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US Summer Series: Super Falcons Hold Portugal In Six-Goal Thriller

US Summer Series: Super Falcons Hold Portugal In Six-Goal Thriller

The Super Falcons held Portugal to a 3-3 draw in a thrilling contest at the BBVA Stadium, Houston Texas on Monday morning, reports Completesports.com.

Skipper Asisat Oshoala, Onome Ebi, Michelle Alozie and Ifeoma Onumonu replaced Tosin Demehin, Salome Zogg, Vivian Ikechukwu and Roosa Ariyo as head coach Randy Waldrum made four changes to the side that last 1-0 to Jamaica.

Chidinma Okeke turned the ball into her net on 22 minutes to hand Portugal the lead in the game.

Carole Costa doubled Portugal’s lead from a free-kick in the 34th minute.

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Alozie pulled a goal back for the Super Falcons just a minute to halftime for Portugal to lead 2-1 at the interval.

Nigeria made two substitutions after the break with Zogg and Glory Ogbonna replacing Amarachi Okonkwo and Onumonu.

Telma Encarnação restored Portugal’s two-goal lead four minutes after the break.

Oshoala then reduced the deficit for Nigeria before Rasheedat Ajibade equalised deep into stoppage time.

The Super Falcons will face hosts United States of America in their final game of the invitational tourney on Thursday.

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  • Obest 3 years ago

    Mice one Super Falcons.Much better performance tonight.Need to do more against the united states.Avoid conceding an early goal against the United states.

  • glory 3 years ago

    These girls will go places. A very strong Falcons team is evolving. Have been really impressed with that Payne girl, she’s got so much energy to even play two matches very well same day. Keep up the good work girls.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I remember someone saying come Sunday Portugal will humiliate us with goals. I keep saying it that fans should learn to observe things their way before following some people here who argue out of sentiment because a comment is coming from MR A or B, it is easy to join and hate on people when you have no information or little information. That’s by the way, I will like to share some love with our falcons especially Ajibade for a spirited display even though there’s much room for improvement in areas such as ball distribution and decision making i believe with longer time in camp this will be addressed by the coach who is still getting to know his players since the assumption of the job earlier this year.

  • Nice comeback, sharp attackers, fast wingers, poor defensive play (need to work on the positioning and decision making of the defenders). Great energy from the team. So many new players in the team. The coach is doing a good job in getting all these players together.
    We should play more friendlies like this with top teams in female football. It will help sharpen the team and make the players have better understanding of each other.
    I admire Toni payne. She is something special.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    I’m impressed by these ladies. Especially Toni Payne, all action player. Can run with the ball! Payne is capable of causing a lot of pain to our opponents. And the team’s character to come back and salvage a draw from a losing position….very impressive. Looking good I must say.
    The areas of improvement are the defense and goal scoring. Mistakes at the back presented opportunities for Portugal. And up front, our strikers were too wasteful with the numerous chances they created. This team’s problem is not creating chances. It’s putting the ball into the back of the net. Converting chances created into goals.
    If we can just tighten up the defense a bit, and convert more of our chances upfront, these ladies will go places.

  • Omo wey the awon oloshi Dr.Drey, Ayphillyomale,Oakolede ati gbogbo won wey say Portugal go Cain us. Una mouth don seal abi? Una dey wait make the team loose before una go show una ugly face. Na who come be national enemy of progress? Una no get shame o awon oloriburuku make una come Yan dust now. Na una no dey make this country progress when people talk truth una go dey do I too Sabi and attack Omo9ja

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Oloriburuku alawoku. Okponu s’owenu omo ale jatijati, go and copy and paste where Dr.Drey said Portugal go ‘cain’ you. On the contrary I stated boldly that we have no excuse not to beat Portugal silly. Still we were the ones that almost got beaten silly. God was just on our side that Portugal decided to toy with the game becuase they were 3-1 up.

      Ode wey no watch the match come here dey bark like mad dog. If you nor get money to watch match live online, you no go go watch highlights for youtube make you see how Portugal teach una girls how to play ball with brain…? Didinrin oshi.

      Instead of you to bow your head in shame that a team that has only qualified for European women championships once in 38 years and crashed out of the group stages taught your team how to play soccer with sense, born-fool is here jubilating. We are expecting more excuses from you and your crew…maybe this time it will be that the grass was too green, that was why the falcons was almost beaten silly….LMAO. Shey your omo9ja say the team is 10 days hold….LMAO. Na una mama be the ones wey go play Uzbekistan the last time….LMAO

      Na only kangaroo female teams like Uzbekistan and CSKA moscow una sabi beat now. Una mates like CIV, Cameroon, SA, Jamaica, Portugal una nor dey fit beat…LMAO. So so excuses galore.

      Okponu oshi


      • Omo you dey craze ni? Shey na me you won dey yarn shit with? Them never pour dirty for your face abi? Abi you no wan type with that hands again? You don dey miss road. No were yi wey dey run commentary say we dey play Kangaroo team and win. Abi who yan this shit yesterday?

        Dr. Drey 9 hours ago
        They do. Infact a trophy winning coach sef. Lol.
        He won a kangaroo 4 nation tournament comprising Uzbekistan, CSKA Moscow ladies formed 2 years ago and Equitorial Guinea without their United Nations mercenaries…. LMAO.

        Ngwa come and play real teams na…agbada don hook for barb wire.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha….Ode opuro oshi…! Olopolo kiku
          Pls how does that equate, relate or is equivalent to

          “… Portugal go Cain us…”.

          One moment you claim Dr.Drey said b4 the game that Portugal will beat us, the next moment you are busy pasting my in-game commentary that has zero correlation with your false allegation as proof of your lies….LMAO

          Ti aye e ba ti baje o lo wa ibi ti o ma ku si…LMAO.
          omo ale rada rada.

          This was what I said 3 days ago after the loss against Jamaica

          “…I just hope the team makes amends vs Portugal. There is no reason in the world why we shouldn’t defeat Portugal….unless we want to be made to believe its only the likes of Uzbekistan and Equatorial Guinea we are better than….”

          2 days ago, I re-iterated that we there shouldn’t be any reason not to beat Portugal.

          “…We dont want to hear silly excuses against Portugal. A team that has only played in the UEFA womens championship only once ever since 1984, crashing out in the group stages in their only appearance, is not a team the SF cannot beat and beat silly…”.

          Opuro radarada tio ni sh’anfani says Dr.Drey said “portugal go ‘cain’ us….LMAO

          Go and copy and paste where Dr.Drey said “…Portugal go cain us…” idiot go dey paste rubbish….LMAO. That is how to catch broad day thieves and liars…LMAO….copy and paste what you claimed Dr.Drey said mumu cannot find it….LMAO.
          When dem send them go school na dem go go sugar cane farms go dey steal sugar cane…LMAO

          If i’ve lied point it out. No be kangaroo teams like Uzbekistan and CSKA Moscow women (established 2 years ago) wey una dey hail Waldrum say e win 1-0 in February…LMAO….why didnt you cook up all sorts of excuses for him then…LMAO Oya come and play solid teams na see plenty excuses…LMAO. The grass is too green I guess…LMAO.
          Imagine Portugal teaching our girls how to use their brains on the field…LMAO….slicing our defense open like hot knife through butter with almost every attack….a team we should be beating with conviction and complete dominance….LMAO. Ball possession 40% to 60%, referee and Gk saving us from being disgraced by a team that doesn’t even qualify for UEFA women’s championships even occasionally…LMAO

          Opuro oshi. Abirun omo.
          Just say you want attention and you will get it….you dont need to tell fat lies….LMAO. Its obvious some parts of your senses have been block by whatever cheap drugs you sniff.

          To ba fe di oloogbe o lo wa eni to ma so e d’oloogbe elsewhere.

          Omo ale alaileko oshi

    • That your mouth wey full lies and dirty talk if to say you dey Eko them for don less your tyre mouth. No try me again for here again before i go show you say too much talk dey carry person go where e no expect.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaha…Opuro oshi…your mates dey inside dungeon for algabon. Didinrin alaileko omo. Between you and I whose mouth is full of lies and dirty talk now….Ode. Copy and paste where Dr.Drey said Portugal go ‘cain’ us… oloshi alatenuje ti olorun o ni sh’anfani fun dey jump up and down like gorilla…..LMAO.
        Continue peddling false allegations about people in your Eko if dem no go shift your long mouth from front go back of ya head. Elenu gboro..!

      • Baba you dey craze abi? I go show you say mushin craze no get rival. Continue dey talk nonsense for there.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha…fat liar has been busted. Mushin craze ko, makoko stupidity ni. Carry gun come shoot me na because generational craze dey do you wey make you come dey disgrace yourself in public.

          I really dont understand how normal humans will come on a public forum and threaten physical abuse on people they do not see…LMAO

  • Coach Rohr give our new player the chance to showcase themselves if you loose fine and if you win fine. Stop wasting our players time if you will not play them. You can learn from the Falcon coach, there is no harm in receiving help from a more technical person. You are a German but you dey fall my hand, see wetin Tuchel and Klopp dey do for Epl make you dey learn and improve on your craft. Awon NFF pls try to pay the whiteman and his backroom staffs to make things easier as well. One love to Nigeria Eko o ni baje.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 3 years ago

      Bro; Nigeria just like England with Gareth Northgate (ooops, puthgate) will NEVER win anything…I repeat any title with Gernot Rohr.

      I weep for this generation of pur players. Bad coaching will rob them of glory just like Sven Goran Eriksen wasted England’s golden generation of Becks, Scholesy, Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand etc

      Countries with less talented players but superior coaching have been seen to win titles; Ottp Rehegal..Greece, Zambia with (what’s his name again), Algeria with Belmadi etc

  • Prince 3 years ago

    Our Super Falcons tried yesterday!
    Toni impressed me !!!
    Friendily matches or invitational tourneys are use to test new players and that’s what the falcon coach, Randy Waldrum is bringing to the table. Well done !!!

    Meanwhile, can I ask a question…. “Where is Ugochi Desire Oparanozie ???
    Has she retired from international duties?

    • @ Prince, Terrem mofi, Abraham Marcus, iwuala, ozonwarnfor, Maduka, etc are what? Old super eagles players abi? Rohr has played over 50 different players since he took over the SE, what else do u people want exactly?

      It’s not possible to change or overhaul a whole team in the name of trying new players, it will affect the team cohesion and bond.

      The current super falcons coach is still using about 80% of the regulars we all knows, so what is the fuss all about? Let’s be fair in our judgment and comparisons

      • Prince 3 years ago

        Ola, My Brother, I hope you are not reading my contribution with something else in your mind.

        My statement had NOTHING to do with the Super Eagles!!!

        Always stick to the subject, Big bros!

        • SD Special Delivery Jones 3 years ago

          Prince, don’t mind Dr. Dreyola MaKELodunmi. The uses of multiple identities have messed up his brain.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 3 years ago

        Mr man, GR is not the first and wont be the last coach to test severla players. Ok. Luis Enrique, French Coach, Mancini, Joachim Low, Portuguese coach and many others have been experimenting with new players yet they perform better. Difference is Gernot Rohr methods are outdated and uninspiring.

        He reminds me of the late Musa Abdullah and (is that the name of that coach that lost 3-0 to a Silima Pongolee inspired French U17 team in the final after beating them 2-1 in the first match?), Christian Chukwu. Clueless ajd talent wasting coaches like Buhari.

  • good effort…I think Chiamaka Nnadozie is a sharper goal keeper though.

  • OKPONKU 3 years ago

    i dont know the match some of u guys here watched, because i all know is that Naija was totally lucky in that match. if portugal a weaker european Team could have utilized there goal chances , i dont know what u guys could say.

  • OKPONKU 3 years ago

    i dont know the match some of u guys here watched, because i all know is that Naija was totally lucky in that match. if portugal a weaker european Team could have utilized there goal chances , i dont know what u guys could say.

    • onwajunior 3 years ago

      Some ppl just watched highlight and come here to analyse the match for us. The team yesterday had no chemistry. The defence was rubbish, even keeper – defence communication sef no dey. Our defenders were giving the Portuguese strikers through passes. Attack was solid, apart from Ordega, she was all over the place losing possessions. I think it’s still a work-in-progress. We’ll get there.. Lol

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