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Rohr: We’ll Work On Super Eagles’ Scoring Problem

Rohr: We’ll Work On Super Eagles’ Scoring Problem

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has admitted that his team lacks good cutting edge in attack and must find ways of breaking the opponents down after their timid display in Sunday’s shocking 2-0 loss to Madagascar, reports Completesports.com.

The Super Eagles have struggled to find the back of the net in recent outings despite the presence of top quality strikers in the team.

The West Africans failed to register a goal in their two pre-AFCON friendlies against the Warriors of Zimbabwe and Teranga Lions of Senegal.

Rohr’s charges only scored two goals in their opening two group games against Burundi and Guinea.

Against debutants Madagascar on Sunday they managed only one shot on target and generally failed to trouble their opponents’ defence.

The German admits his team struggles in front of goal and claims they have to find solution to the problem in training.

“I know we have problems with scoring of goals, especially against teams who are well organized defensively. Madagascar didn’t give us space to play, they defended together and our wingers were not able to breakthrough,” Rohr told reporters after the game.

“The performance was better in the second half, but it wasn’t enough. We gifted the first goal and they became stronger, we have to work on our scoring problems and solve the problems before our next game.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Ronald 2 years ago

    U beta do or u get fired!

  • I hate this coach with a passion you see he is still planning on using the same trio of Musa Ighalo and Moses Simon, Maybe this coach is smoking Indian Hemp but a coach that doesn’t see his wrongs and admits he is not selecting the right combination and not giving enough chance to other wingers and attackers in my books a coach that has already admitted he has nothing left to give. Because what will he instill in players he has tried and tested and have shown hum they have nothing left to give.


    • Patrick 2 years ago

      This coach must go. A coach that does not know what to do with deadly strikers from turkey, Belgium, Denmark and Spain in his team is inept and incompetent. Failure is the product of mediocrity.

    • Christopeher Okeke 2 years ago

      It baffles me that we have Henry onyekuru that scored more than 10 goals in his fist season in Turkey and this man see nothing in him, what about osimehm right there in Asaba our Rour was there he scared hatric for the under 23 yesterday I expected this man to remove Musa and put Henry but no way, he is incompetent tactically, using 433 all the time… In football when you start with a system and noticed that your boys are been outplayed which is a clear case of yesterday’s match you switch to another one… But this our man refused he played 433 yesterday. I was sad all through the night…. To imagine that we lost to a team we never lost to all this years. I have lost faith in this man, the boys are just playing with their strength and experience .

    • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

      Only you I hate this coach, he’s smoking Indian Hemp, his a fool. Since last night you’ve been busy saying the same thing on all headline news abusing, insulting and working yourself up, HABA. Read other comments after yours even though majority condemned the coach but they chose their words well. Rohr has admitted his team lack the cutting edge against a well organised team but he did not say he wasn’t going to make changes. Remember the 3 front men in yesterday match did not start the first match and its very possible one or two players may come in to fortify the attack. Reading your comments is becoming increasingly boring and annoying. Your constructive criticism will be very much appreciated. I don’t know your age but pls talk more maturely our comments are read all over the world and your level of maturity can easily be known through your write up.

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Ugo the moronic imbecile Iwunze, e be like say dem don swear for you. Is it really so that you can’t make a comment without insulting and cursing? Is you toilet pie hole so corrupted and perverse, that all kinds of fecal matter keep dropping out anytime you speak? And your IQ is so low, stupidity and foolishness is all we get whenever we comment. Is Rohr your mate, you idiot! Igbos are known to be so respectful to their elders. I guess you did not get that memo! Are we even sure you are really Igbo? Because you definitely do not behave like one! Foolish, senseless, rude to elders! Leave Rohr alone to do his job. Criticize him constructively, sans insults! Or shut your mouth!

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    You have possibly the most deadly strike force in the continent. Mix and match them, but u keep faith in a formation with one striker. All Madagascar had to do was shut us off from using counter attack and pack the bus durung normal play. They knew we don’t shoot from outside. Non of our players can shoot from outside. Plus wasting important freekicks. I haven’t seen Etebo score freekicks both for club and Country yet he is our designated taker, and instead of crossing for possible header he wants to perform magic.

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    Go ahead, Mr. Coach, open the flood gates!

    You have players on your bench with attacking instincts: Chukwueze, Onyekuru, etc.

    Unleash them!

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    “I know we have problems with scoring of goals, especially against teams who are well organized defensively.”

    – Your fans and worshipers disguised as SE fans will not admit it, but now you do.

    The first step to solve a problem is to admit there is a problem.

    Get to work sir!

  • Abba rossi 2 years ago

    Where ‘re those noise makers about rohr?Dr drey pls any update of super Eagle tactical knw how?’re u stil believe in rohr?we ve quality players in our team but we wil continue struggle to score goals cos d team was not build to score goals no transition btw midfield and attack?no matter how long even it’s 150min of playing but surely we wil defend cos we ve a very good defensive minded players in d midfield and our defenders ‘re trying cos there is no much pressure so far apart from a slip by balogun,no much pressure yet dat can expose dem?

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…..Yes…those of us who have believed in him and the SE all these years still believe in him. As long as he still has that job he remains the coach, we stand behind him. And whoever comes after him we will still support.
      As for those of you who have been praying for the team to loose…..I say congratulations to you. Today is Christmas day for all those who have never wished him well…..first loss in 1 year and 2nd loss in 3yrs on this continent and you are all ranting all over the place.
      Its your day…enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows, It might take another 1 year before you find as much joy and happiness as you’ve had in these past 24 hrs. LMAO

      • Abba rossi 2 years ago

        Dr we all love nigeria to win but we can’t win like diz let be honest to ourselves?right from day1 am not in support of rohr?this man can do way he dnt knw and prove dat many time myself and ibitoye ve argue on diz matter several time,we ve d talent in diz country wallahi,u wil quite agree wit apart from westerhop and joe no any foreign coach stay long in charge like diz man but stil his team always struggle or make one or two mistake always?for God sake how long?I dnt blame him sha is scam,look at how Uganda play despite loss,look at short on target,Daz how a team shld be even u loss people wil stil appreciate d team.like u say,any1 came in we wil support him soon another one wil come cos rohr wil surely be sack once he reach end of d road(elimination)

  • How do you want to work on the scoring problem of the team when you are very rigid. Not willing to change and not ready to give other players adequate chance!
    I have said it before, “it is your stubbornness that will put an end to you job as super eagles coach. Make you no change o. Just continue with your rigidity. Na here we dey, dey look you.

  • Abba rossi 2 years ago

    Imagine wat rohr is saying scoring problem while those blind followers re stil believe in diz man? For good 3yrs in charge? Pls wat else ‘re u expecting from diz man to do dat he ve not yet done to prove his competent?nig players values worth more Dan 200million dollars while madagacar the entire team value is 16million dollars,only Ndidi worth 39million which is twice madagacar team and madagacar play with vision,passion,cohesion,team work and confident,ordinary passing is a problem ur team and u stil ve mouth to talk,govt ‘re jst wasting money? Honestly nigeria we ‘re much better than wat we ‘re getting in football so far?look at U17,U20 and falcon wat is the result?for how long diz people wil be failing us as a nation?football unite diz nation more than anyth

  • osalebor alegbe 2 years ago

    Very funny the way some of us jump into conclusion 

  • staco 2 years ago

    The only way to solve the goal scoring problem is to start chukwueze. Osimen. onyekuru.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Lol… U Don start oh. If they play them now they may be worse. Remember when ppl were shouting Onuachu upandan that he scores 30 goals regularly? Now what has he been playing? Same with Simmy.

      • I would rather he gambles and starts Chukwueze And Onyekuru with Ighalo because I believe Ighalo can score if he gets good deliveries from good wingers like our two star wingers. Then if Ighalo doesn’t score the coach should bring on Osimhen early enough to give him time to warm up and get into the rhythm of the game instead of making a change in the 89 mins

        • And I use the word gamble in Onyekuru case because he hasn’t allowed Onyekuru enough game to get game fit instead wasting 2 games on Musa and Moses Simon. But I believe Onyekuru doesn’t need much the boy it’s in his DNA to shine

  • Tunnie 2 years ago

    Gernot Rohr should be FIRED after this tournament. It is obvious that the German lacks technical know how in this game. I was thinking he would have learnt his lessons after failing at the World Cup last year in Russia. 

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Go on Rohr God will continue to bless you. I read through people s comments here before reading Rohr’s statement n was almost pouring curses on him.But after reading through his statement, I just couldn’t find anything wrong with what Rohr said. It’s becoming clearer by d day that some people are praying for this team to fail. Knowing this, I will forever support Rohr whether he fails or succeed. I hate people who wish others to fail for whatsoever reason. Imagine some celebrating Kalu slumping n praying he shouldn’t recover just to pave way for Iheanacho. What kind of humans are these for crying out loud. God bless Rohr, God bless SE n God bless Nigeria win or lose. To hell with bad wishers.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Lollllll Mr Rohr, for how long, Keshi won the 2013 Afcon by dropping Ikechukwu, Musa and Ogude to the bench, starting ideye, mba and onazi changed the game.Rohr is still swimming and sinking with Ighalo, Musa and Mikel, he should go back and study how we won the 2013 edition.

    • Danurch 2 years ago

      Funny indeed. Keshi won the 2013 edition of the AFCON. But even with his achievement, some of you still condemned and insulted him until he died. Fair weather fans.

  • Bishop 2 years ago

    If coach Rohr is just realizing this, then it is shocking. There was one of the world cup matches we couldn’t make an attempt on goal for a whole 45 minutes. This team does not shoot, igalo is isolated, sandwiched by 2 defenders and you expect to score by magic? I think oga Rohr has hit the ceiling of his technical capabilities. Either he engages a help or he steps aside for some one BETTER. We thank him for his contributions so far.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Regarding our attack, I think all the attackers except Chukweze play d same way, which makes it easy for defenders to cage them. They sit up front waiting for pass. This makes it easy for defenders to predict their every move n cage them well. I expect these attackers to go into d midfield n join the other players in the midfield to move the ball around before dashing into space for a through pass. This is how goals come. I m only suggesting but Rohr knows best n I will continue to support him to succeed but at the end he should be ready to celebrate or take responsibility.

    • @Glory I don’t think so, we have not watched enough of Onyekuru or Osimhen to make that judgment

      • Glory 2 years ago

        @Ugo, come on man, u nor like Henry or Osimene pass me oo.These players will get their chance. My only prayer na make dem grab am with both hands when he come, like Amunike do in 1994. Somehow, I think Rohr nor trust Henry size but for me I believe in Henry coming from wide. But wetin I want fans to do is give this man a chance to d end n after we go decide d way forward. Out cursing, crying out, critism now will not change anything but only make things worse if not well managed. If things go bad, Rohr can never be d loser, he is already being scouted by clubsides in France n Germany. Rohr himself know what is waiting for him should he fail, so he doesn’t need anyone to remind him cos that will distract the team. Reason I think people are just selfishly critising him praying he fails.

        • Bros I like Henry Pass everybody for this Forum I dey tell you Lolz, Na wettin make I dey Pray make god open Coach Rohr Eyes Well. The only thing way dey here be say, for how Long will us fans watch this coach using a tried rythme that is constantly failing the matter dey vex me too much, In short I don tire for Oga Rohr matta. Na wettin make me dey come CSN shout am in hope the coach go hear am for Egypt. Anyway I feel your point I want the best for this team, But if Rohr fails. na me go be the first person wey go nab am for airport if say he no go dodge enter Germany.

          • Glory 2 years ago

            Lollllz… abeg I no sure say u go quick reach where Rohr meat dey before him meat go finish o, people wey want eat Rohr too many. God please help Rohr succeed for me o. Amen. Lol.

          • No be lie Lollz.. Abeg for @Glory Sake, God Make Oga Rohr Succeed oo Amen, make we no use Rohr meat for Suya. lol

  • Steve 2 years ago

    The eagles deserve all the insults from fans , what a shambolic display!!..I think the coach don’t have it in him , he is a damn loser for stating that the lost to Madagascar is not shameful!!…For Rohr information , we are Nigerians, we are the best playing football nation in Africa and we love our football. Rohr is not bringing any thing new that have not been achieved by a Nigerian coach !!..Keshi qualified us to the worldcup as well as win AFCON for Nigeria , he is a Nigerian , therefore Rohr should stop bringing shame to our country and since he is not remorseful, he must be sacked after AFCON , no matter the final outcome !!..you have three years and a world cup to fix eagles to no avail , abeg waka pass, you don’t have it period !!

  • Alamin 2 years ago

    Pls i think nobody here is below 18, so why this insult on the coach who is fit to be almost everybody here father. state yr point and get lost no be only ona the match pain but he his still the coach(abi who no dey lose). thank God the coach is willing to improve the players on that area(scoring area).
    though it is still surprising y Henry and Osimhen is yet to play, I think the coach shud bring in fresh legs(Henry and osimhen) musa can come on 2nd half, we all know ighalo is still d best if he had seen good passes I believe he will do something. thank God Collins is now fit by the next match we all know everyplayer will be playing their rightful positions. abeg after tournament we will know Mr Rohr’s faith and criticise him. ire o

  • Dada. T 2 years ago

    For all of you supporting the Stupid Coach, it’s evident that you’re all as dumb as he’s. If not the fact that NFF itself is a fail Administration why would they appoint a failure as the National Team Coach. Check his Dossier, he has never win any Trophy throughout his Coaching Career. I don’t even understand the criteria adopted in employing that Loser. For good 3years the SE is yet to have first 11. He has at least a group of an average players with some good Talent like Osimhen, Onyekuru, Chukwueze yet what does he achieve. His statement alone that it’s not a shame losing to Madagascar is horrible. No one will utter a word if it were to be Brazil, Spain or Portugal. Next match is going to be same cuz he has no technical ability & he has successfully infected the players with his failure. Take Mourinho for an example. Though I’m not his fan but one thing i like him for is that he will be the one to condemn the performance of his players and that stupid Balogun, he can withdraw immediately after committing that blunder just to humiliate him so next time he get a chance to play he will be more serious

    • Dada. T 2 years ago

      It’s a big shame and disgrace to the Country as a whole and yet he’s saying nonsense. So Madagascar has turned to Brazil, Netherland or Portugal overnight ? Make una reply oooo you his supporter. Imagine only Ndidi got on target for the entire 90mins. So shameful

  • let’s try criticize without insult. Na beg I dey beg.

  • Presh 2 years ago

    My personal opinion, he had all these chances when Odion Ighalo missed glaring chance against Argentina, I ask even though Odion scored the first goal against Guinea he isn’t our kind of striker. What business does he have on the national team? Paul Onuachu May just be the man. Even if he isn’t scoring he is our future and today. 

  • my question remain same since yesterday can anyone tell us the reason Balogun passes all ball in his position back to the keeper or anyone at our back even though is our opposition, is he a left foot player or right this guy called Balogun was a minus 1 to Nigerian Team,is chukwueze and Henry committed any crime to Roh and CAF? a coach who can be 20 down and have those boys on the bench watching without fixing them on have to be checkmate

  • mathew zakka dapar 2 years ago

    Ighalo doesn’t have a substitute? he is doing nothing.I think musa is good in studying the game before coming in ,please NFF setle our players their bonuses we shouldn’t turns everything into corruption please.

  • This shameful display is obviously painful, but as humans we must let go and see what changes Oga Rohr will introduce. He may be tactically inept, but I’m sure he knows his image is at stake. The candle is burning too near to his tremulous hand. He either extinguishes the flame or drops the candle and flees. Sticking to his tried and tested formation — Ighalo, Musa, Mikel — and expecting different results seems most irrational. Oga Rohr has contributed much to Nigerian soccer, believe it or not, but it appears it’s time for him to leave the scene lest his good deeds be obliterated. 

  • Too early to risk the wingers. They are not particularly suited to the African tournament if play in the fashion we played earlier especially in the last game. If we (players) Do a yeoman’s job get the wingers up close enough on time for others to run into pockets of space to shake up the defense and score. But the heat though.

  • Xhuxhu 2 years ago

    Sticking with his failing ideas has cost a whole nation in two major tournaments..I honestly don’t see Rohr lasting after this AFCON unless he wins it. But his 23 is deficient and lacking in somany areas.The goalkeeping area, striking area because the coach has failed to work out a good striking partnership, our creativity department is just on holidays and finally I need to ask a question, is it only Etebo that can play free-kicks in that team?He has not been doing well taking those kicks but whenever we have a freaking, you see him there and the resultant effort is like the last..
    After this AFCON, we need to get a coach who is ready to develop our football not this come into the country two weeks before a tournament coach, phone call coach and players like Azubuike, Akpom, Ozornwafor,Stephen, Dennis Bonaventure, Odey etc should be gradually be brought into this team.This is my candid submission.

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    He has showed us that he cannot handle A brand As super eagles
    Since the world cup, his sub timin is terrible. He has everything but doesn’t know what to do with his resources. I feel he should go once the tournament is over…

  • God's own 2 years ago

    Anyone cursing or abusing Rohr does not know about football, though not perfect, he inherited a bad team, and he has tried to build a formidable team, Senegal the best set of players in Africa, yet they can win there group, Cameroun and Ghana are not that good from what I ve seen them play, the only countries doing well in this tournament are the northern African teams, but see how they will drop one by one in the second round, Omo 9ja wanted Rohr to take Mikel to the nation’s cup, he is now blaming the coach for using him, when Nigeria wins the next match, all of you curse should come and withdraw your curse one by one.And Mikel is the best midfielder Nigeria has got after Okocha, don’t judge him by this tournament , please not only in football, even in life remember the good things people have done, ignore the bad ones , nobody is perfect, also remember Rohr won two matches before loosing one.

    • God's own 2 years ago

      “Senegal can’t even win there group”

    • God's own 2 years ago

      All of you cursing him, should come and withdraw your curse one by one






  • Bosco 2 years ago

    Abeg mek Una Help Me Out ooo, Privousely This Man Says Super Eagles Scoreing Form Is Not A Problem, Can Somebody Help Me To Understand (Rhors) Abeg.