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Senegal Beat Ecuador To Qualify For Round Of 16 As Netherlands Overcome Qatar To Finish Top

Senegal Beat Ecuador To Qualify For Round Of 16 As Netherlands Overcome Qatar To Finish Top

The Teranga Lions of Senegal have qualified for the round of 16 after battling to a 2-1 win against Ecuador in their final Group A game on Tuesday.

The reigning African champions needed to win to stand a chance of progressing into the knockout while a draw would have been enough for Ecuador.

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Goals from Ismaila Sar and skipper Kalidou Koulibaly was Senegal qualify into the knockout round for the first time since 2002.

Sar gave Senegal the lead in the 44th minute from the penalty spot before Moises Caicedo equalized in the 68th minute.

But Koulibaly was the hero for his side as he netted in the 70th to send Senegal through.

Meanwhile Group A other game Netherlands defeated host Qatar 2-0 to finish top.

Senegal will now meet the winners in Group B in the round of 16 which will start on Saturday, 3 December.

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  • See how Senegal fortune is progressing. Nigeria’s best group stage performance was over 2 WHOLE DECADES ago. Now that is retrogression, awful and atrocious. We will still cry blue murder and see other smaller African countries take the shine off us.
    I wish NFF could go the Juve board way. Oh, I forget. Gusau is “new” even if he’s been in the system for at least a decade.

    The rest of Africa have unfortunately left us. Fernandez claim should have woken us up but old things won’t pass away.
    Congrats Senegal whose population isn’t up to only Lagos.

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

    Mehn…that was a CALM, COOL and BEAUTIFUL PENALTY by SARR…

    DENNIS needs to go and LEARN how to take PENALTY..

    And then WE need to STOP RELYING on some PLAYERS ie OSIMHEN…

    If SENEGAL can do without MANE, then WE can do without anybody..

    WE just need to be PLAYING as a TEAM, put up GOOD FIGHT whenever WE DORN the GREEN and WHITE JERSEY…

    • Very well said Mo Post.

    • the best way in Nigeria is for any coming president to have an interest in Nigeria football without the history we keep on repeating itself and causing more sadness to Nigerian football lovers look out a whole ministry of sport can not even pay that that useless coach even nff can not even pay players all previous match fees and bonus, all this administration officers include sports minster and nff chairman they get pay regular salary with embezzlement of Naija money. Football is just on the field to succeed.

    • I say it for the umpteenth time, we do not Emmanuel Dennis in our team. He is a bad influence and a bad omen for that matter. iF he does not work on his ego, he will end up just like Ronaldo. The good thing about Ronaldo is he made it already, but you Dennis, I fear for you o. Your ego can kill your career if care is not taken.

  • Wow!

    Well done Senegal, Africa is proud of you. Please make sure to go all the way!

  • Larry 2 months ago

    Congrats, the leading African country. Thank you for showing other countries the way.

    Cisse is leading his team into WC kO, Finidi is chasing Pepe’s jersey..
    He just won against the same team Pesseiro could not defeat..
    Otto led his team against stronger Portugal and almost ran away with a draw. Pesseiro lost woefully to Portugal.

    Senegal’s FA made a great choice believing in not just their own but a coach with some level of European experience. Cisse could not qualify them for WC or win ANC in his first time in charge, The FA encouraged him and supported him with all he needed. The reward on such investment is ANC trophy and first time in 2 decades to qualify for KO.
    Awesome technical bench and great squad, they lost the most important African player and they are still waxing stronger.

    At this Wcup, All African teams are led by local coaches and they have not do e badly.
    Morocco is lead by Walid, Senegal has Cisse,Cameroon has song, Ghana has Etoo, Tunisia is led by Jalel,
    These coaches are respected by their FA’s as they are all getting paid really good money as at when due..
    The last set of SE local coaches were frustrated by Picnic.

    In recent years, Oliseh and Egbo are the only Nigerian coaches to have done creditably well in European Leagues but the nff gave us Pesseiro.
    So far, Pesseiro has really under-performed.

    If the nff can’t hire a young and ambitious coach with European experience, they should look inward.

  • Oakfield 2 months ago

    Great team, great play, great guys. You guys are just making africa proud. Senegal all the way!!! At least the team na sure bet unlike those heart attack banku eaters, throwing away 2 goals and had to rely on luck to win.

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  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    Congratulations to Senegal once again. Another local coach is making Africa proud.

    I hope NFF is watching? We can not continue like this. NFF should do something about this.

    If Oga Rohr followers were in support with us the Patriotic Nigerians to sack Oga Rohr after the last world cup and Afcon in Egypt then, I don’t think Super Eagles would be in this mess.

    Amaju Pinnick is still enjoying life in Qatar currently while Nigerians are watching other teams at the world? This is a wake up call for us all. We have so many people to blame for this issue. NFF president Amaju Pinnick, NFF members, Oga Rohr and his followers were all responsible for Super Eagles failure to qualify for world cup.

    Are you all satisfied watching world cup at on TV Oga Rohr followers?

    Super Eagles were disgrace in front of home crowd severally still, you people kept supporting the former world class coach.

    The solution is to scrap the current NFF board members and replacing them with our ex players is not negotiable while local coach is needed for the job. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • MuYiwa 2 months ago

      What is this one saying? It is Rohr that failed to qualify us for the world cup? And what about the 9 man local coaching crew that left us where we are currently?

    • mikee 2 months ago

      Please tell them, Nigeria showed the whole Africa the value of a homeboy coaching their own team. Steven Keshi took Nigeria to the world cup in brazil with limited talent and made it to the second round, he was vilified and sacked when he came back. Westerhoff took a team loaded with talent to USA got to the second round and was hailed as the best coach Nigeria ever had. Rohr took Nigeria to the world cup in Russia and we were eliminated in the first round instead of sacking him, his contract was renewed praised. This is how we discriminate against our own. Now that other African countries are following what we started should we not go back too?. The NFF is not fair to our ex internationals, the trend now is to give the managers job to the country’s ex internationals. Even USA that do not have good football tradition appointed an ex international as their manager. Why do we settle for mediocre white coaches we cannot even pay their salaries as when due?, pay a local coach half of what you pay the white coaches who would not even stay in Nigeria and if one fails fire him and hire another until you get one that would be successful. Enough of this madness. The rot started under Pinnick Amaju, who suffers from inferiority complex. This Jose Peseiro would even be worse than old man Rohr and this scouting for new players everywhere else but in Nigeria must stop,we must look critically from within Nigeria too and not pick any remnant from Europe and expect to build a good team. i believe that a football loving nation of over 200 million people have talents that our officials are just too lazy to discover.

      • @Mikee When I say some of you are not really clued up with Nigeria football you will say i am wrong. Yes Keshi Took us to WC but Shot himself in the foot by taking a Strong starting 11 however it is well publicized that about the entire bench were players who bribed their way in the team via player agents, The likes of Ruben Gabriel, Juwon Oshaniwa, Okechukwu Michael Uchebo, Ejike Uzoenyi, Michael Babatunde I could go on and On had no business in the squad ahead of the likes of Eziekiel Imoh, Nosa Igiebor, Vitor Anichebe to name a few. that team could have done alot better than what we produced at the time, Infact Keshi was the main reason Ezekiel Imoh did not get his Tottenham move. again I have documented this time time out years ago, Keshi’s tenure as much as it brought us AFCON 2013 was the main catalyst of player/agents bribing coaches in Nigeria. Keshi Tenure was the reason Nigeria missed out of 2 consecutive AFCONS ’15 and ’17.

        • Sunday Oliseh came in and also Ads he saw Keshi as his Boss and in honor of the Late Keshi at the time, Tried to carry on this thing of 6 or 7 home base player and the rest was Unmerited European players. The calls by Ex Nigerians internationals for Home based players was sky high team list were not constant and so forth hence i say I was a Rohr fan in the begining for about 2 years until he started Showing cracks of being Infiltrated by the Nigeria Mentality his tried and tested soldiers syndrome. and so forth. I Really Hope Nigerians and NFF and Fans alike take a lesson from the way Ghana is managing thier football and football personel. because when it comes to Dual National Nigeria has a better selection than Ghana as well as products from our academies.

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  • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

    England the face Senegal in the round of 16 man that is going to be one cracker of a game…….I expect Ghana to qualify and also face Brazil in the round of 16…

  • Gritty 2 months ago

    I just wish to point out the intensity of d Senegal’s game 2da (quick movements, fast runs, the strength and stamina with which Senegal approached this game) though they missed some chances but still fought to d end. See what Koulibaly is giving to d team.
    It’s time to retire those ‘SE pros” that come here to play big man football (can’t move the ball quickly, slow in transition and can’t interpret tatics very fast, can’t even slide down to block shot and can’t even shoot (maybe one of those shots that dealt with the SE would have bn ferociously blocked).
    Most of our defenders and midfielders are too slow on the ball with no urgency & doggedness…..

    Congratulations Senegal… Soar higher!

  • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

    I do not agree with Larry to hire loser and bad coach Oliseh , I would like new NFF board to solve Siasia problem with FIFA then hire him as an excellent coach for Super Eagles assited by Amokachi , Ike Shuronmu, Tijani Babanjida, Simon Kalika(Duch coach), this crew is best to change Nigeria football to strong and fierce face; if NFF change their mine to hire foreign coach I think Renard is best one, if Saudia Arabia sacked him if it knocked out of the tournment or Frank Deboer who has already coached Netherland or to hire France coach just like Claude Le Roye who has an exprience of African football.

    • Larry 2 months ago

      @Hassan, my comments only recognized the two Nigerian coaches that have done creditably well in Europe in recent years.
      Oliseh didn’t do badly with SE…

      2015–16, was appointed by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) the National Team Chief Coach of Nigeria (Super Eagles of Nigeria) where he made an impressive statistic of; 14 Games (Only 2 losses) 19 Goals scored, 6 conceded.

      He qualified Nigeria to the CHAN tournament in Rwanda, qualified Nigeria to the Group phase of the 2018 world cup Qualifiers and on his first game as Chief Coach of Nigeria in an AFCON qualifier managed a draw in Tanzania. He resigned as Nigeria’s national coach at about 2:28am on 26 February 2016 exactly a month to the team’s encounter with the Pharaohs of Egypt in the AFCON qualifiers. He was barely 8 months into his stay as manager due to contract violations, lack of support, unpaid wages and benefits to his players, Asst. Coaches and himself.

  • Coache 2 months ago

    Siasia has the recipe for success and should be appointed after serving his FIFA BAN. This Jose Peseiro guy no be am. Na another Rohr in disguise

    • The problem is with the current crop of SE Players, not the coach. They lack desire, they are lazy, weak, uncommitted and largely mediocre and overrated. The entire midfield need new, fresh players.

      Apart from Osimhen, Lookman,and 2 others who in the current team is doing well in their mostly bottom of the league EPL and European clubs?