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Tips To Avoid Injury In A Soccer Match

Tips To Avoid Injury In A Soccer Match

Injury is the biggest concern for most if not all soccer players. Below are the advice from health professionals to help you reduce your risk of injury.

As a soccer player, nothing is worse than the feeling of suffering from a bad injury and watching your teammates on the pitch.

Many football players often do not get the best support when they are injured, so the treatment takes longer than expected.

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So it’s better to learn how to prevent yourself from unfortunate injuries rather than trying to heal them.

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5 tips you should remember to prevent yourself from injury.

Choosing a suitable shoes and leg guard (shin guard)

It seems very simple, but choosing the right shoes is a necessary and essential job.

For those who are new to this sport, you should know that suitable protective gear and shoes are very important.

When it comes to buying soccer shoes, do not choose a product just because of its eye-catching design.. Make sure that the shoes fit perfectly.

Shoes with the incorrect sizes will cause a lot of harm to your legs after a prolonged period of wearing them.

Other than that, there are also other protective gear that you need to consider, one of which is the leg guards. A leg guard also works not only to shield the leg bone but also to support your ankle during a hard impact.

tips-avoid-injury-soccer-matchWearing leg guard


As for the goalkeeper, it is necessary to be equipped with thick ribbed gloves to avoid the case of the finger being turned upside down by the force of the ball.

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Do not go to the field when you haven’t fully recovered from injury

Those who love soccer will feel very upset when they cannot go out the pitch because of their injury. In some cases, some of them don’t listen to the doctor and get into the game when they still not fully recovered

Even though there are professional medical staff on stand-by, professional players are often seen rushing back to the field to continue playing before fully recovered. As a result, they risk permanent injuries and an ending to their soccer career.

Remember that your body needs time to repair the damage dealt by your career, so lay-off until you are fully recovered.  Ignore the whole “the team needs you; try to go to the yard” and other similar things. It is your body that is sustaining damage here, not them.

If your old wound has not recovered, practicing too much can lead to a higher risk of serious injury. Hence, not only are you highly advised against competing on the field. Even standard practice is a big no-no.

Regardless of what I say, some of you will still hit the field anyway. So here is a tip if you ever find yourself being injured.  Injuries like tendon or muscle tension can be made better (not healed, just better) by treating it with applying ice to the wounded area (do not apply to the open wound) and at least half an hour of resting (preferably just stop).

Listen carefully your body signal

Your body does send you alert for things that are not right. They are called body signals, and guess what? Hot blooded youngsters who deeply believe in their invincibility often ignore it.

Even signal as benign as a flu or cold are quite devastating when you push yourself to play sports, especially one with high intensity like soccer. You run the risk of passing out and many other more severe consequences by pushing yourself under circumstances like that.

tips-avoid-injury-soccer-matchDon’t try playing when you got a bad signal from your body


Pay attention to your body, it works like a machine, and it also needs rest. The feeling of pain is a warning signal from your body to the brain, and it usually means there is something wrong with your body.

So if you think a little of joint ache here, or a bit of chest pain there wouldn’t matter much. You are wrong. The typical guy thing where you sleep them off do not work well for sports player.

Always make sure you are in the best condition before going to the pitch as well as carefully consider if there are any bad signs your body. After all, soccer is a sport to raise your health, not to ironically destroy yourself.

Warm-up exercises before playing

Doing some warm-up exercises is an essential preparation before joining the match. Some soft exercises include light jogging, or jumping,

If you do not warm up the joints and muscles first, your body will not be able to respond immediately to high-intensity activities when you are on the pitch.

Imagine your body is like a car that has not been oiled; its joints don’t work smoothly. And in this case, the warm-up exercise is as same as the oil, so if you don’t prepare carefully, then the risk of injury is very high.

Try practicing physical exercise everyday

Nowadays, we mostly sit at a desk working or studying all day (unless you are a professional player), and consuming meals that do not follow any scientific and healthy plan. You can kiss your football hobby goodbye if you keep up that sort of lifestyle.

Jogging is a good exercise for everybody


For those who are not pro player, on days without football, you should still be active. Studies show that people who exercise regularly will reduce the risk of getting an injury by 30-50%, but do not ignore resting adequately.


From all the suggestions we shared above, you should be able to avoid most injuries that the beginners and the oblivious ones usually encounter.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends. As always, peace out and have fun playing football folks.

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