Using The Football Off-Season For Your Betting

Using The Football Off-Season For Your Betting

American football is one of the most popular sports in the world and certainly the most popular on the North American continent. The NFL attracts millions of fans both in the US and globally, but they are not the only ones who show interest in elite football.

On the contrary, there are also sports fans who love placing wagers on NFL matches. But what are they dingo in the off-season? Contrary to the popular belief, NFL bettors have a lot of work to do even if there are no games scheduled for at least four or even five months.

Here’s the deal – the NFL is such a complex competition that you can spend years analyzing the game and all of its elements in an attempt to become a better bettor. So, how do you use the football off-season for improving your betting knowledge? Keep reading as we prepared a whole bunch of practical tips for you!

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  1. Analyze each team’s performance in the previous season

The NFL is a league of 32 clubs and you are supposed to analyze the performance of each team individually. The goal is to determine the pros and cons of each squad because it will help you predict the outcome of their forthcoming matches.

  1. Check out the best gambling apps

The NFL betting is versatile and interesting enough for fans and bookies, so it’s easy to notice that betting providers are getting better and offering more betting lines. This is the case with sports betting apps in Illinois, but all the other platforms are improving as well. If you bump into the right platform, you can even earn a nice bonus along the way.

  1. Analyze your betting stats to identify your best and worst bets

You probably analyze NFL teams all the time, but do you ever analyze your own betting actions? People who gamble should pay attention to their own activities in order to identify the best and the worst types of bets. For example, you may discover that you’re good at handicaps, but really bad at over/under bets.

  1. Beware of team changes and injuries

Almost every team goes through major changes in the off-season and you need to keep that in mind, too. A club can hire new players through draft or exchange players with another team. Besides that, injuries lurk all the time. Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll occasionally and it may slow down certain teams.

  1. Pay attention to the schedule

If you plan to talk to the experts of sports betting in Colorado, you will likely learn that game schedules play a big role in the NFL. If a team is about to face a few difficult opponents, players are likely to get tired and lose at least one or two matches. For a sports analyst, it’s a great indicator and a signal that shows you how to place a wager.

  1. Use advanced football stats

We saved the last tip for genuine experts who are not shy of using advanced football statistics in order to strengthen their winning odds. If you want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a team, you should analyze multiple parameters such as players’ on-field production, situational football, tactics, weather conditions, and so many more.

The Bottom Line

Are you a bored bettor in the off-season period? If yes, don’t fall into despair and try to focus on the new season and analytics! Luckily enough, the NFL gives you a whole bunch of material to work with and improve your betting knowledge and abilities.

From pre-season analyses and schedules all the way to injuries and betting stats, you can find many ways to elevate your betting capabilities and become a better player overall. Are you ready to give it a try already?


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