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Tips And Tricks To Finding Your Perfect Online Casino

Tips And Tricks To Finding Your Perfect Online Casino

The world of iGaming, playing real-money bets online, continues to grow in popularity each year. In 2017, it was found that the online market for gambling and betting was worth $45.8 billion worldwide, and was expected to hit $94.4 billion globally by 2024.

Each day, more people discover the possibilities and fun of playing at online casinos, but with so many websites to choose from, it can be difficult for some newcomers to find one that suits them the best. It can even be hard for seasoned online gambling veterans who have exhausted many websites.

So, here’s an updated feature of tips and tricks to help you to find your next or your first perfect online casino.

Making the most of a welcome bonus

The online casino scene is incredibly competitive, so to get ahead, websites have reverted to offering new players potentially massive welcome bonuses. There is a catch to the vast majority of these, however, which is that the standard for the playthrough requirements was close to 30x for a long time, but as the competition has increased, some of the more preferable offers have reduced these requirements.

More often than not, a welcome bonus will take the form of a matched percentage of your deposit – anything over 100 percent is quite appealing. What you want to do is find a welcome bonus that will give you the most bonus cash relative to how much you want to deposit while also having the lowest playthrough requirements. You should also keep in mind that you can play at an online casino without taking a welcome bonus; most websites will have an opt-in/opt-out checkbox during sign-up if you’d rather not bother with the bonus and just want to start playing games with your own money.

The trick to big wins on slots


Slot games have the biggest appeal and the most variance between titles. Not only do they have different characters and themes, ranging from pop culture to random creations, but they also range in gameplay features, such as bonus rounds, number of paylines, and number of reels. While themes and jackpots can be very appealing, there is a different factor you should look out for when picking your games.

The key to slots is finding those with high volatility as it is these online casino gambling games which have a greater chance of yielding a big win. Games that can be high in volatility, such as The Mariachi 5, Fire Dragon, and Cubee: Time Travel Adventure may pay out less often, but they do have a greater chance paying out a larger sum when you do land a win.

Check out the mobile app


One of the most important factors for online casino gamers these days is the quality of the mobile app. As shown by the traditional games market, mobile gaming is overwhelmingly popular, and the same goes for online casino gaming. The majority of people will want to have quick, easy, and convenient access to their online casino when on the go or not at their computer, so the mobile app has to be good.

The functionality of the app is the first thing to test: see if it is fast, easy to navigate, and perhaps allows you to store favorite games to make access even easier. Next, see if the mobile app accepts the deposit and withdrawal methods that you prefer. Finally, make sure that the app has all of the games that you would want to play online. Some mobile apps don’t come with as many games as the websites, so make sure your favorites have made the cut.

What is RTP and do I want it high or low?

RTP stands for ‘return to player’ and takes the form of a percentage often greater than 80 per cent. The RTP percentage effectively relays the odds or chances that you have of winning a prize on an online slot game, and the higher the RTP percentage is, the higher the odds are of you winning a prize on each spin according to an average percentage taken over 10,000 to 100,000 plays on the game. It is, as it says, a percentage of the money put in which is returned to the game’s players on average.

However, another factor which plays into the rate at which a slot game pays out is its volatility or variance, as detailed above, so different combinations of RTP and volatility will, in theory, reap different results. This is why people scour online casinos for games with both high variance and a high RTP percentage because even though the payouts will be volatile, there’s a greater chance that more of the slot game’s income will be paid out more often. Then again, those who would simply like to keep spinning, stay in the game with regular, smaller wins, and hope to land a bonus game to get to the jackpot, should seek games that are low variance and high in their RTP percentage.

Online casinos are laden with exciting games to suit any player, with the likes of Cubee: Time Travel Adventure and The Mariachi 5 being among the big hitters while others like Empress Wu and Trigger Happy have also proven to be very enjoyable if you enjoy the ancient Chinese or old Western theme. So, be sure to find a friendly welcome bonus, the best games, and make sure the mobile app is up to scratch before you sign-up to a new online casino.

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