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Qatar 2022 W/Cup: Supercomputer Predicts Group Stage Exit For Ghana

Qatar 2022 W/Cup: Supercomputer Predicts Group Stage Exit For Ghana

A supercomputer based on Opta information has predicted that the Black Stars of Ghana will crash out at the group stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, ghanasoccernet.com reports.

Ghana, lowest ranked team heading into the tournament, are in the same group with Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay.

Mega Millions Naija

Black Stars begin their World Cup campaign against Portugal on November 24, play South Korea four days later and conclude their group stage campaign against Uruguay on December 2.

The supercomputer picked Portugal as the team most likely to advance to the round of 16 in Group H. It predicted an 82.6% chance of Portugal reaching the round of 16.

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The probability of winning the round of 16 is 45.2%, the quarterfinals is 23.3%, and Portugal is expected to win the championship at 5.4% .

The probability that South Korea will advance to the round of 16 is predicted to be 29.1% . It fell far short of second -placed Uruguay (62.2%) and slightly outpaced Ghana (26.1%).

Four-time AFCON winners, Ghana, will hope to replicate their performance at the 2010 World Cup which saw them reach the quarter-finals.

The last time they featured at the World Cup in 2010, they crashed out in at the group stage.

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  • Now, that is one computer after my heart.

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      Before there was a supercomputer, there was GOD ALREADY!

       When God wanted to show his power on earth, he used a small virus called COVID and none of these SUPERCOMPUTERS could predict nor alert that, there’s going to be a global pandemic 

      None of their high grade missiles could prevent this disaster 

      None of the supercomputers at NASA could predict not prevent this small virus! 

      Infact, their supercomputers, QUANTUM LAPTOPS and higher military gadgets became obsolete and the so called developed nations were like Somalia and Yemen! We were all in the same boat!

      If this supercomputer cldnt predict Covid, there’s no way it can predict this worldcup!

      Supercomputers uses QUANTUM THEORY based on probability and behind every probability, there’s still a physical law operating behold it and that law was created by God himself!

      Supercomputers ll predict but at the end of it all GOD is the final DECIDER! 

      We are going to do great wonders in the worldcup not because we have GREAT NUMBERS or great majority on our side but rather we GOTTA GOD on our side

      Hello DEO 

  • But everyone knows that already nah.I didn’t even know they were the lowest ranked team in the tournament. Imagine! They were not supposed to be there. But at least they get the luxury of playing 3 friendly matches in Qatar.

  • Monte 3 months ago

    Now Nigerians have turn grinches. Very funny, is it because Ghana parked you out of the world cup? Ghana is a word cup quarter finalist, something you have never achieved. You are over excited because a computer predicted something? Ghana dumped your overhyped team from the world Cup. You can choose to support any opponent Ghana plays in this world cup from your couches it won’t stop Ghana from going far this world cup. You filled your stadium to support your overhyped team against Ghana, you still got dumped out in your own backyard. Let Portugal use you for practice… Hahahahahaha!!!

    • Fetch 3 months ago

      Yestee, someone talk say Nigeria’s practice / friendly match against Portugal be their own World Cup. I still dey laugh oo! Next time you go look Ghana well

    • Instead of u to beg super chicken not to beat Portugal in the friendly u are saying this . Eagles can go ahead to beat Portugal on their soil and Portugal will now transfer the annoyance on ur black star.
      Eagles that can be France at home in a friendly and failed to beat Madagascar in real competition .
      The fear of eagles is the beginning of wisdom.

    • Amaju Pinnick, Sunday Dare, Segun Odegbami and Eguavoen, I guess you guys are reading the contribution above by Monte.

      Monte, carry on bro. If I were in your shoes, I will do exactly the same, and even more.

      Mr Gusau, Africa has 9 and a half slots for the 2026 World Cup – that is double the current number of slots. So, Ghana or no Ghana, there can be nothing excuse for the Super Eagles missing the flight to USA, Canada and Mexico.

      Thanks to Fifa for making all the world cup qualifiers available on YouTube, I have recently binged on the full home and away encounters against Ghana: afterall, that is the closest I will get to Qatar 2022.

      Having used 4-4-2 formation to hold Ghana to a respectable 0:0 draw in Kumasi (or wherever) Eguavoen then went 360 in Abuja.

      He changed to 4-1-4-1 in Abuja, making the role of Iheanacho redundant and bringing in Frank Onyeka to midfield trio of Onyeka-Aribo-Etebo. The 1994 table soccer exponent also introduced 5 new players to the starting line up, 2 of whom have never started a game on African soil and 1 (Emmanuel Dennis) making a controversial return to the Super Eagles: that for me represents going to far too quick.

      So, Eguavoen piled too much pressure on himself with wholesale changes to the starting line up and a full overhaul of the formation.

      In retrospect, it is easy to bastardise and vituperate him for such a ballsy move. On the other hand though, if it had worked out spectacularly, we are the same ones who would have hailed Eguavoen as a tactical genius.

      Sadly, the proof of that puff puff was in the eating and the outcome in Abuja wasn’t edible at all.

      Nigeria almost scored twice in Ghana with 4-4-2, what was the justification of changing it to 4-1-4-1 with only 1 striker when you need goals?

      As the shadow of failure loomed ever larger in Abuja, Eguavoen then threw in Ighalo, Musa and Umar and changed the formation to 3-1-2-4.

      The attacking midfield was totally non-existent, there were 4 strikers (Ighalo, Umar, Osimhen and makeshift Aribo), 2 wingers (Musa and Simon), 1 defensive midfielder (Shehu) and 3 defenders (Aina, Balogun, Ekong). I have never seen anything like that before!

      Still, it almost produced a goal but Osimhen (who was high on caffeine and red bull) went for the spectacular after an Ighalo knockdown.

      But Ghana held firm to claim their highly prize and perhaps well deserved world cup ticket.

      Shame on Sunday Dare!
      Shame on Amaju Pinnick!
      Eguavoen, you tried your best sha, but still, I reluctantly say, shame on you too!

      Having said that, I am a huge fan of the 4-1-4-1 that Eguavoen used in Abuja. I just feel it wasn’t the right time for him to ‘experiment’ with formations and experiment with team selection. His approach wasn’t that bad in Ghana. A few tweaks here and there might have served him better.

      But, like we say in Nigeria: We Move!

    • Quarter finalists indeed playing against a North American team (USA of 2010) in the round of 16. Even Benin would have won.

    • sorry, don’t mind some of my Naija brothers. we are African we should all support ghana they are our brothers we should not be wishing bad for them, ghana didn’t stop Naija from making it to the world cup ? we ourselves we did that, Nigerian are enemies to themself all these stupid Nff officials know by sacking the coach before the competitition or qualifier same thing always repeat itself in Nigeria, and unstable economy by corrupt leaders like governors will always be a virus to football and is only in Nigeria that uses car mechanic as a doctor.

  • KangA 3 months ago

    Dis computer sef,  de waste chip memory predict weting simple calculator fit do. 

    Me a talk am since – 3 games.

    • Hahahaha. Nah 3 matches o with wotowoto, blue-black demolition turn by turn o.

      That one dey talk say they dumped Nigeria. Lol. With what scoreline? A draw o, courtesy CAF old school law(This Paseiro would have beaten them away sef) after they stole the first round from South Africa with a fake penalty. They simply cheated their way to a ticket but will be badly exposed by 3 teams in a week or 2.

      This Thursday, we’ll be giving Portugal all they need for your proper spanking in the first match. So instead of 3-0, it’ll be 6-0.

      Argue against the supercomputer. And argue against FIFA ranking. Ghana don’t belong in Qatar. Your mates no dey there. You cheated your wat to the ticket.

      • Fetch 3 months ago

        You got one fake penalty against Ghana, REMEMBER?

      • KangA 3 months ago

        Hahahaha! My people am for village: If you stole a masquerade dress and put it on, will you be able to dance like a real masquerade?

        Wotowoto X3  loading.

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago


    You guys must be TRIPPING or something

    GROUP STAGE or NO GROUP STAGE GHANA has already POCKETED $9M and an additional $2M for preparation FEE and will EARN more GROUP STAGE MATCH BONUSES

    Why the NFF or SE account or whatever is probably reading INSUFFICIENT FUND right now…

    Mehn.. atimes am ashamed to be called a NIGERIAN…


  • obest 3 months ago

    That’s not a prediction. Its a fact. Ghana can’t go pass the group stage. They can only avoid to chip in lots of goals.They are there to make up the numbers. If they chip in 4 goals per match then I will give them kudos..hahahaha.

    • Top it 3 months ago

      Negative news about Ghana is your lullaby right? Your hearts go ache more even more than when we deleted you from the world Cup. You are putting unnecessary pressure on your selves, stop thinking about Ghana

  • When Nigeria was trailing to Tunisia at the ill-fated Afcon second round encounter, coach Eguavoen tinkered his 4-4-2 formation.

    It become 4-1-4-1 by removing Iheanacho (because this formation does not have a support striker) and instead introduced Iwobi thereby having a midfield trio Aribo-Iwobi-Ndidi with Simon and Chukwueze retained on the flanks and Olayinka replacing Awoniyi up front as now the sole centre forward.

    The 1994 Fullback also started with this 4-1-4-1 against Ghana in Abuja.

    On both occasions, it backfired. We all know the story: Iwobi’s red card, Uzoho’s Butterfingers and Eguavoen’s inability to read games all worked against his own strategy.

    But, I really like this formation. I think any of our strikers can play as the lone centre forward. We have players who can hold their own in attacking midfield. Ndidi easily slots into the centre defensive midfield position while my faith in the centre defensive pair of Bassey and Akpoguma is huge. The fullback posts are also competently manned.

    I am just waiting for this stupid Qatar World Cup to be over and the Super-computer’s predictions on Ghana to come to pass so I can focus on better things.

    I do hope Peseiro experiments with 4-1-4-1. Below is ” a table soccer 🙂 ” illustration of how potent this formation can be.


  • Godwin 3 months ago

    This supercomputer is a sakamaje, because this can be easily predicted. 

    Everybody knows than Ghana  would be out in first round. 

    • Computers don’t play football. Its garbage in, garbage out! Its what you feed in that determine the result you get in Computers. FIFA rankings are meaningless; what matters is what happens in the field of play in 90 minutes of Football between 11 persons a side

      The Ghana team that played us is a much improved side with more co-opted Ghana foreign born professionals added to improved Partey, Kudus and a host of others. If SE had met the current BS team, they would have lost outrightly, not by the outdated “Away goal” rule of 1-1 draw by which they qualified at our expense.

      What I know is that Ghanaian players are more determined, proud and patriotic to wear their jersey colour than SE playets with their lakadesical and lukewarm attitude in the pitch of play. I would not be surprise if Ghana beat even Portugal and South Korea and get a Draw against Uruguay in their group to progress to the knock out stage. Mark this my comment. Btw, I am a Nigerian from Delta state and a Super Eagle fan, but just facing realitu.

      What I

  • Complete sports sabi find trouble of gist sha.

    Same thing with Goal site. That one, Rinaldo news is to them what Ghana news is to (most of) us

  • Complete sports sabi find trouble of gist sha.

    Same thing with Goal site. That one, Rinaldo news is to them what Ghana news is to (most of) us.