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UCL: Manchester City Edge Real Madrid In Seven-Goal Thriller

UCL: Manchester City Edge Real Madrid In Seven-Goal Thriller

Manchester City secured a slim 4-3 win over Real Madrid in their Champions League semi-final first-leg.

The hosts took the lead after 94 seconds with Kevin de Bruyne nodding home Riyad Mahrez’s superb cross.

Brazil forward Gabriel Jesus added the second after 11 minutes.

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Karim Benzema, on his 600th appearance for Real Madrid, pulled one back with a superb volley but Phil Foden headed in a third shortly after half-time.

Real Madrid fought back again with Vinicius Junior scoring a wonderful solo goal.

Bernardo Silva restored City’s two-goal advantage until Benzema coolly chipped a late penalty down the middle after Aymeric Laporte handled the ball.

Both teams will clash in the second leg next week Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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  • I hope our big mouth oshimen will grow to be like benzema..players who deliver when it matters most. But he must keep his head and shut his mouth. He can’t even ispire Napoli to win a league title. Yet he is abusing legend like ikpeba. I lost all regard for him after that episode.

    • Nigerian ass kissers will come for you for this comment lol.They give this new age players the impression that they have arrived when they haven’t even scratched the surface of football success rather than tell them the truth, they hype the shit out of these players. The irony is that they are even paid ridiculously higher than the elders who they insult but these elders achieved more with less pay and more difficult conditions for a black player in Europe then. I Hope he keeps improving himself and stop yelling or getting mad at every instance of a teamate losing a chance lol…

      • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

        Well said Brotherman. Osihmen still has a long way to go. See Alex Iwobi, he is playing well now, his fans have started to hype… Lolzzzz.

    • Olusegun.B. 2 years ago

      There’s a saying that two wrongs don’t make a right and if your insistence of the Victor oshimen matter has something to do with victor Ikpeba being disrespected, then there can’t be moving forward. You need to understand that Victor Ikpeba caused this when he said on social media that people should forget that Oshimen Is playing for Napoli and secondly him comparing oshimen to Benzema is enough salt to the wound. Victor Ikpeba ought to know better than making that young man to feel disgusted . Oshimen had it tough throughout the season. He had COVID, almost lost and eye and had to be operated which led him to miss the AFCON abouve it is his missing the world cup and all he could say is Forget that he’s playing for Napoli . Words have power and it depends on how one uses it . Ikpeba ought to have looked at this matter with constructive criticism that causing more fire . Him saying all those words wasn’t worth it at all . Ikpeba ought to be a mentor / father figure to Oshimen . He played for two prestigious clubs Monaco and Dortmund so why should he say what he said .

      It’s true , Oshimen is not in Ikpeba’s level of accolades for he won AFCON ,Olympic gold and even the French league . But still Ikpeba himself was never a perfect player in his younger days and here’s an opportunity to make a new one be better than ever and all he could say while venting his anger is to say to Oshimen in front of the publi that forget he’s playing for Napoli and comparism.

      I hope Victor Ikpeba take the step as the matured on to bury the hatchet and see if Oshimen himself will not follow up . Ikpeba is not the only older football man in the planet . One should find out how Gattuso and Spalleti are handling him and why he’s not vented at them . Then you’ll understand what I mean .

      • What about the Italian soccer legends that criticized Osimhen that he is not worth the price Napoli bought him? Several criticisms from ex Italian soccer pundits no single reply from Osimhen but we like to disrespect our own right?

        • Well…nobody is perfect! You have your bad sides too! One of it is using another person’s name to canter comments.

  • @christian ministries Nigeria, you are just acting like all these fake pastors everywhere. What is the connection between champion league between Man City vs Real Madrid and Oshimen? Benzema is trying for his club the best he could and Oshimen is doing same in Napoli. Victor Ikpeba has been talking too much of recent. He’s attacking everybo. Finidi George, Ronaldo. Let him mind his gambling business, Is he remarried? Is he not committing sexual immorality? He is into betting which is gambling. That’s the person you are supporting. Oshimen is the best footballer in Nigeria today so show him some respect. If Ikpeba doesn’t want young footballers to talk back to him, let him keep off. Do you know what he said about Finidi? Is Finidi George not a legend? You see what I mean?

    • Djch who told you I am a pastor…. hahaha. Well I see your point. But oshimen should understand that ikpeba is retired. Oshimen is the one still playing and who still has to improve a lot. The manner he replied was what got me angry. There is even a way you abuse an elder without using foul words like agbaya..

      That showed the wrong seed in him that can stall his progress. Remember that he once attended a party where he got COVID then. We need to help him so that he can fulfill his destiny in football.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Can you imagine the insolence of the young man?
    He called a whole Ikpeba PUNDIT ISONU, and then insisted that he will continue to do bicycle kicks. Hence the moniker BICYCLE KICK STRIKER.
    He has a WHOLE LOT to learn from the real deal strikers like Benzema, Harry Kane, and so on. These are guys that are calm and composed in front of goal. Ruthless finishers who can be relied on to bury even half a chance that comes their way. At least, they will make the goalie work.

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    If there is any player that would be hurt for not going wc is osimhen. First, he missed out of the NC, a competition that he was prime to lead SE attacker and now Nigeria will not be at the WC but a legend who ought to know better was out there condemning our best player on the pitch that day.
    Talk of indiscipline, ikpeba picture should showed up. 2000 NC he was bench after our first match despite scoring 2 goals due to indiscipline. 1998 wc he had issues with the coach and his team mates. The same goes for his playing days with dortmond.
    Please allow the young boy be mehn!!! After all heaven do not fall after his penalty missed the supposedly goal that denied us of the trophy. With his famous hand on the head. Abeg is he not part of the group going out to campaign for corrupt leaders???

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