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Simy Nwankwo: I’m Not Desperate To Play For Super Eagles Again

Simy Nwankwo: I’m Not Desperate To Play For Super Eagles Again

Crotone forward Simy Nwankwo says it will be great to play for the Super Eagles again but he is not desperate to see that happen, reports Completesports.com.

Nwankwo was a surprise call-up to the Nigeria 2018 World Cup squad but has since been overlooked by head coach Gernot Rohr.

The 28-year-old has scored 19 goals in the Serie A this season.

Despite his impressive performances for Crotone Rohr, has indicated that the forward is not part of his plans at the moment, something the player says does not worry him.

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“I won’t say I am bothered about the Super Eagles. As a Nigerian I am a fan of the national team, we are all born to be fans of the Super Eagles,” he told BBC Sport Africa.

“I share the same dream and ambition of every young footballer to one day represent the country. But it’s not in my hands, it’s not something I can control.

“I focus on the only thing that I can control, which is my my day-to-day performances, improvement, becoming better every day, working hard and doing the things I have to do for my club.

“That’s the only thing that I am able to control. What happens in the Super Eagles is out of my control.

“If it happens again, it happens and if not.. life goes on. I am not worried.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Thank you simy ,we will get back to you

  • Such a humble lad, But I can feel your frustrations Nwanne don’t worry god dey bros. keep performing well Very soon Gernot Rohr go hear word.

  • Don’t worry. We will use mouth carry away from that crotone.

  • Chris 3 years ago


    Now we can move on with our SE, we have one striker to worry about invitation now.

  • My concerns are Musa and Ighalo that they want to force in base on just experience.
    We have lots of new faces that can fit in perfectly.
    That’s 10 …do we still need Ighalo?

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @sean, I wonder o. You and others are now seeing what I’m seeing still, you and Oga Rohr fans have never agreed that the coach doesn’t have what it takes to delivered.

      Because he won against Benin and Lesotho, he feels like he has arrived and his team is capable of competing with the best.

      Onuachu that this Oga Rohr putting on standby was the only striker that was able to score only goal against The Benin.

      Now, he has shifted his attention to Simy because Onuachu have proven to him that he deserves to be on the pitch not on standby by scoring twice in those encounters.

      We have 10 fabulous strikers that any team can be proud of but Oga Rohr still willing to bring back Ighalo?

      No disrespect to Ighalo, I love him and I don’t think he should allow Oga Rohr to push him. He was fortunate to be crowned the highest goal scorer and I’m still happy with Ighalo but he should not come back into the Super Eagles if he loves himself period. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    You are good enough brother, it’s just that we have good options that are doing well, keep doing your thing and hopefully you will get ur chances, and remember to always pray for the once doing the job already, victory for eagles is victory for all Nigerians

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    The headline does not reflect what Tochukwu (Simi)Nwankwo said in the BBC Sports interview. Bad and misleading journalism!

  • Hassan Tia 3 years ago

    You deserve(Simmy) to play for Super Eagles,cause you are third goal scorer in at great leauge Seria A, and you have experience of playing in World Cup.2018 in Russia…

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Certain news can be demoralizing, i hope the coach doesn’t destroy the ongoing chemistry of our strikers with his personal likenesses a word is enough for the wise, Rohr often overreact when he does well by winning one or two matches and the next thing we all know is a nose dive… Coach Rohr should be mindful of his utterance and stop talking down some players whiles hyping Musa and Ighalo kinds that we know are almost done with the game.

  • I honestly do not understand the clamour for certain players to be fielded in the Super Eagles. Gernot Rhor has a game plan and knows who can fit into that plan, so he selects based on those characteristics. Not every player who is Nigerian or Nigerian descent can wear our jersey. The Three Lions of England have over 130 players on their database that they monitor. Yet only a few are called. Among the current Super Eagles players, since Gernot Rhor took over,the serious ones have changed clubs 1,2 Or 3 times. Case in point – Iwobi, Tyronne Ebuehi, Etebo, Troost Ekong, Leon Balogun, Henry Onyekuru etc. If Simy Nwankwo likes, he should remain in Crotone, it just shows he has no desire to better himself.

  • Hmmmmm…..This is a man that scores most of his goals through penalties. If he is invited, I really wonder how he would be scoring for SE, because penalties come to SE once in a blue moon. Just as Rohr has advised him, he should do more, especially with his hold up play…….he should also learn to do more with his legs instead of his head and reliance on penalties.
    Funny enough, some people have already argued here that penalty is such a difficult avenue to score goals. But my question is…….if penalty is hard to score, why do fans and the players celebrate as if a goal has been scored……..when a penalty is awarded and yet to be played? That is because, penalty is almost equal to goal. That is why people get very angry and bitter, if a player misses a penalty

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Ocherome… you are looking for attention. You have overused this your line about Simmy Nwankwo and penalties… please look for something new… it is stale now.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Jimmy leave this guys alone, this same Simy is ahead of Onuachu in the recently released top 10 power ranking. At this point in time it is best to stop commenting on the forum and channel energy into other affairs of life. Some comments and ideas on this page can corrupt ones ideology.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    This is what we get when we have incompetent coaches with the Super Eagles.

    The reflections of the gaffer is complicating the atmosphere of the Super Eagles.

    The issue of putting players down will certainly hurting the whole team.

    Telling Simy to find a new club if he’s willing to play for Nigeria will have bad impact in Simy’s mind.

    The coach I’m talking about also not the right person for the job but NFF decided to put him there.

    What his achievements so far with the players he has been managing all this while?

    Oh, I’m not sorry to say this. He is a dictator that likes to talks his players down without winning a single trophy for Nigeria.

    Eagles hasn’t reaching their level over the past five years and you are systematically telling one of our hottest strikers that he is not good enough and he have to find a better club while Ighalo that is the greatest striker that ever played for Nigeria is playing in an unrecognized league in the world have bn considered over the player that is playing in Italian league? Are you kidding?

    Chai, what can we call that kę? When we are taking about experience, the current Super Eagles team has it all. We still have Musa, Balogun, Simon, Sheu and Yobo as a former captain of the team still with the team and managing the team with other coaches.

    Your team will play their hearts out when playing against the minor teams but when their playing with the best teams, they are no where to be found.

    Still, you are using Super Eagles to cover yourself up and NFF keep celebrating unconvincing results.

    Qualifying Nigeria to the world and Afcon not enough to guaranteed the gaffer his job upon the caliber of players we have.

    Late Amadu and Keshi qualified Nigeria to world and Afcon, one of them won the Afcon title and still, they didn’t say anything like such to any player.

    I’m so happy that Simy responded well by telling the gaffer the bitter truth.

    Last but not least, World cup qualifiers Afcon in Cameroon keeps nearer every day.

    NFF, the coach of the Super Eagles and his followers should be ready for a battle that they can never win.

    “I share the same dream and ambition of every young footballer to one day represent the country. But it’s not in my hands, it’s not something I can control.

    “I focus on the only thing that I can control, which is my my day-to-day performances, improvement, becoming better every day, working hard and doing the things I have to do for my club.

    “That’s the only thing that I am able to control. What happens in the Super Eagles is out of my control.

    “If it happens again, it happens and if not.. life goes on. I am not worried.”

    This is what we get when NFF refused to hire modern football managers. I’m proud of Amunike and Egbo on this. Both men are exceptionally talented and wise. I can’t wait to see Amunike and Egbo taking Eagles to the next world cup in Qatar.

    With what Oga Rohr doing, his days are numbered.

    It’s a pity if the gaffer doesn’t know. Take heart Simy. After the Afcon in Cameroon, the gaffer will know his fate. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Coachie 3 years ago

      Why do you talk from different sides of your mouth every now and then. So, you sincerely think if Amunike+Egbo become Super Eagles coaches, they will be so unprofessional and unethical to take 6 strikers (out of 23 players) to a match day (qualifier match) and to the competition proper… I bet of you were a coach and you have to take 23 players to a tournament, you will include Osihmen, Onuachu, Iheanacho, Simmy, Terrem Moffi and Cyril Dessers (6 strikers) in your team.
      Yeye dey smell here
      I tire for you ohhhh.

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        @Coachie and Dr Banks, thanks a lot for the question you asked me.

        One question in different ways.

        Anyway, let’s educate ourselves a bit on this in a simplex way tonight.

        We can not have Osimhen, Onuachu, Simy and Sodiq in Super Eagles at the same time.

        It is not logical to have three of these players in one team because they have something in common and if Oga Rohr opted for the three kai, we should forget it and considered him incompetent coach to lead the team to any where meaningful.

        He have to balance it up by having different strikers in the Super Eagles.

        We have Moffi, we have Osimhen, Onuachu, Simy, Dessers and Sodiq to say the least.

        However, as it stands, Osimhen is our no1 striker and I keep saying it, having Dessers in this current team is a big advantage in terms of tactical reasons. He can play any where upfront. He doesn’t rely on any wingers to score his goals.

        We can’t have the same set of strikers in Super Eagles period.

        I hope I’m communicating ba? If so, Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • lanre 3 years ago

    nigeria is blessed to have gernot rohr as super eagles coach….all glory to God…most people do not know that the job of inviting players is not solely done by him….he has scouts doing it……amongst whom are VICTOR AGALI,an ex international who also played under him at NICE of france,Tunde Adelakun who is based in london nd several others……you guys could as well APPLY to be one of them…..only if you have the requisite qualifications…….please go get a job!

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    Guys, you all have to realise that none of you talking here have the minimum coaching badge but all clamouring for every players that scores goals to be invited to SE. You all forget that the coach is a qualified professional with some pedigree whatsoever irrespective of having no cup yet, he has his style and will prosecute this style with players that suits his philosophy in order to achieve his set goals. And he said Simi is simply not suitable for his style for now. Let’s leave it and pray for his success with his chosen team rather than being Omo9jarish.
    Simi in my opinion is not the type of striker I will include in my SE team if I am the coach, I watch his matches and am not at all impressed with his overall qualities despite his goals so far. GR has seen enough of him at close watch for the 2018 WC where he had much longer time during camping in preparations for Russia and the competition proper and he was not convinced. That’s why he didn’t get enough minutes during the WC, a coach only plays a player who is able to convince the gaffer during training that he is capable of performing at the highest level, otherwise what is the need for training if we can simply throw in players during matches for fans to see what he can offer?
    @Omo9ja……..let me ask you which striker will you drop for Simi (28) in the current SE setup amongst Osimhen (22), Kelechi (24), Onuachu (26), Moffi (21), Sadiq (24) considering their possible overall contribution to the team, skills, energy level, goals and assists, hold up play, creativity et al?
    This is not the time for experiments, WC qualifier is 1 month away and AFCON is 8 months away, it’s time to consolidate with the players we have seen so far to mould them into a winning unit rather than tossing and shuffling till the last minute

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Most people on this forum are very biased… If Ahmed Musa without club could be invited and given game time to help him find club according to Rohr… How so painfully different for Simmy who is on fire and doing a Yeoman’s job at a modest club MUST move to a better club to play fir Super Eagles… but Ighalo also must come back… Rohr is just a confused old expired coach… his Diplom certificate in coaching should be left on a termite mound… a Whiteman reeking of barefaced double standard… tueeeh!

    • Kilode 3 years ago

      You speak with great foolishness, Jimmy.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        … Truth is bitter. @Kilode… even John Fashanu has said Ighalo at the moment is surplus to requirement.

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      Ahmed Musa and Ighalo are proven soldier at the highest level my guy @JimmyBall, quality has no hiding place. Let Simi go to ManU and see if he will ever make match day squad bro.
      Moreover, Musa doesn’t play the same wing or role as Simmy and he is the team Captain. No be moinmoin to be a deserved leader

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Banks… One becomes proven only by giving them chance to play… Ahmed Musa has had over 80games for Super Eagles, Ighalo, I am sure had over 35games… tops for Super Eagles, if I am not mistaken… Let’s call up their stats and look at their goals per games ratio… in reality I will still give an Ahmed Musa a benefit of the doubt now that he is active with Kano Pillars… I am that fair, because I will name him ahead of Samuel Kalu right now who has been mostly on the mend table for the better part of this season… A player whom I will expressly allow to stroll back anytime is Victor Moses… IGHALO has served his time and use use very well with us… Kudos to him but it does not appear we need him anymore. If anyone wants to be objective… Centre forward should be:Osimhen, Onuachu and Simmy. Then we would be talking of seeing Sadiq and Moffi after we are convinced we have seen the first tripod of Osimhen… ONUACHU… Simmy very well. We have adequately seen the first two… but in all fairness to Simmy, apart from his first game (debut) against DR Congo… he has subsequently not played more than a combined six (6) minutes in all other games he was involved under Rohr… Will any fair-minded human call that as having been “GIVEN” adequate chance to show himself? It is clear Rohr has is inner caucus who regardless of performing at clubs or being fit get called up… the next set of games coming up for Super Eagles… Will surely reveal this again as the likes of Samuel Kalu of Bordeaux who has not even managed up to 15games and 5goals this season will be the first on the list… Rohr must quit all evidences of favoritism for a select-few, and be transparent in his dealings with every player selection…

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Thank you Dr. Banks. I appreciate your unbiased opinion. Don’t mind all these people. Most of them never liked the idea of inviting Simy during the WorldCup camping. Some of them were complaining back then even Omo9ja that Simy is not tested and trusted why invite an unknown player bla bla bla up and down the place. I was one of very few forumites back then who appreciate the gaffer’s inclusion of Simy for the WorldCup simply because of the bicycle kick he scored against Juventus in the 17/18 season. Most of them lambasted Rohr for inviting him just because of the bicycle kick back then. Now they’re all crying for Simy to be invited after scoring 19 goals in Serie A whereas his team will be relegated. Simy has been invited when he was only scoring 7 goals a season in Serie A. What difference does it make now?? At the end of the day it is the gaffer who has the final say on who to prosecute our important WorldCup qualifiers. Not the fans that are just looking for him to fail to justify their sentiments.

  • @Jimmy my argument might be stale, but it is the exact reason why Rohr has not recalled Simy and may not recall him anytime soon.
    Ighalo is a lot better, even though he is based in SArabia. He has delivered for SE in the past and can still do it again. Though he sometimes miss some very clear chances, Ighalo is good generally. He is hustler, creative and very experienced. He has played to the highest level in football……both internationally and club. There is no doubt he will deliver for the SE, penalty or no penalty.The only problem I have with Ighalo’s recall is just the team harmony. Apart from that, recalling him is not out of place.
    Ahmed Musa is another player that has delivered for Nigeria. In fact, he has not only played at the highest level, but has delivered at the highest level especially for Nigeria. Those two goals Musa scored at the last WC were no fluke. It takes more than mere football skills to score such goals. Essentially, anybody that has the track record of delivering for SE, can always be counted on to deliver more

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      Has Ighalo delivered more than Obafemi Martins or played at a higher level than Martins? Since Martins is still playing why don’t Rohr call him too? So who is Ighalo coming to shunt to the background? Is he coming to sit on the bench for a younger Osimhen, Sadiq, Onuachu or he is coming to bench all of them? Sentiments is the biggest problem with our culture as Nigerians… it hinders forward thinking and development in the general national life… Please brotherman… @Ocherome… When you finally get Ademola Lookman please tell me… and I want you to answer definitively, where do you deploy him? Who goes out of the team for him considering we can only have a 23man squad. Please make fellow CSN forumites your candid 23 man list now… putting in Ighalo, Lookman, Musa, Olise and and the usual regulars whose places are unshakable for now… let’s learn from your mature perspective… I want to learn. We are waiting bro…

      • @Jimmy Club football is very different from International football because of some differences in variables in the two. That is why some players can’t transfer their club form to their national teams. Until Lookman, Olise, Eze etc play for Nigeria, there is no way I can rate them or pick them ahead of players that have already been tested and trusted. I only rate players who have already played for the SE…………based on their output and display when they get their chance. I also check if they have the potentials to do more if given more chances. There are players you will see and you will know that they have given their best………. but their best was not enough

  • lanre 3 years ago

    instead of crying over double standards in player’s treatment…..why not ask yourself if the player in question DESERVES such treatment because even the rules of international morality allows for it.There are double standards everywhere in the world…..even in law courts,senior advocates are treated differently from junior ones…..all animals are equal but SOME are more equal than others……you don’t treat the QUEEN of england the same way you treat others yet she is not more briton than any of her wards.DOES MUSA AHMED DESERVE TO BE TREATED DIFFERENTLY?….YES,because he is the team’s captain who has done a lot for nigerian football…..a friend in need is a friend indeed……LET SIMY score 70 goals we still don’t need him now….he got his chance even when he didn’t deserve it nd didn’t use it,he scored no goal for nigeria yet he was taken to the world cup……onuachu SCORED in his first game for nigeria nd was rightly taken to the nation’s cup…he can’t be removed for SIMY…because he is back!

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Lanre… It’s refreshing that you articulated your points well without cursing. It could be better for the forum to continue to engage and reply to comments at this level of civility… thumbsup! Lol… back to Simmy and Super Eagles… I am glad you acknowledged some subtle favoritism and double-standard which truly, I must concede that exists in the real world, regardless what spere of life… the coming months running up to Nations Cup fever towards this year end, and the 2021/2022 season end leading to Qatar 2022 will throw-up a lot of intrigues and savory situations before we have our 23man list in both cases… We will be here. In another news, I hear Onazi is doing very well in Lithuania, given how only Ndidi, can truly be vouched for in the defensive midfield role, given Rohr’s lack of real confidence with Shehu… Will it not be normal to begin to monitor Onazi closely again and feel his fitness level, and if he gets another shot in mainstream Europe like around… Belgium, Czech, Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy again… maybe starting next season, he should be recalled back to the Super Eagles? He may not necessarily need to bench anyone the coach trusts more but evidently… With a nations cup title, 2-world cup involvements (even though his standing up to Mikel ensured he never kicked a ball at Russia 2018) can’t be brushed aside I think… It’s evident without Ndidi, we will be exposed in the midfield… We shall be keeping vigil! I greet all…

  • Godsown 3 years ago

    If Rohr should use Simy for 90 minutes in a match and he looses, they will cry that he should have been removed by halftime,
    if Rohr removed him by halftime and the Chemistry of the team has been badly affected and Nigeria lost the match, they will cry that why didn’t he give him enough time.
    Simy scored like 11 goals still counting though from Open play and others by Penalty, the coach is watching him, the coach knows his speed compared to the wingers we have, we have a team that scores more from counter attack and definitely needs a fast striker who can keep up with the speed of the team, as exemplified by the goal Osihmen scored against Torino, do you think, Simy can carry a ball that fast from his own half to the opponents half?,
    Another floors of Simy is that he takes his time to gel into a team and tournaments, most of his goals last season came at the second half of last season, and also this season too, imagine Nigeria at maybe Nations cup or World cup and Simy is waiting for quarter final be for he can actually start performing. Those little little factors count in a team.
    Do I want Simy to be given another chance? Yes, but it is not anybody’s job to do that but the coach,
    So pray that a coach that will give Simy his chance should take up the Super eagles job.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      … @Godson… Should we count the number of games Osimhen has played in total,and what his returns has been? Be objective… Simmy scored 20 last term, are you going to tell us they were largely penalties again? Common bro… the guy is efficient… some players just know their way to the goal that’s it. About your views that Simmy’s speed won’t match our Wingers… it’s funny, because being a man who knows how to pick pockets in the box, he does not need to start running like Usain Bolt from our goalkeeper’s net to our opponent’s goal area to meet crosses… he just needs to make measured strides and plant himself in those intelligent spots where he can use his superior and evident physical atrributes to do the needed damage… who else does that better than he? Folks like me are not even saying he is going to bench Osimhen(the chosen one), or bench Onuachu (who is a monster to have to compete with on evidence of stats)… Since you think scoring ten goals from open play in the league known for the toughest defensive tactics playing for an innocuous team like Crotone is as easy as mounting a woman.. I can tell you, not many strikers, who are even renown will manage to do what Simmy has so efficiently repeatedly done for Crotone… So let’s be humble when we try to throw the young away and rubbish him even before allowing him state his case… He is yet to be given fair runout by Rohr… and I repeat never has he been given fair chance to show himself like Rohr did for Osimhen, Onuachu, Mikel Agu and the likes of Samuel Kalu in their positions. Let’s look ourselves in the mirror and say the truth… Nigerians like overhyped players made so by media outlets who take money to run stories from some of these players.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Godson… A lot of people like me know every player cannot play in same way. Every team needs two kinds of strikers… All-out-offensive ones and poachers, Terem, Osimhen belong outrightly to the first group, Simmy and Onuachu belonged to the second… on a day where nothing else will seem to be working to have a goal in the net… it is the Poacher that will save you. Simmy may not be your usual flamboyant attacker that Nigerians love to have… but he is an assassin… whose creed is “goal at all cost”… You asked what of Rohr plays him and score a loss… Rohr could also loose playing an Osimhen, football is not always 1 plus 1 = 2. If we must talk of standars and objectivity… Simmy should have the 3rd slot for CF now, while we see where Sadiq and Terem lands at season end. Mind you… I am aware, Sadiq and even Moffi could be better ball players than Simmy… however, I refused to believe that Simmy is equally neither skillful, Strong… nor effective. This is my humble take…

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      What counts for Sadiq is the fact, he is a hybrid attacker… he can be all offensive and a box-predator also, but I will only submit my wallet to him if he moves to an elite team like his peers who are in competition with him already… only then, I will tick all his boxes, even though he is already a great performer.

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        @Jimmy, I am very impressed by your arguments so far but I want you to know that the gaffer also wants the best players to give him victory in all matches, his explanation about Simmy make sense to me and many other forumites, he said and I quote “Simmy I have seen and knows what he’s capable of doing, but Sadiq and Terrem I will like to see what they can offer hence I want to see them”. Simmy is still in his plans and he will be monitoring his progress and he even suggested that he moves to another team soon so he can continue to be under his radar. Abi do you want Simmy to go on relegation with his current team? Will he get a chance at all if he plays in 2nd division next season? So let’s appreciate GR’s advice to Simmy as a candid advice from a father to a son and not a way of putting him down my brother

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Banks… Very sold post from you. The gaffer should just help us avoid unnecessary rancor. If how you have put it is the gaffer’s intention… then it’s welcome, but he should not be mentioning Ighalo in same vein. We have moved past Odion Ighalo who willingly announced his retirement. We do not need him coming back to clog the space… Ighalo is good no doubt but he have ones to do the job already… Rohr should be last person talking about Ighalo now when we have more than enough potent young strikers waiting for their bite on the Cherry. Why is Rohr not talking about Victor Moses also? If we agreed we have moved past these once big players then no need looking back… With what we have, we are in a good place… Again we have to agree, Rohr has only seen Onuachu maybe more in trainings and not really match situations because he has not been involved much in the real dance…

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Ocherome… Yeah. I know… the colour of the ball approved for club matches are orange while those for international games are blue… nothing plausible and loudly evident makes sense to people like you, once you fix your mind to set it aside! This won’t be the last about the Simmy Show… I can bet you! Once you are an elect of God, anything and everything directed towards you… coming against you… comes unstuck!

  • @Jimmy You can’t continue doing the same thing and expect a different result. Simy can’t continue his reliance on penalties and tap-ins, and expect Rohr to recall him. It is not all about the number of goals a striker scores, but how the goal. We need somebody who can hustle, run, dribble etc. There are a lot of times Osimhen doesn’t score, but when you you consider his output and the havoc he had wrecked at the other end, you will appreciate him. For instance…..against Benin, he didn’t score, but all of here appreciated him after that match.
    Maybe, you are Simy’s agent, proxy, fan, or relation. I dunno. But Rohr has already spoken and unless there is improvement on Simy’s end, he may not be recalled again.
    For me, I will like us to see new faces like Lookman, Moffi, Sadiq etc first before any other thing……..unless Simy does something so outstanding (which I doubt)

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Ocherome… Stop using 4minutes…5minutes clips you see on youtube, to comment a full narrative on Simeon Nwankwo’s game… also tell me apart from the friendly Match in 2018 vs Congo DR, where he shone like a million stars and picked his world cup 2018 jersey from… tell me where else, and in what games Rohr have Simmy the chance to play up to 5minutes. He has had just a combined total caps of a paltry four (4)… It’s easy to write off someone who you do not like sometimes for no reason but put yourself in their shoes… That was how people like you, degraded Paul Onuachu here while I stood firm defending him always and often citing that someone with the intelligence to score a long rage high IQ goal against Egypt in a friendly match has an astute ball brain and thinking faculty… he Paul Onuachu like Simy Nwankwo now, was reduced to rubble and worthlessness… lol, but today, his eye-catching riot numbers and performance have most of you shushed and ran back to your black holes with tails between your legs forever… hahaha. I advise you to watch Croton vs Inter Milan today, so you can a chance to see Simy do his business against a formidable side… When you can’t find the courage to stay close to an adversary and hurr them, you run fast to the corner of the street and while standing in safe distance you do them “Waka” like a hurting (7 – 10 years) old boy would do to a bully… Who keeps tormenting him. Hahaha… Simmy Nwankwo has become a bully to some loyalists of inefficient players… Carry go Simmy son of Nwankwo… you are a workman who knows how to use his tools skillfully… keep poking a finger to their foreheads beaded with sweats from anguish from your exploits till they eat pepper in attempt of suicide… Lol

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        And what did he do against Inter Milan today? No disrespect to Simy he’s a good 18 box striker, but not the type that can flourish in a SuperEagles Jersey. Rohr must’ve seen enough to know his capabilities. Even with one leg I will always play Osimhen ahead of him and which coach wouldn’t prefer a Napoli striker to a Crotone striker?? I will advise him to move to a better club or be playing in Serie B next season as Crotone have been relegated today. Lmao!!! Serie B here they come.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Inter Milan wey don punish everybody win scudetto naim una wan use measure how good Simmy dey? He only got two passes in vintage areas against Inter Milan… Talk about David vs Goliath… only this time Goliath will catch the stone from David’s slingshot in his palms… Lol.

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

            Now it David and Goliath LMAO!! What do you think could happen against a very determined Ghana team at the AFCON or Senegal? Or even Ivory Coast and Cameroon or Algeria and Egypt?? You’re just here talking about goals. A player that doesn’t possess the pace and guile to bring his teammates into play except for waiting in the box to tap in or win a penalty is not what we need in the present SuperEagles. If GR feels he has something to offer no problem. However, I don’t think he can ever displace Osimhen. Not even Onuachu from the way he plays.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    i always respect Kanu Nwankwo not because of the number goals he scored for the national team but despite his height,he was a COMPLETE TEAM PLAYER……whether he scores or not you would always enjoy his CONTRIBUTIONS to the team,with so many assists in CRUCIAL MATCHES nd do you know he didn’t score for nigeria in all his nations cup participations yet no one ever called for his removal from the team,hence nobody is really keen on how many goals you score but your inputs while in the team…..TROOST EKONG GOAL WON US THE SEMI FINAL TICKET at the last AFCON……so we expect goals from any of the players invited but when you don’t score make yourself useful to the team……don’t just stand nd be waiting to be fed with crosses nd passes……it is not our style of football…..nigerian teams are known for athletism nd counter attacks plus efficient wing play….it’s in our DNA

  • @Jimmy It will be a bad one….if you are still using that long distance “waka” strategy at this point of your life…lol
    Your problem is that your sole focus when it comes to strikers……. is only goal scoring. So once you hear a striker has scored two goals or three goals in a match, you get carried away and start campaigning for his invitation to the SE. You don’t even bother to dig deeper to see how the goals were scored, the techniques that were used for the goals, what the striker does when he is on the ball and what he does when he is off the ball. For you, all that matters is goal scoring…….once a striker is scoring, he should be in the SE. And this is one of the reasons why it seems Rohr does the opposite of almost all your propositions here.
    I have never complained about Onuachu over goals. All my complaints about him has been on what he does on and off the ball. I don’t complain about a striker because of goals. The only time I complain about goal scoring is when a striker is getting the chances and missing them. I’m sure the two goals Onuachu scored has already bought you over. But have you bothered to check other things he did, apart from the goals.
    Onuachu and Simy are similar. They are not that bad. I’m very sure that if we don’t have better options, they would have provided good options that we can manage. But there is still much room for improvement for them. Falling down easily, being easily outmuscled and overpowered by defenders, being shoved away from the ball like kids, inability to guard the ball, inability to run fast enough, inability to give good passes etc

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Ocherome… Hahaha. Na you stand for street corner the do Simy “Waka” and “ijot… as for idiot” na… Lol… The guy don bully you too much. Hahaha… Go and tell Inzaghi after an illustrious career say na Mr “Tap-in” him be.

  • @Jimmy There is no way I will be bullied by somebody who can’t even ‘trap’ ball very well. Rather, you are the one he is bullying, because after all your rantings here…… when the saints will assemble in Nigeria in June, he will remain in Italy..lol

  • Jones 3 years ago

    I don’t get all the rave about Simy. he’s on a crazy goal scoring form but we know he has scored 9 penalties this season but he doesn’t do much aside scoring(1 assist) …..he is only good with the ball without the ball he’s pretty much average…..for someone over 6’4 he has just one headed goal this season….Simy sometimes can be a predator in the box (I know) that’s why he’s very good at tap ins….Though Simy deserves a call up, I don’t think he’s good enough to get lots of minutes…..I’m watching him play against Inter… not impressed

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    Now that his club Crotone have been relegated let’s see if other big clubs will sign him or he will be playing in Serie B next season. I hope he signs for a better club to continue his prolific form in Serie A. If he remains in Serie B let’s see if his band wagon fans will continue to cry for his invite to the SuperEagles.

  • @AyPhilly Thanks for assisting me in teaching one of the most unteachable pupils I have ever seen. In my opinion, a striker whose almost-only contribution to the team is scoring goals…..is not good enough. If we don’t have strikers who can do more than that, it will be more logical to go for such strikers. But the reverse is the case currently in SE.
    I still remember the days of Osaze, when Osaze was still Osaze, with great relish. The goal he scored against Tunisia in 2009 remains evergreen in my memory. Then, there is Ike Uche and a few others

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      How many nations cup Osaze win for you… Bronze Champions in the era.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Jimbo, abeg lef Osaze for us ooo. The boy tried for us when he was there.
    From 2004 Afcon to when he retired from national team duty, the guy was on point.
    I remember our 2010 world cup qualifiers especially. Osaze was playing as if his life was at stake. That guy was a hero.
    Odem-wingy is a role model for our young players today, in my opinion. Yes, he was a bit stubborn and outspoken, but that was because he was fighting for his and the team’s rights. He was very dedicated to helping the team.

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