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Sports Minister Enoh Pledges National Support For Polo Development In Nigeria

Sports Minister Enoh Pledges National Support For Polo Development In Nigeria

Nigeria’s Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, has stated his vision for the development of polo in Nigeria, following his meeting with the leadership of the Nigeria Polo Federation (NPF).

In his bid to rejuvenate and reinvigorate sports in the country, Enoh has continued to meet different sports federations to drive a common vision.

He identified polo as a sport which receives more attention, support and enthusiasm from the Northern part of Nigeria. He added the sport has the potential to grow and enjoy national recognition.

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Given the multi-level focus on grassroots development, social inclusion and the economic development trajectory of his administration, the roundtable conversation with the NPF was held on Wednesday, November 15th, to discuss the development of polo.

nigeria-minister-of-sports-development-senator-john-owan- enoh-nigeria-polo-federation-npf-nura-kangiwa

“We need to go to the North to encourage and develop the game of polo, given that the followership of polo is centred in that region of the country,” the Sports Minister said.

“The Ministry will be involved in all sports to the degree of its social inclusiveness, where the majority of those involved cut across all stratification of society, regardless of class or political status.”

Senator Enoh stated clearly the Ministry’s willingness to work with the NPF and immediately called for an administrative secretary to be posted to the NPF, an effort that will give a seamless partnership for the actualization of set objectives.

The Minister challenged the President and Executives of the Polo Federation to bring initiatives for the development of the sport in Nigeria. He called for a content document from the NPF team which shows clearly how youth inclusiveness can be achieved, and foreign investors brought in.

“Due to the demand for more private sector involvement, a national polo playground can be achieved.”

The President of the Nigeria Polo Federation, Nura Kangiwa, Turakin Kebbi gave insight into the state of the game in Nigeria.

He mentioned that Nigeria is one of the largest polo-playing countries in the world, with 27 clubs, 33 polo fields and over 750 players. Albeit, there are challenges the game faces in the country.

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“Polo is seen to be a game of the rich, but this is an assumption. Most of the players are sponsored,” the President said.

Throwing light on some setbacks faced by the Federation, Kangiwa stated that “the Federation needs a national playing ground and fields for play, as most of those in existence are privately owned and associations owned besides Kaduna state owning one.

“Nigeria can host international tournaments and even the Polo World Cup if we have a National playing ground.”

Nura Kangiwa further said the African Horse Sickness (AHS) keeps foreigners away from bringing their ponies into Nigeria to bask in the warmth of the sun for their nurturing as those ponies are threatened to death with the disease, a means which Senegal uses to attract foreign players and their ponies.

He appealed for the Government to take measures towards the eradication of AHS and rated disease, as this reduces foreign investments in Nigeria.

Senator John Owan Enoh in his response on the African Horse Sickness (AHS) said “The Federal Ministry of Sports Development will partner with relevant ministries and agencies from the Ministry of Environment and others to make the country safe for ponies to come in and bask in the warmth of Nigeria.”

Abdul Karim Jibril, Vice President of the NPF added that the Federation needs government support in the area of training for match officials and players.

Other members of the NPF delegation include Sarkin Malaman Zazzau (Ex-oficio), Abba Sani Kangiwa and Joseph Karim (P.R.O)

In his final words, the Minister charged the NPF to birth initiatives that will not only grow the sports of polo but ultimately contribute to the Nation’s GDP.

He added that the Ministry of Sports will pay a working visit to the Northern region to facilitate greater development for polo.

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    This man is an error. Square peg in a round hole. His he even aware SE matches to get Televise by SuperSports since he resume office?

  • Ako Amadi 8 months ago

    The Minister of Sports is preocuppied with a rich man’s game like polo, to the neglect of football. He is a square peg in a round hole.

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