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Pinnick Confirms Rohr, NFF Agreement On New Contract

Pinnick Confirms Rohr, NFF Agreement On New Contract

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick, has announced that the body have reached an agreement with Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr over a new contract, reports Completesports.com.

Discussions over a new deal have been going on since 2019 with problems arising after the NFF insisted that Rohr spend more time in Nigeria.

Rohr will now remain in charge of the Super Eagles for the next two years.

The 66-year-old contract was due to run out next month.

“I’m happy to announce that the @thenff and Coach Gernot Rohr have concluded all contractual discussions and he will stay on as Coach of the Super Eagles. We have always had confidence in his abilities and we are confident that the national team can only go higher from here,”Pinnick wrote on Twitter handle.

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“We can now focus on qualifying for the World Cup and winning the Nations Cup. In truth, these are sacrosanct and Coach Rohr is aware of these conditions. Like the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development has rightly noted; we are uncompromising in these goals.

“The board of the Federation & I are totally in agreement with the minister on the goals for the team and it is unwavering.

“In the same vein, I would like to thank our sponsors, especially @aiteogrp. AITEO’s support for our football is unquantifiable, even in these difficult times and I cannot stress enough, how much of a rock they have been.

“With the distraction of the contract talks out of the way now, we can now face our football on the pitch, totally. Again, I never lost confidence in Gernot Rohr’s ability to take our football forward and I’m convinced our football will only get better from here on.”

Rohr was appointed Super Eagles head coach in 2016 and qualified the three-time African champions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

He also led the team to a third place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Dennis 1 year ago

    This is music to my ears. This man has done well and we all can see that we are heading in the right direction. No fighting in camp, even the ‘big boys’ arrive early when invitation is given out compared to other times. We’ve risen from 70th position to 30th in the world. We’ve got goal poachers who are young in the mold of oshimen, dessers who are doing well for their clubs
    Our players are regulars in top sides and players are called on merit not someone playing in Latvia 2nd division strolling to our team.
    I won’t be surprised if odegbami is rushed to ICU today

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Can you leave Odegbami out of this? Lets Focus on the next agenda instead of promoting the bad energy and blood.

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        @chima samuels, he can’t be left out of this. He should be ashamed of himself. He has just sold his reputation for a penny. He fully deserves whatever reference made to him.

        • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

          The reality of life is not everybody will see Six to be 6 as some will see it as 9 depending on the mindset and angle they’re looking at it from. Like I said before NFF knows what the outcome will be and it’s been taken. So make we just leave Mr Segun Odegbami and move on…..

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            How can a so called elder be seeing 6 as 9????? Is that not foolishness?? Why is he then an elder who should show the younger generation the right way to go based on experience??? My brother, if that man had his way, i swear the super eagles wouldn’t have come out of the mess he would have plunged us into in the next 10yrs or more. To hell with this “forgive and forget attitude ” of Nigerians. That man is evil!

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    Everybody gather here let me tell you something. High blood pressure is about to kill some people…lol Gernot Rohr to continue as SE for another two and halve years!!!

  • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

    Thank you Jesus!

    Please wherever you are, say a word of prayer for SEGUN ODEGBAMI and his CSN fans, most especially latest recruit on CSN @ade. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys in this troubling time. May God see you through. HBP will be far away from our Legendary Segun Odegbami. Please you can turn a new live this day and join the progressive team. You are always welcome.

    Forward ever! Backward never!
    If GR should meet the conditions we desire. Win AFCON and get us to at least QF at the World Cup, NFF abeg make una sama am another 4 years!
    A day of joy it really is for me. Congratulations #SuperEagles

    • Another moron in the house, sometimes i figure out with the nigerian mentality some people have, they find it difficult to comprehend simple english

      • Must you insult everybody? Don’t you have home training? No courtesy at all

        • no i don’t maybe you can come teach me how, ogbeni go look for something negative to do

          • @Ade, off course, am not jobless like you, mind you if you attain 1% of my positive life, your brain won’t be upside down like this.

      • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

        Ahhhahhh..lol. I knew you will surely come barking like the dog you seem to be. Welcome Bingo!

        Am still waiting for your Uncle Odegbami to come up with his long Epistles tomorrow after reading this titled “How I nearly died the moment I saw Pinnick’s tweet”..lol
        #StaySafe bro

        • Oponu oshi, yes we waiting for his write up, at least he is a patriotic Nigeria, not some mumu like you who is blind by lies. Lets see whats next, we will still be here

  • sammy 1 year ago

    I love dis. the coach hav try so much.i think dis tym SE wil go far alot

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Congratulations to Mr. Rohr. At the same time, I congratulate Oga Rohr fans. I have no problem with the coach if NFF get him two of the ex players to crown his efforts.

    But without that, I’m sorry for Oga Pinnck and Nigerian football. The gaffer is not doing bad but to move forward like never before, he needs help.

    Yobo can not do it all with the coach.
    Enyeama and Ikeme should also replace Mr. Agu if we want to see the best of our young goalkeepers. I’m so happy for you Mr. Rohr.

    For you to convinced me again like when you for started, you have to improve in all aspects of the game. I love you and your fans.

    Apart from their abusive words, “epe kabiti and epe kankan” lol, we are one. They really good at that lol. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol…… Suddenly, u turn around and say he’s not done badly. Shuuuuu!!! but u were the one pushing for him to be replaced with amunike, finidi, oliseh. The first came out and said he’s not interested in the job that mr rohr is “doing a good job”, u went silent like a church rat and shifted to finidi. When that one’s profile was dissected and layed bare for all to see how sorry and empty of a profile he has that wouldve guaranteed him a spot to coach the eagles, u ran away like a hungry hyna with your tail in between your miserable legs. U came back again like Satan to back a man that left the eagles at the middle of nowhere and ran away like a crazy idiot that had a legion of demons in him, when his lies and false allegations where busted here on csn with facts and figures, u disappeared like a ghost only to be hovering around like a vampire bat. You and your group are so shameless, u know. Just keep your complements to youself, rohr doesn’t need them, u hear or better still, your quarter master (odegbami) needs it the most now that he’s in intensive care with high bp..

      • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

        Hehehehehe…. between NEPA and Omo9ja, trust me, you can hardly tell which is more stable. LMAO.
        Just like Nigerian pastors and prophets,he is adept at speaking from both sides of the mouth so that anywhere the tide blows, he can always say “I said it..!” Just the way he has claimed ownership of the discovery of every good player that stars for the SE today…..Lolz.

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Lol…that guy Na criminal

        • Godsown 1 year ago

          Dr drey, pls don’t insult Pastors and Prophet, I like your views, but you must have restraints,Pastors and Prophets didn’t offend you.

        • Omo9ja 1 year ago

          Dr. Drey, Oakfield and the rest of the cabals club then but now turned to the progressive club of Nigeria limited should listen to me please.

          I have never said Oga Rohr is bad rather, I said he is manageable.

          It is a big shame that you failed to understand that having a team like the Super Eagles and the caliber of players like ours, we deserved better than what we are getting from coach Rohr. It is very simple to understand now.

          For me, if Oga Rohr can not go beyond this level, it is better to help him with ex players so that we can balance things up.

          Oga Rohr have not improved and learned from his lessons after the world cup in Russia and in Egypt respectively.

          The same problem keep repeating itself and we also saw that in Egypt. And you guys are painting white to black here.

          Come on my people. We really have to be honest with ourselves.

          It is so sad none of our local coaches enjoyed coaching the Eagles but i can say coach Rohr is enjoying is service with the NFF compear to that of our indigenous coaches. I am not saying Oga is fully enjoying his relationship with the NFF but if our local coaches can get this opportunity the German has been getting from the NFF, chai we shouldn’t have bn thinking or talking of Oga Rohr at this moment. Still, with the players we are have, we struggled whenever we play with the strong opponents.

          Madagascar and the last team Eagles played against in Afcon qualifiers shows and tells a lot about the manager.

          For these reasons, NFF must be very careful. Getting Oga Rohr Yobo without strengthen the goalkeeping department is a joke.

          We saw what Akpeyi caused us at the last year Afcon and for Coach Agu still in charge of the team till today shows that NFF and coach Rohr are not capable to take the team to the promised land but thank God, we have the sports minister that understand the situation of our sports than Oga Rohr, his fans and NFF.

          Hmm. My advice to
          Oakfield, Drey and their progressive society is quite simple.

          Can you all hire a person to run your business within the period of three and half years and you are expecting good profit from the person upon all the support you are offering to the person and in the end, the profit you are getting is below the standard of your company.

          What can you do if you realized that the person in charge of your business is good but the qualities your business requires the person doesn’t have it. What would you do to strengthen your business?

          I am here to orientate you. I just have to educate you people because we have to learn good things from each other and we don’t know it all.

          However, I have said this before now that I can’t be on CSN every day. Not I’m afraid or something but whenever I’m available, yes I will come on board.

          One thing is guaranteed. I will never stop telling you guys the truth and NFF. Saying the truth is my daily bread.

          This is why I love section 419 of my constitution a lot. If you can not face the truth then you join those that using their voices to take their country back from our oppressors. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            See who wants to teach someone about business…LMAO.
            Have you ever heard of the 6 stages of business growth..??
            What other kind of good profit are you expecting apart from the one we are experiencing now from a company that was run into a state of bankruptcy, company properties looted, qualified staff sacked and replaced with street urchins by your indigenous managers.

            What support is Rohr getting that your indigenous coaches did not get…? Or was it Rohr that prevented them from qualifying for ordinary afcon…?

            When your indigenous coaches start meeting the targets given to them by their employers, when they start having win ratios of 60% and above and start giving us a solid team, without quarreling with star players and using the SE as their personal provision kiosk, they will also enjoy the longevity Rohr is enjoying.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    It is the fair and right thing to do. You don’t sack someone who is doing their job well. Who has met and even surpassed every target that was set for him.
    Rohr haters, regressives in the house, please don’t swallow otapiapia. Leave the transformer alone. Don’t hug it, please. Rohr will continue where he left off, and hopefully we will be much better for it.
    Anybody that has high BP because of Rohr’s deserved contract extension, doctors can prescribe meds to help them. They don’t even need to go to the ICU. ICU right now should be left mainly for COVID-19 patients. Yes, celebration time for the progressives. To all my progressive comrades, I troway salute!

    • Edoman 1 year ago

      Thank God, l am one the progressives. We are happy for it. Nigeria football will move forward with coach Rohr leading the way. Odegbami is not a legend. That was why he could not get to play abroad because he tended to dribble with himself to please the fans at that time. Anyway, the Nation is better off with Rohr and the NFF Admin for the wonderful fashion the way they are running the affairs of football. Kudos to Oga Pinnick for a good job he is doing for the Nation.

  • larry 1 year ago

    Nice one Nff!
    Glad to know that you have inserted the condition of winning the next afcon (I think reaching the final is fair) and qualifying for the next world cup.
    To great minds like @De star, Stan, Ade, Omo nails, and others, congratulations to you guys. It is my hope that GR re-evaluates himself and work more on his weakness like winning crucial matches, improving the GK department by getting Rufai or Carl to assist him and also adding Alapamsu and Osigwe to the mix
    Sharpening the attack by adding Olayinka, Ejuke and Sadiq to the mix.
    Boosting the morale and Self confidence of the team by desisting from the “my young team narrative” Yobo will help on this.
    I wish GR the best of luck winning next Afcon and retaining his job.
    I will be happy if GR wins next Afcon because its gonna be win-win situation. Perhaps winning the Afcon will enhance GR’s trophhy-less career.

    • Edoguy 1 year ago

      Where did you see that clause please. do you mind sharing the link

  • Michael 1 year ago

    You guys should read this apt analysis of Rohr’s reign so far with figures. This man has done incredibly well with the Eagles.https://thesupersub.com/gernot-rohr-the-numbers/

    • Patrator 1 year ago

      God bless you brother man!
      Rohr has done well no doubt and we really do hope he can achieve greater feats with SE by God’s grace.
      The info in this link remind me of the issue that concerns Iwobi, most of we SE fans (Including myself) do over critize that dude which I think it’s like we’re being too hard on him. Despite his “inconsistencies” like we claim, Iwobi has really been pivotal in 85-90% (if not all) of our attacking moves. He’s not perfect and no one is, but he’s really giving his best to the national team and I think he deserves more commendation than criticism and even if we must criticize him, it should be constructive and not the one to demoralize him. This as well applies to other team members, we shouldn’t expect too much from these guys, they are humans too.

      Sorry to have deviated from the subject matter.

      Congratulations to Rohr and we his supot

    • Patrator 1 year ago

      God bless you brother man!
      Rohr has done well no doubt and we really do hope he can achieve greater feats with SE by God’s grace.
      The info in this link remind me of the issue that concerns Iwobi, most of we SE fans (Including myself) do over critize that dude which I think it’s like we’re being too hard on him. Despite his “inconsistencies” like we claim, Iwobi has really been pivotal in 85-90% (if not all) of our attacking moves. He’s not perfect and no one is, but he’s really giving his best to the national team and I think he deserves more commendation than criticism and even if we must criticize him, it should be constructive and not the one to demoralize him. This as well applies to other team members, we shouldn’t expect too much from these guys, they are humans too.

      Sorry to have deviated from the subject matter.

      Congratulations to Rohr and we his supporters

  • tayo 1 year ago

    @larry look at yourself.Are those players mentioned aboved will make him to win the next afcon. That is why some of you can not do any better if you happen to be in Rohr shoe. Those players should be invited at the expense of who in the team presently? Abi can we have more than 23 players in a team?. Pls always think very well before rushing to CSN portal to comment rubbish. I wish Rohr can leave and bring your world class coach, so that our eyes can clear. Enemy of progress mtchhhhhhew…

  • Emmyboy 1 year ago

    Congratulations oga rohr

  • Prince 1 year ago

    Goodnews to the Super Eagles of Nigeria !!
    Let the Flight and Soaring to the top commence !!!

    NFF did well by listening to the voice of positivity and wisdom !
    Gernot Rohr is a patience man and I sincerely salute his undefined desire and passion to work for us irrespective of the negative sticks some deluded persons have hyped on him !
    This man has earned my love, support and prayers !!!

    I spoke to a couple of SE current regulars and both of them couldn’t hide their joy after hearing the news that their gaffer has agree to sign a new deal.
    From their discussion, you could feel the positivity and signs of a huge expectations of greatness in the future !!

    God bless the positive patriotic fans of the Super Eagles for voicing their thoughts and for standing for what is true and better for us.

    Please let extend the same to the Falcons and the other national teams.
    Let’s extend our voices to the other sports that once made our nation great but currently rotting, dying and declining in the hands of mediocres!

    Stay safe and stay well, dear all.
    I hail ooo 

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    We can be rest assured many are changing jobs/ biz, after this announcement. No more business as usual for another 2.5 years? Rassss…lolzz. God bless Rohr. Good always triumph over evil.

  • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

    Congratulations Mr Genort Rohr!!!!  We always wish you well even though there are so many loopholes that needs to be fix in the team.

    We the true progressive Super Eagles Fans will always provide good advice that can improve the team, only that you should always listen to us, if someone tells you otherwise the person doesn’t love you, always remember that nobody knows it all.

    Those who always sing your praises are not your true fans because they bring nothing to the table, they’re hypocrites.

    The task of winning the next AFCON and qualifying for the world cup is not an easy one,that means no mistakes because we have other good teams in Africa with the same aim.

    Once again I say big congrats!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      He doesn’t need your compliments, just go shove it up your as… You people are just sick, very sick.

    • Sean 1 year ago

      Hmmm…@goal, “those who always sing your praise are not your true friend” So those who keep asking for Rohr to be sacked and replace by a naija coach in the name of Truth are the best friend? Una Weldon

      • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

        If you have been reading all the comments here you would have seen many good suggestions from patriotic Super Eagles fans , this advices and criticism does mean the person hates Rohr but he wants massive improvement.

  • Toni 1 year ago

    Bravo, Pinnick have shown that he is capable of independent thought and evaluation. Also big up for our amiable minister. He has proven his independence as well .I was beginning to get worried over the ‘BP man’ influence over him.It is a win win for us all on this matter.

    I have watched again our matches at Russia 2018 without tension and emotions and believe me we played very well in all 3 matches.Çroatia have more quality and experience in midfield, that is why they won.Argentina scored that late goal because Victor Moses did not track back to close down Marcos Rojo.He was roundly blamed in the dressing room ,that was why he quit the team in annoyance.

    Watch the Ukraine match and see and who would have ever thought that the Brazilian senior national team,complete with all their stars can only force us to a draw.

    Mane have acknowledged the revolution going on in the National team of Nigeria.Suddenly our players are being sought for by Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Napoli, Juventus and other top teams.Before now, we play friendly games with the likes of Bolivia, Venezuela and other second rated european teams but now we play Brazil, Ukraine, Germany was in the works before the corona virus stalled everything and yet some folks said the man did not try and should be replaced by ‘ex internationals?

    Something is really wrong with us.

    • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

      Felt like reading this piece over and over again. Thanks @Toni. Mehn! See depth in this write-up. That Victor Moses part..I agree with you Hundred percent and now I understand the reason for his absurd quitting. All the best to him. Soldier Go, Soldier Come..Barrack remains. Do we not boast of enough stars in both the RB/RWB and Attack today?? If it was Super Eagles under those Indigenous coaches, am sure we’ll still be begging V.Moses to return today. God bless Gernot Rohr

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Wonderful news. I knew his contract would be renewed bcs mr he has done incredibly well and deserves another slot. It’s only a wicked idiot and a sadist that will not appreciate or acknowledge this glaring fact. It’s so glaring that you can’t hide or cover it. Congratulations to you, mr Rohr. Now, finish up the job which u started in grand style. They have given you what appears to be a tall target but like always, you shall meet it with style to the shame of your enemies, You shall make it look so ordinary. No doubt, all the things that happened prior to the signing of a new deal has exposed a lot of things and a lot of wicked people who are so jealous of your achievements and the sanity and stability which you have brought to the eagles over a very short period of time. It’s no longer biz as usual where the eagles was used as a marketing agency which in the long run sent a lot of people to their early graves as they could not cope with the incessant heartbreaks due to endless streaks of disappointing results. Now u know your enemies. notable amongst them is the ex cricket international (segun odegbami) who has sold his reputation for a penny. He has shown the up coming younger generation and the world the kinda of wicked and stupid elder he is with his evil antics and publications just to tarnish another man’s reputation and eventually take us back to Egypt. You should bury ur head in shame, mr odegbami! You are a big disappointment to millions of people (dead or alive) who once saw u as a beacon of light but never knew u were an agent of darkness. While every other ex international (kanu, okocha, ikepba, utaka, olifinjana et al) were throwing their weight behind a man who has performed creditably well with outstanding records to show for it and for continuity, you and your cohorts were busy planning for his downfall but forgot that there was a God who always fought for whoever that keeps his hands clean. It is a shame, a big shame u have lost the battle. you have done an irredeemable damage to your below par reputation that a lot held in high esteem only to discover that it was just over hyped. Shameless idiot! I guess by now u must be getting the signs of stroke as a result increased high bp, May God have mercy upon you. We have fought that battle and las las, victory is ours. Now is the time to put our acts together and work asvidiously towards achieving greater feats than achieved before. It can only get better. Congratulations once again, Oga rohr. Whatever task given to you is achievable. Just keep ur head up as usual and never u waiver in your faith in the most high, beyond the sky is your limit!

  • congrates mr. Rohr
    take a look at this line up

  • Xhuxhu 1 year ago

    I wish to congratulate Mr Rohr on the renewal of his contract. In all honesty, the Super Eagles have moved a step further from the days of Flavour, Oshaniwa Juwon and the rest being shoved down our throat. Back in those Kickoffnigeria days, we spoke against what we perceived as not so transparent trends in player selections, these caused our lot amongst footballing nations to nose dive abysmally. Now, you can comfortably predict based on current form, the super eagles call up list. I also wish to emphasize that it is not uhuru for GR, there are alot of work to be done, especially with the Goalkeeping section of the team, the other sections just need a little technical and tactical input, hence i suggest that Alloy Agu should be excused out of this new set up and be replaced by Enyeama/ Rufai, already having yobo, i think we should add Finidi George to the set up to help the attackers. This is my humble suggestion.

  • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

    Another lies-busting piece from the renowned and highly intelligent young man SOLACE CHUKWU. As I always say….fact, figures and stats don’t lie. Those loosers who wanted Rohr sacked ab initio, cooking up all sorts of lies they have not and can never verify…LMAO, have now started changing mouth after their 4/5=95% failure to achieve their aim of sacking Rohr and replacing him with fake guadiolas. They have suddenly turned to “True friends”, “Lovers”, “Advisors”, “Destructive…sorry…Constructive” critics and “Progressive Regressives”. They are now gratifying themselves with “we forced NFF to retain his current wages and pay him in naira” in May 2020 of a contract that was already designed and been in the news since December 2019….LMAO

    I know most of them are mentally lazy and would rather not click any links that will bust their lies, so I have copied the contents of the link above for them to read so they will not be charged extra costs for the data they always gather coins to buy after 4 days…LMAO.

    Oya…Ndi ‘Iwobi is a useless player’
    Ndi ‘Rohr is a defensive coach’
    Ndi ‘Rohr’s team has no pattern’
    Ndi ‘Rohr’s team has no build up play’
    ….and the rest of their “fake-hatred-borne-critisms”. Pls read the research by SOLACE CHUKWU which confirms the position of some of us on this forum and come up with your own facts and figures to tackle them and back up your own fake claims.
    @DEO did an excellent job to shove your lies down your throats with that beautiful piece of research which chronicled Rohr’s substitution patterns and forever destroyed the lies that Rohr’s subs are always late and ineffective.
    Solace Chuwku has gone a step further by killing as much as 5 or more birds with one stone with his painstaking piece of digging and fact finding.

    Ndi “we love Rohr and ‘ALWAYS’ give him ‘good advice'”….but cook up lies against him and are first to raise fingers to vote for his sack…..make Una read Solace Chuwku report o…! LMAO
    The latest reports indicate that Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr has received an offer from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for an extension to his contract. This new deal, one might presume, would take the German through to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

    Peel back the layers of claim and counter-claim, and what is abundantly clear is that the 66-year-old is on the right track with the national team. There has been some impatience regarding the pace of progress, as well as some “misgivings” about his technical expertise, but while both concerns are justifiable to some degree, ROHR HAS MORE THAN EARNED THE RIGHT TO CONTINUE.

    One stick that has been used to beat him is the absence of discernible patterns to his side’s overall play. While that is OBVIOUSLY INACCURATE, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the numbers, as a means of understanding his work so far.

    For this purpose, the focus will be on competitive matches and official friendlies.

    While the consensus is that the Super Eagles under Gernot Rohr has largely thrived in counterattacking situations, the number do not necessarily support this conclusion.

    Of the 55 goals scored, only nine have been scored at the end of counter-attacking situations i.e. goals scored within 10 seconds of regaining possession. While some of them – the sweeping move that led to Bryan Idowu’s goal against Argentina in 2017, Ahmed Musa bringing down Victor Moses’ cross and slamming high into the net, and Victor Osimhen’s delicate dink in the 4-2 defeat of Lesotho, for instance – all stand out clearly in the memory, goals of that construction have actually only made up a small fraction. (THIS EFFECTIVELY BURIES THE LIE THAT ROHR IS DEFENSIVE)

    There have been a surprising number of goals featuring sustained build-up in possession, as well as careful knitting together of play in attack. Thirty of 55 have come in this fashion; as early as Rohr’s second game in charge, Kelechi Iheanacho put Nigeria two goals ahead following some very intricate link-up play in the final third against Zambia in Ndola. Alex Iwobi’s winner in the reverse fixture, which qualified Nigeria for the 2018 World Cup, came at the end of an uninterrupted 14-pass move, and saw the ball worked from one flank to the other.

    There were 17 passes leading up to Odion Ighalo’s shot off the upright at Wembley, from which Alex Iwobi halved the deficit against England. An 11-pass attack, starting from a throw-in on half-way, culminated in Samuel Chukwueze’s opening goal at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt. Not quite peak Barcelona, but by no means shabby. (THIS EFFECTIVELY BURIES THE LIES THAT SE UNDER ROHR DOESNT HAVE PATTERN OF PLAY OR INTRICATE BUILD-UP PLAY)

    In terms of timing, there is a pretty even split between first and second-half goals (25-30). However, it gets interesting when you get more exact with the distribution.

    goal distribution under gernot rohr
    The most obvious takeaway from this is that the Super Eagles have typically been most dangerous between the 31st and 75th minutes. In fact, within this time frame, they will occasionally blitz the opposition: a 10-minute spell either side of half-time turned a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 lead against Argentina, another 10-minute show of force won the World Cup qualifier in Zambia, and three second-half minutes was all it took to score twice and eliminate Cameroon at the AFCON. (THIS ALONGSIDE DEO’S REVELATIONS WHICH SHOWS ROHR’S 1ST 2 SUBS MOSTLY COME BEFORE THE 75MIN, EFFECTIVELY BURIES ANOTHER LIE THAT HIS SUBS ARE ALWAYS LATE AND INEFFECTIVE AND THAT HE LACKS TACTICS OR TACTICAL FLEXIBILITY EVEN IN IN-GAME SITUATIONS)

    Also noteworthy is a tendency for Rohr’s charges to feel their way into a game attacking-wise; as is clear from the chart, it is not a foible that has been exploited to any great degree, fortunately for them.

    Assist zones and types
    Figuring out what zone of the pitch the Super Eagles play the final pass from can help pinpoint biases in attacking play. It works the other way as well: we can decipher areas of weakness defensively by considering where the assists have made by the opponent. Of course, this is not the most refined measure possible, but it is interesting nonetheless.

    Right (incl. half-space) 12 10

    Central 12 4

    Left (incl. half- space) 14 4

    While assists are pretty evenly split between zones for Nigeria, there appears to be a right-sided focus by the opposition (i.e. Nigeria’s left-back zone). This might be explained by the relative instability in that position under Rohr; Elderson Echiejile, Ola Aina, Bryan Idowu, Tyronne Ebuehi and Jamilu Collins have all at some point played there.

    In terms of the types of assist, there is a preference for cut-backs and square balls to provide finishing opportunities. This makes sense, and follows what some might consider best practice in chance creation in modern football; crosses are considered inefficient and so, especially considering the towering Paul Onuachu has mostly only featured as a substitute, only four assists have come via crosses into the box. (BUT SOME PEOPLE WILL CLAIM WE LACK PATTERN, ROHR IS OLD SCHOOL, HE LACKS KNOWLEDGE OF MODERN GAME)

    Set-piece 4 3
    Cross 3 4
    Through ball 10 2
    Cut-back/Square ball 14 7
    Long ball/pass 2 1
    Flick/header 4 3


    Key personnel
    To address the elephant in the room right away: over the last four years, there has been a definite reliance on Odion Ighalo for goals. The Manchester United man leads in the scoring stakes with 13 under Rohr, and is also the only national team player to have scored a hat-trick under the German. His haul accounts for 23% of the total of 55; you might be surprised, however, to discover the next highest scorer. (BUT THEY WILL TELL US IGHALO IS USELESS…..THE SAME USELESS IGHALO IS NOW A TUG OF WAR BETWEEN ALMIGHTY MANCHESTER UNITED AND HIS PARENT CLUB. IGHALO MUST BE TRULY USELESS INDEED …LMAO)

    goal scorers under gernot rohr
    Iwobi has quietly gone about making himself integral to the team, and it is a surprise that he is often the target of intense criticism. Notably, he does not take penalties, unlike Ighalo, whose total is propped up by four of them. It is also interesting how the Everton man features in most of the lengthy passing sequences touched upon earlier: either scoring himself or being involved in the build-up.

    Even in terms of assists, Iwobi shows up very well, although the clear standout in this category is a certain Ahmed Musa, whose tally of seven is unmatched. Moses Simon’s corner-kick delivery also does wonders for him in this category.

    assists under gernot rohr

    Fighting back
    Rohr has not made a habit of trailing at half-time – in the 33 games under review, he has either been ahead or level at the break in 25. Which is just as well, because the Super Eagles have a quite poor record when it comes to turning around half-time losing situations.

    outcomes following half-time scenarios under gernot rohr
    On only two occasions has Nigeria managed to overturn a half-time deficit: in the 4-2 and 3-2 wins over Argentina and Cameroon respectively.

    The good news, however, is that when they have been ahead in the first period, they have so far not lost, and have only failed twice to convert that half-time advantage into victory. Both those incidents occurred in late 2019: against Ukraine (2-2) and Brazil (1-1).


    SOLACE CHUWKU a brilliant, articulate, thorough bred and wellrespected Journalist for world acclaimed Goal.com has OBJECTIVELY AND FACTUALLY re-echoed the sentiments of a couple of us on this forum with this brilliant piece. People wey deserved-praise-singing dey always pepper them for body…ngwanu over to you…give us facts and stats to prove all your lies and false claims just to undermine Rohr’s hard work and progress with the SE are valid.

    Later if dem go talk, dem go say “he has not done anything our local coaches have not been able to do”….but what they will never say is that none of their local coaches ever inherited the worst SE since the 50s….none inherited a super eagles ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa. Were were rated that low only in the 50s and 60s when even qualification for AFCON was a task and countries like Dahomey or Upper Volta will beat us home or away….lmao. They want to compare someone (the local coaches) who wrote an exam with all the formulas for all the questions provided and multiple choice answers with one (Rohr) who is writing same exam but without formulas provided, nor are the answers multiple choice answers but still getting almost the same results. Imagine what he will get if those where given.

    Progressive Regressives….over to Una o….since Solace Chuwku has also joined the band wagon of praise-singers…..make una provide verifiable facts and figures to back up Una “constructive-criticisms” as Una don turn to Julius Berger Construction Company Limited PLC Incorporated International…..LMAO

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Gbam!! @drey. U did very well by pasting that guy’s article here for them to read bcs most of them fit no get “data” to click and read the link. Lol…facts and figures don’t lie. Even when they came up with their own game plan after seeing that they couldn’t just sack him just like that, he (rohr) beat them to their own game and put them in confusion. Most them came out and shamefully declared themselves “foolish” people and eventually had high bps… Lol… This is always the case when you fight against someone who has kept his hands clean. Even if he doesn’t fight back, karma and other forces of nature will.

      • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

        Hehehehehe….don’t mind all of them.

        Special thanks to the Hon. Minister for nailing the coffin of their evil plans for good…LMAO. Hon. Dare is the MVP of this whole saga. NFF immediately came to their senses within one week of the minister speaking after dancing around aimlessly for 6months over a contract that shouldn’t even be in the news in the first place.

        The part I loved most was that sucker punch dressing down he gave NFF telling them our players are being coached by big coaches in their clubs, hence they can’t employ anything less than the quality the players get in their various clubs…”WE DONT WANT A PLAYER THAT IS SOUNDER THAN THE COACH”…. apparently refering to their 100cap fashionista they forced on us under the guise of “developing” coaches for Nigeria.

        I don’t know when it became the prerogative of NFF to drag players out of retirement and foist coaching jobs on them.
        John Utaka has just joined the crew of his former club Montpellier as an assistant 1st team coach and U19 coach as he works his way up UEFA A and Pro Licence Badges. Tosin Dosunmu has also been recently employed as youth coach for his former club G.Beerschot in Belgium 1st div….these are both exinternationals who played in the SE alongside Yobo. A young 24 year old Nigerian too who isn’t even and exinternational was recently employed in a Polish league club too. Serious people who are not waiting on NFF to develop them…..but the beloved son in whom NFF is well pleased is made Assistant Coach of the SE with only 100caps on his CV…and people whom we thought should know better can come in public to defend such brazen calamity just because of a pot of porridge….LMAO.

        God never abandons the just. Hon.Dare is indeed God sent…I quote him again…”All I WANT IS A COACH THAT HIS COMPETENT, I DONT CARE HIS NAME(/NATIONALITY/COLOUR), BUT DOES HE HAVE THE CREDENTIALS…???”

        Those are the golden nuggets which some of us have re-echoed here again and again as against proponents of promoting their own “fake products”

  • KING 1 year ago


    @DR DREY….

  • Chux 1 year ago

    This is really a good news.GR has done well.Looking forward to good football and greater accomplishments with the SE.