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Pinnick Apologizes To Nigerians Again: ‘This Could Have Been Nigeria’s World Cup

Pinnick Apologizes To Nigerians Again: ‘This Could Have Been Nigeria’s World Cup

Former President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick believes the Super Eagles could have had a great outing at the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Super Eagles failed to qualify for the mundial after losing in the playoff to perennial rivals, Black Stars of Ghana.

Mega Millions Naija

Pinnick also apologized to Nigerians over the Super Eagles’ failure to qualify for the competition.

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He also took the responsibility for the team’s failure to make it to the global soccer fiesta.

“Like I told the African teams [like Senegal and Morocco], we want an African team to win it [ the World Cup], but if you people don’t, Nigeria will be the first to win it, maybe in the next World Cup,”Pinnick told Arise TV.

“When they are playing on the field, I take them as Nigerian. And again, I will apologize to Nigerians and I take responsibility as the then President of the Federation, but I believe we have gone beyond that now.”

He added, “Let us enjoy the World Cup. Qatar has given us a wonderful spectacle to behold, and I believe we should enjoy it. I am a proud Nigerian and am happy to be here to represent the country with dignity at any time.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Really….? Pinnick, Really….?.

    But you used Nigerian football to fan your own nest…. All you did while as President of NFF was all about and promoting your ambitions at the detriment of promoting Nigeria football. Now we have Gusau, another of your cohorts as the new NFF President and this means and portends more of the same heartbreaks for Nigerian football for the next decades if care is not taken. I say next decades because if the current chairman completes his first term of 4 years, he would go for a second and tries a third term. if he fails on the third, he arranges another from his group to continue the vicious circle and cycle of no movement. Either ways, Naija football loses. Apology is all we get after all the damages.

    • Copied from Charles post…… What more to say, he was the Chief Architect of our football downfall and he is not even ashamed…no achievements during his 8years tenure administration…he became NFF Chairman in 2014, at the back of Super Eagles winning Afcon in 2013…the next 2 Afcon tournaments 2015 & 2017 Super Eagles didn’t qualify under his tenure….Afcon that is our birthright from 1980 till 2010 we always qualify and finish within the Semi – Final except 1998 we were banned for Abacha refusal to allow the team go S/Africa 1996. Our local league teams struggles to qualify for Africa Club competitions but Amaju was busy arranging himself without our football teams. Why sack G.Rotr, a coach who qualified us for major competitions…he could have qualified us for this World Cup if not for Pinnick self centeredness
      ….Naija leaders sha

      • I don’t blame him for sacking Rohr because he succumbed to pressure from Nigerians. Especially ex players .

        What I blame him for are the scouting of players locally and abroad. Continued use of salisu.

        U17 and u 20

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago



    You should have done this long time ago immediately after our GAME with GHANA and then quietly STEP DOWN…

    But however, GENERAL ROAH needs it most!

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    They dont want to say it out. Shame and ignominy mixed with their pride wouldnt let them openly admit it. But we can see them biting their now swollen finger of regret.

    The leader of their campaign of calumny, their well-hatched sequence of sabotage, Mr Odegbami’s last blog was written with a sort of remorse and humility we haven’t seen from him since we failed to qualify for 2017 AFCON….our second AFCON qualification failure in a row back then. It was directionless, tasteless and self-contradictory of all he has stood for in the last 4 years…..LMAOOoo

    We seem to be headed back to that state now. That state we were in when a target of qualifying for the world cup and reaching the semifinals of a 24 team AFCON was so tall an order that a top coach like Paul le Guen would “ben-johnson” away from a chance to coach Nigeria.

    Our elders will say, an evil man’s deeds are not what makes his death a restless one….rather its the remorse and regrets that follows him into his grave that does.

    I hope these people will look backward in future and replay in their heads the horrors of how they used their own hands (urged on by their lowlife e-slaves on platforms like CSN) to destroy Nigerian football.

  • Shuma 2 months ago

    I saw him at the Brazil vs serbia game, sitting in front of Brazilian Ronaldo. Im like, what is he doing here?

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    I don’t blame you Amaju because I saw this coming and I have warned you Nigerians but you people did not listen to me.

    I think I deserve an apology from my colleagues on this forum because many of you were angry with me because of Amaju Pinnick but now, you people are angry with Amaju himself.

    However, I want to say another thing and I hope you people will agree with me but if not, do expect anything new or improvement from thr current NFF.

    Nigeria should let go of the new coach Oga Paseiro and NFF.

    We have so many capable ex players that fit in to handle the role of the NFF and the Super Eagles coach, the earlier we make the change the better.

    More so, majority of the individual that serving Nigeria have no love for Nigeria. If truly Amaju Pinnick loves his country, he wouldn’t be in Qatar watching world cup now.

    Nigerians really good at one thing when things happen like this, we keep complaining bla bla bla and after two or three days, we let go of the matter. No action.

    This is why I don’t talk that much any more because Nigerians doesn’t like the truth.

    Hmmm fellow Nigerians, are we ready for change? Am not convinced that we are. Let’s change ourselves individually before will change our leaders/government.

    Even on this forum, it shows that we have to change our attitudes. Amaju Pinnick and NFF shouldn’t
    be our problem if we sincerely transparent, loving each others and honest with ourselves as a nation but our leaders are selfish and they taking the advantages of that to manipulate Nigerians. Kai, I have to stop here because a word should be enough for the wise. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • benakay 2 months ago

      First of all, people like you keep saying we have Nigerians who can manage the team with great success. Well, outside of Keshi (RIP), no one else has demonstrated they are capable of doing that. The buffoon who took over from Rohr, in spite of supposedly being the top coach in the nation and head of the NFF technical group, ended up showing he was too dumb to lead the team to success and cost us billions of naira in potential revenue after failing at the AFCON and qualifying for the WC.

      Lets face the facts: ALL the so called Nigerian coaches are not only lazy but don’t care to further themselves. Those that do are not smart enough to make a credible difference .

      Lastly, with the profile of players currently at Nigeria’s disposal, no single Nigerian can lead that team. If you want only HB players on the team, then maybe. However, you can forget about winning anything in the next 5-10 years, because those HB players are nothing short of useless. Thats the honest truth!

      • Kenneth 2 months ago

        Oga abeg park well, how many of them were given time to handle the team like Rohr. After a loss it is the firing squad, or when the local coaches complain it is the firing squad, so i don’t get your point. When Rohr didn’t win the Last Afcon, was he fired or allowed to continue, why can’t be done to our locals. Aliou cisse is going to his 8 year with Senegal, do you know how many Afcon he didn’t win before winning this last one. So oga give them the chance to handle the team like the oyinbo people. Maybe you can recollect how keshi was treated until he threatened to leave the team.

        • Our people are full of self hatred. There are talents within nigeria that have not been discovered because we have lazy foreign coaches who just come to Nigeria to collect a pay check. Knowledge is not reserved to whites only. Give our local coaches a time to grow into their job. Amaju Pinnick is a classic example of how corruption destroys everything. He got the position of NFF president by his inlaw using delta state money to bribe his way into the office, now we are all crying while Pinnick is smiling all the way to the world cup and Fifa .

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            There are talent within Nigeria, your 20 NPFL clubs cannot discover them to use them to reach the group stages of CAF competitions….?

            Your CHAN and youth team coaches cannot discover them and use them to qualify for their respective AFCONs and reach the podium at these tournaments…???

            You have many talents yet we don’t here them making moves to the top clubs in Africa, not even Europe…?

            Y’all should continue deceiving yourselves

          • benakay 2 months ago

            So, let me get this straight…

            Its a fact that Nigerian coaches, especially the local ones you are advocating for, have demonstrated they lack the capacity to manage a team like the Super Eagles (not even an NPFL club team to win a regional or continental championship). Yet, you want them to ‘grow in the job’, right?

            Meanwhile, all the other teams in the world will continue to get better and increase the gap between them and Nigeria while our Nigerian coach is learning the basics of modern day football, abi?

            This is the same dumb mentality that has led to Nigeria being overrun by useless and incompetent people and that is why the country is in the current state it is.

        • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

          Okponu….hw many local coaches have ever been fired for losing a match…? LMAOoo.

          Was Siasia or Keshi or Oliseh or any of your local coaches ever fired for losing a match…??? Filthy liar.

          At your age, your brain still doenst know that coaches have targets, targets inserted into their contracts, meet it and stay….don’t meet it and go.

          So when your local coaches cannot qualify for Ordinary AFCON we should still hold in to them right…? We should give them 8 years to continue trying to qualify for afcon…LMAOoo. Or we should go and call back Oliseh who ran away when he saw that he was about to be booted out of AFCON qualification too….??

          Useless idiot is using Cisse as an example….LMAOoo. you will tell us of Senegal would have given Cisse 8 years in charge if he didn’t qualify for AFCON back to back.

          Maybe I should remind you that this same cisse needed 3 attempts to win AFCON and 2 attempts to reach R16 of the World cup with the REAL BEST AND MOST TALENTED TEAM in Africa. He didn’t even win anything at his first AFCON. Rohr won Bronze after you have failed to even qualify twice back to back….he qualified for world cup when you couldn’t qualify for Ordinary afcon back to back, he made every other qualification a child’s play (even with 2 games to spare), he was producing stop scorer almost every time……but useless bastards like you were biting trees all over the place calling for his sack….LMAOoo. I hope yall are satisfied now….LMAOoo. Rohr was supposed to be the problem of Nigerian footall

          He made your now “average players” look like world beaters, he made them look with African champions in the making, he made them look so good that bastards like you thought any other coach could win AFCON with them in 2 weeks…..LMAOoo. Not knowing the man was just working beyond his means by optimizing them (with no salaries for as much as 8 months and bonuses for as much as 2 years). The same players who were giving us results under Rohr are now being humiliated left and right now and idiots like you who used to call them the best in Africa now call them all sorts of names.

          If Cisse had been sacked for being booted out of afcon in 2017 in the quarter finals and for failing to reach 2918 WC R16, you will tell us if Senegal would have been where they are today.

          Maybe we should have given egudullard a new 5 year contract and increased salary for not making afcon quarter finals (for first time in almost 40 years) and for getting kick out of the world cup by the worst ghana team in 50 years.

          Didinrin asoro ma danu oshi….LMAOoo

          They don’t give local coaches time yen yen yen yen. Dont worry We will give them time to destroy our football completely ehn….the way Finidi has turned a perennial continent team like enyimba to a team that ends the season trophy less and finished 7th on the NPfl table….LMAOoo

          • Edoman 2 months ago

            l am extremely glad that Nigeria has a talent like Dr Drey to tell them the truth and nothing but the whole truth. The reason why a guy like myself, comfortable as l am, still devote time to share issues with the Juncks in this place.
            As Nigeria football dwindles, so also the followers like me shall move on. Omo9ja, Ugo, Kenneth, Odagbemi and few others has brought Nigeria’s football to its knells. They are even proud of their achievements in this regard. What a shame!!!!!!!!

          • But Dr.Drey you know how to dish out truth sha!!!!

          • KENNETH 2 months ago

            As usual the loud parrot would love to be heard. Thanks for coming back to rant has usual. Please SOB kindly go get your licence and stop coming here to act like a fool. Lets see what you have to offer since you know more than everyone on the platform. Yes there is what they call continuity, which is what the Senegalese FA believed in, did you hear about any interference from them. They had a vision which our FA never had, giving a PE teacher our super eagles team to handle for 6 years and nothing to show for it. I believe if we had gone to Qatar, we would come home like Ghana, Did you expect eguavoen to perform magic in 3 weeks, even though the team was more improved than the garbage we were watching from the PE teacher. Until you all get sense and leave the ex-players alone. Don’t even know which of them is interested in the Job any longer. Because its fools like you that make us go seek for 3rd hand coaches

          • Legendary 2 months ago

            Dr Drey my guyyyyyy. I came back here after 9 months just to hear your views. Do you have a Twitter handle, if you do please share..

    • Hmmm…Omo9ja the wise man!!!!
      I have a question? Home based coaches like 
      Joseph Yobo? Equavoen? Amunike? Alloy Agu, Siasia? Oliseh? Aigbogun? Salisu Yusuf? Or who?
      Just like those best players you campaigned for back then, players like Anibaba, Fanendo Adi, Arokodare, etc.
      How I wish I can lay my hands on you, I will just drag you to a machine that flogs bad people like you to woos you 25 strokes. Human being can pity you and I won’t like that. 

      • Kenneth 2 months ago

        So what is wrong with the names mentioned, abi when the white coaches were losing, did you instantly fire them. Or they were quick to part away with there salaries so as to keep there Job, but the locals who wouldn’t dance to there tune are always kicked out, please give the locals the same amount of time you give to your oyinbo coaches if they wouldn’t perform

        • @Kenneth, Scroll up small to Dr drey’s response to you. The response is there for you to see my friend. 
          And please, don’t disappoint because it’s only a fool that’ll not pick any point from that comment.

          • Greenturf 2 months ago

            Thank you very much @Sean.I like that

          • Greenturf 2 months ago

            But I don’t support using words like “fool”

          • benakay 2 months ago

            Sorry, Greenturf, but we really need to stop sugarcoating things. It is this same passive, consolatory mentality that has gotten us nowhere and in the current retrogressive state that this country is in today.

            We need to start calling it what it is – dumb decision making made by dumb people. That’s the truth!

    • Omo9ja 2 months ago

      Fellow Patriotic Nigerians, don’t compare yourselves with Oga Rohr followers because we are serving Nigeria while Oga Rohr followers are serving the former coach, Oga Rohr.

      More so, there’s nothing wrong in that but one thing I want Oga Rohr Nigeria limited to know is that, we hire and we fire.

      At first, Oga Rohr wasn’t the choice of us but Amaju Pinnick was behind the issue and they got him hired.

      NFF, Oga Rohr followers and Oga Rohr himself, thought they were untouchable not until the reality of life occurred in Egypt during the Afcon when smaller team defeated our darling team. We the patriotic Nigerians came out again to challenge the Nigeria Football Federation, the coaching crew and their followers, at the end, Super Eagles uncomfortably won the 3rd place.

      Since then, Oga Rohr have been struggling to win games. Amaju Pinnick quickly suggested that Oga Rohr should go for a refresher course which we said no to and he stopped the move.

      Hmmm. Oga Rohr was exposed in front of the home fans in Lagos and Super Eagles was disgraced once agin.

      Am I communicating ba?

      If not Oga Rohr was replaced before the Ghana match, the black stars had huge opportunities to destroy Super Eagles in Ghana but I thank God that NFF made a quick change and we brought Mr. Eguavoen in and we all witnessed new brand of football which I called total football but if not because of Mr. Eguavoen shabby work, invited wrong players, Iwobi red card and so on, Nigeria will made it to Qatar.

      Nonetheless, where were Oga Rohr when Super Eagles threw away 4-0 lead against Sierra Leone or something?

      Kai, after Portugal match, I laughed so hard when I heard Oga Rohr said he had never stunned 4-0 during his time with the Super Eagles. Lies. Why SLone star scored quick 4 goals against Oga Rohr’s Super Eagles?

      Where were our former world class coach when Madagascar gave it to our lovely Super Eagles wotowoto?

      You people should stop saying that if Oga Rohr was in charge of Super Eagles against Ghana, Nigeria would have qualified to Qatar. He failed woefully and if he’s that fanterbulous as you people painting him, he would have getting a better job by now kę. Am I lying ni ba?

      Long story short, we want our own back to continue. Not just our own but those that qualify as oue ex players should be giving the job.

      We have Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba and three
      of them should lead the team.

      But before anything, we have to replace the current NFF with our ex footballers. That is the only thing we can do to solve Nigeria sports.

      However, straight to the questions you asked me Oga Rohr followers.

      @Benakay “Lets face the facts: ALL the so called Nigerian coaches are not only lazy but don’t care to further themselves. Those that do are not smart enough to make a credible difference”.

      Who’s fault? NFF. this is very clear if truly we want the best for Super Eagles then let’s give the job to our own with one condition. The new NFF have to be transparent and set up a law that if you caught doing a shabby job you gone. I’m pretty sure that nobody will pass is boundary.

      @Edoman “Omo9ja, Ugo, Kenneth, Odagbemi and few others has brought Nigeria’s football to its knells. They are even proud of their achievements in this regard. What a shame”!!!!!!!!

      This is getting out of hand kę. Confusion everywhere lol. Who brought Nigeria football to this level between We the real followers of the Super Eagles, NFF and you Oga Rohr fans?

      If you can answer the question then you will see that Oga would have gone long time ago.

      So, blame nobody but Oga Rohr followers.

      @Sean, Hmmm…Omo9ja the wise man!!!!
      I have a question? Home based coaches like
      Joseph Yobo? Equavoen? Amunike? Alloy Agu, Siasia? Oliseh? Aigbogun? Salisu Yusuf? Or who?
      Just like those best players you campaigned for back then, players like Anibaba, Fanendo Adi, Arokodare, etc.
      How I wish I can lay my hands on you, I will just drag you to a machine that flogs bad people like you to woos you 25 strokes. Human being can pity you and I won’t like that”.

      You see now that you have no point? This is why you Oga Rohr followers are very emotional when it’s come to Oga Rohr topic.

      What did Oga achievement at the last world cup if I may ask you?

      What was Keshi achievement at the 2014 in Brazil, if you remembered?

      Even in Africa, what was our local coach achievement? And compare both and see clearly that Oga Rohr deserves to be fired after the last world cup in Russia.

      In conclusion, we need our ex players to replace NFF and Oga Paseiro as soon as possible.

      The new NFF should start treating our own like foriegn coach.

      Our indigenous coach should be giving at least 3 to 4 years to put the team together.

      Our local deserve good pay as well.

      By doing so, the world will see the best in our local coaches. But having the gaffer like Oga Rohr and Oga Paseiro in charge of Super Eagles, I don’t think Nigeria can achieve anything with our darling Super Eagles.

      I think you people should tender an apology to we patriotic Nigerians because we warned you people and NFF after the Afcon in Egypt but you did not listen to us and in the end, Oga Oga wasted 6 years for unconvincing results. For that reason, Nigerians should blame no one but Amaju Pinnick, Oga Rohr followers and Oga Rohr himself, Shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Picnick real mad man

  • Obaiy 2 months ago

    Pinick was a real scarm that befall Nigeria football the stupid greedy man should be hiding his useless face in shame over the disgrace he brought to Nigeria during his tenure if he dare come to an open place in any city in Nigeria people will surely stone him.

  • Edoman 2 months ago

    I will continue to blame omo9ja, Ugo, Kenneth for Nigeria’s failures to reach Quata. Until omo9ja in particular, tender his unreserve apologies, to Nigerians, l duly demand Nigerians to condemn omo9ja and his cohorts for the unwanted and unnecessary sack of Rohr 2 weeks to AFCON and for meeting all targets set for him.

    Omo9ja, like all your cohorts/associates and like Pinnick has just released, tender your APOLOGY today.

    • Kenneth 2 months ago

      What are you blaming us for? When we asked for him to be fired during the nations cup in Egypt, was he let go? But when they decided to let him go it is now because he couldn’t part away with his salary we are now the problem. To be hnest with yourselves, if he was that good, shouldn’t he be on the waiting list of many clubs or country. Carlos Queiroz was fired by Egypt this year and was instantly picked up by Iran. All the current players we have was he not the one that brought them. So why are they underperforming. Did the keeping problem start under eguavoen or was he meant to enter the field of play to show 2 keepers how to catch the ball. Same with some ages players on the field. Abeg leave us out of this nonsense created by Pinnick and his crew.

      • Dr Banks 2 months ago

        You are such an unapologetic man, better repent your ways fast and apologise to ll Nigerian football lovers that you were sorry you never anticipated the level of pain your cohorts inflicted on us all.

        Rohr was doing well until his sack, tell me one coach you know that has ever won 3 consecutive away matches in the history of Nigeria Super Eagles since admission into FIFA. You guys only talk of the loss to CAR in that cassava infested pitch of TBS in Lagos, we all know that pitch played a bigger role

        • mikee 2 months ago

          @fake Dr Banks…. Rohr was doing well until his sack? loosing to CAR at home is doing well?. You are not holding a good brief for your grandfather coach.They lost to CAR because the pitch was cassava infested, but both teams played on the same pitch. Please don’t insult our sensibilities here with that dumb excuse, its just like saying the snake swallowed the 30 million naira money.

  • Prince charming 2 months ago

    I see now that mr omo9ja doesn’t mean well for Nigeria football we are crying for the one we sacked you are telling us to sack another one and bring in local coaches that killed us against ghana

  • Dr Banks 2 months ago

    tunde banks
    Replying to 
    Shame to you Amaju Picnick for destroying SE’s chance to shine like Senegal and Morocco in Qatar. A shameless old fool sitting next to ex football legends in the VIP box during Brazil game. You need to Apologise to all Nigerians for firing Rohr at the wrong time

  • Greatness 2 months ago

    He said he’s Qatar to represent Nigeria. Can you imagine that? Maybe that’s why the eagles are not there, because no country can have double representatives. Amaju Pinnik, please bring the trophy home ooo. Smh!

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    U23 invitee Tim Akinola former Arsenal midfielder’s representative will speak very soon about the Bribery allegations that prompted his departure from the U23 camp. Pinnick and Gusau are the same and very soon a lot will be disclosed on how they have been running our football. If only EFCC were honest these guys will not be walking freely talkless of passing the baton of leadership around each other.

  • Ako Amadi 2 months ago

    Every nation gets the leaders it deserves. Pinnick could spare Nigerians the agony of enduring his mockery.Like the mother of Bukayo Saka is reported to have said, the man simply talks to much.

  • Razak 2 months ago

    I don’t mean to sound bitter, it was the timing which was wrong, you don’t fire a coach until he has fail to deliver, the Nigerian Football Federation should have waited until Gernot Rohr had failed to deliver at the Africa Cup of Nation in 2022 or after the World Cup qualifiers for 2022 then it would have sounded reasonable. With due respect people like Odegame or Okocha or Amocachi and Ex players should if they wish get involved in football in Nigeria run for office in NFF and leave coaching alone if they are not qualified Coaches.

  • Ayoola 2 months ago

    Leadership without accountability is on Nigeria greatest issues

  • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

    Is too late sir. Admit your errors properly. Sacking Rohr was a mistake.

  • Please can anyone enumerate to me may be am not a good student of history, any good thing that ever happen to Nigeria football during the era of pikin hoo sorry pinnick

  • Mr Pinnick with the same crop of players we have now? Let us not deceive ourselves we ain’t got the players to win nothing at the World cup, this sort of misplaced optimism led you and your board to neglect grassroot development for the pursuit of foreign born players. Anyhow, you are still in soccer , you guys should copy the America way of developing sports from school, that is the only way forward

    • onwajunior 2 months ago

      Used to be Belgian blueprint until Belgium couldn’t even make it out of group stage. Now it’s American way. How about we devise our own way? Maybe combine street and academy…

  • Obaiy 2 months ago

    For all the evil you brought to our football amaju corrupt pinick may God judge you

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

    My PEOPLE How is never LOSING 4-0, the same as DRAWING 4-4??

    It’s so SCARY, how people do their ANALYSIS here…