Tokyo 2020: Dollar Rain For Oborududu, Brume

Tokyo 2020: Dollar Rain For Oborududu, Brume

Blessing Oborududu and Ese Brume have been rewarded with cash prizes of $10,000 and $7,500 respectively by Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Sunday Dare.

Oborodudu won Silver in in the women’s Wrestling 68kg, while Brume scooped Bronze in the women’s Long Jump at the ongoing 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister said “There’s no point delaying the reinforcement of these athletes who have made the country proud, that is the reason they were rewarded immediately for their record breaking performance”

Chioma Ajunwa was the first person who won gold medal for Nigeria in the Long at Atlanta 1996, Brume thus follows suit with a bronze, while Oborududu is the first Nigerian Wrestler to win an Olympics medal.

In her reaction, Oborududu said “I am just super excited and I want to say thank you to all my supporters and the Federal Government of Nigeria for the encouragement”

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  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    https://gazettengr.com/nigerian-olympics-finalist-in-wash-and-wear-of-only-jersey-as-sunday-dare-abandons-athletes/… This is the grim olympics picture that csn doesnt want us to see about our athletes in tokyo. I’m beginning to suspect that the editor in chief of csn and mr sports ministers have some sort of agreement not to publish news about the travails of our athletes under the watch of this man called mr Dare. We thought lalong was gone with his incompetencies but we never knew a man worse than him has taken over. Thank God for the internet, otherwise those relying soley on csn for news wouldve been kept in the dark. It is a pity that csn has become part of this deadly guild of devils. How on earth do you explain this sort of treatment to our athletes???? What sort of sports administrators do we have in this country????

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehe…they are all camped in 5 star hotels getting executive treatment as part of Dare’s entourage giving us useless “Eye on Tokyo” reports from the comfort of their luxury rooms while our athletes are suffering…..LMAOooo. Pls what is the duty of Dare, Amokachi and the rest at Tokyo. Ok if actually they have a duty there, pls have they forgotten how to carry them out…?

      In the words of Chimezie Metu a D’Tigers player:
      “…It is difficult to go out there and focus when you are dealing with a lot off court….for 60 something athletes to come here and fly half way across the world and them be be disrespected and humiliated by a country is something none of us can stand for…..coach Mike Brown’s staff was transported via a 30 hour trip from California to Tokyo which normally is supposed to be 10 hrs (off course somebody want to chop money and decided to put the poor staff on danfo-flights accorss the world). Even at that, only a half of his staff were eventually transported to tokyo. The other half couldn’t come. The ones that came, our yeye officials couldnt secure places for them to stay at the olympics village. Our Basketball national team trained without their coach(es) for the 1st match vs Australia.

      According to Chimezie, Every single one of the 60 Nigerians that represented the country at Tokyo olympics has one terrible story or the other to tell. In his words again…
      “We walk around the games village seeing other athletes from other countries, how they are living and how everything is going on smoothly for them. Man…what I would give just to be like them” I want to use this time to just ask that the government officials just adjust the amount of stress and everything they are putting on us athletes. They make it extremely difficult”

      Its just a shame that we have so much been ridiculed in the eyes of the entire world. Especially now that we have many of these diasporans featuring for us. There was a reason why Alfarouq Aminu and his brother stopped honouring D’Tigers invitations more than 2 year now, one of them being inability of the administrators to provide medical insurance to the players. Its just a shame. In their desperation to cover their shame and create an illusion of success, they tripled prize money for athletes when 75% of them had crashed out and some even returned to their bases…..LMAO…..stupid fools. As if Olympics is elections that money decides everything….LMAoooo.

      It just pains me so much because these athletes are people’s children…all being mistreated by useless oficials whose own children have not been of any value to the nation. Is this how my own children too will be treated if they choose to represent Nigeria…? Tufiakwa.

      Their worshippers dont want us to talk…but NA LIE…WE GO TALK…!!!

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        It baffles me, drey. And when these foreign stars reject us e go b like but these are the reasons. I wouldnt blame them that much for refusing to play for us bcs our sports sector is whack and is controlled by incompetent wicked idiots that deserve to face firing squad.

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