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Super Eagles Drop To 40th Position In Latest FIFA World Ranking

Super Eagles Drop To 40th Position In Latest FIFA World Ranking

The Super Eagles of Nigeria dropped from 35th to 40th position in the latest FIFA men’s world ranking.

The ranking was published on FIFA’s official website on Thursday, 6th April.

Following their poor of form, the Super Eagles also drop in Africa as they are now occupy sixth place on the continent.

Guinea-Bissau, who beat the Eagles 1-0 on match day three of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Abuja, climbed to 113 spot.


The Eagles’ next opponent in the AFCON qualifiers, Sierra Leone, dropped to 117 in the ranking.

Atlas Lions of Morocco, semi-finalists at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, maintained their number
one spot in Africa and 11th in the world.

Reigning AFCON holders Teranga Lions of Senegal moved up to 18th spot while Tunisia rose to 28 in the world ranking and third in Africa.

And 2022 World Cup winners Argentina are back at the summit of the FIFA ranking for the first time in over six years.

The Albiceleste leapfrogged South American rivals Brazil after enjoying friendly wins over Panama and Curaçao at the same time as their old rivals were losing to Morocco.

Runners-up at last year’s World Cup, France, also moved past the Brazilians after beating the Netherlands and Republic of Ireland in their opening UEFA EURO qualifiers.

The next FIFA men’s world ranking will be published on 20 July2023.

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  • Current NFF and Nigerian officials are achieving their aim of Taking Super Eagles down don’t worry very soon we will be ranked 100 in the World.

    • Oakfield 6 months ago

      Including you. Or are u trying exonerate yourself from them???? Hahahaha…you don dy run abi?? You are part and parcel of them. ‘Sack rohr, sack rohr!!! Kill him!! Bury him!!! Anybody can handle the national team’. That was the chorus of the day at the time. Una own (board master coach alias ‘go and express yourselves’)came, tasted it and ranway with his tail btw his legs. Hahahah…Pls, make una enjoy youreselves jare. I thought You said you were trying to avoid disaster by sacking rohr and employed ‘guardiola’ who has lost almost all of his matches. Ngwanu, there u have it. This is the result. The dish is served well garnished and prepared. Didn’t we warn you????. I hope you and your group of regressives (including the old ex cricket international) are enjoying what you are seeing now. Just in a space of 1 year our national team has historically nose dived and still nosediving to the lowest levels. Every team nw feels dy can beat us, even at home…hehehe…Shame on you all!!!! It is appalling that most of you still even have the face to come out and talk. God will punish all of you!. Karma never forgets. Ndi Ara!

      • Ikenga 6 months ago

        Thank you So much Oakfield! U said it all. Rohr had genuine intentions for the super Eagles but haters and non knowledgeable pretenders of football fans and NFF. Rohr recruited most top players that’s no one knew. Rohr started winning from the day he was appointed even FiFa supported him. 

        NFF all we want Is Gernot Rohr bring him back and I truly believe he is waiting for the call. 
        NFF please stop letting angry fans detect coaches displacement from the coaching position. Rohr had to deal with everything but still kept one of the best records results for the national team. 

        NFF Go Brings Back Rohr. That’s all we need/want. Peseiro . Lose five games in role and you want to win next afcon. U should ask Senegal with their talent how long it took them to win their first official afcon. 

        Don’t tell us what to hear while  the process of achieving that is not convincing. 

        Those who achieve those great objectives/goals keep everything in mind but strive/discipline themselves and players to make sure that happen. 

        NFF pls bring Back Rohr. 

        • KENNETH 6 months ago

          Rorh ko, rohr ni, let him go and improve Benin republics record, we not interested in him. Let him use his PE certificate to go win benin group with games to spare. At least the 6 years he was here we sha didn’t win any Cup. so leave the new man to do his job

          • MuYiwa 5 months ago

            @Kenneth, he has started that already with 2 points from 2 matches with a team that had lost all 4 consecutive matches prior to his arrival.

    • Edoman 6 months ago

      Mr Ugo, l think you have now seen where you, Omo9ja and thief Odagbemi have done to Nigeria football. Our former Oga left Nigeria at 32 positions in the World. We are now 40 and still sliding. If Oga Rohr were still in-charge, l am sure we would be in the 20s by now. If only Ugo, Omo9ja, and thief Odagbemi had left our former Oga alone. If you guys have listened to our learn Dr Drey and my good self. With this stupid coach, Nigeria football is doomed forever.

  • حسن اسماعيل 6 months ago

    I think Super Eagles with shaky and weak coach Peseiro will decline ten degrees again then wiil be on fivety or sixty degrees.

  • Oakfield 6 months ago

    I swear , if rohr was given all the support he needed. If his job wasn’t sabotaged by those who were supposed to know better, we would have gone farther than where we are today. In fact, we would have been at the same level as Morocco and Senegal but wickedness, corruption, racism, stupidity, foolishness and evil mindedness scuttled everything. Before our very eyes, the man was owed wages, had a stooge without experience foisted on him as an assistant, had his home ground (uyo) taken away from him and had his request rejected by our own football authorities. They deliberately did all this to pull him down but still the man was still able to churn out results that made many feel anybody could coach the team and win afcon for us. The man made his job look easy. They swooped in immediately he left like hungry vultures on a dead carcass but they were day dreaming. The crumbled like a pack of cards within a veryshort period of time. Even with their crew of so called ex internationals, they still could not perform better than the old man.The mess they have created now will take years to clean up. Truth is, we are still gonna plummet. This is just the beginning. Useless bunch of evil people.

  • Shut up your mouth idiot your father rohr could not build a formidable team for six years tell me his achievements as a coach he is not the only coach to qualified Nigeria to afcon and won bronze.infact he is the worst coach in Nigeria football history. the problem of super eagles started from rohr stop posting trash here mugu.ewu nff stop bringing useless coaches to coach our national team give the job to our local coaches they will do better Siasia and Amunike can do it.

    • onwajunior 6 months ago

      Even you don’t believe what you wrote

    • Oakfield 6 months ago

      Hahahahaha….are you still around, ewu gambia???? Ewo, e dy pain you abi??? Chai. Frustrated fool like you. If oga rohr wasnt that good, why didn’t we improve or at least move an inch further from where he left us???? rather we have slided many steps backwards. I thought you and your miserable group of ewu gambias of which you are their chairman said anybody can coach the super eagles??? Why couldn’t your own consortium of coaches couldn’t get us past the second round of afcon with the same team rohr built just a few days prior? Why havent we progressed under this site engineering of a coach since he took charge? At a time we are supposed to be cooling off during ordinary afcon qualifiers (as it used to be during rohr’s days) we are still here biting our nails as to whether we are going to qualify or not. Some of us have already bought calcultors for permutation. That is the level you and your group of idiots have brought us to. Shameless idiots. You have no shame at all. Anuofia! E dy play e dy show!

      • Rohr picked super eagles from 70+ position in fifa ranking and took them to 30+. Now they are fastly going down again to their original settings

        Those who sacked ROHR and those who supported the sacking are the problem of Nigerian football.

    • Jide Dola 6 months ago

      Oh ok, Eguavoen has left the WhatsApp group, eyah, the problem is that Nigerian have short memories. Before Rohr took over Super Eagles was nicknamed super chicken for years and when Rohr became SE coach things became different. Now we are back to the hold name. You are saying Rohr couldn’t form a team but you were enjoying his winning ways that made people like you to say anybody can coach SE is the players that are good not the coach bla bla bla. I think anybody has been coaching SE and you have being enjoying it.

      Maybe we would have been the one that would have won the AFCON ahead of Senegal if Rohr were still in charge

      Let’s look at it this way cisse and Rohr took over the coaching of this two separate countries about the same time. They have much more better players than we do but we both exited 2018 world cup at group stage. Then came AFCON it was the team that exited is that beat them to claim the trophy, more so we had better performance against the same team and the story would have been different.

      Rohr made winning look so easy that even NFF thought all the target they were giving him is nothing, forgetting that they saw that as something that is difficult to achieve that’s why they say if he can achieve those things he will remain. So are the ones that were against Rohr, singing “is nothing anyone can win world cup coaching SE”

    • KENNETH 6 months ago

      Abeg leave them, let them keep ranting like a baby seeking for breast milk. Have asked the same question what did he achieve in the 6 years he was with us? Isn’t that why he was hired in the first place. No be to win group with games to spare. Which rorh was making winning so easy, is it the one CAR came to defeat at home, or the one sierra Leone came back to draw. It is high time we do away with the players that he went to beg and we have a completely new team.

      Why didn’t the NFF leave Eguavoen alone, like every other white coaches that we had. Let Rorh go and perform the same magic with Benin Republic, and you can switch nationalities if you want

      • Jide Dola 6 months ago

        You see the reason why I said most Nigerians have a very tiny memories. Rohr first year in charge qualified the team for world cup out of a team we least have chance of qualification. As at that time we were ranked 13th in the continent. If we didn’t qualify for world cup that year will he be able to stay those number of years. CAR beat him at home but he went to their home to prove that we are better than them unlike this present coach that became afraid of GB bcos he lost to them at home.

        And when did drawing a game became a crime when you still qualify ahead of time.

        Since is that easy Eguavoen, now paseiro should have had easy ride. Stop looking for players excuse claiming that the guys are not good enough. Is it the home base players that can not hold their own against their home base counterpart from the list Africa countries we are going to feed. Why do we like going back and forth in this nation without direction. CAF Champions league we don’t excel, Chan we don’t win, so where is the criteria for feeding home base.

        I have come to realize that masses problem and corruption problems are side by side. Give Eguavoen time to continue one-way traffic game.

        • respect is reciprocal 6 months ago

          Thank God Rohr qualified us for World Cup with the availability of exceptional players like Mikel Obi, victor Moses and Onazi . after the exodus of these 3 players tell me what major achievement Rohr got apart from the friendly matches he drew with Ukraine and Brazil. 
           let us get the fact straight Rohr was lucky to have players of such magnitude who were part of 2013 that conquered Africa . if Mikel and victor Moses were to be playing today no team in Africa can withstand us. That team was not about Rohr but about those 3 players I mentioned . In fact Victor Moses left national team immediately your Rohr gambled against Argentina because he was clueless while Mikel left after the next nation cup

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            ‘….if Mikel and victor Moses were to be playing today no team in Africa can withstand us. That team was not about Rohr but about those 3 players I mentioned…..’

            Hahahaha your invincible Mikel, Moses and Onazi were part of the teams that couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON back to back……shove your ‘no team in Africa can withstand us fallacy down the sewers’.

            After the 3 of them left, we prosecuted the 2019 AFCON and lost narrowly to the eventual champions, went on to reach the 2021 AFCON by matchday 4 (unprecedented in the history of Nigerian football), and broke into the top 30 of world football for the 1st time in over a decade.

            I just said I should remind you.

            IF Rohr was lucky to have 3 players….what about these ones who have the ‘BEST ASSEMBLAGE OF WORLD CLASS PLAYERS Nigeria has ever had since 1994’……LMAOoo……these players with whom any coach can win afcon in 2 weeks….lmaooo…abi they are not world class anymore according to folks like you….??

    • Jide Dola 6 months ago

      And we will see how you will make progress in the next 6 years with this your fire white foreign coach, bring in local once another time fire local coach bring in foreign coach method. Six’s years is around the corner we are waiting, this has shown that you are even on the right part abi. You are shouting he didn’t win anything for 6 years as if you are talking about 12 years. Let NFF give your local coach six years now so that we can be winning both world cup and nations cup every year and I am sure we will be winning those trophies at number 140 position in FIFA ranking. Another years of permutation dey smell

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        It took just 3 months for their 9 useless local coaches to fail woefully twice and take out football 40 years backwards…..lmaooo…and it has taken their ‘better’ peserio who is earning about 2ce as much, just 1 year to give us our worst defeat in 0ver 50 years and our worst losing run since another 45 years or thereabout.

        Help us ask them if Rohr was given a 6yr contract when he was first hired or where if would have lasted 6yrs if he had failed to qualify for WC or didnt reach ordinary Qfinals…..LMAOOoo.

        The fact that we are still talking about him today show how much progress (or maybe I should say failure) we have had since he left….LMAOOoo.

        Rohr didnt achieve anything in 6 years as if he attended 6 AFCONs in those 6 years….LMAOoooo

  • Henry 6 months ago

    Oakfield and monkey post are nickonpops

  • Papafem 6 months ago

    Out achievement since Rohr left haven’t justified our decision to sack him. People are still remembering Rohr because NFF brought coaches that were worse than him after they told him to go.

    I was part of those clamoring for the sack of Genot Rohr after my initial support for him. Because truth be told, at a point during his stay with the team, we were beginning to lose it. We were losing matches we weren’t supposed to lose. We were struggling against smaller teams like SL and Cape Verde. All these were coming after he’d raised our hope, by concocting a winning, young team who qualified us for 2018 WC and 2019 AFCON. At a point, were not sure of SE’s performance agains, and that’s coming after almost 6 years in charge.

    We were expecting the team to have settled then, playing some beautiful football and dominating teams. Reason people clamored for his sack. But NFF made a big mess of it, bringing very incompetent people to ruin the team after Rohr. You can’t sack Rohr and bring Eguaveon. Eguaveon is a serial loser never achieved anything in his coaching career. So hy sack a world cip coach to bring a eat and run coach? And after Eguaveon, they brought another disaster called Peseiro. I mean a man who didnt achieve a single success in all the countries he coached. Why did Pinick like failure so much? He demonstrated his love of failure through his appointment as if he was on a mission to ruin Nigerian football.

    He should have kuku left the German to complete his job. Rohr would have achieved some basic things his successors couldn’t achieve. So people will keep on talking about Rohr until we get a coach who will dwarf his memories,

  • respect is reciprocal 6 months ago

    It’s only people whose brain has turned upside down that will call back Rohr . I just need one person to tell me what monumental achievement Rohr had after the departure of Mikel Obi, Victor Moses and this lad who played u17 that partnered Obi at the middle that got injured in our match against France.

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      You that you brain is deflecting zigzag-edly, tell us where your Mikel, Moses and Onazi where when we couldn’t qualify for 2 AFCONs back to back b4 Rohr came…..and tell us what Mikel, Moses and Onazi contributed to our 2019 AFCON and 2021 ANQ runs.

      We went on to reach the 2021 AFCON by matchday 4 (unprecedented in the history of Nigerian football), and broke into the top 30 of world football for the 1st time in over a decade without the trio.

      Now you, tell us what monumental achievement you have had with these your ‘BEST ASSEMBLAGE OF WORLD CLASS PLAYERS Nigeria has ever had since 1994’ since yall have seen the back of Rohr…..LMAOOoo.

      Ndi the team is not winning because of Rohr’s input, the team is winning just bcos of the players own eforts…….lmaaoooo..

      Ngwa what has happened to the individual efforts of the same players that at a time recorded a near 60% win ratio……lmaooo. I guess their individual efforts died due to covid ehn….lmaoooo. I guess the current 30something % win ratio now is now the input of the coach.

      • respect is reciprocal 6 months ago

        Crossed examined brain after the 4 players left what did the clueless Rohr achieve.

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Hahahahaha, pot-holes filled brain, I guess it was you and your brothers who were playing in the SE when the clueless Rohr also qualified for 2021 AFCON by matchday 4 – a feat never experienced b4 in Nigerian football – and also broke into the top 30 in the world rankings.

          You will tell is if the SE stopped winning matches after the 4 players left….lmaoooo

          The last time I checked, your fantastic 4 aka ‘The Invincibles’ were integral part of the teams that couldnt qualify for ordinary afcon back to back…lmao.

          The clueless Rohr’s time in charge looks now more heavenly than what we are expereincing now, no thanks to leaky brained fellows like you.

          The fact that we are still talking about him 2 coaches (….sorry…..9 local dullards and 1 labourer) after says alot….Lmaooo.

          Your pains have just started ehn….y’all will wail till infinity

          • Oakfield 6 months ago

            @kenneth, @reciprocal et al…pls take a cursory look at where we are today and where we were during rohrs days and answer for yourselves his achievements. Do the comparisons with verifiable facts and figures. Make a fool of yourselves by doing a little research and come back with your findings. Bunch of morons

        • KENNETH 5 months ago

          No mind the yeye people. For 6 years he couldn’t take us to 1st position in Africa, or top 10 in the world. But they will come here and be crying over spilled milk. Yeye dey smell

  • Jide Dola 6 months ago

    Oh, it has started looking like Rohr has some little achievement now, I know it will start looking as if Rohr did something after your coach barely went pass the group stage and your new coach is showing you what winning looked like. Enjoy, have fun. So let me ask you, what was he achieving then that he stopped achieving at the long run, I am very sure it was because he lost to CAR that made the achievement to stop abi, according to your word “ACHIEVEMENT’, no worries very soon we will start serious brain check.

  • You are the most useless man on earth @oakfield idiot ewu Nigeria jobless man go and look for job mumu you no get shame stop talking when men are talking