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‘Some Home-based Players Will Be Considered For World Cup Qualifiers’ – Says Rohr After Mexico Friendly 

‘Some Home-based Players Will Be Considered For World Cup Qualifiers’ – Says Rohr After Mexico Friendly 

Gernot Rohr says some home-based Super Eagles will be considered for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers which will kick-off in September.

The home Eagles were hammered 4-0 by Mexico in Sunday’s friendly played in LosAngeles, USA.

They failed to muster any shot on target as the Mexicans dominated proceedings from start to finish.

Despite the heavy defeat Rohr, speaking in the post-match press conference, stated that some of the NPFL stars will get a look in when the qualifiers commence.

“I saw a wonderful game and we are happy to see football games with the fans. It was such a long time we had to play in empty stadiums and now it has come back to normal football, normal situation.

“Mexico is number eleven in the world and they showed why. Our young team is the best professional players from Nigeria playing at home. They tried to so well, they learnt a lot and I saw some interesting players who could be part of the next World Cup qualifiers in September.

“This match today, we learnt a lot and that’s why we are happy to see this match in this conditions like a normal football game.”

The German coach spoke about the race for qualification to next year’s World Cup and tipped Mexico as one of the favourites for the Concacaf Gold Cup.

He added:”In September we will have the World Cup qualifiers and we will start at home against Liberia on the third in Lagos and few days later we will go to Cape Verde for the second game.

“We have a group of four teams and we have to finish first in this group and then progress to the play-off  where we will play against any team from the other nine group.

“t is a long way to the World Cup but today’s match has given me the idea of some of the local players can be part of some of these big games.”

“We want to qualify for the World Cup like the last time and then meet teams like Mexico who showed how good they are with their movement, speed, fitness and technique. So it was a good lesson for our local players today and I think that Mexico are one of the favourites for the Concacaf Gold Cup.”

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  • Mr young team, I greet you sir.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Lol…… I love this man. Always giving those evil people their doses. U expect him to say Exaclty what he saw so that daggers would be drawn back home????? Lol. You’re a very wise man. The only person I’ve seen after keshi, who understands the politics of nigerian football. This one na smoke screen.. “Wonderful” game indeed… Lmao.

    • Rohr is your hero na. I wonder how difficult life is for you. That makes you comfortable living average.

  • The coach is a comedian. He should move to African magic sef. What specifically did he see? This is nothing but deception jàre

  • Did I just read this right?…I hope he’s just being sarcastic because it will break my heart to watch my darling team fall like a pack of cards to a team like the Central Africa Republic at the qualifiers. The home based Eagles should concentrate on qualifying for CHAN first, let the experiment be restricted to friendly matches alone please.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    To tell you the truth, l felt sad and embarrassed to watch the humiliations of Nigeria today. What do the Organizers of this shameful and misfits got of this sordid episodes today? Why do NFF have to come to USA to sore the golden name of Nigeria in this manner ? What did they gain to come here with these sambise forest old players. A lot of them have never played with semi-white folks before in their lives. Now, l am hearing a lot of them are going to apply for refuge status rather than go back to Nigeria. There was not even one shot at the Mexico’s goal through out the 90 minutes. I also heard that in New Jersey and in other area of New York soon after the Match, the Mexico folks were in parades, horning their cars with their flags waving and screening how their wonderful National team humiliated
    African giant. l can emerging how some Nigerians felt today with their heads bowed in shame. It is unkind to them all.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      I can only advise you to put Nigerian football aside for now.

      They have destroyed everything about Nigeria and they are still trying to bring Nigeria down.

      My friend, I have warned Nigerians about NFF, particularly Mr. Amaju Pinnick.

      That yesterday match was planned for our A team but NFF decided to used our home based team against Mexico because NFF have no money to pay our foreign based players.

      NFF believes the match could be won by our home based team so that they can use our local team during the world cup qualifiers forgetting that the home based team were not exposed to that crowded environment before and using our local team against A Mexico team tells us that NFF doesn’t care about Nigeria image but they care about enriching their pockets.

      Don’t be surprised if Nigeria do not qualify to the next world cup in Qatar.

      The current NFF will destroy everything.

      Limit your expectations Nigerians. That is all I can say for now.

      For us to enjoy good football in Nigeria again, Mr. Amaju Pinnick, coach Rohr and the rest have to go first.

      Otherwise, this is what we are going to be seeing from now on. Hmm. So sad.

      However, Buhari as our president have to go as well. There’s too much of innocent blood in our land. The spirit of those that wasted their lives for Nigeria won’t be happy with those OGAS, Leaders/rulers in Nigeria.

      Whatever we do now, we have to be prayerful. Nigerians are not happy at the moment.

      You see what is happening to Omoye Soworę, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho?

      This our government did their things yesterday in Lagos and killed a 14 year
      old traider girl.

      The same yesterday that Nigeria was playing against Mexico. They are using football to cover their capacities. It won’t work.

      For me, if truly we love our country, Super Eagles players should turn their backs to the NFF until Nigerians gets their freedom.

      A word is enough for the wise.

      God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago


      • Since Nigerians are alien to truth, so coach Rohr has told them what they love to hear, but I know he knows better.

    • louis 3 years ago

      I wonder the rational behind this dismal outing. The record is there that we have not won Mexico before and for God sake why using home base players to player this match. I believe so many people makes money from this ill- prepared matches that dispute repute Nigeria.Most of the people in the football body seeks to rubbish our foreign Coach so that they will bring the person they would control to coach Super Eagles. Then,bribery and sentiment would start again in our team’s selections for matches. Rhor knew what the result of this match would be afore- time.Nigeria is big enough to be disgraced before our people in America. What a game of shame?

  • I remembered reading a post from @olu on this column A week before. Exposing wat the coach of Mexico approach to the game will be. How he got it I don’t know till today. He said Martino planned to use long ball to unsettle the eagles. 2. Look ordinary on the field due to too much running…. This is what played out. Throughout the game. Within 6 minutes eagles were helpless. This is a game even the coach that will handle it we never knew not to talk of tactics to use to play to draw not to talk about a win……
    World cup qualifiers are coming. Nff pls tell ur Coach to submit the points he wishes to gather from playin with Liberia cape Verde home and away ….
    I m sure he would prefer a draw away with cape Verde a draw away with Liberia and a draw away with the 3 team. That is 3 points from 3 matches and home win in 3 matches . Totaling 12 points. And cape Verde will win 2 away matches . 2 home matches and a draw and a loss making 13points .

  • Patrick 3 years ago

    Hmmmmmmm rhor and nff Nigerians will hold both the coach and nff responsible if we fail to qualify for world cup. If rhor or roar select any of the players that played Mexico for world qualifiers we will not earn any point from those matches. We have to field our foreign based players.

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    I’m sure Rohr saw how poorly coached, physically unfit and technically deficient footballers in Nigeria are. It’s not his job to coach in the clubs, prepare pitches, see to medical facilities and pay salaries in the Nigeria Professional Football League

  • NaijaEaglesFan 3 years ago

    Those are the players who have more to offer the Eagles than the European based players according to our expert ex internationals like Henry Nwosu and Segun Odegbami whose professional career is the never ending campaign for Rhor to be sacked and an indigenous coach who will stop bringing in players born in Europe but select NPFL players for all Nigerian matches hired.

    Let me not forget to congratulate the sport Misminister who inform us that Rhor discriminates our players by bringing in players born to Nigerian parents in foreign countries to not forget that they are Nigerias regardless of where they were born. Those players showed how great they were on that match and how ready they are to add value to the Eagles if you know what I mean Mr. Dare should go get educated on what his job is as a minister and stop disgracing himself with those uninformed comments about discrimination.

    I watched that embarrassment from beginning to end but was not surprised because I already told some of my Mexican friends that Mexico was going to win with a big margin. I actually expected the scoreline to be worse than 4 to 0 and when they scored 2 in less than three from the start,I thought it would get to 8 or 9 by the time the game ends. I can honestly admit that Mexico played worse than I expected.

  • If eagles can go to u s a to play just a single match . I hope I m not mistaking I hope they will play another game to redeem their image. Even if dey cannot win Mexico at least play one local MLS team or patapata kukuma play the American female national team. Let see if they can beat or draw them .lol

  • I repeat what someone said on YouTube after watching the highlights of the game. You cant assemble a set of players who have never played together before and put them in a match and expect them to do well. Waste of resources

  • What i saw in that team was not lack of talents but a failure of our coaches in Nigeria whose job it is to impact the players technically/tactically. Our coaches urgently need refresher courses to upgrade their standards. The players had the strength to withstand the Mexican players, i saw their talents on display but they just didn’t know what to do with the ball at every crucial moment on the pitch, their technical abilities was near zero. So it wasn’t entirely their fault . We have to go back to grassroot development of football otherwise the likes of Togo, S/Leone, Benin etc shall soon be taking even the Super Eagles to the cleaners because the same problem is also in the Super Eagles especially Tactics/playing pattern

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