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Rosa Collins: Questions Gusau Must Answer For Peace To Reign In AFN

Rosa Collins: Questions Gusau Must Answer For Peace To Reign In AFN

Former African triple jump record holder, Rosa Collins says embattled president of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Ibrahim Shehu Gusau must provide answers to some questions before his reconciliatory moves with aggrieved board members of the federation can be considered.

Gusau, our correspondent gathered has been making overtures to board members of the federation and officials of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to sheathe their sword after the Federal Court of Appeal in Abuja re-affirmed him as president of the AFN and annulled his impeachment by majority of the board members.

“I have nothing personal against Ibrahim Gusau but he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Let him wash himself free of the allegations levelled against him and let him answer the following questions with utmost sincerity. I believe if he can do that, the peace he is desiring at the AFN will be granted,’ said Collins who won the first triple jump gold medal in African Games history at the 6th edition of the Games in Harare,Zimbabwe in 1995.

Collins who set a then 13.80m African record on her way to winning the historic gold in Harare says Gusau must tell board members and athletics stakeholders in Nigeria under which provision(s) of the AFN constitution was the Awka Congress of the AFN convened?

“The relevant provision that deals with the issue is 6.1.4 which stipulates a 60-day notice before ANY congress (unless otherwise stated) of the AFN can be convened,” said Collins who also asked Gusau to reveal who prepared the documents for the (illegal) congress because article 8.3.6 of the AFN constitution (2017) states clearly it is the Secretary General that can do that.

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“Ibrahim Gusau should also tell us who sent the proposals for the amendment of the 2017 constitution to States’ Athletics Associations if the Secretary General who the constitution is entrusted with that power in article 10.1.3 says he did not..

“Was the notice for the amendment of the 2017 constitution done in compliance with articles 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 of the AFN constitution? If the Secretary General denies he did not send the proposals for the amendment ,then who did?,” Collins asked.

The flamboyant triple jumper in her hey days also wants Gusau to answer the following questions.

Who issued the notice of board meeting purportedly held in Awka on December 3,2019 if the Secretary General who the constitution empowers to do so upon instructions from the President did not issue a notice for the meeting to hold in Awka?

When and where was the board meeting held where the proposal to register the AFN as a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission discussed? If the Secretary General did not issue any notice for that meeting and has denied any meeting held for that purpose where ‘the board’ elected Messrs Shehu Ibrahim Gusau and Sunday Adeleye as Trustees, can Gusau provide the minutes of the said meeting? Note that the AFN constitution gives the Secretary General the exclusive right as the custodian of AFN documents which includes minutes of board meetings held by the federation.

Where is the contract signed with footwear and equipment manufacturer, PUMA by the ‘AFN’ if the Secretary General who the constitution gives the power in article 8.7,section 8.7.2,sub-sections 4.4.2,4.4.3 and 4.4.4 (Code of Governance Handbook referenced by the article 8.7,section 8.7.2 of the AFN constitution 2017) as the administrative and accounting officer of the federation and as the custodian of all AFN property,records and documents says it is not in his custody?

Where are the kits collected from PUMA and cleared by Mr Sunday Adeleye at the Port when the constitution stated clearly who should be the custodian of these kits?.

Is it true Ibrahim Gusau seized the password to the official email of the AFN? If yes,who has dishonestly been acting as the Secretary General of the federation when the constitution clearly states in article 8.7, section 8.7.2 the functions of the Secretary General?

Is Ibrahim Gusau aware of World Athletics Integrity Code of Conduct on Conflict of Interest? If he does, why did he appoint Dynamic Sporting Solutions, a company belonging to a board member of the AFN at the time to negotiate the PUMA deal on behalf of the federation?

Is Ibrahim Gusau aware that Mr David Okeyo, the former Secretary General of Kenya Athletics Federation was banned for life by the Athletics Integrity Unit for diverting monies meant for their federation to be paid into private accounts? If yes,why did Mr Gusau as President of the AFN allow money from PUMA meant for the AFN to be paid into the bank account of a company, Dynamic Sporting Solutions, belonging to a member of the board of the AFN at the time?

Is Ibrahim Gusau aware of Article 1,section 1.3,subsections 1.3.1,1.3.2 and 1.3.3 of the World Athletics Integrity Code of Conduct on taking sporting matters to an ordinary court? If he does, why did he then take legal action at an ordinary court against the AFN Secretary General and Vice President? Is he also aware that the Code says you cannot claim ignorance of this provision?.”

”The section and the subsections mentioned here explicitly state thus: 1.3-All Applicable Persons will be deemed to have agreed:
1.3.1-that it is their personal responsibility to familiarise themselves with all of the requirements of this Integrity Code, including what conduct constitutes a violation of the Integrity Code;
1.3.2-to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Tribunal to hear and determine charges brought pursuant to the Integrity Code; and,
1.3.3-not to bring any proceedings in any court or other forum that are inconsistent with the foregoing submission to the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Tribunal.”

Collins believes if Gusau can provide answers to these questions she has posed and which the Athletics Integrity Unit will also ask him,eternal peace will reign at the AFN.

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