super condition of services at the expense of their own local coaches , eagles failed to qualify for African nations cup tournament also and a local coach Keshi came down to Nigeria scout out hidden raw talents in our local league that had been written off by the negative thinking people like you who believe nothing good can come out of our local league, just like Rohr whose employer was too afraid to ask him to stay in the country of his employer to look for raw talent ,  Keshi took same team that failed to qualify for previous tournament to win African Nations Cup-gold even yet your so called super coach failed in a World Cup tournament, came to African Nations Cup tournament and was celebrating 3rd place matches , a dullard coach who was treating Nigeria as if he was doing us a favour by accepting to coach Nigeria team from his comfort country home !! Anyway, if not because of the new sherif in town ( the current sports minister) I know, Rohr would have asked for Super eagles home matches to be moved to his country home Germany in his contract extension, as he would have claimed it is an embarrassing for a world class coach like him to stay 2 weeks in Nigeria at any point in time .

        If I may ask you, if super eagles were to be your personal business, would you have ran Super eagles the way the wasteful NFF have been running ? Planning to send a coach to foreign country for coaching training after failing woefully in tournament that your children in the recent past did not only qualified for final but won gold cup with less fancy remuneration and shameful conditions of service, would have chosen to invest in a foreigner who is an average worker at the expense of your children ( local coaches )? Common , it is high time we stopped this inferiority complex and think straight for once ! 

        If Rohr is a good coach , would he wait until this last hour of embarrassment before resigning or using part of free awufu money to get himself trained in foreign country rather than waiting for NFF to pay for his incompetence again . My brother, I thought people like you were fooling Nigerians then that other countries wanted to snatch Rohr from us ? Less than few weeks to his expiration of contract no sensible country is coming forward to offer him coaching job and he would preferred to a loosing job rather than trying his luck elsewhere, who would want to higher a failed coach that failed woefully in ordinary African nations cup tournament let alone World Cup , not to talk of a ridiculous conditions of service of being too big to live in the country of his employer . It is not done in anywhere, except my country NFF !!!
        A sensible Football federation would have sacked Rohr immediately after failing again in African Nations cup  

    • DeStar 1 year ago

      @Stan, my dearest brother, I didn’t insult you, I only advised that you should not join others in doing wrong things by abusing fellow Nigerians over Rohr issues.
      I stand by you 100% on your submission in this Rohr case 

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Dont mind them @tayo, And what has staying in Nigeria done for [email protected] Making us miss out on 2afcons consecutively, taking us down the pecking order on world rankings, christianing our darling super eagles team; super chickens to point that good for nothing countries boast of beating us, increasing the sale of calculators, struggling to qualify for tournies, having players invited through the back door and not on merit, scaring away top teams from playing us during international friendlies, causing our junior teams including the women’s senior team not to qualify for any tourney, the list goes on and on? The point is, most of u talking crap about rohr know nothing about football. In fact, most of you just started watching football just yesterday and hence lack what it takes to make meaninful contributions. Others are just some frustrated corrupt fellows (odegbami, pinik, and co) who want Mr rohr out by all means necessary in order for them to continue their backyard biz with the super eagles which has been put on hold since rohr came on board.

  • stan 1 year ago

    @Destar the post was not for you, it for cuteprince.

  • Gideon S 1 year ago

    Well, I thinking if we’re doing well with our own in d first place, we shouldn’t have think bout a foreign coach..

    from my time of following, foreign coaches have given me more glory than our own..wit dou respect to Sia and Keshi.

    at less now our fotbul attracts foreign attention again.. both oyibo born 9ja’s..
    Over here in Ghana, Black Stars dreams 2b like SE..on like be4 I can not waka on street of Accra without seen a Ghanaian friend DAT will call me a super chicken.

    Paying coach with naira and living in 9ja 100%..
    but 0% in forcing oda situations on him..

    NFF should upgrade our league to a standard, is ther work!

    Give the coach a good assistant, that’s my opinion.
    And oda shud be to win next Afcon..

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    Why announce details of Rohr’s contract to the public. This is the gangster method they used in killing Stephen Keshi

  • Gideon S 1 year ago

    Explaining why Rohr is not living in Nigeria at the moment, : “The Super Eagles players – 100% of them are in Europe.

    “Rohr” has always been prepared to live in Nigeria. But the Nigerian Federation rented a huge house in Abuja that he never picked himself.
    “Should they not have allowed Rohr to choose the accommodation in which he wants to live?”

    Regarding the proposal to force home based players on Rohr, I argued that the local lads are not on the same level as their foreign counterparts.
    “It is not the duty of the Super Eagles coach to turn NPFL players into players of international/national team standard.

    • tayo 1 year ago

      @ destar from the tone of your point one can deduce 2 things (1) Racism (2) hatred. ” what is the big deal in not qualifying for those tournament ” so why are you slating the man for winning bronze at the nations cup. See, because our indigenou coach won gold in nations cup and d oyinbo did not doesn’t mean they can not be given d job. Yes he did not win but we all can see the team did well and were unlucky to win. U called Algeria ordinary team with local coach do you know that the same Algeria were beating when the team were ranked number one in Africa enroute to the world cup? Was Nigeria the only team beaten by Algeria before winning that cup? Why are we like this in this country? must things always go our way? Senegal was the best team in that competition talk of players and every thing, yet they were beaten by this same Algeria team. And let me ask you one question, do u think Nigeria can afford a top class coach with all these conditions and he will perform wonders considering the way things are done in this country?

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Just say you’re trying to frustrate the man to resign. When did the head coach of the national team become Llocal league mgt.chairman or do u think he can cast a magical spell on local players to be on par with their foreign counterparts. Why do our leaders try to destroy things. There’s unity in that team and once u remove the coach its like statting all over again. Listen I used to be a critic of Rohr but I must admit he has done quite some work on the national team all the NFF should do is encourage this man. The appointment of Yobo is a signal.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    “I get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here,”

    Hahahaha….Orisisi. You are getting calls from Unai Emery or from Pochettino…??? LMAO

    Was that how you were getting calls in 2016 when we couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONs in a row and was ranked 70th in the world and could attract only the likes of Jamaica and Seirra Leone for International Friendlies…?

    Was that how coaches where calling you when Paul Le Guen dumped your a** and told you point blank that the target of qualifying for 2018 WC and a semifinal of 2019 AFCON was a pipe dream and outright impossibility for any team that wasn’t in the top 60 of FIFA rankings? Was it not Arsene Wenger that saved your a** by recommending you to contact Rohr if you really needed a coach that can resusitate your national team…at a time when no coach was willing to take up such a lowly rated team?

    Is it any suprise now why all the coaches employed during Amaju’s tenure except Rohr have been near collosal failures…?

    Is anyone still surprised how a fashion runway model without a coaching training or license or experience managed to become the Asst Manager of the senior nation team…???

    “I get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here,”….just call and postrate before Amaju, promise him half of your salary, and 5 slots in the team…and you are more likely going to get a job ahead of people who have UEFA pro license sef…..No wonder they want to get Rohr out by all means.

    “I get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here,”…. Professional coaches get approached by FAs, not them calling FAs to beg for jobs. I’m just wondering who are the akparutu coaches begging pinnick for job at the moment.

    And for the mentally blind people who claim Rohr has failed…they should tell us which SE coach, local or foreign, dead or alive, has ever won 5 matches at 1 AFCON tournament. If they have sense, they would know that 5 win or less in previous afcons wins you the trophy. They should also tell us which SE coach, dead or alive, local or foreign, ever inherited a team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa and still went ahead to qualify for tournaments back to back and even winning a medal.

    “I get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here,” …..Rohr don cook soup, the soup don nearly done….hawks dey gather wan chop am. If I were Rohr, I will accept the contract and then take the SE back to the 70th position where I picked them from and then leave. LMAO. Let’s see if pinnick will still get calls everyday from coaches that want to come here….LMAO

    • Michael 1 year ago

      Dr. Drey, I must confess that you are the most prolific writer I have read from on this platform.
      If I must add to what you wrote, which I think you forgot to put, as close to now as 2016, Nigeria was only attracting Kosovo, Niger Republic or what team of no repute was their African Guadiola (Oliseh) was only able to beat by a goal margin.
      It is well.
      Nigerian are just like that. They only think of what they will gain now, they don’t think of the greater good and that is why we may likely not progress as a nation.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        @ Micheal

        Thanks my brother. You are highly regarded too.

        Some things aren’t rocket science. They are common sense. SE was so bad as at 2016 that even the NFF saw qualification for WC and Semifinal of AFCON as something GARGANTUAN and MAJOR, hence the reason why they set those 2 as the targets for the incoming coach….and really…go and look at the FIFA rankings today and imagine the country currently ranked 70th is the world qualifying unbeaten for the world cup and getting to the semifinals of AFCON 2021. An astute serial league winner like Paul Le Guen saw those targets and asked Pinnick “are you crazy…???, U are not even in the top 60 in the world and you are giving me targets..???” Pi** off with your chickens. LMAO.

        Racists claim Rohr is overpaid…let’s see….Siasia was earning about $25k (about N4m as at then) as SE coach, Keshi was earning about $30k (about N5m), Rohr is earning $50k but pays his physical trainer, his goalkeepr trainer, his technical analyst, Tunde Adelakun his personal assistant, Agali his scout (5 personal staff), because it’s evident to even the blind that NFF employees are just political employees given jobs to provide food for them (Pinnick’s I get calls from coaches even further confirms that) and I’m sure all 5 of Rohr’s personal assistants will consume nothing less than $25k out of his $50k. So really, is Rohr being overpaid…? They say he’s conditions of service are better and then I ask, what conditions of service…? Does he live in Hilton hotel in Nigeria…or does he ride the type of Ferrari that Pinnick rides all over Abuja…? I don’t know what conditions of service they are talking about.

        They said he’s using SE to better his CV, abeg is every job you undertake not meant to better your CV is you do it well…??? Will Rohr’s CV be better if we failed to qualify for AFCON twice or for WC. Can anyone claim Frank Lampard has failed woefully, bcos he didn’t win the EPL whereas his employers have him a target of qualifying for UCL…? Did Rohr’s employer not give him a target of qualifying for WC and AFCON semis…? Has he not done that…??? If Rohr is using the SE to better his CV, then it is an indication that he’s doing great….and if we are even seeing ourselves as being good enough to win that 2019 AFCON, it’s still bcos of the work Rohr has done on a team ft ordinarily couldn’t qualify twice in a Rohr….otherwise did anybody ever thought we would win the 2013 AFCON…No, that team struggled to win matches up till that Qfinal against CIV (even NFF already bought their tickets back home b4 the game LMAO) but the great job Rohr had done on the team was what gave most of us (who were realistic) belief that at least, we were good enough for the semis. And there is absolutely no shame loosing to Algeria in the 94 with a gift of a free kick to a deadly freekick taker like Mahrez…. absolutely no shame. Senegal was and still is the strongest team in Africa today, but that Algerian team beat them twice in that same tournament.
        And to imagine that our current SE team could easily pass for our U23 national team, yet we can rub shoulders with the biggest teams in the continent and in the world and hold them by the jugular till the end even further exemplifies the great job Rohr has done so far. It is this prospects that those hawks who are calling Pinnick now are seeing that is making their mouths to water and begging him with phone calls all over the place to replace Rohr with them. Where were they when we were 70th in the world…? Lolz….where where they wen Le Guen rubbed sh** on Pinnick’s face and Pinnick was running helter skelter looking for a credible coach back them…??? LMAO. They didn’t have his number the way Yobo doesn’t have Rohr’s number now…??? LMAO.
        If Rohr decides to accept this contract and continue, I won’t blame him, bcos no man will like to work hard for someone else to come and reap. Rohr has put in a lot of hardwork to build this largely U23 team, moved them from 70th to 31st in the world and suffered to watch dem get beaten, cooked, experienced and mature and ready to take the continent and the world by storm in 2021 and 2022…so to now let someone else come and reap where they didn’t sow will be absurd. But if I were him, accept the contract, put a non release or huge termination compensation clause, and then take the team back to no 70 (the way Keshi did to us, taking us back to where he picked us from) and them leave…LMAO.

        Let us see if many coaches will still be calling Pinnick that they want to come here…LMAO

        • Joelspets 1 year ago

          @ Dr. Drey, great paragraphs, I have been waiting for your comment. simply straight to the point, fact with backups without sentiments. thank you sir

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Nice one @ drey…..

        • Benakay 1 year ago

          Dr. Drey.
          Superb comments which are steeped in fact and not hyperbole.
          I will encourage you to write an op-ed in one of our online sports outlets, as a counterpoint to Pinnick’s idiocy and the foolishness of how Rohr is being treated.

          One other point that shouldn’t be lost is that there will be a sharp decline in the personnel we will be able to poach from the top leagues in Europe, as these boys will shy away if Rohr leaves.

          Anyone advocating a quota for local players must be living in dreamland, as not a single home based player is good enough and that will denigrate the quality of the SE.

        • Olupotan 1 year ago

          Drey, without an iota of doubt, you have been a writer on this forum/platform I desire to see make a contribution because of your peculiarity and sagacity in driving home your points. Most of the times I tried to make my contributions but for time constraints I would rather have you contribute, then read your points, which are always convincing and enlightening even to the greatest of critics.

          However, I have to say that we have to come to a time that sentiments must be outlived and exterminated for us to make an headway. You have been a never say die fanatic of Gernot Rhor and I like you for that. Be that as it may, I think we need to appraise positively when someone has been immensely outstanding, of which Gernot Rhor has been a revelation in this capacity, and also hold responsible in the event of failure. I fell in love with Gernot Rhor ever since we beat Zambia on their home turf. He made me to fall in love with the super Eagles brand again after all the years of underachieving under previous bosses.

          What I find difficult with you inspite of your outstanding contributions on this platform is your inability to look at grey areas in which Rhor has overtly underperformed.
          As much as Rhor has been a revelation of some sorts as Super eagles coach there are flaws noticeable. And those flaws should not be overlooked if we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in world football. We don’t just want to be Africa heavyweight we want to be world beaters and it’s essential we work on areas of weakness.

          We know our football was not doing fine before Rhor took over in 2016 prior to our first world cup qualification game. We know we were ranked underwhelmingly compared to when we once dominated the African scene and by extension world stage.

          I know that we have had poor management issues in our football leaderships. We can also look at what Pinnick has done to our football knowing full well he brought Rhor to manage our football against all odds. I haven’t heard of Rhor before his appointment and most of us never did. Pinnick believed on him due to his leadership skills. We all applauded Pinnick for the change he brought to our football.

          Why do we now think Pinnick is not qualified to dictate to someone he employed? I have been in my field of endeavour because I was able to work on my weakness and helped greatly by critics. Without them I would not be where I am by God’s grace.

          Drey, your love for Rhor is contagious and should not mean he can’t be corrected where he errs, as you would completely villify any one that dares point out Rhor’s weakness.

          We love Rhor but of greater significance to us is the Super Eagles brand. Manager comes and goes barrack remains. Therefore, we must ensure that our barracks remain spotless and competitive.
          God bless you.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Gifeon S, this topic is getting interesting, I like arguing with intellectuals like you and @ Tayo whose contributions are devoid of gutter and abusive bad languages on their fellow Nigerians.
    To answer you , on 100% foreign players in the present super eagles team , whose fault is that other than the clueless Rohr who cannot think out of the box to discover raw diamond hiding in our local league as did by late Keshi at a time pessimistic Nigerians thought nothing good can ever come from our so called useless local league, of course Keshi proved everyone of them wrong by dropping those foreign based players who cannot break their legs for the local lads who hidden diamond , at the end of the tournament, Keshi used 40% of local players to set a record by beaten all the white team lead coaches to win a gold Cup with unpleasant condition of service , that is patriotism you can only get from your own . Do I need to tell you that Rohr is a very lazy coach Nigerian has ever employed with fantastic offer and conditions of services that has never been given to his predecessors even Westerhoof , a coach that cannot discover one single reliable goalkeeper in more than 4 years , not a single local player , it has never happened in our football history to have 100% foreign based . It can only happen in the country like Nigeria , that a coach would use the excuse of that to stay with his family in his home country yet would be receiving full salary with mouthwatering condition of service , that can only happen in Nigeria!! It is only in Nigeria that it’s Football federation will sacked his own underpaid citizen that won gold in the nations cup tournament but shamelessly would want to invest in a foreigner that failed woefully in such tournament with super remuneration that can ever be given to its citizens coaches . It is our Elder’s parlance that says “it is only a mad man that would do things in the same way but would expect different result “ a coach went to a higher tournament World Cup failed , but was given benefit Of doubt went to a lower tournament ANC with the same wrong approach without tapping good approach that resulted in a great results .
    As for his readiness to had wanted to live in Abuja but was not allowed to choose his accommodation , my dearest brother how , can you read over your comment , which employee in the world would ever dictate to his employer the choice of Accomodation ? With my local and external working exposure, it is never done , you either accept accomodation provided by your employer or you can choose your preference on your personal expenses.( that is world operating standard. That story can’t fly a kit my brother. It is after thought . I should let you know that world leaders , the legislatures in USA a times sleep in their offices , shared rooms in a rented apartment in order to save cost .

    @Tayo , point of correction my brother, I am neither being influenced by hatred nor being racist, by my profession as a aircraft quality assurance & safety practitioner in aviation industry, I cannot never be one , rather my submissions is out of patriotism to my country and also due to my working relationship with nationals of various countries and my international exposures as well ( Rohr would also be reading our comments , no any sensible organization in Germany that can ever tolerate half of nonsense being brook by NFF with Rohr , I have worked severally with Lufthansa Tech , even in Nigeria, they are no nonsense and when you talk of racists, no one does it more than Germany) . Rohr himself knows, no national of another country would try this on going nonsense in Germany. He knows I am speaking the truth, our problem in the country is many suffers inferiority complex of white skin and to some of us that have worked with different nationals in Nigeria and in the western world , where they also give a deserved recognition and due respect to the blacks outside their shores but unfortunately, we don’t believe in ourselves, that is African mentality and the more reason President Trump despised African , Nigeria in particular. If Keshi who stubbornly sticks to unknown local plays from a forgotten and written of league of ours by the pessimists and won a Nations Cup ,he would be worshipped and even ask him to choose his preferred accomodation in Aso rock , but what did Keshi got as a reward aside from backlog of unpaid salary, he was dismissed, yet an average coach who was overwhelmed by local coach of another country could only managed 3rd place ! In the past , when such happen , they do engaged psychologists to work on the boys not to boycott 3rd place match because they would feel it is embarrassing playing at such level but for your Rohr , it was an achievement added to his coaching CV .
    On your remarks that , he was unlucky to loose to Algeria team , please look for better excuse , he was also unlucky to have been booted out of the first round in the World Cup with only uninspired solitary win ? Rohr himself knows the truth , luck or manipulation can get you a job , but you will surely need competence to excel on a job , and it is an established standard , you cannot give what you don’t have , so Rohr does not have what it takes to equal Keshi’s gold , Onigbindes Sliver in the Nations cup even if you give him JM & Pep salary put together and give him accomodation in Aso-Rock next to PMB apartment with same status of presidency. The guy is simply a failed coach, that  word Technical adviser is an undeserved title at best , he should be working under a competent coach as real Technical adviser ( even if the local coach of Algeria or Senegal is employed as Techincal adviser and is ready to learn under them along with our local based coaches here , I wouldn’t mind , but for NFF to have at initial stage proposed to send him on training in the foreign land at the tax payers expense where he would claim full salary and training allowance , is uncalled for ).
    As for your remark that NFF can not afford to employ world class coach , when we know Rohr is not a world class coach , why is he being deceived as technical adviser, why wasting tax payer money on an average coach Rohr rather than invest such money on our local coaches? Why must it be NFF that would develop a supposed Technical Adviser ( Won fi e je Oye Awodi, o le gbe adie translation: you are crowned as the head of eagles and you cannot capture chicken) . A right thinking organization would have invested such money and training on our local coaches like Amunike of this word Yobo , Siasia of this world ( Siasia is left uncared for his career to end , similar fate was about to befall Chioma Ajunwa until Big Sege came to rescue her and became the 1st Nigerian dead or alive to win an Olympic gold medal, Uncle Sege , God will continue to bless you, please don’t relent on your support for Siasia . God will remember all great did of the past and reward you accordingly at the right time .

    @ Footballfanatics , Response to your comments is one answer straightforward, Yobo is a Nigerian that has served our country to the best of his ability, investing on Yobo or having faith in him is much more better than wasting tax payers money on average coach Rohr whose supporters in this too also agreed that he is not a world class coach but an average .
    There is no one frustrating Rohr , if Rohr has any shame in his dictionary, the moment , the NFF proposed to send him on coaching training, after his woefully performance in both Wold cup and African nations cup tournament,he ought to have resigned, that is passing vote of no confidence by his employer !! Can you see any good and competent coach white coach for that matter who will hang on to his job without looking elsewhere 3 months to his contract expiration but yet to be extended? It is only unmarketable coach that would not be approached by another country or look for another job himself .
    Tell me any country in the world even in Africa that would want to waste such huge salary with very insulting working from his home country ( I only heard such phrase or words during this ongoing Corona-Virus ) on a coach that was beaten blue and black by a competent local coach  ?

    • Benakay 1 year ago

      You talk of ‘unearthing diamonds in the rough’ and Rohr’s inability to do that. Well, is that really his job? I will argue that it is NOT. His job is to use the very best Nigerian players in the world and mold them into a formidable and competitive team.

      All the so called ‘diamonds’ you are referring to, are either in Academies (in Nigeria – who prefer truly young players who aren’t age cheats) or in Europe (having been already scouted by Eastern European teams and signed by them). What’s left are NPFL players who have been either rejected by the Academies or those deemed not good enough to make it in Europe. This means they are inferior players.

      So why should Rohr waste his time with them, when they offer no value to his mission and objective of building the best Nigerian team?

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    I vowed not to comment on this topic again until further notice but I can’t help but commenting.

    I do not know Rohr from from Adams, he is doing a good job but if anybody with a crystal ball can come out confidently and assure Nigerians that he knows a certain coach who would do a better job than this present coach then maybe I would say he should be given a chance.

    However, we all know even the best coaches in the world will never tell you that they are going to win you trophies because they do know that football is not mathematics.

    I have listen to great managers and also follow football for decades now to know that for you to get atleast to quarter final of the world cup, the team (players and coach) must be atleast 4yrs together. Honestly, from all indications, the SE is on a right track of surpassing his best ever achievement at global level only if all these bad belle people can just allow the coach to continue his job.

    Though, it is evident that the evil people who had always draw us behind each time we are about moving forward are at it again.

    Unfortunately, the only source of joy we had left as a nigeria which is the SE, some evil people want to take it away and seeing some people who I thought by now should know better, but I am surprised with the way they reason in supporting this evil act.

    My question, do we want to gamble by employing a coach who perhaps might do better than Rhor or fail woefully?
    My take is, we have gone through this road of uncertainty before, we don’t have to subject yourself to it again (at least not at this moment) maybe after the next WC we can then change the coach.
    Again what do I know?

  • stan 1 year ago

    @Destar God bless you, you are a true nigerian.

  • Lucky Ukhun 1 year ago

    I am sure even Pinnick would be surprised should Rohr accept this humiliating contract. They have simply indirectly asked him to go. Should Rohr accept the ridiculous contract and stay on, NFF will help him to fail. No employee can succeed without the cooperation and support of his employer. The ungrateful NFF simply do not want him anymore. But we must all remember that the Super Eagles was nothing to write home about before Rohr took over. And now that he has brought the team to limelight again, the heartless NFF want to deprive him of the fruit of his labour. Mr Rohr, do not be bothered. Move on. No one knows tomorrow.

  • Bill 1 year ago

    NFF has decided to terminate Rohr contract . Paying with naira Rohr will not accept 

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Oakfield , I will not dignified your uncultured insult on Big Segun Odegbami who is a Living Legend that combines football with education as engineering graduate , even if Segun Odegbami were to be a dropped out , you don’t have to insult your elder in the name of passing your message, I am a Yoruba man, it is not in our culture. Go through other contributors in the platform, did you read anyone insulting Big Seg , a patriotic who help his fellow Nigerians irrespective of their region of origin as he resurrected the career of Chioma Ajuma who had been written off to set Nigeria record of the 1st Nigerian ( dead or alive ) Olympic gold medallist , facilitate the revival of failing health of Chairman Chukwu an Igbo man through Otedola, currently fighting for the rescue of Siasia career . Therefore I will not respond to your comment until you learn how to put your thought in the platform without insulting your fellow Nigerians or resulting to gutter or fowl languages on your fellow Nigerians. Please, be civil .

    @ Paul kelvin , there are many raw talents in the local league , only waiting to be discovered by an eagles eyes hardworking coach , that is why we said oga Rohr is a lazy coach ( it was the same league that had been written off that late Keshi discovered the like of the unknown Sunday Mba who did what foreign players could not do by scoring great goal at the big stage in the semifinal and giving us gold -cup in the final of Afcon  , it takes ingenuity in a coach or commitment from a coach to discover a hidden diamond , all this attributes oga Rohr lacks , the boys playing in local league are Nigerians so they deserved to be given attention, it is not every players that would get connections to abroad by their uncles , relatives like the JJ , Nwobis of this world ). 

    @ Benakay , the above response is also apply to you . It is definitely party of his job to unearth the best Nigerian players in the world ( Nigerian players in our local league are part of players oga Rohr is meant to get ) as the Technical adviser, late Keshi as then Technical adviser did it successfully ( no one has ever heard the name Sunday mba and other local players Keshi stubbornly used then ) . If oga Rohr cannot do what our local coaches can’t do what our local coaches achieved ,why wasting Nigerian tax payers on a lazy foreigner then , whose 4 years on the saddle could not discover 1 single reliable goalkeeper in the so called Europe .

    @ Mercy , No venture , no gain , we have gone through this route before , Super eagles were called super chicken at the time Keshi took over where the team was at the lowest web , could not qualify for Afcon through the selfishness of NFF who never support Nigerians preferred local coaches Siasia because they cannot manipulate him not Keshi, Keshi did the unthinkable by using different approach ( because it is only a mad man that would do same thing in same way that would expect different result) , he made use of 40% unknown names raw talent from our forgotten local league ( that the negative thinking Nigerians thought nothing good can ever come from , acting god against the innocent Nigerians youth playing in the local league as if they are not citizen of Nigeria) , the rest is history as Keshi set a record of being the first local coach to win Afcon cup even with unpaid salary and unsupportive NFF who had never wanted any local coaches to succeed so that they can be junketing Europe in the pretext of looking for coach . If oga Rohr were to work with the same condition with Keshi working with backlog of unpaid salary, I bet it , he would would not have qualified for the Afcon tournament that he was completely outclassed by local coach of another country despite enjoying in his country home Germany with his family raking uninterrupted $50k salary every month . The way forward , is to talk to our NFF to at least to be patriotic, they have seen performance of oga Rohr in World Cup ( accepted that he was overwhelmed at world stage ) but also ran out of idea in a lesser tournament Afcon, he does not have winning mentality to perform at big stage, therefore, their initial proposed to send him on training after his woeful performance in Afcon is unfortunate, when you pass a vote of no confidence on technical adviser, you sack him , no sentiment , not investing in him again by the world operating standards, you only invest on a coach , not somebody that call himself Technical adviser . Then tell NFF not to frustrate our local coaches, give them good working condition with constant salary as done with oga Rohr , then they will achieve more than what any white man can do ( because history has taught us in the world of football, no country would allow his best material to go and coach other country football team, hence , no foreign coach has ever won World Cup in his foreign country of employer )  . Our best hands are Amunike, Yobo, Oliseh , Siasia ( if he is support to win his case, as it is known, the man is just been punished for a sin allegedly committed at a time he was not a coach of Nigeria team ).

    Finally, If oga Rohr is a good coach and have done good job with Nigeria team as acclaimed by his supporters in this forum , he ought to have been snatched by other countries when 6 months to his contract expiration ,it was not renewed, the basic truth and fact , is worldwide no country would want to snatch or employ an average coach like oga Rohr and waste huge money on an employee that would rather be living in his comfort zone country home rather than coming down from his high horse to Nigeria for serious work. No white man worth of his salt would hanged on to a job when your employer passed a vote of no confidence on you ( by recommending you for further training) , sacking your assistant without your knowledge, yet you shamelessly stayed on without going elsewhere to try your luck . NFF really like oga Rohr for their ulterior motive , hence the initial proposed to send him on further training at our tax payers expenses rather than investing in Nigerians but if they should go ahead, the current sports minister will hand them over to EFCC straight away , the NFF have done their best for oga Rohr with uninterrupted $50k salary every month  excluding allowances but Rohr did not help himself, no enough commitment to improve himself on the job or taken his job serious by living in his own country without ever taken opportunity to watch our raw talents rotten in our local league , could not use his money from his salary to get himself trained further when NFF did not provide money as planned . 
    Lucky and connection can get you a job but only your competence or commitment to improve that would sustain you , oga Rohr cannot perform more than his ability. 
    It is high time we stopped our inferiority complex and African mentality, oga Rohr is an average coach ( as attested to by his supporters of not being world class coach as we cannot afford one ) , he should be allowed to continue to enjoy with his family in his comfort home Germany, our local ex internationals who have been highly exposed local and internationally, who would be committed to work in Nigeria would definitely achieve greater result than oga Rohr if they can give our own same condition of service and remuneration given to an average foreign coach 

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @destar, you have just taken time to write utter rubbish! Your posts don’t make sense at all even though they are as long as the dead Sea scrolls. My attacks on Odegbami(the ex cricket international) shall continue unabated until he retraces his steps from destroying our football for the sake of selfish gains. An elder as u call him must respect himself in all ramifications. An elder who doesn’t respect himself and who doesn’t help in forging a good future for the younger generation does not deserve my respect in any way. It has nothing to do with tribe or religion but a simple policy and principle of mine. You can worship him as your god for all I care, that’s ur f….king business.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        @destar, Rohr has invited more home based players to the SuperEagles than any of his predecessors. I will give you an assignment to go and check the facts. Over the last 3 years plus the best player in the NPFL is 40 year old Rabiu Ali. I will also give you another assignment to go and check that fact. You keep clamoring for rough diamonds and labelled Rohr a lazy coach in your long book ridden epistle. Well those are opinions, but they’re totally flawed. Among all the home based players Keshi brought to SuperEagles how many of them went on to have longevity in their careers??? Where is Sunday Mba and Godfrey Oboabona today. Who are the 40 percent home based players apart from Mba and Oboabona you claimed help us win the AFCON in 2013? A team that struggled to get to the quarter final thank God for Moses two penalties against Ethiopia and an inspired Enyeama who kept us in most games. Eventually, what happened? The same Keshi couldn’t even qualify for the same AFCON despite earning $30k a month. Siasia was earning $25k a month and you keep claiming Rohr is been overpaid. I beg look for better excuse to support your long Epistles.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago


          I’ve just been reading that dude make nuisance of himself all the while, the last time I checked only 6 out of 23 homebased players made the 2013 AFCON (I stand to be corrected) team with only 2 getting any game time throughout the tournament. How that became 40% beats mathematics itself. No wonder Arik airlines ran into distress….with people who can’t do simple ishiro like this lurking around, any business will crumble.

          Let me remind him, Keshi’s rough diamonds, whom he groomed after nearly one year of intermittent campings as home based SE and close to 6
          7 international friendlies, like Mbah (2 match wonder) ended up in France 3rd division with CA Bastia. Godfrey Oboabona ended up in perennial relegation battlers in Turkey, Caykur Rizespor, Gabriel Ruben ended up in Boavista in Portugal and couldn’t start up to 10 games yet made the world cup only to collapse our midfield against France after replacing Onazi. Solomon Kwambe never made it to Europe sef (if I’m not mistaken). Slow as snail Eguekwe ended up in Finland- then later SA and finally back in the NPFL, Uzoenyi couldn’t go beyond South Africa where we was bench warmer at Mamelodi Sundowns, Bidvest wits and Ajax Cape town. Let me not even talk about pot bellied Chigozie Agbim….lolz

          All these substandard players whose blushes were always being covered up by the foreign based players…Lolz. Young Omeruo was the one covering up Oboabona and Egwuekwe back then, the moment Omeruo lost form, even Kenya, Congo and Sudan were putting goals past Enyeama like no man’s business. Keshi never used to dare feature more than 2 of his rough diamonds on the pitch at the same time….the moment he started featuring 3 or more….that was when we became the laughing stock of the entire continent. By the year 2015, all his rough diamonds where nowhere close the the national team anymore.

          Rough diamonds indeed….LMAO