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Turkish Super Lig: Nwakaeme Bags 11th Goal, 10th Assist As Trabzonspor Extend Lead At The Top

Turkish Super Lig: Nwakaeme Bags 11th Goal, 10th Assist As Trabzonspor Extend Lead At The Top

Anthony Nwakaeme scored his 11th goal and also provided his 10th assist in the Turkish Super Lig this season, as Trabzonspor beat visiting Goztepe 4-2 on Saturday, Completesports.com reports.

The win means Trabzonspor (on 70 points) have now stretch their lead in the league table to 18 points over second placed Konyaspor.

Also in action in the game was Obinna Nwobodo, who featured for 90 minutes in the colours of Goztepe.

After Halil Akbunar gave Goztepe the lead on 31 minutes, Nwakaeme made it 1-1 in the 34th minute.

With the game tied at 2-2, Nwakaeme then provided the assist for Trabzonspor’s third goal scored by Djaniny.

And after impressing for the league leaders, Nwakaeme was substituted with eight minutes left in the game.

The one-cap Super Eagles striker has now scored five goals in his last five games.

While Trabzonspor are now unbeaten in their last 16 games, Goztepe have lost seven consecutive games, which leaves them in relegation zone in 18th place on 27 points and five points from safety.

By James Agberebi

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  • Selfmade 2 years ago

    Osihmen even show his teeth in the match, it ll be TACKLED!! Get that lol

    He ll see TAKASHI football in cape coast

    • Fostus 2 years ago

      Hmm! Okoro ghanaian is awake.

    • chuks haifa 2 years ago

      What are you blabbing !

    • Thes selfmede ef a pesen es here egen yerning dast as esual. Wes it net yesterdey I finished you end mede you def and demb? Bat you have kem egen. Jest wait fer Thersdey to kelect yer theregh beating 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Yomi Ehinerenq 2 years ago

    Good speed Nwankaeme, God bless Nigerians.

  • Sportradio 2 years ago

    How much money do agent in super eagles want to collect from Anthony nwakaeme … Before he wil be invited to eagle. Pls tell us we wil help him to pay it .he shud be in list even standby at all at all sef. Send ur account. ..if u need bribe or tip . Or he is the one that didn’t like? I want to know.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      He should keep scoring,I’m sure he will get another chance with the super eagles.
      A team that has so many attacking options is very hard to break in.You have to perform consistently to a certain level especially when you are approaching the twilight of your career,the younger ones will always get the nod of the manager over the older ones.
      However,what Nwakaeme should do is to continue with this performance,he should work harder to improve on it next season he will play in the champions League group stages where he has the opportunity to a make a wide-reaching impact which makes it much harder for Eguavoen and Amunike to ignore him in the build up to the Qatar world cup should we qualify.
      Methinks his call for the Ghana double header is coming rather too soon.His future with the super eagles it seems to me depends on whether we get the better of Ghana or not.If we fail to qualify for the world cup then the likes of Nwakaeme,Ahmed Musa and a few others will get their international careers stopped.
      This things happens after a major disappointment so that the gaffer in charge could start rebuilding a fresh team for the future which are usually dominated by younger players

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Greenturf… Look at the retarded comment you posted. “he should continue to score… he will get his chance” when will he get his chance? … after world cup? You went on again… “especially since he is approaching the twilight of his career” shame no catch you say you post this kind of comment that will glorify and give prestige only to “farts” from a “monkey’s” anus? If you don’t know what to say about the attitude of fraudulent national team handlers biasly against a seasoned performer and consistent and bulwark of a player like Anthony Nwakaeme just shut up forever… I respect you and your comments a lot on this forum but today… With the level of shameless and ignorant double standards you just wrote about Nwakaeme above… You loose all respect from me. Because of the likes of you in high places in Nigeria… The country is completely bankrupt in every facet of its national life… You should wear sack cloth and cover your face with ashes for 7years… for this morally jaundiced comment and submission you feel satisfied that you have made about a great player as Nwakaeme… How old is Ahmed Musa? How old is Ighalo and how old is Balogun… this guy is being left out because his elder brother exposed the national team handlers when Rohr’s time managed the team for asking his brother to change agency and be managed by them… It was only Rohr from those fraudulent bunch that was sacked… Most of the other assistants are still there and Nwakaeme’s situation open the real season good players who dont pay are maligned and barred from the team… with the flippant talker of a coach Eguaveon rightly confessing he draws up players’ list to satisfy all interests including NFF chiefs and his assistants… I pronounce today that for the injustices being done to merit in the team for what worthy ambassadors like Nwakaeme, Onuachu and others have suffered in the past… I have a strange feeling and would even want that Ghana qualify in our place… Nigerian coaches can never shakeoff bribery and fraudulent practices with players for callups. Shame to Eguaveon who does not have a cable TV and must travel abroad to watch a player before inviting him… Eguaveon is just a boy-boy yesman to pinnick… he is a coward and a fraud himself. Let’s continue to sit and watch… Breeze go soon blow fowl nyash go open! I don talk my own…

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          “I should wear sackcloth and cover my face in ash for 7years”
          Why should I do that?Simply for posting a comment that disagrees to yours?You came too hard @Jimmy I’m let down by your post filled with spat and bitterness.If you are having a bad day do not pour out your annoyance or aggression on me,I’m not responsible for any situation that might have transpired between you and someone!you better take your frustrations elsewhere!
          I don’t have to write comments to please you.You and I differs in our school of thoughts yet I have always shown respect to you and everyone else in this forum.
          There’s no need for this post full of anger.I do not wish to become an object of scorn from you!
          The likes of Musa though I wish he retired and Ighalo are proven players.They have excelled with the team and it makes sense to go to this battle with players who have worked together a long-time together for greater efficiency,because we have little time for preparations before this games,the likes of Nwakaeme should have opportunity to be part of the super eagles pre world cup qualification should we go past Ghana.
          I don’t see anything wrong with this post in my understanding,tough if you don’t like it,it’s how I see it.

          • Greenturf 2 years ago

            Oops!pre world cup preparations.Though i wish he retires.

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

            LMFAO! Very mature reply. I love you for this bro!

            I was thinking you would pay him back in his own coin..

            But you see,since @Dr Drey exposed him, @JimmyBall is beginning to transfer anger to everyone on sight in this forum… LMFAO!!

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Greenturf… Ok. I was a bit tacky with my response, but you have often used the phrase “…he should keep scoring and he will get his chance” with several players who have been victims of national team politics… when will that chance ever come bro?

            Can we all ever begin to speak with objectivity? The player is winding down already a glorious 3year contract with a Top-4 team in Turkey with trumendous success that we have all witnessed… he has already been rewarded with another fresh 3year extension at 32years in a Top-15 league in Europe, a league where Super Eagles captain plays but is way off in performance compared to Nwakaeme… we want to say Nwakaeme is old and does not fit the young team nomenclature introduced by Rohr… but the player’s club managemnt who see him daily train and churnout top dollar performnaces on matchdays dont see him as old… should we not then move away from such uninformed positions regarding his age and his efficieny?

            Is there any right thinking individual out there, a logical and objective football fan, that will say Nwakaeme should not be on the list and even play a direct role against Ghana? If we are actually being honest… are the likes of Musa, Iheanacho, Dennis, Simon, Kalu and Chukwueze actually outright better players than Nwakaeme? This guy played last for Super Eagles in a game that was awarded as W/O for Algeria 4years ago and since then have been shut out of the team.

            If his stats for Trabzonspor from the left wing where he has been mostly deployed is not impressive enough to our handlers to earn him a place in our squad, meanwhile we see players with non-impactful performances for their clubs and the national team getting invited… and instead of us, the fans being logical and frank with the situation, and continue to shout it loud to push it to the fore before the handlers, who already know what dubious games they have been playing with players’ callups… we will instead, continue to egg our national team handlers on, to carry-on with injustice to deserving players, by saying a player who has already shown enough, should continue to do more of what he has already consistently and continually been ignored for… I do not mean to go at you like it is personal between us, but, your submission was very disappointing and bizare for a guy who is a solid and respected contributor here as yourself…

            We should all know that what goes around comes around, and it is happening to Nwakaeme today, tomorrow it will be the turn of another good player… I am beginning to see that the current handlers are seriously as often bandied here, corrupt, and their invitations, some that are obviously weird, show that they have corrupt practices going on in the team regarding callups and player selections… If my response came too aggressive to you, I regret that, but I want you shaken back to the objective submission expected of a dude like you… call it a Rohr Voltage Jolt! Hahahaha… one love @Greenturf… but parley, no fall hand next time… Nwakaeme has nothing more to prove to anybody!

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Sportradio… Brilliant post. Yes… the national team handlers led by Austin Eguaveon should tell us the fans how much bribe they want from Anthony Nwakaeme let’s contribute pay on his behalf. Wicked people everywhere… We need every dare-devil player we can get to prosecute Ghana game and those fraudulent bribe collectors decided to unjustly for no cogent reason malign a player who could have really helped us… Just see Nwakaeme as a player… Physique, power, boldness, belief, work rate and dedication. This guy has played forever with no known serious case of injury which shows how stoic and resplendent his genetics and body of game blend…

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    Why did Obinna Nwobodo move to a relegation fighter like Goztepe in the Turkish league for that matter. I’m gutted by such move. He is a player many respected fans and I adore and wish he is incorporated into the SE. Cos he has a superb last ball sense But it’s very unfortunate that he will be playing in Turkish second tier league next season except a big club snap him up. It’s time time our young players knew its not all about money but career growth as well

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Who told you season has ended… Why did Nwobodo move to a lowly team… GOZTEPE? May I ask you @Four Four Two… Why are you not working for Exxon Mobile?

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Anthony Nwakaeme has played only 45 minutes for Nigeria, and yet the NFF keeps inviting mediocre strikers in his place. Something is wrong with this country, believe me! This is why Nigerian football has been marking tine since 1996.

    • @Ako AMADI… Thumbs up! Powerful comment brother… This guy was maligned right from Rohr’s time till date. Eguaveon should be ashamed… We need a player like? Nwakaeme at this time and he should have come in for Akin Amoo who since leaving Hammarby has not played much football. Those coaches especially Eguaveon are lazy and ignorant… How is it that folks on nairaland can stream matches and watch Nigerian players from all leagues but a national coach like Eguaveon must travel his messy ass to every country abroad to watch league games before knowing how good a player is to invite him… When you ask for a local coach, you know it’s Eguaveon they will always recycle and fly like a bad kite… Let them continue lying to themselves! The D-day is almost here…

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Let us be objective in our comments. Who are mediocre strikers ? If You are referring to sadiq, his numbers are better than nwakaeme. Besides sadiq on his full start took his chance by scoring a goal. He had his chance and he did not take it. I remember his sub par performance against Algeria away in the wc qualification.

      The player has himself to blame in my opinion. Chukwueze had his chance and has never looked back and there have others like simy had theirs and they did not take it, that’s football.

      If he had scored or even had a decent game, he probably would have been a regular in SE by now. If he is so good how come top clubs are not being rumoured to be interested in him? Let us even hear rumours. It took osimhen 1 season at lille to attract Napoli. It took Sadiq 1 season at almeria for sevilla to start sniffing. Ighalo in far away China was noticed by Manchester United.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        @Golden Child your location please. Let me waybill a bottle of very hot beer to you!

        Chai! What a wonderful comments you have made!!

        Everything boils down to players taking their chance at every first opportunity… like you have said..

        Don’t mind @JimmyBall

        He just keep tarnishing GENERAL ROAH’S name.

        If someone does that to his, it’s a problem!

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        And like you have said why are big clubs not coming for him if he is so good.

        Why must everyone throw blame to the national team..

        Or are some of the agents from the big clubs asking for bribe too..

        You see sometimes these coaches know what they see in a player…

        And you also gave instances of their Osimehn and co..

        Chai! Am waiting for your location please because you just nailed the debate..

    • https://youtu.be/yLD29FqFm-k

      He is a very technical player, notwithstanding the league!

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Golden Child…”Anthony Nwakaeme is a centre forward…” The video shared here by @Ope is free… do you have enough data to watch and tell us how you came about your hypothesis of Anthony Nwakaeme being a centre forward… evidently playing from the left wing? Some of you just come here to embarrass yourselves! I will even play this guy right now ahead of a Moses Simon… A guy who has a game so tight at the moment he could actually have helped us bigly against Ghana!

        • Golden Child 2 years ago

          @Jimmy Ball, the fact that his starting position is on the left does not mean that is where he remains. If you observe even in the above video, there are a lot of times you see him drift to the centre. Henry was like this, he was a center forward but drift to left to use his pace. I can also assure even Anthony will confirm to you that he has played in the CF position before. The no. On his jersey is 9 and that tells a lot.

  • If na by numbers, the guy deliver pass Musa and Idiom but them dey the list Na. It is clear there is an agenda against this guy and we need to let them know via social..
    Injustice anywhere na injustice everywhere o.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      First of all, they do not play in the same position. Musa is a winger whilst Anthony is a centre forward so you can’t make such comparison. However, musa is not in the team for his performance but for his leadership.

      At times managers make that call because what happens off the pitch is just as important as what happens on it. Whether that is right or wrong is open for debate.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        Chai! How I wish @Ugo Iwunze and co are here for you to school them..

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Golden Child… stop it! Anthony Nwakaeme like Peter Olayinka are players used more on the left wing by their club… because he can also strike, dont call him a centre forward just to justify comparing him to Osimhen… even the Osimhen sef, how many goals him don score this season for Italy? Make we stop to compare players bizarely… he is not a centre forward bros! You have to label him a centre forward so that you can avoid comparing him to a captain that has become dispensable but even Pinnick for political reasons, and fear of his case with EFCC being opened up again, is afraid of consequences from high places in the event of the player (Musa) being excluded from the team…

        • Golden Child 2 years ago

          @Jimmy Ball, will you drop osimhen for Anthony? Will you drop chukwueze who is playing at a much higher level (champions league) for him or moses Simon who is churning out stellar performance after stellar performance in the French league? Do you honestly believe that if Anthony was in the EPL he will perform better than lookman? Anthony is a similar player to emenike with similar build. Emenike painted turkey with goals but in the epl, he struggled miserably. He had 13 starts with 0 goal and 0 assist in the epl with westham.

          These players are playing at a much high level compared to Anthony. You have played the game, you of all people should understand this.

          Scouts know quality when they see one. If scouts can pick players from Asia and South America, how much Turkey which is in Europe. he has better chance of being noticed but no top club is looking his way. Let his agents work out a move to the epl, France, Spain and let him perform at that level , I bet you no coach will refuse to call him up.

          Okoye was not even playing top tier football in Germany but orchestrated a move to Holland to fulfil his ambition of being the SE no.1. Today this is history. Besides, he had his chance and he did not take it, if he did we would not be having this conversation.

          As they say, time and chance happen to them all. When the time comes, are you ready to seize your chance ? That is what life is about. It is what separates success from failure, distinction and extinction.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Golden Child… 25players were invited. You want to tell me that in all honesty, Nwakaeme should not have been on that last? The mistake you all keep making is that no one is saying drop this player for that player… let him come to camp and prove his mettle. It is pointless exchanging with you because you refuse to be objective… the Chukwueze you called, what did he do in AFCON? People like you continue to make the mistake of saying because a player plays in Turkey, the one in Spain or England is better than him. It was a bunch of average players from mostly the Tunisian, Egypt and Arab leagues for Tunisia that embarrassed almighty Nigeria at the AFCON dumping us out at the round of 16, to tell you it is not all about where you play that counts… still football rookies like yourself will continue to argue where none exists… You still have not learnt any lessons from AFCON so why should I engage you? Players playing at a higher level in champions league and Europa league… so why is Awoniyi and Olayinka not on the list? why were they put on standby not even like “I pass my neighbour” generator… football is not all about the hype of where a player plays parley! You came here goofing and clowning that Nwakaeme was a centr forward… a free video clip of him playing for his club was uploaded here free by a member… @Ope to your invalidate that claim of yours and I said go and watch it if you have data so that you can speak logically and not embarrass yourself with untruths and yet… you continue to confuse yourself with further weak submissions! Guy… go and check Nwakaeme’s video and come back again let us see if you will call him centre forward! That is your assignment… until you admit you made a bogus and unfounded claim about the dude being a centre forward and not a winger… as we see him at his club, just stay mute and save your face! Lol… we are not kids here brother “Golden Child”

          • Golden Child 2 years ago

            @Jimmy Ball, from what I have seen , he looks a good player but is he better than the guys in the team ? I am not sure, he might be better than Ahmed based on stats but musa is captain and it appears the tech crew are counting on his leadership. Please let us be careful with players in obscure leagues, emenike was scoring for fun at Turkey and failed to record any goal or assists at the epl. How about onyekuru who also painted Turkey with goals but struggled at Monaco and continues to struggle at Greece with 0 league goals 0 assist.

            He needs to go to a tougher league and prove himself.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Golden Child…”Anthony Nwakaeme is a centre forward… ” That statement of yours is an emphatically fat lie from Saturn… The video shared here by @Ope is free… do you have enough data to watch it and come back and tell us how you came about your hypothesis of Anthony Nwakaeme being a centre forward… evidently playing from the left wing? Some of you just come here to embarrass yourselves! I will even play this guy right now ahead of a Moses Simon… A guy who has a game so tight at the moment he could actually have helped us bigly against Ghana!

      • Pls let’s stop all this pretence and hypocrisy. I have watched Anthony’s Nwakaeme’ game and I can boldly tell you that He is about the most Clinical, Technical and skillful SE striker at the moment.

        He is pacy, knows how to dribble past his markers, good at R2, Shoots accurately,creates scoring chances for his teammates (Imagine 10 assists so far). His game can be likened to Harry Kane of Tottenham or inform firmino of Liverpool.

        After Nwakaeme’ is Iheanacho in terms of clinicality and technicality in front of goal.

        You will agree with me that this is an area Osimhen is deficient.

        Pls let’s give this guy a chance. Thanks

  • Dondada 2 years ago

    It goes beyond disbelief that an awesone player like Tony nwakaeme is arguably among the top 5 nigerian players at the moment is never invited to the national team..i keep wondering whats the problem.is…i watch him week in vweek out been in devastating form and yet never had a look in…What a shame ….

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Please from now henceforth, under this thread, it’s just @Golden Child comments and replies I wish to be seeing..

    I can’t believe am loving your comments.. LMFAO!

    When the other time we almost fought online.. LMFAO!

  • That leadership talk is for politicians. FYI we get enough leaders in that team and if Na by Wetin DE happen off the pitch as much as wetin DE happen on am, then some players no get business on that list o.

    People, make we no de close our eyes to injustice because we fit make case for am. Another day somebody else go make case for a similar or different form of injustice via his or her own prism o. Live and learn o people.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @HJK… salute!!! Thank you brother… you need to have been a player to know how injustice to merit hurts… especially knwoing you are better than a load of the players getting constantly called up while you aren’t!

  • Super Eagles star, Anthony Nwakaeme, becomes the 1st Nigerian to hit double figures for goals and assists this season. 11 goals and 10 assists.

    Keep it up bro. World cup 2022 is certainly beckoning!!! Coach Eguavoen and Amunike over to you ooooo!

  • pablo 2 years ago

    JimmyBall the Morph Lord has done it again.
    His latest ID is HJK.
    Loolz, looooolz. Za Za Za Za!
    JimmyLie…..switching IDs like a boss!

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