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Rohr Linked With Black Stars Coaching Job

Rohr Linked With Black Stars Coaching Job

Former Super Eagles handler Gernot Rohr is being linked with the vacant Black Stars coaching job, ghanaweb.com reports.

Rohr was relieved of his position as Eagles’ coach following the team’s struggles in the qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


On his part, the Ghana FA sacked Milovan Rajevac following the Black Stars’ disappointing campaign at the ongoing AFCON in Cameroon.

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The four-time African champions finished bottom in a group that had Morocco, Gabon and Comoros with just one point.

And the Eagles will face the Black Stars in the 2022 World Cup play-offs in March.

And according to ghanaweb.com, a source close to Rohr claims the German is open to the Black Stars job.

“Gernot (Rohr) is very much open to the Ghana job. Ghana football has great potential and his experience of the African game will help him steer the team in the right direction.

“His knowledge of African football is deep especially with West African teams. Besides Nigeria, he also handled Burkina Faso and Niger Republic. Rohr also had a stint with Gabon in 2017. He has now he quality to handle the Black Stars.

“Gernot achieved FIFA World Cup qualification with Nigeria in 2018 and is keen on guiding Ghana to the 2022 edition. Ghana has big name players like Andre Ayew, Thomas Partey, Daniel Amartey amongst others who are hungry to play at the FIFA World Cup and Gernot can help turn that dream into a reality.”

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  • Fidelis 4 months ago


  • Jojo Okyere 4 months ago

    It’s all speculation. We don’t need an expatriate. We are already discussing with Kwesi Appiah a local coach.

    • Razak 4 months ago

      I hate to say this but if Ghana hire Gernot Rohr it is going to be bad news for Nigeria from what I have seen Equavoen is not a good coach if he was Nigeria would have defeated Tunisia it is not your birth right to go to the World Cup 2024 we will see who will be crying after 90 minutes good luck to the best team of the day.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 4 months ago

    All you wicked Rohr Haters and shameless SD Jones Impersonators, listen to me carefully as I shall say this only once, you all are losers, eat shit. You sacked a world class coach only to hand him over to our worst enemy Ghana. You shall all regret the day you made NFF sack Rohr. We cannot stand Rohr Haters. You are spineless, you are all weak. Once Ghana signs Rohr, kiss your world cup tickets goodbye, you wasted lot.

    • SD Special Delivery Jones 4 months ago

      @FAKE SD Special Delivery Jones


    • Tooshdee 4 months ago

      World class coach?

    • 1416inno 4 months ago

      This person is Rhors family member or countrymen. This person is not an African man.It is not a news to hire and fire a coach. It is done everywhere in the entire world. Then, why Nigeria situation becomes a news of hatred.

  • Eguavouen go and face Rohr but I know we are out of World cup Rohr is better than Eguavouen my people

    • Macimo 4 months ago

      Foot ball is more than let’s go and play to entertain fans.A true champion is a product of technicalities and hard work.The NFF is aware that Nigerians loves football so much,so please give them a foreign technical adviser.Period

    • Edoman 4 months ago

      Rohr with Ghana, Nigeria people, just give up. This is what karma is all about. The law of nature will teach you haters a lesson. Oga Rohr left us at 34 in FIFA rankings, let’s see where Nigeria shall be in FIFA ranking in a year’s time. Woe befalls the Haters of Rohr in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Yeye Rohr Lovers Let us see now.. You people should support Ghana frm now on when they appoint your basket Coach.. Thank God Now I know Nigeria will definitely beat Ghana, And mind you Cameroon is our Biggest Rivals not Nonsense Ghana. SMH!!!!

    • 1416inno 4 months ago

      Those that support Rhor are not Nigerians but his family members and countrymen. These individuals are profiting from that job. Note, some of Rohr’s assistance and advisors are his countrymen. They also lost the incomes. These are the people chatting here.

    • Aioli 4 months ago

      How there you call Ghana nonsense,you bunch of criminals known every where in the world,come and see how it your criminal brothers are rushing to acquire Ghana passport

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Ghana we Dash you. Eguavoen will never loose to Rohr and Ghana I can put my bet. E go make sense!!!

  • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

    DeSTAR 7 hours ago

    Rohr Nig Ltd fans, what are you waiting for , this is a great opportunity for you now to recommend your super coach Oga Rohr , in case if Ghana football federations we’re blind to Rohr’s 6 years directionless reign with SE.

    Please, recommend Oga Rohr to Ghana FA , he may be lucky if Ghana football federations could be as daft and corrupt as Amaju Fraud-Pinnick not to have bothered to check Rohr’s abysmal awful records in the last 3 Afrcan countries he handled , where he was booted out in all the countries, with the longest being a 2 years without patience to accommodate Rohr’s mediocrity , until his business partner brought him to be the longest SE coach ever ;

    Now that Ghana job is vacant, with the great job Rohr did in Nigeria; now is to get his reward and recognition as he would be expected to be hot cake in the market now
    Hahahahaha…..Ngwa, Chairman CEO Liars United, there you have it. Ndi “If Rohr were to be a good coach, he should be linked to another job by now”…there you all have it. Can we say same about our own guadiolas who cant get any jobs unless NFF pities them…? Please someone should tell us when our guadiolas will start getting “linked” to jobs outside the confines of the NFF.

    If Rohr were still to be desirous of coaching at international level, he has enough in his credentials to get a job anywhere on this continent. Niger republic’s best AFCON performance till date was under his tutelage. They have not returned to the AFCON ever since. Gabon’s best ever AFCON performance till date was under him. They only are just about to equal it in this AFCON. His performance with Nigeria needs no introduction…he didn’t last 6 years by not qualifying for tournaments or not managing to even reach qfinals of Ordinary AFCON. Within a month of his dismissal we are already being booted out of AFCON by assistant coaches who have no profile despite lining up our National Football Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director, 4 ex-internationals and a PhD holder in our technical crew…….LMAOOooo

    If Rohr were still to be desirous of coaching at international level, he has enough in his credentials to get a job anywhere on this continent. Nigeria would have dodged a massive bullet if Ghana ends up not hiring this results-oriented and results-guaranteed man ahead of the finals WC Playoffs. If anything else isn’t sure, him not losing away here in Nigeria is a bankable guarantee……LMAOOoooo.

    I look forward to the day when our guadiolas will start getting “linked” to jobs outside the confines of the NFF.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      Be deceiving yourself, go to the said page and see how they’re mocking Rohr, continue deceiving yourself that Rohr accomplished gold medals with Nigeria.

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        Hahahaha…at least Rohr did not get booted out of ordinary AFCON before Qfinals….LMAOooo. Nobody is deceiving anybody, if there is anything that is false about Rohr’s records, point them out. He might not be a FIFA A-lister but he sure knew how to approach each task assigned to him.

        And lest I forget, he was never humiliated by a B team or assistant coach of any country…..LMAOooo.

        Him even being linked to the Ghana job is enough vindication….LMAOoooo. or why is Oliseh or Eguavoen not the one being linked to the Ghana job….? Why is Amunike or Amokachi not the ones being linked to the vacant Ghana Job…? Are they not all guadiolas who have the credentials to coach Nigeria anymore…? I thought Eguaveon came back home with best coach of group stage trophy for you guys….LMAOoooo…and has since stepped down as SE coach. Why is he not being linked….LMAOOooo.

        Please tell us, when will your guadiolas start getting linked with jobs outside the ones NFF handout to them…?

        Rohr’s tactics is rigid, Rohr’s tactics is outdated, Rohr’s tactics are Ăłutre” at least it got us to the threshold of an AFCON after back to back misses, got us results when we needed them and even produced to scorers back-to-back-to-back. Hope you enjoyed being kicked out of AFCON by the assistant coach of a B team with the 3 decade old tactics that reduced our strikers to headless chickens…..LMAOooo

        Once again If you like go and be “expressing yourselves” against Ghana too…..LMAOoooo…you will sit down in your parlour and watch other teams at the WC the way you are watching AFCON now…..LMAOOoo

        • Sun tzu 4 months ago

          Look at this mad man.Why you no go Germany to go suck his dick while you’re at it. So because this man got fired we should not move? Wonders shall never end.

    • Edoman 4 months ago

      dr drey. you nailed yet again. You are the reason why so many many folks are still hanging around this place, l tell you.

  • Ghanaians are always composed in defense against Nigeria…. Coupled with Rohr’s game approach of blocking every loopholes in midfield, this makes it more tougher than we expected.

    If our boys with Eguavoen in charge can’t score against a weak and depleted Tunisia defense, can’t even register a single shot on target for over 45min, is it against our Long time rival in Ghana they’ll be able to score?.

    Home sweet home…. No place like home brothers, I can’t close my eyes and see this happening….

    No matter what the enemy has done by damaging our hope of being crown 2021 AFCON champions WHICH WE WERE DESTINED FOR, I’m still rooted for my sweet home naija.
    As such, pls let’s join our hrts together and pray against Rohr being appointed as black stars of Ghana’ coach.

    If u fail to do this, you’ll be very surprised to see the unthinkable coming to reality.

    It was in this forum I begged and pleaded for prayers to be made so we don’t face Tunisia in round 16 but we played aloof, some fellows suggested that Tunisia is the best for us saying “bring them and our boys will tear them apart”…. as I’m talking to you now the rest is nothing but just an history.

    Let’s pray against this move Ghana is making else the unthinkable is coming our way if Eguavoen continues.

    Forget about that naija spirit of “e nor fit happen”…. Let’s do the needful now else…

    Rohr knows our boys intoto, he knows their strength, he knows how he can clip them to become toothless just like that unknown Tunisian assistant did during the afcon.

    Remember, it’s the same set of boys we’re going to use, and if care isn’t taken the same coach with one technic “wing play”….

    Except a new manager comes in and dispatch Rohr in that game, with Eguavoen or any other local coach, it’ll take a miracle for SE to overcome Ghana.

    This is the second time I’m making a similar statement like this but i pray its doesn’t happen just like the Tunisian game.

    Let’s do the needful now and escape the doom awaiting this talented lads.

    Ndi TIKI TAKA….


    *****S H A L O M*****

  • Look at this useless Rohr Lovers Ghanaian’s In disguise I hope when Nigeria And Eguavoen Knock out Ghana una go follow Black Stars and Rohr and create una own Complete sports Ghana. yeye people. I am Nigerian first before I am any Coach that coaches Nigeria. You see it. the Die hards stick with their team and the wannabees will always follow mediocrity thank god I really hope Ghana appoints rohr so his lovers will follow him to Ghana Ndi Rohr! Ghana and Rohr Must Go!… Super Eagles Carry Go we will conquer Ghana in March whether yeye Rohr and his lovers like or not.

  • mumu Rohr Lovers @MONKEY POST, @DR Drey, @UBFE, @SD Special Delivery Jones.. See ehn when Nigeria Knock Ghana out in March abeg make una kuku Follow Ghana comot form here. BIKO!!!!!!!!!

    • Edoman 4 months ago

      Were you not the one shouting about those schoolboy prayers? where are we today. you even insulted me about Awoniyi, with your outmoded views in here, you have broken so many hearts by the poor showings of those who you recommended here. Please, think seriously before you post. Try your best to be civilize in your language to other Nigerians like you.

  • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

    Hahahaha…You will conquer Ghana the way you conquered Tunisia’s team B led by their assistant coahc right….LMAOOoo.

    It’s like y’all still thinking WCQ playoffs is AFCON group stage……LMAOOoooo. That was how you were ranting here before AFCON kicked off like a Pitbull on heat about ‘any coach winning the AFCON in 2 weeks with the calibre of players we have’ until a nameless assistant humiliated you and your 9 wise (or is it lazy and tactically bereft) men and took yáll back to the dustbins of 1982……LMAOoo.

    Dont bath with petrol they wouldnt listen, when they eventually get burnt they will turn to cry babies and start accusing you of praying for them to get burnt as if there was supposed to be any other repercussion apart from getting burnt…..LMAoooo

    May our arrogance not kill us eventually. Ghana are already pulling all stops towards the upcoming confrontation, psychologically, spiritually, materially etc….y’all are still here looking for more paint to paint Rohr black……LMAOooo….and still contemplating whether you should stick to you Mr (no)nonsense 94-sqaud-442 youtube technical director or getting a more tacticaly astute and result-oriented coach….LMAOooo.

    If you like go and be “expressĂŻng yourselves” against Ghana too……LMAOoooo

    • Jason 4 months ago

      This is one don pass arrogance. This is now sheer stupidity.

      A coach that built your team from ground up, from the very scratch, Coached the team for close to 6 years, Knows every single player, know all of their abilities and weaknesses could coach your eternal rival & foe against same team.
      And your brain can’t work enough to tell you that that is a lot of odds stacked up against you. I weak for una matter.

      Pride and entitlement might be the reason we haven’t achieved any better than we did in 94. Even though we have been poised to do so every era from then.

  • Eagles might just miss the world cup with that one style of play. Algeria clipped your wings under Rohr, Now it’s Tunisia. Abeg make we get better coach

  • Is rohr Nigeria? I wonder why the ghost of rohr is still hurting some people. Or was he giving them bribe when he was here. I can’t understand why any Nigerian will be die hard fan of a clueless white man who has been sacked. I just wonder. Some even want Nigeria to fail at afcon!!!

    I can’t understand I. I tire. Please rohr has gone away, let’s move on. Westehof bonfree Jo wen away, heaven did not fall. Eguavon is also leaving heaven is not going to fall.

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    Hahahahah I can’t wait mehn… I said it here like a prophecy and now is about to happen.. Eguavon supporters just pray it doesn’t pull through. LMFAO!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Whichever Coach that will lead us will not loose to Ghana, we can save the Date and talkless.

  • Dr Banks 4 months ago

    News from Owngoal has it that Eguavoen has been given the go-ahead to continues coaching Super Eagles for the WCQ against Ghana, and will be handed a 2 year contract if he qualifies for Qatar.

    Amaju Pinnick is truly daft and clueless, they attributed the loss to Tunisia B team as nothing but only attributed to the Red card.

    Nigeria we hail thee!!!

    • Edoman 4 months ago

      Until this Amaju runs the Nigeria Super Eagle down to where it was before Aga Rohr came on board, he will not give up. NFF does not just know what they are doing. Ago Rohr vs Eguavon, who will win and go to World Cup? Let’s bet. Yeye people.

  • Sean T 4 months ago

    You people should spare Eguaveon because he lost a match doesn’t make him a Bad coach. Though it is painfull to exit the tournament prematurely but have you guys forgotten that even big teams at some point get eliminated out of a tournament by inferior teams. Does that mean Coaches of those teams are bad ? The Eagles were just unlucky in the match not that we perform woefully. The Referee also contributed to our lost with his bias officiating. He denied us a clear penalty, issue out a harsh red card when the Eagles is about to turn the game around which really destabilize the team at some point. Mind you Eagles were playing under pressure at that point at the same trying to equalize. It’s not as easy as some fans always see it. Though we can blame Eguaveon from not changing formation immediately after 1st half when he had known that the wing play won’t be effective in that match.

    But yet the team play well, created chances but unable to convert no thanks to inexperience and lack of good finishing from the strikers. So are you going to blame coach for their wastefulness in front of goal? Only if Osimhen, Dessers and Dennis were with the team, this wouldn’t have happen

    Have you all forgotten your Almighty Algerian team you’re shouting up and down. Where are they now ? Abeg fans relax.

    As for me that Tunisian team are not better than the Eagles with the squad we have and i believe if the Eagles get to meet them again, Tunisia go chop am even una Almighty Senegal that are not convincing in the ongoing tournament.

    Morroco and Cameroon are the only top/big team performing well. The rest are struggling so because we got eliminated doesn’t make us a bad team or the coach bad.

    Have you guys come to think of it. If AFCON change WC Qualifying match to the format of the South Americans like League. SE go beat the hell out of some teams you guys are over rating

  • Sean T 4 months ago

    To complete my contribution. Rhor is not good enough for SE is as simple as that. You hsi follower should pray he bag another coaching job and go support him. Pls stop ranting about Mr. RHOR at any given opportunity. If Rhor were the one that lead the Eagles to AFCON who knows if we will be eliminated from the group stage like Algeria. In the end he will come out with excuses like no small teams in Africa again, we miss Osimhen, ighalo, Balogun and Shehu.

    I’m sure we will lose to Egypt if he was the Coach and will say SE don’t have players in Liverpool, Madrid, Bayern. Chelsea & Man City.

    He should go to team like Burundi so he can make up all excuses he want. That’s where he belong not with quality team like SE. Cuz the squad depth self dey convince the old man

  • DeSTAR 4 months ago

    To the Rohr’s United Nig Ltd Fans @ Dr Drey in particular, go and mark this day ( my prayer for you and Rohr is to get Ghana job honestly so as to put the debate of who is better coach between the clueless Rohr and Eguafon to rest )

    I can bet it, it is only a blind foreign supporter like you that would believe Rohr’s team would beat Eguafon team ; in all ramifications Eguafon is far better than your so called super coach Oga Rohr a.k.a Belmadi’s trainee.

    Only a corrupt football federations would allowed Rohr to come near their technical bench ( please , go and check my previous comment last week regards Ghanaian football federations as good medalist in corruption and that was why the so called white coach ( Nigerian version of Rohr) buried Ghana team in the Afcon coming last without winning single game; that could have been the outcome of Rohr’s team , had it been his business partner Amaju Fraud-Pinnick did not acted fast ).

    When I watched Ghana team foreign coach interview in Afcon; no one need to tell me that Black is finished with corruption and low self esteem; you can imagined in this century Ghanaian football federations employed foreign coach that can’t communicate in English, not even a sentence ; they have no engaged an interpreter for the coach during the interview session

    It was that day , I concluded that black man African man in particular are not only finished , cursed but the Ghanaian football federations would beat Amaju Fraud-Punnick to gold medal in corruption

    With many decades of Oga Rohr’s coaching career, where he has never won tea cup , just like Eguafon; but on record as today Eguafon’s record is far better , and insult to even compare the two .

    Rohr with 2 solid years of preparation, with uninterrupted salary plus fantastic condition of service, was bundled out in Afcon semifinals by an Algeria local coach Belmadi and ended up wining ordinary bronze and then was directed to proceed on training because of his primary school coaching errors committed in two tournaments ;

    Eguafon with unpaid accumulated salaries with shorter periods also won Afcon bronze.

    Now compare their achievement, Eguafon in less than one week while other countries (including Tunisia have years to prepare their team , went for Arab tournament; were beaten severally and even in Afcon to have learnt their mistakes ) ; completely turned the team into awesome SE , where the likes of Mosses was not only revelation, but also in the Afcon 1st eleven , SE contributed as much as 4 players ; with Eguafon bagging the overall best coach in the first round.

    Not forgetting that Eguafon was not even given unpaid promised of ordinary 20 percent of Rohr, let alone entitlement of Oga Rohr awufu money ; which was the major reason he wasted his time on the retired Igahalo who was obviously not needed for football reasons , particularly his complete flop in his last game against Cape Verde before his business partner Rohr removed him ; and had it been Osimeh was not available for that match ; we wouldn’t have been talking of WC next round against Ghana.

    Now talk of bad officiating and conspiracy against SE where one of the great performer players Nacho was given yellow card to unsettle him , and the underserved straight red card with the mediocre goalkeeping from the N01 goalkeeper inherited from the clueless Rohr in his almost 6 years sojourn in Nigeria.

    Eguafon who is not our best local coach is far far ahead technically , he is miles apart ( Oga Rohr is white business man that knows the witness of average black man mentality ( inferiority complex and corruption) ; remove the two factors ; no sane football federations would have engaged Rohr as assistant let alone a substantive coach ; going by his shameful records in his past 3 countries with abysmal score cards as shameful as 13% .

    Ghana please give us Rohr so that your football that has been killed by his fellow quack coach , would be finally buried by the clueless Rohr , and then easy ride to our darling SE.

    • Sean T 4 months ago

      @DeStar tell them ooo my brother.

    • Douglas john ufuoma 4 months ago

      It is like you have sold your shame in the market and forgot to collect the money, so you can shameless compare someone who have never qualify Nigeria for any major tournament with someone who have qualified the team with one and two games to spare respectively. You compare a coach who cannot read and change his game plan to someone who can easily change his tactics if the opponent has harked the first one. You compare someone that loss to a common assistant coach whose name nobody knew and to a depleted team to someone who has never loss to an assistant coach. Oga get small shame

      • Edoman 4 months ago

        Let’s wait for their answer to those critical questions you rightly posed them. Oga Rohr vs Eguaevon. Ghana vs Nigeria. We shall see soon.

  • DeSTAR 4 months ago

    @Dr Drey , mark my words; no sane Football federation in Africa would employed Belmadi’s 5 years trainee (Oga Rohr) ; and even no insane football federations in Europe would allowed Rohr to near their U13 feeders team as assistant coach let alone being assistant coach to the main team .

    Oga Rohr’s calling is not football coach; take it Oga Rohr is finished; he has been exposed in Europe as quack mechanic with coaching not his calling ( that accounted for his cup less carrier and I can bet it with anything; before he will quit finally when he must have come to realization that coaching is not meant for him ; ordinary tea cup Oga Rohr would not have it in his cabinet; please take it to bank ) .

    Ghana ,please help us, give us Oga Rohr so as to get goodies that made him to be dismissed in Garbon , Niger and Burkinafaso plus 6 years waste in Nigeria induced by corrupt Amaju Fraud-Piunick

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      @DeStar, am really ashamed of you for your write up above, it’s an epistle with no substance but ramblings. Use your head well before typing rubbish.

      How can you be in support of failure? Eguavoen failed woefully but you are here making excuses for him. Tell me, is the target given to Eguavoen simply to win all group stages? Or is it that he should play fancy football against poor teams such as Sudan and Guinea-Bissau? Even Egypt is known to be a one man team with Salah, so winning Egypt is the Altimate goal for the Almighty Super Eagles?

      Talk about the red card, what did SE do in the first half with the full complements of 11 players? No shot on goal is the statistics in the first half.

      Guys you have to be real and accept that no indigenous coach have the wherewithal to successfully coach SE at this point in time. It all starts from organizational acumen, then paying attention to details, effective selections of players, tactical acumen in training, scouti g of opposition and knowing their weaknesses and strengths, plotting strategies to overcome opposition after studying their video analysis. Non if all these was done by Eguavoen hence the loss to a depleted Tunisian team B coaches by an unknown assistant.

      And you guys are here supporting failure against what you called mediocrity Rohr. To be frank with you I am not an addent supporter of Rohr in personal capacity, I supported Rohr based on his achievements with SE, he has excelled in every task given him by his employer so far and so doesn’t deserve a sack at the time they did. Playing fancy football doesn’t win you a tournament but a rigid football with purposefulness will take you to the promise land.

      But don’t worry I understand the Nigerian mentality, I studied Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria and believed then that we had an excellent training but when I left the shores of Nigeria to the whiteman’s land I realized that what we learnt is rubbish and had to double up to align myself with the current teachings in a normal world and here I am rubbing shoulders with the top in my fields.

      Good luck to you all with your Boko-haram and Banditory way of doing g things in that God forsaking land of false milk and honey

      Eguavoen will tale you guys to the World cup in Qatar and you shall witness another horrible WC campaign under your tin God Ogunefon

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

        Hahahaha! Dr Banks he doesn’t even have an iota of trust in the same Eguavoen that he’s comparing to Rohr. He’s only fooling himself around trying to make excuses for failure. Lmao!! Belmadi trainee won bronze in his only AFCON attempt after failure of their Guardiolas of back to back AFCONS misses. This same AFCON they turned into a disaster he qualified them for it. He was gallivanting all over the place like an ostracized ostrich that Rohr can never be linked with a job with Djibouti. Now almighty Ghana is linked to have him. He said he can’t get a job with the German U13 Lmao!! How gullible?? Please remind him what federation Rohr was working with before he got the SuperEagles job??

        They were here always praying for the SuperEagles to lose under Rohr just to justify their delusional claims of getting him sacked and they said they’re SuperEagles fans. Lmao!! At the end of the day their Egudiola could only win the best coach of the group stage trophy and got knocked out in the round of 16 of ordinary AFCON. Lmao!! Taking our football back to the purgatory of 1982.

        You better that Ghana don’t have Rohr on their technical bench against Eguavoen. You will be watching the WorldCup on your TV just like you’re watching the rest of the AFCON on your TV now after been bundled out by a depleted Tunisia team and an unknown assistant coach. Lmao!! Enjoy your underachievement.

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 months ago

      if you dont have shame pls consider your family you are disgracing, how can you compare somebody who loss to a team coach in semi-final to someone who lose to an unknown assistant coach with a depleted team. fear God

  • Dapsy 4 months ago

    While I agree that Eguavoen is not the best coach for SE, we must also remember that he won bronze in his first AFCON appearance (2006). That was a tournament for which he had plenty of time to prepare his team. Rhor had previously competed in two AFCONs before winning bronze with Nigeria.Hiring a foreign coach less than two months before a crucial world cup decider is not a wise decision. Let us try to encourage our own, even if we believe he isn’t doing well enough.After all, other big teams such as Algeria, CIV, and Mali have also been eliminated from the AFCON.Bemaldi, the 2019 hero, did not win a single match in AFCON 2021!

  • William d conqueror 4 months ago

    Like @Iwunze says “let us fail with our own” shikena! All you rohr United can port to Ghana if you like.

    • MOTION 4 months ago

      If it was rorh Nigeria would have losed to either Guinea or Sudan