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Pre-season: Sadiq Bags Brace In Almeria’s Win vs Real Betis

Pre-season: Sadiq Bags Brace In Almeria’s Win vs Real Betis

Umar Sadiq scored the two goals that earned Spanish Segunda side Almeria a 2-1 win against Real Betis in a pre-season friendly on Wednesday, Completesports.com reports.

Sadiq netted on either side of Real Betis’ Rober as Almeria continued their impressive form in the tune up games.

It was Almeria’s third win in pre-season after four games (one draw).

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The 24-year-old Nigerian opened scoring in the 11th minute before Rober equalised just six minutes later.

Then in the half hour mark Sadiq scored what proved to be the winner for his side.

Almeria will open their 2021/2022 league campaign away to Cartegena on August 16.

Sadiq scored 20 goals in 40 league appearances for Almeria but it was not enough to help them secure promotion to the Spanish top-flight.

By James Agberebi 

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  • With his goal prowess, what is stopping him from playing in the elite division

    • Probably because he is an African. I don’t know why this guy is still here. Man city and guardiola are splashing the cash on grealish. Sometimes, things work against these African players. With sadio mane and Salah played for Liverpool two seasons ago, they should have been bought with huge money by Madrid psg or Barcelona.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Lol Africa Refuse To Create Home For Themselves.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        People don’t know how whites think sometimes.. They promote their own. See Simmy, Onuachu and Sadiq struggling to be taken seriously and bought by serious clubs… Wayne Rooney just retired and was asked to come and take Derby County and player-coach… Meanwhile you have the likes of Paul Ince and Sol Campbell still struggling to keep their jobs at unknown and inconsequential little clubs… We live with them and know how 98% of them think. They smile with you but want you vanished…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Woow. Osimhen must be white….Sadio Mane too, just like Edouard Mendy, must be whites too.

          Dont tell your players to go get solid agents who have clout, who can push through deals on their behalf….and also stop falsifying their ages as the world no longer falls for that deception anymore. Keep blaming whites for all your problems.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            South Americans falsify ages too…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            South Americans falsify ages too….Ok, so why do they last longer in football playing at the top level than Africans…? Its simple, Africans take theirs to the next level.

            Over 75% of the Argentine U20 team we met in the 2005 finals are still active till date with the likes of Aguero, Messi, Garay, Zabaleta, Lucas Biglia, still playing at the top level. Please apart from Mikel who now plays in Kuwait and Akpeyi who is in Kaizer chiefs, who amongst our own team is still playing any sensible football….if at all they can even still kick a ball now?

            The Argentine team we played at the finals of the Olympics in 2008 still has over 85% (minus the overaged players) still playing, with a sizeable chucnk still at the top levels too till as recently as last year, the likes of Jose Sosa, Di Maria, Sergio Romero, Messi etc still very much active, please where is your own U23 team to the same tournament, apart from Ezenwa, which one of them is still playing any sensible football. Some (if not most of them) of them even disappeared from radar as quickly as 2015 .
            Ive known Dani Alves since when he participated in the 2003 U20 world cup (or thereabout), he is currently at this olympics in 2021. Which U20 player in the flying eagles lasted till 2010….talk more of 2014.

            I guess all these analogies send a message. Age falsification may be rife everywhere, but Africans are masters in it….we take it 17 levels higher. A player slashes as much as 15 years from his age just to play U17. By the time he is 25 he cant even take on defenders one-on-one anymore. Look at the NPFL topscorer that was featured on CSN a few days ago as an 18 year old…go and look critically at his picture once again and tell me that boy isnt in his mid 30s.

            In addition to their styles of play which isnt too dynamic to the liking of top teams, European clubs know Simy is closer the 40 than 35….even with a 7m valuation none will touch him. They also know Onuachu is in his mid thirties too and can never replicate his 35 goals in Belgium in any of the top leagues….I can beat my chest to say any club that splashes 30m on onuachu today cannot recoup half that amount in 2 years time…..quote me in 2023….neither will he score 35 goals in 2 seasons playing in EPL. For the next 3 seasons, a Harry Kane will still guarantee you an average of 20 goals per season in the EPL. Hence he has no resale value. We know these things…but our blind sentiments wouldn’t allow us to admit and accept the realities on ground.

            Look at the likes of Osimhen, Iheanacho, Patson Daka, Fashion Sakala and others from the MRI generation, look at how easy it is for them to make good moves once they start showing consistency. Thank God for MRI…Africa is its biggest beneficiary. Gattuso even chose to take a pay cut to get Osimhen into Napoli, was osimhen a white…? Has osimhen ever scored 20 league goals in a season in his career….? Patson Daka also scored above 30 goals in Austria last season, a league less rated than Belgium, but Leicester City went for him rather than Onuachu….you think they are dumb…? When I look at Sadiq’s career path, I always tell myself this guy needs a serious agent. When you go from an AS Roma prospect to settling for Almeria in the segunda liga just within the first 5 years of your footballing career, after such crazy performances in Serbia with Partizan, just because of the financial windfall, then I see a player and an agent who subconsciously want to “make hay while the sun is still shinning”.

            We need to tell ourselves the truth, not every problem is a function of skin color. Didier Drogba didnt score 35 league goals the season he moved from Marseille to Chelsea, Adebayor didnt score 35 goals when he moved from monaco to Arsenal, neither did Etoo score 35 league goals the season he moved to Barcelona. Something as simple as your style of play, consistency and having a good agent with the right connections and networks is what makes big moves possible. Choupo Moting has gone from being a Stoke City player in 2018 to playing for PSG and now Bayern Munich. Who manage..? Is he white too…? Has he score 35 goals per season…? An hitherto unknown Edouard Mendy is the 1st choice of current UEFA champions Chelsea….he wasnt even Senegal’s 1st choice yet when he made that move. He isnt white either.

          • @Dr. Drey this is not about blaming whites for our problems. This is real. A silent way the whites do this thing. How many black players have been a galatico? Yet average players like Michael Owen etc have become one. It’s not an agent thing.

            Put the white skin on sodiq and he should have gotten a big club now.

            So what guardiola did to kels is about agent. He nearly destroyed the career of that boy. The same he did to Yaya toure.

            One of the best players to play in the Italian league was weah. Go and find out how much he earned and why Madrid and Barca never broke the bank for him.

            You see this is silent and it’s real.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hmmmm…? how many balck players have been a galactico…? Was Karembeu white..? Or Seedorf or Makalele or Essien or Adebayor. Are these whites…?

            Micheal Owen an average player…? How many African strikers have scored as many goals as Owen scored in the EPL. Was it his white skin that scored all those goals…?

            Put white skin on sodiq and he would have gotten a big club by now….please tell us which segunda liga top scorer in the last 5 years now plays in a big club….maybe they are all blacks too.

            What did Guardiola do to kelechi…? Was it Guadiola too that cause his flop at Leicester city…? Was it guadiola too that made him miss 2019 AFCON…? Is Gabriel Jesus not flourishing under the same Guadiola…is he white..?

            Madrid and Barca never signed Weah and so what..? Nust ALL the clubs in europe sign the same player at the same time…? Between AC Milan and Madrid which was a greater club in Europe in the early 90s.

            Please emancipate yourself from mental slavery and free your mind. I dont just know why we like cooking up stories without basis for no just reason.

          • Sayhigh 3 years ago

            You shouldn’t expect a father to treat a visitor better than his children

    • Fetty 3 years ago


  • NaijaEaglesFan 3 years ago

    @JimmyBall that’s a bold face lie. Falsification of age is only done by Africans stop justifying and encouraging bad behaviour by trying to add others as coconspirators instead of saying the truth.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @NaijaEaglesFan… I have a question for you. Did you start getting involved with football… like watching in since only the 2000s? If yes… I. Won’t blame you for your comment, if no… I will ask you to go and watch Australia ’93 U-20 World Cup Finals between Brazil and Ghana… Come back and tell me if Brazilian players were really U-20… Check in particular the player who scored for Brazil.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Lol only a shallow mind will say South Americans don’t falsify age, I agree with the one that said agency also plays a role but the color of this skin is also detrimental. The fortunate guys has to possess a lot of talents like Daka for examples who loaded goals season in and out at Salzburg it took him almost 4years to land EPL deal with those bizarre goal ratio and consistent performance on a personal level at a very reputable Salzburg even Haaland was second fiddle to him at a point and still attest to Daka’s prolific finishing instinct.

  • The transfer window is not closed yet. Players are signed even on the last day. So its not late for the above mentioned players to move to another club. For sadiq, we would like him to get a bigger club but if his team says they are not going to release him unless these clubs meet their asking price, or they still believe he can help them get promotion to la liga then there is nothing he can do. All he needs to do now is keep scoring goals and having great reviews which will eventually prompt a bigger club to pay for his services.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … A black African player has to be three times as good as the white boy to play in first place… It’s not hidden… If Eto’o were European or of South American decent… he would have won Balon d’or…

    • NA ME TALK AM 3 years ago

      @JimmyBall .. No way Eto would have won the balon d’or ahead of Ronaldinho , Messi and Ronaldo ( Just to mention a few ) .

      Check the stat bro , Messi and Ronaldo are far ahead of every player on planet earth and you can’t argue about it .

      Their stat are only dropping abit due to their age ( being in their 30’s and about to be in their mid-30’s )

      Alot of European and South American decent didn’t win the balon d’or aswell despite their talent .

      It’s not a race card brotherly but being exceptionally great at what you’re doing .

      You don’t just win the highest goal and assist ever in a league by being White or Black but by being exceptionally great .

      You don’t just win the highest goal ever in champions league by just race .


      GIVE due and respect to people who deserve it and not play the race card always .

      • James Idoko Idoko 3 years ago

        Is Eto’o same age as Messi? Eto’o was topping goals in La Liga when Messi was still a fringe young player…

        • NA ME TALK AM 3 years ago

          @ James .. Eto peak at goal scoring chart was 2004–05 Diego Forlán & Eto ( 2004 ) .. same number of goals

          2005–06 Samuel Eto’o ( 2005 ) … highest goal

          Best player & balon d’or during 04 – 06

          Andriy Shevchenko ( 2004 )
          Ronaldinho ( 2005 )
          Fabio Cannavaro ( 2006 )

          During the same period , Eto won the highest goal scored in la-liga , the best on planet was Shevchenko , Ronaldiho and Cannavor and you can’t argue about that fact .

          So It has nothing to do with being black or Whatsoever .


    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      If Etoo was of South American decent…if Etoo was of south american decent….do people win ballor don by where they come from or by standing out above others…? Let me also join you to say if Etoo was south American, he would have won the world cup in 2002….if Etoo was Italian, he would have won the 2006 world cup…but the fact is that he isnt….so let’s drop it. There was no way Etoo would have won ballon dor ahead of those who won it between 2002 and 2005. Lets be realistic…and it has nothing to do with colour. George Weah was not a white man when he won both the ballor don and the UEFA best player in 1995…..whites were nominated for the award in 1995 too, he he won BOTH. Does everything have to revolve around colour, race or ethnicity for heaven’s sake. Yea, etoo was good…yea he’s a legend, he could have won a ballor dor…yea…he even made the top 3 at a point, yea…but those who won it ahead of him were not undeserving of the award either. Skin colour doesnt play football.

    • Jones 3 years ago

      Iniesta and Xavi are rated as one of the best midfield duo in history….please how many balon’dors did they win?

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …@Dr.Drey… everyone who used to be a culprit has learnt and improved on age falsification. South Americans were as guilty as Africans initially.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Initially…? What about now…? While others have learnt decades ago, has Africans learnt..? Where is our U23 squad that went to the 2016 Olympics just 5 years ago…? Players in their early twenties then should be peaking by now. Apart from Ekong and maybe Etebo which one of our entire squad looks like one who is approaching his peak today. In another 3 years Im sure most would already be knocking on the door of retirement if they have not even fallen completely off radar. I doubt if we have truly learnt. Its MRI that is just beginning to force us to do things right a little bit.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Professional football is tricky bro… not everyone is lucky sometimes choices of career path and agents play a part… Compare Nwakali, Chukwueze and Osimhen today… atleast they were not so much overaged in how we used to know it… there were other great footballers in that squad too… also compare Akinkunmi Amoo and his peers… in football apart from talent, one needs discipline, doggedness and God.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Ehen…they have come again…with different different stories and excuses. Professional football is tricky….That is why 90% of U23 players in their early twenties in 2016 have refused to peak 5 years later….?

          Oga forget career path and agent, even if you are playing in 3rd division, at some point in time in your career you should hit your peak. Lets stick to that.

          Ive just simply asked, forget about club where they play, career path or agent, I know not all the 22 men will play in top clubs….Apart from Ekong and Etebo which one of our U23 players to Rio olympics can you say is approaching his peak today…? Im not talking of clubs…the issue here is how age-cheating is affecting us and how we have refused to learn till today.

          When its time to blame whites we balme them for ALL our problems, ALL our problems, but when its time to do some self introspection, we make up excuses and deflect attention from our own faults.

  • Anyone who say color of the skin does not have an effect is definitely not saying the truth. We know what happened to saka recently. Many black players who played for england regretted it. They were in the system and we have to believe them. You have not stepped out of Nigeria to live among the whites and you are saying it’s a lie.

    Okocha carried Bolton on his shoulders for years and he was left there…no big money came along.

    What is grealish doing now that guardiola is splashing the cash.

    I know you will say ndidi still have something to do to get a big money move. But the stats are saying something different. The fans who watch games know. But the big money move is not coming.

    Something is definitely wrong.

    A black player must do three times better to get a chance. The reason why I pity saka. He will never blossom in an English shirt because of this silent issue.

    Dr. Drey what is Salah and mane still doing in Liverpool. Why is Madrid and Barcelona not coming along?

    If you say south Americans don’t falsify ages then you are just watching age grade competitions.

    Common, they do.

    After the window closes check out the transfers and put them side by side and you will see the hypocrisy of the whites.

    There are some exceptions among them – Mourinho, gattuso, Wenger… But guardiola is a racist.

    Eto only had the chance because he was super good at that time.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      …@Christian Ministries Nigeria… for the reality and truthfulness of this your comment… I shall now wake up now every morning Blessing your day until forever. When you live amongst the whites you will know that some things are default with the majority of them… When you try to rent an apartment in some neighborhood… them no born the landlord… he will look for a benigh reason to turn you down while smiling to your face that someone else just took the house… the moment you appear to assess the apartment and you are a foreigner… mostly Blacks, Indians and Arabs… worst if you are black. Who no come no go know…

    • Mr. Nice 3 years ago

      I disagree with you on this bro, Saka was voted the man of the match in one of the game he played when other fellow whites also performed better, if Saka’s penalty had helped England to win the Euros he would have been a mini god today, yes it is true the whites are racist in nature but they celebrate talents and result. You should ask yourself why are black doctors doing well in the Diaspora, why are black winning election and getting top post in foreign countries, is okonjo-iweala not black but is leading an organization of a world body, the truth is simple and we must understand it the whites celebrate excellent and not mediocrity, Osimhen spent just a season in Lille Osc and was bought at a ridiculous price tag of $80m he is black. When we start celebrating excellent performance over mediocrity we will surely be at par with the whites in no distance future!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Please tell them.

        Blacks must be living only in slums….LMAOOo. Abeg If you get levels you will not only live in white dominated communities, you will go to the same school, set foot where they set their own feet, dine on same tables and niets will happen…! LMAO. @jimmy even with your ‘white wife’ dem nor dey gree you rent house…? LMAOo. If dem nor gree you rent, buy….its as simple as that. LMAoooo

        And the funny thing, which I always tell people, especially the younger folks is, if you continue walking around with racists mindset, you will NEVER NEVER reach anywhere in life….NEVER. Because even your own mistakes which you are supposed to learn from and correct will be caused by the whiteman. Pan Africanists have been blaming whites for Africa’s problems for 60 years now as if elected leaders and the people who vote them in at every elections are whites.

        This same whites see good black players and sign them….some even go as far as in some cases handing black players captaincy. The same whites gave a pitch black man both European and WORLD footballer of the year the same year. Maybe all the white players in the world were on sabatical that year….LMAOooo.

        There were several white players in England yet the likes of Sterling, Saka etc were selected. When it was time for penalties 3 balcks were selected amongst the 5 takers…if none was selected these same people will come crying that southgate was racist.

        Nobody has said racism doesnt exist, it does….same way tribalism and ethnicity exists….they all belong to the same family of unfair discrimination. Discrimination amongst blacks is even worse whether in Africa or in Diaspora, way worse than black to white discrimination. There are some parts of Nigeria today where a non-tribesman can never get a piece of land to buy.

        But to say racism is the reason why African players don’t make big money moves….that’s pure LIES. Let an African player in the mould of Messi and CR7 rise today with his true age and show consistency and yearly improvement for just 2-3 seasons and see if top clubs will not come for him. At least our own Victor Osimhen isnt white, yet we all saw how the whole city of Napoli went out to get him after just 2 seasons of professional football. Gattusso even agreed to take a paycut to have him on his team……guttusso must be a Zulu man or a Bemba or Kikuyu…..LAMOOoo

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Oga….you dont just sit behind a keyboard and and claim someone else has not stepped where and where.

      You have said a whole lot of things yet said nothing because till now you have still not substantiated ANY of your claims.

      Please what happened to Saka..? Is he going to be the first England player (black or white) to be attacked online…? Please tell us the black players who regretted playing for England and I’ll tell you 10 white players too who have been used and dumped by England over the years. England squad for so long has been elimination by substitution…If you are not better and as consistent as the man occupying a certain position you will be pushed out…be you balck or white. Its that simple. We only microzoom issues to only black players when we want to push our colour/race agendas.

      Okocha carried Bolton and so what…? At what age…? With how many assists per season as a no 10…average of less than 3 assists per season when he was already past his prime..? Please Where were you expecting the big money to come from. You think showboating and dribbling is what attracts big money moves…?

      You ask me what grealish is doing…? Please tell us 1 African attacking midfielder currently who is as good a Grealish….just 1. Last season alone he had a whooping 20 goal contribution or thereabout in the EPL and he hasnt even peaked yet…in addition to the fact that he is English and English players are usually very expensive because of FA rules on the number of home grown players a club must register and the effects of forces of demand and supply of quality English players.

      And pls where did you get the info that Madrid and Barca isnt coming along for Mane or Salah, where have you been when Liverpool has been rejecting bids from both clubs….and how is Liverpool inferior to those 2 clubs…? Liverpool was back to back UCL finalists as recently as 2018 and 2019 and winners in 2019. Must everybody play in Madrid and/or Barca..?

      Nididi, fantastic midfielder, awesome tackler, but as a DM, your passing is not top notch, your range is fuzzy, you shots are neither here nor there, your techniques on the ball are a bit questionable, you are not good in the air despite your height and you want a big money move…? Did PSG not see Ndidi before they snapped up Idrissa Gana Gueye from Everton..? Today Gueye even scores freekicks now. What has Ndidi added to his own game in the last 3 years…? That you are the best tackler doesnt make you the best midfielder in modern football. Is Kante not also a black…? Is he not also a DM…why is he so highly rated…? Is Kante Ndidi’s mate as a DM. Is Thomas Partey white..? Did Arsenal not see Ndidi before they forked out 40m to sign Partey from Athletico..?

      Pls show me where I said South Americans never falsify ages…..kindly copy and paste. But I simple asked…why do they last longer, still good enough to play at the very top and still performing at the top compared to thier “age mates” who played in the same competitions with them……..I gave 3 analogies up there…..if I have lied, point it out….If they are not valid tell us.

      Guadiola is a racist but his former captain was black, his current captain too is black, yet he is racist…simple because he does not tolerate lazy players who are in their mid 30s but claiming to be 21 year olds…? The man wants output…once you cant produce he puts someone else in your place. That’s professionalism. Since Yaya left City pls where has he been if truly he was just being victimized…the truth is that the boy was already going down hill. He went to olympiakos he couldnt even ball anymore…was Gaudiola his coach at olympiakos too…? Was yaya the 1st or only player Guadiola has ever clashed with…? Did he not fling Ibrahimović out of Barca too…? Im sure if Ibra were black you will tag that too as racism.

      We need to start looking at things holistically and not through a sentimental or prejudiced mindset. Im not here to change your mindset, you can keep your racist mindset, looking for something from nothing and creating storms in teacups. That’s your business. But when you are ready to talk with facts and figures then we can talk. Me I work with facts and figures, not with prejudice or imaginations.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Dr Drey tell them oo! At least Oyinbo will still give you a chance it’s then up to you to take advantage of the opportunity. Whereas an Ijebu Ode man is not comfortable with an Ijebu Igbo man. No disrespect to Ijebus just an analogy. The problem lies within us instead of blaming the west for our misfortunes we should look ourselves in the mirror. The whites can be racist in nature like someone said above, but they will always celebrate talents and results.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Okocha’s issue was that he didn’t produce enough, in terms of goals and assists.
      Grealish is not as skillful as Okocha. But skills don’t win matches. Goals, assists and high productivity in your area of the pitch is what helps to win matches. While Okocha will entertain the crowd with incredible skills, Grealish will give you at least one good assist in every game. With his ability, Okocha should have scored and assisted a lot more than he did. Grealish scores goals, makes assists, and is a big reason Aston Villa finished in the mid table last season.
      If Okocha was more productive, the big clubs would have snatched him up. It’s down to productivity.

      • @pomoei can we stats about okocha. Check the stats at Frankfurt, fernebache and Bolton. Okocah was more than dribbles.

        What about his stats at the national team. He was more than that.

        Okay you are talking about goals. What about aiyegbeni. What about osaze in EPL. What about martins.

        Players of leaser quality but with white color have been given the biggest attention..

        I am not given excuses. But it’s very clear that racism is done in this regard..

        Some people will begin to tell us that ndidi is not productive or that sodiq is not productive. Or onuachu is not productive.

        How effective was Owen and Nd some other English guys that received the attention and the Cash.

        The whites just fight racism with their mouth but not with their hearts.

        There is silent racism in sports..

        More questions:

        Salah played all the football last two seasons. Mane the same. Weah the same.

        I am not mentioning Nigerian players here so that you think it’s because I am a Nigerian.

        Well this should not stop African players from putting in the effort. We can’t completely stop this nonesense. Since we have decided not to improve our own system we will continue to live what they throw at us.

        • “Since we have decided not to improve our own system we will continue to live what they throw at us.” CMN

          Yes, we should also be in a position where we will be investing in talents like the South Africans, Chinese and Indians. That will help redress some of the imbalance.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Okocha’s stats

          EPL —-14 goals 3 assists in 4 years
          French ligue 1 —–12 goals 7 assists in 4 years
          Bundesliga—– 18 goals 13 assists in 3 years
          Total 44 goals 23 assists in 11 years – average of 4 goals and 2 assists per season

          Are these the stats you expect to earn moves to Madrid and Barca…? LMAAAOOOO

          But grealish produces about 8 goals and 12 assists in one season, and he hasnt even reached his peak yet and you complain he his making big money moves….? LMAOO. Please tell us 1 african AM in the last 10 years who has grossed 20 goal contributions in the top 5 leagues in a single season….Lmaoo

          Owen scored 118 goals in 216 games for Liverpool alone, yet you call him average, but Yakubu the highest scoring Nigerian ever in England and possibly europe scored a combined 107 in 270 games for ALL the clubs he played for in England…..you do the ratios yourself…..and in your own estimation he should have been signed by Real Madrid instead of Owen whom you claimed to be “”average””

          Salah and Mane are currently playing for one of the best 2 clubs in England in the last 2-3 seasons and back to back UCL finalists and champion of 2019. They were both signed in big money moves from Roma and Southampton respectively. I dont know what else you want….they have to be in Madrid, Madrid is the only big club in the world. Mahrez moved from LCFC to Mancity…big money move, Partey moved from Athletico to Arsenal…big money move, our own osimhen moved from Lille to Napoli…big money move. Asraf Hakimi has been shutling Inter, Dortmund and now is in PSG…..big money move. Edouard Mendy moved from Rennes to Chelsea….big money move. Honestly I dont know what else you want. Choupo Moting moved from stoke city to PSG to Bayern within the space of 3 seasons

          Go and tell your players to play with the right ages, work harder and most importantly get good agents. They should go and ask Ighalo how he moved from Shanghai Shenhua to Old trafford in not for having a good agent with good networks.

          Arsenal promoted Saka from academy to 1st team…he must be white. Barca promoted Ansu Fati from academy to 1st team…he too must also be white.

          Ive told you to substantiate all your claims with facts, rather than figments of your imagination, still you havent.

  • Sadiq umar still has it in him. He is still very Sharp with great pace, great finishing and good skills (just check out his goals against real betis). He can fit into any team and still score goals. I hope he gets into a big team so he can test his abilities in a strong league. I also look forward to seeing him strut his stuff in the super eagles team. All the best bro.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Nigeria U23, WAFU, CHAN, NPFL Champion being subjected to trials first at ORLANDO PIRATES before he will be signed.

    This must also be as a result of racism too.

    When our players cant command the right transfer value, just blame it on racism

    • @Drey we are not blaming everything on racism bbut you can’t tell us here this has not been a factor that has worked against footballers from Africa. Why is fashannu and others crying foul.


      He was part of the system. You know his biggest advice today to African or Nigerian players.

      You are taking about agents as if African players are using different agents. Common racism is real and a factor in professional football.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    It is true that we live in a racist world.
    But racism dies when it comes face to face with PROVEN TALENT.
    In every sphere of human endeavor, stake holders want to win, achieve, accomplish, grow. When they come across an individual with proven talent who can help them achieve their goals, they recruit them, regardless of skin color. You may be blacker than charcoal. But if you have proven talent in an in-demand field, white people will be blowing up your phone and knocking on your door. And not just white people. Red, yellow, green and blue people will also be looking for you.
    It’s all down to productivity.
    It is true that the English will favor their own talents over foreign talents IN THE SAME GRADE. But if you prove that you are of a higher grade than what they have, they will recruit you. Even nonprofits who don’t have a profit objective will still recruit superior talent. For-profits have no choice. They must recruit proven talent to thrive.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …@Dr.Drey… We know whites give people chances to excel. But also… mind you I did not flatly say all whites. I said majority and that assertion is not lost on truth… my discussion was outside of sports and more a social thing… I don’t know of most places but I can tell you Europeans countries with high level of tolerance today and those still struggling… In Germany, as some folks here who live in German will attest… there are still only a few night clubs that allow blacks in… boy they turn you flat back at the entrance, even if you are with white friends… they let them in and block you. It will take grace of God for those guys with you to beg and you be allowed in… the issue of renting a house is 100% valid in some high brow neighborhoods… well one could actually lease-finance a house but to buy outrightly when just starting out with life as an employee, you are looking at price in upwards of €250k… guy I no get connect for Nigeria government o… Lol. I am living in a lease-financed house that will be paid up in 30yrs though… The far right party chairman… AfD party in Germany once said… not many Germans will want to have Jerome Boateng as neighbour living next door… now figure that!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Im happy you included the description “far right party”. There will always be extremists everywhere. But their views and opinions dont form the generality of the entire population. You also said up there “white friends” I was shocked that you can even have white friends, not with how much ill you talk about whites on this forum. I just hope they dont get to read the things you write about them on CSN.

      Once again there will always be extremists everywhere. In 2015 or thereabout my nephew couldn’t marry his long loved hearthrob because the girl’s uncles said they cant allow their daughter to marry from the stock of the man who starved them during the civil war….im talking of as recently as 2015. And till 2050 such kinds of scenarios will still occur. This one na our fellow black people o. Prejudices are everywhere black-black, black-white.

      But to now tag EVERY problem you face in life on prejudices is self defeatism in itself. There are bigger reasons why our players are not making big money moves than just their skin colour. I have asked up there for anyone to name just 1 African midfielder who is currently as good as Grealish, I still haven’t gotten any answers, but when he makes big money move his talent has earned him we all cry. Instead of sitting down and looking for ways we can develop our players to be as technically superior as some of these guys we are begrudging. CNM even went as far as calling Micheal Owen “average”…..our own afrcian brothers who “arent average”, how many has been as prolific as Owen since we started gracing the EPL, apart from sallah, no one else…yet we cry about racism and skin colour all the time as even the population of highly exception talents we produce is significant.

      We should learn to focus our attention on what we are lacking, rather than we have no control over.

      Abeg I don tire for all these race nonsense as if skin colour can hide one’s true potentials. For me its lazy people who complain about skin colour all the time. If they raise the bar 2 times higher because you are black, you jump 3 times higher and they will fall on their knees and worship you. Its that simple I speak from personal experience. Im done with this topic. Racism will never die….Racism will never go away…..the same way tribalism and ethnicity all children of discrimination will never disappear. Just do your thing and go your way. In life people who will be nice to you will be nice to you, white or black….people who will be wicked to you will be wicked to you also, white or black….but you alone are the architect of your own destiny and altitude.

    • @Jimmyball don’t mind @Dr. Drey. This is not extremism. It’s racism.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Oga….name 1 African AM who is currently as good or even better than grealish…..since you’ve not been able to reply. Ive told you, in as much as you cannot pin facts and substance to your claims, you can continue to carry your racial idiosyncrasies all around, but it will NEVER change the issue on ground until African players start doing the right things and playing with the right ages……if una like make una raise “”black lives matter fists”” till next century.

        And the funny thing is even when the template is there on ground koro koro that we can learn from….we will still never learn. Because we have stamped it at the back of our minds that dont have any problems we are doing it just right and fine, the whites are the ones that are the problem. That is why the black world is still where it is today. The Olympics medal table from the last 10 editions says it all. Asians have come from no where to start dominating, Africans are still tripling prize money 5 days to the end of an olympics to rig their way up the medals table….LMAOoooo

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …someone put it up there and I am yet to see any of our champion of a merit driven world tell us why Ndidi despite being the anchor for a top 5 EPL team yet to see the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea take him serious…

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Without beating around the bush, THERE IS EVIDENTLY WHITE PRIVILEGES THING but we Black only have ourselves to blame. Speaking the whitemans English language while relegating ours, a is an attestation to that fact. We have made ourselves play second fiddle in the scheme of things no doubt about that. A black man has to be on a far higher pedestal compared to a white folk majority of times to qualify for same job. Saka as good as he is, could only have been selected, just to give some sense of belonging to other English born Nigerian players, just so they don’t consider switching. But then, it will be foolish to give rasicm as excuse for anything n everything, if God says it will, it will surely be and at the right time, place n moment.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Was Saka also constantly starting games ahead of sancho and foden “just to give some sense of belonging to other English born Nigerian players”….or because he was delivering every time he was given the chance…? Would saka have been selected in the first instance “just to give some sense of belonging to other English born Nigerian players” If he wasn’t consistent at arsenal or wasn’t delivering when he was given his opportunity in the national team…? I doubt it.

      If saka loses form today will he still be selected just to give some sense of belonging to other English born Nigerian players…?

      Its just like when they said Okoye is starting for SE jsut because he is half german….so did he earn his 1st choice shirt at Sparta despite starting the season in the dutch 2nd div just because he was half-german…? did he also keep 10 clean sheets and win the clubs player of the season because he was half german too…?

      The speed with which we ignore performance and productivity and cling on to sentiments can be bafflign most times

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        Dr Drey, please let’s not argue over these things. Ordinarily I will put Sancho ahead of Saka in that English team. That’s the talk amongst fans over here. Saka did very well helping the English team as well as helping THE ENGLISH FA’S AGENDA TOWARDS DISCOURAGING ENGLISH BORN NIGERIAN PLAYERS FROM SWITCHING.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Once again,

          Was Saka also constantly starting games ahead of sancho and foden “just to give some sense of belonging to other English born Nigerian players”….or because he was delivering every time he was given the chance…?

          If saka loses form today, will he still be selected “just to give some sense of belonging to other English born Nigerian players…””?

  • Yes, there is racism and nepotism everywhere but what Aphyli said above resonated with me.

    The whites worship one thing and one thing only: Money. And, they will invest in anything that will bring them return on their investment. It doesn’t matter whether the person is black, oriental or from Mars, if he can make them money, white investors will employ the person.

    Bruce Lee was the lead actor in Enter the Dragon where he kicked white arse. Hollywood at the time was terribly racist but saw potentials in Bruce Lee hence they invested in him.

    My point is that white people will pick money ahead of racism and will pick the man who can help them make money regardless of race.

    On Saka, I think he earned his place in that England side. He didn’t start the first game – Phil Foden did. However when Saka was introduced, he proved far more effective than Foden hence he kept his place.

    Glory – I don’t think Saka’s continued selection was due to “promoting England born Nigerian players”. If Saka had not grabbed the opportunity given to him, he would have been dropped early. It is that simple.

    • GLORY 3 years ago

      @ DEO, I only said I n majority views from conversation with football fans, is , Sancho should have been starting ahead of Saka. That’s not to say, Saka ordinarily didn’t merit that England selection. The argument is, whilst he always merited it by virtue of constant club performances, he could have still gone same way as others before him if not for the strategy Boris is referring to. I totally agree with you n Aphillydegreat about the whites going for money over everything. That’s taking but the other paying the money will rather pay more for white folk with even a bit lesser ability to the black guy. So the money determinant now depends on both who is buying and who is selling. Sounds confusing though but with deep thinking, you will sure get it.

      • Thanks Glory. Whether Boris Johnson likes it or not, England will continue to lose players to Nigeria and other countries. Coach Southgate will never jeopardize his mission for sake of “not wanting to lose players to Nigeria”.

        Saka was given an opportunity and he seized it. Don’t be surprised if you never see Saka play for England again. If other talents emerge, he might be sidelines but for this Euros, he did well.

        There is racism quite alright but abilities, time and chance appear to prevail these days.

  • I quite enjoyed our arguments today,so devoid of abusive, obscene or foul language.God will bless everyone that has contributed we are all right in one way or the other. @ Jimmy ball, Dr.Frey, pompei, Ayphillydegreat,Christain Ministry, Glory, sportfan etc. Well done to us all.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      …@Yinkus God bless you. We are crazy sometimes about our football but we can all actually argue more healthy.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


    2010–11 Ivan Perišić Croatia Club Brugge 22 GOALS
    2011–12 Jérémy Perbet France Mons 25 GOALS
    2012–13 Carlos Bacca Colombia Club Brugge 25 GOALS
    2013–14 Hamdi Harbaoui Tunisia Lokeren 22 GOALS
    2014–15 Aleksandar Mitrović Serbia Anderlecht 20 GOALS
    2015–16 Jérémy Perbet France Charleroi 22 GOALS
    2016–17 Łukasz Teodorczyk Poland Anderlecht§ 22 GOALS
    2017–18 Hamdi Harbaoui Tunisia Zulte Waregem 22 GOALS
    2018–19 Hamdi Harbaoui Tunisia Zulte Waregem 25 GOALS
    2019–20 Dieumerci MbokanI DRC Antwerp 18 GOALS

    I guess all these guys too were blacks, that is why they didnt instantly attract top clubs like Madrid and Barca.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Much appreciated @ Deo. Those your last line kinda explain Saka’s England case. THE TIME FACTOR, Saka came at a time when movement against Rasicm has been gathering massive momentum around the Western world. THE CHANCE FACTOR; England/Foden didn’t quite click n kinda got injured in first game. For I will always pick Saka ahead of Foden but Sancho ahead of Saka, herein, ability was going to be compromised but time n chance played to Saka’s favour.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    @Dr Drey, I honestly agree with you, that it’s not for Rasicm sake that big clubs are not willing to come spend big for Onuachu, Sadiq, Mane, Salah etc. Loads n loads of consideration go into marketing players; Agents profile, players’adaptability, players off fields life, players national team profile, money available to spend etc etc. Presently most clubs are struggling financially as a result of covid pandemic aftermath, hence clubs have become really really prudent in their spending. This could just be while Onuachu n co are struggling to find serious buyers.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Sometimes is not about racism, this companies have board of directors is not just one guy sitting in the corner making all the decisions. How many jerseys can sadiq Or Onuachu sells, can these players bring in more fans or more endorsements, most of our players are one season wonders, prune to injuries, lazy at times, this football companies have dossiers of these players they’re just being conscious in dealing with them.

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