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Qatar 2022: Another Upset As Japan Claim 2-1 Win Vs Germany

Qatar 2022: Another Upset As Japan Claim 2-1 Win Vs Germany

It was another day of upset at the ongoing Qatar 2022 World Cup as Japan came from behind to beat Germany 2-1 in Group E on Wednesday.

Recall at the 2018 World Cup Germany also lost their opening game when they fell 1-0 to Mexico.


Only yesterday, Saudi Arabia created one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history after also coming from a goal down to beat Argentina 2-1.

And Japan replicated the feat also as they had to battle from behind to record a first-ever win against the four-time World Cup champions.

In Wednesday’s game, following consultations with VAR Germany were awarded a penalty with Ilkay Gundogan converting it to put his side 1-0 up on 33 minutes.

With 15 minutes left to play Japan we’re back on level terms as Ritsu Doan scored.

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And in the 83rd minute Takuma Asano netted the winner to give Japan all three points.

Germany must now get their campaign back on track when they face Spain on Sunday.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

    It is not much really an UPSET as compared to SA vs ARGENTINA…

    JAPAN to dey BALL ooo

    I mean with their QUICK, SHARP and TIRELESS FEETS….

  • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

    Abeg where are the science students again, Abi na Semo Germany chop or dem add cow leg to their vegetarian salad. Why german analytics no work for them. Abi no be hunger and determination give Japan the game

    • There will be no upsets in tomorrow’s fixtures although my prayers are with Cameroon to do well.

    • MuYiwa 2 weeks ago

      You dont win matches just by sheer determination. You need long term planning, right tactics and good coach and players packages. All these are ingredients most countries in sub saharan Africa dont have. Besides, it is too early to even celebrate any major breakthrough for now. Also,this German team is not as strong as they were 8 years ago.

      • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

        We shall see. Not disputing your assertion, but at the end of the day if the hunger to get that 3 points is not there, all your tactics, planning comes to nil.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          The hunger comes from the tactics u employed!

          U can have all the hunger but without the right tutored tactics, ur hunger ll amount to nothing!

          Football has evolved from the British KICK AND RUN to more strategy, formation and tactics based!

          A good coach is as good as a team winning! 

          Don’t underestimate the Japanese coach, he is tactical savvy looking at the way he organized his team during the last 7 mins of the game 

          This is what AFRICA coaches doesn’t get that the assistant crew HOLDING LAPTOPS on the sidelines aren’t watching the GAME GOING ON but rather they watched on their laptop screen and take a lot of suggestions even from commentators etc!!

          Our African coaches go and sit on the bench, after gulping a TANK OF FUFU and light chicken soup that mentally dull their brains!!

          Go and looked at the Nigeria match against Ghana in abuja, the whole NIGERIAN bench were  standing akimbo with even LAPTOP to watch the game on their screen in order to help the head coach to make the proper adjustments

          If u watched European football, u ll see three guys holding a LAPTOP and do u know why? 

          They listening in and taken notes of the game from the sidelines on thru laptop screen rather than from the field!

          Do u think an African team with one brain can beat an savvy coach never 

          • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

            And the Germans and Argentine assistance with laptops why didn’t science work for them. Abi they ate fufu with banga soup and were not focusing. Have you ever played this game at all? Do you know how frustrating it gets when all tactics and plans don’t go your way. Thats when hunger and determination comes in.

      • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

        THANK you my BROTHER MUYIWA…

        It’s TRUELY too EARLY…

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago


      The holland match against senegal was SCIENCE in motion 

      This is what our emphasis was not this RIGID GERMAN machine!!

      Go and watch the holland match again and u ll understand 

      • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

        Kindly break down the science involved

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          In science, there’s TIME AND SPACE and we know that in boxing, FLOYD always says that TIMING BEATS SPEED

          If u watched Pac-Man vrs Floyd, Pac-Man was fast with his hands but Floyd TIMED his speed and his timing slow Pac-Man down tho has has the quickest hands 

          This is the same with football….  Timing the ball with counters, adjusting a player reactions time can help the player to develop better technique 

          Again, European academies use gravity to show the speed of the ball and how it can be utilized properly 

          Am not even going to talk about food science etc 

  • My prayer is for African countries to create upset, anyone at all let them show to world that Africans are capable, otherwise we might loose our respect to team from Asia and middle east.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    The German Machine needs to go back to the workshop. Urgent repairs needed.
    BTW, see as Spain dey mistreat their fellow Spanish speaking pipo. Costa Rica don collect taya. See wotowoto. Na wa ooo.
    Na so Nigeria for dey collect by now, like say we qualify. Once again, our deepest gratitude to OUR OWN. He “failed tactically”, in order to protect us from tremendous embarrassment. We are grateful.

  • Selfie,

    Undoubtedly, science and technology have revolutionalized the way many industries conduct their tasks and activities. In civil aviation, aeroplanes are now nothing but a big flying computer. In academics, teachers are now able to teach remotely. Surgeons are able to perform surgeries that were unthinkable in years gone by. Supermarkets now have self-service checkouts.

    Does it mean every facet of life is now ‘scientific’?

    In football, modern managers now have access to resources, insightful training courses and cutting edge analytical technologies not available to managers in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

    But, with all these innovative technologies, the pilot is taught first and foremost to fly. The teacher is taught to teach and the medic is taught to administer medication. Science and technology do not replace the core and essential elements of these disciplines.

    These days, goalkeepers are taught to punch the ball to the side. Defenders are taught to track the runs of opposition strikers. These are basics: nothing scientific about this. Yet the Senegalese defenders lost their man for the first goal with Mendy parrying the ball back in the line of fire for the coup de grace.

    True, there are more technological resources out there nowadays for most of us to do our jobs better. But we need to be able to do our jobs competently to start with.

    You referenced the Nigeria v Ghana encounter in Abuja as an instance where our coach failed to avail himself of the possibilities that a laptop crammed with analytical algorithms would have offered – you might be right.

    But was is lack of a laptop that caused our goalkeeper to fumble a saveable lame shot? Would laptop have made Osimhen make better choices rather than go for the spectacular? Was it absence of a laptop that made Osimhen stray carelessly offside making Nigeria’s second goal to be ruled out?

    The technology is out there. The resources are endless. Yes, managers should take advantage of the opportunities presented by the resources available. But science and technology will never replace the essential theoritcal foundations of any discipline – particularly football.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Yes they are basic but been basic doesn’t mean that we can’t polished it with science bro 

      @ Deo 

    • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

      Abeg i wan spray you money biko. Don’t even know what us to add to your comment. You have summed it all up. It is the same analytical crap peseiro used to sell himself. And now we can see what the team is turning into. Even baseball commentators are beginning to condemn all this analytics crap because it doesn’t really work