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QuickBooks Online And Its Benefits

QuickBooks Online And Its Benefits

Accounting is a challenge for all small businesses as it involves all the processes from invoicing to payroll, to end-of-year taxes. Figuring out everything without any accounting software can be challenging. That’s where QuickBooks comes in. QuickBooks offers three variants of their accounting software i.e., two desktop versions, where the program is downloaded on the end user’s local computer and the third variant, which is available online to use.

The online version allows the end-users to use the application in the cloud, where all the user data is stored on Intuit’s secured servers.

Users can also use Desktop as a Service to host QuickBooks. While all the versions of QuickBooks function in similar ways, many people prefer the online version.

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Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Online

  1. Automated Data Backups

There’s always a constant worry about losing data while using the Desktop Version of QuickBooks as the data is initially saved onto the computer and later backed up on the personal server. This might result in losing crucial data if something goes wrong with the local computer.

Thankfully, Hosted QuickBooks Cloud automatically backs up every little information including all the financial information of the company on Intuit’s secured servers.

  1. Shared Data Access

QuickBooks online makes it easier to work with other people. Being a cloud-based program, all you need is a username and password to access it. This allows anyone in the company with the credentials to use the software.

The multi-user package allows several people to use various aspects of the program at once making it much more beneficial. The accountant gets all the access to the data which enables the company to keep its books balanced and accurate.

  1. Direct Electronic Payment System

Having an option of electronic payments makes the work easier as there won’t be a need to go to the bank, process checks, and even record the payments into QuickBooks manually. Processing electronic payments, such as bank transfers, ACHs, and credit or debit card payments make it convenient for the company.

Once the clients receive their invoices, all they have to do is to click on the payment link. Once the payment is done, it will be noted by the system automatically, making it simple for the company.

  1. 24/7 Support Available

Users with The QuickBooks Online license get round-the-clock support. Intuit’s support executives can answer queries regarding set-up, assist you out of a problem, and help with generalized issues, such as upgrading the program license to enable multi-user support. So having strong and reliable support makes it easy for the users, as they know where to ask for help if needed.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using QuickBooks Online. Apps4Rent provides reliable services for products like QuickBooks Online with round-the-clock support and maintenance. Apart from QuickBooks, they also offer other services like Exchange Mailbox Migration with reliable end-user support.

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  • It’s nice that you mentioned how QuickBooks online could make it easier to work with other people. I was looking at a small business guidebook the other day and one of the things the book talked about was the use of QuickBooks. The tool seems to be quite useful for small businesses, and I heard you need to contact online QuickBooks providers if you wish to get one.

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