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Rohr: ‘Super Eagles – Young Team That Will Continue To Improve’

Rohr: ‘Super Eagles – Young Team That Will Continue To Improve’

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr believes his team will get better in future following their AFCON 2019 semifinal 2-1 defeat to the Desert Foxes of Algeria at the Cairo International Stadium on Sunday, Completesports.com reports.

The North Africans totally dominated the game with Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez scoring a late winner.

“I have a young team that will continue to improve and one that will surely get better. We are sad that we lost. In my players’ mind, they were already thinking about extra time, but we lost in the last minute to a wonderful free-kick scored by a special player, ” Rohr told a news conference after the game.

“Against South Africa, we scored late to win the game, today we conceded late. These things happen in football. I want to congratulate the Algerian team for winning the game and proceeding to the final.

“They played better in the first half and made things difficult for us. We conceded an own goal which was difficult to take.


Rohr in handshake with Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi

“We had a good second half and scored a goal from the spot. We have shown strong character by coming back from difficult situation in this tournament and we did the same against Algeria.

“We have leant a lot from this experience and will do better in future. This team is young but will get better.”

The Super Eagles will face the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia in the Third-Place match on Wednesday.

By Adeboye Amosu (pix: by Ganiyu Yusuf) in Cairo

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  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    BOMBOY: Hello, coach Rohr

    ROHR: Who is this?

    BOMBOY: My name is Bomboy. I just wanted to…

    ROHR (cuts in): Oh, Bomboy! That big mouthed guy in CSN forum? Did you call to taunt me? I know it is another Christmas day for all the haters in the forum. I know you prayed for the team to fail!

    BOMBOY: Not so coach Rohr. You see…

    RHOR: See what? May all the forgotten gods of France and Germany punish all my haters!

    BOMBOY: Easy coach. I don’t use abusive words. I am too cultured for that. I state my opinion, and that is it, unlike all your fans in this forum.

    ROHR: Remember I put you to shame by getting this far in the tournament.

    BOMBOY: I would have prefered you win again and out us to shame. That would have been a win win situation for both parties: you get to rejoice for putting me to shame, and I get to rejoice that my dear SE won.

    ROHR: Hehehehehe…. only my worshipers (oh, I meant fans) deserve to celebrate when I win.

    BOMBOY: I didn’t call you to taunt you. I called to congratulate you. Believe me, I know you tried your best. However, I think we need a more ambitious coach. Our Football Federation also needs to step up in their….

    RHOR: (interrupts) That is not my business! I hope they retain me because I need the job. However, I heard Lesotho needs a new coach and they have a young team and a humble FA! Don’t forget my credentials: Niger, Gabon, Bukinafaso…

    BOMBOY: You seem to have lost your humility, coach Rohr. And by the way…

    Click. Call terminated.

  • Rohr, Rohr, Rohr !!!s How many times have I call u…… Everytime the team is young…..Everytime the team is young…..is over 3 years now this players have been together with only few introduction of new players are you are saying it’s a young team ? Pls take resposibility for once. Tell me that your tactical input towards the end of the match was faulty and I will accept…… During the World Cup when we played Argentina it was 4 mins to the end of the match, we concede a late goal, against Algerian yesterday it was just few seconds to the end of the match. The same mistake at the world is repeating itself in the Nation Cup. It’s so Sad !

    • Abbey 2 years ago

      Exactly! Rohr keep telling Nigerians that our team is young and his building us a good team for the future since he was appointed over 3year ago and we are yet to have first Eleven. I think is time for Mr Rohr to give chance to another coach. Enough is Enough

  • Dapsy 2 years ago

    Familiar statement, “I have a young team that will continue to improve” Same before and after the distastrous outing in Russia last year. Rohr has had this team for 3 years and one cannot point to a regular starting line up. Team is always changing. No cohesive, tactical play for 3 years. The team has remained forever young and forever inexperecienced due to constistent call ups of new players. Questionable substitutions. Utterances of the coach pre match consistently highlights perceived weakness of his team rather than to be bullish about its strengths. No right thinking coach talks to the press about his team being inexperience. he does not inspire confidence in his team. The same attitude seems to trickle down to the players too. His post match comments are appalling to state the least. Is it time we look inwards?

    • BestSports 2 years ago

      Rohr na Yemen coach! Low mentality coach and lacks the cutting edge or strategy to grind out results against all odd. Our player’s are better than Algeria players based on status of dem clubs. But tactics and techniques or technical deficiencies from rohr cost us! So no need for that ready made arrange words of my young team! After 3 years? God have mercy! Complicated and completely stupid amaju pinnick should do d needful and relieve rohr of his nightmares and job politely so. My personal opinion is that pls amaju open ur eyes n sense and immediately appoint Emmanuel amunike impromptu! Finidi, and any other ex super eagles with the necessary qualifications and e go pass well to be coach. Get them and let them do their thing. The game now belongs to the ex players.

      • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

        So that they can then destroy the team….. thank you, we don’t want a coach that lost all his matches at the group stage

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    You’ve done well coachee. Not qualifying for 2 consecutive afcon editions and taking us statight to the semi fianls is not an easy feat. Of course, u shall learn from your mistakes and forge a better future with the boys. You have a very good team to reckon with in the future. Westerhorf lost his first afcon finals and went ahead to win the next edition in 1994. It’s all about experience. U fail, u pick ursef up and make amends. #istandwithrohr

    • @Oakfield, Did I hear you say done well Coachee…. ? Pls let’s NOT Celebrate Mediocrity…..Okay ! Nigeria is a football nation with quality players spread around the world, Super Eagles was ranked 4th best Team in the World after US 94 World Cup. We reach the semi final of AFCON not based Rohr technical input or tactical savvy, but rather on individual brilliance of our players. Algeria played 4-4-2 formation, Rohr played 4-3-3, which is a wrong formation to used against an organised team like Algeria. That is why the dorminated the midfield…..

      • Tenyson 2 years ago

        How much paracetamol do you keep within your reach because it’s obvious you are talking in the wrong Avenue, or to the irredeemable hopefuls. It’s amazing we are using the same words. But look around you, and tell me one area of Nigerian lives that’s not pervaded by mediocrity!

      • abba rossi 2 years ago

        @soccer45, best and sound tactical coach won,i saw some1 wrote yesterday that rohr should ve start the match with Ola Aina ahead of Awazie cos of his attacking ability which is very good observation and as a coach you don’t need anybody to tell you this cos we all saw what everybody is capable of doing but unfortunately rohr is coach who is not sure of his players talk less of pattern play, am just wondering what is new to Nigeria to play semi final or qualify to world cup that people are appreciating rohr what is new there? keshi did much better with the team as a coach than this Gabon/German man

        • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

          If it is not new, then we shouldn’t have failed to qualify not once but in two quick succession.
          Abeg best coaches in the world lose matches too.

        • Oakfield 2 years ago

          Yes, he remains the best. I strongly stand by him and my words. @soccer45 when were u born and when did u start watching Nigerian football? U made reference to the 1994 feat but did u know that we lost out in the previous edition in Algeria in 1990 and later won it subsequently in 1994? Are u aware that it took westerhirf more than 3yrs to build the squad that won the 1994 nations cup and went far to perform well at their first world cup in 1994 and made them rank 4Th in the world? We all make reference to the good past in history but fail to know what it took to achieve such a feat. Mr rohr has done very well and he needs to be in charge as we prepare for the world cup. He has a very good squad. Can we objectively analyze yesterday’s match to see why we lost or is ur judgement clouded with hate?Honestly speaking, we lost the match due to our goalkeeper’s elementary mistake. He wrongly positioned himself and we paid dearly for it. Mahrez attested to this yesterday and again the players failed to obey the coach’s simple instruction to avoid unecessary mistakes in the vital areaa. I swear, if akpeyi had positoned himself very well he wouldve obstructed that ball and we would ve gone ahead to win that match but his careless mistake cost us yet again. There’s is nothing wrong with the coach, make Una leave him alone. Any way, his employers know better than some of u demanding for his head and his contract shall be renewed. His record of great achievements is there to speak for him any time any day.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Abeg leave these ones. What do they know.

            Westerhof met a team that was robbed of being African champions in 1988. He also met a pool of U17 world champions from 1987 and world cup u20 runners up in 1989….but guess what, we only qualified for the WC on his 2nd attempt and won afcon on his 3rd attempt. 5 solid years he spent building his team.

            Rablerousers were calling for his sack back then too as early as even before the 1992 AFCON but thank God he had the sole backing of Admiral Aikhomu back then. The rest as they say now is history. But its so easy for haters to refer back to 1994 now. Lolz. If some people hadnt stood behind westerhof then, i’m sure we would still be dancing around in circles by now, hiring and firing.

            Make dem go bring their MR quickfix coach make we see…..LMAO

          • David Nduh 2 years ago

            Bros you are 200% correct. Don’t mind them.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        “We reached the semi final of AFCON not based Rohr technical input or tactical savvy, but rather on individual brilliance of our players”.

        Hahahahaha….I cant stop laughing. So where was the individual brilliance of the players in the semifinal….oh ok, I forgot Ekong scored an own goal for algeria and Ndidi also gifted mahrez a “penalty” in a very sweet position in the very last minute of play.

        I take nothing away from Ndidi though, great player he is, but a little more experience will teach him that he could have just jockeyed the Algerian to away from our danger area rather than hack him down. For christ sake etebo was right in front to nick the ball harmlessly off the feet of the opponent.

        If the boys can be win 24 out of 28 matches and reach afcon smei finals with sheer individual brilliance, why are y’all then ranting for a new coach. LMAO.

        Abeg we dont need a coach joor. Let the boys continue to win with their individual brillinace. Lolz

        Even the likes of Barca and Madrid with really World class players still have coaches….It is only in nigeria that you will hear that a team won a medal at the AFCON due to “sheer individual brilliance of the players and not the input of the coach.
        Same things they said about keshi back then. Infact they said it was solely because of Sunday Mba we won afcon. Lolz

        • jacob 2 years ago

          Who discovered Sunday Mba na you? Who has Rohr discovered and nurtured to success since 3yrs now from domestic league if not by running up and down pursuing foreign players with dual citizenship begging them to play for Nigeria?  I heard Egyptian coach resigned after exit. I’m surprised Rohr is still in charge after poor performance in world cup and Afcon 2019.Abi e no de shame? Black man(Keshi ) record pass your record abeg Go joor! 

          • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

            That means 22 coaches that didn’t get to finals of this Afcon are poor by your submission

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha…..GO and get yourself informed before coming here to disgrace yourself. Sunday Mba put himself in the shop window and duely got invited by keshi, the way ever other player get invited too. Infact Mba had captained Nigeria’s U17 team to gambia in 2005 and was part of most home based teams assembled even before keshi came on board.
            15 players…FIFTEEN players have made their debuts under G.Rohr in the last 3 years. Take it or leave it.

  • abba rossi 2 years ago

    well done G rohr u re a fantastic coach, best coach you ve many blind fans in Nigeria despite your credential speak for you and you prove from day one you cannot do what you dont know but you still ve supporters in Nigeria but today everybody is quite on this forum including those that use busy word again others.Honestly you did well NFF should shift focus to 2022 AFCON and give u another 3years contract well done, we ve seen your input as a sound tactical coach,as you always said,your young team did well despite beating Algeria same Algeria team during world cup 3-0 qualifier in Uyo and get a draw in Algiers, you bought the experience you learn in world cup to your team to AFCON semi final and play with the same Algerians that did know play in the world cup and you are still saying young team will continue to improve?well done rohr,NFF should extend your contract till 2022 one day you will win.

  • Tenyson 2 years ago

    I usually start by pointing the muzzle at Rohr, but in this particular match the SE players showed a horrible lack of desire to achieve anything despite all the support and expectations. No drive, no speed, no contest, no game plan, no urgency, no zest but wait, all these are true but it seems more true that they are being led by MR. Flimsy Excuses Rohr. I said it again and I’ll never care what the talk talk empty headed bedroom analysts cum Rohr’s stooges say back in reply. Rohr performance is nothing but another reflection of Nigerians accepting mediocrity as benchmark for standards! A coach that never projected any hunger for victory but participation in tournaments. Expressed that before every tourney and soon as achieved semi declared, this is the threshold l promised. Forgetting the fact that we got lucky in certain matches, we decried the performances from match 1, save for the SA match. Mr cheerleader claps by the sideline for every lackluster handling during matches. Took out of the game the only player that seemed to give the Algeria’s defense any cause for worry. Kept lghalo whose striking prowess on the day was to press on defenders body all 90 mins hoping for a slip. I’ve always mentioned, he may have been the highest scorer by scoring cheap chances off the hard work of others and penalties. A striker that lacks the skills for creating scoring chances won’t be my regular 9. Yea l heard your booing on that, but any reasonable person can tell me what good young player plies his trade in China. That’s football Florida. So scoring tons of goals amidst retiring players doesn’t make you a good one. Anyways, what do l know. Lick your wounds. The team will still be young in 2020 WC, lets at least pre-approve the excuses. By the way I’d rather not qualify than qualify and show the world that you don’t belong to where the world has classified you.

    • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

      So are you saying to other 20 coaches that didn’t make it to the quarter finals are all bad?

      • Tenyson 2 years ago

        If you expect that I’d say No, sorry to disappoint you. How long has African Teams been participating in the senior World cup? Does it it have to take forever before we know how to play soccer? No proofs abound that so many African players have proven their ability to play as good as anyone else on the planet. We have won several junior level tournaments partly because the other countries too don’t priotize big time coaches for those, so we operate at similar levels as far as that level is concerned, and we have proven that we know how to play soccer.You know what makes the difference? Look all over African teams. Always settling for low cadre coaching staff. That’s why we always lost out on technical deficiencies. So in look8ng at bigger picture, yes.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    It is not about how young your team is, it is about how you have been able to manage the team since you became the manager. You did a great job taking SE this far however,your managerial contributions in AFCON have further exposed your technical deficiency in terns of team selection and tactical approach. It was obvious from the games against Cameroon and South Africa that defensive approach was not the way out of your toothless and hypertensive defence (including GK) that you took to this tournament. It is difficult to attribute games won by SE to your were technical input but rather to exceptional capabilities of our players. Balogun has always been the best in our defence, yet you allowed internet warriors to decide for you, Aina was our top performer in the group stage, yet you dropped him because of your rigid tactics, Musa is globally known for his blistering runs and goals at tournament, yet you underutilized him to favor your paddy , at least your paddy got to be the leading scorer at the expense of the team. His selfish display was one of the reasons we lost. Your selection of Ogu ahead of Semi will haunt you forever. Upcoming players like Aina, Samu, Osim, Onye,Awo, Odey, Okere, Bonave etc. need a manager that can instill confidence in them.
    You can give what you don’t have, for that reason G.Rohr, Alloy Agu, Ama… you are fired!!!
    Provide same support, salary and environment to Oliseh, Amuneke, coach of Rangers/ Enyimba. Rufai, Finidi, I believe they will take us to the next level
    Oliseh as the head coach
    Amuneke as assistant
    Rufai as GK trainer
    Finidi as technical assistant

  • Larry 2 years ago

    **can’t give**

    • Xxxxxxxxxxxplay 2 years ago


      • No sir Mikel was his offensive midfielder,Iwobi was taken as an attacker.People said Rohr was right that Iwobi plays as a left-sided attacker in his club. Mr Rohr was later forced to use Iwobi in midfield.
        OK but like you said,there was no real deputy for Iwobi in the squad.For a country like Nigeria with the glut of talents we have, that’s almost criminal.
        Didn’t people call for Kelechi Nwakali? Anyway these are by the way talk.

  • Samson Oyeyinka 2 years ago

    Oliseh can never handle Super eagles again. He is too bossy and does not listen to instructions. I would prefer Siasia to him. He almost ruinedS the career of Enyeama

  • @Larry dont ever mention oliseh again,wut did he do when he last coached Nigeria

  • Hello everyone. My take is that it is high time we let coach Rohr go. I am not one who insults ppl esp adults however the ineptitude of this coach is too gross and apparent and he exudes too much pride than we can take as a nation.
    I listened to peterside the other day and l am like no option than to concur with his position. I mean we really had nothing to offer against Algeria. Even if we succeeded in taking the match to extra time they would still have beaten cos they were simply better. sE team was simply waiting for a magic to happen. So sad. We were not tired in that match, we were overwhelmed but the useless coach said we were tired!leaving Musa and ighalo in on d field.
    It’s time we let him go. If we get another coach and he does not perform we let him go as well.
    Young teams win tournaments, it’s not as if the team is too young or inexperienced to lift the trophy. Enough of this mediocrity pls.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Thank you coach Rohr yes we have a young team that will continue to improve. From the U23 qualifiers we need to start looking for more ball carriers in midfield creative department, more solid and stable defenders. I thought Aina was a better fit at that left back than Collins. Though Collins was good defensively but he struggled against Mahrez yesterday. A player from Torino deployed against Mahrez would’ve been a perfect match up. We need more competition in the goalkeeping department and possibly replace your goalkeeper trainer and get better assistants to work with Rohr. 

    People are already quick to type sack Rohr sack Rohr all over the place, but they forgot where we were before we got here. As far as I’m concerned I saw a bright future for the SuperEagles with Rohr continuing with what he’s doing. 20 of the 23 players are in the AFCON for the first time. The Algerian team that we lost to narrowly had been together since 2014. M’Bolhi, Feghouli, Mahrez, Guedeora, Brahimi, Slimani, Belaili, Bounedjah have all been in the team since 2014.

    At the 2015 AFCON they lost to Ivory Coast in the Quarter final. At the 2017 AFCON which is the last AFCON they didn’t even made it out of the group stage. SuperEagles weren’t completely dominated the possession was 49-51 in our favor. They were only able take over the midfield from Ndidi and Etebo. Etebo battled really hard and stood out, but Algeria had four players in midfield. They have grown as a team together since 2014 and most of them now in their late 20s needed it now more than ever. They’re a golden generation of Algerian football and I think they’re on the way to the trophy. 

    The Senegalese team too have been together since 2014. I remember in 2015 AFCON they couldn’t make it out of the group stage. In 2017 they were knocked out in the Quarter final. They’re in their first AFCON final since 2002 with a team they’ve been building for 5 years. We didn’t qualify for two consecutive AFCON and these team have only been together for 3 years and they’ve gone this far with the future very bright. 

    Our greatest SuperEagles team took us 5 years to build before they won the AFCON and qualified for the WorldCup. Rohr needs to continue with this team to ensure greatness in the near future. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE. 

    • Saheed 2 years ago

      @ Ayphillydegreat,how many years did it take the late Stephen keshi to build that 2013 team that qualified for the world cup,won the nation cup and even got to the second round of the 2014 fifa world cup? You are now sayin that Rorh should be retained!!! Never!!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Yes he should be retained, but that’s not up to me and you. That’s the NFF decision to make. If they decide to keep he will to have my utmost support and they decide otherwise I will continue to support whoever replace him as long as the SuperEagles are progressing. For now I see progress because we didn’t qualify for the last two AFCON. Therefore, I want him to continue.

        Keshi’s team of 2013 and 2014 have already been with Siasia since after the 2010 WorldCup. They had previously failed to qualify for the AFCON in 2012 under Siasia. Majority of the players he took to South Africa in 2013 have already been capped by Siasia during the failed qualifiers of 2012. So don’t come here to tell me what I already know. He only brought strong-will into the team and most of the players respected him. Eventually he failed to qualify for the next AFCON. So where was the progress?

        Now I see progress because we have a collection of U23 players that resemble the original DreamTeam in a very long time. I hope we qualify for the Olympics and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Osimhen, Nwakali, Azubuike, Kalu, Onyekuru, Awaziem, Chukwueze, Okeke, Dennis. All already in the SuperEagles or on the the radar of the SuperEagles are all potentials for the immediate future.

        We have two major tournaments coming up that will define the potential we have for the next WorldCup if we qualify. The Olympics and the next AFCON. We have to give room for continuity otherwise it will be one step forward 100 steps backwards if we continue with our quick fix mentality. 

        • Cuteprince 2 years ago

          No my Homie keshi overhauled the team ,only the performing handful was added from the 2010 squad…Keshi is incomparable in this regard.

          • Keshi never failed to qualify, as we all know he was sabotaged…
            Haba na u dey yarn like this?

    • jacob 2 years ago

      How many years did Keshi used to prepare a team that won 2013 nations cup and Nigeria to world cup in 2014 and made it to second round of same tournament?  Please answer.Is not only Westerhoff that succeeded, you people are making reference to only Westerhoff forgetting an indigenous coach has made success with super eagles before with even meagre support compared to this Rohr of a person.

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    SACK ROHR….SACK ROHR…SACK ROHR. And sack our football in the process? What will we do if the Super Eagles fail to qualify for the next Afcon and world cup? That is what will likely happen if we embark on this knee jerk reaction! If we sack Rohr, it must be because we want to replace him with a better coach. Someone who can build on what he has achieved. Just sacking him because we need a scapegoat will set our football on a backward trajectory.
    As Ayphillydegreat mentioned, the Algeria that narrowly beat us has been a work in progress since 2014 or thereabouts. The Algerians are now reaping what they sowed. As for us, some say we have talents. That may be so, but I don’t see any superstars in our squad. I see a bunch of good players. A bunch of players that failed to qualify for two Afcons BACK TO BACK! Along comes Rohr, and we find ourselves playing world cup and Afcon matches, even making it to the Afcon semis!!!
    As I said in a previous write up, if Rohr must go, then we need the REAL MCCOY to replace him. No clowns or jokers, please. Frank Rijkaard. Roberto Martinez. These are two names that come to my mind. The Madagascar coach Dupuis also interests me. I want to see his magic wand. What has he been putting in the water they drink over there, that makes them perform like that, running like maniacs all over the pitch for 90 mins? I tell you, the big weapons of the Barea is their fitness and stamina levels, and their incredible focus. At a point, I wanted to suggest that they be tested for drugs. If our Super Eagles have that kind of fitness, stamina and focus, even with the lack of a superstar in their ranks, our team would be pretty much unplayable! Perhaps, Dupuis can come and show us his secret. Whoever the NFF decide to hire, he must be a person of QUALITY. And no expense should be spared in acquiring the services of this person.

    • Pompeii you are absolutely correct. Rohr has brought some positives to the SE that should be built on but we need a more tactically sound coach who will harness the talents to play our brand of football. You don’t see the Dutch, Brazil, Germany playing defensive football and they have the philosophy of attack is best form of defense. The coaches you mentioned funny thing I just researched them the other day especially Rikjard. I think he is a good coach to bring back that solid midfield/ defensive structure with high powered attacking flair. Reminds me of the Ronaldinho Barca days. We probably need a good Dutch coach with good local assistants where the end game is for them to take over once a proven solid system is in place. Local coaches or ones that live in the country are always the best hope in discovering local talent and integrating them seamlessly into the national team  

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Exactly, Rex. I would welcome Rohr’s departure if someone like Rijkaard was hired. Guys like Amuneke, Finidi, Siasia and Amokachi can be considered to assist him. And Kanu should be involved, not in a coaching capacity for now, but as a PEP TALKER, if that word exists. Kanu has a way of motivating and galvanizing players.If we are not ready to spend the dough required for a world class coach, then we better let Rohr be! The alternative will likely send us back to the DARK AGES!!!

    • Rohr got it wrong when he used the same formation he played South Africa to play Algeria. In the South Africa game it was Nigeria 4-3-3 vs South Africa 4-3-3. With this formation our midfielders we able to close the space using lest energy to do that…. The Algerian Coach new well that 4-3-3 formation will not work against the Nigerian team because of the quality of their midfielders, so he choose to played 4-4-2 formation using 4 midfielders to gain more possession over 3 (Iwobi, Etebo and Ndidi), by doing so the established their dominance in the midfield. It’s difficult for 3 to mark 4, in doing so you have to double up your effort, and in doing so you will ran of energy. This is one of the reason Iwobi, Etebo and Ndidi were all tired in the course of the game, our attackers, Musa and Igalo have to drop into the midfield to assist, which is not their work. A Striker suppose not to struggle for balls in the middle wasting his energy, he should the energy within him to contend the defenders and score goals. The tactical approach of Genort Rohr was wrong…. He would have played the same formation the Algerian played that is 4-4-2 to create balance, that is when we are attacking is 4-4-2 and when we are defending is 4-5-1. This formation would have fustrate the plans while giving us a edge in that game. To me is Tactical Strenght is very questionable. We cannot move forward with a man who is not flexible with his styles of play. Everytime is always 4-4-3 inrespective whether the team is weak or strong. There is a neec for upgrade…….

  • I have always said that Nigeria has a football tradition and culture. This tradition involves playing with a never say die attitude, playing attack minded and entertaining football orchestrated by highly skillful players, especially right and left wingers! This philosophy won Nigeria the 3 nations cup that she has won till date Even Keshi had no choice than to defer to this philosophy by using Victor Moses on the wings.
    Mr. Odegbami queried the philosophy of Rohr and so many people (most probably, people who never saw him play for Nigeria) on CNS rained abuses on him and those who agreed with his write up.
    Ever since Rohr took over as the head coach of Nigeria, it has been excuses upon excuses each time Nigeria loses. No attempt at taking the blame for his part in the defeats. “We have a young team…” For how long will we continue to hear this redundant music from Rohr? He focuses more on defensive football and plays players pout of position just because he must use his loyalists in the team. Like Denerby like Rohr! They both play conservative and defensive football. These coaches forget that goals win you matches.
    Rohr’s faulty and costly decisions against Algeria was simply not different from what Nigeria’s indigenous coaches would take in crucial matches. Time and time again we have seen indigenous coaches commit the same blunders that Rohr committed against Algeria and they got fired. I don’t know why Rohr’s case should be different. Every coach that coaches the super eagles must be placed on the same rating scale, no exceptions.
    Why would Rohr stick to 3 man midfield when it was obvious that Algeria was overrunning us in the midfield with 4 players! Even if he adopted that formation in the first half he ought to know to change that formation in the 2nd half. Instead, he committed another blunder; he removed his most useful attacking player – Chukwueze from the match and replaced him with a player whom he refused to use in the group stage. After equalizing against Algeria, because of his rigid approach to football, he was very much okay with the decision of the players to resort to defensive tactics with just 4 minutes to end the match. Which coach does that? Nothing is going against you, you are fortunately back in a game that you were losing and with 4 minutes to go, you decided that it was best to sit back and defend. I don’t understand what he was defending; a match that has not yet been won?
    His approach to that match was not different from the approach of a “heart attack football coach” He did it against Cameroun and South Africa and got away with it. So, he thinks that he will always get away with that kind of defeatist approach.
    Truth is bitter but the truth remains that Rohr can’t take super eagles beyond the level he has successfully taken them to now. Keshi took a mixture of local players and foreign players to the nations cup and won it. Rohr took better quality players to the same nations cup, played them out of positions, instilled defensive mentality in them and lost in the semi final. Comparatively, Keshi can be said to have done better than him and that is a fact. I’m not even going to compare him to Westerhof.
    His greatest blunders going to the nations cup was refusing to give super eagles a reliable goalkeeper and deciding to make the super eagles camp an implicitly closed camp where all comers were not given equal opportunities. Super eagles coaches who succeeded at the nations cup never used that approach to select players.
    NFF should look for a better foreign coach than Rohr or appoint the likes of Amuneke as coach and give them the same privileges that were given to Rohr.

    • Michael Adelami 2 years ago

      Please I need you to answer some questions:
      1. With this philosophy, why haven’t we won more than 3 out of 32 that has been played.
      2. Please how many Afcon did Odegbami win
      3. If our philosophy was so excellent why did we not even get to semi final in any of the world cup Nigeria participated in before Rhor’s era.

      See friend, most of the fans are just deceiving themselves. The truth is that after 1994, Nigeria senior team has only won 1 major trophy (that is in 25years we has only won one trophy) and they keep claiming that Nigeria has one kind of obscure philosophy that wins trophy…LMAO

      What I see is that we are not ready to do the main job, which is grassroots development and also work on the league. Unfortunately, that is that is the only way we can build a real team but we are not ready to do our work.

      Sack the coach and bring the world’s best coach to work with this system, such will surely fail.

  • Isaac Maduka 2 years ago

    Coach Rohr said SE came to learn at the world Cup. A year later at the Nations, SE is still learning.How much time does Rohr need to build a team. From the beginning, Coach Rohr was unqualified to Coach SE because he did not have good profile. The only reason Amaju pinnick gave him the job is because he shares Rohr’s $500000 per anjum salary with him. In the past when SE played well and lost fans were happy because we cannot win all the time. It time for NFF to fire Rohr

  • Did see Odegbami play or did you watch 1980 and 1994 nations cup?. Maybe you did not. Not until you do a comparative analysis of the 1980 and 1994 super eagles and that of Rohr’s and you compare Keshi’s performance at the nations cup and world cup within the same number of years with Rohr’s performance, will I answer your questions.
    Do these analysis with an open mind and come back and respond to my comment, then I will be willing to answer you.

  • Edoguy 2 years ago

    I think I the match against Algeria showed that Rohr hasn’t improved. Still unable to read games and make the right substitutions. He only changes player based on stat which I do not agree with. Rohr’s advantage has been his unpredictability and for this match he was so predictable. The Algerian coach guessed his starting lineup.

    At half time, I was expecting Rohr to battle to control that midfield more. Keep the ball more and draw bodies away from the wingers. This is happening again and same thing happened during the world cup. We needed Mikel to come in after the goal we scored. Mikel would have kept the ball better and slowed the pace of the game. I remember the 2006 world cup qualifier against Algeria, when Eguaveon was coach, Algeria had equalised in Algiers and they were leading 2-1. Eguaveon brought in Olofinjana for Aghahowa just to play with Ayila and Obodo in the midfield. They slowed down the game and kept the ball better and we won that game 5-2. Eguaveon was coach and knew what to do (he played as a defender too). This was simple tactics just like then, bring in Mikel to keep the ball in the midfield.

    My problem with Rohr is simple, he doesnt trust his players enough. Referring to the example above, Olofinjana was hated by Nigerians too. No one liked the way he played. But Eguaveon, a local coach, knew when to put him in.
    Whenever the super eagles play under Rohr, they are always under pressure and dont know what to do. Algeria is a team we all know to always huff and puff, but to beat them you need to stay cool, keep the ball and play your game.
    Why does Rohr not trust his players?

    To the start of the game, Rohr was predictable. Rohr would have started with a different 11 to remain unpredictable. Why not start with Aina in RB instead or Henry for Chukwueze and put in the latter to sure up things. Rohr didnt want to win this game.

    I dont blame the players, I blame Rohr for this. Algeria are not good enough. Senegal can take them on and win them. They play dirty. Passion is not dirty. I also do not like the attitude of Nigeria’s elite publicly promising money for goals. What kind of stupidity is that.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Start with a different 11? When everyone was blaming him for changing a winning team against Madagascar. Every one were complaining bring in Onyekuru bring in Onyekuru. Unfortunately Onyekuru didn’t contribute anything to help us win the game. His only chance and perhaps best chance for us in the game he fluffed it. I’m sure he planned to make those midfield changes anticipating extra time. The truth is that that Algerian team are more experienced and better than the SuperEagles on the day. If we had dragged them to extra time we would’ve won because they will be tired, they used their experience in key moments and deservedly won. As for the SuperEagles I think they will flight from here with Rohr continuing with the progress. 

      • Edoguy 2 years ago

        I think Rohr should go. Is not about the change too, its about changing the shape of the team to allow you win the match.

        Its not going in your favour, probably its because the team’s shape is predictable, as a coach, sometimes its not always the players fault not playing well but the fault of the tactics. Against madagascar, Rohr’s change was to bring in ndidi for Ogu. What was that? The coach is inept.

        The coach must go!!! thats the end of Rohr.

        Why will you be praising Rohr for this btw? are you blind?

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

          No I’m not blind I don’t know if you are if you don’t see that we failed to qualify for the last two AFCON. Maybe you were living in a different planet at the time. You must be significantly blind and lost in memory not to know where we were before Rohr. I implore you to apply for the position of the SuperEagles coach and bring in your tactical know how to see where you will take us. Stupid asshole of the highest order. Brainless baboon, How can you come here and call me blind? I thought I was going to have a healthy debate devoid of insults with you, but you degraded yourself to the shit hole you live in. I know you’re new on this forum, if you ever want to debate with me you need to respect yourself otherwise if you want to come here to abuse me because I disagree with you I’m always game. 

          • Edoguy 2 years ago

            Hmmm…now i know you. not ashamed to degrade youreself…lol, anyways apologies for the blind comment.

            I think we were in the same shithole prior to 2013 when we didnt qualify for the AFCON prior. you remember?

            Well, what happened, Keshi took us to 2013 and won the nations cup and then took us to the world cup and destroyed his achievement with his team selection which was filled with allegations of bribery and money exchanging hands. I just wanted to proof to you that I remember.

            Under previous coaches that handled the team, the scenario was different. Nigeria was still coming up as a force in the world and we were not even there yet. westerhof failed, yes, he did fail to win the 1990 nations cup but the scenario was much different. Nigeria didnt have a team before then. Westerhof had to look for his players for all positions because Nigeria was in a political mess and the team that won the 1980 nations cup was all gone. Basically starting from square one. People saw the way westerhof played and it was good. you could see he what he was doing was gradually yielding result.

            Now lets compare to current coach Rohr. Nigeria has arguably the best talents in African football. In all positions currently, you can find players playing in descent side. If you even decide to drop the current 23, you can replace with a team that will get you to at least the 2nd round of the AFCON. Most youth systems now have Nigerians playing.

            Yes, I agree with you that Nigeria is in a mess economically, and the league should be better.

            Against Morocco at the CHAN tournament during one of Keshi’s last spells, we were down 3-1, what was Keshi’s response. Let me remind you that Nigeria had local league players who were dumb on tactical play and not the best compared to moroccan player.Keshi turned it around introducing two attacking midfielders and changing the shape of the team and fighting for 2nd balls and hence Nigeria could find the wingers. Same event, different coaches, different results.

            When Rohr was down 1-0 against algeria, at half time, he didnt know what to do. Thats the difference. For that reason alone, we need to change the coach.

            Another example is 2006 wcq against algeria. we were level 2-2 with good algerian players like boutabout, alhimi, pretty descent, not the best but good. Eguaveon turned it around introducing a midfielder, Olofinjana for Aghahowa and trusted him that we needed to keep the ball and a little more against the algerians that like the game open and like to run at your defence. their tactics isnt new.

            Our coach is just poor.

  • If i were to revamp the Tech crew my employees will be as follows with accompanying portfolios

    1.Men NT Manager/Nff tecnical director- Genort ROHR(team management/defense coach)

    2.Asst Manager/Technical/Tactical Adviser- Oliseh (general strategy,shooting & midfield coach)

    3.Chief coach – Manu Garba

    4.Asst. Coach (attacking coach) – Siasia

    5.Ike Shorunmu/ikeme & Enrico pionetti – Gk trainer
    6.team’s physical trainer,



    9.video analyst,

    10.scout/opposition scout

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    My team team is young one year has gone.

    My team is young 2 years has gone.

    3 year has gone still your team haven’t matured enough. Come on coach Rohr.

    Enough of this. I love you coach but please you must go. You are not tactically sound. Your time is over. If I handled this team for a year, Nigerians will be proud of me.

    You must go coach Rohr. Coach Aloy Agu and the rest of the coaching crew must go too. Your fans letting you down by no telling you the bitter truth but sorry, it is too late. Your fans loved you more than their Country. We patriotic Nigerians have been warning you sote e e e e e e. You turned your back to us.

    They said we should give you a second chance after the world cup scenarios which we did. Same story, same result every year. I’m tired of that. Oga Rohr should resign after the third place.

    We can see now that coach Dennerby is the best. Coach Dennerby is wonderful.
    Coach Dennerby is fantastic and awesome. Within a year, he won Afcon trophy, Wafu trophy and he made it to the rounds of 16.

    Now, our local coaches are quite ready. We patriotic Nigerians are ready to help our darling Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • jacob 2 years ago

      In addition to that nff should sack themselves before Nigerians sack them. It is time for ex-players to manage our football house.You cannot manage what you don’t know. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! !!!!!!

  • Bishop Joshua 2 years ago

    of football history would agree with me that late Keshi and Westerhof were the two most attacked, cricized and castigated coaches Nigerians had. Some of the.guys here talking about Keshi were his greatest critics especially in 2014. I could remember on kickoff Nigeria platform where you can’t read an article without seeing people who thought Keshi was not right for the job. Some asked for a foreign coach while others requested for Siasia. Down the line, after Keshi failed to qualify for the next AFCON, he was sacked. There was a lot of sabotage, yes, but it was sponsored by continued calls from fans who thought he was not tactically sound.
    Are we talking of Clemence Westerhof who ran away from his job after the world cup? Siasia and Emeka Ezeugo practically fought him in the dressing room after the Italy loss. Clemence Westerhof no doubt took Nigeria to great heights, becoming 5th team in the world and 2nd most entertaining team after Brazil but do we know how long it took him to achieve that? Some one here said he rebuilt.new team because the team had no quality players then. such ignorance! Westerhof did not only fail to lift the AFCON in his first attempt in Algiers 90, he couldn’t reach the semis in the Senegal 92 AFCON. It was the 3rd attempt after 5 years on the job that he had a pool of players that.made Nigeria proud. Back then, as an enthusiastic football follower I remember many Nigerians criticizing Westerhof coaching skills. They argued the Eagles lacked finese and coordinated play. Under Westerhof, we could hardly string passes in midfield together. If you watched AFCON qualifiers and world cup qualifiers against CIV, Algeria,etc in 93 you will attest to that. Eagles became more interesting and entertaining when the likes of Dan Amokachi, Sunday Oliseh and Okocha were integrated into the team. Westerhof’s game plan was nothing more than punting the ball up for.gangling Yekini to score. His style was more of route 1 football. He never took to Okocha with fancy footworks and dribbles. He preferred the Oliha and Adepoju who would do the simple task of spraying pass to the gangling hit man. The 5years of Westerhof was a success because Admiral Augustus Aikhomou, stood by.him despite impatience of Nigerians. He gradually injected the kind of fresh legs he needed like Finidi(92), Amokachi,93, Oliseh, Okocha,Amuneke, Ikpeba,(93) to a team where there were Siasia, Eguavoen, Okechukwu, Iroha,Oliha, Adepoju, Chris Nwosu, late big boss, Keshi and irrepressible goalscorer Rashidi Yekini. He phased out Portuguese based goal monger Richard Owubokiri, Friday Elaho, Friday Ekpo and even Etim Esin. Even after many years Westerhof never had a steady first eleven. Why would people accuse Rohr of not knowing his first.eleven and still criticize for not.fielding.their.preffered players? Why criticize him for not playing so and so.players in the tournament and still attack him for changing his line up in another match? Someone here even opined that against Algeria he should.have changed the entire first 11! Like seriously?
    Of course when a team loses, there are noticeable reasons for the loss. Naysayers and all the “I told you so..” have an easy job being an arm chair critic. Even when they give analysis of a match and what coach.ought.to do, one can easily pick holes in their tactical flaws and naivety. Its easy to be an arm chair coach or a football video game manager. That doesn’t translate to real life issues. Since Rohr took over, the Eagles has been steadily rising to the glory days. We qualify for tournaments with games to spare and don’t need to punch calculators.
    Remember I said this, years after we must have sacked Rohr, some people here who criticized him for incompetence will celebrate him and remind us all that.he was one of Nigeria’s finest

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      I appreciate you Bishop Joshua. Most of them criticized Keshi like he was the worst thing to ever happen to Nigeria football. They call him gather and play, now Keshi is their hero. For 5 years Westerhof never really had a settled first 11 until the final of Tunisia 94 against Zambia. I can recall how the effervescent fans at the main bowl of the national stadium in Surulere will always groan at the Eagles display until a goal is scored by the gangling Rashidi to calm nerves.

      Thank goodness we had a deadly finisher and fantastic crossers of the ball like Finidi, Amuneke and Ikpeba coming through the ranks at the time. They are always quick to come here and analyze the tactical flaws of the coach when we lose, but they’re nowhere to be found during the wins against Cameroon and South Africa. At one nil down after only 45 minutes he should just go ahead and make a change at half time when his team is on the ascendancy, who does that? The SuperEagles stood their ground against a very formidable Desert Foxes.

      I believe if the game had gone to extra time we would’ve won. Thank you for reminding naysayers and arm chair critics who probably never coached a kindergarten 11 before that since Rohr took over the SuperEagles have been steadily rising to the glory days after we reached bottom by not qualifying for two consecutive AFCON. The rest of Africa have left us behind.

      Rohr rekindle the momentum by qualifying for the WorldCup against all odds with a game to spare and qualify for the AFCON with a game to spare. Now they want Amuneke and Mr runaway Oliseh. Maybe as assistants to Rohr or any other better foreign coach definitely not as SuperEagles coaches. Sack Rohr and see if we would be able to qualify for the next AFCON. 

    • God Bless you Bishop Joshua…i never knew we have people like you still around Nigeria…thanks again!

      • @Ayphillydegreat,Yeah Oliseh, Amuneke, Siasia can be brought in to assist Oga rohr and most especially to ALSO LEARN THE ACTS OF MAN/TEAM MANAGEMENT FROM ROHR… as that is the only areas the aforementioned trio are lacking greatly,and for me NOTHING wrong with that… But to replace ROHR now Will be Suicidal!

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Bishop Joshua, your comment is SPOT ON. The naysayers will always talk anyhow. But those that know wetin dey will tell you that building a solid football team is not a short term project. It takes time. It took 5 years for Westerhof to get us where we wanted, and we ended up as 5th best team on the planet, and 2nd most entertaining team behind Brazil! Imagine that! If the authorities had buckled under pressured and sacked Westerhof, who knows if that great team would ever have been assembled! And, without those 1994 boys, the 1996 Olympic triumph may likely never have happened! You see the domino effect of decisions? A good decision can put us in a position of benefit for years to come, and a bad decision can completely derail all the good work currently on ground. Thankfully, Pinnick seems to be borrowing a leaf from Aikhomu. Let’s see what happens next.