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Rohr To Drop Okoye, Akpoguma For Eagles Return Leg Clash Vs Sierra Leone

Rohr To Drop Okoye, Akpoguma For Eagles  Return Leg Clash Vs Sierra Leone

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr will drop the duo of Maduka Okoye and Kevin Akpoguma from the starting line-up in next Tuesday’s 2022 Africa of Nations qualifying fixture against Sierra Leone, reports Completesports.com.

The two players struggled to make impact in Friday’s 4-4 home draw against same opponent at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, Benin City.

Mega Millions Naija

Okoye conceded four times, while Akpoguma, who played as right-back also put up a poor performance in the game.

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Completesports.com learnt from a reliable camp source that Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi will take the place of Okoye, while the trio of Ola Aina, Chidozie Awaziem and Tyronne Ebuehi are in line to replace Akpoguma.

The Super Eagles top Group L with seven points from three games.

The West Africans could a seal a place in Cameroon 2022 with a win against the Leone Stars at the Siaka Stevens Stadium, Freetown.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Presh 2 years ago

    Those of you who don’t like progress, bringing Daniel Akpeyi are enemies of progress. Is akpeyi our future keeper to the World Cup. You lots are a disgrace. 

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    I would go for Aina at left back and Awaziem right back Ekong and Balogun central defence.We must go back to tested and trusted no room for unnecessary risks,and we should be patient with Okoye and observe him for a while before deciding on handing him another chance.

    We should play Shehu Abdullahi,Oghenekaro Etebo,Alex Iwobi in midfield.Iheanacho in attack flanked by Chukwueze and Musa.

    My super eagles for Freetown












    • Maloxxy 2 years ago

      @ Greenturf. Good selection. But remove Musa and replace with Ejuke.

  • Gbenga 2 years ago

    This was what GR should have done. Stick with the team that got the 6 maximum points to seal the qualification, then start the restructuring towards the afcon proper. I love Dan Akpeyi, but he knows it is time to develop a younger goalie for the country. He won’t see his dropping to the bench in the national team as losing form or out of favor. He understands Nigeria and Nigerians very well now. Ivory Coast did not just throw their former first choice Boubacar Barry away like that!

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    @ Greenturf. Nice one. But I will take out Musa and also keep Aribo on that team. Musa is just not it anymore. Musa starting that game yesterday created loads of mixup in the attack . Ejuke should be playing right from the start. Ejuke’s dexterity/ tenacity is needed. He deserves far longer minutes on the pitch than he is having. If we must be honest Musa’s performances is beginning to decieve. I am his biggest fan but it’s time we close his page. I love him but honest judgement is key to progress.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Glory….Musa starting the game yesterday was the reason we had numerical advantage in the middle and swarmed the S/L like bees. At some point he looked like he was playing 8, at some point he looked like he was playing 10. He acted as a perfect foil for Iwobi who is the creator in chief as well as Osimhen when he drops into space. He may have given away too many balls but but he acted well as the weld between the midfield and the attacking third. Up till when we was taken off everything seemed to be going on well and the boys were still serious. It is not just a coincidence that everything crumbled both in terms of concentration and in terms of output when he was subbed off and we were left with those who are after personal glory (show boating) above team glory. We are in a hurry to rush the younger ones into the team beacuse of their flamboyance…..but it takes beyond flamboyance to be a national team player for close to a decade, earning over 90 caps in the process.

      • The problem with our people is over sabi use this use that.see how all of them are dropping their lineup as if is that easy. Okoye,Aribo is suddenly not good again. This same Aribo has not been convincing in the 2 international matches he had played so far but if he was not selected they will say the coach is clueless. On Akpobona it was d same people like who used to complained of not using using new invited player, most of you don’t know your action is confusing the coach and putting unnecessary pressure on him. For Ejuke, u guys want to cause another problem for him just like Okoye allow the guy to blend into the team well because it has showed from his brief cameo so far that he is not ready yet. Yes i agreed he made a mistake in the last match but he shouldn’t shoulder the blame alone the players too. His substitutes was not late as they used to say but was wrong according to our coaches here hmmmm! @omo9ja am not surprise at all but dropping Okoye is a good idea the performanse wasnt good to be frank even that Sanusi has not been playing well but that is not for me to decides.

  • Aleks 2 years ago

    It makes no sense punishing Akpoguma and Okoye for what was absolutely the coaches fault. Everyone knows that Akpoguma is a centre back, yet the coach insisted on playing him as a right back even when  the young man had proved ineffective in that position during the two friendly games last month. When Balogun got injured, even a novice would have used that opportunity to move Akpoguma to pair Ekong in his more familiar centre back role, while bringing  in Ola Aina or Ebuehi to slot into the right back.
    Yet our coach chose to bring in Ajayi to pair with Ekong leaving Akpoguma to continue suffering in the right back. Even when the game was still 4-2, the coach could still have salvaged things by withdrawing the struggling Aribo, moving Ajayi to support Etebo in the midfield, and Akpoguma to pair Ekong in the centre while bringing in Ola Aina or Ebuehi to stem the opponent’s onslaught through the right. 
    I have been a advocate of allowing Rohr to patiently build this Super Eagles team, but in this game he got it all wrong. He succeeded in killing the confidence of of a decent young center back by playing him in the wrong position, and that of our young keeper by leaving him unnecessarily exposed through a rather daft selection and poor tactical approach.

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago

      I can’t but agree with your submission @Aleks. Though the players should shoulder some blame for yesterday debacle, the primary blame lies on the coach.
      That said, looking forward to the next game. I sincerely hope the coach doesn’t panic and make further blunders in his selection. The tools are right there, Rohr just have to make good use of it.
      Akpoguma is a CB; a good one at that and should be allowed to maintain that role rather than switched to a RB role evidently he isn’t suited for. It is even more ridiculous with the fact that we got 3 outstanding Players that can play that role ( Aina, Ebuehi and Awazeim). Simply pick one from these trio and we are good to go.
      Though, I got no qualms with midfield selection but it is quite clear that in as much Etebo’s grit is admirable, he is no shield like Ndidi. And Aribo’s defensive side has been overshadowed by his attacking intent. The combo of Aribo and Etebo while good for attacking, leaves the defence quite open. It could work if they play with a destroyer in their midst. As regards availability,since no Ndidi ; an Ajayi as DMF would suffice.
      That would leave an attack with both Iwobi, Chukwueze (if fit, read he got a knock; if not fit , Ejuke) playing from the wings. Both have to work really hard , cause they have to cut inside supporting the midfield and must return to support the overlapping full backs when necessary.
      Lastly, I would stick with Nacho in number 9 role. Since he got skills and goals in him and can as well fall back to support the midfield. Musa could be a choice, although I respect his patriotism, focus,attitude and agility ( he was simply everywhere at the last game) , but he doesn’t have the legs anymore. The spirit is willing but the body is getting weaker. More so,like Mikel Obi in the last Afcon.

      Going forward,with the right selection, we should do what we did at the first half; right attitude, hunger and press. But maintain it for full 90. That should be the spirit . Cause the only reason Sierra Leone got back into that game was because we let down our guard( More like Ac Milan versus Liverpool in the comeback Champions league final). And that’s where Rohr failed as a coach. He should have read the situation and charged his boys to keep up the game. Either by right changes or by speaking. After all, he was at the touch line throughout the duration of the game.
      Tuesday should be a win at all cost. For the obvious reason that we need to qualify ,more so, for redemption.
      It is doable.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Great insight. You are spot on. I think Shehu can even play DM in Ndidi’s absence. I still think Okoye is trash. Even for his club, he conceives goals like mad.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Rohr is the architect of his own misfortunes and and don’t pity him one bit for all the flaks he is getting now. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. @Greenturf has made huge and valid point up there. If he likes he should still continue trying to please everybody….the people he is trying to please will still be the ones to boot him out when the time comes. Grow balls, stick to your guns and stand by it. Let them call you conservative, defensive whatever they like….stick to what works for you so far they are bringing you results. We are rushing people who we are still supposed to be testing and giving confidence with friendlies into crucial qualifiers and we are paying for it already. What has worked for him so far is not chopping and changing excessively during important qualifiers. Team chemistry and communication is important at times like that when there is fire on the mountain. Use your tested and trusted and when you’ve wrapped things up you can experiment all you can. Not when the damage has been done they you now receive sense and want to revert to default settings.
    Call up this one, call up that one, when e blow for your face finish, na the same fans go call for your head. its even worse for you that some people are even praying you fail so they can roast you alive….you now make matters worse for yourself by rubbing petrol on your body and playing into their hands. Put okoye put okoye as if okoye hand na magnet, okoye don chop 4 now everybody eye don come down. Put Ejuke put Ejuke dem put ejuke finish no show. The grass is always greener on the other side until you get there. I just hope the man has learnt his lessons.

    • Gajere 2 years ago

      This is a simplistic way of looking at the debacle that happened yesterday. Nobody forced GR to invite anybody. Inviting players to the National Team is the sole prerogative of the coach. So do not give him soft landing by claiming that he invited players or played certain players yesterday to pander to the wishes and demands of fans. Secondly, nobody forced him to play a decent CB at RB when we have natural full backs in the squad. The buck stops at his table. He should just accept his blunders and learn from them.

  • MAJOR FLEX 2 years ago

    Musa was crap in yesterday’s match, to control ball dey hard am, he had nothing to do with all four goals that the eagles scored, if people don’t believe in coincidence, ah, nothing i can do about that.

  • Ovoke Ogheneovo 2 years ago

    I don’t know why rohr would be gambling with such important game. Why did he bench Ola aina- a more experience and in-form player for akpoguma who is new to the African style of play and African terrain. This same akpoguma struggled in the friendly against Tunisia yet Mr Rohr didn’t learn from that. He is that he doesn’t have Sense of reasoning or is being too complacent??

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Campaigns after the election. What a waste of time.

    This is why I said Oga Rohr is not a coach. Dropping Akpoguma and Okoye is not the solution to the problem at all.

    You keep converting players and you are expecting results? Who does that just tell me.

    The Eagles defense was nothing to write home about on Friday evening.

    Akpoguma agent have warned you, you ignored him. I warned you too, we patriotic Nigerians warned you too, you turned your back to us. You only listened to your fans and NFF.

    Now your savior Akpeyi is going to do wonders on Tuesday abi? Time will tell.

    Is that the way to build a team? Akpeyi that will be running around the goal post like when putting pop corn into the microwave?

    No confidence and self belief for the goalie and you still believe the guy will delivered? Come on Oga Rohr.

    I’m telling you to go back to the NFF and ask the way Enyeama started his career in the Super Eagles.

    Get your defense solid and Okoye will do wonders.

    Get your tactics right and Akpoguma will make you proud.

    Your tactics is letting the team down that is just the truth.

    I’m sorry you don’t deserve to be the Super Eagles coach period. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Madagascar vs Nigeria
    South Africa vs nigeria
    Sierra Leone vs Nigeria
    Compare and contrast.
    Differences and similarities.
    1. Players usage
    2.influence on team

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    Yes it is good to drop Akpoguma, Okoye and Aribo. They didn’t play well. The Super Eagles will play well in the next game if Rohr gets his tactics and selections right. Go go go Super Eagles,
    Carry go!!!!

  • Its clear that changes need to be made to the team and while it looks like some players will be dropped or rather replaced in the team I dont see it as punishment. If you look at it critically okoye and akpoguma are new to the team and should be eased in gradually and not just after two friendly games, when we have already experienced players that have been in the team for sometime. Akpoguma was even played out of position. Where is the time for them to adapt to the Nigerian climate and the team. Anyways I also feel Musa should sit down on the bench come Tuesday.
    I still think Awaziem should start either at RB or DM. The DM is a real challenge, it looked good during the first half but caved in the second half. Zaidu will keep his place at LB no doubt about that.
    I think we will still see the same Midfield trio of oghenekaro, aribo and iwobi on Tuesday, aribo will have to stick close to etebo to keep the MF air tight. I think Ejuke should start on the left, chukwueze on the right both of them should use their pace and skills to trouble the SL defence. Iheanacho should start as the man up front but the wingers and iwobi should be very alert when he has the ball and be ready for tailored passes coming their way. I hope they play on a better pitch as well.

    My selection:






  • Samuel 2 years ago

    As a number one fan of GR,from yesterday i totally made up my mind on the coach.Please we need a new coach immediately !!! Genot Rohr will never take us far i swear.

  • Kenneth 2 years ago

    Had to rewatch that match to be sure okoye had any fault and i can categorically say he should not be faulted for many of the goals. Maybe the 2nd one. In decision made him not to calculate his timing, but the other goals were the defenders fault. Yes he is in-experienced, but i bet you Akpeyi would make such mistake. Kevin was used in his unusual position which was pointed out in the friendly game, so why make such mental mistake again, who is rorh trying to please.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Kenneth… Gernot Rohr was trying to please Ekong. That guy has always been a weakling in central defence… he has a very poor sense of position at CB. Ekong is overrated period. We have said times without number that playing an African side is different ballgame to European football. Ekong should be dropped for either Ajayi or Akpoguma in central defence. Lastly, Rohr should not lead us to next Afcon tournament… the man has peaked. The buffon of a coach said Akpoguma got the nod over Ebuehi and Aina at right-back because he is better in the air…. can you imagine what the cunt of a coach said. Old idiot… who will give an expired coach like that any decent coaching job anywhere around Europe? Nonsense!

      • Aleks 2 years ago

        @JimmyBall, our weakest central defender is Ajayi not Ekong! Is it not obvious that our defence collapsed when Ajayi came in? Ekong is a typical stopper while Balogun is a libero. That’s why they compliment each other well – Ekong charging out at attackers to dispossess or disorganise them while Balogun clears up things and initiates attacks. Balogun is more comfortable on the ball and has good anticipation, while Ekong is better on one to one marking, stronger and a little faster. That way each one covers up for the other’s weaknesses. Ajayi on the other hand is very clumsy and hardly effective either as a stopper or libero. Aerial prowess, yes, but that is not enough. 
        Back to yesterday’s game, apart from Akpoguma (who was played in the wrong position by the way), Ajayi was the second weakest link in the defence.

        • @JimmyBall; i have silently followed your arguments and contributions behind the scene and i must confess i hardly agree with most but listening to Rohr review our calamitous collapse yesterday; “saying Akpogunma was one of the better players for the SE yesterday and that he got the nod over Ebuehi and Aina at right-back because he is better in the air…” just made me wondered if we all watched a different #NIGSLE match. I concluded yesterday and it will take some convincing to change my opinion, the team seems to have plateau(ed) under GR with no recognizable identity or pattern. Who observed that even when we were leading in that game yesterday, so many things were still going very wrong and came to the fore in the second half.
          Gernot Rohr just lost me seriously

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          @Aleks… I disagree with you over Ekong being better than Ajayi at centre back. Did you see the penalty that Ekong caused at 2018 world cup clumsily tagging and pulling a Croat? Somehow Rohr feels Ekong is untouchable, the guy has a very bad sense of positioning at CB and it is Balogun always covering up his lapses. You are saying he is better than Ajayi who is currently playing in a superior league to him. Was it not Ajayi who helped marshaled the defence against Brazil with good headed clearances and intelligent interceptions each time? I have never been a big fan of Ekong… As a centre back when crosses are coming and to be made… You must pick the striker running into the centre to go in the AIR before or with him… If you let the striker run and gather momentum and jump before you, such a striker with gather more leap than you because of momentum force… You stay close to him not to allow an undisturbed leap from the striker why making sure to contest clean and avoid a possible cheap foul… go and watch the 2nd and 4th goal after Balogun left and tell me where our captain fantastic Ekong was… for your information Amaju Pinnick is really at the moment disappointed at Ekong and did say after the match that Ekong has lost drive… It’s national team and Balogun that is helping Ekong… the guy is at most a championship player where he is now. He is never comfortable with ball at his feet and cannot play the libero role that Balogun often handles very well… Ajayi is very good in the air, intelligent interceptions and positioning…

  • Rohr, please do not drop Musa in the starting lineup. He is a very experienced player and would trouble SL. You also need to play 4-3-3 formation. We must attack and defend in numbers as well.

  • What Rohr did with Akpoguma is not out of place. You don’t just get a new central defender and immediately thrust him into the deep end of the defence… unless it is a friendly match, or you don’t have options or you already have full trust in the player. This is because, central defence is the core of a defence. Central defence is no child’s play. Defenders in this position are expected amongst others, to co-ordinate the defence and cover the lapses of the full backs. That is why having good central defenders but inefficient full backs is better than having good full backs but inefficient central defenders. Most central defenders started as full backs, players like Ramos, Alaba, Yobo etc.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      I appreciate your insight. Most fans and critics have only been talking emotionally because of the nature of the collapse by the SuperEagles yesterday. The problem is not Akpoguma and I won’t blame the coach for playing him at RB. Most great center backs started as RB like you said. What happened yesterday was overconfidence and complacency. The first half was the best I’ve seen the SuperEagles play in a long time unfortunately football is 90 minutes. This team needs to understand the importance of closing out a game when they have the lead. That’s the only thing I think needs to be really addressed and work on religiously if they want to achieve something. As for the players on parade I don’t think they did badly. They just let their guard down when they’ve had a big lead which is really troubling at this level to be honest. I believe they will respond well to this set back in Freetown. Some are already suggesting that the coach should not lead us to the AFCON because he he blew a 4 goal lead which is understandable, this is a really big eye opener and I hope they learn from this game going forward. Qualifiers are always unpredictable and there tends to be some upset, I just hope they recover quickly and put up a complete performance on Tuesday. 

    • kenneth 2 years ago

      Please is kevin a rookie in CB, because i don’t get the excuse you are making here. He is a professional and should be ready at anytime to play his natural position weather at club or national level. Please did Ajayi start out as RB when he joined the eagles? A right thinking coach would have paired Ekong with Kevin, and get awaziem, Ebuhei, aina to come in. Come to think of it, what is the reason behind having 4 RB. The only reason is because you know one could play in a different position. please your excuse in my view is not accurate.

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        No one is giving an excuse here. We’ve all blamed the coach for his complacency as he thinks the game is in the bag while making his substitutes. The players themselves too need to understand the importance of not giving up such a gigantic lead. I’m sure you haven’t watch more Bundesliga matches than the coach this season who sees Kelvin in close quarters play RB for his club. Most times as a third central defender on the right side of a back three. I saw that in their Europa League games this season. So I don’t think he can’t play at right back. Didn’t Keshi play Efe Ambrose at RB even though he’s a Center back?? Some coaches like players with the ability to play multiple positions hence the need to play Kelvin in that role. I’m sure there’ll be changes in the return fixture. How they react to this set back is what we have to wait and see. 

        • Kenneth 2 years ago

          very funny with your question asking if i watch German league, i do watch german league most especially games involving Nigerian players, i agree at his club he plays sometimes as RB depending on the opponent they facing. Am only responding to the statement that you don’t just put a central back in the game against sierra leone. Are we now saying any new player needs to play in another position whenever they feature for the eagles

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            So you agree that he plays RB at his club sometimes. Therefore, we shouldn’t blame the coach for fielding him in that position against Sierra Leone. The coaches are not tactically ineptitude when we scored 4 goals within 30 minutes. Our players tend to fizzle out in the second half of games recently and that’s where I will implore the technical crew to be more proactive. The players themselves need to know the importance of closing out games. I’m sure it will be a different ball game in Freetown. Anyone who want the coach sacked should be careful what they wish for. 

          • Kenneth 2 years ago

            So why then was he struggling in the position. Guess others are right about the physicality of the African style of football. The question to ask was why did the boys go to sleep. Will this happen at the world cup and the coach shouldn’t be fired. Well lets wait till tuesday, hope they turns things around

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Akpoguma over Ekong anyway anytime anymatch. Folks need to see the match again, Ekong positioning is very poor. Balogun is the one covering for him. Akpo/Balo remains the best CB pairing.

    • Chiddy 2 years ago

      Yesterday’s game simply exposed what I have always known. Nigerian football can not move forward with all these mercenaries we call national team players. How many naija born or bred started the game yesterday? Ok Chukwueze, Etebo, Osihmen the trio only Etebo played in the Nigerian league,and we call that a national team. Player that cannot even sing the national anthem. Players and a coach that do not understand what even a draw in a friendly means to the average naija football fan.
      Late Stephen Keshi’s group spoke pidgin in camp. Today we even have players who speak only German being invited to the national team.
      Naija futuballu needs to go back to basics. Flush out most of these mercenaries and bring back the hunger and identity our Super Eagles we’re once known for, period.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Have you played them together before?

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    @ Drey. I get your point no doubt. I am a big Musa fan. But truth be told, he was all about gragra yesterday. That affected the team’s co-ordination in the attack and midfield. He was running into wrong positions and gave away balls easily. He gave a false sense, we had somebody in the middle,which left us open. I like him and would rather he starts from the bench. I succinctly say here, that Ejuke and Chuzzy will offer more if started together.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @Aleks ( well said and absolutely you are  on point , who would want to fault your honest and brilliant evaluation of the team and the weakness with the usual technical deficiencies of a clueless coach that has been constantly  tutored by Alagerian team local coach ;
    Rohr’s technical liability is not only known  to his employer NFF who had asked him to go for training long time ago of which there was no available record that he has indeed heeded the recommendation ( perhaps he still want NFF to waste tax payers money on him ) but also the blinds know , the little achievement of the team recorded all along ( which are clearly below Nigerian standard )  have always been on the cheer determination of the boys , that is why the boys do ran out of idea in any major tournament or when they meet any sounds coach , as the boys were always on the field without positive technical input that could have aided them to achieve more than their capacity ) ( No wonder you have 5 thumbs up without single one down .

    @Omo9ja &@Jimmyball  ( well stated , nothing to add ) 

    @Mr Hush , kudos for your usual patriotic analysis, I hope the gaffer will not allow his fans to continue to deceive him and wake up to his responsibilities, and take notes from technically sounds coaches so that Nigeria can have meaningful medal in his reign, otherwise, it will be a wasted resources and wasted resources 

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      “…….the little achievement of he team recorded all along ( which are clearly below Nigerian standard ) have always been on the cheer determination of the boys , that is why the boys do ran out of idea in any major tournament or when they meet any sounds coach….”

      I quite agree with you….Nigerian standard is 70th in the world and 16th position in africa. So the “little achievement” is clearly below Nigerian standards….LMAO

      Why didnt the boys determination win against S/L….LMAO….Algeria nko…? Why didnt their determination win against Brazil, Ukraine and Argentina…..LMAO. If their determination could qualify for WC unbeaten with a game in hand in a group that had Cameroon, Algeria and Zambia did their determination finish at AFCON……?LMAO. Maybe their determination went to toilet in the 2nd half vs sierra leone…LMAO. Pls where was the boy’s determination when guinea booted us out of 2012 AFCON on the last day of qualifying on home soil…? 2015 and 2017 nko…? It seems determination was in jail that time too when the likes of congo beat us on home soil.

      When the team does well it is the boys determination, when they dont it is the clueless coach who has the highest win ratio of any coach ever engaged for the SE and will qualify for his 3rd straight tournament with games to spare on tueday.
      Nor be una fault…lolz na Rohr wey go dey swim for inside petrol depot when people wey wan use am do suya dey for outside gate. Come Tuesday una go return to una covens for another 1 year….LMAO

  • Beryl 2 years ago

    Why really blame coach.
    Just read this from an ex international. There are some element of truth.

  • Beryl 2 years ago

    Why really blame the coach.
    Just read this from an ex international. He might be saying the truth.

  • Tancosports 2 years ago

    I’m on a muting mode for now, I will make my view known after the Tuesday match.

  • Etebo was really poor in the match. But somehow people didn’t pick that up. He was really slow and immobile. He failed to be in areas he could win the ball and avoided physical tackles. The pitch too was really really poor. It is not just the in a condition our players are used to. Little effort was made to prepare the pitch and it really affected all the players. Aribo as well was only in the match for the first 40mins. he got tired after our 4th goal and was avoiding tackles when the Sierra Leoneans got desperate. The shock of Osimhen’s injury also affected the players.

  • Olusegun.B. 2 years ago

    Akpopuma is not the problem . Rohr is the real problem . Why drop a guy who just got into the national team and yet you place him into a position that he’s not used to . Rohr is a terrible coach . Honestly.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    U guys needs to focus more on the midfield, thats  our weakest link. Playing Aribo, Iwobo, and etebo against a rugged, fast african team for almost ninety minutes was wrong. And to make matter worst he brought in iheanacho  to come and do  what, the coach should ve brought in Shehu or aina to help etebo, now the  rest is history. 

  • Kenneth 2 years ago

    So why then was he struggling in the position. Guess others are right about the physicality of the African style of football. The question to ask was why did the boys go to sleep. Will this happen at the world cup and the coach shouldn’t be fired. Well lets wait till tuesday, hope they turns things around

  • Etebo played very well in the first half he was the calming force in the mf, aribo was unusually quiet throughout out the game, im guessing he didn’t want to put too much effort as he was just coming back from injury and he didn’t want to go back to the treatment table but in the second half he was really tired and had no impact on the game. Etebo should start along side iwobi and if aribo is up to it he should play too but im thinking Rohr might switch to a 3-5-2 formation in the next game so that the mf is choked up especially now that victor and dennis are out of the game according to one publication I read, which also said chukwueze may be fit for the next game. A 3-5-2 will allow the team play 3 defenders at the back, 5 mfs and 2 upfront for a mass attack mass defense formation.
    Insuch a situation I volunteer the following players:






  • I hope this is fake news. are we planning to go forward or backward. How is Okoye our problem. We need better tactics from the coach.