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Rohr Will Take Super Eagles Beyond Semi-Final Of 2022 AFCON – Rufai

Rohr Will Take Super Eagles Beyond Semi-Final Of 2022 AFCON – Rufai

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Peter Rufai believes the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr has what it takes to take the team beyond the semi-final stages of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Rohr, who qualified the team for the bi-annual tournament with an unbeaten record in Group L, defeated Benin and Lesotho in the last two AFCON qualifiers to remain top of the group.

In the last edition of the competition, the German tactician took the team to the Third-Place, where they defeated Tunisia 1-0 to grab the bronze medal.

Reacting to Super Eagles’ brilliant performance in the qualifying series, Rufai told Completesports in a chat that the current crop of players at Rohr’s disposal have what it takes to make Nigeria proud.

He said that the team will go beyond the semi-final stages of the competition in Cameroon.

“I am highly impressed with the performance of the Super Eagles and most especially Gernot Rohr’s tactics in the last two games against Benin and Lesotho in the 2021 AFCON qualifiers.

“I am confident that the current crop of players in the Super Eagles are good enough to go beyond the semi-final stages of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon if the players maintain the same tempo.

“The truth is, the hunger and determination in the team make me feel the team has the quality to make Nigeria proud.”

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • When u see them, u know them…

    They’re not many, just few…

    The JOSHUAs and the CALEBs of this world…

    They’ll rather make the heart of their enemy(opponent) fail than the heart of the players & fans through their encouraging words.

    They have good report, believe and trust….

    They love their fatherland, they’re patroitic, they love and promote fellow nigerians(players), they make the heart of the opponent fail through their positive words about our players.

    They aren’t pessimist, selfish, greedy, whoremongers etc.

    They love and want the good of their fatherland more than their pocket.

    They believe in nigerian spirit… “WE CAN…”

    These’re the real ex in the mould of OKOCHA, KANU, ENYEAMA ETO, DROGBA, DIOUF, RONALDO DE LIMA, RIVALDO, ZIDANE, RONALDINHO, BECKHAM, HESKEY and all football great that sees and speak good of their boys(players) and their national team.

    KUDOS to our honourable and respectalbe RUFAI….


  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Hopefully fingers crossed Dodo Mayana!
    A month ago they were calling for his sack but today he is a master strategist.How things can happen so quick in football is baffling.You are as good as your last match, indeed Rohr proved his mettle in the last couple of games and deserves all the good words.
    I’m optimistic just like Peter Rufai.We have the quality to go all the way,the team spirit and wonderful atmosphere bonding the group together is the secret to their success today as well tomorrow.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    @ubef….. Spot on. We are still waiting for odegbami the ex chief cricket international, mobi the chief tout, finidi the mr nff waiter coach, oliseh chief jealousy master and twitter coach to swallow their pride and congratulate the team. You would’ve seen them all over the place like hungry pitiful monkeys ranting nonsense if it all went their evil ways but thank God no be man. Shame has kept them hiding in their miserable fox holes. I swear, if we had drawn Lesotho here in Nigeria (whilst fielding a weak team bcs it was a dead rubber game) even though we had qualified, u would’ve seen them bearing their ugly fangs again but rohr knew very well where is and who they are by hitting them very, very hard where it would pain them. We know!!! @ rufai, kanu said it, adepoju said it and you’ve said it. You are the true ex internationals who want the best for our darling eagles. God will continue to bless you guys for being the Joshua and calebs of your mix.

    • Thumps up @Oakfield…

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      @OakUBFE Birds of same feather, and you both think you’re smart? I’ve always said it that nothing defers you from UBFE…… @Lanre if you are old on this forum then you’ll know the dirty boys and worry less of their thinking. If these ex footballers never pushed Rohr maybe by today we would have been crying like South Africa. Speaking out a word of caution and sit up comments should never be mistaken for hate but these low thinkers are always quick to rain abuses on ex players who speak up.

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Lol…. Amibo Samuels. Always seeking attention. Wetin concern u for my thread nah?? Any way, let the pushers come out congratulate him and the team just as they “pushed ” him then we shall know they have good intentions. It’s been almost 2wks now they played, they are still struggling to congratulate the boys and coach for their success. That’s how u know bad belle people and you’re one them. Have opened that ur dirty mouth to congratulate the team just as u said shi… T about them, no.

        • Oakfield 2 years ago

          Lol…. Amibo Samuels. Always seeking attention. Wetin concern u for my thread nah?? Any way, let the pushers come out congratulate him and the team just as they “pushed ” him then we shall know they have good intentions. It’s been almost 2wks now they played, they are still struggling to congratulate the boys and coach for their success. Their mouths have suddenly become heavy. Some have even lost their twitter passwords all of a sudden. That’s how u know bad belle people and you’re one them. Have u ever opened that ur dirty mouth to congratulate the team just as u said shi… T about them since they finished their campaign???? , absolutely no! You’d never bcs they fell ur hands as your evil intentions didn’t work. Na so e go dy be una until una go confess just like ur master, omo9ja, and amend your ways.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

          See mumu who on Earth is not excited about the win? Moron who speaks without thinking just like your boss UBFE, Omo9ja can be likened to your kinds because your uneducated unreasonable way of thinking doesn’t differ either. I will not go on thread war with you. We no fit be mate home or away. I only caution your low self esteem when it matters and not trade war words with you.

          • Oakfield 2 years ago

            Mr high esteem wey see ex cricket internationals as his superiors. Some of them wey I even feed for my house for the rest of their lives are the ones u regard as ur superiors. Any way na your level shaaa. Ewu gambia

  • lanre 2 years ago

    [email protected],GLORY nd oakfields…..objective,unbias nd constructive former players are easily identified…….did you take note that the man was focused on only the next AFCON nd did not sound too ambitious by hoping that we COULD do better than our last AFCON’s hurdle……that is objectivity…unlike others talking about world cup SEMI FINALS, a feat that no nation,even great football countries like france,germany,brazil,argentina,spain,holland,england,belgim with WELL LAID STRUCTURE nd arrangements can realistically promise….mind you,we can even win the world cup but it would be the greatest magic of the century,but how would we maintain a success that we have no foundation for?……sky scrappers are built on well laid foundations.

  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    I think if Eagles want to win this cup in cameroon Rhor should play with depth ball and orgnized one on defensive tactic with pressing and sliding ball that needs to call strong and fierce and ferocious and combative defensive midfielders with strong and proper tackling and good interception,also to bring strong center back like Godfry Oboabona of Batum,Georgia. Rhor also should play with crossing from the wingers to the head of Onauchu who is strong and proper of scoring head goals,should also play on rival set-pieces for Osimhen or Iheanchu to score goals,pressing ball can help Eagles to win any match,so these tactics Rhor can play if he want to win Afco. cup in Cameroon 2022…

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Lol…. Okay, well noted coach. Rohr would hear…. Lol..

    • @oakfield…. @Lanre… Are u people seeing what i’m seeing too???

      The “coach should invite hard tackling defender (ABOABONA) to come and help in defence if we want to win afcon…”

      This pple will one day kill us with laughter…

      So our minister of defence (Leon Balogun) is a soft tackling Defender?

      (…rohr should get good wingers to cross ball for ONUACHU…)

      So the 2 goals he scored against Benin and Lesotho is as a result of good wingers from Jupiter that cross those ball for him…

      Nor be Rohr want coach SE? Him go see something….

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Na small thing you take get sense pass the guy wey suggest say make them invite Oboabona, often time it is comments like this that you and drey will use to happy yourselves and attribute it to everyone. When everyone knows that we have people like this in our society. Instead of keeping shut you just make a whole thread from people like this no wonder Omo9ja is still posting comments till date. If nobody responds to him do you think he will not have a rethink and get thinking right? But you guys will come here and be using him to make mincemeat, common you’re all as awful as him if you don’t know. Coz only a mad man marries a mad woman get that adage and save yourself the next time you see a foolish idea. Walker pass instead of blowing trumpet because nobody is giving you Kobo here so save the excitement of mocking senseless comment.

        • Prof. Tamuno Offiali 2 years ago

          This definitely got me LMSAOOOOOO

          Chaiiiii….Chima oooooooo

  • lanre 2 years ago

    ahahahaha oboabona godfery nd to sharpen our attack,don’t you think inviting obinna nwafor nd oduamadu is necessary?….ahahaha nothing ROHR nor go see for naija….nor be only afcon we go win,world cup go follow us come home

  • lanre 2 years ago

    obinna nsofor plus including john utaka….nor be small in 1 9 1 formation ahahahaha…..

  • Coachie 2 years ago

    Is anyone seeing the shambolic defending by Enyimba in the ongoing match. I laff in french

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Ok Mr Rufai lol

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Rohr Will Take Super Eagles Beyond Semi-Final Of 2022 AFCON – Rufai”

    Hmm. Interesting. So, almost five years in charge of the team and you as ex goalie of the Super Eagles can’t even say it boldly that Mr. Gernot Rohr will the next Afcon trophy in Cameroon?

    What are we talking about here kę?

    I don’t celebrate average result. No. Not today.

    What is the purpose of having this kind of squad and we can not boldly say we are winning the next Afcon trophy?

    Yowa, you get my point Mr. Rufai ba?

    Oga Rohr team really good and performing very well during the qualifiers and after that, the team and the coaches have no answer on how to win competitions.

    Are you expecting me or Nigerians to started celebrating Oga Rohr like we did during and after the world cup qualifiers? Mba, not today.

    I’m not biased here. I’m just telling you the truth of the matter.

    Whoever that telling the gaffer the truth, they, the Oga Rohr deciples will started calling the person bad names forgetting that the coach is not working for free and we have a right to tell him we deserved more than what we are getting from him.

    Who don’t like better thing? Absolutely nobody.

    Am I communicating ba? If so, we deserved better Mr. Dodo mayana. Winning the next Afcon in Cameroon is not negotiable. Kobahakaba? Shekena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • When will u surrender @Omo9ja?

      SE qualify, u quarrel…

      It looks as if SE would not make it, u grumble…

      SE win, u murmur…

      SE draw, u find fault…

      SE loose, u come out with your bathalion and protest…

      Now u have gone back to your old anthem @ “i don’t celebrate average or mediocre result” since the coach has shot u and your likes up….

      When will u support this team and stop all this complain.

      Every time we have array of players… Tomorrow, we have array of talents… Next tomorrow the same thing….
      My question is; is this the first time we’re having good players in nigeria???

      Check the squard of 2000; 2002; 2004; 2006; 2008 and even 2010 afcon, compare them with what we have now both inexperience and maturoty and still come out and tell us we have array of players…

      Why didn’t we hang ourselves in all this years?
      Oh! Bcos the team was handdled by local coaches right?

      U will never see the good in this team until u start liking and supporting the team quot me anywhere…

      I rest case in peace…

  • OmoEsan 2 years ago

    Some people choose not to see Rohr’s achievements so far as a big deal, but right thinking followers of the SE sure do.

    The last time we had things this good during qualifiers was in 2009, when Shuaibu Amodu’s team qualified for AFCON with a 100% win record, only conceding one goal(an own goal for that matter) in their last match of the campaign.

    Between 2010 and 2015, calculator merchants made brisk sales, courtesy of the wobbling and fumbling nature of our dear SE under the tutelage of our ex- internationals, Austin Eguavoen, Samson Siasia (twice), Stephen Keshi and Sunday Oliseh.

    This era was indeed the darkest period for the SE if you ask me. We did not qualify for 3 out of 4 consecutive AFCONs. We struggled in groups consisting of less fancied countries like Chad, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Guinea etc. As if not qualifying wasn’t enough, the SE on one of these occassions couldn’t even drag the qualifiers till the last match day as our rival qualified with one match to spare, hence our dear SE was involved in a dead rubber vs Tanzania. This was also a period we had what is arguably our poorest FIFA rating in about 35years. Kudos to Stephen Keshi however, who won AFCON and qualified us to last 16 of the world cup in this era, but we still won’t forget the sharp decent that came immediately after this feat.

    Away from the dark days, Rohr seem to have introduced some positive cultures into the SE. The first is to always qualify from a position of strength, with matches to spare no matter the level of opposition, a feat his team has achieved three times and still counting. All of a sudden our calculator merchants have to invest in another commodity.

    An offshoot of this culture is another culture of ensuring Rohr’s team keeps developing its capacity to absorb or withstand any shock result that comes it’s way. Instances in this regard includes the World Cup qualifiers where we didn’t only qualify with a match to spare ahead of highly rated Cameroun, Algeria and Zambia, but SE’s points haul along the way was huge enough to withstand the shock of a 3 point deduction. This is massive if you ask me.

    What about the shocker of losing to South Africa at home, but the team rose from that disappointment to qualify, still with a game to spare.

    Next is that shocker of a loss to Madagascar during the last AFCON, but alas, Rohr’s boys had done the job in the first two matches, hence the capacity to absorb that shock.

    The most recent shocker was the 4-4 draw with Sierra Leone at home after taking a 4-0 lead, but yet again, the team dusted itself and still qualified with not one, but two matches to spare.

    All these speak volume about the organizational ability and stability the SE enjoy under Rohr, an ingredient that has been lacking in the SE for decades.

    Some try to downplay the importance of this quality in Rohr, saying the teams in SE’s group is weak. This school of thought actually pretend to forget the quality of opposition the SE confronted during the last world cup qualifiers and still achieved the same feat. They probably also forgot how the most celebrated SE era consisting of the mercurial Jay Jay Okocha, Nwankwo Kanu, Sunday Oliseh, George Finidi et al lost to Liberia and later Sierria Leone during the world cup qualifiers in 2001. Even in their era, our calculator merchants did good business.

    What about the head to head factor that was introduced in 2004/2005 that knocked us out of the 2006 world cup, even when we topped our group statistically. Had it been that the team had developed a shock absorber’s mentality like we now have, I trust SE of that era would have been at the 2006 world cup.

    Going forward, it is my sincere hope that after the 2022 world cup, the NFF will give us a crew that will maintain this culture that Rohr has established and will still be savvy enough to pilot our dear SE to its next level.

    Happy Easter to all forumites.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      God bless u Omoessan!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better.

    • U are a true son of your father….
      I see the spirit in you…

      U just made my day….Thumps up…

      Finally; since u have decided to appreciate somebody’s effort, @OmoEsan men from every part of this world will recorgnise and appreciate your effort.

      You’ll be applauded in every thing u do in this life…
      Thanks a lot….


    • Ikeben 2 years ago

      thanks for your clear and honest opinion. Just to add to that, if you study Rohr’s style you will see the secret of his success which was a far departure from most of our local coaches and African mentality.

      1. He scouts for the best, in-form players. He hardly compromises on this, he keep scouting for new players to improve the team. To the extent his opponents accuse him of not have a clear starting 11. And he goes ahead to drop players that loose form or when we gets a better option in your department. That is how the likes of Echiejile, Idowu, Onazi, Ideye, Agu, Success etc dropped from his team.

      2. He never underrates any opponents and starts his trusted boys in every competitive match. And usually uses friendlies or dead rubber games to try out new boys. Fans complain so much because they want every new player they see to be called up and played in any match yet when the result does not go their way they call for his head like against Madagascar.

      3. Even at that he always maintains his core even when trying out new players. he dosen’t change the whole 11 players.

      4. He sticks to his trusted guys and are patient with them, even when they are going through a seemingly bad patch. He even goes ahead of advising them on which club to go and sometimes speaking with their club coaches to help them out sort out their club issues. Many Nigerian fans and coaches would expect him to throw away such players because of their club predicament. But not Genet Rohr. And each time he does this, the players come back and reward him with beautiful performances.
      He stood by Ighalo after the world cup and Ighalo payed him back with great perfomance in Nations cup qualifiers and Nations cup proper. He stood by Balogun and now reaping the benefits. He stood by Musa in his trials at Leicester city and advised him to go back to CSK, and Musa repaid the confidence with great World cup display. And now even Kelechi and Onuachu.

      5. At the same time he drops you if you are not meeting up. Like he did to Kelechi at the Afcon, and Balogun was benched at Afcon and Akpeyi after Afcon

      6. He also able to tolerate all the salary delays and mess ups of the NFF. Without much complain. At the same time sticks to his list and not shifting his stand on choice of players.

      These are some of the secrets of Genet Rohr and it is paying off.

      • OmoEsan 2 years ago

        Thanks for your comment Bro.
        I can’t agree less to your additions.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      OmoEsan. Genuine write up devoid of sentiments. The kind of write up that you’ll read with a glass of fine wine. You’ve said it all that’s the facts. We’ve had it good over the last 5 years by qualifying for 3 major tournaments despite all the shocks the team encountered along the way. We still qualify for tournaments with games to spare. Something that hasn’t happened to our football in over a decade. It’s a fact that the SuperEagles are the undisputed favorite to clinch the AFCON in Cameroon. Maybe only Algeria, Senegal and Morocco can stop us or our perennial neighbors Ghana and Cameroon. With our pedigree and the caliber or players in our disposal it is SuperEagles all the way. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#.

      • OmoEsan 2 years ago

        Thanks so much my man. I love that statement of yours “the type of write-up you will read with a glass of fine wine”.

  • Hmmm….these ones deep!
    Kudos to people like Omo Esan, Glory, Aphilly, Dr drey, Ikeben,UBFE,Oakfield, Sportfan etc thanks for all the supports and to the Ghanaians and south Africans in the house that keep claiming to be Nigerians, we appreciate your criticisms also. At least they make us come stronger. Up Super Eagles.
    In Rohr we trust.