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Uwua Questions Bosso’s Appointment As Flying Eagles Coach

Uwua Questions Bosso’s Appointment As Flying Eagles Coach

Former Flying Eagles coach Godwin Uwua has questioned the appointment of Ladan Bosso as handler of the country’s U-20 men’s team.

The Flying Eagles crashed out of the WAFU B Zonal qualifiers in Porto Novo, Benin Republic after finishing last in their group that had Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

After two rounds of games the Flying Eagles drew 1-1 against Cote d’Ivoire in their first game and lost 1-0 to Ghana.

Their ouster means they will not be at next year’s U-20 AFCON in Mauritania.

Uwua who took the Flying Eagles to second place finish at the 2007 U-20 AFCON in Congo and also qualify for the World Cup the same year, described the elimination as unfortunate. 

In a chat on Brila FM, Uwua said:”Bosso was an assistant coach to me in 2007 and when the team qualified for the world cup, I resigned and went to South Africa and Bosso lead the team to Canada nothing came out of it. 

“Coaching is a professional job, here in Nigeria they turn it into politics they just bring somebody there.

“What is the record of Bosso as a coach in this country? I was not surprised by the result.”

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  • Good. It is time we remove politics from football if not we going no where

    • olabode Samuel 4 years ago

      The source of this unfortunate results is Mr. Mervin Pinnick. He has no plan at all for the under-age football categories. Check the results of all under=age football events since he assumed office, it took him one year to appoint Bosso as the U20 coach using the Philip Consulting. The result is what we have witnessed. Don’t expect any good results from U17 tournament in Benin Republic next year January 5th 2021

  • Francesco A 4 years ago

    I complained about Bosso n i knew he was just a PE teacher and nothing much would come out of this..

  • Thanks for saying the truth. The same truth is what I have been saying here but it seems people don’t have the knowledge to move this game forward. They are only interested in playing politics with our football.

  • delis yomie 4 years ago

    the man lack technical football , look at the goals against nigeria position of goalkeeper and defender that lack of good instructions from the bench ,our boys are physical but that can not win alone, i think NFF knows they dont have money for under age again because they even struggle to pay national team,that why they send this headless chicken that dont know how to coach.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    I dont think Bosso appointment was the problem, Bosso did well on his part considering the time limit he had before the turnament, he was able to creat a team that was good enough to have won that turnament, they where unfortunate as they played good football and created chances that wasnt converted, they scored goals that where disalowed, they got a clear penalty in that ghana game but it was ignored by the ref, nigeria controlled the ghana match all the minutes until the ghana had the freekick that was converted, the previouse game was also detrimented by the unecesary redcard that sent a key player out and cost the team to drew. I am actualy impressed by Bosso and his team despite the unfortunate lost, it shows that we still have what it takes to rule africa in the world of football game. a team that was gathered in less than 2 months was able to out play their rivals that have been preparing for a longtime, the pitch was horrible compared to ogbe and keshi stadium pitchs, the referies where terrible in both matches. It also shows that our number one problem is peakmilk, i dont kno how to describe his leadership anymore, lazy,corrupt, and non creative leadership, he has been enjoying the benefit of our tilented footballers and state governments building and renovating stadiums in the country yet he couldnt show nothing for it, late preparations and failure to pay salaries have been his trade marks. With the resourses we have at hand, 4 good stadiums,(uyo,delta,calabar,edo) which have better fields than what cotonuo presented for this important qualification turnament, plus his influence in Caf he couldnt bid for the hosting of a west africa turnament, which we deserved to have simply hosted, becos our resources outclassed the rest, and it would have been of advantage to our team, what good thing has peakmilk offered from is own ideas?
    talking about Caf, this is another useless organisation, their refs remains the worst in the world(fifa should be apointing ref for them) they are currupt, they cant defend their own, they asign primary school fields for an international match, they didnt even have a host for 2021 afcon if not for coronaviru escuse that they used to buy time till 2022, very lazy and dependent organisation, they cant even obligate national FAs to build stadiums and up their leagues if not risk ban, they are just junkies. They have succeeded in cosing us another turnament with their mad refs.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    No comment we are out of U20 Wafu cup, U20 nations cup and U20 World cup as well. 2020 was darkness for our football unlike basketball and yet we question Dare when he summons Pinnick.

    Dare does his best in most of our sports and left is for each federation to be transparent in their dealings.

    Pinnick is to be blamed for football affairs, he has turned deaf ears to everyone. In honesty 2021 if things continues like this I don’t think people will even regard Nigeria football again.

    Yet we are expecting Olise, Ovie, Tosin and lookman to come and play for us if care is not taken and we don’t improve our football management England will cap more of these guys and dump them so we don’t make anything meaningful in our sports.

    Coach Rohr also needs to sit up and test new players during friendlies and in their right positions, then play the best when it matters else we will keep rounding circle and building endlessly.

    Fatai Amoo is another average coach without football identity like we know coach Manu and Ugbade who plays total football. Our female team just got a new coach i am hoping to see an improvement that’s if they create an enabling environment for him to thrive.

    See you guys in 2021.

    • Simon 4 years ago

      Bro I share your sentiment, the ghost disliking him should come and tell us what coach Bosso has achieved before abi na just bad belle dey worry people here. Dr Drey and his bad belle squad we know una.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

        Bro not everyone will like you because you don’t like everyone, kindly let people express themselves. Shalom!

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        If not because you are senseless, you would have read my positions on the useless bunch of coaching appointments made by the NFF of recent. But you were still scavenging to get money to buy internet access then, that is why your ignorance has been making you bark stupidly like a dog that has rabies these past few days.
        I dont know why you and your progressive regressives are lamenting now. These are the home-based coaches and players that you, your sports minister and Mr Odegbami wants to be swimming and sinking with. You can all continue to sink with then while the careers of more generations of Nigerian footballers continue to get killed even before they take off.

        These are my comments months ago. Read them and stop being stupid…!
        Dr. Drey 2 months ago
        U17 coach Fatai Amoo……U20 coach Ladan Bosso… 2 coaches who have been out of job even in the local league for a while now…LMAO. Seriously, I still dey laugh o. Whatever happened to young coaches in the likes of Fidelis Ilechukwu who took MFM from amateur league to CAF champion league, Kenedy Boboye, Henry Makinwa, Fatai Osho, Ben iroha, Nduka Ugbade (who has assisted 2 or 3 times), Finidi and other consistent coaches like Abdu Maikaba, the Guy who is presently coaching is Sudan and other fresh minds. And they said it was Phillips consulting abi na PWC that select coaches…Lolz. I wont be surprised if Ismaila Mabo is named the next Falcons Coach and Adegboye Onigbinde is named our next CHAN coach. NFF of backwardness.

        With just 22 days to the U17 AFCON qualifying tournament, common sense should tell that at least Manu Garba be retained so that having had a dossier of hundreds of sub 17 players he has worked with in the last 2 years, it will be easier for him to quickly assemble a team for the tournament. This is a winner-takes-all tournament in which only the winners will proceed to the main U17 AFCON.

        Most of us who have been labeled “Rohr fans” have never been scared of Rohr leaving the SE…afterall the SE is not his property…it is whomever he will be replaced with by this NFF we have always been scared of (because it has always been where their bread is buttered, hence their battle for control of the team so that can dictate what is what…competence and merit would definitely not be involve both in selecting the coaches as well as in selecting the players)…and they have not disappointed us in any way with the names rolled out for the junior national teams after more than a year of “screening” coaches. Even without being employed yet, Bosso was already supporting NFF’s decision to hire someone who isnt a coach as SE Asst coach….imagine what will be happening in the U20 camp now that he is their employee.
        Dr. Drey 2 months ago
        Hahahahaha….I still dey laugh o. These are the coaches PWC and Philips Consulting got us after 1 year of screening….LMAO. NFF na una biko o.
        Thank God we cried out when the were hatching their plans to get rid of Rohr.
        Dr. Drey 2 months ago
        Later they will say youths are leaders of tomorrow. People who have served as coach and asst coach 13-15 years ago still coming back to be appointed as U17 and U20 coaches when they’ve not done or achieved anything tangible in the last decade, whereas there are young, fresh minds who are active and “on form”. Its like these people dont know coaches also have “form”…..Once upon a time anything the likes of Mourinho, Capello, Hiddink, Ancelotti or Benitez touches turns to gold….now it is the likes of Klopp, Pep, Zidane, but it wont be so forever. By the next decade these ones too will be begging for jobs at Newcastle, Everton and give way to the likes of Tuchel, Nagelsman, Arteta etc
        Dr. Drey 2 months ago
        “…Waldrum was one of over forty coaches interviewed by our consultants, Phillips Consulting, with that list pruned to four and Waldrum getting the job…”

        My question is, who are the so-called coaches who were shortlisted….do they not have names….? Why is the process of appointing coaches in Nigeria shrouded in so much secrecy…?

        If all we can get is a part-time coach who is the coaching a university team, ahead of the likes of Maureen Mmadu and Perpetua Nkwocha who are professional league coaches in Scandinavia…..then I am speechless. I’ve checked this Randy guys profile and there is nothing in it that looks better than what the likes of Mmadu, Akide-Udoh and Nkwocha have.

        Pinnick Consul….sorry…Phillips consulting……una wehdon o..!

        And some people will be raising filthy fists and kneeling aimlessly in the name of black lives matter as if black emancipation is by racing fists….Rubbish..
        When we talk against these things, even with hard facts, figures and statistics, useless fellows like you and your cohort will say we are destroying Nigerian football….we are beginning to see now those who are really hellbent on killing our football with deluded opinions and sentiments..!!!

      • Simon 4 years ago

        Hehehehe is this the second hand Dr Drey or the Chinese one because we don’t have Drey as a name amongst normal Nigerians. Drey what is the name your father gave you and why are you not proud of your Igbo name? Is it too bad that you changed your name?

      • Mayowa 4 years ago

        CS take away this like and dislike options because some people are using VPN to dislike and hate on others, Dr Drey you na big boy stop this childishness.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Who is this one again….who is this…? How can someone sit in his parlour and throw accusations like this…? Are you OK at all…? What is my business with your likes and dislikes…? Who has been running mad over likes and even raining curses on innocent people who like comments opposing their views, other than the arrogant illiterate up there and his brothers…?
          If you have not been involved too how do you even know it is VPN or whatever you call it those doing this stupidity are using…?

          Its like my name gives some of you nightmares….if you have not mentioned it yáll never have peace…..LMAO. Your common hatred knows no limits ey. Always accusing me of thing you all are masters at doing and have been caught doing on several occasions. They say I use multiple ID’s but my name has remained unchanged….my views have remained unchanged….my writing style has remained unchanged….they still till today cant name correctly and decisively the other “multiple ID” they accuse me of using….They will be the first to insult me but when I return the favor they will go crying like bush babies Dr.Drey has insulted them. Now you jump out of no where to accuse me of using VPN. Is that how things work….? Can you stand before a court of law and substantiate this perjury you are peddling against me here…?
          That other fool even went as far as impersonating me and others just to establish his foolishness. I’ve left the floor for him for a while to be Dr.Drey if he has the capacity to be…..LMAO….maybe he is already tired of being a fool….LMAO.
          Its like some of you wake up in the morning and your resolution for the day is to find a way to conquer Dr.Drey by hook or by crook….LMAO…and its funny that since they cant do it intellectually, they’ve resulted to all sorts of dark arts just to knock of a strand of hair from Dr.Drey’s skin. LMAO. Your jealousies are really making some of you do insane things.

          Its not your collective fault, its CSN that has no mechanism to weed riffraffs off their site I have to blame on this.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

        Mayowa big boy indeed leave him i only noticed this post from homepage, I don’t write and comeback for feedbacks that has gone past some hours only jobless people fool themselves with this childish ego.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Weldone…bloody hypocrite..! You don’t write and come back for feedbacks that has gone past some hours but you are here 24hrs after your initial post to drop an ‘feedback’ on your thread. I can see you are really not a jobless fool who fool ‘themselves’ with this childish ego.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      Do we have to blamed coach Bosso for this failure? Absolutely no.

      Did Mr. Bosso try his best? Yes.

      What went wrong in the beginning of the process? NFF.

      Why? They lack football knowledge period.

      NFF love quick results without having the capability to deliver the results.

      We have good indigenous coaches in Nigeria but NFF will never allow them to work freely.

      In terms of selecting the best players for the national teams, NFF will rather imposed players on local coaches because the indigenous coaches have no value to them.

      Now, Mr. Dare is trying his very best to change the face of our sports but the carbals and oppressors in Abuja are letting him down big time.

      No proper build up towards the wafu tournament. Few months to the tournament, NFF appointed the coaches and I read some where that the coach refused to select one player that would have added value to his team.

      Mr. Amaju Pinnick have nothing to offer Nigeria again. I said this quite often here but Oga Rohr followers are the problems of this issue.

      They knew that as long as they keep supporting Mr. Amaju, Oga Rohr will be retained.

      For us to enjoy total football in this country again, NFF president have to leave first. Then Oga Rohr, then Oga Diko and Oga Seyi. That is the bitter truth.

      I am not sorry to say this. We have to be honest with ourselves. Including Super Eagles that doing below their capacity, all our national teams have failed to reach their goals and expectations under oga Pinnick regime.

      We have to letting the carbals go first then we restructuring our sports from the scratch again. For these reasons, I would like to thank Mr. Amaju so much for a great job. Good or bad, history will remember you sir. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • NA ME TALK AM 4 years ago

        @Omo9ja .. Nawa for you o . Are you trying to say Dare imposing four(4) home based player to the SE is the right direction ?

        is Rohr the fault of the poor and zero administration in Nigeria ?

        Is Rohr at fault for the poor pitch and NFF failure to pay their coach both local and foreign ?

        What is Rohr concern with the flying eagles preparation and inability to qualitfy for the U20 AFCON ?

        The topic is all about the U20 , yet you still have to mention Rohr in the same sentence with the U20 team .

        Take away basketball , all Naija sport is ZERO . I stand to be corrected and FYI the Nigerian basketball team is made up of foreign based players from A – Z

        Dare is as useless and clueless as Pinnick . Because All Naija sport in all aspect is ZERO with no future plans and purpose .

        You don’t sing praises of a sport minister that cannot provide a good working environment for sport in the country and impose his will and authority on any sport in the country .

        Mr Dare is a huge failure to naija sport and Pinnick aswell .

        It seems you wake up daily just to fault Rohr even when the topic is not related to him .

        Kindly learn to be honest and objective when discussing topics and stop all this Rohr talk on every thread . It’s boring

        God bless Nigeria

        • Mayowa 4 years ago

          What do you know about sports? Have you checked how our basketball both male and female has improved since the induction of Dare. All of you all you know is football. Cast your net wide before you talk down Dare.

          • NA ME TALK AM 4 years ago

            @Mayowa. So you own definition of sport is basketball ?

            Out of all the sport in the country , It’s only basketball you can count worthy . FYI the Nigerian basketball team have improved before the induction of DARE since the days of the AMINU brothers that play for PORTLAND . So before you talk about basketball , you should ask questions.

            Dare only become the sport minister 2019 and the Nigerian basketball team is well known before Dare

            I’m a huge fan of NBA and FYI this year DRAFT has over 10 Nigerians .

            Dare didn’t improve Nigerian Basketball because before dare there was Alex Nwora ( 2017 )

            the current coach is MIKE BROWN is an American basketball coach who is the associate head coach for the Golden State Warriors .

            FYI . GSW ( Golden state warrior ) is the only team in NBA history with 73-9 Wins .

            Alexander Nwora is also an NBA assitant coach and his son JORDAN plays for Bucks , same team with Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Brother ( Thanasis Antetokounmpo ) .

            So you don’t have any idea about Basketball as you think .

            Dare didn’t improve Nigerian basketball as the team is on the rise even before Dare become the sport minister .

            Most NBA and WNBA players are part of the Nigerian basketball team , that is why the team is on a huge increase .

            God bless Nigeria

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hmmm…..It was Dare that won the Afrobasket in 2015 (first time ever), runners-up in 2017 and qualified the team for 2019 world cup and 2020 Olympics right…? It was Dare too that also convinced all the foreign-borns in the team who have transformed the team since 2015 to what it is today, to play for Nigeria.

            It was also Dare that won bronze in 2015 and back to back Afrobasket trophies in 2017 and 2019 for the female team and also took them to the quarterfinals of the world cup in 2018.

            Its like someone has forgot that Dare has only been minister just since August of year 2019.

            @Na me talk am….Abeg take am easy for the guy…LMAO.

            I am still waiting for Dare to also order his senseless ‘local content’ policy to be implemented in our Basketball national teams – drop NBA and WNBA players for 4 local league players too

        • Mayowa 4 years ago

          Ah awon radarada nonsense explanations, I won’t argue with idiots.

          • Count Of Monte Cristo 4 years ago

            @Mayowa, please do not argue with them. They know nothing about sports development in Nigeria. If you believe Dare brought success to Nigerian basketball, so be it. What is good for the geese does not have to be good for the gander.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha….. intellectually bankrupt people….LMAO. Okponu sowenu. Abirun ayirada. When you see them you know them…..LMAO. when they don’t have facts to back up their lies, when their fallacies have been stripped makes, they resort to insults name calling….lmao. but When you serve them back their own medicine, they go crying like bush babies saying you are insultive.
            @Mumuyowa…..you that doesn’t have radarada explanation, explain to all of us what Date has done for our male and female basketball teams since August 2019 that was not existing b4. LMAO. Explain to us the so-called improvement….LMAO. Argue that with the idiot in you first before even thinking of other “idiots”.
            Olodo claiming to know sports when he doesn’t know jack..

            Abirun oshi…!

  • They left out someone who is more exposed in youth football. Finidi George would have qualified this team. At least, he has international exposure and good techniques but of course, in Nigeria, they always go for mediocrity.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    The order came from Abuja for Bosso appointment, come on guys this’s Naija now, everything jagajaga nothing works, mediocrity is the norm of our country, why are we complaining, after all a smelly cattle rearer was voted for twice to rule Nigeria. I think Bosso should be promoted, the guy he’s doing well he can assist Rohr. 

  • Most Nigerian football administrators are just typical Nigerian politicians. They’d hardly allow trained sports administrators to mount the saddle. So everything is politics to them, including venues of SE matches and sometimes the composition of the team. As far as they’re concerned, we can all cry over spilt milk after their gamble backfires.

    Pinnick is proving to be the worst, especially after he muscled his way to a second term again, taking the congress to Katsina then for presidential backing (another political move. If you know, you know).

    He bulldozed his way to NFF chairmanship – thanks to the power of Delta oil money supplied in abundance by his in-law, then Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan (who’s married to Pinnick’s sister, Roli). Uduaghan was leaving office and it was like a parting gift to his brother-in-law (the least he could do for his wife in a way). Ever wondered why Chris Giwa fought Pinnick tooth and nail over his legality as NFF chairman? Cos Chris knew he had a solid case. Most likely, delegates were bought overnight. At a time, the presidency supported Chris and he had an ally in the former sports minister. He fought him for several years and was only silent since about a year ago (perhaps ‘settled’ handsomely).

    Pinnick no longer cares about anything except the SE. That is his only political projects.

    • And even the Super Eagles that he seems to commit 99% of his efforts are on a downward spiral having failed to win a single match in 2020.

      Putting all one’s eggs in a single basket has never been known to prove prudent….

  • When we talk they say we are “ROHR’s ASSLEAKER”….

    We have seen this things from afar…. We start shouting and raising alarm but some people who are being mislead by @Omo9ja would not listen…..

    This is how the SE would be after 2022…..

    Qualifying for tournament would be like somebody trying to climb KILMANJARO MOUNTAIN.

  • olabode Samuel 4 years ago

    The same thing is taking place with the NPFL. While the NWPL has started the former is yet to commence. The NPFL Chairman Dikko at every end of the football season promised since he assumed office he would align the NPFL calendar to that of Europe which he has failed woefully to achieve. I cannot point to one notable achievement he has achieved since he assumed office No Sponsor, No club progress at the continental completions, Constant delay every year of the league taking off e.g this year league is yet to take off four months after the league in Europe has taken off. This is bad set of NFF in recent times and I wonder how Enyinba Fc and Rivers fc will perform in the first round of the CAF Competitions. The combination of Pinnick and Dikko is a bad Omen for domestic football development period

  • I know de matter 4 years ago

    Pinnick, Seyi and Gusau are the problem of Nigeria football. Pinnick is not paying allowances of coaches, players and backroom staff from U 17 to the Super Eagles yet he’s buying houses in hundred of tens of millions from FIFA grants.
    This is why the likes of Seyi Akinwumi and Gusau are now dragging the leadership position of the NFF with corruption charges everywhere.
    Bribery is all the coaches are there for.
    Bosso took four players from one academy and three from two academy’s each as his best.
    Endsars is over EndNFF is here.

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      these academies pay them to take their players it is all business brother… thats why they wont work with one like finidi because he wont accept that dirty moduy opearndi… NFF are all cashing out on the scheme… it is a money spinnner for dirty coaches and administrators… they want someone they can control like a switch.

  • Mayowa 4 years ago

    Oloriburuku who is disliking everyone here and liking just his quote our eyes are on you. You know yourself I hope say the likes go feed your family. LMAO

  • Mercy 4 years ago

    Another goal for Awoniyi!!!

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