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Super Falcons Held By CIV In Lagos, Out Of Tokyo 2020 Women’s Football

Super Falcons Held By CIV In Lagos, Out Of Tokyo 2020 Women’s Football

Nigeria’s Super Falcons have failed to secure a berth in the Fourth Round of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics women’s football qualifying series after they were held to a 1-1 draw by Cote d’lvoire at the Agege Stadium, Lagos on Monday, reports Completesports.com.

The African champions were ousted through away goal rule, both teams having played a 0-0 draw in the first leg less than a week ago.

The visitors took the lead in the 12th minute after Kapho Nina’s fine free-kick beat Chiamaka Nnadozie.


The Ivorians came close to doubling their advantage in the 32nd minute, but Nnadozie produced a fine save to deny Ange N’Guessan.

Super Falcons captain, Asisat Oshoala restored parity for the home team two mnutes later.

Both teams cancelled out each other after the break with the hosts failing to create any meaningful chance to win the game.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • okponku 2 years ago

    Another Sports blunder to Nigeria. Sunny Okusun a music prophet which way Nigeria?

  • PeePee 2 years ago

    Where is Thomas Dennerby?

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Odegbami has said it football in Nigeria is dead… Oshoala as captain too is a major distraction to her… Nigeria is Nigeria’s problem. BHUARI who’s security agency is haunting down fellow thieves is a major distraction to an already distracted NFF! Sports in Nigeria is dead and gone Oblivion.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    Hope the NFF officials that ganged up against Dennerby to remove him from the Super Falcons post are happy now! This country just keeps annoying me daily.
    #Sack Danjuma and take him back to the Female U-20
    #Sack Imama to avoid further Embarrassment
    #Bring back Dennerby

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    We are the cause of our problems in Nigeria, they sacked denbsrby and brough their man now look at the result.
    This same men are those forcing a otabor on rohn, very soon the man would resign and we would go back to square one..

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Omo9Ja, where is yr Thomas denerby, the best coach in the world that rohr should learn from??? Pls come out of ur misrable dirty hole and say something o, I’m waiting for you.

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Omo k’omo don run commot. Usain Bolt no fit catch am.

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      What has Dennerby got to do with this? Dennerby, was not the coach.

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Dennerby was not the coach on match day. But it was his squad. Even when he was there, they had been under performing. So, this poor result as attributable to him, partially if not entirely.

        • Adisboy 2 years ago

          It was not his squad. Why do you think he left. NFF picked this squad. Before this he won the last round home & away. He has ZERO blame. If he was not interrupted we would have qualified for the Olympics. Abeg talk sense.

          • Pompei 2 years ago

            NFF have a big share of the blame. But NFF did not “pick this squad”, as you put it. This is Dennerby’s team. I am blaming him because I heard that he quit. He should have seen the job thru first, then quit later. But quitting and leaving the team in disarray….that puts the blame squarely on his shoulders. It would not be his fault if he was fired though.

        • Oakfield 2 years ago

          No mind am,pompei, was there a new inclusion in the sqaud other than the usual faces that made up denerby’s team? A team that has been together for such a very long time including playing at the world cup should be able to grind out results with or without the presence of the coach. They should already know what the coach expects of them in every situation. During the days I played football, our coach wasn’t always around (absent on health grounds most times) to be shouting instructions on our heads during match days but we already had a team that had been together for a Long time and knew exactly what we ought to do and got results. Hence,the coach not being around in this case doesn’t hold water at all. It’s a very lame excuse.

          • Greenturf 2 years ago

            It’s not Denerby’s girls rather NFF.The games against Algeria was executed by seven professionals the reason we struggled in that game because the new girls weren’t good enough or lacked understanding with their more established ones.Against Ivory Coast same numbers of professionals was invited and we can all see the result today.
            Apparently,what happened was NFF bared protesting players who were rightly asking for their world cup bonuses from the team and decided to replace them with home based players.
            This move depleted the team also its chemistry and made them prey to their opponents why Dennerby did a runner because he saw what was coming.

          • @ Oakfield I hope @ GreenTurf has cleared your doubts.
            Even when you played football,were there not things like team spirit? So doesn’t undue interference of this nature affect team spirit? You even said your team was together for a long time.Is that the case with Dennerby?
            Thanks again Greenturf,I think I have a question or maybe a lamentation.

  • osaretin 2 years ago

    This is what you get when you say local coaches can handle the national teams. Also, what will you say now about officials selecting players for the coaches. interestingly, If we do not correct our ways the male team will go the same way as the females. look you cannot give what you do not have. our coaches have not even gotten to the level of winning Caf champions or Confederation leagues. so i am not surprised

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    The only good thing about Coach Rohr I must admit is his ability to weather the storm of Nigerian politics and disorganisation. Thomas Denerby couldn’t take it and he is gone.

    You know things are really bad when the Super Falcons cannot qualify for the Olympics

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      3rd time in a row. Same mistakes. Same coach that failed to qualify us for 2016 fails us again for 2020

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      The only good thing, abi? In the midst of chaotis working conditions, with average players, Rohr keeps qualifying us for major tournaments, and our ranking keeps going up. Yet, you struggle to see anything good in Rohr. Ok now. Maybe you need to change your eye glasses so you can see better. Just a suggestion, my good man!

  • You see i am beginin to dislike lagos stadiums for national team matchs it seems to be badluck all the time we play important match there. Eg Afcon 2000 final. Nigria lust to sudan under 20. Okwaraji death. Many more. They for play the match for asaba. Or calaba lagos na bad market jare. I am sorry i cant blame the coach at all it is only a novice that will blame coach on this lost i blame the girls they should be ashamed of thier selves. Clamoring over bonus wen u cannot deliver. These girls are africa champions and have been to the worldcup manytimes they should be able to win that match even without coachs. Overated girls. I think nff should go back to underground and gather up a new falcons and forget these old ladies

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    Why was such an important match played at the Agege stadium? Agege stadium? Are you kidding me? So, Nigeria is out of the 2020 Olympics women event? Just like that? After under performing at the world cup, the icing on this nasty cake is failure to qualify for the Olympics. What a calamitous mess!

  • This is what some people here especially omo9ja want for super eagles. That is the effect of disability in that team. The new coach came and change a whole lots of things as directed by those who sent him and here is the result. I belief Rohr critics should should have learnt from this and leave the man alone. Some people think every foreign coach will take Nigeria job having getting some hints from some of their colleagues who have been here before and those who decided to come,they will criticise them as if they can do better. U remember one certain Paul Leguen before Mr Rohr came on board?. Enemy of progress everywhere.

  • This is what some people here especially omo9ja want for super eagles. That is the effect of distability in that team. The new coach came and change a whole lots of things as directed by those who sent him and here is the result. I belief Rohr critics should should have learnt from this and leave the man alone. Some people think every foreign coach will take Nigeria job having getting some hints from some of their colleagues who have been here before and those who decided to come,they will criticise them as if they can do better. U remember one certain Paul Leguen before Mr Rohr came on board?. Enemy of progress everywhere.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    The NFF are to blame for this result.
    After the world cup,some group of players agitated to get unpaid bonuses and were ousted by angry NFF officials.
    That’s why a new set of players were called up from the domestic league to start afresh with new sets of players and has now backfired.
    This distractions from NFF officials led to Dennerby walking out of the team because he has seen what was coming.You can’t hand a man a machete for a war of guns.
    Football administration is the problem we are having and it seems to be snow balling by the day unfortunately.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Same way they are planning to ban troost Ekong and co for demanding for their unpaid AFCON bonuses.
      I don’t know why we like to keep going 1 step forward and 3 backwards

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehehehehe….agents of backwardness are just beginning to appreciate what a Gernot Rohr passes through, without making headline stories out of it and has still managed to bring the SE back to a position of respect, not only in Africa, but globally, such that countries like Ukraine and Brazil now see the SE as a team with which they can test their strength…and rightly so too.

    Rohr must go, Rohr must go…..make una nor worry…Rohr would soon go.

    Shebi NFF are already in stage 3 of their plans to either force him to fail, leave or become disinterested in renewing his contract, we will see how your Amunike or the Pep Mourinho they will employ afterwards will cope with such vampires like the ones we have in the FA.

    You surely wouldn’t value what you’ve got until you loose it. Ask Arsenal fans viz Arsene Wenger and they will tell you…LMAO.

    @Omo9ja, where is the winning mentality your Denerby gave the falcons o…? E don collet in tin back carry go Sweden…???? Under him we couldn’t defeat any of Cameroon, Ghana, Cotedivoire, Southafrica in 90mins of football. Even Algeria wey we dey pack basketful of goals give make dem carry go house, we weren’t convincing against them. But small problem from FA my guy Ben Johnson…..yet according to some poeople, he’s the one has confidence and self belief, but Gernot Rohr who doesn’t bow or give a damn about the wims and caprices of NFF eggheads is the one that is timid, lacks self belief etc. Lolz…
    I dey laff o.

    • No he should not Ben Johnson? You think a Klopp,Ancelloti or even Frank Lampard will take half of what Dennerby has taken so far? The first two coaches are at the level in male football where,Dennerby is in female World football,simple. Self confidence or belief has got nothing to do with principles please. Corruption is bad and it’s bad.
      Rohr will naturally have an advantage over Dennerby in forbearance because he has spent donkey years in Africa with first hand experience of corruption in Africa; and this job is a huge leverage for him in his career. Ofcourse, forbearance doesn’t mean he has bulked under the pressure of the corruption around him.Kudos to him there&I have never blamed him on that.
      I should,by reason of this his strong point,not give him advice or criticism where necessary? I go give am! We are forcing his hand everyday and we would continue.

      Let’s face the issue that really made us loose,you and I know it’s not [email protected] explains it well on that.Let’s not go sounding like a Cameroon blaming Seedorf/Kluivert,when they’ve been there only about a year. Same Kluivert who is now a Director in a top team,Barcelona.

      The NFF and the corruption therewith has cost us so dearly here. My Warri connections original tried to keep me from blaming Bros Amaju,but truth is who else can I blame? I wonder what he’s doing there,seems like he started well,thinking of getting sound foreign coaches to by-pass the corruption thing, but now he seems to be stinking with corruption so badly.
      I remember,even Delta State,he led to dominate Nigerian sports,was it not majorly by buying over athletes from other states? Is that a lasting way of developing sports?
      Be like a case of a leopard not being able to change it’s spots.
      Indeed I begin to recall how people like Omo9ja have been again and again calling out the NFF for corruption.Sometimes,I think he is over-reacting,but now it makes much sense. Recently when the issue of Ekong came up,it was Omo9ja’s post here that was different. I wonder how he gets his info. He said it is thesame corrupt NFF at work.Hmm,I wondered how corruption tek concern d fact dat Ekong is rude. Omo9ja explained further in dat post that it wasn’t rudeness,it’s Ekong just being frank with things,not wanting to yield to corrupt tendencies,etc. Then later I began to see other posts corroborating what he said. Let’s focus on the real challenge.
      Sad day really for our girls sha.
      My Oshoala,it’s well.

  • This is sad. This is very, very sad. Sometimes you wonder the rationale by which Pinnick and the NFF board appoint coaches. Do they even run an interview or throw it open for interested applications? How does a coach who failed to qualify the team for 2016 Olympics, Danjuma, be saddled again with the same responsibility 4 years later? From Danjuma to Aigbogun to Imama to the the U17 coach, everyone is retained even after failing once or twice with their team. Strange!

    How can Nigeria fail to play in the Olympics 3 events (12 years) in a row!? SA took full advantage of the last Olympics and are fast catching up, even beating Nigeria at AWCON. Ghana, Camerooun – and now Cote D’Ivoire – are now confident of downing the Falcons. Some people are sabotaging Denerby and NFF are making a big mess of the development plan with the Swede after all the initial investments and talk. And why the sudden change of captainship from Desire to Asisat?

    It seems Rohr is the only shining light in NFF’s cap. But even he recently said in an interview in Germany that he’s not respected and contracts are not kept (e.g. the unkept Bayern Munich coaching training plan). He said he’s not sure of staying on and that 4 African countries had approached him, including Camerooun and Morroco.

    • And what is it with this backyard Agege stadium? How the heck did CAF even approve it for matches? In Lagos, national stadium, abandoned. Teslim Balogun stadium, abandoned. Onikan stadium, abandoned. These are more standard stadium and located in standard areas. Which great result has been recorded at this Agege stadium? Touts everywhere and bad roads everywhere. Pitch and standards very average like a private secondary school’s sports ground/pitch.

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Kel, though I did not watch the match, I am almost confident that the location played a part in our girl’s inability to perform as expected. How can a match of this magnitude be played in Agege stadium, of all the stadia we have available? I’m just blown away by this.

  • So so sad. These ladies have been short-changed.Danjuma fails again.Would I blame him? No not really,because the NFF could have avoid this mess. The blame goes solely to the [email protected] yes,really confusing on the coaching staff they employed. This interference has cost the nation.
    When a man like Omo9ja would keep exposing the misdeeds of the NFF leadership, many think he is hyper. Even if he is,can’t we see he’s been saying a lot of truths?
    You marganalise a world class coach(Dennerby) for selfish gains.It’s not like this is a new occurrence in Nigeria generally,but it’s our duty to point out injustice in our own dear sector-football.
    Now it looks like the NFF, can’t cover their greed anymore,things are just falling apart. Too bad.
    I pray things change quickly

  • Bishop 2 years ago

    It appears favor has shifted from this NFF. I suspect SE been roundly beaten by Brasil will put the nail to this. They appear to have completed their assignment.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    How on earth will some football experts here blame COACH DENNERBY for the loss??? Nigerians receive sense na! If you are not sure of something, just read comments or better still try and get the fact.

    Coach Dennerby has not handled the last two games of the Super Falcons and is not even in Nigeria. So how come did some people here say He’s involved in the team selection?? @Pompei, kindly answer how a Coach that has been without his team name a squad and does not even watch the match itself?? Some Corrupt NFF officials try and inject some players into his squad and he left the team for this Qualifiers and the Corrupt NFF Officials quickly draft there Man that they can easily control into the team! COACH DANJUMA He(Danjuma) was the one that managed the team for this awful showing and also named his squad against CIV.

    Abeg, if we wanna blame someone for this loss, just blame NFF, there servant Danjuma and leave Dennerby out of it cuz he has nothing to do with this loss. We are only reaping the aftermath effect of what the Corrupt leaders we have has done. There is no way the Falcons would have lost this game if Dennerby managed them. No way! Even IN CIV, we go chop them like 2 goals. The best way going forward for this team now is to get Dennerby back and leave him to do his job without sticking there Dirty Nose into his team.

    God help Nigeria

  • WHY THEY WILL QUALIFY? When u discourage coach Dennerby by intervene on his authority and appoint a wrong& uncapable coach Danjuma bcos 0f corruptn so dat u wi dictate and intervene.WHAT A BAD MANAGEMENT. GERNOT ROHR also will soon leave u, MANAGEMENT dat fail 2 fulfiled promises. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I saw this coming. I wasn’t surprised with the result of the match. I saw the match that Super Falcons played vs Algeria at the Agege stadium and I was wondering why our team was playing like a primary school girls.

    The cabals in the NFF are the main problem of our sports as I always said. They planned it before the match and its backfired.

    How could you systematically fired coach Dennerby few days before the match and replaced him with another coach because the coach refused to do their bad wishes?

    Some of us here didn’t even know that Coach Dennerby wasn’t in charge of the match but putting the blame on the intelligent, bold and smart man?

    Imagine what coach Rohr would be facing from the NFF because they are dictators.

    But why some of you people putting the blame on me and coach Dennerby? Are guys kidding me? Lolz. What did I do?

    So, coach Dennerby was treated badly and the smart coach of our time left, what do you expect then? Next level ba? Hmmm, customer da a da ni abi? Ah ah ah.

    So therefore, Igbo ku enu…. igbo ku enu…. Igbo ku enu….

    My people, there is an Igbo adage says
    “What the noisy dog sees at night and barks, the clever sheep has equally seen it and keeps quiet to avoid exposing its secured position”

    On the other hands, Yoruba adage also said, it is impossible for a dog seeing a masquerade entering a house and keeps muted.

    Arewa people meanwhile testified to it and says koba a kaba?

    In one word, let’s be honest with ourselves Nigerians. It’s quite unfortunate that nothing is working in the Country presently. We needs God interventions in obodo Nigeria o.

    Our beloved coach Dennerby made it to the second rounds at the just concluded world cup in France. He won AFCON and WAFU CUP within the short period of his tenure.

    Please respect is a reciprocal. Coach Dennerby and I omo9ja deserves some respect from my colleagues on this forum if I’m not mistaken. Yes, we deserved some class. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • okponku 2 years ago

      @omo so u did forget Sunny Okusun’s music so easy? he saw naija future very long ago, thats why hE composed that song WHICH WAY NIGERIA

  • The problem is not the coaches at all, we are all talking like as if super falcons made any real mark since the foreign coach came, after all the Nigerian female coach that handled the team before the oyinbo man came also won the African cup and the team played better in cameroon than what they fumbled and wobbled to do in Ghana, she also took them to the World cup like the white man. So why are we praising him all the time, what did they play in France that is worthy of commendation. That aside, the real problem like i said earlier is not the coaches , it is the failure of Nigeria to invest in grassroot development. Super falcons needs fresh legs , most of the regular players have gone past their prime. Remember that football is a game for the young and not men or women in their late 30’s and above. When Nigeria was still churning out talents from school/grassroot we were not only playing good we were producing the best players in Africa back to back . When last did Nigeria won the African footballer of the year ( men’s category). It shall soon begin to happen to super falcons because we are not paying attention to development. That is why i opposed the hosting of any football competition in Nigeria , we should instead invest that money on soccer development locally. Politicians cannot help our football because of thier greed, that is why they are always looking for competition to host and make money, grassroot development requires commitment, hardwork and know-how, they don’t have the technical kow-how to plan and develop our football yet they blocked our former footballers like Odegbami etc from football Admin in Nigeria.

    • Bring back Mr Dennerby, football is about good techniques and not just putting people on the field of play without good techniques.

  • okponku 2 years ago

    Honourable Minister the olympic medals loading like you said from past days. Atleast we are missing from women soccer medal in 2020 olympics for now.

  • O yes,it has to be abundantly clear now that it’s the NFF’s fault.

    But can I blame the players a little too? Especially these ones that came from foreign clubs,even my darling Oshoala. You saw that some of your colleagues were marginalised from the team by the NFF,not because they are not good enough,but because they did the right thing demanding for bonuses.My question is why didn’t these other ladies show solidarity?

    I recall when Sunday Oliseh demanded for the teams bonuses,that’s how they said he was rude. Subsequently he,Finidi George and a few others-including the coach- were sacked from that World cup team,after they qualified Nigeria for it. That squad was a crack squad, many of them at such a ripe age with experience and could be their last Worldcup.The sports minister then,championed the situation.Great players were sacked,yet like Oshoala and co, Okocha and co,still turned up for the Worldcup on invitation.

    Is it not a popular character in this country? The spirit of “make we manage am dey go”. Dey go where,I ask? We neva really hate corruption reach for here.
    You as a foreign based pro,you are invited for the Worldcup and sound players like Finidi George were not invited because,of flimsy reasons. Why can’t you protest? OK if you protest,you will miss the chance of a lifetime to play in a Worldcup,abi? That’s why the country is where it is. Kanu you tell your captain Sunday Oliseh bye bye and you enter plane to Worldcup. What really did they achieve at that Worldcup? The interfering minister also died-with due respect to him. The Worldcup performance itself,is one we like to forget.

    Same kind of thing has happened here,the FA seem to be so skilled in divide and rule,chase away some and beg a few to come. The few will foolishly come. Now no Olympics for them,but they have put their lives at risk travelling down to play. How much match bonus is worth your life or worth allowing corruption to continue. Also you play in big foreign clubs and they tell you,you would play at Onikan,did they put “something” in their mouth to tell you that? Can’t you revolt and insist on a better pitch? It’s even for your own safety. You get injured playing in a poor pitch here,your club career will be affected o. Can’t you even sense that Nigerians are generally not happy with how Dennerby was treated,so if you protest,you won’t be alone? Or you just came to play,it’s not your business what corruption is doing to the team,”just pay me my money make I play,travel back to my club.” Okay na,the girls have learnt from d boys.

    @ Greenturf,Omo9ja and all, this is my little question or lamentation and TAKE NOTE it doesn’t downplay the rot in the NFF o.