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Rohr: Super Eagles Not The Best Team In Africa

Rohr: Super Eagles Not The Best Team In Africa

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr admits his team is not the best in Africa, despite penning a new deal which expects him to win the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Rohr will remain in charge of the three-time African champions for the next two-and-a-half-year after ageering terms on a new contract with the Nigeria Football Federation.

The German tactician has also been mandated to qualify the team to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The former Gabon and Niger coach believes winning the AFCON 2021 title will be difficult, though not impossible.

“When you go to a tournament it is to win it,” Rohr told BBC Sport.

“We finished third in the last one, and everybody wants to progress. But we know also that it is very difficult to win this tournament because we are not number one in Africa.

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“But it is good to have these milestones and ambition.”

The 66-year-old also stated that he is prepared for the task ahead meet the targets set for him by the NFF.

“My contract all the time is a risk because it is finished when we are eliminated from a competition – whether the Afcon or World Cup,” he explained.

“I took the risk already when I arrived, and it is still the same. But I am very optimistic, because now we have a team which is playing good football and I have confidence in my players.”

Rohr, who was appointed Super Eagles head coach in August 2016 guided the team to a third-place finish at the 2019 AFCON in Egypt.

He also helped the country qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia with the team failing to get past the first round.

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  • Joel Chidi 4 years ago

    Team retrogressive, team @omo9ja, team anti GR, team “lack of confidence, food is served. Oya start your usual wailing. Laughing in Swahili

    • Paschal 4 years ago

      Hahahaha joel chidi you really cracked me up with laughter. “Food is served” indeed for people like omo9ja and his cohorts. He is a very funny clown indeed. Let us wait to entertain oureelves with their empty wailings hahahaha.

  • Nigeria Bebeto 4 years ago

    I do not see lack of confidence here… I see a man who is optimistic and who loves challenges even though he acknowledge the enormous tasks before him, we are not the not number one team in Africa is obvious so going to the Afcon to win it… Is not an easy task but it is very possible.. He knows he can do it that is why he accepted the contract and the conditions so to me he is very confident of himself and his prayers.. Please lets give this man the support he needs… I believe all this while he was building a new team calling his team young.. If you notice he does not use that word young team anymore, now is to expect result and I am very sure with the team he has assembled he will deliever

    • Don’t stress yourself Rohr is so smart he need to label the team that so that others will underrate us and we hit them with a surprise package and also it will help position the minds of a players not to get ahead or feel the have arrived already. Its all mind games his playing

  • Kingston 4 years ago

    This man don start again,this is what I don’t like about him and his late substitutions, if he can improve on this things,he will do very well.I just wonder how his players will feel when he says things like this.if not I like this coach.

    • Godsown 4 years ago

      Senegal, cote de voir, Algeria have better players in Europe than Nigeria, its called being realistic.

      • SeanT 4 years ago

        When Algeria won the last AFCON. Were they number 1 ? This Rohr is just a weakling and lack confidence in his ability. Let’s be honest his technical proficiency to read games and make right substitution is below par. But with the pool of talents he have at his disposal now let’s hope that can save his ass. Because those players are committed and are ready to play for him.

        • @SeanT…I will advise you to go back and watch all our games without no pressure and come back to make corrections here. It has been proven time without numbers here that all those accusations of yours about Rohr are false.who assembled the so called pool of Talents in the first place. We might share the same name but not the same View.

          • Edoguy 4 years ago

            I like Rohr, but I dont think Rohr makes any tactical substitutions. Against Algeria and Argentina, he could not make the right substitutions. He makes only like for like for substitutions.

      • Phynum 4 years ago

        Tell them please!

        • Please Mr Rohr, don’t call akpeyi to the eagles again. He is now a south African thanks.

      • God will bless you. What we have are average players alot of our guys here don’t watch football, we don’t even have any player in any of the top Europeans team like madrid and etc all we have are average. Senegal, Algeria and Morocco have players in top clubs while our are players are all scared of new challenges in top club and the few once that could have gone to a top club all have overinflated price tag on thier head. Forgetting that africa will never give a villareal or lille player african best ahead of a Man city or liverpool player if you like score all the goals in this world it won’t change anything becos your simply not marketable let continue to advice our players to go for top teams, if not we will still remain average. That’s why Rohr has been advising them to play in top 5 league or join top club if not nothing will change we will still remain average even in african. Let musa and shehu retires immediately if the are scared of going to Europe top league. Enough of this average unmarketable players in super eagle can you believe that are most top players plays in Leicester city not even a top 7 big club in england talk more Europe.

      • Adeyemi 4 years ago

        You mean they are better? Lets compare our first 11 to their first 11. Lets do the analysis before you conclude that they are better than our.

  • Dapsy 4 years ago

    Rohr is just being realistic here! Take it or leave it, Senegal, Algeria and even CIV have top players that ply their trades in top European clubs.
    Let’s wait and see how he manoeuvres around the current mandate.

  • The SE was ranked 9th in Africa when Keshi won the Afcon 2013. Ranking is irrelevant when it comes to winning. In fact Algeria was ranked 12th in Africa when the team won last year’s afcon. So what has ranking got to do with winning?

    • In July 2019 Algeria were ranked 4th in Africa not 12th and they are a team that have been rapidly improving in the rankings from 13th the year before (July 2018).

      It’s not just about rankings at the time but form and movement in the rankings over time. The higher one goe places in the rankings, the harder it is to climb.
      In that same year time frame, Nigeria went from 6th to 3rd, passing Morocco, Cameroon and Congo, having just passed Egypt earlier in the year.

      It’ll be hard for any team to climb above the top 4 of Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria or Algeria, but I believe Nigeria will climb above Tunisia to second once the AFCON and world cup qualifiers are played. 13 points separates us from Tunisia in second as well as us from Algeria in 4th

      Crucially we have a slightly better draw than both countries, maximum points will see us leapfrog Tunisia

  • dis coach don start again oo. he has started again.
    these are the reasons why we dont friend him.
    make una warn ham bfor i vex o

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago


    I want to partially agree with you on the fact that Rohr is just been realistic, more so, cautious.

    But I would not agree that Senegal,Algeria and Ivory coast have better players than Nigeria. That’s totally incorrect.

    I think it would be fair to state that we all have diverse set of quality playing round the world; it is a stretch to say the trio countries have better players than the Super Eagles.

    Algeria though has good players most of their players aren’t causing a stir in the transfer market like the Super Eagles players right now.
    In fact how many are really integral part of their clubs which are mostly mid table teams.
    They basically only got Mahrez,Bennacer doing well at the clubside. The rest are not that bigger than what we have in the Super Eagles. Slimani is basically an average player compared to Osimhen.
    Feghouli has lost momentum in Galastaray where Onyekuru is even more respected. Brahimi is now in Qatar.
    I think the strength of Algeria is in their team work rather than better players.

    As for Senegal, it is all about Mane,Gueye and Coulibaly ( the trio can as well
    Be compared to Osimhen,Ndidi, Ajayi in terms of play this season).
    Apart from these trio ,who else? The rest are basically in similar level as the boys in the Super Eagles if not lower. Sarr in Watford comes closest but he blows hot and cold and not even up to Dennis’ standard.

    And Ivory coast shouldn’t even be mentioned ;they simply aren’t as good as Nigeria right now.
    Their best are Pepe ,Zaha ,Kessie, Cornet and Aurier. And we all know how their play has been this season. Intermittent at its best. Hot and cold. Though he could be very good; Boga is still thinking were to place his mind at in relations to international football.

    I just think Rohr is been wary and smart , not trying to be too cocky but still optimistic.
    The statement,”..But I am very optimistic because we have a team playing good football and I have confidence in my players.”
    Tells the whole story about his belief.
    It shows he trust in the players he has right now and putting that out there can only give more confidence to the players.

    • @Mr Hush. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      1. Some people only read but they don’t have the capacity to read well. Nothing is bad with what Rohr said. It’s normal for a coach to be humble.

      2. Thanks for that analysis of the player strength between nigeria, Algeria and Senegal. I hope that was good education for those who write the lies about the players of these countries.

  • Abdul 4 years ago

    Okay, i think i dont like the way he presented it here too. I may agree that Senegal and Algeria have better players in european leagues (as you guys pointed out), but their teams weren’t in any way better than what we had at that tournament. No way! They didn’t play better football than us. Yea, you can say we were knocked out by Algeria, but with my experience in football, if Algeria had not scored that late goal, that game was completely an open game for both of us, and it could have gone anybody’s way. Or would you tell me senegal played anything spectacular in that final? of course i would disagree with that.
    Mr. Rohr, you could questions without having to say we are not the best in Africa. Moreover, many of these questions are not directly about who’s best in Africa, so i personally dont know why you always have to wound up your answers aound that. Too much of anything raises lots of questions (in this context) and i guess you would have to take a chill. Other than that, i’m so happy your contract has been renewed and i can’t wait to withness the new growth in our football.

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago


      Agree with you.

      I am not much of a shrink but profiling Rohr, he comes out like a timid man who is wary about his own ability and afraid to fail. So he comes out cautious,sometimes too cautious for one’s liking.
      I do understand it is only wise to be humble and cautious but too much of humility can be read as inferiority and fear. We don’t want that with the Eagles.

      But I am one not putting too much on words rather I go for action and results.
      So for this,I can give Rohr a pass until results speaks otherwise.

      • Ernest Alum 4 years ago

        Lets give him this chance. Most Nigerians don’t like building a team. They like instant result but this msn have improved our national team from last few years experience. Remember the case of Wester Holf.

        • Adeyemi 4 years ago

          4 years is a enough time to build a team. We should be reaping the benefit right now. When GEJ didn’t perform the first time, didn’t we throw him out? Rohr have had his chance. Now, its time to reap the benefit of his labors. Winning AFCON should be next mandate. If not, ROhr can go.

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    So far so good the only comments that I found spot on is from my good friend @Mr Hush. It’s always good reading from you bro, you are always  objective in your analysis  unlike many hypocrites we have here.

    It’s good to be humble but too much of everything is bad!
    No team in Africa is as sharp as our current team, the current Super Eagles can score against any team in the world right now.

    Our current defense is more solid than two years ago.

    So why being afraid?
    Oga Rohr abeg work on how you talk please.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “….No team in Africa is as sharp as our current team….”

      Hahahahaha…..but it is the same you that will come here and lie to us that “Senegal DOMINATED Brazil, while we begged for a draw”, just because you wanted to denigrate Rohr…..LMAO. Now “no team in Africa is as sharp as the SE” because another opportunity has come to undermine and denigrate Rohr…..watch this space…another opportunity will come for you to denigrate him and you will swing again like a pendulum to “This Super Eagles is our worst SE ever”..Lolz

      No team in Africa is as sharp as our SE…but Algeria has scored 11 goals and conceeded 1, in 5 matches, winning 4 and drawing 1 since winning AFCON…..Senegal has scored 7 conceding 2 in 3 matches winning 2 and drawing 1 against Brazil. We have scored 9 and conceded 6 in 4 matches, yet we are the sharpest in Africa….Lolz

      Weldone ehn…..LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


    • Mr Hush 4 years ago


      I appreciate….

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    So what happened to him saying “But I am very optimistic because we have a team playing good football and I have confidence in my players.” Even going further to say that he accepts the challenge because he knows the current players in the SuperEagles can deliver that mandate.

    So you now believe that the current SuperEagles can score against any team in the world right now? LMAO!!! Is this coming from you? That our current defense is more solid than two years ago?? What else do you want him to say?? That he will defeat every African team that comes his way? That’s not the way it works bro. The same attack that can score against any team in the world was built by Rohr. That defense that is now sold than two years ago was built by him.

    SuperEagles are at worst always expected to reach the semi final of any AFCON they participate in since 1976. I think only 82 and 2008 was the only time we ever failed to reach the semis in 17 appearances since 76.

    Therefore, reaching the semis in Cameroon is not beyond this current SuperEagles under Rohr. For me as true fan I’m expecting a final appearance which is fair enough, but from the semis anything is possible. I just can’t wait to see these SuperEagles start achieving success and reach their potentials. It is there for every reasonable SuperEagles fans to see. A substantial team is been assembled in our own very eyes. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    This is nonesense and mr rohr canot continue with us like this, somebody must make this clear to him. Haba kilode? My question is how long does it takes to build a team? After four years why are the toughts of other international sports analyst regards to the eagles is totally defferent from that of rohrs? How did peakmilk presented the eagles to mr rohr from the firstday they met? Was the eagles presented to rohr as an upcoming artist? becos this constant downgrading of the supereagles by mr rohr is becoming inresponsible of him and its no longer acceptable. For christ sake if he is not cofidents enough to handle the team then he should simply resign and stop being a snake in the monkey shadow. Every football fans in the world knows the footballing strength of Nigeria exept rohr and is team. He will be the first to occestrate the weekness of his team to every opponents he his encountering. Wat i make of this is not any rubbish reality talk here its an anticipated excuses for possible future failure from a coach. Will he try this with even a european club? Wether big or small the fans will rip him of his duties immediately. Enough of this nonesense, despite brazil and argentina havnt won the worldcup for 18 and 34 years they still parade them self as world champions and step into any turnaments as favourites with high motivations undermining wat their european rivals are presenting. Does rohr think we are football kids or wat. Always relying on rankings as a hiding spot for failure. In as much as i am optimistic about the renewal of rohrs contract and i am hopefull for his team to bring us trophys, but not when he him self lacks self confidents in all roundification and ge is so i inresponsible for demonstrating that fact in every interview he gets. This is disrespectfull. We cant be suporting nonsense in the name of he is doing well, in europe your doing well can be over ruled by ur talking anyhow or your self inferiority display can cost u ur profession. I will not allow the eagles been abused and demoralised by its white gaffer. I CANT BREATH.

  • @ SeanT but did Algeria coach ever boasted before the nation cups that they will win?. What you don’t know is that the best team doesn’t win a competition most time. You hate truth, those who have been promising you heaven and earth what have they won for you. I knew once his enemy see the headline that is where they will start their attack but will never read between the line and understand what the man actually mean.

    • @tayo, actually the Algerian coach did mentioned about wining the tournament, that question was put to him by Colin Udoh of kickoff now with espn (pre Nigeria/Algeria semifinal – press talk). He asked the question in relation to Rohr saying Nigeria team is a young team and inexperience as regards to afcon. Belmadi was then asked if he is there to learn as he just took over from Rabah Madjer (less than year on the job). Belmadi simply replied that he came to win the tournament as you only have opportunities like this once a while to lead a team, so why not go for a win instead of waiting for another time. Mr Udoh also mentioned this on his Twitter handle.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    You shall know them through their actions.

    “Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr admits his team is not the best in Africa, despite penning a new deal which expects him to win the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

    We finished third in the last one, and everybody wants to progress. But we know also that it is very difficult to win this tournament because we are not number one in Africa”.

    So Mr. Rohr, only number one team can the trophy ?

    This is what NFF and Oga Rohr fans brought us to.

    Renald that won the Afcon title twice had never said anything like this about his teams.

    I have no confidence in coach Rohr though, that is why I keep saying ex players are needed to help Oga Rohr. Now you understand my analysis ba?

    If Siasia or any of our local coach handle this our Eagles team for us, I am very sure that we are going to see the difference between Mr. Rohr and our indigenous coach.

    His statement shows his capacity. I am not expecting too much from him and I will put the blame on NFF.

    If NFF have no confidence in ex players to be the head coach of the Eagles, the best coach for that position is Renald if he is available.

    The coach is hiding behind our players. Our players are the 1 doing the job not the coach.

    Oga Rohr have started his stuff again kai, customer da a da ni. It is a pity though.

    Yobo have a lot of work to do. I hope Yobo can build coach Rohr’s confidence. To face it, the German tactician have a solid team but he doesn’t believe in his team. He doesn’t know how to make his team to win tournaments.

    He can not come out to tell Nigerians that I want to win the next Afcon edition or to go beyond what he accomplished in Egypt but I am not seeing that happening from our Oga Rohr.

    Is that the same music we have bn listening to over the 3 years now and we are still going to be dancing to for the 2 and half years? Hmm… akoba gafara ooo.

    Chai, Mr. Amaju we are watching you o. Coach Rohr fans, same excuses ba? How market? Kai, Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria. It is well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “….If Siasia or any of our local coach handle this our Eagles team for us, I am very sure that we are going to see the difference between Mr. Rohr and our indigenous coach….”

      We’ve seen the difference long ago. We couldn’t even qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times and became the laughing stock of the african continent seated with seatbelt on at 70th in the world and 16th in africa. We really saw the difference. thank you for your recommendation but that ship has sailed long ago.

      Before It was Amrouche that was best for Eagles job, later it became Baxter…now it is Renhard….tomorrow it will be Leroy…next week it will be Westerhof…by end of this year it will be Kwesi Appiah. LMAO

      “…He can not come out to tell Nigerians that I want to win the next Afcon edition or to go beyond what he accomplished in Egypt …”
      “…When you go to a tournament it is to win it…”. Still the same one that said “….We finished third in the last one, and everybody wants to progress…” and also said “…it is good to have these milestones and ambition….” before wrapping it all up by saying “…I am very optimistic, because now we have a team which is playing good football and I have confidence in my players….”

      The erujeje wey you drink no gree yoy see well again….that’s why these quotes either didnt pass through your eyes into your brains or the C program in your brain is corrupt.

      • @drey..u forgot to add Dennerby..this guy no dey forget things..and those names were omo9ja favorites in the past

    • You have drink your kainkain again! I always warned you to desist from it, see what it’s has caused your brain now @omo9ja

  • I recall prior to winning the 2013 Afcon, Keshi’s singsong was something like (to paraphrase) “I have a young team,” “We’re building a team for the future” etc. You would think Keshi wasn’t thinking of the Afcon trophy.

    But was the Big Boss being timid and defeatist? No, Keshi has always been a smart, bold, confident and ambitious leader, both as a player and a coach. And very charismatic too with a large presence. You have to admire him for that. He knew what he was doing. He virtually assembled a new team with a good number of home-based player and went on to win the Afcon as a coach, 19 years after lifting it as the team captain.

    Can’t you see a pattern here with Rohr? The German accepted a new contract with high stakes. He must win Afcon 2021 and reach the QF of Qatar 2022. It’s win or bust for him. But he stuck his head in, willing to risk it all. Get knocked out in the next Afcon and he throws in the towel and the naysayers can finally have their way and coach. He fails to make history and take SE to the QF of Qatar 22 and he won’t bother to return with the team to Nigeria.

    So why take such a booby trap contract? Well, it’s cos Rohr knows the true potentials of the arsenal he has at his disposal and the incredible possibilities he can achieve with them when he brings his own skills and experience to bear.

    Is Nigeria the best team in Africa at the moment? I’ll say, yes. Rohr knows the current SE can beat any team in Africa but he won’t trumpet it so as not to draw undue attention, focus and analysis on his team. Or which of you is afraid of facing any African opposition at the moment? Even Algeria that knocked us out the last time will be lucky to get a draw on a good day. But let’s pretend with Rohr (like Keshi did in 2013) and agree “we are not the best team in Africa,” while we keep our eyes firmly on the goal. We have an Afcon to win next year and FIFA WC QF to play the following year. #I BELIEVE. LET’S GO THERE!!

  • greenturf 4 years ago

    I read in a different sports website that Rohr was given a mandate to win the next Afcon or risk losing his job.If that news is correct,i would say it’s unfair and cheeky to give such a huge target making him vulnerable,and threatened with sack is low and hideous from his employers to make someone nervous,panicky and desperate,this may not augur well for Nigeria after all.
    Apparently,winning a big tournament as huge as the African nations cup sometimes goes beyond having the best team in Africa because the best teams most times needs luck as well because you are going to come across very difficult opponents as you progress into the knockout stages.The likes of Cameroon,Ghana and Senegal three of which have the best records representing Africa at the global showpiece did not win the nations cup prior to the world cup yet they did Africa and their country proud.
    A realistic target for Rohr would have been to build a solid team to the next Afcon in Cameroon.Hopefully coming back home with the trophy and looking forward to a better world cup achievement in our history in Qatar.
    Meanwhile,i think Rohr knows his team is capable of going all the way in Cameroon but as an experienced football coach he knows better to show respect to other teams as well humility.Tournaments sometimes could finish badly even for a strong team,so it’s wise to be cautious,do what is necessary to prepare your team well and hoping it goes well,that’s it really.

    • @greenturf, that is not too much to ask if it’s true. Otto Gloria won after 3 yrs or less in charge, Westerhof about 4 yrs and Keshi 2 yrs. by the next year Rohr will be 5 yrs in charge, so winning should be his mandate especially with players at his disposal.

  • Edoman 4 years ago

    Be prepared solidly, Know your players, be careful, and keep your eyes on the ball. Real man don’t boast. Only cowards do.

  • daniel 4 years ago

    i dont know why Black men dont like truth, Nigeria is not the best team in Africa right now, our coach is a wise man

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    The same man that said “…We are not number one in Africa…” is the same one that said in the same interview “…When you go to a tournament it is to win it…”. Still the same one that said “….We finished third in the last one, and everybody wants to progress…” and also said “…it is good to have these milestones and ambition….” before wrapping it all up by saying “…I am very optimistic, because now we have a team which is playing good football and I have confidence in my players….”
    But some people are hell-bent on stirring up storms is a teacup and will only read what massages their hatred. Please where is the downgrading, timidity, exposing our weakness etc in the above statements.

    Nigerians mostly understand their football in the same way that they do their society: they are, as a default, used to dysfunction, denial of reality and vague promises which their political leaders (or Rulers) dole out to them in humongous quantities every 4 years…..We are the giant of Africa…..We are a very rich country…We have wealth in abundance…..whence the realities are miles opposite. Forgetting that there is a huge difference between revenue and profit. You only need to step out of the airplane at any of the ports of entry into the country to discover what scam you’ve just fallen into.

    Come to think of it…Are we the best team in Africa…? Has Rohr lied by saying we aren’t the best team in Africa at the moment…???
    Be it on the FIFA rankings, the AFCON placing or summation of the indices of the individuals that make up the current team, we aren’t the best in Africa AND THAT IS A FACT. We are not even the 2nd best. We just gate crashed top 3 in Africa on fifa rankings in the past year and qualified for AFCON since 2013 and we think the next thing for us now is to start bragging we own or rule africa…??? I thought the same critics said rohr has done nothing…? So where did this belief in the current SE suddenly come from in Rohr has done nothing…???? Could anyone boast like this when the draws for 2018 WC qualifiers were made and we were last seed and ended up with 3 powerhouses ahead of us in the group..?? Now we can raise our shoulders and boast but giving credit to the architect of this change in fortune his an abomination for progressive regressives.

    I dont wanna know wat gaddem indices anyone wants to use but Algeria are the current champions of Africa….they are the AFRICA’s BEST….QED. Any team that can defeat this current Senegalese team 2ce and this current Nigerian team in the same tournament without conceding a goal from open play while scoring 5 deserves to be AFRICAN CHAMPIONS AND AFRICA’s BEST…..I dont care if all their players are based in Kuwait. The next best team in africa now is Senegal…..Nigeria is the 3rd best in Africa at the moment shikena….! Kora (Albino) different from Oyinbo.

    Even man for man we are not as solid as the teranga lions. The 2019 AFCON team of the tournament had 5 Senegalese, 4 Algerians and only Ighalo representing Nigeria. CAF team of the year 2019 didnt even have 1 Nigerian in it….none of our players won any league or cup medal in their various clubs last season (ok…iwobi won europa silver with arsenal), and it doesnt look like many will win a league or cup medal this year (ok Akpeyi is on his way to winning the PSL in south africa while Dennis has won in Belgium by default)…so really….whats the reason to be arrogant…..???

    We are not there yet…and that’s a FACT, but we are on our way there…and that’s another FACT, so Nigerians need to calm down and not jump the gun. Maybe Rohr should just learn the “Nigerian Way” and take a cue from our politicians…..Brag to the highest heavens and fail in their promises….In the first place, that was how we dropped from an aspiring 1st world country in 1960 to 3rd world by 1990.

    • Sugar Daddy 4 years ago

      Dr Drey, you are really an enigma, thanks so much for this expository….you know exactly what the problems of our so-called fans are. You have explained in clear words or phrases the whole facts and I don’t think anyone else will do better.

    • @Dr Drey..thank you very much.
      @joel Chidi said “food is served” and they didn’t disappoint. People just love to talk negatively, so..out of all what Rohr said up there, we are not the best in Africa is what you people can quote and hang on to? Shame.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      The same man said this in yet another interview.


      But of course mouth must talk…if mouth nor talk….na nose go talk…?
      Tenant wey dey owe landlord nor dey use curry cook stew….make I carry my wahala dey go.

      • Dr Drey, indeed – Nigeria cannot lay claim to be the best team in Africa at the moment. I totally.

        Undoubtedly we are among the top 5 but the best? I don’t think so. Just my personal opinion without any scientific premise but backed up by your analysis above.


    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      @Dr Drey

      Every narrative should be understood base on context and not just on perception.
      A given sentence can be a paradox in the sense of it,saying two things at the same time,and when that happens,it tells of timidity,fear and worry. Such is the above statement made by Rohr. And precedence has always shown his statements have always followed such context; not one to instill confidence.

      I have always been a keen supporter of Gernot Rohr and still am,not for anything but for his work and result. He has done appreciable well for us and I am more than excited he was given the new contract to continue to manage us. BUT like all human, he has his down side. He never comes across has confident in his ability and it always shows in his interviews. Talking about risk and using “buts” isn’t really positive, it feels like a man planting excuses in case he fails. And that can bring about genuine worry from the fans.

      Yes.Nigerians are proud people. Have big dreams. What’s wrong in dreaming? You can always dream . There is nothing wrong in self belief. Every man needs a bit of pride.it shows you know your self worth and you respect that and believe in that.
      If today is bad,it doesn’t mean tomorrow can’t be good. Self belief comes from something concrete. And we do have something concrete to believe in. We got the goods to get things better. I don’t know about yesterday but you would agree with me, today, we got some measure of quality to get the job done. So why can’t we dream? Why can’t that be our reality?
      Yes. Algeria,Senegal,every other Africa country out there can be better but I don’t judge my ability base on others, our strength and sense of belief is drawn from within,knowing tactfully that we got what it takes to be better (if not better) than the rest. To be the best, you take out the best. The whole idea of Rohr been here is to get Nigeria to be the best. We have been that before, not so long ago and not once. Nigeria might be bad but Nigeria is not Togo or even Madagascar; certainly not now.
      And undermining our boys man to man to the Senegalese and Algerians is totally out of place, cause right now (2020 and looking forward is different from 2019) ,I dare say,man to man , we can go toe to toe with both. But I digress,cause I know it takes a team to win a cup not just a man.
      Besides, if we are to go by that man to man rhetoric, in the last world cup, I don’t think Croatia would play in the final compared to the likes of Brazil,Argentina (who they beat), Spain, Belgium, England etc.

      All said, Nigerians are not totally out of place needing their coach to give them that speech that would give them the confidence they need to look ahead. You would be surprise how far a speech could go to motivate, inspire and bring some much needed turn around.
      Nigerians aren’t overzealous to believe in the quality they see right now in their team. It is ok to believe in your own. It takes nothing from you. If that time comes and we dont win. We know we believed and we tried.

      And leave politics out of this.we all know our football world is the only one positive we have as a country, it is entirely different from what is out there in the political atmosphere. Our football is all we have left. So it does us right to keep believing and keep dreaming, we have done it before.we would do it again.

      • Bomboy 4 years ago

        @ Mr. Hush, thanks a lot! Your objectivity and balance gives me hope that that there are intelligent people among Nigerian fans. On behalf of other readers who are eager for intelligent and balanced commentary, I say a resounding thank you!

        As for me, I have decided that I wont be a source of negative energy to the coach and players. But that doesn’t blind me to the fact that our coach needs a double dose of self confidence, ambition and a winning mentality.

        He got us to the semi finals last time. Maybe he can go a step further this time around. He has my support and prayers.

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        That’s what we are talking about, nice one Mr Hush keep it up.

        I’ve decided not to spend much time arguing with all these Rohr’s fans.

        They are always bais in their analysis 

      • @Hush, I appreciate your comments, but why don’t we look at it from another angle. Media interview is entirely different from match pep talk, which we are not privy to, except the players and other officials. I believe pep talk is far more weighty than interview which is virtually open.

        Judging from the research article from SOLACE CHUCKWU, he made us to know that SE eagles has come from behind 55% times to win a match, the have hold on to half time lead in over 75% winning, only draw 4 matches that they are leading before half time. Does this say something about confidence instilling pep talk?

        Every major European coaches always diplomatically eulogies their opponents, not out of timidity but basically the “normal routine”

        We can only conclude on Rohr confidence or lack of it if we are opportune to listen to his team match day n training pep talk. But all indices, pointed otherwise, if truly he is not instilling confidence in the players, you n I would not be envisaging winning the next Afcon or reaching the quarter final of the world cup we have not even yet qualified for, but what gives that confident? It’s because we are sure of a solid team being put together by Rohr.

        So I believe he knows what is doing, it’s just a mind talk nothing more, but let’s jettison the idea that he doesn’t command confidence.
        He openly asked any player that wishes to don the green n white to get himself a club in Europe Top 5 and must be an integral part of his club. A coach with low confidence will not aspire to manage the best.

        • Mr Hush 4 years ago


          I do appreciate your understanding.
          And I do share in your point of view.
          I have written earlier that I am one for action and results rather than just talk. I believe results speaks louder than words. And Rohr has vividly produced the results.

          That said,I want to make it known that private team ‘pep’ talk is totally different from a press speech. The team talk is basically for the players but that speech is to the fans the team and sometimes, to your opponent.

          A speech could go a long way to boost morale and sometimes change the overall atmosphere (feeling). The mind set, demeanour of a team can be felt from such speeches and hence the fans know what to expect and draw confidence from it.
          You would want to agree with me that fans are part of the game.
          There is a reason kings, leaders, captains ,give a commanding speech before a battle; it is a rally cry and sometimes drives up that morale that a pep talk couldn’t really do and get the fans behind you.

          Well, Rohr’s speech doesn’t bother me, I have come to understand it is his nature to be wary and ‘picky’ with his narrative. It doesn’t change my support for his management. But I would not lie to myself that we aren’t good enough to win the Afcon or too cautious to the point I belittle myself saying Algeria and Senegal ( all the whole Africa) is better than us in terms of player to player. That’s too far a stretch to state. They are a clearly as good a team as we are but clearly not far better that we can’t come out and put our neck out there to say we can win the Afcon at their expense.
          I don’t base my assessment on theirs cause I am certain of mine and I believe mine can get the job done when the time comes. There is nothing wrong in believing. And I believe the Senegalese and Algerians share similar beliefs in themselves as well.
          Facts, they are both higher in ranking at this point,Algeria is Afcon champions,but I have watched football for so long to know rankings don’t really tell the whole story,especially when it comes to tournaments and Champions is momentary. Football is played in the present. Right now, we have far better quality to be confident and that’s the assurance most fans are banking on.

          For what’s worth, we remain patience and continue to support ..

          • Omo9ja 4 years ago

            @Mr Hush, God bless you more. See, I respect you more for what you said today.

            We have to be honest with ourselves on this platform and in Nigeria.

            I have nothing against Mr. Rohr in fact I love him and I appreciate his effort a lot but we are Nigeria for that matter.

            Nigeria is a huge country in Africa and we deserved something huge and excellent results from the coach.

            Mr. Rohr doesn’t know our value in football. That is the main problem.

            Mr. Rohr had a team to shocked Africa and the world but due to his belief, my team is young and not the best or number 1 team in Africa and not among the best globally caused us not to win last year Afcon and even failed in Russia.

            Oga Rohr have what it takes to win the next Afcon and even shock the world at the next world cup.

            But, the way he sounds in this interview shows the typical coach Rohr.

            None of our local coaches have sounded like this. I am not saying the manager should be boasting but he have to take the risk.

            Without doing that, is like Nigeria is going to waste another 2 and half years with the gaffer.

            But whenever I’m pointing this out, Oga Rohr fans believed i hate the coach but i would I? Am I not a human being? The German tactician deserves some respect. He just needed a little bit of help to carry the beyond this level.

            For us to move forward, we just need to ask ourselves a simple question.

            What is the purpose of having a team that we Nigerians believe that yes we have a solid team we can be proud of but the manager in charge of the team is not confident enough in this team?

            Instead, he would rather talked his team down in front of his opponents in the aim of putting pressure off his team?

            you won my heart for the first time Mr Hush. If you continue saying the truth this way, the clear picture of the gaffer and his goals would be more clearer to his fans.

            Like I said before, I will continue saying the truth no matter what because I love my country so much.

            God bless Nigerians. God bless Africa and the whole world. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Heheheheh @ Hush

        You’ve still not answered the question….” Did he lie when he said we aren’t the best in Africa currently…?” Buddy, You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you give yourself a honest answer to that question.

        All these ‘…he comes across as…’, ‘…he feels like…’ ‘…he sounds like…’, all mere perceptions which do not ultimately define a man. What you need to ask yourself is “…IS HE…???”

        This same “coward, self-defeatist, timid, non-inspirational, fearful” fellow needed an ‘X-FACTOR’ act from an ‘X-FACTOR’ caliber of player (which our team whom you want him to brag to the heavens of being the BEST in Africa does not have even as we speak) to deny him a place in the AFCON final a who knows the Trophy itself. Going by your decription of him, we shouldnt even have made it out of the group stage.

        You make a good example of Croatia getting to the WC finals….pls tell us how many times Zlatko Dalić ever came to the press to brag about having the BEST national team in the world…..na by bragg…? Why not let the talking be done on the pitch.

        Hell we not even halfway in the qualifiers yet and y’all expect him to be bragging of winning the next AFCON……that’s what is confidence to you…? That is what is inspirational to you…..that’s what is motivation to you….???

        So these comments;


        So those comments are not enough vote of confidence, or vote of ambition, or vote of desire, or vote of motivation….??? So tell us, what was he “very optimistic” about…? Finishing 3rd again, when his immediate sentences had words like WIN, PROGRESS, AMBITION in them…???

        Yea, I understand, we prefer those days when we will see CSN headlines like ” SUPER EAGLES VOW TO ROAST GUINEA ” ….” EAGLES PROMISE TO RAIN GOALS ON CONGO ” ” WE WILL SPILL BLOOD AGAINST EGYPT- Ahmed Musa declares “and then the next thing is we are going to book appointments with our cardiologists after getting knocked out of AFCON.

        The same coach who doesn’t appear to instill confidence, motivate, hype-to-the-heavens, and paint mirages for his players has led the same players to the highest ever number of victories per game than any other coach Nigeria has ever had…….I wonder how that happened to be.

        You all should go and purge yourselves of your insecurities. You all are the ones acting as if you lack confidence and hence need someone to massage your egos and give you some assurance in yourselves. If Rohr has to BRAGG that the SE are the nest in Africa and promise he will win AFCON 2021 before you all see the potentials in this team and have unshakable belief in us doing so, then you are no different from a child who’s got identity crises.

        Keeping your cards close to your chest in a game of poker is not a sign of trepidation…rather it is an art of gamesmanship.

        • Dr Drey, in this particular interview cited in this article, I cannot deduce anything factually wrong in Rohr’s statement. Neither does anything he said in this interview suggests a man low in confidence.

          The statement he gave was apt, on point and adequate for the topic on hand.

          And this is coming from someone (me) who harbours certain reservations about the German.

          Thank you.

  • Mercy 4 years ago

    Now I beginning to understand why some of my none Nigerian friends say that Nigerians are very proud. This is an habit that is rooted in our culture and sadly has become our way of life. My late dad used to say “an empty barrel make the loudest noise.” Most accomplished and success men are very humble. Even the holy book said in proverb16:18 pride goeth before destruction…..We are going to a competition with countries like Egypt, cameroon, Ghana etc who had already won the cup more times than us and we want the coach to start bragging we are going to beat every team. Please those our politicians and leaders who had promised us heaven and earth in the past what have they given us? Yet come another election we still vote for them..smh.

    Truthly a wise man is lowly in heart!!!

  • What we have are average players alot of our guys here don’t watch football, we don’t even have any player in any of the top Europeans team like madrid and etc all we have are average. Senegal, Algeria and Morocco have players in top clubs while our are players are all scared of new challenges in top club and the few once that could have gone to a top club all have overinflated price tag on thier head. Forgetting that africa will never give a villareal or lille player african best ahead of a Man city or liverpool player if you like score all the goals in this world it won’t change anything becos your simply not marketable let continue to advice our players to go for top teams, if not we will still remain average. That’s why Rohr has been advising them to play in top 5 league or join top club if not nothing will change we will still remain average even in african. Let musa and shehu retires immediately if the are scared of going to Europe top league. Enough of this average unmarketable players in super eagle can you believe that are most top players plays in Leicester city not even a top 7 big club in england talk more Europe.

    • Collins id 4 years ago

      I really cant understand some rohr surporters here in this furum, what do you guys want from us? You want us to sit our ass and expect nothing for from eagles in the nest 2 and half year, i can see that some of you are cowards just like raw himself. You guys have been calling for a the renewal of rohr’s contract for the past 6 months and you guys dont even have any motive for your calls, you are not even sure that he can win afcon or reach wcup quaters yet you come out here to annalise long arthems for us to be convince over nothing, non of you guys can even guarantee for him in terms of trophys, then why have you guys been argitating for him? why have you been insulting odegbami bcos of a man you guys canot boast of? Meeeen i dont know wat to call you guys at all. Honestly i expected a very high level of courage and motivations from you guys by now at list after the contract have been finally renewed, some of you are shameless honestly speaking. You always acuse other aspirant of trying to rip from what rohr has been building or planting for 4 years yet you and your rohr are not even sure if rohr him self can rip from wat he have built over the past 4 years, still on thesame simon and you expect our likes to sing praises over thesame annalyses we have been reading from you guys for over and over. Now my question for the Rohrers, if you employ a private teacher for your son who have took first before in is class 3 times before and have been second for 6 times, and you tell the teacher that you want your son to return to that level of number one again, and also be able to gain admition into the univercity, knowing fully well that he can achieve that position again, then the teacher tells you this is wat i want and these are what you most provide for me to achieve these goals and you actually provide all for him to succeed, then he also ask you to invite some university students to challange ur son and prepare him for the nest exam, you invited them and they gave him the chanllenge that he needed. You watch your son won against some and drew against others and also lost to few. After 4 years of these experiment your son still canot take first and canot get admision into the uni, then you deside to try another teacher and thesame teacher and his fans keep saying no no no he is doing well your son can now read poems and drama he can now solve maths he can even read igbo and hausa he took 3rd in the last result, then you try to remind the teacher that hey that boy you see have took first before and have even gotten admision before its just bcos he lack concentration that makes him drops please let me employ another teacher for him then the fans comes out to say no no no you want another teacher to rip wat the present teacher have built in him for 4 years that is unfair after said and done you reluctantly agreed to give him another 2 and half year contract immediately after the agreement the teacher will come out to tell the public that you shouldnt expect first pisition after all your son is not the most brainliant student in his class room and he starts to mention names like peter and paul are in thesame class room with him bla bla bla he cant guarantee that goal. Common are we not been scamed? did you force him on your son for this 3rd time. Why didnt he back off when he knew your intention is to get number one position? Must he always talk down your son to your face in the name of reality? Did he know your son morethan you? His joubalist fans come to you with same write up are they not playing politics with your mind? Is he not all ready telling you that you have entered one chance again? Is he not promising you that your dream for your son can never come to be by him being the teacher? CAN YOU BREATH?

      • So in other words, to you Rohr should go to CNN buy a 30mins airtime, organize a press conference and confidently boast to the world that he win the next Afcon. Is that what will convince you that he is a quality coach? OK, your concern is noted, it will be forwarded to the concern quarter

  • Tancosports 4 years ago

    We are just making issues out of NO issue. What GR has just said is the current reality of our Football, the fact still remains that “we are not number 1 in Africa”.

    Another big problem of Nigerians is that we love to live in our past Glory we Also we invest too much of emotion in everything we do.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Quite surprising fans are making mountains out of mole hill over this interview. We should by now know Rohr enjoys this sort of mind game thing. It’s being his style. Managers just like human apply different style/ approach peculiar to them to dealing with stuff. There more than a thousand ways to kill a rat, all that matters is kill the rat please. I don’t believe in all the brain washing statistics thing, otherwise England would have been winning every world cup. It’s the quality on display that win a match on a match day. And the quality this SE has can win the world cup, not a pinch of doubt about it but then that quality only applies to on the pitch but what about off the pitch? That’s where we should concern us. That off the pitch concerns everyone of us especially the NFF…

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    @tancosports, mr tanco that is what makes us Nigerians and we will not allow Rohr to take that from us. we have never needed to be lebelled number one before we assume our position, we love to duell in the past becos that is part of our national arthem if you dont know let me quot THY LABOUR OF OUR HEROES PAST SHALL NEVER BE INVAIN. When we won trophys before we wherenot lebelled number one in africa. If you are going to a war you always remind your soldiers their past glories and also tell them that their lions and gorillers, are they really gorillers and lions? Its simply called motivations, i dont kno why black people fail to realised when they are being disrespected? I am not saying he rohr has done bad with eagles but he should stop talking us down. Imagine if he plays egypt he will say egypt are 7 times champions and will not talk about their ranking, if he play senegal he will say they are highly ranked and not talk about their truphys becos he knows they dont have one. Rohr is always looking for an anticipated excuses incase he failed and that is not our character as a nation. If siasia duels on that style he have every reason to simply lose everymatch he played in the last olimpics. Nigeria is known for hype and proud all over the world, in worri or in lagos only the braging alone is enough to win a fight, that is Naija for you and nobody can change that in us. Where we better than spain when we bit them or are we stronger than cote dvoir wen we bit them to win afcon 2013. We dont neef realist in nigeria we need magicians, and big dreamers.

    • Tancosports 4 years ago

      @Collins, I was reading your comments with Kean interest but you later shot self at leg by mentioning Warri, so that gives me a conviction that you are from Warri and most warri people I know can Bragg and their power is only in their Tongue that’s all.

      Back to the main issue, past always belongs to past and the present is what really matters, can you confidently brag about this current SE team about 4/5 years ago that it can beat Burkina Faso or Mali let alone Ghana or even DRC? What happened in August 2014 when Congo Brazzaville with their average team came to Calabar to disgrace us. Listen bro, I have A Ghanian friend who confidently told me that he always liked it when Black Stars of Ghana plays SE between the period of 2007 to 2016 before GR took over, but now they are scared as hell and they don’t even want to engage us in friendly matches let alone playing us in a competitive game that’s alone is based on the fact that this team is improving a lot. So why don’t we forget about the past and focus on the future?. Your ideology is the big syndrome that is affecting the whole nation negatively, we don’t face the current reality but making reference to our past Glory when things were still working hence this brings about the popular phrase in our lips that “Nigeria go better” and the reality on the ground is that Nigeria is NOT better in anyway.

      You just need to change that mentality my brother, focus about the present situations and focus on the future and forget about the past.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


        My man dia….1 pack of Budweiser for you dia.
        If you know the way the SE is FEARED in Africa today ehn…If you know how this our national team is feared and respected now ehn….? You just need to get talking with African folks to feel what they feel about our SE nowadays. An Ivorian friend told me on the eve of the last AFCON that the only player he is afraid of in our team was Odion Ighalo…..I was shocked. Even the way he mentioned the name Ighalo, you would see that he must be praying day and night for the paths of the elephants not to cross the eagles in that tournament. And trust me, if CIV had scaled the penalty shoot-out against Algeria in the Qfinals to meet us in the Semis…..it would have been a walkover for us. The Ighalo some ‘fans’ were claiming was useless, was being feared across the continent, ended as top scorer and at the age of 30 being courted by Barca, Man U, Inter Milan and Tottenham.

        But Nigerians need to be ego-massaged before they see potentials and have belief in their team…..the same potentials and belief others see and have in us even when we haven’t bragged.
        Just as you’ve said….the loudest ‘braggers’ are usually the ones that first bite the dust when the real fight starts.

        Mr Rohr needs to learn how to win Nigerians over ASAP. He should pls come out and not only promise us 2021 AFCON trophy, he should please add fixing our refineries and our dying economy to it…..because we’ve heard tonnes of bragging about those ones too over the last 3 decades. LMAO

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Talking about history?? Oh , yeah. I remember, your siasia and other ego centric coaches couldn’t qualify us for ordinary afcon (that ur Lilly livered coach has done times without number with games to spare) consecutively after they shot down the moon and stars with their mouth before the fight started, the last of them absconded from the team and left us in the middle of nowhere until salvation came. Is it not better to say things as they are to enable us know where we are than paint a totally false picture of ourselves???? It’s absolute foolishness if we do the former and neglect the latter. If his humility has been churning out results for us, then so be it. We ain’t the ones that will label us number one but others based on performance and result.

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    @ Mr. Hush, thanks a lot! Your objectivity and balance gives me hope that that there are intelligent people among Nigerian fans. On behalf of other readers who are eager for intelligent and balanced commentary, I say a resounding thank you!

    As for me, I have decided that I wont be a source of negative energy to the coach and players. But that doesn’t blind me to the fact that our coach needs a double dose of self confidence, ambition and a winning mentality.

    He got us to the semi finals last time. Maybe he can go a step further this time around. He has my support and prayers.

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    @Dr Drey

    Firstly, a man’s perception is like a reflection of his personality. Character defines a man. You don’t need a rocket scientist to be able to read man’s character by the way he talks.
    You can tell of his arrogance, timidness,shyness,harshness,humbleness,narcissism, egoism etc. By reading through his reoccurring way of talking as it relates to context.
    And of course, like I have always stated, Rohr’s narrative has never undermined his result, at least from my own stead.
    I barely just stated the obvious, his speech on interviews doesn’t give enough confidence to most of the fans, who are as well part of this team,being Nigerian. If that isn’t the case, there wouldn’t be this discuss.
    Some fans (like me) don’t care about speeches , we look out for results but there are others who worry and it is in their right to have such worry and speak about it.
    If you don’t agree with that, then stick to yours (I am sure you have others who support your notion as well); it doesn’t change the fact that they have all right to state the obvious.

    And those speeches you call boasting, some call morale boosting. There isn’t anything wrong for a morale boosting speech that would give the fans confidence to keep believing in their team and to believe In the coach as well. It is all positive. It takes nothing away from anyone.

    And you do have to be cheeky, thanks for checking on my heart,but it is beating perfectly;
    No one said Rohr lied about Nigeria not been the best,we aren’t African champion, we know what the ranking says..Algeria is champions. And we are going for their title.and to be the best, you have to beat the best.it all starts in the mind.it all starts now. It is fact that we have grown better than the last time we met Algeria. The quality is right there. And if Algeria and Senegal feel they are better,good for them. I feel Nigeria could be better based on quality at our disposal. Rankings could be overrated and champions are momentary. That’s fact as well.

    And about the Croatian coach,I am certain you actually are not conversant with his speeches ;

    Before the first game at the world cup ,Dalic stated ;
    ” I know what our people expect and how many people love Croatian football and our team..”

    Before their semi final game against England,Dalic stated;
    “We do not fear anyone,not even England”.

    And go watch or read his press statement before and after the Final match against France where he talked about how underrated people have taken Croatia, their football and coaches; how Croatia were better than France in all segment of the game.
    Dalic ooze and speaks confidently. I don’t call that boastful. I call that confidence.

    I would love to keep up on this issue but to what end. Though we both disagree on this, It is obvious we are all on the same boat on our support for Rohr and undying love for the Super Eagles and Nigeria.
    I would let this rest and like I have stated for the umpteenth time, focus on results like I have always done..

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago



      How I wish CSN would allow be put some words in Bold, Italics or Underline them.

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Really don’t know why we don’t like being realistic. What rohr has just said is the truth(reality) but it doesn’t mean that he has a mediocre mentality or that he’s scared. He’s just being real and to drive home the point that we have not yet arrived. Its gonna be very arrogant and stupid of him to come out and say nigeria is number one I africa or the best team in Africa. That’s ridiculous going by our rankings. It’s a fact that should not be quoted out of context. The moment you face reality about who and what u really are, that’s is the very moment u ll start making progress but when u start claiming what you’re not tell me how you’re going to make progress when you think youre already the best? We claim that nigeria is the giant of africa (lol) but you and I know that that claim at present is a big fat lie! Statistics have confirmed it and even without it (statistics and empirical evidence) we can clearly see that it’s a hoax. We can’t be deceiving ourselves. We are not yet the best in Africa at the moment but we are working towards being the best whilst being one of the best teams on the continent and the world. That is who and what we are at rhe moment.

  • Hmmm….we have various types of coaches, Some are Boastful ones like Mourinho, Baxter from South Africa etc
    All the coaches that fall to this category do have their supporters and at the same time have fans that are always against them. e.g I once read a comment from a South African fan from their website ” the only Achievement Baxter has as our coach is beaten Nigeria and Egypt at home and nothing else”.
    And some coaches do love to respect opponents. e.g Wenger, Benitez etc and I think Rohr falls into this very category. wether we like it or not, people supporting him have their reason(s) and most times, they state it here but sorry…for the people against him, I’m yet to be convinced with your points here because wether you like it or not, to respect opponents has been Rohr style from day one and if since 4 years you are yet to get used to that as a fan, then wait till after 2022.
    Another thing is setting a target of winning a Nation’s cup which is achievable going by the Talents we have and even the incoming ones but I have a question….God Forbid but what of if we play good football from the first match up to the final and end up like the year 2000 against Cameroon where we played our hearts out and we were robbed. Will that still be the coach’s fault. I believe so much that we can win but remember it will never be that easy.. Algeria since Nation’s cup haven’t lost to any team, they even beat Colombia with James, Cuadrado,etc by 3 goals to nil recently so it won’t be easy. Rohr had signed a new contract what we need to be doing as a fan is to understand him wether during press conference and on the field and give him the needed support.
    We all want the same thing including the coach.. VICTORIES.

  • Adeyemi 4 years ago

    For all Rohr supporters and Rohr’s doubters like myself, next 2 years will prove either side wrong. Rohr has good man management, inviting most players on merit, getting foreign born players to switch allegiance to Nigeria. For all those Kudos to him. Tactical wise including formation and substitution, he’s not the best. If you want Rohr to continue, I think he will need a tactical sound assistant. Rohr is still coaching like an ancient couch. He needs to work on his tactics. I’d rather want him to keep his mouth shut rather than saying some nonsense. He has to be more diplomatic. Even though most Rohr supporters see the rise in ranking and 3rd place finish as an achievement, it will be difficult to argue against. He has some results as well as disappointing ones. Next 2 years will be no excuse. He can’t say he is still building, these players are not getting younger.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Omo9ja clone…..lol…

      • Adeyemi 4 years ago

        I will rather be an omo9ja that thinks rather one follow follow like you. Omo9ja might have different opinions most of the time, but what’s the crime in being different? If we have many Nigerians like him, our country will be better one. So, I appreciate your categorization and it means am not afraid of the truth.

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          Reason why the country is upside down is bcs we have many people like him and of course, you.

          • Adeyemi 4 years ago

            If you have a lot of people like me, how blessed you will the country be. When you want to debate, debate with facts. Everyone can’t fit into the same corridor and that’s the only way you grow. Take constructive criticism. If you think yourself or anyone else don’t need one, you are a dead man. I gave my assessments of what I think, now you can debate it and we move from there. Well, I don’t even need to stoop down to your level. Remember, when you said Europeans and by extension, whites are not prone to errors is when I knew the kind of person you are. Please, think well before talking sir.

          • Oakfield 4 years ago

            Facts, figures, statistics, metrics have already been provided here on csn on countless number of occasions to support our point of view. Review those facts and tell me who’s being stupid and unrealistic here. I have given u an assignment, review them and come back here let’s reason. U can even present ur own so called “facts” ( if there is any) for scrutiny.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Do we have the best GK in Africa…NO
    Do we have the best RB in Africa….NO
    Do we have the best CBs in Africa…NO
    Do We have the best LB in Africa…NO
    Do we have the best 4 in Africa….Maybe. Its subject to debate who is better between Senegal’s Gueye and our Ndidi.
    Do we have the best 7 in Africa….No
    Do we have the best 11 in Africa…No Chukwueze is not a Mo Salah yet.
    Do we have the best 10 in Africa…Obviously not, but Iwobi could get there in another 2-3 years.
    Finally do we have the best striker in Africa….Ighalo staked a claim for this in 2019, maybe someone can convince me Osimhen ranks higher than Mane or Aubameyang.

    Are we currently Africa’s highest ranked…NO
    Are we current champions of Africa….NO
    Are we the only African country with Europe based professionals…..NO

    So who exactly is deceiving us that we are the best in Africa, that now made Rohr’s statement a lie….What metrics are they using….? Someone should educate me….I really wanna know….because I must be missing something.

    There’s a thin line, a very thin line at that, between self-confidence and arrogance. There’s nothing wrong with hyping oneself, but over-hyping ultimately leads to destruction (ask the 3 lions of England). That was how “fans” hyped Kelechi Nwakali to near destruction till today. One good game against an Athletico Madrid side that was on its way to holidays and he started feeling ‘better than Mikel’ and raising shoulders where he was sent to on loan. The fact that Arsenal cancelled the existing contract they had with him showed how much they were willing do dispose off him.

    Follow who know road no mean say make u no hol ya own transport money. We are work in progress…..and we will surely get there soon. Even an aeroplane walks (taxies) before it flies.

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      @Dr Drey

      It seems you are getting the whole rhetoric wrong.
      No one(clearly not me) is calling out Rohr for not saying we are the best right now. Why would one say that?
      Clearly,by being Champions, Algeria is arguably the best. And by ranking, Senegal is better.

      they are saying , they didn’t “feel” the confidence based on the statement Rohr gave; clearly cause of his precedent of stating cautious statements, that don’t give some Nigerians the morale they need.

      It is within their right to worry about this and state their confidence in the team based on the quality we have right now.

      If Senegal, Algeria are good. So are the Super Eagles right now. There is nothing wrong in saying , we can go toe to toe with the trio and win the Afcon. It is doable. And stating it out rightly is not arrogance.it is been confident. A confidence drawn from the fact we got good quality that can get the job done. And if we fail while trying, it doesn’t change the fact that we tried and we made a statement of intent and belief.

      And going by your metric;
      Algeria is the best team right now;
      Going by current form;
      Do they have the best GK: NO
      Do they have the best CB: NO
      Do they have the best full backs : arguably in the case of Atal.
      Do they have the best in midfield: I can say just Bennacer can be mentioned.
      Do they have the best in attack, wing ,etc: NO. Ounas has dropped in form and Slimani is at best manageable.

      So you see on paper, your metric on being the best based on man to man,Algeria is no where near the best yet they are African champions. So that Metric is flawed.

      Right now; Man to man,in terms of probability and number of quality in every position; Nigeria has better players compared to Algeria, and I dare say, as well as in comparison to many good African States. And this is fact. Just go to the current transfer window and see which African country players is topping the interest of most clubs. We all know the answer to that.

      All stated, My confidence in Rohr and his management is still high. I clearly know caution is his fortè and have no problem with it as long as the result is positive like always.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Rais Mbolhi (Gk), Adlene Guediora (CM), Ismael Bennacer (CM), Riyahd Mahrez (RWF), Baghdad Bounedjah (CF- winner of the FIFA golden boot for the year 2018).

        Apart from being the current African champions and achieving that by defeating the next best 2 countries on the continent to achieve that, I doubt if one can name more than 1 or 2 African players who are really better than the above mentioned guys in their positions. We saw them at the last AFCON. If we have those 5 (or their caliber) in our own SE today, I will go and wait at Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport as from tomorrow just to receive 2021 AFCON trophy. As a matter of fact, any team that has players of their calibre is already a step close to the medal winning zone. Algeria are currently the best in Africa, not only by the metric of being champions, but also by the metrics of having individuals who rank up there amongst the best on the continent.

        Whoever is not “feeling the confidence” and needs to be ego-tripped or ego-massaged with empty boasts and promises by the coach to have confidence in the current SE is the timid, confidence-lacking self-defeatist. The same coach that said see we are not the best team in Africa yet, has also said, see we earned 3rd place last time, and we all want to go a step better which is good. I am VERY OPTIMISTIC, because we play better now and I have confidence in my boys. And of course the players have time and again shown how much confidence, love and respect they have for this coach. Most of them were over the moon when news of his contract renewal was made public.

        If all these, together with recent performances, results and developments in the team is not inspiring confidence in anyone, rather preferring gloating and empty boasts, please kindly tell such persons that football is not played in press conferences and pages of newspapers, it is played on the football pitch. The coach has confidence in his players and his players and employers have confidence in him and that’s all that matters.

        As for me, I will sit down and enjoy watching this team churn out more wins till they bring that trophy home in 2021. I am that optimistic and confident and I dont need anyone to gloat or brag about it to be.

  • I’m a fan of Rorh, but sometimes he talks off point, Algeria was not number 1 when they won afcon, so what has ranking got to do with winning afcon, football is more to luck than ranking even

  • xhuxhu 4 years ago

    This man Rohr don come again..Negative confession and statements..As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he..If we think we are giant killers and work towards it, there is no team in Africa that can win us.. This team (Based on Current form) can surprise Africa and teams outside Africa. Goalkeeper- Akpeyi? RB- Ehizibue CB- Ekong CB Semi Ajayi LB- Aina DMF- Ndidi CM- Aribo RW- Iwobi LW- Chukwueze SST- Dessers ST- Osimhen

  • Mercy 4 years ago

    Rohr mentality perhaps being a German is to say it the way it is, which prompted based on statistics and facts on ground. And from statistic and rating the man is spot on. But Nigerian being who we are we don’t like being told the truth. We want to be hail as the best, braka dede, boss even when we are not. All these titles chief, oga at the top, saraki etc show off, coming to party spraying money, musician eulogizing our name in a party. We love those cheap recognition. God have mercy on us.

    One of the most boastful coaches in the world is Mourinho but in the prematch press conference against Leipzig. This is what he has to say

    In the interview, he said Tottenham are seen as dead team by Leipzig and which is true because they are without any strikers. Kane, son etc were all injured.
    Please do we say mourinho is acting like a coward because he staying the obvious?

  • Larry 4 years ago

    Mr. Rohr, no need to give excuses. You have agreed to the clauses and compensations in the contract. All you need is to perform or get fired. Your first assignment is next Afcon, you need to prove to some of us who feel that your team of lack of self-confidence and lack of technic depth is responsible for losing crucial matches in tournaments.
    May be upgrading your old fashion tactics to modern tactics could win you your first trophy as a coach.
    Present crop of SE players can compete with the best in Africa. No more “My young team or Not the best narratives!!

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Mr Hush , I really don’t have choice again other than to join @Goal ( also a progressive great mind) and @Bomboy to extol your brilliant, highly intellectual analysis and above all unbiased distinct submissions, that is why you remain a golden fish and sounds minds among the Rohr’s staunch promoters that , even your group’s opponents tagged anti Rohr cannot help it other than always waiting to read your unbiased great write up ,  applauding your great analytical minds , your submissions, references that are cleverly delivered particularly devoid of insults is note worthy, @Deo do share semblance similarities with you , but o Boy your are 7up ….. your differences is simply clear !!! It is no mean achievement, if your group and  opposition group are always look forward to your contribution with accolade responses .

    You have said it all , many of us do know Rohr is not doing badly especially in the call up of players into the S/E and his ability to qualify for both Afcon and WC at ease plus his man management, give it to Rohr, but that is where Rohr’s quality ends as he always run out of idea at the big stage with his self defeating demoralizing comment prior to crucial tournament , though his technical deficiencies may be playing a major factor why he do come out openly to make what some may take as statement of fact ( Ade Ojeihkere his major promoter also alluded to his technical deficiencies in his recent write up alluding to how Rohr was overwhelmed at the last WC) . 

    However, Rohr is no longer your group’s project alone , this is Nigerian project we must collectively help oga Rohr so that our tax payers money will not be a waste . 

    Rohr needs to change his mental attitude, if a coach lack winning mentality, he cannot succeed at any tournament, it is not a rocket science , you don’t demoralized your team and make them loose confidence in themselves, that is why we frowned at celebration of mediocrity, we are Nigeria, not tiny Tanzania nor tiny Togo ;  if Jose Mouhino doesn’t have this attitude, he wouldn’t have believed his tinny Poto can  compete successfully in UEFA let alone boasting of wining it , when his Inter Millan faced star studded Baraca , Jose went to the press to claimed his team was the best , it came to pass , the history of Keshi is quite known , when he went to Afcon with a team that is made up of local players, Keshi never gave excuse of the S/E ranking nor excuse of having local players in his team ( because none of the players , foreign based or local were forced on him ) , he claimed his team particularly the local players would deliver and it came to pass as he bundled out the star studded CIV with the 2 Africans immediate past and current best players of the year in their team which Algeria cannot even boast of having , yet Keshi audaciously used local boys Obaobabona to stop Drogbas of this world and used his local colleague Sunday Mba to send Drogba , Yaya Toure & and his team packing and eventually win the Afcon , that is Nigerian spirit .

    If a local coach in another country can win Afcon less than a year in the saddle, if Keshi can win Afcon in less than 2 years then what excuse would oga Rohr have . 

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      @ De star
      @ Omo9ja


    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @De Star, you will never lack by God’s grace.

      This is why I love you so much. If I may ask people on this forum, where is “Kingmaker” today? Because that guy loves saying the truth and also hates bn biased but coach Rohr fans chased kingmaker away.

      If we love Super Eagles, let’s show the love now because tomorrow might be too late.

      You are welcome Mr Hush. Just keep it up. De star, thank you as well for your analysis. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I think CSN is the cause of all this argument based on the sensational headline, they failed to caption another news where Rohr stated that he is building a team capable of even competing for the world cup… If he is not confident he won’t say such. Nothing to argue about, we are not the best in Africa, but we are the most football crazy country in the continent.

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      You don’t have to blame CS rather it’s you Rohr’s fans that should be blamed for all the unnecessary debate going on here, you guys always try to outmuscle all dissent views  expressed by good people of Nigerian .

      Super Eagles belong to all of us,in fact it’s Nigerian super eagles and not Rohr’s super eagles , we can’t fold our arms why things are going wrong.

      Like I always said everybody is work in progress and so is Rohr,no human is unchangeable , if Rohr wants to succeed as Eagles gaffer he must be ready to listen and make changes simple.

      • Olodo, that’s why u are called over the bar. What’s going wrong with SE? If something is actually wrong with the team, all of you in your group won’t be saying we must win next Afcon as if SE is the only team going to the tournament with determination to win. We haven’t even qualified yet. Better accept the fact that we are still work in progress

      • Dr Tee 4 years ago

        What can you contribute to his life other than negative and unrealistic arguments even when you all know the truth you argue blindly. Just a statement of pure intent that any knowledgeable fellow will easily comprehend you all are seeing the negative in it just because you don’t like rohr…Naija I hail o.. I don’t always comment I just read through, but this is really annoying and I can’t keep quiet anymore.

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    @ Dr Drey
    You can’t compare Aribo to Guediora (a 34 yrs old man who now plays his football in Qatar),he isn’t has good as last year Afcon.
    Bennacer, although arguably the best Algerian player right now based on his form with Ac Milan,can’t be compared to Ndidi in term of current form.
    Mahrez can easily be checkmate by the upward growth of Dennis,Ejuke,Simon etc.
    And please , currently; You can’t compare a Bounadjeh,a player stuck in Qatar, to Dessers ,(not to talk of an Osimhen).
    And right now, Mbolhi is past his prime,he is playing past his best at a mid table team in Saudi Arabia.
    I am basing all these on current form (atleast before the Covid 19 stopped football) not before or during the last Afcon.

    In this context ,we could go on and on with the full team of Algeria against the Nigerian team. Man to man ,we are balanced,if not better. So what’s the big deal.

    Like I have stated all day,
    I share similar optimism with you based on our current results and the quality we possess.
    So yeah,I am going with the flow and patiently waiting for the 2021 Afcon title. If it doesn’t happen,we keep going but It is always ok to be confident especially when you know you got the tools to get the job done. The Afcon is tough but, with what we have and our momentum,it is winnable.

    • Chris 4 years ago

      @Mr. Hush, that’s a very tricky one, beautified with facts and figures addressed to our own invincible @Dr.Drey. Let me see how he (Dr.Drey) will reply to this. It’s interesting to note Dr. Drey has never failed to deliver though.

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        Mind you he can’t bend facts, truth can’t be twisted and no one knows it all, so stop worshiping your fellow man.

        Rohr has done well but he has his bad sides too, we can’t  say because he has done well so we just turn a blind eye to his weaknesses which can be worked upon.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahahaha…..I smell jealousy…!

        • Dr Tee 4 years ago

          No one is actually perfect, not even the best managers in the world, but he is actually the best we have had this decade and even beyond, statistics shows that. Even the best managers in the world have their flaws so what are you trying to say.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…all those players who have “passed their prime” are the current African champions and are still integral parts of the hottest, sharpest and most in-form team on the continent right now….even hotter and sharper than our own SE. I dont care if they all play in IRAN, but all 5 of them will walk straight into the starting XI of our current SE even though they have “passed their prime”…..LMAO.

      If only we can have Only three…just 3 of those guys – Rais in goal, Bennacer in the middle (to combine with Ndidi) and Mahrez on the wings (to combine with Iwobi and Ighalo/Osimhen) – in our own SE at AFCON we would be definite champions. That’s how much difference separates us currently from that team of “passed primers”.

      We will have our turn….we are on our way there. Playing in Cameroon will be playing at home….North Africans are bad travelers (except for when Egypt took us by storm 2006-2010)…..we are stronger, more cohesive, more experienced, more fluid, flexible, have more depth and hungrier to deliver. We are optimistic as well as we are Confident. We know who we are and how much we are worth and we dont need it to be sang as music or braggadocio-ed on internet pages. That is why it is called ‘Self-Confidence’.

      Have fun..!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


      These are the Qatari league-stuck “past-primmers” tearing apart Colombia.

      • Adeyemi 4 years ago

        Na wa o. Aren’t you the one that said our players are stuck in Saudi Arabia but you are here praising the ones of the opponents? Which are you bruh? You get two mouths?

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Pls go back and read. Dont just jump into arguements for the sake of it. Go and copy and paste where I said our players are stuck in saudi arabia in this context.

    • Dr Tee 4 years ago

      @ Hush
      Bro you have my respect o, but how does that statement made by rohr shows lack of confidence, or maybe am reading a different story. That statement in no way show sign of low confidence. It just the obvious truth and even pure confidence in his team and what they can achieve

  • I took time & carefully go thru some of the comment, but i came to realise that, in this life we should not allow HATRED to becloud us..

    Just bcos of the hatred some people have against OGA ROHR, they can’t even see the good side of the man.
    Everything this man does is wrong b4 their eyes…

    For how long would u continue to hate GOD’S IMAGE (human being).

    I remember during SIASIA area when we were about playing EGYPT In 2017 afcon qual.,,,
    the then egyptian coach was busy praising the nigerian team,,, he was mentioning the likes of MOSES, MIKEL, MUSA et al,,, heaping praises on them….
    Our coach & the boys got carried-away & even started bragging,,, making statement like “we will do this & do that to egypt,,, we will swallow & vomit egypt,,, & all bla bla bla”

    But after 90min. in KADUNA it ended;
    NIG. 1-1 EGY.



    Rohr knows what he’s doing.

    Since u don’t like ROHR just save ur heart by staying clear from all what he does?…

    We like him like that….

  • Somebody IN THIS FORUM says the likes of DENIS, EJUKE can checkmate MAHREZ OF ALL PPLE…. LOL…

    A whole MAHREZ.


    Can ur EJUKE or DENIS be bought by MAN CITY???






    For the past 2 or 3 years non of our boys is considered good enough to be in AFRICA’s starting XI…. SO WHAT IS THE BRAGGING ABOUT???
    but MAHREZ is always there if i’m not mistaken….

    Now somebody is busy mention EJUKE and DENNIS where MARHEZ IS…



  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    @Dr Drey

    I am glad you have broken it down to 3. Those Algerians that can walk into the Super Eagles.

    We are getting somewhere.

    It tells you, no one has it all but we are all good enough.
    It is all good.

    Like I said, we are both optimist.
    So let’s leave it on that note, our shared optimism.

    And thanks, I will try to make the best out of the weekend. Have fun as well..

    @ King

    You should try to comprehend before you make false accusations on the person of another.
    Just because I stated Dennis, Chukwueze,Simon can as well checkmate Mahrez, doesn’t mean I said they are better than Mahrez.
    Everyone knows the quality of Mahrez but that would not undermine the continuous rise of the aforementioned trio.
    Their quality is there to see..

    And not everyone that criticizes Rohr is a Rohr hater (whatever that means), gosh.. your best critic could be your best supporter.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Yea….I broke it down to just 3 so it wont be like I want to loan their entire team. The difference just 3 of the players will make in our team shows the gulf between us and them at the moment….Infact let me break it further sef….they should just give us Riyahd Mahrez…..just mahrez alone will add gator to our agbada…not to now talk of the others.

      See the people you said have passed their prime tearing teams into pieces….even you will agree with me that even in their ‘past prime’ they still look very much like walking straight into our own starting XI. LMAO. Thank God they have passed their prime….they should pass it quick quick biko and leavethe road for us let us take over in Cameroon.


    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Since winning AFCON, 5 matches played, 4 wins 1 draw, goal difference +10….Ogun laka’ye o…! And they have passed their prime…!!!

      No food for lazy man no bi for pikin wey en mama get restaurant…..They are stuck in Qatari league and past their prime….nor be for people wey get +10 goal difference in 5 matches.

      • Mr Hush 4 years ago

        @ Dr Drey

        And how many have Nigeria played and loss since the Afcon?
        what is the difference between both our stats. Aren’t they similar?
        SO you think it is the individualism of Algeria that keeps them going. One thing I would give Algeria is their team work. They have a good team and don’t really rely on individuals. Something we are getting to be.

        You can keep undermining your boys but I wouldn’t join you in this merry go round.
        It is futile.

        Keep your belief. I keep mine.

        I would stick to the one thing we agree on. OPTIMISM.

        I think I have tried for one day and one discussion..

        It was nice reading your view.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          I’m not undermining our boys. But I wont allow sentiments becloud my sense of judgement by trying to claim we are there yet. On the other hand, it is you trying to undermine these visibility powerful team who are current champions, just to create a semblance of our equality with them and console yourself we are on the same level, whereas its a FACT that we are not there yet. Calling them “past-timers” who are stuck in Qatari league does not change the fact that they still have enough quality collectively and individually to walk straight into our own national team and confine some of our players to the bench (just as playing for Alahly all his career did not in anyway take anything away from the legend of a certain Mohd Abouterika or Ahmad Hassan as one of the greatest players to come out of Africa). I listed 5 of their players who are potentiality top 2-3s in their positions from any national team in Africa. Even you will agree that extra edge of quality in personnel they had over us was the difference between us and them in a largely balanced semifinal match at AFCON.
          Apart from Ndidi, who is the only potential top 2-3 on the continent player in the SE, the rest are still climbers…they are still growing and will get there in 2-3 years from now. But we should tone down this ‘hype’ else they stagnate. There’s no need to be in a rush. We are growing and we see it every passing match that we indeed are growing. We can also see the steady rise at club level too of these guys…so the potentials are there. But hiding from the truth just because we want to make ourselves feel good is only a pathway to destruction.
          Enough said from this end too…..Cheers

          • Mr Hush 4 years ago

            @Dr Drey

            I wanted to let this go but I have to make some vital clarification.

            I am not someone that dine on emotions.
            Emotions could be very misleading.
            I try to be very objective as much as facts let me.

            I never ever denied the quality of the Algerian team. Obviously,they are the best right now based on the fact that they are African champions.
            I have categorically stated how good they are as a team and hope we get to that level so we don’t have to rely too much on individuality.
            No matter how individuals could change a game, team wins tournaments.
            Algeria is a good team.

            BUT I would never agree they have better quality in terms of man to man compared to the Current players in the Eagles.

            Apart from Mahrez,Bennacer,Atal,Ounas,who are top quality .Fehdi and Slimani in the next cadre.

            The rest of the Algerian team are basically average players .Good team players though.
            Brahimi,Feghouli,Guediora are past their peak (age wise and current form). Their national team coach knows this and in recent matches as been using them sparingly.

            In comparison we have players on the rise;
            Osimhen,Ndidi, top quality.
            Chukwueze, Dennis,Dessers, Aribo,Simon,etc.

            You talk like we haven’t beaten this Algeria team before. We actually beat them on our way to the world cup. Same players(including Mahrez).
            So what’s the big deal about them being so ahead of us.
            They just have a new system put in place that built them a better team.
            It has nothing to do with their players far ahead of ours.

            Simply put,they are not.
            They are good.but we are as well good.

            Besides,it is the Afcon we are talking about,not the world cup.If we can’t talk of winning the Afcon , then what can we talk about?

            I see we agree on quite a lot of things but seeing things from different angles.

            Like I said,perception is everything but time always tell the full story.
            Hopefully,it is all positive.

            I would rest my fingers on this.
            I wish you a good Sunday.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    It is great that everyone is now optimistic about the current SuperEagles chances to win the next AFCON. To the extent that even the most ardent critics now believe we now have a team that can challenge for any trophy.  I’m pretty sure not many fans can be this optimistic 3 or 4 years ago.

    Obviously, the team is glaringly progressing under Rohr however, we are still yet to qualify for the AFCON. We still have 4 games to play to decide our participation in the tournament and we are already giving the coach the mandate to win the AFCON. 

    The next AFCON is truly not beyond these SuperEagles, but I will remain cautiously optimistic. Our players are progressing and we can only hope they reach their potential. The truth is that we currently have the core of our players playing in the top 5 leagues of Europe in mid to slightly upper table clubs.

    We do have a team that plays good football and the players have acquired significant experience over the last two major tournaments. But we are not currently the best team in Africa which is the reality. Of course man to man we can battle teams like Senegal, CIV, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana and the likes, but we don’t currently have the individual moment of brilliance some of those teams possesses. 

    The most important thing is that Rohr has been given the opportunity to continue what he has started and the immediate future is very optimistic that Nigerians have now falling in love with the SuperEagles again. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE. 

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      @Ayphillydegreat, the perspective you used to view football these days its way beyond that of modern football.

      In Africa today, I can say we are number one in terms of having good players. What else do we want.

      Having good players will make it easier for any coach to build a solid team.

      Apart from man management, do you think Mr. Rohr deserve that position. Can you please read his statement again? Upon the caliber of players he has?

      You are now comparing Cameroon, Ghana and so many other teams in Africa to this current Nigerian team? Are you kidding me ba?

      Are you talking about Cameroon, Ghana, CIV and Algeria teams of 2000 or the current teams of these Countries?

      Bia, stop this Ayphillydegreat ba.

      “Of course man to man we can battle teams like Senegal, CIV, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana and the likes, but we don’t currently have the individual moment of brilliance some of those teams possesses”. 

      What do they have that we don’t have?

      We have Musa, Moses, Osimeh, Aribo, Azeez, Ejeria and so on but their potentials are invisible to you because of coach Rohr inability to use each players accordingly.

      This is why i loved coach Thomas Dennerby too much.
      The coach was very confident and always ready to risk his own life to make Super Falcons a world class team but are we seeing that with coach Rohr? risk is everything in life. If you don’t risk things, how would move forward? Same thing applies to football.

      please and please, we have to be honest with ourselves this time around Oga AY. Mr. Rohr is trying. His best can not do us more than what we are witnessing so far except NFF steps in to strengthen the coaching staffs.

      Don’t forget that we don’t have a good goalie over the 3 years. Whose fault? You and I or Oga Rohr and Oga Agu’s fault?

      Think about what I said today and change your mindset. For anyone to achieve bigger things in life, the person must dream bigger and be prayerful. God bless Nigeria.

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        We have Musa, Moses, Osimhen, Aribo, Ejaria, Azeez and they’re all playing for Liverpool, Madrid, Barca or ManCity abi?? Where is your coach Dennerby now?? One thing that doesn’t surprise me about you is how double mouthed you’ve always been on this platform. You are now worshipping Dennerby who is also a foreign coach yet you will always clamor for Siasia and other local coaches as better options to Rohr. Are you kidding me??

        Do I think Mr Rohr deserves that position? I think you should look yourself in the mirror and tell me who is better at the moment to handle the SuperEagles. If your choice is Siasia or Amrouche or Baxter or any of our local coaches I just have to laugh and pass you by.  France won the WorldCup because most of their players plays for top European clubs it’s as simple as that.  Go back and check the caliber of teams they all play for. 

        The team you are now expecting great things from his assembled by Rohr. We don’t have a goalkeeper in 3 years maybe you should ask your ex Guardiola why he unceremoniously retired our best ever goalie. Rohr have given Uzoho and Okoye their SuperEagles debut over the last 3 years and both looks promising with Uzoho showing he’s capable to be SuperEagles number one in recent outings. Others like Alampasu and Osigwe are on the radar based on their club consistency. Akpeyi is the best goalkeeper in the PSL so if you think we have better options than what the coaches have given us so far please let us know.

        The coach knows the capacity of the team he has assembled so far and we can only go higher from here on. You can now say that we should’ve won the last AFCON despite not given them any chance in the first place. You keep shouting Onuachu all the time before the AFCON until he disappointed you spectacularly. Every new player the gaffer invited was discovered by you LMAO!!!  And if the player flops it’s the fault of the gaffer. Very laughable. 

        The same you that is now clamoring for local coaches and ex Guardiolas to take over from coach Rohr is the same person who used to call Keshi gather and play back in KON days. Considering the state of our darling SuperEagles when Rohr took over his strengths in building a formidable team outweighs his shortcomings in two matches with a relatively young team that has grown in leaps and bounds since. Bro keep your optimism to your self. Rohr and the current SuperEagles doesn’t need your distractions. 

        • Bros, don’t waste your time on omo9ja or whatever, that man is a double mouth chameleon that’s changes according to the situation on ground. No principles at all, and always seeking for attention. No matter how much u tried to make see rooad, he will always continue wandering in “igbo Olodumare” (the famous novel from D.O FAGUNWA) just let him be.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Dr. Drey, this high time you realized that you can’t know it all but we can learn from each other in life and only God is mighty.

    Drey, this is the time I have to be honest with you. Stop deceiving people here.

    Can you go back and watch Nigeria vs Algeria Afcon match in Egypt?

    Algerian team were more experienced team than Nigeria no doubt but is that an excuse? This was the reason why we lost the match against Algeria or coach Rohr inability of reading the game?

    If you said yes. No problem but if you go by that, what of France that beaten Croatia at the world cup? Wish teams were more experienced between France and Croatia at the worldcup?

    Did you forget that French team were more younger than Croatian team but Croatian team were more experienced and superior to win the world cup compared to French team?

    I know you really good at arguing and using abusive words but for you to see the light and seeking for more knowledge, you need to respect other people opinions and learn from them.

    You are very smart, intelligent but at the same time, you have to be humble always.

    Look at the way Mr. Hush analyzed his own points of view? How about De star and many others on this forum?

    My dear Dr. Drey, you don’t have any excuse to make this time around because coach Rohr himself confirmed it and it shows that the manager lacks self confidence which is manageable.

    Nobody is perfect and we all ready to help Oga Rohr solve this problem if he’s willing to listen to us. We are in this together because we love our country and we want the best for our fatherland.

    Mind you, I won’t be deceived that Oga Rohr is the best to coach Super Eagles at this moment. Together we can make Mr. Rohr World class coach if we keep telling NFF and the coach what have to be done.

    This is why I used the term “patriotic Nigerians”. No matter what, we have to be realistic because no place like home and the progress of our country should be number one in our minds.

    Super Eagles is not a private owned property and Super Eagles is not owned by Oga Rohr. Its our Super Eagles and everyone has a right as a Nigerian to say whatever is needed to be improved in the team to the manager of the Super Eagles.

    Once again, be careful and behave yourself from now on. You are blessed. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      I’m struggling to make any sense from all you have written…Seriously I am!

      You want to help Oga Rohr when you’ve not even helped yourself to think straight and stop speaking from both sides of your mouth.

      One moment you agreed the Algerian team was more experienced than us and in one fell swoop, you said it is not a reason for them to defeat us….does that make sense…?

      Did the France team that won the World cup look like inexperienced babies to you…? From goalkeeper to the last reserve goalkeeper, they were all regular starters playing in top 4 clubs in the top 5 leagues and featuring regularly in the later stages of the champions league. They went into the Worlcup as finalist of Euro 2016. Even in Europe Croatia does not rank anywhere close to France, with the odds for that final match favoring France to win….so what irrelevancies are you trying to bring up…?

      Oga Rohr is not the best to coach the SE at the moment be he is the coach so deal with it. You have always prayed for the SE to fail under him so that your Amrouche and Baxter and all the other riffraffs you always praise can take over so stop trying to coat yourself with glory that isnt yours. This same SE you claim should have won AFCON was the same SE you predicted will not go past the AFCON group stages and you call yourself “Patriotic”….??? LMAO

      Is it not an irony that the biggest lairs on this forum are the one that use appellations like “patriotic”, “regressive…sorry rogressives” etc to qualify themselves…???

  • He is just trying to strike the balance. My people let us know that action speak louder than speech.

  • That’s y Madagascar scored 2 goals.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Sorry for my typos. @Ayphillydegreat, I don’t need to argue with you. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      If you didn’t reply to my comment I don’t have your time either. It’s because you reply to my comment that’s why I replied you with the obvious. You already know me from day one that I will always expose your ignorance because you are always double mouthed changing like a chameleon depending on what’s on ground. Our team is on the rise all thanks to Rohr and that’s why every one can now claim we should be winning every trophy when the truth is that we are still a work in progress.

  • Omo9ja!

  • _ Ask (the right questions) And You Shall Receive _

    Sometimes I wonder whether it is the Interviewers who fail to ask the right questions or there has been a prior agreement between Rohr and the person who conducted this interview for certain matters not to be broached further.

    A good interview is supposed to entail asking direct questions and not being satisfied until an unequivocal response has been given – that I don’t think has happened here.

    On May 27, I woke up to the news that the long overdrawn and at times covertly acrimonious contract negotiations between Gernot Rohr and his NFF employers have been concluded with the 66 year old German putting pen to paper for a 2 and a half year contract.

    Key deliverables include winning the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, reaching the quarter finals of the 2022 World Cup and also show the same sort of shrewdness used in unearthing dual nationalities players in fishing out high quality homebased players who can stand their own in the national team.

    On the last point, even the much respected Sport Minister Sunday Dare said:”Rohr has to scout players from the domestic league for the Super Eagles because there are quality players in the league.” This is a view equally shared by Joseph Yobo but this is a matter for another day.

    Back to the article above – and linking it to Rohr’s target as stipulated in his contract – the simple question is ‘Does Rohr believe that he can assemble a team that CAN win the Africa Cup of Nations next February. Yes or No? There can be no halfway house. It is either he believes he can live up to the targets stipulated in his contract or not.

    In the article, Rohr said: “But we know also that it is very difficult to win this tournament because we are not number one in Africa.” Fine but my question sir is ‘can we win it under your tutelage?’

    In another part of the interview, he said “But I am very optimistic, because now we have a team which is playing good football and I have confidence in my players.” Good sir, that is very reassuring but my question still stands:’ can you assemble a team to win the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon next year?’

    Like I said earlier, perhaps the questions put to Rohr are vague which invariably attracted a vague response that wasn’t probed further.

    Rohr doesn’t seem to happy to me. He said: “My contract all the time is a risk because it is finished when we are eliminated from a competition…..but I am very optimistic.” Sir with all due respect, we fans have to be ‘optimistic’ you as the coach have to be ‘resolute’ with ‘unshakeable belief in your ability to deliver the goods as stipulated in the contract you signed’.

    So, for the 3rd time of asking sir, under your tutelage, can the Super Eagles win the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations, Yes or No?

    His answers to this sort of spirited line of question will go a long way in letting me know whether or not the German believes that the targets set for him are realistic or not.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    In addition to omo9ja last comments, i agree with you omo9ja, nigeria lost to algeria becos of lack of match reading, we played better than algeria anyday anytime, infact since 1990 that was the first time we lost to algeria. We have always defeated them home and away, dont forget we dumped them out of the last worldcup, in that game nigeria was fully in control even mahrez and jamilu collins stated this fact of recent, it was a game in our court. Rohr needed to introduce mikel for etebo or ndidi, osihmen for ighalo, and onyekuru was surpose to come in for musa not chukueze, instead he was there looking so like a fan, expecting miracle without any imput, he was probably thinking osimeh is too young, mikel was at that moment the man to come in for ndidi who wasnt that impresive in that match. Rohr needs to be the roar sometimes like a lion. Same artitude cost him argentina match. I also want to add that its only a football kid or novice that always use the names of clubs to rate players quality. Footballers have their quality wether big club or not, if you dont see musa as a big star in africa then you are a novice. Samuel kalu can be as dangerouse as your sadio mane, onyekuru was the man of galatasary before the afcon, iwobi is the best 10 in africa, you dont need eye glass to tell you, mikel is far better than faghouli; ighalo and osimeh are among the best 9 in the continent up till now, ola aina is just second to aurrier of cotedevoir, by their fruit you should know them not by their clubs. We lost to rohr fearfull artitude and algeria was highly motivated by their fans and coach, the match is on youtube go and watch again with no more tension you will see that we played better than them. God bless naija

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Absolutely hilarious n unbelievable that people can put so much time n argument into issues like this. Just can’t stop laughing. Looozzz. Coronavirus lockdown may have done so much as to create unbearable boredom. Otherwise this issue makes no sense; no tournament in the foreseeable future, our players, yes before the Corona virus were burning the grasses with reckless abandon and enviable swagger but form is a function of so many factors; fitness, regular football, self motivation, natural ability, good health n many more. So how then do we squeeze juice out of orange when it’s yet peeled/ cut through. What form are our star players going to be when the tournament starts, who can boldly say? This whole episode is just reminiscent of the two hungry friends who went discussing how they hoped to find some idle money while they walked. How they then argued on the ratio they were going to share the money between themselves. They argued n fought over the ratio until a stranger in trying to make peace between them asked they bring the money, so he may share the money equally between them, where they then told stranger they were yet to luckily walk into the idle money.

  • “You played better than them” so u were d coach that coached them to play better? If they didn’t play well you will say they didn’t deserve to win but now they played well but didn’t win is common sense not suppose to tell you that it was meant to be Algerian day and there is noting anybody can do about it even if Guardiol, Mourinho, Wenger etc were to be the coach that day. Moreover, this same Algeria went on to lift the cup so why are you guys still crying about what that is in the past.

  • KangA 4 years ago

    I should think the wranglings over Rohr’s statement is due to misunderstanding. The supporters on both sides have a point. Yes, we need talent to achieve goals, but we shouldn’t overlook self-belief. There is just a thin line between overconfidence self dejection.

    It would be great if Rohr injects a good dose of optimism into his pre-match speeches.

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      You can say it again bro, it’s my first time seeing you making good sense.

      It’s good to always be objective in our speeches.

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        And you are the one that always makes sense?? LMAO!! When it is obvious that you are always looking for a way to discredit all the good work done by Rohr while fixating all your energy on just two matches he underwhelmed. Now our attack is the sharpest in Africa yet you always claim the coach weaknesshas too many weakness. Our defense is now solid according to you yet the gaffer that assembled the team doesn’t know what he’s doing. LMAO!! Don’t worry your ramblings will continue till 2022

        • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

          First of all @AY I never hate Mr Rohr in fact I’m impressed with his love for Super Eagles but my love for the Super Eagles supersedes my love for him ,also no one has the monopoly of knowledge that’s why I do try to mention areas I feel that needs improvement and I believe that is not hate, I do praise him many times here but you guys only focus on the so-called negative comments.

          I will continue doing my best to be objective as possible.

          Secondly oga Rohr never created the current super eagles players (or did he make any of them stars, did he discovered players like Dennis, chukwueze, ndidi, Iwobi,osihme and others? I will only give him credit for convincing some dual national to play for us) he only assembled them together so nothing much.

          You guys should repent, try to be objective and stop looking for faults in people’s comments instead you try to correct such a person with facts and not labelling him/her as hater, enemy, miserable moron and other insults which you guys are known for.

          • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

            In most cases when facts are presented to you and your cohorts like a mirror. That’s when most of you and your cohorts tend to be subtle confrontational. I’ve always love an healthy debate you know me from kickoff, but when you start with vituperative response when you know you’ve been found out. You actually have me chuckle before. Anyway we can return to status quo as long as we can keep it moderately feisty because I won’t rule out anyone dropping a chuckle to each other especially in the heat of the moment.

      • KangA 4 years ago

        @Goal ⚽️ 
        I’ve always talked sense my friend. We’re never perpetual enemies, since, I suppose our interests align at some point: the success of the SuperEagles. But some members of your camp are diehards and relish at dragging the team down. 

        The wonderful thing is that Rohr stays to ignite the revolution we cherish. 

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    @goal. The job of the national team coach is to select the best possible professional players from the pool he has at his disposal and assemble a team. Aina, Uzoho, Okoye, Dennis, Osimhen, Chukwueze all got their SuperEagles debut under Rohr. Most of you are now praising Okoye for his career trajectory yet you and cohorts will claim the coach never discover a substantive goalkeeper since he came on board.

    Ekong and Balogun were discarded until he restore them to the famed “Oyinbo Wall”. Aribo, Ejaria, Ehizibue, Ebuehi, Dessers are all quality players he found and convinced them to play for Nigeria. Iwobi in a resent interview talked about how he’s enjoying playing under Rohr. If you’re not playing regularly at your club you’re not getting a call up it’s as simple as that. You’re no longer talking about his late substitutions anymore when you’ve been dished the facts that buried all your allegations about Rohr’s substitutions. Who in this life doesn’t have a flaw??? So all you want to be objective about is his shortcomings??? LMAO!! Lord have mercy. We already know that Rohr has built a team that will make us proud for some time to come.

    We don’t need any distractions as we still have to qualify for the AFCON in the first place with 4 games left to play. Now that the gaffer have extended his contact for the next two and half years all we need is focus not objective negativity.

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Collins id , I have taken my time to read all your comments on this subject matter , you are absolutely exceptionally awesome not take away credit from the @Goal @Omo9ja & other progressives great minds that are resolute in giving a robust and brilliant analysis just like the exceptional ones from the likes of Mr Hushs of this world .
    @Deo ( also a great mind of Rohr’s promoter) asked a salient question from oga Rohr that requires Yes or No answer ( he asked can Rohr categorically say Yes or No to wining next Afcon 

    I think many of Rohr’s promoters are confused , just now seeing what we have always knew all along that Rohr need to improve on his technical deficiencies and perhaps for NFF to support him with skilled assistants in our ex internationals for him to be able to win Afcon title and perform greatly in the WC.

    It amuses me that  the Rohr’s army of promoters calling us names , abusing the @Stan  , @Larrys , @Goal @Collins.id@Ade@ & other progressives great minds , telling us that Super eagles is now the most fearful team in the continent if not in the world ! Where they have been claiming every other football nations are scared to face S/E with the avalanche of great players playing in Europe with rating from 70 to bla-bla-bla and that now that super eagle soup has been well cooked , it is bad to allow another coach to take the glory .
    But few days after Rohr has been given contract extension, the same army of Rohr’s promoters are now written off the same team that they don’t have quality to win Afcon , just because oga Rohr said so , 
    Rohr’s promoters seriously need to stop embarrassing themselves for this 360 degree U turn 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “….But few days after Rohr has been given contract extension, the same army of Rohr’s promoters are now written off the same team that they don’t have quality to win Afcon …..”

      Pls copy anywhere anyone has said that and paste it here lets see. If providing links to back up all your prvious fallacies are difficult, this one obviously isnt…just scroll up, copy and statement made as such and come and paste it down here….LMAO

      Some people are just born liars…! Their “truths” always never have verifiable sources…LMAO

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    ….You’re no longer talking about his late substitutions anymore when you’ve been dished the facts that buried all your allegations about Rohr’s substitutions

    You are not getting the point, ones way of life always affect his decisions.
    Germans are conservative in nature and oga Rohr has often showed a lack of confidence or should I say he does give too much respect to his opponents and that do affect all he does including substitutions.

    Player like Dennis has not been given playing time to prove himself and also to create competitiveness in the team, ejuke has not been even invited talk more of giving him playing time so also is iwobi’s replacement(i know he is our engine room but mustn’t play 90mins all the time,he needs competition) which he hasn’t try other players like Dennis,ejuke or kalu  in the position. 

    So you can see that there’s still some question mark there but that doesn’t mean that oga Rohr hasn’t improved the team, if I said so then I’m lying.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Dennis I think can be an option behind Iwobi in the scheme of things. The likes of Musa, Chukwueze, Simon, are currently ahead of him in the wings while the likes of Iheanacho, Dessers are ahead of him in a striking role. He’s a promising player with great talent, but we need to see the consistency and he has already been called up by the gaffer. Ejuke as well must continue to stay consistent as I’m sure Rohr always rewards hardworking players doing well at their club sides.  By now he knows his players and in the best position to continue to get the results since he will continue to be around.

      The reason why Germans are conservative in nature is one of the reason Germany have 4 WorldCup titles. I don’t know about you and you’re entitled to your opinion. As far I know in terms of football artistry this is best I’ve seen the SuperEagles play since the days of Clemence Westerhoff. That’s why every one is expecting something great from this team assembled by Rohr. It’s fantastic to be optimistic now, but I remain cautiously optimistic as the team continue to grow marching to Cameroon with the aim to win the title. I have confidence that we can win the next AFCON with the caliber of players at Rohr’s disposal, but the gaffer needs to continue from where he is first by qualifying for the AFCON. 

  • Kaylord 4 years ago

    I sincerely doubt ithe Super Eagles can win the AFCON with Rohr in charge. The man has done very well for the team, but he clearly lacks the passion and fieriness to propel a team to the pinnacle of their abilities. The Super Eagles to me looks like a team of lions led by a cat. I would have dismissed his statement as mere caution, but his approach to previous games had been timid and I see his presence on the bench as non-inspirational. My mind broke at the last AFCON when I saw the way he celebrated a bronze medal! Nigeria should never celebrate bronze. Not even our recent dwindling soccer fortunes makes that acceptable. Our acclaim in the footballing world was built on the indomitable, never say never Nigerian spirit. Rohr needs to understand this fact.

    That a man has successfully performed a task does not mean he is the best at improving on that task. I would have loved a more inspirational, passionate, and attack-minded coach in charge of the Eagles to improve on Rohr’s achievements, but its Rohr we have so we have to support and wish him well.

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Kaylord , you are absolutely right in your analysis, but we have gone past that stage now since Rohr has been given contract extension, S/E is our own , failure or success Rohr would carry his bag and leave for his country he has nothing to loose , even NFF dares not pay him salary without sledge harmer from FIFA .
    So at this stage now , we have to be making supportive suggestions and good advise to make him succeed 

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