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REVEALED: How Greek Players Ganged Up Against Me Over Captain’s Armband At PAOK – Udeze 

REVEALED: How Greek Players Ganged Up Against Me Over Captain’s Armband At PAOK – Udeze 

Former Super Eagles left-back Ifeanyi Udeze has revealed how his Greek teammates opposed his choice of being captain at PAOK Thessaloniki.

Udeze made this known in Tuesday’s edition of ‘No Holds Barred’ on Brila FM.

The 40-year-old who played for PAOK from 2000 to 2006, compared his captain’s appointment to that of Marcelo’s at Real Madrid.

The legendary Brazilian left-back took over as Sergio Ramos’ replacement, which Udeze said might not go down well with Spanish players at the club.

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“Following the departure of Sergio Ramos, Marcelo was appointed Madrid’s new captain,” Udeze began.

“For me, it is a good selection because it has been long a foreign player was picked as captain of Madrid. And Marcelo has been at Madrid for a very long time and has done well for the club.

“But the truth is Marcelo’s appointment as the new captain may not go down well with the Spanish players in the club which is common.

“I remember when I was to be appointed captain of PAOK Thessaloniki most of the Greek players ganged up against me. The funny part of it is that I remember some of the Greek players who opposed me being captain met me at the club. 

“These were players who could not even talk when I was talking. But when it came to the appointment of a new captain they stood against me.

“Luckily, back then we had up to 13 foreign players who stood by me and said I must be made captain. That was how I for the captain’s arm-band.”

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … You never Sabi oyibo when it come to foereigner being appointed their leader… them no the use hierarchy play. Most of them just feel they are better than you for nothing…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehe…as if the situation is better-off in Africa where you come from. Leadership politics and nepotistic sentiments are everywhere and not restricted to “öyinbo” only. Everywhere, people leave no stone unturned and play all the dirty politics they need to play (including the politics of indigence) to get the power they want. If Oyinbos feel they are better than you for nothing, prove to them you are better than them by miles and you will earn respect….its that simple. A certain Prof. Dapo Akande was recently nominated as UK’s candidate for the International Law Commission. Foreigners do get to lead oyinbo….its not a new thing.

      With your hatred and aspersion against whites, one would think you would have left their land for them and returned to yours…..LMAOo

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        I am squeezing a fractional bit only out of their system the plunder they stole from us… Lol. When all the Chinese and Europeans leave African including those in South Africa, then expect me in Lagos… before I come back please tell Ahmed Musa senior brother… President Repentent Bandits Buhari to tell his kinsmen to vacate our farms and forests in Benue because I am a farmer… When you have achieved that… just tell me…. I will vacate Rohr backyard so that he can bring back his rigid football pattern to his fatherland… Hahahaha. Coach Rohr rejected to honour his contractual agreements and oversee our darling homebased squad against Mexico because Mr “my young team” wanted to sit idling and enjoying Euro 2020 in Europe while taking our money free thinking Germany and France who to him are invincible footballing top countries with players like he wish to have in teams like Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man United before he could perform will go far in the tournament but little Switzerland and England who never wins tournament dumped his beloved countries out like errand boys… Please @Dr.Drey… Help us advise Mr Rohr to try to build small confidence in himself as it will go a long way to make him win atleast a
        Rubber Cup once he turns 80yrs… Lol. It’s only because we are a Confused country… an old shotput Physical Education teacher LIKE Rohr is using our head… this man has never won even aluminium cup in a long coaching career of over thirty years… “ancient of days” using heads of over 200million Nigerians to play “hide” in Europe and “seek” in Nigeria… hahahaha!

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hohahahaha….are you done….LMAOOOo. Pls what locus does everything you’ve just vomited have on the comments above….LMAOOoo. Swinging up and down like a lost thief in a sugarcane plantation. Whites do this whites do that but you still see living in their country and getting married to one (if at all you really are) as a bragging point….LMAOoo. With a thought process like yours hinged on cooking up laughable excuses that you yourself cannot substantiate, even a black man wouldnt allow you to lead him….talk more of a white…..LMAOooo. You have to prove to a white man you can think straight before he will hand leadership positions over to you…not when you rather talk before thinking…or swing discourses from left to right like high-cycle fatigue curves…..LMAOoo

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