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Serie A: Osimhen Grabs Hat-Trick In Napoli’s Big Win Against Sassuolo

Serie A: Osimhen Grabs Hat-Trick In Napoli’s Big Win Against Sassuolo

Victor Osimhen scored a hat-trick as Napoli thrashed Sassuolo 4-0 at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

It was Osimhen’s first senior career hat-trick.

The 23-year-old has now scored six goals in his last four appearances for the Partenopei.

The Nigeria international opened scoring for the home team on four minutes after he was set up by Kvicha Kvaratskhelia.

In provided the assist for Osimhen’s second goal of the game on 19 minutes.

Kvaratskhelia added the third in the 39th minute.

Osimhen scored his third and Napoli’s fourth of the game 23 minutes from time.

He has now scored eight goals in eight league appearances for Luciano Spalletti’s side this season.

Napoli remain unbeaten in Serie A this season.

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  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    From Maradonia to osimhenia so said the commentator. This guy is a real deal. We pray for injury free season with his form Napoli may be on their way to winning the league. Congrats boy keep it up!

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    Osimenia!!!!! The lion of Naples!!!!

  • Shuma 1 year ago

    Osimhen currently has 7 goals, with his pace he should beat his last season personal high 11 goals easily. That is really low for people promoting him right now as the top striker. He already should end the season with at least 20 goals. So by that standard he is overrated. I mean his first hat trick, you know how long I have been waiting for that? People need to watch Haaland and then compare that to Osimhen, he is nowhere near to that level. And im a fan of Osimhen

    You have players that can create their own goals or need someone to supply you in certain areas and positions (like Harry Kane). Osimhen cant create his own goals (always borderline offsides, needs to work on his 1v1, his finishing, always creating turnovers, shooting too early and losing the ball when he sees the opposition coming), he needs supply. That’s where Kvaratskhelia comes in, he assists and scores. He is like another De Bruyne. And he is supplying Osimhen. These two can be a strong duo. Napoli knows how to recruit and now premier league teams want to poach them knowing they didn’t care for them before. I literally knew he was good when Kvaratskhelia scored against Spain from far away

    What these Nigerian players or any player who come from a british colonized country should do is stay away from the premier league. African players who come from at least a french colonized country already start and play in ligue 1 and get experience. Im tired of people promoting players to come play in the premier league just because thats the only league they watch. And watch them fail, not fit in, on the bench, join a lower half team and get relegated. People want Osimhen to play for man u. Trust me they would have high expectations from him and the amount of goals he scored so far will not cut it. Haaland was scoring goals everywhere he went, ever since he scored 9 goals in the u20 world cup. I mean man u paid 100 for Anthony, and he only scored under 10 goals for ajax last year

    But all in all Osimhen needs to stay away from the premier league if he wants to continue to thrive. Also stay on a perfect team. Insigne left and Kvaratskhelia is taking over and the perfect teammate

    • Sean 1 year ago

      After our darling player scored Hat-rick, these are all you could type? Then you have big Problem.
      At least put De Byrne behind Osimhen first before you judge and stop acting as if it’s only Osimhen that you have been watching all your life.

      • Will 1 year ago

        Please stop being a dick eater. It was a good analytical point. Everybody here overrate any super eagles player anyway. He only scored 11 goals last year and is worth 100mil? Please revaluate your life

        • Mercy 1 year ago

          This your comment shows that you know nothing about what you are saying. Osimhen scored 14 league goal in 27 matches. He already average a goal in every two-matches without penalty( excluding assists). Show me any striker in Europe who has his kind of record and I will show you the midfielders playing behind him.

          • Mercy don’t mind them some people just love to hate anything..a boy scored a hat trick, you said he is over rated. With all tge injuries every season, rhe guy is stilk scoring goals. What do you want.

        • Sean 1 year ago

          “Don’t try to Teach a fool, he/She will make fun of your wife words” – Mother Theresa

        • MAJOR FLEX 1 year ago

          Clown, he scored 14, missed so many matches , you are sounding very stupid oo

    • Advising a player with all the ingredients to succeed in the EPL to avoid the EPL!?…..I smell jealousy and hate all over your comment but I will give you a benefit of doubt and assume you are just ignorant of basic football…….The EPL needs players with Lots of pace,stamina, strength, determination,gile,skill, aerial ability,etc that is why it’s called the most difficult league in the world not the most Technical mind you…..A player like osimhen is tailor made for the EPL and I have already heard that Chelsea has made enquiry about him already.

    • Tristan 1 year ago

      Let’s be fair to Osimhen. Haaland played in the Bundesliga and premier league, these leagues are not as defensibly minded as the Italian Serie A or Spanish LaLiga. The premier league plays a more open style of football with end-to-end action. Secondly, Osimhen plays with pretty selfish midfielders. In the premier league tactical roles are fixed, that is if you’re a midfielder you’re expected to supply the forwards. In Italy, a lot of goals come from midfielders who see themselves not as providers to the center-forward but as goal-scoring forwards. Because of this fluidity, they do not consider supplying center-forwards as their prime objective.

      You say Kvaratskilia is a provider for Osimhen, I say you’re wrong, Kvaratskilia is very selfish and playing for his own glory and hype. Yes, he provided in today’s match but his assists to Osimhen have been very few. It is the Cameroonian Anguissa that has been helping Osimhen from midfield. Once Anguissa is in the starting line, the rest of the team starts supplying Osimhen because they don’t want to be shown up by the Anguissa-Osimhen supply.
      If Anguissa doesn’t play, they wouldn’t bother passing to Osimhen.

      I agree with staying away from the premier league especially signing for desperate clubs that are likely to be fighting relegation. A relegated club is a stain on its own players marking them out as mediocre. I also agree that Osimhen should stay away from the premier league unless guaranteed playing time in his contract – because many Nigerian players end up on the bench. Look at Nacho, he’s spent so much time on the bench he has lost all match sharpness. Osimhen should strive for the Real Madrids and Barcelonas of the football world.

      I also believe Osimhen is as good if not better than Haaland. Haaland is given better opportunities by his midfield, he is fed by one of the best playmakers in the world de Bruyne, while Osimhen can only rely on Anguissa or sporadic”small small” supply from Kvaratskilia.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

        Osigoal is made for Madrid let him leave EPL. The only EPL team that would have fitted him was ManCity that will supply him open goal to blast. But Halaand has already occupied that spot. Let him come and replace ageing Karim at Madrid next season and stand a chance to achieve the unthinkable in football. Any other Epl team will be another stressful prove yourself journey like Shevy and co. We knew how it all ended!!!! Wish the Lion the best and his new child inspiring him!!!

    • Glory 1 year ago

      This jalopy bus need fixing.

  • Osimhen Abga baller the hope of Nigerian ball.

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    All Nigeria needs now is another version of Kvaratskhelia for Osimhem to become another Halland for Nigeria. I pray he stays injury free. He could create some sort of record this season

    • Tristan 1 year ago

      Why this Kvaratskilia hype? The first Osimhen goal came from a cross by No. 22 De Lorenzo, his second came from a cross by Kvaratskilia No 77, and his third was all his own work after a mistake by a Sassuelo midfielder.
      Against Roma it was Lozano with the pass that led to Osimhen’s goal; against Ajax, it was Osimhen pressing a defender to score.
      Osimhen does not depend on Kvaratskilia’s assists to score, too many people try to take away due praise from Osimhen, and give to Kvaratskilia.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

        Kvara works perfect with Osimhen you have no idea of what people see. Even the coach pair the players according to their chemistry of late, and he got this kvara and Osimhen one….

        • Tristan 1 year ago

          Kvara has only provided Osimhen with two assists this season. Today and against Bologna. Osimhen does not depend on or need Kvara, because Kvara 90% of the time shoots for goal. A very selfish player.
          Have you watched him play? The English commentators who comment on these matches are the ones that can’t resist their innate habit of putting down a black player at the expense of white.
          Liverpool were doing the same thing to Sadio Mane, hyping Salah – as the best in the worldwhile Mane was doing the donkey work, and pretending Mane was not worth being paid well. Sadio left and where is Liverpool today?
          There is always racial bias in the judgments of these match commentators you listen to.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    GUYS look at what EGUAVEON COST

    WE would have been ENJOYING OSIMHEN at the WORLD CUP by NEXT MONTH now…


    • Greenturf 1 year ago

      You mean Sunday Dare?Eguavoen didn’t appoint himself.

      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

        Was it DARE that FAILED to NOTICE when GHANA switched to a BACK 5???

        • KangA 1 year ago

          Go back a step to the root cause—Odegbami, who embarked on a hunger strike for Oga Rohr’s sack. Eguavoen may have been greedy, thinking that the task was a finch, but he was just a naive  rookie.

          All is not lost. Peseiro, look into three things: Osi’s partner, the midfield, and goalie.

          • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


            WE have to look for these GUYS and force RAT POISON down their THROATS…

  • Greenturf 1 year ago

    Osimhen not going to the world cup is bad for football.I hope we qualify for the next one this group are too good to miss out on two consecutive world cup tournament.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

      Is it the same Osihmen that played bicycle kicks in Abuja? Rest Silus Baron Greenberg.

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        You don’t have to sound disrespectful there’s no need for that.There are much better ways to communicate at least have some respect.
        I understand we are here to discuss football and I believe we are respectable people and should be polite.

    • kolawale 1 year ago

      Let them bring out the proof now. It is not hidden that owngoals dislikes the national team coaches, are they not the spokesperson for Rorh when he was coach back then. let them boldly come out with the proof. Nigeria is currently leading 2-0

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      And yet those idiots, i mean , those corrupt fools reappointed him yet again as coach whilst there Were better coaches with integrity. They kicked rohr out bcs he was a clog their wheel of corrupt practices and came out and gave him a bad name to get him out of the way. Dare, dosu, the ex cricket international (odegbami) are all privy to this. Tell me how this team would go far. They mess everything up and then try to push the team to success with useless cash gifts. Pitiful.

    • Tony 1 year ago

      Believe own goal report at your risk.does guys lie alot

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    The pride of Africa!

  • pompei 1 year ago


    • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

      Well said Brodaman Pompei. Osimhen is the best, forget the rest.

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    The Super Eagles need to poach Folarin Balogun, he is doing bits in the championat. More importantly there are aspects of his game that makes him a prodigious talent. His link up play is excellent, he is pact and a clinical finisher, he can use both feet. One challenge we have with the SE handlers is that they wait for these talents to start having games at the EPL before they call them up. Now is the time to do it.

  • Mr. Reporter point of correction Osimhen n has scored 7 league goeals this season and in a joint first position so far.

  • Hassan Tia 1 year ago

    I think he better striker in Africa now this season, he has 7 goals in Serie A, 5 goals in Afcon. Cup of Nations qualification as a top striker than Mane who has 4 goals.

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    Get Folarin Balogun now! The boy has issued a come get me plea but our clueless handlers will wait until he becomes a regular for arsenal before holding discussions with him. Some of us saw the talents of eze and olise long before relevance but the Federation have been clueless. I remember watching the many dazzling display of olise at reading and was wondering why we were yet to approach him. NFF waited till he was signed by palace before running helter Skelter, trying to convince him . By this time his prospect had changed.

    The federation needs a chief scout, one with an eye for spotting prodigious talents. We can not continue to wait for them to be the real deal before we approach them because once their agents see that their prospects have changed , they will encourage them to opt for england or France. Another good example is Lesley Ugochukwu who plays for rennes. The boy has all the attributes to be an understudy for Ndidi but our biscuit eating NFF are clueless. They will wait until he gets a call up for the French senior national team and then Start scrambling to invite him. This is a position we have struggled with in recent times when Ndidi is absent. The boy is strong as an ox, has the height to win aerial balls in mid field and when defending set pieces , an excellent passer of the ball. However, we would mess around until we miss the boy.

    The truth is the SE are not far away from being an excellent team that will dominate Africa for years but our rebuilding is taking forever . It is unfortunate that till now , we do not have a reliable goal keeper , we still do not have a natural 10, we only have a right back (Ola aina who is now injured), we have no replacement for Ndidi and no cover for osimhen. Inspite of all these deficiencies, we are fed with the deceit that Nigeria will win the afcon.If we were take off our patriotic cap for an instance and give an honest assessment, we would see quite clearly that we have no chance. What is Shehu doing in the team? The NFF might end up wasting the talents of these current crop of players due to poor foresight and poor administration. If the NFF begin to fit in the missing puzzles by getting the right players that will strengthen our bench, Nigeria could have a dominant team like the indomitable lions of Cameroon with Patrick mboma, Eto fils, njitap etc.

    • Tristan 1 year ago

      You’re right and it’s a great suggestion that NFF should appoint a Super Eagles Chief Scout for foreign-based players. I would recommend an ex-Super Eagle based abroad because the scouting would be taking place in Europe. Not some civil servant based in Abuja. Someone like Leo Balogun who is approaching football retirement is based in Europe, and has devoted years through playing for the SE could be useful as a scout.

  • Greatness 1 year ago

    Congratulations to Osimhen for his first league hatrick. He can still get more hatricks this season if he avoids injury and continues to work hard.

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