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Super Eagles Star Builds International School, Dedicates It To His Parents

Super Eagles Star Builds International School, Dedicates It To His Parents

Nigerian Super Eagles captain, Ahmed Musa has built an international school in honour of his parents, Musa and Sarah.

The winger shared the latest developments via his social media handle on Sunday located in Bakuru, Jos south local government area of Plateau State.

Musa, who has a long history of kindness, announced the commencement of the school project in January 2021 via an Instagram post.

He wrote: “I am not ignorant of the need to give back to my wonderful community and that is why I am excited to announce the commencement of the M & S International School project in Plateau State, Jos South local government Bukuru. Education is the key to success.”


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Following the completion of the mega educational facility, Musa took to his social media pages to announce it’s unveiling.

The forward and left winger for Turkish Süper Lig club Sivasspor proudly announced the official opening of M&S International School with photos of the classrooms and exterior view.

“I’m proud to name it after my parents. Mr Musa & Mrs Sarah ! M&S international school has now officially opened. Alhamdulillah,” he wrote.


Personal life


He was born from a multi-religious family, with his mother Sarah Musa (née Moses) being a Christian from Edo state in the Southern part of Nigeria.


In April 2017, Musa was involved in a dispute with his estranged wife Jamila, resulting in the police being called to his home. Shortly afterwards, the couple were divorced following “irreconcilable differences”. On 23 May, Musa married Juliet Ejue at Abuja.


In October 2017, Musa purchased a second petrol station in Nigeria.


On 24 January 2019, Musa confirmed the news of the death of his mother Sarah Musa on his Twitter page. She had previously been ill.


Return to Kano Pillars


On 13 April 2021, Musa rejoined Nigerian club Kano Pillars until the end of the 2020–21 season.


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  • KangA 1 year ago

    Musa, the star, the philanthropist, the de-tribalized Nigerian, the tolerant religionist, the . . . Forgive me if I begin to sound like a praise singer. The guy simply has a vision and a kind heart. Let’s hope not only other ex-internationals but Nigerian elites as a whole emulate your steps.

    • His background sure contributes to his worldview and attitude . His mother was a Christian from Edo State (Sarah Moses). And even Musa himself is married to a Calabar woman.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    HE is not just the GREATEST SUPER EAGLES NO 7 in HISTORY On the PITCH, HE is also the “GREATEST” OFF FIELD too(infact the “GREATEST” SUPER EAGLES “PLAYER” not just no 7 this time around (dude gat a great heart) off the PITCH in that SENSE)

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    You have to respect what he has done off the field but on the field ? That is debatable. George Finidi will have a say for sure but congrats to El Capo.

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      There is nothing DEBATABLE there with all DUE RESPECT to FINIDI..

      Why don’t you Dig up the STATS of FINIDI and MUSA for the SE and put it here and let the STATS be the JUDGE….

      • Because Buhari and Fulani government Push Musa to 106 Caps he had ample time to get insane stats but 15 or 16 goals in 106 Caps is not something to write home about and you don’t have shame opening you mumu mouth to say in public that a player with such embarassing stats is the “so called” greateset player in our history. mumu being anybody who see this post will think well no wonder they are not in
        world cup when they are captained by such mediocre players. who can’t even make starting 11 in low leagues on a consistent basis.

        God thing he is not the gretest player in our history because that would have been a big shame. But only in Monkey’s mind he is the greatest okay o!

        I do not care he built a school in the north for his people that does not concern me i care about the results of SE and he cannot come and use this to gain my pitty as he has clearly done with some so we can say heyya! let him continue to captain SE he has a good heart abegy make i hear word joor

        @MONKEY POST i bet if The President at the time also pushed and backed Finidi to 106 caps he would have scored well over 16 meager goals.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha….Bloody bigot.

          I guess you were brain dead when former captain Nwankwo Kanu was being pushed to 86 caps and Joseph Yobo being pushed to 100 caps. We even took the 2 of them to 2010 and 2014 world cups respectively even when we knew they werent going to offer anything special on the pitch other than to amass more caps.

          It has reached Musa’s turn as captain now mad dog has been convulsing like a rabbied canine for years…LMAOoo…Tribal and religious hatred kill you dia.

          E never pain you reach o. Wen e pain you well well say a northern muslim like Musa na SE captain, you go still mix rat poison with coffee drink……LMAOoooo

          Maybe it was Buhari and Fulani govt that pushed Kanu and Yobo to the number of caps they had too.

          18 goals and 16 assists in 105 caps for a winger (1 goal contribution in every 3 games) is indeed shameful……LMAOOoo…..Please show us the goal contribution per game of all SE wingers since Segun Odegbami and lets see who should cover their heads in shame.

          ……and by the way, over 85% of Musa’s goals and assists were before his 80th cap….so if we to juxtapose that figure with what the rest had in same number of caps we know the truth that facts and figures will reveal to us….LMAOooo

          Useless imbecile.

          We are still waiting for you to show us where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel o…..LMAOooo…or where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is the greatest Nigerian international ever….!

          Filthy cheap liar.

          Go and kill yourself because Musa is SE captain (and will retire as one) and a philanthropist if it is paining you that much.

          • When I told you people @MONKEY POST and Dr.Drey is the same person you all think I am lying well hear is proof mumu werey man I have proved that to you already. I am not a lunatic looser like you that will keep repeating the same action everyday I have proved that you are a deluded lunatic that cannot differentiate quality from mediocre. well the presidents did not need to push Nwankwo Kanu and Yobo to caps, after these guys who so foolishly mention in the same breath as your fulani fraud Musa, Are considered Legends in big EPL clubs Arsenal and Everton Respectively were as Musa was embarrassingly relegated to Under 23 Liecester team before being bundled out. the only International captain that has been dealt such a faith which makes the case that he was pushed by his Fulani God Father Buhari to those Number of Caps for Political reasons. If you don’t like what i have said go and find a long rope and hang yourself.

            Also Kanu Won us gold Medal in Atalanta and put Nigeria on the map in a tournament where Brazil and Argentina took their Strongest 11 that year. Fool. now go and find better long rope and hang that miserable Neck of yours Anumanu Werey Mumu!

          • When I told you people @MONKEY POST and @Dr.Drey is the same person you all think I am lying well hear is proof mumu werey man I have proved that to you already. I am not a lunatic looser like you that will keep repeating the same action everyday I have proved that you are a deluded lunatic that cannot differentiate quality from mediocre. well the presidents did not need to push Nwankwo Kanu and Yobo to caps, after all these guys you so foolishly mention in the same breath as your fulani fraud Musa, Are considered Legends in big EPL clubs, Arsenal and Everton Respectively. Were as Musa was embarrassingly relegated to Under 23 Liecester team before being bundled out and could not even hold a starting position in Kano Pillars after so many years warming the bench abroad and playing World Cup what a shame. Infact he is the only International captain that has been dealt such a embarrassing faith which makes the case that he was pushed by his Fulani God Father Buhari to those Number of Caps for Political reasons more concrete. If you don’t like what i have said go and find a long rope and hang yourself.

            Also Kanu Won us gold Medal in Atalanta and put Nigeria on the map in a tournament where Brazil and Argentina took their Strongest 11 that year. Fool. now go and find better long rope and hang that miserable Neck of yours Anumanu Werey Mumu!

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Of course…..to a drug addicted fool like you, Monkey Post and Dr. Drey will be the same. The way Dr.Drey and Oakfield and Greenturf and Pompei and Ben and Ola and everyone that shares the same views that differ from your senseless views are all the same according to your twin in lies Jimmylie.

            Or is it the same IP filtering and Quantum Search algorither your twin brother used that time you too have used now too…???

            Useless imbecile.

            Compound fool. Shameless liar…..LMAoooo.

            CSN faithful are still waiting for you to show them where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel o…..LMAOooo…….or where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is the greatest Nigerian international ever……!

            Idiot is beginning to convulse….LMAoooo. Useless imbecile cannot find facts to back up his stupidity and is beginning to ramble nonsense.

            You will tell us if you were there when Buhari was drawing up the list of SE invitees and giving strict orders that Musa must be invited….LMAOooo. Maybe Buhari is the Sunday Oliseh that made Musa SE captain ab initio, before he humbly handed it over to Mikel and it was finally handed back to him after mikel left.

            Kanu and Yobo are considered legends in Arsenal and Everton respectively, so it is Musa that is not considered a legend at CSKA Moscow…?? Or it is Musa that is not considered a legend by FIFA (only African to net braces in 2 consecutive world cups)…???

            Kanu won gold medal at u23 olympics, so it is Ahmed Musa that didnt win gold medal at AFCON…??

            Or is this useless dog this stupid…??? Iberibe.

            You will need an entire dam to wash away Ahmed Musa’s name from history books you hear. You useless bastard. Your tribal and ethnic bigotry and those of entire generation will never be enough to overwrite his place in Nigerian soccer folklore till eternity.

            Shameless born by mistake.

            You never mad finish ehn….LMAOoo…..you go still mad jump in front of moving train on top Ahmed Musa matter…LMAOooo

        • Wettin concern me concern Musa matter. After all we are not in World cup thanks to your Musa. i am still alive and chopping my money well in a unkwon location out of that Jungle Fulani trap they call Call a country nigeria. You sef after rohr or Poor or Pohr or Roar (which ever way you won call am) got sacked your voice is no where infact it is only in the mention of your lord and saviour mediocre Musa you will rare your wowo head and start raining rat poison insults to anybody who call a spade a spade on the fraud that is Musa Legitimacy in SE. go figure hence i called you Dr Fraud, you and Monkey post will talk all sorts of rubbish about NPFL players yet your so called Captain can not even bench them when he was in Kano pillars. you se ehn you are a fraud. and will never be taken seriously on this platform ever and that is down to me exposing you as i said I would. i finished you on this platform that your disguise of football brain was blown wide open when i systematically was proven right one year at a time like I always said in the end the truth will prevail and I will be vindicated. you see Dr Fraud you are a non entity on this platform these days and will continue to be so as long as i have your Number. you damn fraud.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha…we are not in the world cup thanks to Musa….LMAOoo. Grade A madness.

            We are not at the world cup thanks to Coach Ahmed Musa who was looking like a zombie on the bench not knowing what to do to score goals from open play over 2 legs….??

            We are not in the WC thanks to Moses Simon Musa who didnt put away a 1-on-1 in Kumasi….?

            We are not in the WC thanks to Victor Musa Osimhen…? Who bicycle-kicked a glorious chance wide in the same direction he was facing (I’ve never seen that all my life)…..?

            We are not in the WC thanks to OgheneMusa Etebo and Frank Onyeka Musa who didnt close up on Thomas Musa Partey early enough before he unleashed that fatal blow.

            We are not in the WC thanks to Sunday Dare Musa who ordered the firing of the coach that made qualifying for tournaments easy since 2016…?

            Your type of madness must be the generational type. That type that comes with some chilli flavor.

            Sensless idiot has nothing sensible to say anymore…..mad dog is busy barking nonsense and incoherence all over the place.

            I said all I had to say when idiots like you were calling for the sack of Rohr……I left the podium for fools like you to continue your dance of shame afterwards. Idiot, why have you all stopped dancing now….? The music no sweet una again…??

            Shameless fool.

            You must have been brain dead when the “Musa’s legitimacy treatment” in the SE was being given to all former captains before him. Oh…sorry…I forgot…Musa is a muslim northerner…..he doesnt deserve same treatment….he’s an outcast….LMAOoo….shameless ethno-religious bigot. You cant shame the shameless. I dont expect a product of shame to have shame.

            Congratulations for “finishing” Dr.Drey on this platform…..LMAooo. Useless fool. I guess that is a good enough prize for your stupidity and harwork on CSN.

            I agree, I am a nonentity on this platform…..you that is the owner and MVP of the platform…show us proof of all your lies, you are still convulsing weeks after…..LMAOooo

            Ewu anambra.

            I always knew you were an idiot, I only never knew you where so much of an idiot.

            You have really exposed Dr.Drey……LMAOoo. Thank you very much for showing the world how stupid you are.

            They are still waiting for you to show them where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel……or where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is the greatest Nigerian international ever…..!

            Cheap liar.

            Shameless fool.

            What a shame. A man should be born this stupid.

        • Sunny 1 year ago

          Your hero, Kanu played 6 AFCONs and 3 world cups without scoring a single goal. He played most of these tournaments as a striker! He completely underachieved for the national team. Remember, Olympics is an age-grade competition and is not regarded as a full-fledged competition.

          • @Sunny even with Kanu’s Heart surgery he is still x100 of the player Musa is and is considered worldwide a legendary name more than Musa, whether you Musa fan boys like or not it is only in a clueless country like Nigeria where Musa will be considered a better player than Kanu no wonder Nigeria is the way it is it is because of people like you that will see black and call it red, you should be ashamed of yourself to ask me such a question and call Kanu “My Hero”.. Lets talk of club football what did Kanu achieve in Ajax, Inter Milan Arsenal, Porthsmouth and so on and what did musa achieve in CSKA Moscow, Liecester, Kanu Pillars and so On. Kanu failed to score in Afcon are you smoking Indian Hemp.

            Now shut up and crwal back to Dr. Drey yansh!.

          • you think my mind is a trivial as most Nigerians? so because a flash in the pan scores 2 goals against Iceland and fades to obscurity i should worship the ground he walks on like the balk of you deluded Musa fan boys? wey no get sense?.. what have he achieved after those 2 lucky goals in SE. You should be ashamed of yourself debating Musa stay in SE after miserable failed 2022 when the fraud was captain. now again don’t taint my thread with Rubbish dumb founded Mumu Questions regarding an Icon Nwankwo Kanu.

            I don’t live in the past like you people i am all about growth and future

        • You should be in the forest man!

        • Modr8 1 year ago

          If na Ibo man build that school you go don dey praise him, when are we going to leave all this ethnicity biased and praise people on merit, have you ever think about it maybe your children will be the student of that school in nearest future let’s think twice before sending our comments

        • Mike 1 year ago

          Comparison and pitch performance has nothing to do in this context.

          Let’s limit answer to question asked, stay within the context.

          Honour should be given to whom it is due. Captain Musa is building a good legacy of kindness which is hard to find among his peers who are all about themselves.

          Kudos to Captain Musa for the many charitable gestures to the genuinely needy. God will continue to bless and increase you capacity!

  • Ochuke 1 year ago

    Please do not argue about their caps for God is the giver of live and He sustains one’s carrier. Must is a blessing but on ànd off the pitch. Put differently, he is a blessing to his teammates and society at large. However, in terms of intelligence and tactical play on the pitch and achievements both internationally and in the Super Eagles, Finding George is arguably the best and greatest No.7 Nigeria had ever had.

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      LMFAO!I asked for a simple thing. I said DIG UP their SUPER EAGLES STATS, and let it be the JUDGE all of sudden you have turned to REV FATHER EJIKE MBAKA and a MOTIVATIONAL and INTELLIGENCE COACH all in one…


  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    From the different COMMENTS on this thread, I guess FOOLS like @UGO we know that @DR DREY and @MONKEY POST are two different being


  • Sean 1 year ago

    *Finidi George (World best 7 for more than a year)
    *Segun Odegbam (2nd all time Naija goal scorer)
    *Ahmed Musa (Nigerian all time World Cup highest Scorer)
    Musa has really done well for Nigeria, I just pray he will not leave super Eagles at the wrong time because his long stay is already pissing off some sections if not all Naija fans. He’s a type that’ll come out for a big post in the nearest future and win the heart or get full support of Nigerians. Musa played or plays mostly as a wing forward or a direct or supporting striking role mostly for Eagles in 4-3-3 formation while finidi is a complete winger  with lots of assists from 4-4-2 formation back then. Ask Patrick Kluivert I’m  sure he’ll have lots to say. So I expect Musa to have more international goals than finidi which he did.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Who gave Finidi that award…? And what year was it given…?
      At what occasion….? Where and when was the occasion held…?
      Who won that award the year before and who won it the year after.

      Whoever cooked up these fables for you all will answer for it on the day of judgement….LMAOooo

      • Sean 1 year ago

        Well, that was what we heard back then after Ajax won the league Cup, Dutch League and Champions league after 1994-95 season (when there was no internet) still in shock that I can find any proof to back this up.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Oga, its not a case of whether there was internet or there was no internet. It was in the same period Finidi was in Ajax that Baggio won world’s best, Stotichkov won world’s best, George Weah won world’s best, Ronaldo won world’s best. We have the records of all those ones.

          Who gave Finidi that award World’s best no 7….? what year did he win it…? Who and who has won that award the years before him and who and who has won it the year after him….?

          Or was the award just created for finidi and then retired immediately after he won it…??

          Finidi never made any FIFPro XI, He never made UCL XI, He never made WC XI, so where did he win the World best no 7 award in an era when we had Donadoni, Caminero, Enrique and the rest of them…?

          There has never been any award like best no 7 in the world my brother…LMAOoo…same way there was never a match between Nigeria and India that ended 99-1.

          • @ Dr Drey, to be fair to the writer Sean, there was a time when Finidi was adjudged as the ‘best No 7’ in the world. However it was never an award, instead it was a praise from the legendary Scottish commentator, Archie Mcpherson during one of his coverage of Ajax matches for Eurosport (who were about the only media platform Nigerians accessed European football then) and before you knew it, the Nigerian media, picked this up and referred to it whenever they spoke or wrote about Finidi’s exploits. This was around 97 or 98 when Ajax had a very good season both domestically and the Champion’s league.
            I’ve never been a regular contributor on this forum due to the rather uncouth behaviour of some people on here… I find it a bit toxic and immature people resorting to the use of very bad language just because opinions differ. However, the urge to set the record straight on certain issues, especially ones you are familiar with, can’t be resisted sometimes which has prompted my 10cent on this issue.
            I come in peace.

      • Adeyemi 1 year ago

        Oga, please fear God. Comparing Musa with Finidi George is like comparing Tesla and Honda. You could like Musa but don’t take anything away from Finidi. He had at least 10 trophies in his cabinet including champions league winner. Mind you, he was a regular then. Almost went to Maldrid until the deal broke down. In terms of personal achievements in football, Finidi and Kanu rules. In terms of philanthropist work, Musa wins. However, it’s not everyone that helps people that tend to broadcast as well. I come in peace. You don’t have to abuse me, please cos I know the kind of person you could be. I’m not abusing you

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          No, we wouldnt compare Musa to Finidi. Because Musa plays left back for the SE while Finidi played Central defence for the SE during his time.

          I guess Musa too never won any trophies in his career.

          I dont care if Finidi played for Madrid and Barcelona or if he won 10 UCLs, Facts and data on ground state clearly that Musa’s goal contributions (Goals and Assists) playing as our no 7 tower high and above that of Finidi as far as the Super Eagles of Nigeria is concerned. QED.

          Hate him all you like. But only Segun Odegbami has more operating from same position.

          Finis and Klaar…!

          If you dont abuse me, I wouldnt abuse you.

          • Adeyemi 1 year ago

            Are you now saying that Musa was better than Finidi George? Or are you just using Super Eagles to judge the two? Club wise, Musa was nowhere near Finidi. Even in Nigeria, it’s still debatable even though Musa might have slight edge in the color of super eagles based on the number of goals contribution. Anyways, I don’t need to argue with you. You are always right, and everyone is wrong. Enjoy the rest of your day sir.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…so what did Finidi’s “clubwise” do for Nigeria..?? What did his club honours contribute to the SE eagles…? Goals…? Assists…?

            Or does Finidi also rank higher than Segun Odegbami since Mr Mathematical never played in Europe and hence clubwise, he is no where Finidi…?

            Its not a matter of being always right or always wrong. If you have a sound argument present it. If you have superior reasoning backed by facts and figures present it. But if you dont have any move on. If you are always wrong its not my headache.

            I dont care if Finidi played for FIFA XI FC all through his career, whatever he did for his clubs was for his clubs. But as far as the Nigerian national team is concerned, as far as Super Eagles of Nigeria is concerned, figures do not lie. We know where everyone stands.

            When a winger delivers a significant contribution like a goal or assist every 3 games for 106 games over a 12 year period for the national team, talk about him with respect.

            Enjoy the rest of your day too sir

      • Emecco 1 year ago

        @ Drey Bro, 1995/96 Season, Finidi was on FIFA best 11 as the best right winger.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha…who told you the lie…?


          Please show is where Finidi is on this team….???

          Or maybe you are referring to another FIFA…..LMAOOooo

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          FIFA XI 1-2 Brazil
          New York, 14/07/1996
          Att.: 78.416
          FIFA XI
          (between brackets the country from each player):
          Jorge Campos [Mexico]
          (Nelson Tapia) [Chile]
          Lothar Matthaeus [Germany]
          John Harkes [USA]
          (Ned Zelic) [Australia]
          Fernando Hierro [Spain]
          (Fernando Couto) [Portugal]
          Marcel Desailly [France]
          (Mark Fish) [South Africa]
          Mark Fish [South Africa]
          (Krassimir Balakov) [Bulgaria]
          Michael Laudrup [Denmark]
          (Abedi Pelé) [Ghana]
          Fernando Redondo [Argentina]
          David Ginola [France]
          Jürgen Klinsmann [Germany]
          Kazu Miura [Japan]
          (George Weah) [Liberia]
          Coaches: Richard Moeller-Nielsen [Denmark], Bora Milutinovic [Yugoslavia] and Steve Sampson [USA]

          You guys should stop passing fables from generation to generation please.

          There has never been any award like World’s best no 7…..LMAOoo

          • Emecco 1 year ago

            @ Drey, pls show us, 1994/95, UCL best 11.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…Finidi is no longer on FIFA best 11 as the best right winger….? He has relocated to UCL best 11…?

            I’m not the one to show you UCL best XI…..it is you who wants to prove what never existed that should show us 1994/95 UCL best XI.

  • Emecco 1 year ago

    Though I was young when Finidi won 1995 UCL with Ajax, but I could remember then all-over the Nigerian media, it was always talked about that Finidi was the best right winger of the competition, I know I watched that final against Milan and also watched Ajax ‘5-1 spanking of Bayern in the semis, I would love to know, if it’s not Finidi, who was the best right winger of that tournament, it’s unfortunate I couldn’t find any link to that best 11 of 94/95 UCL, anyone with the link should please paste it here, we all learn everyday.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Oga….that fad of Finidi being “World’s best no 7” was put out there by overzealous (yet ignorant) Nigerian journalists.

      The fact that Finidi played for the winners of the UCL then does not make him the World best no 7. His 1 goal and 2 assists in the UCL that year is not what will coronate him as “World Best no 7”. George Weah was world footballer of the year in 1995 yet his team didnt even reach the final of 1994-95 champions league.

      I’ve asked very simple questions up there
      Who gave Finidi that award World’s best no 7….?
      what year did he win it…?
      Who and who has won that award the years before him?
      And who and who has won it the year after him….?

      If Finidi won the World Best no 7 in 1995 or whenever, who won World Best no 2, World best no 3, no 4, 5 up till no 11…???

      Nigerian journalists and overhyping of players since 200 BC

      You were all sold a fable….a fairytale. Wake up.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    Victor Moses scored 12 goals in just 38 caps, but we settled for 16 in 107 as our all time best winger. 
    Like I said, Musa has done well but he shouldn’t push it. At least not until he becomes a comedian on the pitch before he’ll bow out. Still can’t find any record that backs finidi’s world best winger tag. 
    I can see the world 11 team  for 91,96, 97 but no record yet for 94/95. 

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha…. They want to water down everything Ahmed Musa has achieved in the SE colours by force.

      Victor Moses scored 12 goals, but about 8 were penalties. As far as my memory can take me, Ahmed Musa’s only ever scored just once from the penalty spot of his 18 goals in SE colours…which was the last time he sccored (against Liberia in the WCQ last year). If he were to be a desperate prima-donna insisting on taking all SE penalties as a “senior player” or as team captain, we probably would be talking about close to 30 goals in SE colours for him.

      Moses’ 4 goals from open play and 5 assists in 38 matches…benchmark this with 17 goals and 16 assists in 106 games, do the mathematics yourself and come back to tell us who had more goal contributions in SE colours.

      1 winger produced 1 goal from open play in every 6.2 games, another produced 1 goal from open play every 9.5 games but they want to rank the latter higher. A round of applause to them. Yea…this is Nigeria.

      Let us not even consider the fact that over 85% of Musa’s goal contributions till date came in his first 80 caps, or that close to half of his 106 caps were off the bench. No lets not consider that….otherwise it will blow them and their principals away like a hurricane. Or did I just hear someone say Musa contributed 1 goal from open play in every 190 minutes while Moses contributed same number of goals every 292 minutes…???

      Go to the moon and come back, only Segun Odegbami ranks ahead of Ahmed Musa till date. At least till another winger emerges who will contribute more 1 goal in 3 games like Musa or less.

      I am 100% sure if he were to be a Chukwuma Nwachukwu or Onyebuchi Ikedieze, there wouldnt be this much hate towards him. It has become a crime these days to be a Muslim from the north of Nigeria.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahahaha…now they want to lecture us on 442 and 433 and 777…..excuses don finish for their bag. 12 goals with 8 being penalties almost suddenly became a better performance than 18 goals, 1 from the spot.

        Was V.Moses also not in the SE in the era of the 433 and 352..? Did he too not play as a wing forward..? Why didnt he too gross 1 goal contribution every 3 games as a wing forward. Or was it everyone who has played in wing forward position for the SE that can boast of 1 goal contribution every 3 games..?

        Was Segun Odegbami playing 433 or 777 before becoming Nigeria’s 2nd all time leading scorer…? Was it not from the same right wing he was operating…?

        Every available records show Ahmed Musa as operating either as a Left winger or right winger for Nigeria. Only on occasions did he operate as a SS. That speaks volumes of how much faith his coaches have had in him and how important he has been for the SE over the years. Or was it Buhari that made all that one happen too…? His direct style of play as a winger has set him out amongst all others who held that position for the SE. Why weren’t some people too deployed as SS during their own time too. Or who send them to dey hug touchline…?

        Once again, not even an entire dam will be enough to wash Musa’s foot prints off Nigeria’s football folklore.

        Hate on him all you can.

        He did not kill anybody before being named SE captain TWICE. And whatever perks those who have held that position before him have enjoyed, he too much enjoy till like the others, he decided its time up for him.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      You should know when not to respond to a parrot who is just seeking needless attention. Obviously he is of the younger generation that’s why he feels Musa is far better than finidi. Maybe he needs some clips from back in the 90’s when finidi was a dazzling star to watch. This guy must be high on milk of puppy. Please make una no dey waste una time with a deluded fool. Seems his spicy peanuts are running low. Just like someone stated he hasn’t being heard from in a while since his so called PE teacher was dismissed. It’s almost a year why is he still jobless.

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    I have always thought also that finidi was selected among the world team of year in 95 until about 12years ago when a young boy schooled me that it wasn’t so. As rightly said by dr.drey, it was a cooked story by nigeria press.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      The truth is that because our “94 squad” were the first group of national team players to taste Europe enmass and the first to play at the world cup, there was so much hype around them back then, especially from the Nigerian press, so much that they became gods.

      Imagine the 14 goals or so that Ikpeba scored (as a record) in french ligue 1 that earned him the prince of monaco sobriquet and even an AFOTY award was what Terem Moffi shattered without blinking at the first time of asking and we didnt blink, he didnt even make the SE team as a result. He’s just warming his way into our National team 2 seasons and 16 more goals later.

      10 goals a season was a big deal for them back then….that’s even for the ones who were regulars starters.

      How finidi’s 1 goal and 2 assists in the UCL in 1994/95 would have earned him the “World’s best no 7 award” really beats imagination……LMAOoooo.

      Yea, finidi was good, yea finidi was athletic, yea finidi was a very resourceful player and a through bred professional back them….but the best no 7 in the world….???? LMAoooo.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    This is quite impressive from Musa. I am very proud of you and I hope other Super Eagles players will follow your step.

    Thank you Mr. Governor. We appreciate you Musa. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Lord AMO 1 year ago

    @Dr Drey, while i typically agree with your insights when backed up by facts, i think you’re being a bit disingenuous  in your comparisons here and using a bit of sleight of to make your arguments.  Yes Musa and George both wear/wore the number 7 jersey, but they played wholly different positions on the field.  George was asked to be a playmaker out wide in a mostly 4-4-2 formation where his role was to make incisive runs and link up with the two strikers.  I think most people will agree that he was excellent in that role and perhaps save for Mr. Odegbami, no one has done it better.  His role would not lead to plenty of goals as an out and out striker.  His was more of a dribble to cross rather than shoot.  He scored the odd goal here and there but the bulk of the goal scoring responsibility lay squarely at the feet of our forwards

    Musa on the other hand has always played as an inverted winger in a 4-3-3 formation which encourages him to go for goal far more often than an out an out winger.  While he has served the Eagles amicably, I don’t think anyone will die on any hill to tell us that he has excelled in that role.  He’s done ok, highlighted by those goals in the world cup.  However, there are many games where his comtribution has left many fans rather frustrated.  He’s been a good ambassador but I think in your heart of hearts you know he’s no longer really a Super Eagles player anymore.  It shouldn’t matter that in the past we held on to other players way past their prime, it doesn’t we should continue to do so especially when there are others who can do just as good of if not a better job than him at this point

    • Sean 1 year ago

      @Lord Amo, leave Dr Drey, he understands. He’s just a type that doesn’t accept defeats.
      Musa scored most of his goals as a striker. Either from 4-3-3 or as a second striker in 4-4-2./3-5-2.
      Imagine Yekini in Odegbami’s era with good positioning and scoring ability. Finidi’s job was to find Yekini, Siasia, Amokachi and others and he did it well.
      Can somebody remind me of a very good cross that Musa made as a winger when coming up? (Not talking about grounder cross o! If there’s one, I’m sure they are countable.
      Even as a Striker, are those goals per apps enough? But thanks to him he scores whenever we needed it most but that was then. Outside football, he’s the best for me. No Nigerian footballer has ever done what he’s doing.
      Dr drey knows all these but I know his type. Don’t make me sound like Musa hater, I love him as a person and when he was hot for Eagles but now, the likes of Simon, Lookman, Iwobi, Chukwueze has taken his place on the field.

      • Sean 1 year ago

        Our current wingers might not as good as what Musa was but they are better than what he is at the moment.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Lord Amo, I know most of y’all are still emotionally attached to your 94 squad peeps, hence your 442, 541, 777 excuses.

      When we make mention or rank our all time bests, do we talk about the formations they play in or the tactics their teams play and all…?? Capital NO. Jayjay is our all-time great, nobody is concerned about if he played as a box to box mdifielder in 94, or in the hole behind the strikers in 98 or on the right side of attack in year 2000

      When you are the best, you are the best….no matter what role you were asked to play by your coach, whether you were a lone strike in one game, a target man in another or a second striker in a third.

      All these excuses of Musa played 433, Finidi played 442 are just mere excuses to try to water down what Musa has achieved playing as a winger for Nigeria, of course after the “world best 7” fable failed woefuly. If 442 is supposed to be the excuse for Finidi not having Musa’s numbers, was it not the same 442 we played in the days of Mathematical Odegbami…with him playing as our right winger then. The likes of David Beckham and Luis Figo produced the goods as right wingers in a 442 with the later even going on to win a ballo d’or. So this excuse of 422, 555, 777 is at best a lame attempt.

      And is it every winger who has played in the 433 system before or after Ahmed Musa that has produced a 1 goal contribution in 3 games performance over long period like him…??? Someone up there mentioned Victor Moses until we reminded them 8 of Victor’s 12 goals for the SE were penalties and not from open play….LMAOooo….otherwise there has to be a fantastic way of calculating 4 goals and 5 assists in 37 matches to produce a better goal contribution average of 1 in every 3 games that Ahmed Musa has. Or is Victor too no longer a winger because he has played in multiple positions and under different formations too…?

      The fact that Ahmed Musa has successfully delivered in several positions other than his natural right wing position even further cements his place as a true great in SE colours. And the fact that he has only made 4 goal contributions in his last 20 games is what makes his figures less scary at 1 in ever7 3.12 games. Otherwise looking going way back to his 86th cap, the man was on a 1 goal contribution every 2.87 games standing…..and that in itself in Unbelievable.

      Show me any player anywhere who contributes or has contributed a goal every 2.8 games for his national team and his not being highly, highly regarded….of course only in Nigeria where everything is often seen from the eye of ethnicity, tribalism and religion.

      Someone even said Musa has never produced a good cross before….LMAOooo….maybe it was another Ahmed Musa that produced the cross from the RIGHT WING that V.Moses scored against Algeria or the one Uche Nwofor scored against SA or the one Gholahan Salami scored against Congo….lets not even talk of the ones that ended up not converted…..LMAooo. They want to bring all sorts sentiments into a matter of facts….LMAOooo

      It suddenly shouldn’t matter anymore that in the past we held on to other players way past their prime….LMAOoo. Please go and tell that to all those who cajoled Keshi into taking Joseph Yobo to the world cup in 2014 just for 100 caps, when we had the likes of Daniel Adejo and this other guy (cant recall his name, Ukoh something) doing well as CDs in Italy then. Or those who took Kanu Nwankwo (who has not scored nor assited a single goal in 3 years) to the 2010 World cup to go and play one half of football. Of course the person involved now is not a certain Paul Okoye or Onyebuchi Johson, or Femi Alade…..its a certain Muslim from Northern Nigeria called Ahmed Musa.

      And they say Dr.Drey does not “accept defeat”……LMAOooo. Put facts and figures on the ground please…..not sentiments and emotions.

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    I want to sincerely thank Alhaji Musa for the ‘good’ he is doing to elevate his community and for the establishment of the highly desirable school in his state. No Nigerian player has done so much for his community than Alhaji Musa. Some folks mentioned the name of Judge Finidi, this is a guy who refused to take part in 1996 Olympics Games saying he was too big to play in the Olympics only to see that Nigeria actually won the gold. Agreed that Finidi was moaning the tragic dealt of his junior brother who was shockingly shot by the police in Ibadan after a match. After the dealt of his brother, Oga Finidi lost all interest
    playing for Nigeria. Now, who is compering Odegbami to Alhaji Musa? Tell us what exactly has Chief Odegbami done for his own Ibadan community? Was he not the one who helped to destabilize the Nigeria football far more than any Nigerian living today?
    Who led the campaign to sack Steve Keshi and recently, Oga Rohr. When reasonable individual, like Dr Drey is talking, please don’t interject him by bringing in those who did harm to Nigeria football.

    • Kenneth 1 year ago

      Mr man don’t come here and type nonsense. Where is it written that an ex-players must give back to his community. It all boils down to choice. Last time i checked odegbami has a sports academy in wasimi, so stop this your indirect tribalistic comment. And stop coming here to lie like that fake parrot drey. Who told you he rejected an invite to the olympics team, who told you the police shot his brother. Na wa for naija people. Abi na that parrot pay for your data to come online and type lies as usual

      • OmoEsan 1 year ago

        @Keneth, if you don’t know that Finidi George’s younger brother, Iginiwari George was shot dead in Ibadan, just after a tension soaked FA Cup match between Enugu Rangers International and Stationery Stores of Lagos in 1995, then you’re not supposed to be arguing on this forum.

        • Kenneth 1 year ago

          It is you that should get off this forum. Did you read where he said the police shot him, which you very well know is not true. Abi you have proof to back up his story. A match i watched live on tv.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hhahaha….ugly long mouthed liar. You watched the match live on TV….LMAOoo. So they showed on TV when Igeniwari was being shot…for you to know exactly who shot him…???

            Okponu abirun oshi…..shameless bold faced liar.

            At a time when even the league was not beamed live on TV, pathetic liar watched a Coca-cola FA cup match (that wasnt the final) live on TV….LMAOooo…Aja la je enu e….LMAOOO shameless liar.

            You too show us proof to back up your lies…..Mr. Proof

            Abeg on which station did you watch the match live….? LMAOooo. Or did you watch it on DSTV too, the same way your daddy jimmylie claimed he watched the French league live in 1993 on DSTV, whereas multichoice only opened in Nigeria in 1995…???

            Pathetic lying machine….LMAOOo

            Imbecile wants to tell his father’s mate lies…..LMAooo. And to think this is the idiot that is always throwing false accusations at Dr.Drey of being a liar…bla bla bla….verify what he says…bla bla bla….LMAOOo

          • Edoman 1 year ago

            @Kenneth, are you a newbie. Just because you don’t know what an issue is, doesn’t make it nonexistence. For the fact that OmoEsan explained it perfectly to you and you are still in denial demonstrate how shallow your knowledge of the issue is. I stand by what l stated that George Finidi said openly that he feels that he is too big/old to play in 1996 Olympics. Kenneth, you don’t look good when you dispute against facts.
            You guys should stop abusing Dr Drey in this forum. It put a lot of people off when some non-Nigerians comes in here only to see how abusive, and ignorant and indiscipline some Nigerians are in their culture and to one another. Are you going to be one of those civilized Nigerians who respects his fellow Nigerians or a poorly educated Nigerians who likes to pull everybody down because he too is down? Make a Joice.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Are you minding the good for nothing ignoramus…? That olodo that only comes here to wash his dirty empty brains in public.

          I’ve advised him severally to stop coming to disgrace himself here on this forum with his ignorance….but like the proverbial senseless fly, he always prefers to follow the corpse into the grave.

  • Kenneth 1 year ago

    @Edoman, for your info, i wasn’t born yesterday like some of you, guess you one of those ass-lickers of that parrot, am not surprised with your comment. Until he starts respecting others opinions without insulting them, then we will stop. Since you all like to back up your comments, kindly publish where he said he was too old to join the Olympics team in 1996. You all come here and say whats not true. Look at the parrot claiming the FA cup was not beamed live on TV. SMH. I can’t a shit faced father Dr DRY.
    Am not one of those who lick your ass on this forum. Don’t know who you want to school.

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