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Rohr: I Want to Continue As Nigeria Coach; Can Agree New Contract With NFF

Rohr: I Want to Continue As Nigeria Coach; Can Agree New Contract With NFF

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says he will meet with top officials of the Nigeria Football Federation next month (February) to talk and agree a new contract, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr is currently at the tail end of the last six months of his current contract.

The NFF is ready to renew the contract of the German tactician, but it certainly won’t be a loose deal like the previous one.

The new contract terms will require that the former Bordeaux player and gaffer must live in Nigeria – Lagos or Abuja.

He will also be allowed to travel on vacation three times in a year. Also the coach will not get an improved pay from his $55,000 per month deal.

The NFF will also ensure, unlike in the past three years where he earned wages tax free, that his income will be levied.

“We will see the leaders soon. The meeting is planned for the month of February and possibly before the Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matches in March. We can agree on the new contract,” Rohr told Girondis33.com.

“I have been there for more than three years and it is long for Nigeria , because rarely can a coach be maintained as long . It was possible because the results were good, the team has evolved and that we accomplished the mission of rejuvenation.

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“It was planned and we managed to do it with young players including two that you know, who play for Girondins Bordeaux (Samuel Kalu and Josh Maja), and we have others in England, in Spain, etc. We no longer have a big star, because John Obi Mikel has retired. Victor Moses also retired for family and age reasons.”

Rohr added: “Our top scorer Odion Ighalo also retired after AFCON 2019 in Egypt.

“We managed to find a scorer in Victor Osimhen , and other playmakers; we have Samuel Chukweze who plays at Villarreal, the little Samuel Kalu from Bordeaux who plays very very well with us – one of the best every time he plays with Nigeria. So we have a very, very young, promising team, and I would like to continue.”

Rohr, who was appointed on a three-year contract in August 2016 and has been in charge of the Super Eagles in 39 games, with 22 wins, seven draws and 10 losses.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Unknown 5 years ago

    Yh u want to continue cos mumu nff dey overpay u. No we dont want u anymore, leave and go back to ur country, enough all this white is better shit in this country!!!

    • Barking of the Unknown part 1

    • Kbaba 5 years ago

      Guy please be reasonable. Don’t speak like south Africans who no get brain. This man has tried and has really built a good team. You think it’s easy to coach naija? Ok. If you think so, please suggest a better coach cus you seem to know better.

    • Oga wetin you de talk be reasonable na….dis man has done better than all your Nigerian coaches….give him some accolades na…. whatever they are paying him he is worth it even more sef…

    • canali 4 years ago

      guy you no sabi talk

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Odegbami hiding behind the curtain, we know ure signature, no need to be disguising ursef

  • Chidi 5 years ago

    In GR we trust,nff please settle d lingering contract issue fast to avoid any distraction,let us all support him and our darling SE

  • All Nigerians, accept Odagbemi & Omon9ja, are extremely grateful for the wonderful job Rohr is doing in our Nation. Under your leadership, Nigeria football is now reckoned with in Africa & in the World. Nigeria National Team is now called “SUPER EAGLE” and not super Chickens.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Here to read comments today. Omo9ja what do you think about coach Rohr’s record? Excellent, Average or Poor???

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    At first, all glory be to God almighty.

    Secondly. I would like to thank CSN for creating this online platform.

    Thirdly, my greetings goes to my colleagues on this forum.

    However, as I am about to talk today, God give my people knowledge and understanding to hear me clearly.

    What is our problem in this our country, money, too much of wisdom, too know or corruption?

    Are we lacking anything in this world as a country? No. But why Nigeria is struggling as a nation?

    Simple and one answer to these all questions, Nigerians are the problem of themselves.

    Nonetheless, when Mr. Rohr was appointed as the gaffer of the Super Eagles, I saw what he was trying to build and I surpported him and I’ve bn one of his fan.

    However, during the friendly matches before the world cup in Russia, I was boasting around and saying Nigeria has a reliable and dependable coach.

    Hmm…., when the tournament started, I realized that NFF was wrong by signing a contract with a foreign coach.

    Why did such thing came to my mind? I knew that we have multi talented young people that NFF can send to abroad for proper training and why NFF keeps doing the same thing over and over again since 1994?

    Why NFF keeps enslaving our indigenous coaches? Why do NFF refused to have a genuine structure in place?

    If truly NFF were for the Nigerians and not for their own pocket, after the Russia world cup, NFF would have asked Oga Rohr to go.

    Upon all the free hands given to coach Rohr
    to manage the Super Eagles, he couldn’t achieved what a Nigerian coach has achieved.

    In honestly speaking, coach Rohr have tried but he is not the best for the position.

    This is why I will bring this to your attention my people. Any foreigners can not do your job for you.

    Look at our security system for example. What the colonial masters left for us is not working.

    Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba failed to asked themselves why are we in a big mess?

    The system foreigners introduced to us is not working and Yoruba people have woken up from their slumber and introduced Operation AMÓTĘĶUN.

    If this AMÓTĘĶUN works, the next thing is electricity. What can making this new local security service work is to put rules and regulations in place because our people doesn’t have respect for law.

    Same thing applies to our local coaches. We believed they can not do without bribe.

    Salisu Yusuf for example, if indeed guilty of the allegation, he deserves to be in the prison yard for 2-5 years. NFF would have used Mr. Salisu Yusuf as a warning to other local coaches but today, what happens to the man called Yusuf? He’s now coaching one club in Nigeria league.

    NFF should rebrand themselves. Enough of former politicians and business men in our sports.

    The cabinet needs to go through the total screening before appointing themselves.

    By keeping the old system of business and ex politicians in our sports, we will keep seeing the likes of Akpayi and other incompetent players in our teams.

    Our ex players should be given the opportunity to be our new NFF with the rules and registrations.

    @Chima E Samuels, great. Thanks for asking me these fantastic questions.

    “Omo9ja what do you think about coach Rohr’s record? Excellent, Average or Poor”???

    No1, what is the purpose of hiring coach Rohr? To surpassed our local coaches records abi?

    Now, the team late Keshi took to the Afcon and World cup, and let’s compared that to coach Rohr team both in Afcon and World cup and tell me if the man is the best for Nigeria?

    Did NFF gave Keshi or any our of local coaches free hands to do their job like they have bn doing to coach Rohr? Still, the French man failed to achieve what our local coaches has accomplished. What can we call that?
    “Excellent, Average or Poor”??? Bia, let’s for the truth here my friend.

    I have answered you indirectly my lovely friend, Chima E Samuels.

    Now, I want to answer your question directly.

    In one word and I’m not downgrading the coach. I scored him Average. Yes an average result is better than nothing according to others on this forum but to me, he would
    have done better than this because we have players and for a good coach to build a team for a country that have players everywhere like ours, NFF should be blamedfor this.

    This is the bitter truth but if we refuse to tell ourselves the truth, who else will?

    I’m pretty sure that without any training or a satificate, if NFF ask us to apply to the position of coach Rohr, we will perform exactly well because everything about us is football and Football is running in our blood.

    For these reasons, Oga Rohr have tried his best but his best wasn’t enough for us but if we keep him, yes we will keep having a fantastic team without achieving nothing.

    Way out is to pare him with a new set of assistant coach. By doing that, Super Eagles would be super.

    Or, this is the best for us if to say we know. NFF should call those that interested in coaching but have to be the young ones.

    NFF should hire five ex players,
    One for the head coach and the remaining two would be his assistants

    While the remaining two will be goalkeeper trainers.

    Now that they have these five candidates on board, the next thing is to expose them to the world of football.

    By the time these five coaches would be ready to take over from coach Rohr, Oga Rohr’s contract will comes to an end by then.

    Lastly, I have no problem with the coach. What I’m really concerned about is his ability to read game and so on.

    Benching Okoye and introduced Akpayi?
    Benching Onyekuru for no reasons?

    Lookman, Ovie Ejaria and the rest are coming now, don’t you think they might facing the same thing?

    Let me stop here for now because most of us hate the truth. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Gabbage of rubbish as usual… U will have ur wish after the world cup.

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Ola, thanks a lot for the compliments. But it may be too late for you to understand what I have bn preaching about our national teams when the time comes.

        Bro Ola, I want the best for Nigeria and don’t you think we should do the best and hope for the best? God bless Nigeria!!!

        • omon9ja, Nothing good will ever come out from you and your cohorts. like Odagbemi who like to call himself ‘mathematician’ in the days of the old. Here you are promoting your ignorance and stupidity as a vehicle which, you believe, will catapult Nigeria football to its height. When has Nigeria gone so low as to reckon with somebody like you in this world. Who are you to tell 200 millions Nigerians who should play for the Nation and/or who should coach the Super Eagle of Nigeria at this time in its history.
          I have never read a more stupid cabbage article in my entire life like what I saw in your write up above. Nigeria as a Nation, don’t have any problem. omo9ja and Odagbemi are the problems of this Country. The more they both keep mute, the well off Nigerian football will surely be.

          • Baldeagle 4 years ago

            You need to be careful with your choice of words. You can disagree without being abusive. Respect begets respect.

    • Elvis 4 years ago

      Omonija keshi won 2013 nation cup, what about the 2015,2016,2018 qualification before coach roha were is the team

  • Larry 4 years ago

    You are absolutely correct.
    You have made a valuable comment.
    I really appreciate the fact that you made your point clear and distinct devoid of insults.
    Thanks for the apt analysis.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Larry, my pleasure. We don’t need to insult ourselves before making a point. It’s all about explanation. You know, we Nigerians have culture. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @Omo9ja, After all the corrections u still mentioned things like NFF should send our ex-footballers abroad for coaching course? After, still pay them what they can offer oyinbo coaches?…. infact from there, I stopped reading.

  • Samchi 4 years ago

    @Omo9ja Abeg focus on the Future stop this Nonsense stiff necked dogmatic reasoning of an Old man_ all this your long articles, i personally stoped reading it the moment i see/saw ‘World cup’
    Respect yourself and stop being an unforgiving witch.

    #Super Eagles is the Future!!!!!

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Samchi, which future are you talking about?
      All our national teams failed to qualified. Starting from the Super Falcons, Dream team, Home base team and Our under17 and you are still talking about future here.

      Bia, let’s leave the future alone jęję. Don’t expect too much from this current NFF because they are the NFF of themselves, by themselves and for themselves. Simple arithmetic, 1+1=2

      You called me “unforgiving witch”. Hmm…., interesting. I’m not against anybody but I’m more concerned about our Super Eagles. This is the only thing that giving us joy, happiness and you think that if we don’t talk, NFF will do the right thing?

      They don’t care about you and I or our players and the coach of the Super Eagles but themselves. That is why NFF are having problems upon problems with the EFCC. No future is guarantee with the current NFF. By now, you should be able to see the clear picture of my analysis. I hate nobody. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Don’t mind all this generation children who are satisfied with the average performance we are currently getting,when we can do more than that. The truth is that oga Rohr needs serious help, I have no problem with him staying because we don’t know who will replace him and i don’t want buhari experience of fake change,so we have to be careful. He sincerely need help because he can’t do it alone.

        • Omo9ja 4 years ago

          @Goal, thank you jare. You talk am finish. I hope NFF will listen. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago


    I want to appreciate you for your write up,for what is worth, I appreciate the fact that you are passionate about your opinions and so steadfast on them. I always respect a man that is opinionated,it shows you do profess solutions.
    But I must say, with all due respect, your opinions are totally flawed with hypocrisy,it is virtually littered with irony.

    For one, you try to play the race card by race baiting,even going the political route by blaming the failing Nigerian state as result of a system given to us by the white man.
    I ask you this question;
    Was it the white man that started the civil war?
    Was it the white man that suspended an election that led to June 12?
    Is it the white man that keeps playing the religious and ethnic card whenever it comes to appointment?
    Is it the white man that runs a supposedly federal system as a unitary system?
    Are all the past,present leaders in Abuja,national assembly,all states and local government in Nigeria,white men?
    Since 1960 is it the white man that have been running Nigeria?
    Are all the corrupt religious and social leaders in Nigeria white men?

    Before you go down blaming the next man for your problems,look at yourself in the mirror.
    Nigeria is no longer a kid.we have been independent since 1960,and we aren’t the only country colonised by the white man.
    Singapore was literally kicked out of Malaysia. Look at them now.
    Rwanda came through a genocide after been independent from Belgium. They are developing in quicker pace than any in the black world. Same for Jamaica and Ethiopia.
    The same China every one is leaning towards, was brutalised by the Mongols, West, Japan ,her past leaders; but look at her now.
    Some years back,the Arabia peninsula nations were all sand,even when they found oil,they were being fiddled out by the West,but look at them now.

    The point is,the problem of Nigeria is in-built and we all know this.
    You literally stated it while dishing out solutions and bashing the Nff for their mismanagement and antics in respect to the way they handled Salisu Yusuf. It quite shows that our leaders in helm of affairs are corrupt and lack will to straighten things out when required. That has always being our bane.

    We keep emphasising the fact that the NFF should employ and train our ex internationals to take up affairs of football. Why I wouldn’t disagree, but the question would arise.
    Is being an ex international enough reason to get a coaching job or an administrative job even when they are not qualified?
    You do know not all footballers make great coaches or administrators?
    Is it the NFF prerogative to pay for a private person’s schooling and training all because they are ex internationals?
    Why can’t these ex internationals do that on their own?
    After all it is their own dream and ambition,they were paid as footballers and live comfortably enough to do just that.
    If the Nff is going to set up a scholarship to train individuals on that basis,it should be those that got the ambition but are not financially able to do so.
    Not for anyone that feels we owe them that entitlement.
    They should remember, yes they served Nigeria,but Nigeria served them as well by honouring with the privilege to serve this great country. There are many that wouldn’t get that privilege. They should be honoured and not hold us to ransom on something as private as their personal ambition. Nigeria,in this regard,our football is to all,the public,the Nigeria people! We only seek the best and qualified,that have the will ,passion and ambition to serve ,not to be served on the platter .

    And for the umpteenth time, we keep talking of Keshi this and that,like the same dude, didn’t go down the rail by the corrupt tendency living in most Nigerian administrators. What yardstick do we measure if it is only on Keshi’s! After all, Westerhof, arguably , the best coach Nigeria has ever had, was European.

    The point is simple, It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you are qualified and get the job done.You should be hired in any position as it relates to the National team.
    Credentials 0ver personality.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Mr Hush, thanks for your inputs. I think you need to read what I said again.

      I said above that Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.

      We want to have a beautiful house without a solid foundation, is that possible?

      Britain created our system for us but the system is not working. We can not do without them why? We should learn how to do things on our own. We are so blessed in this nation. Our things should be made in Nigeria because we have what it takes.

      Senegal and Algeria had foreign coaches before but not working but now, their FA gave the opportunity to their ex players to carry on and they made their Countries proud by winning the first and second position in last year Afcon.

      My dear Mr. Hush, let’s be honest with ourselves here. It will be good enough for Oga Rohr if we don’t have our ex players in so many places around the world doing good.

      We are not Togo, Benin or Lesotho but we are Nigeria and Nigerians deserves better than what we are getting from coach Rohr. So sorry for my typing errors above. Edit bottom is needed on this platform. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Mercy 4 years ago

      I honestly love the passion of omo9ja, as regards to his love for his country. But blaming others for our problems while praising ourselves for our success shows nothing but HATRED. You nailed some of our problems om the white man and this is where i’m going to take from. Let me take you down the memory lane.

      Omce upon a time,one Naria was equivalent to a pound just as early as in the 70’s many years after the white have left nigeria but today the exchange rate is N473 to a pound.

      There was a time when you will get a job immediately after graduating from secondary school without connection or nepotism that is been played today.

      Long time ago, I told some of my friends that negligence of those almajeri in northern part of nigeria is going to cause major problem in Nigeria. But unfortunately we have individuals who are selfish in their motives, not minding the state of security of the country. Today those poor boys have metamorphos into terrorist group called boko haram.

      I once read in an online newspaper where mikel said, he knew when both Terry and lampard stated their coaching licence which was towards the end of their football career but tomorrow some people will start saying let us send ex international players like mikel on a coaching when himself cannot invest on his career.

      The likes of odegbami’s who are clamoring for the nff to send ex international players on coaching course were those set of Nigerians who are still living im the past( time when government will give pay for your school fees abroad, send you for training while you still be collecting your salaries). They are used to have government do everything for them.

      Don’t let us deceive ourselves. Nigeria is the problem of Nigeria. It is high time, we look ourselves in the face and tell ourselves the truth. The problem is not our own star but in our own very selves. We are the architecture of our own misfortunes.

      • Omo9ja 4 years ago

        @Mercy, thank you as well for your explanations. Your name sound like a female name and if yes, I’m really proud of that.

        However, according to you, you said

        “Don’t let us deceive ourselves. Nigeria is the problem of Nigeria. It is high time, we look ourselves in the face and tell ourselves the truth. The problem is not our own star but in our own very selves. We are the architecture of our own misfortunes”.

        Exactly. This is the time to face the reality of life. Good point there but do you think if we have to say it the way it is, Akpayi doesn’t have anything to do in our national team?

        Also, Coach Aloy Agu and Imama shouldn’t have bn among the coaches of Nigeria while better replacement for them were in place?

        We have good goalies and strikers everywhere but still, we don’t have good replacements for Osimhen and Izoho?

        Indeed, Oga Rohr, Coach Agu and coach Imama are the best for the Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Mercy 4 years ago

          @ omo9ja
          I perfectly understand your plight. Many of us on this forum are not confident with Akpeyi in goal for the SE either but in the absent of none we are left with no choice than to stick with him especially after the injury to uzoho. The long break in our league do not help matters too. Moreso, the woeful performances of our under age category last year which we were supposed to use to unearth some talented goal keepers.

          I know you might mention osigwe but the problem there is his height. As we all know the Germans favor a goal keeper that is very tall.

          As for the striker, I think we are covered in that position. Without osimen, one of these players maja, Cyril, umar and kel (though I prefer him as supporting striker) can easily slot in for him.

          • Omo9ja 4 years ago

            Many thanks to you our beautiful Mercy.

            If I’m not mistaken, Osigwe is not a short golie and he’s better than Izoho and Akpayi.

            Is Vencent our former goal keeper was that tall? Still, Oga Rohr wanted him back in hi team before the world cup in Russia.

            “As for the striker, I think we are covered in that position. Without osimen, one of these players maja, Cyril, umar and kel (though I prefer him as supporting striker) can easily slot in for him”.

            I disagree with you on this.

            If I may asked, the last time Maje played for us, how many minutes of action did he get to play from Coach Rohr? Less than five minutes ba?

            What of Onyekuru? How about Alanpasun and Agbo?

            Hmmm, our beautiful Mercy, let’s call a spade a spade. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago


    Great response,
    But I must say, I did read what you wrote vividly.And I do understand where you coming from and where you are heading to.
    But your statement exactly stated the point I was trying to make,
    Every system comes from an existing system, the problems about system is necessarily not the system itself,but the men operating such system.
    The point is, the British shouldn’t even be mentioned in this narrative from the point go.
    The system isn’t the problem.
    The problem is the men,in our case,our leaders managing the affairs and the system.
    I am glad you agree that much with me but for me, you can change the system as much as you want,if the mentality of the men in charge don’t charge for good ethics, the problem would remain.

    Because Senegal and Algeria had it good with local coaches doesn’t necessarily mean it would be good for us if we go down that same route.
    After all, Ghana went down that route,we saw how it played out for them.
    Even the aforementioned, Algeria and Senegal have tried different local coaches in the past and have kept sacking and sacking. Algeria even had to hire a legend in the person of Rabah Madjer,and he failed drastically.
    It should be mentioned both countries hired these managers based on their Cv not just because they are Algerian or Senegalese. Belmadi and Cisse has a very admirable track record working in different capacity as coaches and assistant coaches,and well trained with good license in Europe.they are aptly qualified.
    Not simply just an entitled ex international.

    If we are going to go down that route, tell me one ex international that is rightly qualified to get the job, and you would be comfortable?
    If I would put out there,I would say, Oliseh, Amunike, Emenalo.
    Oliseh, we have tried.we know the results.
    Amunike, still a green horn. He knows this himself and that is why you see the young man going around trying to build himself,bottom -up. AMUNIKE would get there for certain. He got the ambition.
    Emenalo.more of a technical director rather than a coach. He should be employed as our director of footballs or head of the Technical committee. But he needs to come in and put his head in the ring,cause you have to be in to be in and not out to be in.

    The point is,
    I am not a Rohr’s fanatic. I criticise him when he needs to be criticised. I see his technical flaws . He is not the best coach in the world and there are other good coaches out there. But right now, he is the best we got. His results is good enough.
    Until we can get someone much much better in qualifications, records,credentials and managerial skills,no matter the colour of their skin or where they are from. Then we should support Rohr and keep driving. Keep criticising him when we need to, and hope he learns and makes amends.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Mr Hush, thank you for pointing out the truth and I love your analysis. Keep it up.

      It’s not about colour but ourselves. We need to believe in our selves.

      I’m so glad you pointed it out that Mr. Rohr is not the best for the job but he is manageable.

      With Oga Rohr as long as Super Eagles is doing well as a team, I’m satisfied. ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @omon9ja. Can you suggest any Nigerian coach that can lead the nation team from today on? Am not sure

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Good, as you can see now, it’s first come, first serve senerio lol.

      It’s your turn now and I’m going to answer your question.

      “@omon9ja. Can you suggest any Nigerian coach that can lead the nation team from today on? Am not sure”

      Awesome question.
      Amunike is more qualified to be Super Eagles head coach.

      We have so many ex players he can choose from to be his assistants.

      For goalkeeper trainers, we have Peter Rufai and Ike Shorumu.

      To be honest, we don’t need a foreign coach. That is the bitter truth but are the NFF ready for this new development? Well, I don’t know.

      Are the NFF ready to respect our indigenous coaches like the foreign coaches?

      We just need to respect ourselves first before the foreigners. Foreign coach is a good idea no doubt but we have more qualified Nigerians coaches that are ready to do much more better than the foreign coach but do NFF have the structure in place? That is the question we should be asking ourselves. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I promise to win nations cup . And Qatar world cup for Nigeria . This time. It is not my fault dream team 23 Olympic did qualify I was not allowed to take charge of the team .caf qualification is coming. I will get ticket with 2 games to go. Den use home based player for the last games.

    • Shehu 4 years ago


    • Edoman 4 years ago

      Amen and Amen

    • KINGOLOLOLO 4 years ago

      Let us allow.rohr do his work..he is really passionate about serving Nigeria.I usually don’t use to like him for his wrong changes,but since.he.is with d team and have build his structure,let’s let him work..he won’t be here forever after all.omo9ja is correct, but when u want to bring in a new structure, they ought to be consideration..rohr have been winning with less losses..
      On the other let tha local coaches build them selves, we need to watch good stylish football in our local league like we watch on televisions..
      We have to start building for tomorrow.

  • Marvins 4 years ago

    Omo Naija my Guy,
    Very funny,I laugh in swahili.
    First,let me correct of you some flaws in your long epistle
    you always being biased in your statement,if Rohr had been your brother or relation,will you have rated in average.
    Secondly,You keep comparing our indigenous coach with foreign one base on achievement
    This country will not move forward if you still dwell on past.
    Late Keshi won the Nations cup in 2013 with average players,he won the world cup base on individual brilliance of the players,2013 the Eagles has no pattern of play and luck was on our side.Go back and watch the game between Nig and ivory coast u will understand better.
    Also,if u notice any lapses in the Eagles feel free to pre point rather criticizing.Nigeria is blessed with talented players,Our local coaches are corrupt,and it is the cankerworm that has eaten deep into our country”Nigeria”

    So please,let your point be real and stop “playing to the gallery’

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Marvins, we keep saying our loca coaches are corrupt forgetting that NFF are the kind of corruption.

      We can’t keep saying our local coaches are bad without changing the way things must be done in our country.

      That is why operation Amôtękun has come to stay likewise our ex players. We have to change the face of Nigeria.

      You have a solid point by saying Keshi’s team has no pattern but luck were on their side.

      What of coach Rohr that have the tools but doesn’t know how to use the tools to achieve meaningful things?

      “you always being biased in your statement,if Rohr had been your brother or relation,will you have rated in average”.

      There we go again. This is the problem that our Country have bn facing for a long time ago.

      So, if Oga Rohr is my blood brother that means I should scored him higher than what he deserves ba? Lol.

      If that what you called bn biased well, that is your opinion. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • mercy 4 years ago

        @ omo9ja
        I didn’t say osigwe is short but he’s not tall enough to tinkle rohr’s fancy and not also as tall as uzoho, maduka.
        osigwe 6:1,uzoho 6:5,maduka 6:6. As for Enyeama, it is only ideal to sent an invite to him after the injury to carl ikeme and Nigeria is in dire need of a replacement as at that time for carl.

        However, osigwe might eventually get a call up soon. I pray so anyway!!!

        By the way I’m a guy…lolz

      • As l rightly said earlier , Nigeria don’t have problem. People like omon9ja and Odagbemi are the worst nightmare that unfortunately, befall Nigeria.
        My fellow Nigerians, carefully follow and read all omon9ja statements above. Don’t you agree obviously how conflicting, confusing and old fashioned all his articles are? No one should take omon9ja & Odagbemi serious in their words or deeds. Omon9ja is acentric and not properly informed.

        • Insulting people wouldn’t make you relevant in this forum, you have to be civil when making your opinion.

        • It’s very funny to hear that I’m now omo9ja because I said the truth. Anyway they said truth is bitter, and na you get your mouth.

  • Pan-African 4 years ago

    @Omonaija, I totally agree with your submission.

    The performance of coach Rohr is average. His game reading is slow and his response can be untimely and somewhat miscalculated.

    The performance we have had so far can be purely attributed to the skills of the crop of “imported” players and this is dangerous for our long term and local developments.

    I don’t know why we keep having this having this inferior supposition that white men will fix us. If they hire you in their country, the relationship is strictly transactional and if you cant bring extremely superior results compared to their own, you will be fired immediately. No mercy.

    It’s better we keep using our own and keep failing until we get it right. Let’s not patch sports too, let’s show the world we are failing on most fronts if it means football and other sports will join our list of failures – which I doubt because the sector is being used to keep the masses happy and going. What a therapy !

    • Oga pan African, the mentality of “we fit do am ourselves” put us to this sorry state as a nation, tell me one particular sector handled by a local that thrives, definetly none! Coming back to the topic, local coaches handle all other national teams except eagles, which one of them successfully? They all disgraced us, including the women’s team where we are the dominant force on the continent. What stage is our local league now? I guessed it’s so been managed by a foreigner abi. Mikel stated that John Terry n Lampard started their eufa pro coaching license course, few years to their retirement, English FA didn’t sponsor them, nor neither were they offered the three lions job simply because they are ex international. Michael Owen was a former WFY (world footballer of the year) he wasn’t even considered for u17, not to talk of the national team, simply because he opted for TV plaundit, he didn’t go for his pro license. My brother, at this computer age, qualifications first before u are considered for anything. Every jobs has its own criteria, as it is, only the white is giving us the results. If you want locals there, change your system.

      • Pan-African 4 years ago

        @Ola, it is this kind of reasoning that got us here. We don’t believe in ourselves and the west don’t, either. It is evident that we are yet to recover from the impact of colonialism.

        And because like yourself and myself don’t know how to rise and demand a dignifying status for ourselves, our country and unborn children (from our current crop of leaders in all spheres), we are busy looking for quick patches at exorbitant costs. No nation has been built that way. Nigeria of today is one of the moat wasteful nations in the world.

        Like your said : Build YOUR system.

        It seems to me like we speak English but English doesn’t speak to us. That’s one of the errors of exchanging ideas in a foreign tongue – it’s just grammar, it hardly wakes up the intellect.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Oga pan-african, tell you african people to get something as simple and basic as “COUNTING BALLOTS CORRECTLY” right first. then the rest of the world will start taking you serious.

          All we have been able to “do it by ourselves” are wars, poverty and executive corruption. 60yrs is enough to get things right if actually we have the collective ability to.

  • daniel 4 years ago

    Nigeria coaches should invite Chidera Ejuke, the guy is Antelop in runing with ball and he dribble with wisdom. Dutch league is high profile league the whole world. Ovie Ejeria should be invited too

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehehe…. Omo9ja is here busy hounding Akpeyi while Akpeyi is being nominated for Goalkeeper of the Season award in South Africa. LMAO

  • Prince 4 years ago

    This is Oyibo coach begin handle our SE, I no dey hear our brothers from the other African nations call us “Super Chicken” again 
    Abeg NFF..make una no let this man go oooo

    Person no go begin him house for better foundation and wan destroy am again ooo…except something really dey worry am for him head fa !!!

    Better thing dey sweet ooo… The way forward is the better way oooo!!!

    I hail oooo

  • Well..in summary, Rohr is signing a new contract and the players are happy about it….
    If u are not OK with this, Raining Season is coming soon.
    Make use of the nearest Ogunpa or Lagoon..
    There is time for everything, we’ve had the moments of home based coaches and foreign bases.. now! It’s another foreign base turn..home base should wait for their turn.

    • Here, here. God will help you reap the bounty of this world. The whole Nigeria agreed with your words. omon9ja & Odagbemi are the sole problems we have in Nigeria football. They both have one thing in common, they want to impose these jobless ex this and ex that to coach the SUPER EAGLE of Nigeria. They both said that

      Akpeyi is not good but, as today, Akpeyi is the best Goal Keeper in south Africa.
      I am not giving up because Nigeria still have people like Sean, Hush, Dr Drey, Prince and many others in this forum.
      Please Gentlemen, do not let the dreams die, ooooo. Do not let the negativity and ill informed and half baked knowledge of omon9ja and his cohorts destroy our national football pride. We are better than that.

  • My question is apart from european coaches cant we get africa trainers that have reached top levels in terms of achievement. Sometimes it must not be a nigerian but can be an african. For example the egyptian coach that won three afcon is not a bad option. Even if it must be a european why not get those that have won trophys like the guy that won with zambia and cotedevoir. Wat about the sebia guy that took ghana to the quaters. Honestly i like rohr but he doesnt have the capacity to read games as it goes and likes substitution tactics. He is a good game planner for real, but fades as the game goes on secondly he doesnt recognise good players. He always play wrong people expecialy in attack and that is against the nigerian football artitude. Playing ahmed musa ahead of onyekuru or kalu and continued till he lost to algeria. That was where i lost hope on Rohr i think it was presure from the fa he started playing chukwueze. That man plan was to play musa ighalo and moses simon. When he have kalu onyekeru osihmen and chukueze. Westerhof pull out a surprise changes in the final of 1994 unleashing okocha and amunike against the zambias that was how we defeated zambia. Musa was tired after sereas of 90 minutes play and ighalo aswell algerians have as expectedly studied the both and new exactly there weakness. Rohr with his bunch of raffles in the bench desided to use is old guns and gone wrong same error at world cup. I think he should be assisted by Amunike before another blunder

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      It shall be well with you @collins id. I’m very pleased with what you said.

      NFF are not seeing what we are seeing because of their selfish interests. Indeed,

      Oga Rohr needs help.
      We have done our part. Over to you CSN. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Austin 4 years ago

    There is something we aren’t seeing. Some crop of players currently in the super eagles, the likes of osimhem and chukwueze played under Emmanuel amunike. Amunike got the best out of this boy’s and more. Take it or leave it, rohr is not that all technically sound. But he is a wonderful manager and manages his boys well. We need amunike right NOW to bring in some assistance and technicality to rohr and also learn from him too. This is because we need a more organized midfield, and a strong defence. Again, the last crop of successful U17 players we produced were under amunike. His technicality had been acknowledged by FIFA when he was appointed at the 2018 world cup as a technical analyser of games. If we do this, The future will be brightEric for the super eagles. We talk about keshi’s achievement but forget to mention that his success at the 2013 afcon was due to the technical input of sylvanus okpara who assisted in that tournament. When Sylvania was sacked by the NFf, where was keshi? He struggled. So let’s bring in amunike now and have a good mix of managerial skills and technicality.

    • At Austin..u just mentioned 2 out of the 23 players Rohr do call upon for matches or tournaments…I call that player scouting and Technicality.
      Same Amunike lost with the same team and unable to qualify for an under 20 tournament… couldn’t even pull a draw at the just concluded nation’s cup.
      When a coach watch a video coverage of a team like Cameroon (African Champion then), Brazil and other African Team and went ahead to play them and win or draw with his own plan is what I call Technicality.
      Rohr only lost once in African Nation’s qualifiers..hope u remember that?

  • Sorry “Scouting and Not Technicality”….
    I’m not against it if they work together but for you to say Amunike is more Technically sound….is questionable

    • I can boldly tell you that if not Rohr’s pressure? This Osimhen’s carrier might have ended like Chrisantus..he signed for Hamburg after under 17 too..but thanks to Rohr that kept blending him with the seniors until he got it right.
      For a coach to know whom to call for a particular match is part of Technicality bro…if he decides not to call osimhen or Chukwueze and says they are still young like some naija coaches do say, nobody will arrest him and he’ll still win matches

  • Gideon S 4 years ago

    To me, I suggest NFF should give rohr good assistant’s, that’s all the man needs.
    Apart from that, he’s holding a good percentage with SE from when start.

    Like @Austin said on Keshi time with his assistant as a backup.
    Same as Westanhof & Bonfree-jo.

    the major problem with rohr is the assistants not working

  • Edoman 4 years ago

    Give Amunike a chance, he can not perform. Yes, he perform once upon a time, but soon after that, he crumbled like a park of sound. Tanzania refused to pay him because of poor show. Nigeria home made coaches
    are not the answer.
    where are all the National Teams that are being managed by the locals? Today, where are the U17, U21,U23 ?Are you going to Japan Olympics ? How are all the local league games going on.? If you want to ruin the super eagle as we come to know it today, Go ahead, bring in guys who do not have the necessary abilities and the junkies to do it for you. Lets see how you will go to FIFA World Cup.

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