Seedorf, Kluivert Sacked By Cameroon FA

Seedorf,  Kluivert Sacked By Cameroon FA

Cameroon have sacked coach Clarence Seedorf and his assistant Patrick Kluivert after their disappointing performance at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Their departure was necessitated after the country’s Sports Minister demanded they be relieved of their positions as coaches of the Indomitable Lions.

The defending champions were dumped out in the last 16 after losing 3-2 to Nigeria in the Round of 16 of the tournament.

The Indomitable Lions won just one of their four matches in Egypt, which led to calls from Sports Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi for the pair to be released from their contract.

Cameroon’s football federation announced in a statement that it has terminated the four-year contracts of both Seedorf and Kluivert.

The Dutch trainers took over the reigns of the Cameroon national team August last year with the task of retaining the Afcon crown.

The Football Association said that it had brought an end to the respective contracts of Seedorf and Kluivert ‘following the premature exit of Cameroon’s men’s flagship squad’.

Former AC Milan and the Netherlands midfielder Seedorf was in charge for 12 matches, but won only four – against Malawi, Comoros Islands, Zambia and Guinea-Bissau.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    “…Former AC Milan and the Netherlands midfielder Seedorf was in charge for 12 matches, but won only four…”
    These are the ‘quality’ coaches some people where worshiping here at the beginning of AFCON.

    But our own coach who has not lost 21 out of 25 matches, is sensless, useless, has zero input into the team, only wins by luck, plays defensive football (I dont know which match we have have parked the bus since he has been SE coach), has no pattern, Does not know his starting eleven (when even a blind man can tell the starting 11 we have been playing for a while now depending on the formation includes any of Uzoho, Omeruo, Ekong, Balogun, Shehu, Collins, Aina, Ndidi, Etebo, Simon, Iwobi, Ighalo, Musa and/or Kalu).

    According to them, the 21 matches we have won under him so far was purely the effort of the players, while the 4 we have lost was purely the effort of the coach…Lolz.
    Yet, same people who claim players can win matches on their own are clamouring for us to hire a coach….for what…???
    If you have players who can go unbeaten for almost 3 years on their own, please what do you need a coach for…? LMAO

    • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

      Stop being a sour loser. Accept your fate. Omo9ja rocks, you suck!

      Just bow down to a pundit that is greater than you.

      Ha ha ha ha.

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        Its you and your saviour that is on the loosing end. 1. We didnt have a disastrous afcon as you have been praying for. 2. Rohr stays…!!! LMAO
        You’ve been on the losing side for almost 3 years now….with so much sorrow and pain. Pls go and wash your heads in Ogbuashi river…! The badluck that is following you must have been imported from India….LMAO.
        You and your Omokomo…..pundit my foot. Nor be only pundit, na pumpking.
        Your tin-god is only a bold-face fair weather, double mouthed lair. I’ve lost count of times he has disgraced himself here with white lies. One moment, Oyinbo people are not goof for us, the next he his singing Dennerby’s praises. Lolz. When the going is good, He loves rohr, rohr is good….When the going is still good he suddenly starts calling for his sack……Pls kindly help hm deal with his mood swings pls…LMAO

        • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

          Can’t you see? Rohr has failed.

          The case is dead and buried. Resistance to this fact is futile.

          You are climbing the right ladder on a wrong wall.

          Wake up and smell the beans before the flood of mediocrity sweeps you away

        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          Hahahaha…it is your evil plans for the SE at this AFCON that failed.
          Rohr’s mandate was to play 7 matches out of 7 in this AFCON…..we will be playing our 7th match tonight.
          Deal with that….! LMAO.
          I told your omo-langidi before the tournament that ‘Oju eyin olote a ja”….and guess wat, all you evil wishes where trumped by Rohr and his boys…..! Shame to evil people….!!!

          • Mr @dr drey i respect u much because of wiseness,not animals like @pascal de waisted sperm,bastard,son of a bed warmer,

          • Pascal 5 years ago

            Hahahaha Drey are you in anyway families with this man that can not write his name properly or spell wasted? And insulting people in the forum like a mad dog everywhere.

            EWU I wonder why you have come here to tag Drey hahaha lack of wisdom my people perish!

            You meet your meter today and you dey find shelter to hide your stinky ass. Ubah not ubah

      • Danurch 5 years ago

        @Peterside Udah. You are insensitive to good reasoning. Dr. Drey is perfectly correct in his submission here. You are blind-folded and biased that you find it impossible to see truth devoid of sentiment. I concur with Drey. People with same mental chemistry and selfish view of a glaring fact as yours find it impossible to accept crystal truth.

  • Ikeben 5 years ago

    Dr drey, you are very funny. Honestly, our fans have been dreaming of been coached by ‘world class’ coaches like Seedorf and Klaivert. They just like the popularity of the men.

    So we now have the chance to go for them. And our quietly performing coach should be allowed to go where he will be appreciated.

    • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

      He is very funny. Like omo9ja said to him and others, Oga ni iya muda.

      Now he will kneel before his master for it is written, whomsoever shall defy omo9ja shall live to eat his words.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Even almighty Berti Vogts (who is world class in every respect) didnt give us what we are getting now. The records are there for all to see.
      Westerhoff was a nobody when we hired him in 1898…he inherited a Green eagles which till today IMHO was the champion of Africa in 1988. Manfred Hoenner did a fantastic job back then…but all these oversabi armchair critics were on his back all through with this crap “he doesn’t play our style of football” allegations. Westerhoff had 1987 U17 champions, 1989 U20 runners up, 1988 AFCON “champions” but still needed 3 attempts to win afcon with 12 team format as it was back in the days. Mind you it wasn’t like the armchair critics went on holidays o. Thank God for sending Augustus Aikhomu to be the angel that will guide our footballing destiny from being wasted by people who would usually claim to know football but cant do any better if saddled with same responsibility. That Westerhoff is today a legend in our footballing folklore. The seed of patience if you ask me….!

      • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

        Can’t you just admit defeat? I said you should bow down to the pumpkin, sorry , I meant pundit that is greater than you?

        Omo9ja is your leader.

        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          Dont you have shame at all…? Cant you see the failure written over you and your omolangidi…? As much as both of you have tried to wip up evil sentiments against our national team, your have been put to shame. You even went missing for almost 72 hours. It took a search party lead by the SEALS to dig you out of your coven….LOlz

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    Please can anybody tell me any match Nigeria play for the last 3years,super eagle players hold a ball and be passing to themselves 10 good passes without intercept{opponent]? Please I need an answer that will tell you how good G rohr is in term of team work?

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      See question…? If we have not been passing how then have we been winning…?
      If the balls have not been getting to the strikers how come we have an average of 1.8 goals per match in those 3 years…?
      Who passing help abeg…?
      We have won 21 out of 32 games and someone is here taking about 10 passes. LMAO.
      In the days of your ‘pep guardiolas of Africa’ how many passes where you making and how many wins did it translate to.

      • abba rossi 5 years ago

        of cos we can pass but for how long without intercepting? that’s my question? 10 good passes among themselves is not possible from defends to midfield to attack? we ve not seen that? just tell me that match please? of cos you can score goal from two or one touch or even from long ball? am not asking cumulative matches? in any one of the match? even from goalkeeper to defend to anybody without giving opponent? Everybody should touch the ball or even with a return pass 10x?

  • @Dr drey you are not a nigerian you are a german

  • Glory 5 years ago

    @Drey judging by the quality of all your post, I can easily see, you must be a well enlightened person. Someone whose arguments are always based on facts merged with sound reasoning. I just want to appeal to you to ignore those never do well, arms chair critics. They are only good at insults simply because they probably lack or don’t know how to Marshall out their points, that is even if they ve got any. Again, know this,that many here are agents or agent boys using styled names,and Rohr has put a sword in their self centered business of using SE to market their mediocre players. This has lead many of them to almost go arms in begging to feed. Just ignore them brother. Pinnick n a far far greater percentage of SE fans,I inclusive, want Rohr to continue. Those calling for his sack are just like a drop in d mighty ocean. It’s just about Rohr himself deciding to continue n not the never do well crying out their lungs. Somehow, I could see loads of them committing suicide by hugging live transformer when Rohr decide to carry on. Loolz

    • Good talk my bro @Glory,they are many in this forum,people like @pascal and his fellow bastards,

      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        Idiot stop insulting people and displaying your ignorance with your bad grammar here.

        • Bush goat@pig chima samuel,stay in ur poverty with ur grammer am here with my secured finance,

        • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

          Ubah watch your mouth? Know the people you’ll be ranting with do I look like your colleague here? May you get what you seek i end it here.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    Argentina then Algeria now,same situation same result. Why must we continue to hustle backwards. Thanks  Rohr for selecting most of his players based on merits unlike some of our local coaches.
     I will always respect him for that especially for dropping unserious iheanacho. But we have to move on.we need a coach who can take us to the promise land.we don’t need to waste our money on a 66yrs old foreign coach by sending him on a refresher course.

  • Edoguy 5 years ago

    I think Rohr did a great job. He brought consistency into the team and defensive awareness. In my opinion, I think it is time to move on from Rohr. I like Rohr so much but that’s the ceiling with him. If I can offer rohr a position, I will make him director of football. That is the role he plays in Germany, an advisor.

    Please, it is better we get seedorf and kluivert. It will be good for Iwobi, Ighalo (if he continues), Onuachu, etebo and ndidi. What an impact he will have on Etebo considering that Seedorf was a midfielder in his days and one of the best then.

    NFF please go for these guys!!!

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Na wa ooo. This Cameroun pipo sef. See as dem sack Seedorf and Kluivert commot. Well, the next thing is to replace dem with another coach who can’t tell the difference between his elbow and his you know what. Then they will give him a very realistic target – WIN THE 2021 AFCON AND THE 2022 WORLD CUP! Hehehehehe! Cameroun, na una sabi oooo!
    On the bright side, at least Seedorf and kluivert can now go back to the comforts of their home, and patiently wait for a PROPER JOB in future!

  • Tartan 5 years ago

    I wonder why the forum is full of insults today especially the ubah boy. What is all this complete sports can’t you regulate this forum. You’ll hear prostute or what is that boy even saying and another too will correct then the next minutes someone will call coach Rohr a name.

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    If is for G rohr to have medal bronze in his coaching profile that he never have may God give Tunisian the victory to avoid rohr claiming medal in future? cos bronze is not new to nigeria

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    After all that is been said and done i think Rohr might not be the best but he should be left alone because of his results so far if great Renard of Morocco lost at R16, Ghana same fate. Then why can’t we lose as well? if we take a good look had it not been for that last seconds free kick same people abusing this man would have been hailing him if we had won the match.

    Rohr won my trust if we go for a local coach aside siaone we will be dealing with corruption. So i will rather we add Siasia to help Rohr tinker the attack instinct and Shoromu as gk trainer who during his time we had world class keeper of Vincent to help wash away this goal keeping madness in our team. Then we need to introduce Osihmen, okereke, Dennis and scout for a real right back.

    If we get this right because the midfield trio of etebo ndidi and iwobi is already sealed and can win any duels in this world alongside this new additions then we will be going into a bright future.

    Rohr should remain plus the aforementioned additions Nigeria will be fine.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      The midfield trio of Etebo Ndidi and Iwobi is already sealed. Thank you Chima. You see that’s the progress we’ve been talking about. And those players you mentioned Osimhen Okereke Dennis will be lightening up the Belgian league this season. I even heard Osimhen might be going to Lille. Hopefully Success Isaac and Iheanacho can also return depending on their club form. The immediate future is indeed very bright. Of course Rohr might not be the best coach around. He’s got his flaws, and hopefully will continue to improve the team with adequate assistants.

      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        That is why i hope the coach will remain Wether win or lose today. Bringing another coach at this period will take us back to another 4 years of rebuilding that is what people fail to see for once i agree with my opposites on this.

  • So sorry. Africans are to haste to sack coaches

  • Sorry to say this that some of those clamoring for sack of Rohr are dead rubbers during their active playing days. During the 5-6 years reign of Mr Westerhof, they were tested but failed and were dumped. People should leave Rohr alone to continue his building work of the SE. By the time he finishes, most of these people will start to sing his praises again. The work Rohr has done and achieve in Nigeria cannot be compared with what Seedorf and Kluivert did in Cameroon. The statistics are there to see.

  • Bishop Joshua 5 years ago

    Top earning coaches in Africa include Egyptian, Moroccan, and Cameroonian coach to which even the Nigerian coach Rohr is not in the top 7 earners. Non of these world class coaches with quality players in their teams got to the semis.
    Because some self serving impatient fans hate consistency and continuity they want us to sack Rohr and employ a man Cameroon sacked for non performance? They clamour for Renard Havre of Morocco to be our coach and don’t bother that the coach had at his disposal one of the best collection of African players in his Moroccan team and couldn’t even go past Benin Republic in R16.
    I am glad NFF made the decision to continue with Rohr. We would have taking our football 4years backwards. After sacking a coach, it takes us almost 6-9 month to get another one and he starts building afresh even when qualifiers of major tournament is underway, we get impatient with him as usual after few stumbles(because we must win all our matches na) sack him and search for another, maybe local or foreign.
    Nigerians, a double minded is like the sea, tossed about by the wind, that man is unstable in all his ways and can never prosper, so says the holy book.
    Let us build on the experiences and gains of the AFCON tournament on the platform of consistency and continuity until the understanding and winning mentality is ingrained in this team
    For a coach who has won 21 out of 32 matches he played since he took over deserves commendation and not condemnation. He is not without flaws, and neither are the so called world class coaches.

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