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Super Bowl Over/Under Odds Explained

Super Bowl Over/Under Odds Explained

If you are new to Super Bowl betting and already researching how to carry out wagering properly, you probably already have come across the word “odds.” For newbies, it is a very hard thing to understand. All expert bettors have experienced it when they first enter the world of sports betting.

But by doing research and proper education and experience, you will understand and master the arts of betting. To start your sports betting journey, let us talk about the over/under odds.

What Are Over/Under Odds?

The over/under odds in sports betting, particularly in the Super Bowl, is the most popular and the easiest bet to carry out. This type of betting is also referred to as the total wager. An over/under wagering system can be used not only for the Super Bowl but all other major professional sports in America.

But how does it work? If you bet in over/under odds, you are wagering whether the total points, goal or total run of a game will be over or under the set number by the oddsmaker. This number will be your basis, and it is set before the game starts.

For example, the Chiefs and Saints are playing. You wager for the Chiefs to score more than 30 for this game. You will win the bet if the combined scores of the Chiefs and the Saints are more than 30 when the game ends.

Who will win the game does not matter in an over/under bet. What is important is the score acquired at the end of the game. Even if you bet on the Chiefs, but the Saints won the game, you will win the bet as long as their combined scores are over 30.

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Payouts In Over/Under Odds

You already know how over/under betting works. Now let us tackle how the payout of this betting system works. Most over/under bets are paid at -110 on whichever side you take. In the sample scenario given above the Chiefs versus the Saints, the odds will be presented as:

Over 65 -110

Under 65 -110

If you bet $100 for the over and you will win, you will profit $90.91 only. However, if you wager on the under and you will win, you will be paid the same amount of your bet. There are also over/under bets that are displayed with different odds on every side. Another thing to remember, over/under odds can also be listed as:

U 65 (-110)

O 65 (-110)

Where U means under, and O means over.

Profiting from this type of betting is the same for all types of sports. Whether it is the NFL, NHL, or the NBA, the over/under betting rules do not change. So, therefore, everything written here applies to all major sports in America.

Over/under betting is not only popular in ball games. It is also used by bettors who bet on MMA or a boxing match. Over/under can not only win by total points or total scores. It also includes total goals, or total runs, depending on the sports you are betting.

The over/under betting is a kind of proposition betting. You propose that something will or won’t happen, and you bet on it. You are betting on the possibilities that will happen during the game.

The Benefits of Over/Under Bet

Some factors made the over/under bets more beneficial than other betting types. Aside from being straightforward, here are the additional benefits in opting for the over/under betting.


If you are planning to enter the world of sports betting for profit, this type of bet will benefit you more. The flexibility over/under bet can be an additional edge to ensure your victory. If you already predicted the game’s flow but isn’t sure who will win in the end, you can now have another way to profit.

Most sports bettors stick to over/under betting throughout their career. It can give them security, and it is easy to decide, especially if you are familiar with both teams playing. If you are good at predicting, you might as well focus on over/under betting.

Can Bet On All Games

There are teams that you may not like, and it is appalling to bet on the Super Bowl if you do not like both teams playing. By over/under betting, you can vote against both teams if you wager under.

If the result is in your favor, it will not only be financially satisfying but self-satisfying as well. Wagering against the teams you dislike is a fun way to bet and profit, and over/under betting is the way to do it.


There are different types of betting, but most of it is hard to perceive. If you are just starting, the over/under bets are one of the easiest ways to profit from sports betting. It is easy to read and understand. Now that you now have more understanding in the over/under odds betting, it is time to take that new knowledge to the test.

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