Two Nigerian Legends That Abraham’s Goal, Showing In Chelsea Win Vs Barcelona Remind Us of

Two Nigerian Legends That  Abraham’s Goal, Showing In Chelsea Win Vs Barcelona Remind Us of

Tammy Abraham’s resourcefulness has been one of the positive of Chelsea’s Pre-season program as they look forward to the new season particularly their opening Premier League match against rivals Manchester United.

He’s been impressive alongside Belgian forward Michy Batshuayi in
Frank Lampard’s new Chelsea revolution.

Tammy’s link-up play (upfront) in the attack has been exceptional for
the Londoners as this has earned him the trust of his manager and
former Chelsea goal-scoring midfielder Frank Lampard.

Abraham’s combination play with forward Michy Batshuayi is likened to that of Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka who‘ve thrived many years on the Chelsea shirt.

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In the match against Barcelona, he was spot on as he was in the right
places at the right time to capitalize on a defensive mix-up from the
Spanish giants Barcelona. This saw him open the scoring and helped Chelsea win 2-1 on the day.

With that impressive performance, we take a look at two great
(Nigerian) legends that his performance level has reminded us.
By Martins Obiweluozo



Tammy has got decent positioning as he was well placed in the central
area to open the scoring for Frank Lampard’s Chelsea side.

He was unmarked in the Barcelona box as he finished beyond the
Barcelona goal. It was a special moment for the Blues as his teammates celebrated with him with hope for more in the season.

This can be likened to Rashidi Yekini’s predatory instinct and a class acts in front of goal as the Legends positioning had been an advantage to the Super Eagles in the past.

That exceptional attributes got Yekini score 37 goals for Nigeria. And he remains Nigeria’s all-time top goal scorer despite the efforts of Yakubu Aiyegbeni, Victor
Ikpeba, and co who are close to him on Nigeria’s scorer chart.

This is a positive one for Tammy as he has rekindled memories of the Nigerian legend Rashidi Yekini with his heroics for Chelsea agaknst Barcelona.


Tammy displayed flair for good positioning and great composure to put the ball in the back of the net to
Chelsea’s advantage.

The way he rounded the goalkeeper was exceptional just as Nwankwo Kanu was known for in his playing days – executing such confidence-laden dribbles during his playing days.

Many can recall how Kanu scored a hat-trick against Chelsea as his team Arsenal came from 2-0 down to win 3-2.

Abraham’s composure in front of goal can be a great advantage against Chelsea’s opponents in the new seaso, with hope for more playing time under Maurizio Sarri.

That’s the quality Abraham showed against Barcelona and the more
reason Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) must not relent in its efforts to get him and more talented Nigerian footballers in diaspora commit their allegiance to the country and play for the Super Eagles.

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  • Why is CS celebrating this guy? Is he a Nigerian? He openly and loudly rebuffed us and told Gareth Southgate he was available for selection. Nigerian sports media should rebuff him or his story too and don’t celebrate him, just the way Nigerians don’t place any special significance to the goals or skills of Dele Alli. They are white boys and English men. Birds of a feather. Let the English press celebrate them, not Complete Sports. Stop insulting our legends like Yekini and Kanu by comparing Tammy with them. It’s an insult to current SE strikers and prospects like Ighalo, Osimhen, Odey & co.

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Spot on @ Kel. To think of all d effort put in by NFF to get this guy to play for nigeria, where he could have easily make the world cup team, with him turning his back against us, makes me sick seeing/ hearing all these media trying to sell him again to Nigeria. My question is Tammy a dumb? that he can’t speak out that he is sorry for turning his back on Nigeria n now ready to switch. If he can’t do this, then all those struggling to sell him to us, should bury their heads in shame because we nigerians are better than that.We are not in any way inferior to d drunk head English people who Tammy was so proud to declare for. I don’t wanna spk about his talent which if he himself is convinced he is got enough, he should be somewhere better than be a loan/ u-21 player for club and England respectively.

  • Darey 5 years ago

    But I’m not going to pretend about it tho, this guys talent is hard not to notice please!!! He is everything a coach desires in a modern day forward especially at his tender age….he is going to be a force to reckon with not too long from now

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Why are people mentioning dele Ali. When his Nigerian father abandoned him when you needed him most. You think that would give him love for his country Nigeria.. Plz it’s their choice to make.. Everyone knows it’s far better playing for England than Nigeria. Even those of us talking would Jump at a chance relocating abroad than remaining in 9ja. Plz free Tammy Abraham and respect his choice. It’s his career

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Yes people will relocate like Israelites to anywhere when there is hunger but must always remain as Jews in their heart even if their head gets naturalized.

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    I doubt if he would select England to play for. It’s not a wise decision Kane, rashford, sterling and welbeck are above him in the striking pecking order. Why compete with Kane and Rashford who are far more Established strikers ,when there is vacancy in the super eagles. He would surly be above oshihem.
    I can’t wait to see him play for us. He is tall and highly technical. I would only just be sorry for onuachu because his height would no longer put him at an advantage

    • Obozuwa 5 years ago

      But he has featured for the Three Lions, why do we still have hope of him playing for SE

  • @Ololo, like you said, it is his career and his choice. That is what we all respect. And since he has made the choice, let English press celebrate him and compare him with Rooney and Mike Owen. We are not beggars. Since he has declared to the whole world that he preferred England, he should be the one to declare to the whole world that he has changed his mind if he wants to play for Nigeria. That is exactly what it means to respect his choice, not for complete sport to start selling us this ridiculous market. If he is too big to declare his intention to play for us with his own mouth then he is too small to play for us. We wish him well and Dele Alli as well. No hard feelings. Shikenah!

  • Olusegun. B 5 years ago

    Well what I can say over the matter is that he chose England over Nigeria. Even when the Football association came to him showing how interested they were on having him in the SE . Please let us encourage junior Ajayi , oehimen , Awoniyi, who played in the youth team and are looking for an opponent’s with the team .
    Dele Alli s csee is so different because his Dad was not there in his life when he needed him the most and his mother couldn’t take care of his because of her addiction to alcohol. Making him to be in foster home who encouraged him to play football. He owes England more than Nigeria. I don’t blame him At all…
    c complete spot should stop promoting a player who shunned Nigeria when Nigeria came to him I.e Tammy Abraham and any other player of Nigerian descent who don’t have Nigeria in their mind.

  • Glory 5 years ago

    Best of d best should be criteria to play for SE n never whether he was one time junior international,home based, foreign based/born. SE is a brand to sell Nigeria football to the world n must not compromise/tolerate mediocrity. If Tammy n others who turned Nigeria down at some point could publicly n personally declare they are proudly ready to play for nigeria 100%,even initiating all switching process themselves,then they will be welcomed. But for anyone calling on NFF to go again to convince especially Tammy,I will say thats absolutely ludacris. He can be a Pele n play,score millions of goals for England,I don’t give a hoot but will only respect that his decision to play for England.

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    I don’t blame him and what he did.. Many of us don’t understand the pressure this dual citizenship guys pass through. For pinnick to announce to the world Nigeria has gotten their guy shows he truly agreed at first.. This Tammy boy has 9ja blood in his vain he dad and mum are typical Nigerians and as pannick said he grew up with his dad..
    You don’t expect his colonial masters who has been training him since childhood, giving him the best football education to ask you.. Boy are you on our side or you have betrayed us and you expect him to say yes considering he still needs their help.. Playing for England gives him a better prospect futuristic.
    Let calm down if we were in his shoes we would probably do same.
    Recently Tammy added a Nigerian flag on his instagram page.. He is only taking it smart. Let take it easy with him.

    • Glory 5 years ago

      @Lolo what’s your point? Are you asking NFF to go try convince Tammy again? Are you for real? Is Tammy a kid? Com on man spk some sense. No one is saying he should not be given a chance. But he has to speak out himself n start up the process to switch himself. To hell with d talk about what players with dual nationality go through. Hudson Odoi was ready to call off the bluff of Chelsea/ England. Chelsea beg him with mouth watering contract to keep him. Victor Anichebe chose Nigeria despite Fabio capello trying to convince him to play for England with an invitation to 3 lions. Almost every black man suffer from discrimination in England but that can never make me or any right thinking person gets cowed into being afraid to stand up for he believes. Tammy should stop being a big baby sucking mamas breast at breakfast, lunch n supper. He should come out to announce his readiness to play for nigeria n I trust Nigerian fans to welcome him. Haba…

  • Edoman 5 years ago

    I am wondering why the Complete sport went all the way to bring up Tammy’s episode again at this time? He not better than Osimhen. Live Tammy alone. A lot of Nigerians believes that he is an average player the reason why he has been playing on loan in Europe in a second division Team. I wish to refer this newspaper to his comments when pinnick offered Tammy the Golden opportunity to play in the World Cup. Mentioning his name at this time is an insults to all those who loves Nigeria. Tammy is not better than Iheanchor.

  • Austin 5 years ago

    Comparing Tammy with Yeking and Kanu is the greatest nonscence of the year

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