Rohr Is A Disaster For Nigeria – Oparaku Blows Hot

Rohr Is A Disaster For Nigeria – Oparaku Blows Hot

Former Nigerian defender, Mobi Oparaku has questioned the capability of Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr to transform the team to world-beaters.

Oparaku stated this on Monday during an interview with NAN, where he accused the German tactician of perpetual experimentation with the national team with his approach to the invitation of players.

The Atlanta Olympic gold medalist insisted that the senior national team won’t experience progress under Rohr if the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) continues to stick with him.

“I have taken my time to watch the players Rohr has been inviting, I cannot say these are the ones we can reckon with.

“I cannot stand and mention 10 to 15 players in the national team that will start and finish the game. Gernot Rohr, in the past five to six years has been building a team, he will change four, five, six players in every starting lineup.

“We cannot forge ahead or make any progress with such system. I am not convinced we can use such a system to get what we want. Rohr is always rotating as if we are not Nigerians, we are not playing for the world, we are Nigerians.

“He does not have anything to offer, whenever he travels, he brings a player, he is just bringing everyone,” Oparaku added.


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    …hahahaha @completesportsnigeria eWarriors like some that we know will come hard on Okparaku now… hahaha! Mobi Oparaku has landed a debilitating blow to their thingod. The chronicle keeps getting intriguing… we will be building the house for another ten years… “they are a young team… the youngest in Africa”, we must continue to build till they are matured. Lol… akrika mason!

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha @1naija is talking….LMAO. Someone who cannot list an ordinary functional line up is talking…. Anywhere belle face. Liars flock together. You have ranted 1000 times here about how Rohr has been rigid and doesn’t allow competition…..your drunkard of a master has just said the direct opposite of what you and other people complain of….but you must lick anybody ‘s ass who criticizes Rohr even if the person is talking arrant stupidity. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything…..That’s exactly the perfect description of your persona. Im sure you too is as dumb as him that you cant mention 15 current SE players…..LMAO. What am I even saying….someone that lists Chukwueze and Olayinka as potential defenders to now list 15 players….LMAO…..that will be highly incredible….a bridge too far. I am sure this is also one of the ex-internationals that is eyeing the SE job…..LMAO. Nigerian football is in trouble…LMAO

      Please read comments below and receive sense…..LMAO.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… I don finish with you. It is a pity you think I am @1naija. So funny… I would not insult you again even if you continue. I never said Mobi Oparaku’s comment was entirely right… even at that, he is entitled to it. I just baited you and here you came again with insults… hahahah, you are so easy to predict. Your ego gets the better of you always… what a kid! I am busy @Dr.Drey… it is a weekday incase you are jobless as I believe, seeing that you are the only PhD degree holder who spends two straight days trolling your betters on CSN forum… you must still be haemorrhaging badly from last night’s bruised ego. Do not worry after one week, nobody will remember what loss you took coming needlessly insultive against me. Go and drink ice water my friend… Lol.

        • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

          Hahahaha…ive never seen such a smart fool like you…LMAO. After you’ve read subsequent comments and seen that everyone is lambasting you drunken master, you now want to try to rephrase your idiocy as usual…LMAO. The responses of sensible people shock you abi…LMAO. Now you want to save face and cover your shame with the biating nonsese…LMAO…pls try again scum, we are too intelligent for that on this forum…you can try it with your riff raff friends and playmates on here.

          You didnt bait me mr man, you only disgraced yourself once again on this platform and showed what a useless follow follow you are. I have never seen an engineer who never thinks before talking in my life….I have never seen any who talks from his emotions because his brain is under his feet….LMAO.

          If you like call me a 13 yr old kindergarten that’s you cup of coffee…it doesn’t remove 1 second from my timeline so far on earth, neither does your rants about having a phd remove the fact that I have one….if it were easy you would have one in your family….LMAO. You claim Im jobless but youve been replying me since yesterday…as a matter of fact I met you here yesterday…so you’ve even been here longer than me….so if Im jobless what about you…?? LMAO.

          I thought you woke up this morning baying for blood and claiming you are ready to take it to day 2….LMAO..dont worry…I am ready to take it to day 365….Today alone I’ve reviwed 2 manuscripts for 2 international journals without flinching in serving you hot charcoal in your filthy lying mouth….so if you want to take it to day 365, pls be my guest…LMAO….I will show you flames you’ve never seen in your miserable cheap lying life…..LMAO. If only you knew whom you are dealing with……LMAO

          we are still waiting for you to answer the following….LMAO


          copy and paste where I ever said in the same thread that all the 3men in a 3 man defence of a 352 must all be natural centre backs……LMAO.

          • 1naija 5 months ago

            And again the fool thinks he is so smart to decipher that jimmyball is me lol….you go die using some stupid psychology. Fake P.H.D holder. 50 year old rabid dog.

          • nnamdi 5 months ago

            your words are harsh pls limit how you insult pople in dis forum we re here to discuss how we can take our football to d next level we are here for constructive decisions not for insults;

        • LUCKY JAY 5 months ago

          This is not fair at all; and this so called ex whatever should apologize to Rhor immediately!
          You all are now saying we are Nigerians, we deserve better; we can do better ….. Before Rhor came on board, how many of you can boast of super eagles?? Infact, 70% of you here ( if not more ) call them super chickens! Some even went to the extent of saying the super falcons ( then ) will beat the super chickens if they play and we are here ranting jargons. Like Yinkus asserted, how many of you are talking about under 17, 20, 23, Nigerian league, football academics that are nothing to write home about. But out of envy, jealousy and hatred, you all want to crusify Rhor. Definitely by 2022, the man will leave. Let’s see the Messiah you guys will bring. Na so una hype African Guardiola when I’m come scatter the team run commot. I believe say im for don talk im own too. Una think say national football team na U 17 or youth team bah, we dey wait.

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        You go soon mad for this Forum.

        Good for nothing Houseboy Drey.

  • Mobi you are confused. We have been blaming rohr of sticking with the same players over the years and you are here saying he is been changing players at will. You’re confused. I want to believe you are frustrated because you lack a job.

  • Mr Hush 5 months ago

    Come on! Even the greatest Rohr’s critic can mention Rohr’s favourite team.
    Barring injuries or drop in form ;
    Uzoho, Omeruo, Awaziem,Ekong, Balogun, Collins,Aina,Kelechi, Shehu, Ndidi, Etebo, Aribo, Osimhen,Iwobi,Simon,Kalu, Samuel etc. Have all being a main stay of Rohr’s team. And I think that’s over 15 players.

    In fact, one of the major criticism Rohr suffers is his inflexibility and predictability inviting players.

    You can criticise the coach when necessary; but let it be fair , constructive and something substantial.

  • I just had to drop a comment even though I have always been an observer here. I am confused by Mr. Oparaku’s statement. This is the entire opposite of Rohr’s attitude to team selection naa. Even my 3 year old niece will mention 15 players Rohr has stuck with since she was born. Haba! Must everyone comment just to say something bad about the coach

  • JOSIAH 5 months ago

    Mobi what do you mean changing players if you have some one that is better then the ones you have won’t you invite him to the SE Is that not process of building to get a better team why are you confused
    Go look for work please..

  • Sammy 5 months ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, there is an agenda afoot, and time will reveal it.

    Methinks this is a ploy to edge the old man out before next year’s world cup, should he fail to win the nations’ cup; even if he qualifies the country handily for both tournaments as he is wont to do.

    This way they can parachute someone in at the last minute and make a killing from the new coach’s short-term contract and bogus player bonuses – because of course, they are looking to fill the team list with the Egwuekwes, Oshaniwas, Reuben Gabriels, Odunlamis, Agbims and Michael Uchebos of this world. Just like the national disgrace that was the 2014 World Cup squad.

    It’s the same sad song all over again people, nothing new.

  • Omo9ja 5 months ago

    I have said this before but NFF and Oga Rohr followers believed I hate the gaffer.

    He can’t give what he doesn’t have now.

    It is not possible. Hmm. Mr. Oparaku have spoken.

    “The Atlanta Olympic gold medalist insisted that the senior national team won’t experience progress under Rohr if the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) continues to stick with him.

    We cannot forge ahead or make any progress with such system. I am not convinced we can use such a system to get what we want. Rohr is always rotating as if we are not Nigerians, we are not playing for the world, we are Nigerians”.

    We are Nigerians that means, we deserved the best of the best.

    I am calling on you NFF, after this month Afcon qualifiers, Amunike, Egbo, Enyeama and Ikeme should come on board.

    Oga Rohr have bn given two opportunities and he wasted both. He went to the world cup he did not make it out of the group stages.

    He also, went to the Afcon, he won Bronze medals which Nigerians believed the gaffer just wasted the Afcon ticket.

    Now, we don’t want to waste another Afcon ticket on Oga Rohr.

    Mr. Amaju, you have no choice at this moment. We hire and we fire.

    We have no time to waste time. Afcon and World cup around the corner and we can’t wait any longer to rule the world again because we have what it takes to do so.

    Oga Rohr doesn’t know our value and why wasting time on him? He have tried and we Nigerians appreciate him a lot. It is time for him to go.

    I believe Amunike and his crew are better than Oga GR if given the opportunity and free hand like NFF are doing with Oga Rohr.

    If you love your country and the Super Eagles, you won’t support Oga Rohr to continue. Enough is enough. We deceived the best because we are Nigerians. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • lanre 5 months ago

    but jimmyball why is it that you jump at any comment made against GERNOT ROHR’s hard earned achievements……its so glaring you have an ulterior motive for doing all these…….you keep rolling out all the lies in the world,one after the other nd i discovered that you have developed thick skin against being shameful……you are no longer sensitive to shame…..the DR DREY that you love to take on is far nd miles ahead of you in intelligence nd with facts nd accurate figures that a man of very low calibres like you can counter…….please take a leave from here

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      @Lanre… I am not dragging for position or money here. I think CSN knows what they are doing throwing all this writeups to ignite the forum and draw traffic. I am not in competition with @Dr.Drey… but I have a right to defend myself. You have alluded to me as a Liar but I will ignore it… Just help me ask @Dr.Drey that you so love to Eulogize, the man of truth, lol, to upload his PhD certificate that he claimed, right on this forum, that he bagged in Netherlands 22years ago. If he does that… I will start worshipping him like you do. Please ask the god-of-man to upload his PhD certificate or forever remain an egoistic little boy. Can you do this @Lanre… Mr Honest Nigerian. Go ahead, challenge your lord to backup his evidently monumental incredulity… hahaha. Funny people everywhere… I have nothing against Rohr personally for your information… maybe you need to look for Mobi Oparaku, Amuneke, Finidi, Festus Odini, Segun Odegbami, Taribo West, Joseph Dosu, Duke Udi and even Henry Onyekuru (who feels he is not being given his due chance since
      since saying it is like Rohr is locked-on certain “chosen” players already and so has his first eleven regardless who else is scoring 100goals) to answer your curiosity… I am just a fan like you.

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Hahahahaha….I’m just picturing myself taking my papers out of my files, putting them in a scanner and uploading them on the internet because of a nitwit that calls himself @1naija -jimmyball…..LMAO. For sane human beings like a @Deo I will do that, for a @Mr Hush I will gladly do that…for a bastard like you…..LMAO??? Common man…you are beginning to overrate yourself…LMAO. Seriously, you are really overrating yourself….LMAO. The same way you wanted to be rated highly when you lied to us you played football at the highest level yet you name cannot be found in any of the squad list of the clubs you claimed you played for…worse still you cannot even name a functional SE lineup…LMAO. Chukwueze and Olayinka as potential defenders…..LMAO

        He’s has been roundly exposed here on this forum and thinks everyone is a fool like him….LMAO. I thought you said you want to travel to the Netherlands to go get a copy of my papers…Pls start heading straight to Frankfurt this night…LMAO.

        Can you see you are well known for nothing else but lies on this forum……LMAO. You dont even deny it anymore….LMAO. You indeed have no shame still rearing your head here….LMAO

        • JimmyBall 5 months ago

          @Dr.Drey… hahahaha. Ok… PhD holder no show certificate again, e don do. This is so amusing… “Dokinta ohne Zeugnis oder Ergebnis”… I am just asking God for good life for you, you seem really frustrated and jobless your cyber-bullying game is the PhD you have. What comic relief!

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Hahahaha…that makes 2 jobless people because I met you on this forum yesterday and your are still here rearing your filthy lying ugly head here even till this moment…LMAO.

            Arent you on you way to Frankfurt anymore…LMAO. Bloody illiterate. You are really overrating yourslef… LMAO.
            You will write an email to my varsity and they will jsut forward my details and academic records to you because you are the German Chancellor’s boyfriend …??? LMAO. He thinks he is important.

            Ngwa pack you things and start going na….LMAO. Senseless fool.

          • JimmyBall 5 months ago

            @Dr.Drey… ok let us forget the certificate and attendance enquiry at your nonexistent Netherlands institution. You must have an old picture taken with peers from your school from 22years back right? Abi you no get any picture of you and your mates? I will reduce the criterion… you do not need to be in a bulding in a class or lab setting… I think you be Chemical Engineer shey? Just uplaod any picture you get… snapped siting close to any oyibo or even with them in the background as most people do in parks and city centres. Upload on google online… I can give you tips or just check youtube to learn how to do that and share the link with us on CSN. Please… any picture with oyibo inside abi na blacks alone dey Netherlands when you study? Hahaha… thanks as CSN forumites await these watered-down criteria for your claims… Lol. But in case you are not able to prove any of this… we will continue to assume you have a PhD… shey na your certificate! @Dr.Drey PhD(Person Hiding Document)…. *Smile*

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Hahahaha…and you think for you Im gonna do that for you…..LMAO. For a filthy lying pig like you, I’ll now go and dig into my closet, scan pictures and upload them on the web for you…..LMAO.

            You’ll have to be married to the queen of England for me to descend so low for you….LMAO.

            You are really overrating yourself…..LMAO

            You think its everyone that goes a gloating with unsolicited cock and bull stories like you….LMAO

            It is you who wants to unravel Dr.Drey, do it yourself. I didn’t ask you for anything before I unraveled you fat lies about playing football to the highest level. If you want to unravel Dr,.Drey, start first with going for an IQ test. If you come out with high scores then you are good to go son.

  • Haba this is not fair at all mobi. Everybody has right to critizise, but it has to be fair and constructive. The evil agenda is to get this man replaced at all cost and as soon as possible. I know by now the prayer of most of His critics is for us to loose the next game and then against Lesotho draw. Rohr will leave one day, after all Nigeria is not His country, after then it will be the gathering of the owls and the vultures. He hasn’t achieved anything in last five years, in the last five years what has been the performance of Nigeria at junior level(U17,U20 and even U23)zero. Are these teams being managed by Rohr? No,
    What has been the performance of local clubs at continental level below zero in fact minus.What has been performance of Nigeria league? Most of these ex players will not see all that when local coach fail terribly some of them will keep quiet because such could be their friend or partner in buisness of owl and vulture combo. Rohr’s time will expire but before then let us allow the man to do His job. Let us pray for the success of the team rather than wishing failure for Mr Rohr.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 5 months ago

    We shouldn’t jump to conclusion and judge people’s opinion without looking at the points they made. Mobi Oparaku made a good point, Rohr should not been experimenting and rebuilding at this time, he had enough time to build a killer team, but still building, when is the team going to grow?, secondly, we should not condemn Omo9ja, he said some things about Rohr that is true,
    Personally, i think Rohr is a good coach, but he lacks this killer instinct to make our team to be the best, he seems to encourage and accept mediocre performance and achievement. I respect him as a good coach, but i think he has tried his best. We need to try another coach, we have good and young players, and should not be struggling at this time.

    • Odion 5 months ago

      Experimenting how ? So u mean u dont know those players rohr has been using for a while ? So inviting one or two new players is experimenting? If he invites new players for friendly matches is it not normal ?

  • When it comes to Rohr, I’m a bit sentimental, because we share the same birthday……..even Balogun. But be that as it may, generally, Rohr is a good coach. His strongest point, is “team selection”. He does so well in team selection which always seem to be based on merit. Also, he is a father figure in the team. As a player, there is a difference playing under a 40year coach and a 65year coach. Most likely, the 65year coach will take all the players under his wings, be more tolerant and fatherly to the players, than the 40year-old. Even the players themselves are more likely to have more respect for the 65year old than the 40year old.
    The only issue I have with Rohr, has to do with some aspects of his in-game management. Sometimes, he doesn’t know when to make a change during match. Some other time, when he makes a change, it will be the wrong call.

    • Samuel 5 months ago

      Nice one their I love your sense of humme

    • i disagree with you when it comes to players invitation, remember pre world cup preps, he only invited moses simon from belgium and shunned Dennis, onyekuru, and samuel kalu who was in the same team with moses simon Tell me what moses simon does on the field that these guys cannot do. He disrespects players plying their trade in places like Eastern European Countries North Africa and Turkey,let us not even talk about our local teams. If not tell me why a player like Olayinka is not in the main stream of our national team, this is a guy that have been play champions and europa leagues football consistently year after year and he shines like a million stars every season and we all watch him all over the World. Coaches that have the 3rd eye pick players because of their talents and technical abilities and not the teams they play for or countries where they ply their trade. Afterall, Amunike broke into SE while playing for Zamalek of Egypt,Aghahowa did same while playing for Bendel insurance on his way to tunisia,the late Stephen Keshi took a bunch of local players to win the 2013 cup of nations in SA. Now check this out, going to the last Nations cup GR invited 4 right wing players – Musa, Onyekuru, Samuel kalu and moses simon and they all made the team , who does that? The problem with GR is that he is lazy and greedy, his laziness prevents him from brushing himself up by going to refresher courses .If he cannot do that then he should not be greedy by pocketing his pay, he should use some of it to hire some young and good technical hands to help him handle the technical aspect of the team because it obvious that he is technically deficient.

  • Greenturf 5 months ago

    I can’t really understand Oparaku’s argument because Rohr has maintained 80% of his regular squad.He has made sure new players coming in are as good if not better than the regulars.
    Fans have echoed there frustration over Rohr’s conservative ways of inviting players.
    Oparaku’s slur or slander against Rohr is rather unnecessary.He spoke like a street thug because you played football for your country does not make you an intelligent analyst.
    Rohr has maintained credible standards that has improved consistency and efficiency during his five years as the manager of the super eagles.Its a shame this shameless ex internationals are picking on him not for the interest of Nigeria it’s glaring but Rohr will qualify and win the nation cup to quell all this many naysayers!

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Pls help us tell this to those who think we must worship ex-internationals and swallow everything they say simply because they played football to the levels we were not privileged to play.

      Some things are common sense…anybody that says he cannot name 15 current SE players is just plain clueless about Nigerian football. At a time people are complaining there are too many players on the waiting list Rohr is not giving opportunities, one drunkard is talking complete lies and opposites. Rohr is a disaster for Nigeria…its like this guy needs to be taken back to the days when we needed A to beat C and B to loose by 5 goals for us to play at AFCON. Those who subjected us to that torture back then, I guess they were blessings. Do these ones deserve any respect when they cannot even respect themselves…???

      The last time it was Finidi raising eyebrows about Rohr naming Shehu in midfield….for Gods sake did these ex-internationals hang their brains together with their boots when they retired from football…?? The other time it was Dosu calling Rohr a mechanic…LMAO….if Rohr is a mechanic what do we call those who struggled to qualify for AFCON 3 out of 4 attempts…? And these are the people eyeing Rorh’s job….people who cannot think straight…?? Naija football is already in trouble even b4 Rohr has left…unless a better foreign upgrade with be engaged

      And look at most/if not all of them fighting Rohr…….ZERO coaching careers…!

      • 1naija 5 months ago

        Bastard old man 22 years ago and still dey argue for sports website. Miserable fool.

  • pompei 5 months ago

    Quoting Dr. Drey – Tenant wey dey owe landlord no dey take curry cook stew.
    For Mobility to call Rohr a DISASTER after what he has achieved for us is mind-boggling. Unbelievable.
    It is entirely possible that he doesn’t know what the word disaster means. It sounds like a big word to him, so he wanted to use it to impress.
    Can Nigeria afford to cook stew with curry? Even the Rohr wey we get, we dey owe am salary. Can we afford the world class coaches of this world? Perhaps, Mobility wants us to go back to African Guardiolas, and qualifying for major tournaments once in five years. Tufiakwa!
    His argument that Rohr is “always rotating”, wetin dat one come mean na? Rohr is committed to finding and playing our very best. So if he sees a player that is better than what we have, he will bring him in, or at least attempt to. That is the merit way. The Rohr way.

  • King S 5 months ago

    @Pompei, dem go soon name you Dr. Drey’s clone. Lol

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    @1naija… he is just a small boy.. 35yrs at most, still unmarried and without kids. Someone with a PhD 22 years ago is still displaying his thuggish attitude on a social sports forum… is there anyone close to 55years in this world displaying traits and character like our friend @Dr.Drey? The answer is no… so he is just a young middle aged man at most. Shows how humongous his lies have been… One love folks!

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Since birds have learnt to fly without perching, hunters have learnt to shoot without missing. Since uncouth children like you and many of your fellow millennials think you have the liberty to be violent online…..I will show you that there where humans on earth before the millennium. Since you all claim your generation is one that lacks respect, one that cannot stomach superior arguments, one that is spoilt with high computing power but empty brains, then I will keep whipping nitwits like you with your fake identities like the bad children you all are.

      • 1naija 5 months ago

        So you do accept that you are an old cargo. Anụmanụ nzuzu. You go tire for this page.

        • JimmyBall 5 months ago

          @1naija… he is a kid. You should know from his bruised ego. I have decided to stop exchanges with him… he has never been outside Nigeria not to talk of bagging a PhD over 20years ago in Netherlands… he is a fraud. wise mature individuals here know his cover is blown… he is just now bleating and braying frantically to save what is left of a thoroughly bruised ego. Lol… pay him no more attention.

  • lanre 5 months ago

    but how can someone who has played football to such a height as representing this country nd witnessed the era when nigeria could not qualify for TWO consecutive afcons refer to a man who took a job that was refused by another expatriate nd since then has qualified for every available competitions as DISASTEROUS…….its highly unkind,mischievous nd ill motivated…..the reason why we have failed in the past is fast manifesting……no one goes to war with these kind of warriors nd win a battle……they are people with wrong mind sets even when they THINK they have succeeded in life it is only for a while……no sooner they retired from football than they became wretched looking for bread to eat…….there chairman,segun odegbami has just sold the house given to him in ibadan for winning 1980 nation’s cup claiming it was in protest of bad football administration in ibadan

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahaha….why will you sell a house as a form of protest….??? What happened to setting the house ablaze….??? LMAO.

    • Lolz.. Protest against who? NFF or government? NFF I guess.. You sold a house given to you by government in protest against NFF.. Wonders shall continue to happen.

      I said it sometimes last year, when the chairman of “olote(bad Belle) association of Nigeria” Segun Odegbami, is broke, I think we can now confirm it.

      Why doesn’t he return the documents of the building instead of selling and where is the proceeds going to.. Who is fooling who.. Lol

      Odegbami and his cohort has seen their black market seriously dented since Rohr took over, no wonder they are all making inconsistent criticism just to say something.

      Mr Mobil abi total ni, receive sense in Jesus name

  • pompei 5 months ago

    Omo-eniyan said “we are Nigerians. We deserve the best of the best”.
    Agreed. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best. But why restrict your desire for the best to only football? And is it in Rohr’s time that you suddenly recognized that you deserve the best of the best? When African Guardiolas almost put our football to sleep, and we were lamenting absence from major tournaments for several long years, you did not want the best of the best then, ba?
    Do you have the best of the best of the following – electricity, health care, water, roads, housing, food, schools, and other public infrastructure? So you are ok with mediocrity in all these aspects of life, but when it comes to football, that is when you become an internet warrior and start demanding for the best?
    What is the definition of best sef? You want a coach that will win you the Afcon and world cup in 2022, because you are a Nigerian and deserve the best of the best. Are we as a country ready to invest in grassroots development to discover talents and create an enabling environment for football to thrive in the country? Are we willing and able to hire the kind of coaches that can take us to football utopia?
    You want to hire Pep Guardiola, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Wenger, Tuchel, Klopp, Antonio Conte, can we pay any of these guys? Of course, we can, in a corruption free dispensation. But wetin people go chop no go gree dem do the right thing. You know this as well as I do. So, the money is available to hire the best, but it will not happen. We have to manage what we have, especially as what we have has delivered a lot more than we deserve! Tell me how a country without a standard league, or standard stadia, deserves to win Afcon? We think we deserve the trophy because we have many good players, but what did we invest in these players? Nothing! Our own has always been to balance and chop when monkey don work finish. The monkey in this case is the player’s clubs, and the countries of the foreign born. Aina for example was developed in English academies. England work finish, na Nigeria dey chop today. For how long are we going to be like this? How do you even dare to think that you deserve the best of the best in this ludicrous environment?
    You want to stay in the best hotel in town, but you are not ready to pay the price. Guess what, you and your belongings will be thrown out of the hotel, and into the streets. We are so fortunate to have a coach who continues to work and deliver in conditions most other coaches will not accept. Le Guen saw our wahala from a distance and took to flight. African Guardiola was there for a while, na run em run commot. But Rohr is still here, doing his best!
    Rohr may not be the best, he may not even be world class. But half bread is better than none ooo. Person wey hunger don bend em waist because e no get money fit approach fancy restaurant? We can admire the best of the best from a distance, but until we are ready to do the right thing, the best of the best will continue to be out of reach. Rohr is not our problem. We have to get out of our own way first, before we can aspire to getting the best.

    • Sammy 5 months ago

      Wish I could set your write-up to lyrics and wax it into a record.

      It’s the Nigerian mindset to try to get results we do not deserve. The same mindset that’s made us the “yahoo boys” capital of the world. No investment in anything, but we want results. The only thing we have going for us in football terms is a large population and a large diaspora population. We do not deserve the same results as countries like Egypt, Senegal, Cote d’ivoire and even South Africa countries that make significant investment in youth development (level of investment vs population).

      Have you guys ever thought of the fact that within our national team only Etebo, Musa, Shehu and the new Enyimba goal keeper out of 24 players have played in our local league? Thats even a high number, when compared to other team lists released in the past. Even our youth teams are performing poorly.

      As Nigerians we really owe ourself a duty of honest self reflection.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    We must learn in humility on this forum… no be by might of insults and thuggery… folks let us all see and address this once and for all.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    In the below formation with the link posted tell me what is LM and RM and if they are not just another name for RWB and LWB… these things are just nomenclature just as some will term it widemen(wide midfielders)… English no hard like that. The below was the same exact setup I suggested tentatively that @Dr.Drey could no longer control himself and insulted me to my family.


    • NA ME TALK AM 5 months ago

      @JimmyBall .. The question asked was simple , Does 1CB play in a 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1 formation ?

      Because you named just one CB in your formation . The image above , does not implies that the team used just ONE CB .

      Obviously when you change your formation , the position of the players changes in 4-4-2 formation , you have 2 CB , RB and LB and in a 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1 formation , you have one LCB , CB and RCB .

      in 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1 formation , You’ll always have 2CB to paired with either a DM ( like Barcelona with Keoman ) or 2CB paired with 1RB or 1LB so the formation automatically changes to LCB ( Clement Lenglet ) , CB ( Frenkie de Jong ) and RCB ( Oscar Mingueza )

      Note : Frenkie de Jong plays as DM or CM aswell and Lenglet & Oscar Mingueza natural CB

      In other cases , some coaches might use 3CB by replacing De Jong for Ronald Araujo ( CB )

      So to avoid any epistle ; in a 3man formation as defender , you must have 2CB in your formation

      We are all here to learn from each other , so please you and Drey should end the insult.

      One reason why I stopped commenting on this platform is because of the negatives vibes and excess abusive words . Please we are all Adult and Matured soul , let us learn to express our views without any abusive words

      God bless Nigeria

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Leave the fool let him keep rable rousing about an argument he has lost longtime ago…..LMAO. his defeat is too hard to take for him….LMAO.

        I’ve asked him to tell us just 1team he has ever seen playing just 1 natural CB in a back 3 of a 352……LMAO. that’s the same question I’ve asked since he rolled out his video game line up….LMAO…..Filthy mumu is still perambulating till today. He’s the one that wants to teach us what a 3-5-2 formation is…..LMAO.

        Leave him let him continue to argue of points. That is his trademark….LMAO

      • @Na me talk am, you get time educating that dundee, he is always off point.

        Your explanation is explicit enough but one thing e no go understand… Don’t waste your time bro

  • lanre 5 months ago

    @DR DREY please stop replying to nonsense nd foolish comments…..you are one person that is well endowed with enough facts nd figures nd your very high intelligence quotient is outstanding nd exceptional so much that you owe no one any duty of explanation…..you need not convince anyone to accept your ingeniuty nd remember they say the BEST ANSWER TO A FOOL IS SILENCE….nd please never venture to upload any of your certificates here ooo……there are fraudsters everywhere please beware

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Ah…my brother, you are think I don’t know….? I shut down everything social media years ago when some people where using my name and that of a scout friend of mine to defraud innocent youngsters under the guise of setting them up for trials with polish clubs. What is social about the media….??? CSN is my only social media o. Anybody that wants to unravel Dr.drey should go and consult his babalawo.

      Leave that filthy liar let him continue to daydream.
      He wants to head to the Netherlands to unravel Dr.Drey, let’s all wish him a safe trip…..LMAO

      • Profjeff 5 months ago

        Two of you should calm down na or call a truce.both of you are making it hard for me to read interesting comments o…if u cant calm down,then somebody should ignore the other.

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      @Lanre… fraudsters to use his fake PhD certificate to work or what? Such a thought from you is fucking retarded… hahaha. PhD wannabe… very fake guy. Infact let him not show us proof again, let him tell me the name of the school he attended 22years ago in Netherlands and I will go there… to just ask if there was ever any fraudster who attended that instituition by his name. Smart people here just pity him and do not want to call him out… he has come up with another lame defence, people try to scam you years ago and you shut down all your social media, because you are ashamed of us revealing your facebook information where we can easily very your true identity, age and even person. It is evident @Dr.Drey does not want his cover blown for the fact he has never been outside Nigeria as claimed… ok, let us have your real names on facebook na? Hahahaaha… egoistic maggot… the only PhD without a timeline photo from Netherlands where he bagged a degree as advanced as PhD, often replete with proud memories… no claim wetin you no be… me I am ready to allow you see my real name and visit my facebook page… you will not only see me and Anthony Ujah at Werder Bremen stadium, but also see me and Johan Djorou former Arsenal and HSV Hamburg captain in Hamburg… I pity those who take you serious and your worshippers. A PhD holder busy on ordinary sports forum but not even on common facebook that everybody has atleast one account… Infact that your comment that YOU SHUT DOWN ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA years ago because folks wanted to scam you and people who know has given you away… this maggot does not want anyone to see that he is just a miserable-lying-wannabe-PhD holder… I dumped your ass with challenge into dustbin two days back, your worshippers are praying that you stop exposing your fake claims further… you do not have facebook, twitter,Instagram… ok send me your phone number let us do whatsapps video or skype ID make I see you face to face report back to fellow forumites here… do you not have a phone number too? I will gladly give you mine now… 4917658866494, 4915213241707 you can add me and send me a message on any of the two numbers… any of your slaves are also welcome to add me to verify me for you if you are a PhD holder without a phone… hahaha. You can also give me any number where you can be reached, maybe your friend and be sitted near him with a Nigeria’s Voters Card or Drivers License let us ask each other question… hahaha. I told you I am far smarter than you will ever imagine yourself… maggot!

    • GLORY 5 months ago

      @ Lanre God bless. There was a comment you posted sometime ago. I read it and after a deep reflection, I could only accept it as true words of wisdom. You emphasized on that comment, that some of the people we waste our precious time, engaging in arguments with, might just be far from what this forum suggest. So I am using this oportunity to plead with Dr Drey n Jimmyball to call a truce on this internet war. @ Drey, I’ll always share in his very commendable deep understanding of things while @ Jimmyball, a seemimgly very good articulate personality, his comments, I’m at liberty to recieve with both sides of the coin. The use of such strong words to attack one another is honestly becoming very toxic and distasteful.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        @Glory… you know I have really not quarreled with most people here and ofcourse I have never claim to know all in football. The same @Lanre you replied to now, and @Ola have both sided with @Dr.Drey, who found it normal to start addressing me with words like “if you are not a bastard and you know your father gave birth to you… so and so.” My brother, just out of no where… at first I was shocked, because I even often tell fellow forumites here who go daggers-drawn with @Dr.Drey for varying topical differences and standpoints that they should tone down and that my own banter with him is purely on football level and a friendly one… just like lighting he addressed me a bastard and made reference to my father who is late since 2004 ( God rest his soul)… my mother is the head of Catholic Christian Women Organisation in the whole of Benue and without provocation… a fellow forumite will call me a bastard just for arguing on tactics and setup about current super Eagles personnel we have if we could try 3-5-2 as Rohr has done a few times… I know I lash at Coach Rohr atimes but it is all to create fun and besides he is nobody’s father on this forum… even a civilised individual like Joseph Dosu called Rohr a mechanic and heaven did not fall on CSN… it was the attack on my person to my family(Mother and Father) that @Dr.Drey who some of you may want to believe is civilised enough with his unverified claims of a PhD holder that got my blood boiling and threw me into the needless derogatory exchanges with him. Despite the truth of a first damaging scathing attack from him in the manner I have spoken… the likes of @Ola, @Lanre, @Oakfield insulted me directly… and even @NA ME TALK AM who also decided to pose @Dr.Drey unintelligent question about where I had seen a 3backmen in a 3-5-2 with only one natural central defender… as if anyone is born a natural striker or central defender in village football not to talk of organised football… so you see it was his contempt for my person and family that got me into blood-mode with him… Sometimes I wonder if ones who attack other individuals for Dr.Drey just for someone sharing a different view are paid actors or not the same individual who is adept and known for bullying others here… it is not about any fact or deep knowledge people get into gutter-acts with @DrDrey for… many which ahs already been witnessed by all genuine forumites here,but his ego and natural tendency to scorn and bully people… it is the same ego that has cornered him into needlessly claiming a PhD and one above 50years of age here… he started the whole drama because he will never take an insultive word back and apologise… talking about my family especially my mother who is still alive, a woman he does not know was just over the bar for me to take… please CSN should warn his likes here to let people share their own views and enjoy the forum no matter how divergently provoking to anyone those views may seem… one love!

        • GLORY 5 months ago


  • Oakfield 5 months ago

    Rohr is a disaster in what sense? That he has failed to qualify us for the nations or world cup? Or that players are either having misunderstanding with the coach or amongst themselves or we are rooted at the bottom of world football ranking table or that players who do not deserve a place in the national team are invited. The aforementioned was the condition of our team before the “disaster cocah” came on board and changed everything to the extent that qualifying for tournies seem ordinary. Even a blind man and a novice in the field of football would know that rohr has stuck with most (90 percent) of the major players he started with, eg, iwobi, chukwueze, ndidi, etebo, sehu abdulahi, ebuehi, iheanocho, musa, aina, etc. So I don’t really understand where this guy is coming from. That you are an ex international doesn’t guarantee you sense or intelligence. There are ex internationals that are so daft that you’d might br forced to throw up when the speak. Maybe, he needs to change where he but the last weed he took before he was granted this garbage of an interview. Ikegwuru

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    @NA ME TALK AM… tell @Dr.Drey… to go shove that his question deep into his anus and bring it out, he will get the answer to his question. We were talking about Super Eagles and available personnel, not any other team in the work. Ask when when does an Ola Aina become a left centre back and when does he become also a right or left fullback? Meanwhile… @Lanre and @Ola, I have no time for both of you slaves.

  • lanre 5 months ago

    @jimmy i think your insanity has gone beyond all imaginations……just tell me you are dirty nd i ll TEACH how to be messy,you dirty scam,internet fraudster requesting a more intelligent individual to forward his personal informations all in a bid to swindle the gentleman……you think we don’t know your type?……..go look for job internet thief oleee…..i have just started with you

  • lanre 5 months ago

    @jimmyball…..you dropped numbers of your allies thinking we will fall for it,ofcourse i know you guys don’t operate alone but you are bursted already…….you dare call me slave,retarded because i rightly advised DR DREY not to divulge his personal informations on social media…..you are into something you can not finish……..you keep telling lies that you couldn’t substantiate yet shameless as you are,instead of taking a leave nd return when your unfortunate head has cooled down you keep attacking every sensible individuals here nd dropping more lies to buttress your rubbish

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      @Glory.., your message is well received. I apologise to the likes of you, @Mr.Hush, @Edoman,@Edoguy,@Omo9ja,@Proudly9ja,@Ayphillydagreat(lol… even though he often does not share my views),@Chux Haifa, @Ako Amadi, @Collins id, @Abdul Handsy… and every other responsible forumite here for my part in the low-of-lows in that last three days now, a livid side of had to be endured by all here because another active contributor @Dr.Drey attacked me with a derogatory insult to my being and parents to start… above all I apologise to @CompleteSportsNigeria admins and editors. This is a very responsible community so someone has to take the high road in cases of this nature… I promise to no longer respond to any provocation or deliberate attack on my person by anyone here… this place should not be toxic, and if some peole want to own the place and dictate to all else… then they should feel free if it that massages their ego… Lastly, @Lanre, you have been at the business of insulting me just like @Ola also calling me unprintable names but when I hit back, mine is the most lethal and loud… I shall pay you no further attention. If I am a scammer giving numbers of my associates in Europe and you and others who think alike already assume that and know… having had that lead, and fore-warning, can someone then still be able to trick and scam you? The lesson in all these as sensible ones here will concur is that on a public forum… no one should ever claim anything they are not because you could be setup to prove such a claim of which failure to step up to the challenge will permanently expose you as a fake and frau… in the spirit of love and respect… once again, I apologise to all on Complete Sports Nigeria forum!

  • Abdul 5 months ago

    I think you guys need to stop this shit. I came here yesterday to read people’s comments as usual, and almost everywhere was filled with disparaging remarks around both of you. And you guys are still on it. You guys claimed to be well groomed and successful in your path, but that’s not true if none of you knows how to simply overlook the other’s immoral submissions. As much as i don’t like the reasoning of Omonaija, the guy never clapped back on anyone despite the fact he’s the most ridiculed and insulted on this platform. In the world of maturity, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with someone having a different point of view or idea, and if you feel otherwise, then you personally have a problem. I am a fan of Rohr because i believe he has improved the national team since he took over. However, i am very open to read the critics from Omonaija and his fans, because i am well aware that even an improved team can be made better.

    Most times, we blame our leaders and prejudice other tribes because we think we are better, but we are quick to forget that those leaders are just a representative of what we are as a people. So, if we want a better version of representatives, we would have to also become a better people and have some regards for everyone around us, irrespective of their views, ideas and culture. And in Omonaija’s voice i say, God bless Nigeria.

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      @Abdul… I apologize to you… It’s been really a shame this place has been toxic for three days at a stretch, a show which I pertook vigorously. Never again brother…

  • lanre 5 months ago

    DR DREY how the day jare…….hope you are fine my good brother?……no shaking

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    I wish CSN can develop an intelligent software to expose people who have coined usernames from their three names of oLANREwaju OLAbisi DREYola sharing the platform as three different aliases but are actually same individual bullying noble folks who just want to have fun here… Lol.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      I assure you and the rest of this forum 100% your sorry self will be one the first to be kicked out….LMAO. Its just unfortunate that CSN is such a free for all site where there’s no quality control.

  • lanre 5 months ago

    ahahahaha DR DREY can feel what i perceived ahahaha god punish fraudster…..ahahaha assignment has started……..DR DREYOLA how ya day?….that man wan kill me with laugh…….yeeeeee oleeeeee catch am